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APPLICABILITY This schedule is applicable to separately metered and billed supply of alternating current electricity to any customer for use in and about (a) a single-family residence, flat or apartment, (b) a combination residence and farm, or (c) a private residence used as a boarding and/or rooming house with no more than one cooking installation, nor more than ten bedrooms. This schedule is not applicable to (a) individual motors rated over 15 HP, (b) commercial use as in hotels, public inns, motels, auto courts, tourist courts, tourist camps, or trailer camps, (c) separately metered service to accessory buildings or equipment on residential property that are not themselves intended or suitable for residence, or (d) service to a combined residential and non-residential electric load where the residential load is less than 50% of the total service requirement. II. MONTHLY RATE A. Basic Customer Charge per billing month................................$10.99 B. Energy Charge: For the billing months of April through November All kWh per billing month12.600 cents per kWh For the billing months of December through March All kWh per billing month11.514 cents per kWh C. Minimum Charge: The monthly minimum charge shall be the "Basic Customer Charge." D. The applicable North Carolina sales tax will be added to all charges listed above, except billings to Federal and State agencies.


Electric Rate Schedule No. 1 Residential Service All Energy Charges are subject to tracking adjustments as might be reflected by NCEMPAs energy rider. The above Energy Charges include a currently applicable adjustment of 0.000 cents per kWh plus an additional adjustment to recover related system losses. III. METER READING AND BILLING a) b) Meters may be read in units of 10 KWh and bills rendered accordingly. The Commission shall have the option of reading meters monthly or bimonthly. When the meter is read at other than monthly intervals, the Commission may render an interim monthly bill based upon estimated kWh use during the periods for which the meter was not read. When bills are calculated for a bimonthly period, the number of kWh specified in each block of the Energy Charge shall be multiplied by two before the rates per kWh area applied to the usage for the bimonthly period. The Minimum Charge will also be multiplied by two when bills are calculated bimonthly.



PAYMENTS Bill are due when rendered, and subject to a 1% penalty if not paid by the due date. For additional information, refer to Utility Regulations, part D, customer Service Policy.



Effective April 1, 2013 Supersede Schedule date October 1, 2009