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Title 2001: A Space Odyssey Year released 1968 Youtube Link Notes Fascinating analysis of last 10 mins tch?v=lj-OlW83b6U

A.I. Artificial Intelligence An Officer & a Gentleman Avatar Back to the Future Ben Hur Bladerunner Casino Chariots of Fire Close Encounters of the Third Kind Die Hard Falling Down Highlander Inception Greystoke – the legend of Tarzan Lord of the Apes Little Buddha Pretty Woman Raging Bull Robocop 1980 1988 1981 om/watch?v=rz7sPi OoU7A

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Seven Samurai Singin' in the Rain Spiderman Sri Siddhartha Gauthama Starman Superman The Dead Zone The Deerhunter The Godfather The Ten Commandments The Untouchables The Wizard of Oz Titanic Top Gun 1954 1952 2012 om/watch?v=4JYVc 7mfWPg 1978 1972 1939 2 of 6 .

com/watch? v=-QetE6WvBFY Music History Science Howard Goodall’s The Story of Music The Story of Science v=wa3ZDEZj3P8 Mathematics BBC Horizon: Infinity v=Psilz9rpFl4 Science BBC Horizon .com/watch? v=KywUr4-fUqk Science The Wonders of Life http://www.How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth v=FiMigmLwwTM Mathematics BBC Horizon A Mathematical Mystery Tour http://www.Documentaries Subject Title Youtube Clip (reference link) Mathematics The Story of Maths (Marcus du Sautoy) h?v=I0Y6NPahlDE v=pElvQdcaGXE See also Mathematics The Secret You (Marcus du Sautoy) v=hUJfjRoxCbk The Character of Physical Law 3 of 6 .com/watch? v=xteBMDjVVMs Science The Ascent of Man v=PUDQ3ypFhew Science / Physics Richard Feynman's lecture on quantum Probability and Uncertainty in the "Messenger" series of lectures on Cornell University

com/watch? v=dw4w1UsOafQ RI Channel: Stephen Hawking and Arthur C.Part 1 The Law of Gravitation (full version) Royal Institute Christmas Lectures (1977) Planets Carl Sagan – v=Uah84T7umA&NR=1&feature=ends creen Carl Sagan Videos channel: http://www. Planets History of Mars http://www. Clarke .(1964).com /user/TheRoyalInstitutio n Science / Natural History Supersense (1988) 4 of 6 .com/watch? v=j3mhkYbznBk Science / Cosmology /watch?v=HKQQAv5svk k Science / Zoology Christmas Lectures 1991 – Richard Dawkins Waking up in the Universe /user/CarlSaganVideos?f eature=watch Incredible discussion!: Carl Sagan. The Universe and Everything Else (1988) v=mtXl5WwnoQA 3. Science / Physics Richard Feynman History of Mars Science / Cosmology Royal Institute Christmas Lectures 1977 Planets Carl Sagan – 3.Character of Physical Law .youtube.

com/watc h?v=tQjb7gceCmw 5 of 6 .youtube.By John Downer Science / Natural History Science / Natural History The Great Rift (1988) BBC series Earthflight http://www.

Music Playing the guitar Fingerstyle Part 1 .Malaguena guitar chords Playing the violin Playing the Piano Playing the tabla 6 of 6 .youtube.