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About LeMuth Massage

LeMuth Massage is a mobile service that travels to your business providing rejuvenation & stress relief to your hard working staff by way of a unique massage incorporating trigger point release, aroma therapy and tapotement (better known as chopping). Traditional soft tissue massage is also included but is limited to avoid fatiguing the body. Accompanied by ambient music, participants will feel relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed.

What can we expect ?

Participants are seated in a corporate massage chair. Communication is encouraged to ensure contra-indications do not conflict with treatment. Being that everyone is different, massage can be administered to meet requirements of individual. The standard routine involves saying hello to the body in order for it to adjust to contact & pressure, then warmed up with medium petrisage. Joints in shoulders, arms & spine are then manipulated to encourage circulation of lymphatic system. Tapotement is then applied to bring blood to surface of soft tissue and wake up the muscles followed by trigger point therapy at specific points through shoulders and neck to release pain and stress. Each body is then soothed by generous feel good petrisage. Target areas from this point on are often the muscles in the forearm (desktop syndrome) and the lower back. All massage is finished with tapotement to ensure muscles are lively and do not seize or pull.

Why Corporate Massage ?

Benefits of massage are many, particularly in the workplace. Physiologically the major benefits are: Increased circulation (which increases overall health) Release of the bodys own natural feel good chemicals Pain relief & Stress relief

As a business the benefits expand further to: Increased staff retention Increased productivity Lower absenteeism

Ultimately, happy team = a happy productive workplace. Remember; When your team members meet people who ask them about their jobs & benefits... they love to brag that their company gives them corporate massage!

So whats the bottom line ?

Corporate massage is priced from $80/hr, to $65/hr per practitioner. For a single hour, the fee is $80; For two hours the fee is $70 per hour; & finally, three or more hours is $65 per hour, representing the best value for money. Some examples may include: 6 Staff x 10 minute sessions = $80 (1 hr Practition) 24 Staff x 5 minute sessions = $140 (2 hrs Practition = $70 per hr) 12 Staff x 15 minute sessions = $195 (3 hrs Practition = $65 per hr)

Note: Time taken to administer each session will include a one minute changeover per person. Please see the attached Participant Schedule for an example of a time plan & illustration of above.

Invoicing is managed through a service called Fresh Books. Once work has been completed, you will receive login information via email with options to pay via C/C or funds transfer (Paypal). Occasionally a business will elect to receive payment from staff as opposed to paying for their staff. When this occurs, it is the responsibility of the business to collect moneys from individuals. LeMuth Massage will invoice for the service provided after the event. Terms of Business for payment is simply 10 Business Days for settlement of account, unless agreed otherwise. Thank you for your consideration. For any further information, please do not hesitate to make contact.

Kind regards,

Karl LeMuth P: M: E: 1300 837 546 040 3511 352