Prepositions of place and location



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There are two turquoise ice-trays next __________ the green and white bowl. There are six white plates stacked __________ top of each other. There is a thermos __________the middle shelf __________ the right. There is no food __________ be seen __________ the shelves. There is a coffee percolator __________ the mug and the sugar bowl. There are three round bowls __________ the top shelf. There are four different glasses next__________ the red plastic funnel. The cupboard doors are made __________ wood and glass. There is a red and white bowl __________ the green and white- and the blue and white bowls. 10. The coffee percolator is made __________ glass and plastic. 11. There is no cutlery __________ the cupboard. 12. The shelves are made __________ wood.

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