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Grove Body Part Chart


Each organ contains 2 elements that live together as opposites in balance Note: Elements are ordered in Grove Body Part Chart as MINUS element rst then PLUS element second...A minus element is a subtractor type of element, whereas a Plus element tends to add things... This chart is Not comprehensive...Nor perfect...


11 organs or body parts will be investigated

Order: 1,2,3,
1)Thyroid-makes bone(also *destroys bone) 2)Thymus-makes blood, (also *detaches) 3)Lungs Lymph Nodes-makes muscles(or weakens muscles)

Order 4,5,6,
4)Heart:makes motion, pumps(or doesnt pump) 5)Kidneys:makes neurons, nerve cells(or destroys neurons) 6)Pancreas:dirties or feeds(cleans or starves)

Order 7,8,9,
-Liver: waters or dries out 8)Spleen-speed rate control(fast or slow rate) 9)Adrenal Gland-discards or keeps cells, discriminates

Order 10,11

10)Gallbladder-excretes or saves 11)Colon-insurance policy, saves food or loses garbage

Designation or Order...
I am listing elements in this order...Yin rst then Yang, Female First then Male, Minus First then Plus, Valley before Mountain, Cleanser type rst then Patcher type second...However you like to put it, this is how the elements are ordered here... For example: Thymus contains Manganese + Iron (Manganese is rst, Iron is second...)

2 elements in each Part

1)Thyroid = Zinc + Lead 2)Thymus = Manganese + Iron 3)Lungs Lymph Nodes = Titanium + Auminum

2 elements in each:4,5,6
4)Heart = Potassium + Aurum 5)Kidneys = Carbon + Nitrogen 6)Pancreas = Selenium + Sulphur

2 elements:7,8,9
7)Liver = Oxygen + Hydrogen 8)Spleen = Copper + Phosphorus 9)Adrenal Gland = Iodine + Calcium

2 elements:10,11

10)Gallbladder = Magnesium + Mercury 11)Colon= Fluorine + Bismuth

Disease or Imbalance:1,
Thyroid: Too much Zinc=Bipolar, Agent Orange Syndrome, Leprosy, Thalidomide Congenital, Sunburn, Manic, Hysterical, Numbness in Bone, Lack of feeling in ngertips Too much Lead: Multiple Sclerosis, Sluggishness, Slow Moving,

Thymus Too much Manganese: Peanut Allergy, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with Triggers, Anemia Too much Iron: Myasthenia Gravis, Hemachromatosis, Particular to Irish people living in Ire/Iron-land

Imbalance 3
Lungs Lymph Nodes= Too much Titanium: Alzheimers, Schizophrenia, Fear Panic Anxiety (Attacks), Memory Loss short medium or long term, Cerebral Palsy congenital Too much Aluminum: Tuberculosis, Cystic Fibrosis, Asthma

Balance or Not:4
Heart: Too much Aurum: High Blood pressure, Small size heart Too much Potassium: Low Blood pressure, Large size heart, HCM HyperTrophic Cardio Myopathy(enlaged heart distended but actually missing Aurum)

Balanced 5: Imbalances
Kidneys: Too much Carbon:Downs Syndrome, Mongoloid appearance, low forehead, working in mechanical/cooking industry where carbon/oil is omnipresent Too much Nitrogen:Kidney blocks, Kidney failures, need for Dialysis

Imbalance 6
Pancreas: Too much Selenium: bad breath Too much Sulphur: Diabetes, Herpes, Dandruff

7 imbalance...
Liver: Too much Oxygen: dehydration Too much Hydrogen: Hepatitis( holes in liver allow water to get in), Common Cold, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Epstein Barr disease, Hydrocephalic (water on brain)

Imbalance 8
Spleen Too much Copper: Incredible amounts of energy sexuality doping at Olympics, rash decisions made while speeding through time, cant slow down Too much Phosphorus: Parkinsons disease, Salmonella

9 Imbalance:
Adrenal Gland: Too much Iodine: Graves disease, Bulging Eyes, Skinnyness,Early Menopause, Shorter Menstrual Cycle, Bleedy, Dementia, Haemophilia Too much Calcium:Progesterone heavy Calcium deposits mimicking Cancerous Tumours, Cancer, Lumps, Varicose veins

10 Imbalance or Disease
Gallbladder Too much Magnesium=Polio, Stills disease congenital, Arthritis, Rheumatoid, Stiffness in Joints, Need for hip jaw elbow shoulder knee ankle replacement, Chondromalacia of the Patella, Lack of cartilage, Low Bilirubin, Jaw pain Too much Mercury: High Bilirubin, Constipation, Communication difculty, Mute-ness, Autism, ADHD, ADD

11 Imbalance Disease or...

Colon: Too much Fluorine: Paralysis, Cant move, Crohns disease, Diarrhea, Fabry an Orphan illness, domesticity(used on prisoners of war to tame wildness), Sweaty-ness Too much Bismuth: Particular to Scots who live in Scotland, Can move easily

Elements:where to nd,1
Thyroid: Zinc: cigarettes, sunshine, ginger, zinc supplements, Hemimorphite beads Lead: potatoes, *anti-psychotic drugs like Lithium or Olanzapine Zyprexa or Gabapentin, Carrots, Vitamin A, Yams, Lepidolite beads, Dirt

Elements:where to nd,2
Thymus: Manganese:Peanuts, Peanut butter, Pumpkin Seeds, Pink Tourmaline beads, Bees, Dr. Reckeweg R38 R39 tinctures Iron: Pyrite beads, Iron supplements, B12, Red meats, Pink meats, White meats, Dark meats, Marcasite rocks

Elements:where to nd,3
Lungs Lymph Nodes: Titanium: Cannabis, Aspirin, Birch Bark, Statin drugs, Crestor, Lipitor, Rutile crystal beads, Comfrey, Mint, Chamomile tea, (Paper can be laced with Titanium like hash oil using Benzene Carbon to stick making people suggestible to the text) Aluminum: Bauxite is a rock & a Bead, Cement, Arnica Pills,

Elements:where to nd,4
Heart Aurum: Gold, Taurine Powder, Clam Juice, Mussels Potassium-Articial Sweeteners like Sweet n low Splenda Sugar twin, Bananas, Coconut Water or Coco Juice

Elements:where to nd,5
Kidneys Nitrogen:Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus Leaves, Leafs, Chlorophyll containing Green Things, Clorets Carbon: Oil, Olive oil, Fish Oil, Hair Conditioner, Suntan Oil, Coconut Oil, Canola Oil, Corn Oil, Coal Mining, Greasy things

Elements:where to nd,6
Pancreas Selenium: Garlic, Garlic Capsules, Antibiotics, Insulin Sulphur: Sugar, sugars, Turpentine,

Elements:where to nd,7
Liver Oxygen: Goji berries, Milk Thistle, Dandelion Greens, Fresh Clean Air Hydrogen-Water, Alcohol, Liquids *generally, Glue

Elements:where to nd,8
Spleen Phosphorus:Old cheese Copper:Coffee, Colloidal Copper Clear Liquid Supplement, Somali chatt (phonetic)-cat grass-contains copper

Elements:where to nd,9
Adrenal Gland Iodine: Vinpocetine, Vincristine, Chemotherapy drugs, Madagascar Periwinkle (*tea), *HearAll hearing capsules also *VeinGuard capsules, Seaweed salad, Kelp supplements Calcium: Progesterone based Birth Control drugs patches or injections like *Depo Provera, Milk, Vitus Agnus castus, *Bachs stress relief rescue remedy (for cats)

Elements:where to nd,10
Gallbladder Magnesium: Dolomite Rocks, Zeolite rocks, Epsom Salts oral or topical for bathing, Pill separator substance used around pills to make them not stick together often found in completely strange places like drugs that are supposed to build bone or vitamins that are supposed to build cartilage Mercury:Burnt Poop Fume from sewage treatment plants, Rudraksha Beads, Parad malas, Kishka, Hot dog casings, Salt

Elements:where to nd,11
Colon Fluorine: Fluoride, drinking water in urban areas, toothpaste Bismuth: Activated Charcoal Pills, Burnt wood, Coal, Charcoal

Add the rst two elements together & you should get an element from the following body part ie:add zinc+lead=iron...Eat a peanut(manganese) & you should get iron + manganese = Aluminum...Touch a birch Bark tree & reverse osmote some Titanium & you should get...Al+Ti= Aurum or Gold!!! (In your heart) Each time you add something you progress

The Brain
The brain is just a hors doeuvres tray of each & every element all stuck together in a nice arrangement like a map... Tap one element & it activates that Body Part, in a *minus way or a **plus way... A * indicates there needs to be further discussion about this in 2014