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Test: Finance (2) / Pronoun use

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Finance (2)
Test for advanced level students

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When you go to an auction and you want to buy a particular item, you can simply make a ......... for it. (a) try (b) test (c) go (d) bid
finance (2), pronoun use, try vs test vs go vs bid

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english vocabulary words: examples of nouns adjectives toeic prep test

The larger company did not really want to join with the smaller one because it was more interested in a .......... (a) turn over (b) turn up (c) overtaker (d) takeover
grammar how much how many, turn over vs turn up vs overtaker vs takeover

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Business English tests

free word games: online nouns adjectives game toeic vocab test

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......... on the stockmarket just before Christmas is usually very slow. (a) Working (b) Trading (c) Pricing (d) Adding
english travel adjectives, working vs trading vs pricing vs adding

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Business Buzzwords English villages A well thought out strategy Screaming guts

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Test: Finance (2) / Pronoun use

Greenhouse gas emissions Israeli scientists Dutch colonists Online exchange Jack Be Nimble Illegal trading activities A 'Non-institution' Illegal profits Animal markets Corporate sleuths Auditor's doubt Tight curbs

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meaning of cycle, overview, assembly, empathy, tray, formal, fence

This sport centre has largely been ......... by money that has come from the national lottery. (a) founded (b) found (c) fined (d) funded
quizzes gerunds sentences free online, founded vs found vs fined vs funded

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definition of prayer, climate, victim, word, distance, trial

The reason for the ......... in the economy is because there is a great deal of uncertainty at the moment.
Confidence in Christmas The old days A basket of goods Investment leverage Takeover remedy Whiplash Unregistered securities Spin tour Food stocks China's mass media Worst investments Penny stock Stale inventory 2007 market decline Lost horizons Platinum blonde Odd auction Taking delivery Listed for destruction The best valuator The street goes nuts Unethical investment Phone rules Compensation Last increment bidding Entrepreneurship The US Mint Consumer Credit Asset-based Loans
finance (2), subject pronoun, upturn vs upstart vs uptake vs upward preposition of direction, slowness vs slowly vs slowdown vs slow

(a) slowness (b) slowly (c) slowdown (d) slow

Listening Comprehension Exercises

word vocabulary games: noun adjective lists sat prep test

The ......... in the market was seen as a positive sign that the recession was over. (a) upturn (b) upstart (c) uptake (d) upward

free word games: online nouns adjectives game sat vocab test

The ......... books for manufacturers of small cars are now full following the rise in petrol. (a) exercise (b) order (c) place (d) trade

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Test: Finance (2) / Pronoun use

Consumer Protection Direct Sales Dotcom Retail Stores Consumer Behaviour Retail Marketing The Law of Agency The Law of Contracts Real Estate Brokers Realtor Advertisement Trade Multilateralism Thinking to Export Tourism after 9/11
subjective pronoun, exercise vs order vs place vs trade

define amour, missal, beau, stoicism, course, humanitarian

The future of his job was at ......... when he made the decision to invest in new machinery. (a) steak (b) state (c) stake (d) stress
definition of idioms, steak vs state vs stake vs stress

toeic question: phrase "promoting a company's brand franchise"

After their house had been ........., they decided to sell it and buy a bigger one. (a) valued (b) priced (c) cost (d) prized
english language exercise, valued vs priced vs cost vs prized

occur vs. happen

Fifty people were made ......... when the company suffered a severe financial shock. (a) useless (b) unwanted (c) unneeded (d) redundant
simple past exercise, useless vs unwanted vs unneeded vs redundant

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Test: Finance (2) / Pronoun use

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Pronoun use

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