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The driving force behind all the founders was the untapped potential of the market which was giving them the opportunity to get a share in the pie of projected $19 billion industry. The idea had the ability to exploit the market structure and create barriers to entry by using the first mover advantage. There were quick returns with the company breaking even in the third year only. Sanjeev Agarwal led the idea of Daksh. He had a strong educational background and professional experience. He was a competent, had extensive experience in IT, management and finance. His entrepreneurial roots got back to his work in new market development for Motorola, where he headed 500 people. Having worked in the IT industry he realized the potential for growth and profit in this market. The second member is Pavan Vaish, a friend of Sanjeev and a successful entrepreneur. He was the cofounder of Quadrant, a very successful venture which later became a selling point for the investors. The success of Quadrant with respect to all competitive forces made Vaish realize the significant unexplored potential of the industry. He knew the dynamics very well. It provided him with the opportunity to grow beyond Quadrant with risk sharing with other partners. It was an opportunity to increase the size of the pie, take up a new challenge. He had the desire to exploit the opportunity of an internet centric firm. M. J. Aravnd was the country head for Compaq and had experience in various IT related firms. He became the third member. The business idea was giving him a chance to make more money, expand a business and to get a considerable share in the profits. To be your own boss and not to get fixed rewards. He has an opportunity to work at startup which is new and challenging for him. Also it should be noted that he must be near retirement, he is already country manager, limited promotion opportunities, so he should work on a plan for future. Also because of his experience even if the venture fails he will be able to get e reasonable job again. Venkat Tadarki is the fourth member, having an experience to work for American companies. For him this venture meant more money, a shift from salary to ownership and higher returns. Also Daksh offered him a better position as he was made the VP Sales. Lastly the role of Ashish Gupta is also vital. Being a savvy investor he became the first seed investor having invested $250,000. He was Aggarwals relative. For him the incentive was a good return on his investment and to help his relative. He was the co-founder of Junglee, which was a huge success. He played the role of a mentor for them and developed the companys mission. His presence made their case very credible. He was providing guidance to make the company a success as he was an investor and wanted good returns at the end of the day.