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--- Legend Release Notes ---

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23/05/2013 Ben Mathers 10.9.9 Service Pack 16 Legend Suite

10.9.9 Service Pack 16

1. Ref RM #3808/TM #82550 No event created when barcode changed Issue: When a members barcode is changed in FOH no event is created to say when, who and how it changed as it does when the same process is completed in MM. Solution: When a members barcode is now changed in FOH an event is created in MM saying what it used to be and what it was changed to. 2. Ref RM #3843/TM #86322 Prioritization of selling period and location hierarchy Issue: FOH currently prioritizes the selling period over the location hierarchy, for example if a price was set to be used all time at club that price would be overridden by an off peak price at group level. Solution: The priority has been altered to use the location hierarchy ahead of selling periods. 3. Ref RM #3850/TM #81479 Countdown vouchers end time Issue: The end time of the countdown vouchers was not being set properly when purchased through FOH. Solution: The end time will now either be not set, if the voucher never expires, or 23:59 the day it is due to expire. 4. Ref RM #3854/TM #82237 Class booking advance limits in FOH Issue: When making a class booking through a location in FOH the advance limit does not come from the activity but from the location. Solution: The advance limit is now taken from the activity rather than the location for class bookings. 5. Ref RM #3873/TM #69329 Force booking payment Issue: When using the force booking payment option against a booking resource there are no issues in FOH if a booking is made in the following way; FOH > Bookings > Activities > Classes > Select a class and book a member in However the booking payment is not forced if a booking was made using one of the following workflows; FOH > Member Control > Select from a list of upcoming classes FOH > Bookings > Location > Select the location the booking is in and the select the class

In these cases the pop up box loads giving the user the option to book now and pay later, even though that option should not be available. Solution: Booking payments will now be forced, if the setting is enabled, through FOH in all booking workflows. 6. Ref RM #3879/TM #87318 Resolving data verification event with no member in the passport Issue: If a member has an outstanding contact data verification event in member control and the user attempts to resolve this event after clearing the member from the passport FOH application will error. Solution: The event will now be resolved as long as the member is still loaded into member control, even if they are not in the passport window. 7. Ref RM #3884/TM #70069 Members with no address and data verification Issue: FOH and the data verification process would crash if a member did not have an address against their member record and the data verification process was initiated. Solution: The application will no longer crash and the member will have the relevant data verification events raised. 8. Ref RM #3885/TM #70701 Gate swipe issues Issue: If the member search screen is open in FOH and then a gate is wiped a search is completed on that member rather than the swipe being silent in the background. Solution: The member will now swipe silently in the member swipes box even though the search box is open in FOH. 9. Ref RM #3900/TM #87471 Stock take updating all values not those edited Issue: If a stock take is performed on a few inventory items, but not all, every inventory was updated even though some were not edited. Solution: Only the stock that was edited will now be altered during the stock take, with no effect on the inventory items that have not been stock checked. 10. Ref RM #3926/TM #88150 Non-Enterprise discounts unavailable Issue: If a discount is set up at a level, rather than enterprise, and is set to apply to all items in scope it would not be loaded by FOH when using the discount all option. Only enterprise discounts were loaded by FOH. Solution: A discount created at a level, rather than enterprise, will now be available for use with the discount all option in FOH. Please note that the discounts will not be available outside of its scope, for example a different region or club. 11. Ref RM #3524/TM #67696 Refunds not showing correctly in FOH Issue: FOH, in certain cases, would show refunds that are either processed straight away or later, as an outstanding balance against the members account. This caused issue with the totals in the member statements. Solution: The refunds will no longer show as an outstanding balance against the member record. 12. Ref RM #3608/TM #79408 Efficiency improvements Issue: Inefficiencies have been discovered around the loading of bookings, the bookings calendar and activities.

Solution: The application and database have been made more efficient to decrease load on the application and database servers. 13. Ref RM #4036/TM #90197 Formatting of printing booking register Issue: When printing the booking register using a receipt printer and when the phone numbers have been removed from the view the formatting is not correct. Solution: The formatting has been corrected when printing the booking sheet to a receipt printer from FOH. 14. Ref RM #4029/TM #87867 VAT on billing debts raised outside FOH not calculated Issue: Billing items that are raised against a member outside of FOH do not have any VAT shown against them when the item is viewed in the basket options. Solution: The VAT is now listed correctly when viewed in the options screen of the FOH basket. 15. Ref RM #4046/TM #90932 Book now pay later on course doesnt calculate discount Issue: Discounts are not being calculated correctly for courses that are created using the book now and pay later feature in FOH. If the course charge is added straight to the basket the discounts are calculated correctly. Solution: The discounts are now calculated correctly when either adding the charge straight to the basket or using the book now pay later feature.

1. Ref RM #3767/TM #84938 Freezing add-on members does not extend end dates Issue: If a head and add-on member is frozen by a freeze which is due to extend the renewal dates then only the head members agreement is extended leaving the add-on members agreement shorter. Solution: Both the head and add-on members agreements will now have the agreement end dates extended if the freeze is set up to do so. 2. Ref RM #3868/TM #83532 MM error on selecting medical information Issue: MM will either error or crash if a members medical details are viewed in certain cases; if the member has no medical information or if the user has not previously looked at a members medical conditions for a member who does not have any medical conditions. Solution: The medical form now opens with error showing all relevant medical details. 3. Ref RM #3933/TM #88335 Overflow error when loading a member Issue: If a member with extremely large amounts of usage were loaded into MM the application could show an overflow error. Solution: The application will no longer error when loading members in the situation above. 4. Ref RM #3936/TM #88372 Error when creating new member events Issue: When creating a new member event it was possible to enter a longer event code than the database could store, which caused the application to error. Solution: The application will no longer allow an event code longer than 10 characters. 5. Ref RM #3785/TM #85486 Unpaid course cancellation different between FOH and Bookings

Issue: When cancelling a course from FOH and Bookings the processes undertaken are different which causes anomalies in the members statement, these are generally down to the use of words such as debt and payment. Solution: The statement will now look the same when cancellations are made through FOH or through Bookings. 6. Ref RM #3793/TM #85500 ADDACS rejections performed against the wrong bank account record Issue: When a user created a new account for a member in MM (with a new reference number) and then the member cancels the old bank account at the bank with the old reference number. The old reference number comes back as an ADDACS and this then causes the new bank account to be cancelled. Solution: The members new bank account will no longer be cancelled. 7. Ref RM #3826/TM #82967 MM applying unallocated credits Issue: When applying an unallocated credit to a course or group activity debt on a members account the message: Please select one or more billing transactions, is returned. Solution: The credit is now allocated without the message showing.

1. Ref RM #3769/TM #84597 Date/Time stamp for new clubs Issue: When a new club was created via control panel there was no way of knowing when this club was created. Solution: A new database column has been added which sets the date and time against the club when it is created.

1. Ref RM #3782/TM #85434 Access Gate Usage Report Issue: The Access Gate Usage report is currently not deployed to every customer and is currently manually deployed when required. Solution: The report will be included in the service pack release so every customer has access to it. There have been no changes to the report. 2. Ref RM #3812/TM #86076 Cash lift report discrepancies Issue: When the cash lift report is run for a transaction that includes more than one item and more than one tender type the income will be multiplied, meaning the variance column can be incorrect. Solution: The transactions will now be calculated correctly and the variance should match the value that was shown during the cash up procedure. 3. Ref RM #3822/TM #86250 Web transaction report shows all membership sales Issue: If the web transaction report is run for one club rather than at group or enterprise level all membership purchases will be shown, regardless of the club they were purchased for. Solution: The web transaction report will now only show transactions that occur at the club that is selected in scope before running the report.

4. Ref RM #3830/TM #71861 FOH showing voids as income Issue: The sage report as income rather than zero when a transaction has been voided in FOH. This occurs when a user clicks options in the basket and selects clear. Solution: The Sage report will now not show these voided transactions. 5. Ref RM #3860/TM #87327 Scheme utilization report Issue: The scheme utilization report is including members who have been moved out of a course in the attendance figures. Solution: Moved members are now excluded from the report as per the cancelled members. 6. Ref RM #3880/TM #87570 Cash lift report does not show variance reasons from FOH Issue: The cash lift report does not show any variance reasons entered during the cash lit process in FOH. Solution: The report has been modified to include any variance notes from FOH. 7. Ref RM #3896/TM #87652 Online booking report showing incorrect income for courses Issue: The online bookings report was showing the whole course income for each session in the course instead of the session income. Solution: The report will now show session income against each session on online course bookings. 8. Ref RM #3902/TM #88013 Date formatting issues on multiple reports Issue: The Overs and Shorts report showed an American date format. Non lifted shifts were also grouped together in this report. The course detail report also showed all dates in the American format. Solution: The dates in the reports have been altered to use the UK expected format. The non-lifted shifts have also been split by the day. 9. Ref RM #3906/TM #66529 Price list report shows inventory which cant be sold at a club Issue: When running the price list report at a club level the data returned included inventory items which could not be sold at the club selected in the scope. Solution: Inventory items which cant be sold at a club will now not show in the report when that club is selected in the scope, selecting enterprise will still show all inventory items. 10. Ref RM #3912/TM #81239 Rounding error on cash lift Issue: If the report included a transaction that had multiple items with multiple tender types in one transaction there was, in some cases, a rounding error which made the total value incorrect. Solution: The calculation of the totals is now correct. 11. Ref RM #3935/TM #88263 Patronage summary report no running Issue: A non-descriptive error would show when running the patronage summary report after around 10minutes. The cause of the error was down to the amount of data being run at a club/level group. Solution: The report will now run without error. 12. Ref RM #3961/TM #88890 Debtors outstanding report showing debt too early Issue: The debtors outstanding report will incorrectly show course debt when it is not outstanding. Solution: The member/debt will not show on the report until the course has started and debt is a valid debt.

13. Ref RM #3858/TM #86982 Customer specific reports only show if a standard report exists Issue: Customer specific reports do not show in the folder unless there is a standard report in the same folder. Solution: Reports will now show in the folder, even if the custom reports are the only reports located in the folder. 14. Ref RM #3862/TM #80581 Patronage reporting not showing items linked to courses Issue: Inventory items that have been linked to courses are not showing in the patronage reporting. Solution: The filter has been removed so inventory items that have been linked to courses will now show in the report. 15. Ref RM #3928 Various configuration reports Solution: Various configuration reports have been created in the reporting application for extracting data out of legend. These reports can be found in Legend Reports > Standard Reports > Configuration. The reports are split into three folders named inventory (for inventory discount and price data), security tokens (for security token configuration) and Users (for Staff assignment, staff details, staff group assignment and staff security group assignment) 16. Ref RM #3816/TM #86087 Reports application sends day as 11.59pm Issue: Transactions can be missed in the web transactions reports as the end of day is listed as 23:59 rather than 00:00 meaning that any transactions between 23:59 and 00:00 are missed. Solution: The end time is now correct meaning all transactions will be gathered for that day. 17. Ref RM #3763/TM #82730 Character limit being reached on saving reports Issue: When saving a report with a large numbers of options selected, for example 100+ agreement, will cause the report to fail on save as it reaches the maximum number of characters set. Solution: The reports have been altered to allow for the maximum number of characters allowed by the technology.

1. Ref RM #3796/TM #85837 Members signing up online not being billed in certain cases Issue: When members sign up online with a start date in the future the members agreement is set to be inactive, when this is done in membership management the agreement is set to be active. The issue with having an inactive agreement and no current active agreement is that if the start date is after the DD run the member would not be selected and billed. Solution: The members will now be picked up by the DD run and billed appropriately. 2. Ref RM #3859/TM #85214 Credit notes issued online show an incorrect amount Issue: When credit notes are issued online the amount can differ from what is actually due if the booking was discounted. Solution: The amount displayed online at the cancellation stage now matches the amount given in the credit note.

3. Ref RM #3895/TM #87434 Public timetable shows incorrect descriptions Issue: When viewing the public timetable (member not logged in) the descriptions on the timetable can be incorrect in certain instances as an incorrect process is used. Solution: The correct descriptions are now shown on both the member and public timetables. 4. Ref RM #3959/TM #88845 Members with a prevent access freeze can book online Issue: If a member had a freeze which prevented access to a club they can still make bookings online. Solution: Members will now no longer be able to make bookings online if they have an active freeze which prevents access to the club. The member will still be able to make a booking before the freeze starts and after the freeze ends as long as other factors allow for it. 5. Ref RM #3805/TM #85335 Paperless direct debit can be both account holder and not Issue: With paperless direct debit enabled it is possible to select both the I am the account holder and I am not the account holder options during the sign up process. Solution: Only one option will now be available for selection during the signup process. 6. Ref RM #3836/TM #N/A CMS merge fields Issue: A new requirement for Direct Debit members that join using the Legend online services to be sent a signup confirmation email that includes the advanced direct debit notice. Solution: The direct debit confirmation email will now include the following merge fields for selection: Member Address 1, Member Town, Member County, Member Postcode Club Address 1, Club Town, Club Postcode Todays Date Originator ID (Club SUN) Destination account name (SUN name) Account Name BACS Ref Number Frequency of payment Cycle Fee 1st DD collection date Club Email Address

1. Ref RM #3910/TM #88014 Restricting bookings by number of days Issue: If the functionality with bookings to limit how many bookings can be made in a number of days were enabled against a subtype it was possible that the limit was applied for too long. For example if a booking was made on a Monday and the number of days was set to only 1 booking in every 1 day the member could also not make the booking for a Tuesday as the limit was being extended too long. Solution: The limit now takes the start day into account so that no restrictions should be extended past the number of days set. 2. Ref RM #3799/TM #85926 Course start/end dates not set correctly Issue: There is an issue where the course start and end dates do not match the dates of the sessions inside the course.

Solution: The dates of the course and the sessions now match up.

1. Ref RM #3814/TM #86077 ADDACS E account number only change not processed Issue: When a rejection of ADDACS E comes back this will only make changes if the sort code is changed, however the DD may just be moving to a different account within the same branch. Solution: When branch changes are not made only the new account number is provided and the old sort code remains.

1. Ref RM #3987/TM #66697 Missing web service Issue: A deployment issue caused a web service to not be deployed correctly. Solution: The services have now been recovered and are in place to be deployed. No functionality changes have been made.