Secrets of Nature’s #1 Healing Plant

By: Dr. Gary Bracey “The Moringa Man”

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MIRACLE MORINGA Secrets of Nature’s #1 Healing Plant By: Dr. Gary Bracey “The Moringa Man” MoringaDirect.com An official publication of: .

has been called “Wonder Herb” “Tree of Life” and “Miracle Plant” by people across the world and used for centuries for healing (medicine) and nutrition (food).Nature’s #1 Healing Plant (Moringa Oleifera). shakes and vegetable or thick fruit juices. Moringa is the perfect natural Super Food. Also mixes well with yogurt. grits. Use only in already cooked food. It is a potent high energy nutritional supplement. cream of wheat. oatmeal. DOSAGE Note: 6 Capsules = 1 Tablespoon 1 Tablespoon a day 2 Tablespoons a day 1 Teaspoon a day 2 Teaspoons a day ADULTS For Good Health For Healing and Fighting Ailments CHILDREN (1-7 yrs. Old) For Good Health For Healing and Fighting Ailments 6 Capsules daily = 2 Caps 3X a day 12 Capsules daily = 3 Caps 4X a day . shake or other beverage. add to already boiled water or mix in with your favorite smoothie. USAGE Directions for Use: Never boil or cook Moringa. tested and scientifically proven effective for chronic conditions and used to fortify and restore immunity. Note: Moringa mixes best in a thick liquid base such as smoothies. etc.

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION 7X 7 Times the Vitamin C contained in Oranges 15X 15 Times the Potassium contained in Bananas 10X 10 Times the Vitamin A contained in Carrots 4 Times the Beta Carotene contained in Carrots 25X 25 Times the Iron contained in Spinach 17X 17 Times the Calcium 2 Times the Protein contained in Milk 9X 9 Times the Protein contained in Yogurt 6X 6 Times the Zinc contained in Almonds .

5X 5 Times the Dietary Fiber contained in Common Vegetables 6X 6 Times the Amino Acids contained in Garlic 100X 100 Times the GABA contained in Brown Rice 2x 2 Times the Poly Phenol contained in Red Wine 50X 50 Times the Vitamin B2 contained in Sardines 50X 50 Times the Vitamin B3 contained in Peanuts 4X 4 Times the Vitamin E contained in Corn Oil 4X 4 Times the Vitamin B1 contained in Pork .

Nutritional aid for Breast Feeding Vitamins & Minerals in MORINGA: 7 Vitamins. Low Energy. Macular Degeneration. Malawi. Ulcer. Inflammation. Impotency. Mexico. ¼ lb. Fibers. Intestinal Disorders. CARRIBEAN. ASIAN. Calcium. Rheumatoid Arthritis. Vitamin B1. Vitamin B3. Osteoporosis. NATIVE AMERICAN) Used in Senegal. Intestinal/Colon cleanse.MORINGA HAS BEEN USED TO TREAT OVER 300 DISEASES AND MALADIES USED IN THE TRADITIONAL MEDICINAL PRACTICES OF VARIOUS CULTURES (AFRICAN. Oman. MORINGA is used for the following: Diabetes.. Zinc _____________________________________________________________ BUY MORINGA NOW . 18 Amino acids. Natural Anti-toxins. Ulcer. Protein. .PRICING CAPSULES Price $5 $10 $20 $80 $150 POWDER Price $5 $15 $25 $50 Quantity 20 50 100 500 1. Lime Disease. 6 Minerals. Phosphorus. High concentration of natural Anti-inflammatory agents. Anti-tumors. Magnesium. Haiti. 1 lb. High/Low Blood pressure. LATINO. Copper. Carbohydrates. Skin conditions. 46 Anti-oxidants. Philippines. Menstrual Disorders. and many more.. Headaches. Vitamin A. India. Vitamin supplement. Malnutrition. ½ lb. Iron. Crone’s Disease. Potassium. Antibacterial and Anti-fungal. Lupus. Fever. Vitamin C. Tumors. Cancer (Leukemia & Lymphoma).000 Weight 1 oz. Vitamin B2. Weight loss.. Fasting.

Upon the suggestion of the Healer. Dr. Dr. . Bracey was introduced to a local Traditional Healer and Doctor. Bracey immediately began sharing this “Miracle Plant” with his family and friends. In only 3 days Gary noticed immediate results and in addition felt an overall increase in energy and stamina. Bracey tried some of this obscure “Miracle Plant” which he later discovered was Moringa. Gary Bracey After his own personal experience and enjoying the benefits of Moringa for himself.Dr. entrepreneur. healthier life.com has helped many people of all ages achieve more energy and a happier. West Africa. motivational speaker. Gary Bracey “The Moringa Man” working with MoringaDirect. Moringa is the “Miracle Plant” for you. Whether you need to heal yourself from a specific ailment or if you are a health conscious person who is looking for the ideal Super Food as a nutritional supplement. educational and health expert. Bracey began bringing Moringa Leaves and Powder into the United States and witnessing the miraculous effect it had on everything from headaches to high blood pressure. In the following months. while on a retreat with 3 other Doctors in Ghana. Dr. Dr. Bracey at the time. like many men. In March of 2007. Dr. Gary Bracey “The Moringa Man” Gary Bracey is an accomplished author. Within just 2 weeks his prostate problems were completely reversed and cured just by the simple usage of this “Miracle Plant” incorporated into his diet. Dr. was suffering from prostate problems. “Moringa Changed My Life” – Dr.

MIRACLE MORINGA Secrets of Nature’s #1 Healing Plant By: Dr. Gary Bracey “The Moringa Man” An official publication of: .