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Volume 88, Issue 19 The Voice of the Colorado School of Mines, a Superior Education in Applied Science and Engineering

Science and Engineering February 19, 2008

Climate Physics colloquium sheds

change expert
visits light on cellular journey
Throughout the talk, video foot- throughout the cell,” said Shaklee.

NHV seminar
Jason Fish age (both real and conceptual) “Now we think it all might be the
Content Manager illustrated her points. The mem- same, coming from the same place.”
OREDIGGER branes could be seen in real time, The former Physics under-
The inner workings of the tril- their structures diffusing outward graduate was received
Jake Rezac said. “Warming tends to eat up our lions of cells making up the stu- along thin lines, the motors carrying warmly by the at-
snow pack,” which greatly affects dent ‘body’ have been a mystery them away across the microtubules. tending faculty.
Staff Writer
the Colorado River: recent warm- for years. At Tuesday’s Physics To understand these dynamics, “It was a very
“It’s going to take collabo- ing, for example, reduced “flows… Department colloquium, some of Shaklee’s group grew their own good presen-
ration to solve our problems,” from 100% of the normal to these unknowns were revealed. membranes, tubules, and mo- tation, one
asserted Brad Udall, director 70%.” In terms of impacts closer Paige Shaklee, a CSM alumnus tors. In a controlled environ- I would
of NOAA-funded Western Wa- to home, he commented, “Colo- in Physics (BSc ’03), presented the ment, they scrutinized
ter Assessment, located at the rado’s elevation will be somewhat findings of research she is conduct- the motor behavior.
University of Colorado, Boulder. protective of its snow pack.” ing as a graduate student at the Uni- “We can study
Udall presented on Feb. 11 and Udall continued his discus- versity of Leiden in the Netherlands. this simple model-
12 to Nature and Human Values sion of the west, focusing more She and a group of scientists are ing system when

students about the impact of cli- on water policy. “Lake Mead has studying the mechanisms by which these things all work

mate change on water policy in the

lost almost half of what it started cells move material around inside. together,” said Shaklee.

west. In his lecture, Udall spoke with… this is by far the worst “We call it the cell’s message Two kinds of motors

about climate change in general, drought in the historical period.” and receiving service,” said Shak- were found: processive (P) On

but focused on how well known The drought is very worrisome lee, with a hint of the Dutch accent and nonprocessive (NP). The the Run:

water features in the west – such for those living in the West and she has picked up while at Leiden. former carry membrane mate- Red and

as Lake Powell and Lake Mead Southwest, who get their water Using powerful microscopes rial along, looking like miniscule white blood
– are affected by climate change from the Colorado River. This and inserting fluorescent chemicals bipeds, putting one protein foot in cells captured
and how the distribution of water includes Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los into the test cells, Shaklee and front of the other, marching down
among places that depend on the
by a scanning
Angeles, and San Diego, among her group were able to observe the tubule. The latter type does
Colorado River would be changed. others: “30 million people are intracellular material flowing along the same, but, after one step,
electron microscope.
Udall began his lecture by brief- served by the basin.” Furthermore, lines, to and from the nucleus. they detach from the tubule and expect from a professional in the
ly showing how climate change the water from the Colorado River The group divided the system diffuse back into the membrane. field,” said Dr. John Scales, a profes-
– which he prefers to call “global is legislated to go to certain states, into three mechanisms: Microtu- P motors carry membrane mate- sor in Physics. “It’s very impressive
climate disruption,” because “cli- in specific amounts. This makes it bules, Motors, and Membranes. rial forward, keeping the lengthening for a Mines undergraduate student
mate change is a change in pat- so that in a given year, states in the The first function as the ‘roads’ on string in tension. NP motors, as to go off to a top university and
terns” – is indeed occurring. His Colorado’s upper basin, including which material travels, appearing they fall off, release the tension, Europe and succeed like this.”
discussion included both common Colorado, don’t know for sure how as spindly polymer strands radiat- and the thread retreats towards During the question and answer
evidence of climate change, such much water they will be getting. ing outward from a source. The the source. Thus far, experiments session following her talk, Shaklee
as the warming of the atmosphere, The outlook is unnerving for second are the movers along these have shown the P and NP motors told the audience how she par-
and less common evidence, such many climate scientists. “Annual highways, tiny protein ‘vehicles’. The to work together in transporting ticipated in a Biology internship
as how lags in climate change af- mean warming is likely to exceed third component is characterized by membrane material, explaining prior before beginning graduate
fect scientists’ abilities to success- global mean…” he said. “Conti- globs of lipids (fatty matter) that pro- the back-and-forth procession studies to familiarize herself with
fully predict future climates. As an nental areas warm 1.5 times the vide the material to be transported. as these membrane lines move. the concepts and basic knowledge.
example, he said, “ocean sinks global warming.” Thus, when “We can see material moving The data gathered has generated “Physics has a lot to offer in
aren’t doing as good of a job ab- mid-range projections for global along these polymers, but what’s some conclusions about cell function- the biology and medical com-
sorbing carbon anymore,” which temperature by 2100 are 7˚F, the moving them?” asked Shaklee. “We ing and the nature of cell development. munities,” said Dr. Scales. “For
is something climate models must warming in the west will very likely know these motor proteins exist, but “A long time ago, we thought students who want to get in-
take into account if they are to pre- be even higher. However, Udall we want to know how they work.” membrane material was all different volved, this is a great opportunity.”
dict the future climate successfully. believes that the problem can still
Having presented his case on
the existence of climate change,
Udall began discussing what it
be solved. If states work with each
other, and large cities such as Las
Vegas – whose only logical water
Companies recruit based on quality
would do to the west in general. source is the Colorado River – are Jean Manning-Clark Center was filled with excited employ- sessions can be found on DiggerNet.
He cited the example of Phoenix in allowed to get the water they need, Career Center ers and eager candidates. Many of In addition to the employers par-
the summer of 2007, where “in the then the effects of climate change This year, Colorado School of these companies have scheduled ticipating in the Career Day Event,
90 day summer period… we had can be mitigated. “Our ability to Mines hosted its largest Spring Career additional on-campus interviews over 30 companies were on the wait
47 days above 109˚F.” This sort of adapt is going to be a function Day yet. With over 175 companies in and information sessions. A listing of list hoping for a chance to attend,
event is indicative of the future, he of our willingness to be flexible.” attendance, the Student Recreation these events and company interview and 4 new employers (Gambro BCT,

Inside This Edition

Northlands Resources,
Arista Midstream, and In-
tellection) came as guest
companies looking to
expand their relationship
NIU Shooting - Pg 2 with CSM as well as their
exposure to the students.
World News - Pg 2
Prof. Chuck Stone Wins Already the Career
AAPT Award - Pg 3 Center is receiving inqui-
ries about registering for
Geek of the Week - Pg 4 the Fall 2008 Career Day,
scheduled on Tuesday,
Tech Break - Pg 4 Sept. 9. The fall event
is expected to be an-
Blackwell Award Winner - Pg 6 other huge event, filling
up by June. To keep on
Wrestling - Pg 7 top of all the recruiting
events, students should
Valentines Recovery - Pg 10 log onto DiggerNet.

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News February 19, 2008

Abdullah Ahmed, Asst. Business Manager

KOSOVO - After years of struggle

with Serbia, Kosovo’s parlia-
ment declared independence
from Serbia this past Sunday.
Lawmakers have sent letters
to many countries asking them
to recognize the Republic of
Kosovo as a state, which is con-
sidered the newest nation in the
world. The new administration
has vowed to make Kosovo a
“democratic, multiethnic state.”

Japan - Officials in Japan are plan-

ning to build an underwater train
that stretches nearly 80 miles to
South Korea. The main goal of
the project is to “promote” dip-
lomatic relations with South Ko-
rea, which has yet to be informed.
license plate that bears only the
number “1” was sold for a record
of 14 million dollars at a charity
event. The proceedings will go
ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES: Pakistan - Amid one
to help victims of traffic accidents
A 27-year-old student at of the country’s worst
at rehabilitation centers. The
NIU opened fire on the security crises, voters in
latest event has fetched over
campus in the afternoon Pakistan began hitting
24 million dollars from auction-
of Feb. 14. The disturbed the polls. With fears of
ing about 90 plates. The oil-
gunman entered a filled violence and voting fraud,
swollen UAE started auctioning
lecture hall and shot into the the election opened to a
unique plates for charity last May.
crowd. Of the twenty peo- slow start, especially in
ple who were injured, six major cities. The poll had
died, including the gunman. been delayed since the
Investigators still don’t know
the motive of the crime.
killing of politician Benazir
Bhutto last December.
This Week at
Oredigger Staff Mines
Zach Aman
Health Center changes confidential

Hilary Brown
communication procedures As of late January, well-
known CSM professor
Asst. Editor-in-Chief require all health care centers contact students. For instance,
Lily Giddings Wendy Harrison has official-
to provide secure transmission lab results can now be sent
Sara Post Content Manager and privacy protection for clients. via email, saving both the stu- ly stepped in as Associate
Copy Editor For the CSM student health dent and the health center time.
Provost for the institution.
The Coulter Health center, it means that Though the new system is
Andrew Aschenbrenner
Opinion Editor Center at the Col- students now easy to use, Kate van Susante,
orado School have an easy the Administrative Assistant in the The Rocky Mountain News
Josh Elliott of Mines was way to send health center, has not noticed a
Business Manager “pleased to an- in any health- change in the number of student reported that a barber-
nounce a new se- related question, visits to the health center. “But shop quartet from CSM
Cericia Martinez cure messaging sys- without worrying about students have already started to
Prospector Editor tem” in accordance with the unintended third-party re- use the system,” said Susante. “blew the socks off” law-
Richard Walker Health Insurance Portabil- cipients. Depending on the In order to use the program, makers in Colorado’s
Webmaster ity and Accountability Act question, students will hear students must subscribe to the
(HIPAA) passed in 1992. back from either a nurse, web-based system at https:// House of Representatives.
Cathryn Greene This act specifies that in response to a general Students
Asst. Copy Editor the Department of Health health question, or doc- must use their school email ad-
and Human Services must tor, for a more complex dress to register. While students CSM was honored in the
Meave Hamm meet “national standards question. If the question may still send in health-related
Lead Prospector We s t m i n s t e r W i n d o w
Photographer for electronic health care requires further examina- questions via regular email, it is
transactions and nation- tion, they may be asked to recommended that they use the for a new program that
Ryan Browne al identifiers for providers, COURTESY
come in to the health center. new secure messaging system. brings graduate students
Asst. Business Manager health plans, and employ- COMMONS This system also makes it HIPAA info from: http://www.
ers.” These standards now easier for the health center to into Westminster’s 50 el-
Abdullah Ahmed ementary classrooms.
Asst. Business Manager

Mike Stone
Fool’s Gold Editor
Shooting at Northern Illinois University CSM researchers have
Jason Fish Emily Trudell found a “unique mate-
to send email messages to the released the name of the drug.
Content Manager Staff Writer entire student body that there NIU president, John Peters rial behavior” that could
had been a shooting, and that praised law enforcement and
Kevin Duffy expand the potential of
The gunman at Northern Il- students should find a safe place. emergency services for their quick
Content Manager
linois University that wound- Friday classes at NIU were response, and mentioned that the ceramics: the addition of
Lily Giddings ed 15 and killed six has been cancelled. campus had instituted protocol lithium aluminum silicate
Content Manager identified as former student Kazmierczak was a former in the event of such an attack.
S t e p h a n P. K a z m i e r c z a k . sociology student at NIU, and Due to the series of deadly at- halts crack propagation.
Matthew Pusard Kazmierczak was armed with graduated in 2007. People who tacks at schools and universities,
Content Manager three handguns and a shotgun knew him said that there was such as the infamous Columbine
when he opened fire in a lecture hall no indication that Kazmierczak massacre, the Virginia Tech shoot- One of six American uni-
David Frossard
Faculty Advisor on Thursday. He arrived ten min- would do something like this, ing, and this most recent inci- versities honored with the
utes before the end of the geology as Kazmierczak had been well dent at NIU, officials at Colorado
lecture, dressed in black and wear- liked by both the faculty and School of Mines have decided that task, CSM will host a semi-
ing a ski mask to cover his face. peers while he was a student. the dormitory doors will remain nar with 15 local citizens in
The shooting lasted only a few Head of Police at NIU, Don locked at all times, indefinitely.
minutes, and authorities were Grady did mention that Kazmierc- Until further notice, only students late March to discuss the
on scene within 90 seconds. zak had recently stopped taking who have Blastercard access will future of nanotechnology.
The University then proceeded medication. Officials have not be able to enter the dormitories.
February 19, 2008
News Page 3

Physics professor recognized for

service by the American New
Association of Physics Teachers ->“iÊÀˆi˜`Þ

Tim Weilert in the semester, he attended the strengths and characteristics, *,
Staff Writer meeting in Baltimore on January 23. but everyone respects every- •SUPER SERV ICE

Although he is relatively new to

“The Physics Department is proud
to have Dr. Stone on the faculty,”
one else for what they bring
to the table, and you don’t
the Mines campus, physics pro- Furtak explained. “He is an ener- always find that,” he said. i˜`>Ê>VŽÃœ˜ÊÇxä

>L]ÊiÀœÌ]Ê*ˆ˜œÌÊ œˆÀ°°°°°°°°°°°°°° f£Î°™™
fessor Chuck Stone has brought getic and exceptionally dedicated “Sometimes departments
…>À`œ˜˜>Þ]Ê<ˆ˜]Ê-ÞÀ>…°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° f™°™™
more than just knowledge to CSM.
…>À`]Ê*ˆ˜ÊÀˆ} °°°°°°°°°°° f™°™™
teacher who works tirelessly to can be competitive, but no ->ÕÛÊ >˜V]Ê,ˆiψ˜} °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° fn°™™
->ÕÛÊ >˜V]Ê7…ˆÌiÊ<ˆ˜°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° fÇ°™™
Professor Stone has a background help students learn more effectively. one here seems to have an
œÃÊ Õ œˆÃÊÇxä
in Nuclear Engineering and Ap- He’s very deserving of this award, ego, there is a collegiality, and
>L]ÊiÀœÌ]Ê°° °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° f£Ó°™™
6i˜`>˜}i Ê£°x
Ê/Þ«ið°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° fx°™™
plied Plasma Physics, but has also which was presented not only for really a friendship between *ˆ˜œÌÊ œˆÀ°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° £È
f °™™
worked with several organizations his excellent teaching, but also everyone here.” The ideas of
…>À`œ˜˜>Þ °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° fn°™™
Ê"̅iÀà °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° f™°™™ Ê/Þ«ið°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° ™
f °™™
to improve and for his work at community and support were 9iœÜÊ/>ˆÊ£°x
advance science
*ÀˆÛ>ÌiÊ-iiVÌà °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° fÇ°™™ Ê/Þ«ið°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° ™
the national level, the driving passions for Stone. f °™™
curricula across “Stone has emphasized on the Execu- “It is satisfying to help people iÀˆ˜}iÀÊ£°x
Ê/Þ«ið°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° fÇ°™™ Ê/Þ«ið°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° n
the nation at every f °™™
level of education.
the ideas of sharing ac- tive Committee strive and accomplish their
of the AAPT.” own goals,” he explained. “If -“œŽˆ˜}Êœœ˜ÊÇxä i˜Ê i˜Ê£°x
Ê/Þ«ið°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° fx°™™ Ê/Þ«ið°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Ç
This past year complishments with oth- T h e a w a rd I can transfer to others the f °™™
Stone came to did not sim- fact that what they are doing 9iœÜÊ/>ˆÊÇxä -ÕÌÌiÀÊœ“iÊ£°x
ÝV°Ê,iÃiÀÛi°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° fx°™™
…>À`]ÊiÀœÌ]Ê*ˆ˜œÌÊÀˆ}ˆœ°°° fn°™™
f °™™
CSM, enticed by ers, maintaining a vi- ply recognize is just as important as what I
Ê"̅iÀà °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° È
the school’s stew- Stone, but had am doing, and they take that >VŽÊ"«>ÊÇxä
ardship-minded brant non-academic life, implications that into their life, then they will Ê/Þ«ið°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° fx°™™
Ê/Þ«ið°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° fx°™™
approach to edu- reached to the be able to do great things.” ˆ˜`i“>˜ÃÊÇxä
cation. “It would and being a well-rounded Physics Depart- Ê/Þ«ið°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° È
f °™™ Ê£°x
Stone wants to help bring Ê/Þ«ið°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° fn°™™
be one thing to ment and the the Physics program at CSM ,œÃi“œÕ˜ÌÊÇxä
teach anything at person.” Mines campus to a new level. He believes that ˆ>“œ˜`Ê-iÀˆià °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° fn°™™ À>˜âˆ>ÊxÊÌ°
œÝi`Ê7ˆ˜ið°°°°°°°°°°°°°° f™°™™qf£Ó°™™
any school, but it in general. “It by maintaining and growing >̅>˜Ãœ˜Ê
Ê/Þ«ið°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° x
f °™™
has a totally different flavor when was a very humbling experience to the undergraduate enrollment
you know that the larger structure receive this, because I know some the department can continue Wine of the Week: Çx䓏 Ê,œ`˜iÞÊ-ÌÀœ˜}
has a bigger mission geared to- of the people who have received to improve. One aspect of -œ˜œ“>Ê
*ˆ˜œÌÊ œˆÀ°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° f££°™™
ward responsible stewardship of this award in the past and these this goal is “giving students a
f °™™
the Earth and its resources,” said
Stone. “When you have students,
people are my mentors,” said
Stone. “It is something I would have
good experience in introduc-
tory physics courses.” He is
faculty and staff that are focused never expected to have received.” also a proponent of updating ÓäÊ*ŽÊ œÌ̏iÃÊ
on that fundamental philosophy, He explained that a person’s natu- the research and teaching fa-
it’s totally different than teaching at ral abilities are often overlooked cilities, which would make the -*

a school with a different objective.” by the individual, but others can Mines physics program more
There are two major physics see something special within that visible on a national level. ÛiÀÞ`>ÞÊœÜÊ*ÀˆVià 7>À“Ê"ÀÊ
organizations in the United States: individual. Although it is a major Stone has emphasized the
œœÀÃÊ >˜µÕiÌÊEʈ}…Ì
the American Physical Society, award, Stone did not know exactly ideas of sharing accomplish- ˆˆ>˜Ã
Ê-ՈÌV>Ãià °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° f£x°™™
focused on research endeavors, how his accomplishment would be ments with others, maintain- £Ó‡*>VŽÊ œÌ̏iÃÊ °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° f™°™™
>˜Ã °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° f£Ó°™™ ÕiÊœœ˜
and the American Association important for the school; “I haven’t ing a vibrant non-academic
iÞÃ̜˜iÊViɈ}…ÌÊÎä‡*>VŽ °°°°° f£Ó°™™ £Ó‡*>VŽÊ œÌ̏ià °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° f£ä°™™
of Physics Teachers, focused on seen dancing girls come down the life, and being a well-rounded
ÝÌÀ>Êœ`°°°°°°°°°°Îä‡*>VŽ °°°°°°°°° f£Ó°™™ œ`iœ]Ê Ã«iVˆ>]Ê*>VˆvˆVœ
education. Stone, who has been street, or the grass get any greener, person. “A college campus £Ó‡*>VŽÊ œÌ̏ià °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° f£ä°™™
involved with the AAPT at an execu- or a truck full of money show up, offers so many things that you "Àˆ}ˆ˜>ÊEʈ}…ÌÊÓä‡*>VŽÊ œÌ̏ið f£Ó°x™
tive level, was awarded a citation but I realized that [the award] must can participate in, that may

for “Distinguished Service” by the be a big deal, because we were not be available to you later
organization this past month. When all wearing ties [in Baltimore].” in life,” said Stone. “All the

news of the award reached Stone’s Stone did not take full respon- different clubs are great for Õ`Ê,i}Տ>À]ʈ}…Ì
office in mid-January, he sought sibility for the award, but thought personal growth and friend- Ó{‡*>VŽÊ£ÓÊ"âÊ
>˜Ã °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° f£È°™™ £Ó‡*>VŽÊ œÌ̏ià °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° f££°™™
Óä‡*>VŽÊ œÌ̏ià °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° f£{°™™ ÀiVŽi˜Àˆ`}iÊÛ>>˜V…iÉ->“«iÀÉivi
the advice of Physics Department that the solid leadership system ships. These relationships £n‡*>VŽÊ
>˜Ã °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° f£Î°™™ £Ó‡*>VŽÊ œÌ̏ià °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° f£Ó°™™
Head Tom Furtak. Although Stone and community within the Physics can last a lifetime and can ÕÃV…Ê,i}Տ>À]ʈ}…Ì >ÌÊ/ˆÀiÊ
was worried about the logistics of Îä‡*>VŽÊ
>˜Ã °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° f£Î°™™ £Ó‡*>VŽÊ œÌ̏ià °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° f££°™™
Department needed recognition have impact on a person as
*>LÃÌÊÊÊ œœÃiÊ Àœœ
leaving his lecture duties so early as well. “Everyone has different a student and an individual.” Îä‡*>VŽÊ
>˜Ã °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° f£Î°™™ £Ó‡*>VŽÊ œÌ̏iÃʏÊ/Þ«ià °°°°°°°°°°° f£Ó°™™
 ɈiÀʈÌi ,i`ÊœœŽÊ - É*
>˜Ã °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° £Î
f °™™ £Ó‡*>VŽÊ œÌ̏ià °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° f£ä°™™

Dam Nation | A darn good time œÃœ˜ -ˆ˜}iÌÀ>VŽÉ>âi`ÊEʘvÕÃi`É->“«iÀÊ


£Ó‡*>VŽÊ œÌ̏ià °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° f£ä°™™

ʣӇ*>VŽÊ œÌ̏ià °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° f£Ó°™™

David Sommer
3 0)2 )4 3 ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ-Ì°Ê*>ՏˆÊˆÀ
ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊʣӇ*>VŽÊ œÌ̏ið°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° f™°™™
in the middle,” said Cole. This shape of the landscape.
>VŽÊ >˜ˆiÃÊ ÕÀ˜iÌ̽ÃÊ ÀÞʈ˜ÊÊ
Staff Writer leads to successful sustainability. Cole and Woelfe-Erksine £°Çx°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° fÎΰ™™ £°Çx°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° f£ä°™™
“We feel that sustainable wa- went on to explain other ˆ“Ê i>“Ê 7ˆ˜`ÜÀÊ
Students interested in humani- ter systems are an important efficient resource alloca- £°Çx°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° fÓ£°™™ £°Çx°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° f££°™™
tarian efforts in local communities way to achieve these ends,” said tion techniques, including
ÀœÜ˜Ê,œÞ>Ê -“ˆÀ˜œvvÊ6œ`Ž>Ê
£°Çx°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° fΙ°™™ £°Çx°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° f£n°™™
and third-world countries gath- Woele-Erksine. It applies not only a double vault toilet that ÎÊ"ˆÛiÃÊ6œ`Ž>Ê >VŽÊ6iÛiÌ
ered last week in Berthoud Hall to third-world communities, but converts human waste into £°Çx°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° f£™°™™ £°Çx°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° f£Ó°™™
to take part in a presentation on to sprawling urban centers as usable compost. This sys-
>˜>`ˆ>˜ÊˆÃÌÊ 6ˆ>Ž>]ÊÊ-ŽœÊÊ6œ`Ž>ÊÊ
£°Çx°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° f££°™™ £°Çx°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° fn°™™

water treatment and sustainability. well. Thus, Cole and Woelfe-Erk- tem has come in handy in
œ…˜˜ˆiÊ7>ŽiÀÊ,i`Ê "`Ê
Organized by Dr. David Munoz sine went on to expand on their countries lacking sufficient £°Çx°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° fÎΰ™™ £°Çx°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° f£Ó°™™


and the Humanitarian Engineering own research and experience. fertilizer or soil nutrients, in >V>À`ˆÊ7…ˆÌiʜÀÊœ`
Program, the presentation featured They noted problems with the addition to dense urban areas £°Çx°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° f£™°™™ £°Çx°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° f£x°™™

Oskar Cole and Cleo Woelfe-Erksine, Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze lacking intricate plumbing. œÃiÊ
ÕiÀÛœÊ Ã«iVˆ> />>Ž>Ê6œ`Ž>Ê
£°Çx°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° fÓ{°™™ £°Çx°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° fÇ°™™
authors of Dam Nation: Dispatches River in China and the levees on the On the whole, these in-

from the Water Underground, an Mississippi River system. Stagnate dividual ideas contribute to
essay anthology on water issues. water in China kills the marine life a larger belief. “We want to 'PTT#VJMEJOH8JOF4QJSJUT

“Design is the most crucial and and breeds disease, while flood- show the connections be-
critical aspect of these humanitar- ing has displaced thousands. The tween our own resource use
‰ ‡‡ Û
ian engineering efforts,” said Cole. receding wetlands, combined and the larger political and
“The goal is to equalize a standard
of living worldwide.” Good design,
however, does not just incorporate
with the deficient levee system
in Louisiana, contributed to the
flooding after Hurricane Katrina.
cultural issues,” said Cole.
The presentation ended
with a reading from Dam ‚

good technical sense, but also They talked of rainwater har- Nation. It spoke of the spirit -/", Ê"1,-
considers the social and cultural vesting and greywater systems of the earth and the need to
Mon-Thurs. 9am-7pm, Fri-Sat 9am-8pm
needs of the community. The prob- and their applications from lawns return to it what is used from
lem we face today is an unequal in California to villages in Africa. it. It spoke of the balance 13th & Washington, Golden • 303-279-3373
distribution of finite resources. Displaying several designs, they with the environment that

“Downtown Golden -Where The West Shops”


“Both ends, from extreme poverty showed water storage systems the western world has lost

to extreme luxury, have to meet that utilized the soil and the natural in the course of its progress. 
Page 4
Features February 19, 2008

MacBook Air: Pure gold for pure gold

... with Ian Littman

Well, here it is: the review you’ve technology sacrifices only a small fingers, rotating with two won’t accept L-shaped headphone Intel Mac Mini, in which case the Air
been waiting for, from someone amount of battery life in return for fin- gers, and navigating cords at all. The one other port, a wins relatively narrowly. Or a Power-
who actually would use the laptop the dazzling picture max brightness through the web with MicroDVI affair, will work fine with Book, which the Air handily beats.
like you would. Yes, folks, here is gives you. The 13.3” screen is, I three. the cables that come in the Air’s In conclusion, I feel that people
my review of the illustrious Mac- find, great in terms of being able In terms of battery life, this little box, and power any display short of haven’t come to appreciate what
book Air, thanks to a demo kit to see everything you need to see laptop will get above five hours if a thirty-incher, but don’t even think the Macbook Air is all about. It
the Mines bookstore loaned me. in terms of resolution (it’s the same you turn Bluetooth off and don’t about heavy gaming on the laptop’s is the first mainstream, big-buzz
The first things you notice about 1280x800 as the regular Macbook) surf the web too much. You can do integrated graphics processor. release of an ultraportable laptop,
the Air are its dimensions and without making you squint. This is a e-mail, writing, or even headphone- But back to performance. It something that geeks have known
weight: it must be an average of a big screen for any ultraportable until powered music listening on the handled tasks like web browsing, about for years, but the public
half-inch thick across its body, and you consider that the Air is a little laptop and have it last for the ad- YouTube, music playing (through knows nothing about. In light of
a fairly light three pounds. I say half larger in all dimensions but thick- vertised time amount. Try doing a iTunes or elsewhere), word pro- these ultraportables, which are
an inch thick as an estimate be- ness compared with the regular few of these things at once, though, cessing, and other “digital media mainly aimed at business and cost
cause it’s quite hard to measure the Macbook, and could probably fit a and you’re probably going to end consumption” activities very well. to match, the Air is a revolution. It
thickness of something that tapers 14.1” widescreen into the display up with three and a half to four and iWeb and iPhoto, or even a bit of certainly doesn’t boast the small
from a small thick spot to edges package, though likely at the ex- a half. Watch movies while using Audacity shouldn’t be too hard on length and width dimensions that
that are practically thin enough to pense of the webcam and dual mi- Bluetooth headphones and expect the system, even. But I wouldn’t usually inhabit that category of
make sloppy, wrists-to-the-palm- crophones that sit atop the screen. even less, though the laptop’s bat- think about using GarageBand on laptops, but it is up to 50% faster
rests typing a rather painful affair, The keyboard is, in a word, tery life is by no means horrible. the internal-only mic, or iMovie\ versus the competition, is gener-
two degrees away from a paper great: the keys are slightly more Sound quality arising from the iDVD on a machine that has neither ally a tad thinner, has an external
cut on the wrists to be precise. “mushy” than those of the alu- Air’s single speaker, located some- a built-in DVD drive nor a FireWire optical drive that doesn’t cost a
As to build quality, the Air is minum iMac keyboard, but it is where beneath the right hand side port. Also, the WiFi, trapped as it small fortune, and itself costs less
incredibly solid for any class of absolutely full-sized, making typing of the keyboard, was relatively loud is in a full metal jacket, doesn’t live than the direct competition for a
notebook. It looks to be made out a nice experience. The keyboard is and quite clear, though you aren’t up to the performance of other, similar feature set particularly at
of four pieces of aluminum, two for also backlit, which is nice for find- getting any bass whatsoever from it. plastic-based, computers. Not that student price (starting at $1699). It
the upper half, two for the lower ing those Apple-specific shortcuts But it is on par with any mainstream the computer performs horribly, I also features better battery life than
half. However, if you’re used to car- at night or in low light. You also laptop’s speaker system, as long as just wouldn’t use WiFi to transfer other laptops of similar form and
rying your notebook computer like a find that there are no insert, delete, that laptop also doesn’t have bass lots of data over the connection, function when you’re comparing
physical notebook, be forewarned: page up, page down, or other response of any kind. Bluetooth expecting it to fly at warp speed. apples to apples on battery size. It
the Macbook Air, as a tenet of its similar “formatting” keys, which audio through my set of BestBuy As an added bonus, the Nintendo is absolutely not intended as a first
style, has really nothing to hold can be annoying but isn’t quite store brand headphones (Insignias) Wii ethernet adapter works with computer. This is a second or third
onto, while my usual ultraportable a deal-breaker, at least for me. was static-y when I got too close to the Air, though it probably drinks computer, one that you can take
laptop, the Toshiba R100 (an oldie The touchpad? Awesome. With the notebook, but good otherwise. battery power when doing so. with you virtually anywhere, and
but a goodie... until the hard drive the surface area of an iPhone (larger Performance-wise, this is an ultra- Again, performance of the Air watch, listen, write, read, or pres-
decided it didn’t like me), does. than the Macbook’s touchpad), portable laptop to be sure. You’ll is perfectly fine as a digital media ent with. That’s the ultraportable
But I’m sure people will just stuff the fact that the single button is notice that the fatter flash drives consumption machine, despite market, and if you’re in that market
the little beast into their backpack, a little skinny and a little shallow and cable-less USB accessories the rather slow WiFi. But media and have the cash, the Air is worth
forget that it’s there due to its doesn’t really matter. It also does won’t fit in the Air’s door-mount lone creation should be relegated to every penny, more so than previ-
almost excessively light design, tricks, thanks to its hardware USB 2.0 port, and some particularly something else. Office and iWork ous laptops of the same sort. I had
and go along their merry ways. controller, the same one as used bulky headphone jacks won’t jive will certainly work on this machine. wavered in the three or so weeks
About the screen: it’s brighter in the iPhone, tricks like “pinch- with the built-in connector, though Photoshop? Uhhh... no. Not even since the Air was released as to
than about 99% of laptop dis- ing” to zoom, scrolling with two the situation isn’t as stupidly dire with the slightly faster processor whether I’d buy it. But now I’m back
plays, yet due to its LED backlit fingers, right-clicking with two as with the iPhone’s jack, which or the Solid State Drive will the on track: I’m typing this review on
Macbook Air take a place of esteem an Air I bought Thursday, and it’s a

Geek Week
when it comes to such things, un- great machine, if you have the cash.

less you want to compare it to a Come back here next time
last-generation, or first-generation, for some more interesting stuff!

Open-source learning,
...Jordan Schmick, Sophomore: Electrical Engineering
Melinda Bartel
Staff Writer courtesy of MIT
[Oredigger] Do you like to projects and things, eogame Theory and Analysis,
Mark Barkmeier
collect anything? and then just stop. you can learn it on your own.
Staff Writer
[Schmick] I like to watch anime. I have debris from O p e n C o u r s e Wa re i s a l s o
I have 170 gigabytes on my hard random projects just meant for teachers. Many edu-
drive. And I have a lot of legos. sitting around every- Integrating education with cators use it to enhance their
What organizations are you where. Last Christmas technology can be very beneficial knowledge of the subject or to
a part of on campus? I tried to build a Christ- through online education sys- help them develop their course.
I’m a part of “Magic: The mas tree that spun tems. Mines students are familiar In 2007 MIT launched a new
Gathering” club. It’s a trading around with lights. I with some of these systems, part of the site called Highlights
card game. You collect cards made all the diagrams such as Blackboard and our for High School. This portion of
and build decks out of them and bought all the sup- beloved CAPA. the site is dedi-
and play each other. And I’m in plies, and then I just M I T h a s If you want to take a cated to aiding
FIJI. That takes up a lot of time. stopped. All that stuff created a free with high school
What are your hobbies? is still lying around. online system course the school doesn’t courses. It has
‘Stumble.’ It’s a link you can What is the nerdi- for anyone to resources for
push on and surf the internet for est thing you own? use and learn. offer... you can learn it on Advanced Place-
hours. It pulls up pages you’ll like. My bronze dice set. There are en- ment courses.
On mine it brings up astronomy It’s actually quite awe- tire courses with your own. Some of the
news, web comics, and anything some. I bought it on- l e c t u re n o t e s re s o u rc e s a re
to do with electrical engineer- line. I don’t use it, I just available. Some courses also specifically designed for the stu-
ing. It sucks my life away, it’s have it and I look at it. have homework and exams with dents and some for the teachers.
pretty amazing. And I like to When did you MELINDA BARTEL / OREDIGGER
solutions. There are even videos There are also many introductory
play Dungeons and Dragons. know you were a of demonstrations. They also courses to get a head start in
I’m a dungeon master for DND geek? Emulating Dilbert: Schmick realized that allow the entire course to be college learning and a portion to
twice a week. We have two I w a s r e a d - he was a geek after reading Dilbert at a downloaded for offline use, some help with writing skills. They have
separate games going on in the i n g D i l b e r t o n e young age. He also enjoys LAN parties available in other languages. resources for technical writing,
house and I run both of them. day, and I knew and Dungeons and Dragons. The site was launched in 2002 essay writing, and short stories.
Do you like living in the FIJI that was going to with 50 courses. It now hosts The site generates a lot of
house? be my life. I was like, 10 or 12. that we can cause work to happen over 1800 with 200 new or up- traffic. Nearly half of the users are
Yeah. It’s fun because there’s Why do you want to be an by sending particles through wire. dated courses per year. Some self learners and about one-third
stuff going on all the time. And since electrical engineer? What are your goals for of the most popular courses are the users being students. It now
everything is networked together, I think that petroleum and chem- after you graduate? Physics 1 and 2. Students can receives over 1 million visits per
we can have giant LAN parties. ical and stuff are really boring. I’ve I want to work with power. Like, use this resource to either help month. Management courses
Do you have hobbies other just always known I wanted to be work for a utility company and them in their current courses, or and subject areas taught at Mines
than being on the computer? electrical. The concept of power is figure out better ways to transmit to learn something new entirely. account for sixty-two percent of
I’ve always liked to start up really cool. It’s pretty amazing to me energy and generate electricity. If you want to take a course the the site traffic (only one third of
school doesn’t offer, like Vid- the courses are these subjects).
February 19, 2008
Features Page 5

Decade of diversity
Mines hosts 10th Annual Minority
Engineering Conference
Jesse El-Aayi dream of becoming a chemical
Staff Writer engineer when you were a kid?”
The students toured the cam-
On Wednesday and Thursday of pus despite snowy conditions on
last week The Colorado School of Thursday, and had the opportu-
Mines hosted its 10th Annual Minority nity to meet with several academic
Engineering Conference. The semi- departments. They finished their
nar is designed to inform and edu- CSM experience with a group
cate 7th through 11th grade minority competition to build the tallest
students about science, technology, freestanding structure from a brown
and engineering programs at CSM. paper bag, 3 paper cups, a cloth
Bruce Goetz, Director of Admis- pin, 2 pipe cleaners, a straw, a
sions, opened the conference with popsicle stick, a rubber band, and
a speech stressing the significance one cupcake paper. Even with a
of Mines in today’s advancing twenty minute time limit, this junior
world. Goetz stated that “Mines EPICS project proved to be a dif-
is synonymous with quality,” and ficult task for many of the groups.
although it may not be an easy 8th grader Thomas Jenson of Everyday Engineering: Students had the opportunity to compete in a contest to
ride, it is “well worth the effort.” Goddard Middle School, whose build the tallest freestanding structure from supplied everyday materials at last week’s
The students were introduced to team won the contest, discussed Minority Engineering Conference.
a board of CSM undergraduates in his interest in becoming a mechani-
the Minority Engineering Program cal engineer. “I really love cars and that when I do apply to college.” Mines, she replied, “Yes it is very mance foremost,” said Salazar-
and directed to ask any questions understanding how they work,” he Andrea Salazar-Morgan, who important, although there are no ad- Morgan. “The reason that diversity
they might have. The students said. “Plus, this sounds way better works in the admissions office, dis- vantages for woman and minorities is important is because of what
questions ranged from, “How much than being a mechanic.” After be- cussed the importance of the Minor- as far as that factor is concerned.” it brings to the campus, and this
homework do you get a night?” – ing informed of the “ratio,” Jenson ity Engineering Conference. When “Everyone going through the conference gives younger minority
which generated some laughter stated “girls are alright, nothing asked if diversity was an issue when application process is looked at students the opportunity to see if
from the board – to “Did you always special. I wouldn’t even consider considering students to accept at based on their academic perfor- they want to become a part of it.”

Employers discuss why they like Mines students

also well-prepared in important qualified candidates. Our experi- reer Day. The students are well talk about Shell, work experiences,
CONTINUED FROM PG 1 business aspects such as commu- ence with these CSM events and rounded within their engineering and answer many of the students’
nication, relationship-building, and the Institution has been very good; studies. They are outgoing and specific, personal questions. Shell
When the companies were teamwork.” - Olsson Associates their education has been very valu- have a great ability to commu- has had positive results meeting
asked why they attended the “The Colorado School of Mines able to our company.” - Forerunner nicate.” - Stanley Consultants candidates at past Career Days.
recruiting events at Mines, Career Fair is an event other “Great Day – It was a lot of “We have used the CSM re- We are excited to see the growth
the response was phenom- schools should model for their own fun; exciting to meet so many stu- cruiting process for the last several in company attendance since
enal. Listed below are a few students.” - Burns & McDonnell dents interested in us.” - Lafarge years. The staff is knowledgeable, it validates  the  talent of Mines’
of the reasons that recruiters “We recruit at Colorado School “The caliber of students the events and career center servic- students in our industry.” - Shell
come to Mines for candidates: of Mines because we find the is very good, and they are ex- es are well organized, and the stu- “CSM has the best technical
“Olsson Associates will con- graduates have a great deal more tremely applications-oriented.” dents are generally well prepared. students in the region. Our man-
tinually recruit talented students of practical, hands-on education - I M E RY S / Wo r l d M i n e r a l s We have successfully hired students agers are always impressed with
from Colorado School of Mines. versus the theoretical emphasis “We feel that Colorado School from CSM each year.” - ADA-ES the caliber of interns and college
Not only are the students top- found at many universities. This of Mines does an excellent job “The Career Fair is a great op- hires that we have on staff.” -
notch technically, but they are year’s event provided some very of preparing students for Ca- portunity  to  meet students and Northrop Grumman Corporation

Green Tip of the Week: Use the bus

Natalie Wagner, Guest Columnist

This is the second semester in the long history of the Colorado School of Mines that students have had a bus pass. Public transportation is highly underused in Den-
ver. New York City has subways, San Francisco has streetcars, Chicago has the “L” (the elevated train), Boston has the “T” (subways and buses) and Denver has the “Fast
Tracks” light rail in progress. However, we also have an RTD system. These buses take routes along the Front Range, around the cities and to the surrounding suburbs and
transport people where they want to go. Although when written on paper it sounds incredibly convenient, the majority of Coloradoans don’t use the bus. Let’s change that.

Be responsible: Here’s what some notable Mines students have

to say regarding the bus system:
Next time that you decide to go
out drinking, take the bus instead.
That way there is no need to rely on
a DD or to worry about someone Ben Murphy: “The bus pass is great. I actually sold my car last Spring
drinking and driving. Don’t hold me and only use the bus system. I can go to Denver and visit friends, go to con-
accountable, but they’ll let you be certs, and head out to the Springs. After a semester in England, I really got
pretty smashed on the bus at night. used to public transit and the buses here really fit the schedule for classes.”

Miranda Morris: “The wheels on the bus go ‘round and ‘round.”

Brandy Laudig: “The bus pass pays for itself every semester
when I fly back up to upstate New York during the breaks. I use
Set goals: the SkyRide, and it would cost like $40 bucks without the pass.”

If you’re into video games more than drinking, make it a Robert Larson: “Why would I want a commuter bus for just around
goal to use the bus or walk instead of driving once a week. Mines? I want to be able to get to Denver or Boulder, and out of Golden!”
Additionally, they are required by law to give you
a ride, even if you forget your wallet and bus pass.
Anecdotal evidence also shows that if you happen
to be hitchhiking on 6th Avenue at 3 am, the bus will Stay tuned for more tips next week on how to bring the
pick you up and take you on a glorious adventure.
environment and your dreams a little closer together!
Page 6
Features February 19, 2008

The Blackwell Award for Excellence in

The Blackwell Award Winner Creative Expression is awarded annually by

the LAIS Dept. It includes a plaque and cash
award. It is awarded to a student who has
excelled in expressing the human conditions
through different genres of the Liberal Arts.

1 2

3 4
5 6

7 8
February 19, 2008
Sports Page 7

In the face of a disappointing season,

Mines wrestling team remains optimistic
Joel Nelson Right now the Diggers are a to being co-captain of the team athletes miss fewer classes. The he said. He has been awarded the
Staff Writer young team, with eight freshmen from the 141 pound weight class. players train intensively Monday ‘Outstanding Faculty Member’
and sophomores. The jump from Though disappointing, the sea- through Wednesday, for about award eight out of the twelve past
Mines’s wrestling team (3-9-0 high school to college is huge; son was not without its high points. 10 hours each week. The sport semesters. These awards mean
overall, 2-5-0 RMAC) has had a in college, 18 year olds often get On Jan. 12, the team competed in of wrestling is unique in its em- a lot to him, as he sees them
rough season so far. The confer- pitted against 23 year olds. Lewis the Hastings College open and had phasis on staying at a specific as a token of gratitude from the
ence is NCAA Division II, one of is not as concerned with winning seven grapplers place in the top weight, rather than just “bulking graduating class for his dedica-
the most intense college leagues as he is in personal improvement. four. This total included Lousberg, up.” Lewis said that it takes a tion and service to the school.
in the nation. Even so, Dan Lewis, His favorite part of this season who took first place in his weight great deal of self-discipline to Lewis said that the rigors of the


the Orediggers’ coach, keeps an was “to see the improvement class as well. Kellen Costelow (133 stay in the correct weight range. academic environment demand
optimistic attitude. Lewis is very from the beginning of the year to pounds), Zac Cornett (171 pounds), Lewis left Mines in 1996 and a lot from the athletes. Lewis
confident that the team will have a where we are now.” Two of his and Brennen Knerr (197 pounds) returned in 2001. He said that he has always had a deep respect
significant chance to win the RMAC top players are Chad Lousburg, took third in their respective divi- very excited to be back because for all Mines students. He is per-
championship in the 2009-2010 who competes in the 125 pound sions. Weitzel (141 pounds) and he enjoyed working with young sonally aware of how rigorous
season when his team is more weight bracket and is currently 4th Ryan Sprackling (149 pounds) people; he enjoys seeing them Mines is as his son, Dylan, is a
mature. “It’s just baby steps right in the nation for pins as a fresh- were both fourth place finishers. excel in both wrestling and life. “I wrestler for the Orediggers. His
now,” Lewis said in reference to man, and Cody Weitzel, a junior The team usually competes wanted to see this program return son was a 4th place state cham-
getting to the RMAC championship. who carries a 4.0 GPA in addition on Fridays and Saturdays so the to the strong program that it was,” pion from Wheat Ridge, Colo.

Swim team ahead of curve for season

Matthew Pusard in which “more than team had high ex- Coach Sage. “If he hits an ‘A’
Content Manager 80% of the swim- pectations going cut, he will be qualified in all three
mers achieved at into it. “We expect events [the 200 breaststroke and
“This season has been an least one lifetime nothing less than the 200 and 400 individual med-
exciting season for us, as our best performance winning the team leys (IM)]. Also, if he participates
team has more talent and depth [between the two championship for in a relay that achieves an ‘A’
than we have historically had at m e e t s ] , ” a c c o rd - both the women’s cut, he is qualified in that relay
this point in the season,” said ing to Coach Sage. and men’s side,” plus the three individual events.”
Kevin Sage, the assistant swim- There is no Sage said of the “Within striking distance of
ming coach and diving coach dearth of talent on invitational. “We an NCAA ‘B’ cut are Forsling,
for the CSM swim team. “I be- the team, according have the talent, the Rainquet, and Walthall (all in
lieve this is the first season that to Sage. He gave training, and the the 100 & 200 breast), Brunetti
Coach Hughes [the head coach special mention to taper. We want (100 & 200 back, 200 IM, 100
in his seventh season] has been Forsling, Lippitt, the team trophy.” & 200 free), Piletski (100 & 200
forced to choose who he puts Renee Rainquet, After the Invi- back, 100 & 200 breast, 200
into his conference meet lineup Becca Walthall, Ol- tational, the only & 400 IM), Brian Coates (100
on the men’s side, while leaving ivia Bromley, Libby thing left for the fly), and Eric Straily (100 & 200
a few of our varsity swimmers Richards, and An- team is National breast),” he further explained.
out of the scoring positions.” drea Casias as the Championships in When asked about how the
There is a maximum of 18 roster w o m e n ’s t e a m ’s Columbia, Missouri members of the swim team and
spots allowed by the NCAA. outstanding con- from Mar. 12-15. diving team were able to handle
The swim team does appear to tributors. The latter Already qualified the rigors of Mines and the swim
be going strong with the regular t wo c a me o ut of for championship team, Sage answered; “Some-
season almost complete. Going their redshirt sea- competition in div- times, they can’t. Let’s face it.
into this past weekend’s Rocky sons to contribute ing are Lippitt, in This is the Colorado School
Mountain Invitational, the men’s to the squad. On the 1 meter and 3 of Mines. If it were easy, they
side was an even 4-4 while t h e m e n ’s s i d e , meter dives, and wouldn’t be here. That is where I
the women’s squad was 7-6 Sage wanted to Chris Moore. “We think coaching becomes more of
in competition. But the stand- point out Piletski, a re h o p i n g t h a t an art than science... you have to
ings alone do not tell the whole Kevin Shaw, Fabi- they will be joined know when to push, when to pull,
story. There have been many an Brunetti, Travis by teammate Si- and when to back off completely.
incredible individual efforts dur- Ransom, J. Aaron mon Demby-My- In a few practices, you could
ing the 2007-2008 season. “We M i l l e r, a n d B r i a n ers, who was only see in their eyes that they were
have had three swimmers break Coates. However, 5.5 points away reaching their breaking point.”
school records: Angel Forsling, Sage also added, from qualifying in “I also would love to have any-
Sergey Piletski, and Chandra “All of the athletes the Metro State thing to recognize our four seniors:
Lippitt,” said Sage. Forsling broke on the team, even meet,” said Sage. Chandra Lippitt, Renee Rainquet,
records in the breaststroke, at the ones that are On the swim- Heidi Leathers, and Nate Siedler,”
50, 100, and 200 meters and n o t o n t h e s c o r- ming side, there concluded Sage. “The four years
Lippitt set her records in the 1 i n g ro s t e r. . . they are many hopefuls of training, competition, and most
meter with 6 dives and 3 meter are all outstanding.” for the March tour- importantly, leadership and guid-
in both 6 dives and 11 dives. Mines hosted nament. “Shaw ance for the younger athletes on
The team also had two tourna- the Rocky Moun- has three ‘B’ cuts, the team have been invaluable.
ments this season, the Omaha tain Invitational but the ‘A’ cut is Thank you so much and we
Invite and the UNLV Winter Invite, this weekend. The MIDDLE PHOTO: PATRICK BESEDA / OREDIGGER the ticket,” said wish you success for the future.”
Page 8
Lifestyle February 19, 2008

Top Facebook applications Music Review

Check out popular add-ons for your profile
Tim Weilert
Nada Surf gets Lucky
Staff Writer
Traveler IQ Challenge Tim Weilert upbeat tune
Staff Writer that hearkens
Not only is this game slightly addictive, but it is also a learning tool. back to the
Users are given the names of cities, landmarks, and other impor- Nada who? Casual glory days of
tant geographical points, then asked to place a flag near where they music fans may not be 90’s college radio.
Information think said locations are. Points are calculated based on the proxim- “Beautiful Beat” fits its
familiar with Nada Surf, an
During the spring of 2007 the ity of a player’s guess to the actual places. A variety of location sets alternative rock band from New name with both strong drum
popular social networking website can be played, and will definitely keep users occupied for hours. York City, but they have been the tracking and great harmonies on the introduced a new unsung staple of college radio sta- chorus. Nada Surf’s now polished
feature to their site: applications. Daily Quotes tions for over 10 years. Nada Surf’s sound continues through the middle
These Internet based programs 1996 semi-hit single “Popular” part of the album. Highlights of the
are add-ons for user profiles and There are quote programs for just about every social group. Everything was the launching block for a new middle include the guitar driven
can be used for a vast variety of from popular culture to religious texts are covered. Each day a new quote, movement of “ We i g h t -
purposes. There are several tens usually accompanied by a photo, from the specified area of interest is dis- rock music. “First, a simple guitar, bass, and less,” the
of thousands to choose from, so played on a user’s profile. Some of the best quotes come from established Bands like
Weezer and
drum ensemble fills the speakers, laid back
“Are You
which applications deserve a place websites such as or television programs like The Office.
on users’s profiles? Here are a few R.E.M. gained slowly complemented by strings L i g h t -
suggestions, based on an on- w i d e s p re a d ning?” and
Video the catchy
line survey and first hand testing. notoriety and and vocals.”
This application was actually developed by the people at Face- success dur- “ F r o m
book, so it works almost seamlessly with their interface. It allows us- ing this time, while Nada Surf Now On.” The album ends on
remained in the shadows, working “The Film Did Not Go ‘Round,” a
Jet Man ers to upload videos, tag their friends, and share with other users.
softer, acoustic piece. The lyrics,
The interface is similar to YouTube, but only registered Facebook on new material and slowly gaining
Yet another addicting on-line users can access videos. CSM Senior Ben Weilert appreciates the a larger fan base. Their 2005 album “Girl I hate to see you go, but the
video game, Jet Man tests reflexes Video application because “it allows you to upload the videos that The Weight Is A Gift, produced by sunlight follows you on down the
and simulates flying a jet pack you shot of your friends doing funny things while drunk. Then you can Chris Walla, continued Nada Surf’s road,” impart a sense of closure
through a cave. “What better way tag them on it and allow all their friends to see what they’ve done.” breakthrough to the mainstream. as the disc comes to an end.
to spend countless hours on end With their latest release Lucky, Nada Although large portions of the al-
than clicking on a little screen like Surf shows how far they’ve come bum blend together into a seamless
you do in Jet Man?” said Spencer Weekly Scheduler and exhibits the sound they have conglomeration of 90’s-esque col-
Nelson, a CSM Freshman. Top developed over the last decade. lege radio pop, there are still pock-
For users who are always running out of time, or are constantly missing ets of innovation and boldness. Lyri-
scores are recorded and can be The record begins with “See
out on social events, a scheduling application can be useful. Once again, cally, Nada Surf has words that are
compared with fellow players. Them Bones,” a moderately paced
there are a variety of choices, but most allow users to compare their weekly catchy and sometimes thoughtful,
song with several layers. First,
plans with other users. However, there is one drawback to such applica- although never overly-emotional.
a simple guitar, bass, and drum
tions: the information posted is public, and could potentially be used by Taken all together, Lucky is a de- ensemble fills the speakers, slowly
stalkers, so posting information that is too specific is not recommended. cent listen and a testament to the
complemented by strings and vo-
Finding new music has never cals (featuring a guest appearance roots of modern indie-pop music.
been easier and is on The Wall from Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gib-
the cutting edge of music related bard.) Next is “Whose Authority,” an
social networking. The Facebook

Local band rocks

application is linked to the The Oredigger (Mines) wrote
website and uses a media player at 3:11am on February 18th, 2008
plugin, called Audioscrobbler, to
track a user’s listening habits. Seth Facebook applications are here to stay, although
Daughtry, a user and Mines many require “inviting friends” to unlock certain useful

Arthur Lakes
student, said, “I like the application aspects. Mines Junior Marc Malone realized that there
because it allows me to see what are privacy features within Facebook that can stop unso-
my friends are listening to, and it ex- licited invitations. “I really like the fact that you can block
poses me to new bands and music.” applications,” said Malone. “I’ve gotten so many “Vam-
pire” and “Zombie” requests from people I haven’t talked
to in three years, that I just blocked the applications and
they can’t bug me with it anymore.” Most applications
Mine is Clarence plays acoustic
are incredibly useful or entertaining, but should be used
Anant Pradhan since, but didn’t actually start play-
within moderation, because too many add-ons can
Staff Writer ing shows until about a year ago.”
cause slow load speeds and Internet browser crashes.
Mine is Clarence meshes Death
Wall - to - Wall - Write on Oredigger’s Wall - Message - Delete Two years ago, a rock band Cab for Cutie with Weezer to create
by the name of a unique sound,
Mine is Clar- “Mine is Clarence meshes capable of cross-

Cooking Corner
ence formed on ing generational
the CSM cam- Death Cab for Cutie with b a r r i e r s . T h i s
pus. Recently, could be seen
this somewhat Weezer to create a unique from the con-
obscure band cert attendance,
played a con- sound, capable of crossing w h i c h v a r i e d
Peach Pie Serves: 4-6
Time: 75 minutes cert in the Ar-
thur Lakes
from college stu-
generational barriers.” dents to profes-
1 package prepared pie dough (such as Pillsbury) Library for stu- sional adults.
1 1-2 lb bag frozen peach slices dents and f a c u l t y. “It’s refreshing to have live music
A pair of the band members on the campus and I wish there was
Streusel Mixture: played acoustic versions of their more of it,” said Junior Drew Meyer.
1/4 cup butter, softened (not melted) own songs as well as covers of “It was an excellent show with a
1/2 brown sugar more prominent good vibe that
1/2 flour or oats artists. When “It was an excellent show made you want
asked how they to tap your feet.”
Preheat the oven to 350 F. came up with with a good vibe that On March
Press the dough into a metal (not glass) pie pan. You can buy pie crusts the name of their 7th, the Concert
that are already in pans; make sure you buy frozen, not prebaked. band, lead sing- made you want to tap in the Library
Pile the peaches in the pie crust. Don’t worry if they go over the top - er and hydrol- series will fea-
ogy graduate
your feet.” ture the musical
baking will cause them to shrink quite a bit.
Sprinkle the streusel mixture over the peaches. student, Jordan Revielle said, “It’s talents of pianist Ashley Young.
Bake for 40-60 minutes, until the crust is lightly browned and the actually a lyric from a Beastie Boys The concert begins at noon with
peaches and streusel are bubbly. song called ‘Shake your romp.’” refreshments available to attend-
The group plays shows in their ees. Concert in the Library occurs
To make streusel: B
free time, while also holding down biweekly in the Boettcher room
GG /
In a separate bowl, mix the sugar and flour (or oats). Cut in the butter; ER various jobs and, in the case of and showcases a variety of musi-
this will be easier if you have a pastry cutter. If you don’t, just use two Jordan, pursuing a Master’s de- cal talents from the Mines campus.
table knives. Hold one in each hand, cross them, and slide them apart. gree. “We actually started when To hear a sample of Mine
This works fairly well, and in a couple of minutes you should have a my co-guitarist Matt and I met on i s C l a re n c e , c h e c k o u t t h e
grainy-textured mixture. a Musician’s forum,” said Jordan. band’s webpage at www.mys-
- Sara Post “We’ve been writing music ever
February 19, 2008

Freedom from choice?

JT Foss
Staff Writer
p i n i o n
the reproach of their audience?
The prominent issue of violence
gram that offends you- exercise your
freedom of choice and pick one of
The big picture
Editorials Policy

The Oredigger is a designated public forum.

Editors have the authority to make all con-
tent decisions without censorship or advance
approval and may edit submitted pieces for
length so long as the original meaning of
the piece is unchanged. Opinions contained
within the Opinion Section do not necessarily
reflect those of Colorado School of Mines or
The Oredigger. The Oredigger does not ac-
cept submissions without identification and will
consider all requests for anonymity in publica-
tion on a case-by-case basis. Submissions
less than 300 words will receive preference.

ment, Reagan loving conservative

Page 9

the two logical solutions. Either

Kevin Allen
in media is a foremost example of to do? Take the next race into his
Controversy is a familiar feel- arguably misapplied censorship. ignore it so that the intended audi- Chair, CSM Republicans
hands by electing conservative
ing for democracy. One group of Conservative coalitions baring the ence can appreciate it, or voice your The Presidential race can get Republicans into Congress! You
people offends another group of intent to further censor the American opinion in contradiction of the work. you down, especially those of can sit out the Presidential race if
people, and the resultant effect media assert that children exposed Just as the author has the right us who know that there are only you want, but don’t let Congress
is almost always messy. Global to violence in media as a child to exercise his or her freedom of liberals left in the campaign, and get away from the American
warming, same-sex marriages, have a higher probability of com- speech, you have the right to make that one of them is going to win. people. In order to save us four
stem cell research, amongst a mitting violent crimes later in life. your opinion known. The advent Let’s examine it for a moment. years of ramming the country
slew of other controversial issues, This insinuates that the desensi- of the internet has simplified this John McCain’s campaign is into the ground, we must make
are all subject to this democratic tization to violence translates to the process significantly, allowing indi- falling apart. He still is not win- sure that nothing gets done. If
firestorm of colliding interests. acceptance of it, which quite possibly viduals to disseminate controversial ning over conservatives and all the Democrats take back the
As horribly obnoxious is the case. However, I fail to see how information as well as making it pos- of the liberals who like him now White House, then Congress
as it is, do we have enough? this is Hollywood’s fault. Hollywood sible for anyone to refute the ideas. will probably go for the Democrat must have a majority of Repub-
Considering this country was isn’t responsible for raising your kid. Due to the effects of social nominee in November. He is licans to block any agenda that
founded on the basis of individual Were we to completely censor psychology, were an insane and simply unelectable. Even if he will come from such a socialistic
freedom, encompassing the right to the media as such factions wish, we dangerous idea presented to the does become the 44th President administration. The less that gets
free speech and choice, I refrain from would create a positive feedback populace but not disputed, it would of the US, his presidency will done in Washington, the better
labeling controversy as detrimental. situation in which bad parenting have a far greater impact. The not go well. He is a liberal at off America will stay. And the
However, America would like to differ. would become an even more sicken- chaos surrounding controversy heart, so all of his policies will way to do that is to put oppos-
How different would the media ingly reproachable domestic issue. may cause a mess, but fuels the pander to the Democrats, and ing parties in different branches.
be were it not censored, were it Yet were those aforementioned ever-grinding gears of democracy. no Republican would dare to Take the `90s for instance-
more controversial? How would conservative coalitions to remain My suggestion? Move to- go against his own president, nothing good or bad happened
art, music, religious expression, silent concerning violence in media, wards a more controversial so- thereby clearing the way for things (in Washington). Clinton was
and science differ were our free- would American parents still be aware ciety in which the public is nat- like amnesty and global warming not impeached, and none
dom of speech not restricted? of the potential risk of allowing their urally forced to formulate their taxes to be enacted. Even to of his tax hikes got through.
How many revolutionary concepts children to watch potentially danger- own opinions and conscientious choose McCain as the lesser-of- We are better off because of
have been discarded to the throes ous entertainment? Thus, my point. enough to know to flip the chan- two-evils is still choosing an evil. it (more or less, let’s not get
of decadence by those who fear Should you encounter a TV pro- nel if they don’t like what they see. So what is a small govern- into semantics). SO GO VOTE!

LB Williams The “rich” will surely benefit from Letters to the Editor
President, CSM Democrats less poverty and social unrest. Help
yourself by helping someone else.  Dear Editor, about their fraternity and sorority Second, it is true that EH&S
What is the fundamental flaw in You will have to pay taxes to any life than they do about the welfare will handle office paper, newspa-
the US healthcare system? The ex- government in power. Currently the Almost a year ago, the elec- of their school and fellow students. per, plastic, aluminum, cardboard,
istence of profit - motive! For–profit Republicans are pouring our tax tions for class officers were held. Who would have guessed, eh? batteries, toner cartridges, and
implies predatory. US healthcare dollars and billions of borrowed This is a time where students get So I think the reason I wrote this used electronics... but perhaps
companies want to make money dollars into a foreign country, into to vote for fellow classmates to is to tell my fellow junior class as not the “nuclear reactor” men-
off of you. They do not want to a war machine. As far as I see, the be the leaders of their class, the well as every other student at this tioned in the Oredigger recent-
return your premiums – they do terrorists won. They took down two most important of these posi- school—take interest in who you ly. Right now, EH&S does not
not have your health and well-being buildings and seven years later the tions being the Class President. vote for, don’t just vote for someone have enough capacity or storage
as a priority. You may not believe world’s economy. At least if you pay Well the class that was at the because you’ve gotten drunk with space to collect major electronics
in the benefits of universal health- taxes under a liberal government time sophomores and are now ju- them once on the weekend. Maybe, from students (think the clunky
care, but SICKO really exposed you can be assured that money niors made their votes and the win- think about voting in a student who monitor you just abandoned
the dirty laundry of US healthcare.   is going back into your economy.  ner came out to be Lauren Zemp. really cares rather than a Greek. in favor of a flat screen), but
Our healthcare system should Liberal tax money rebuilds nations.  Lauren Zemp was the one chosen And Lauren, if you really are they hope to be able to soon.
be called Wealthcare. It is a twisted It has never ruined infrastructure by her peers, the junior class, doing something as our President, EH&S director Linn Have-
scheme where profits rule, stealing and incited perpetual car bomb- to be the best person to be our let us know! Send out an email, or lick mentions that due to the
from the middle class and feeding ings in response to the “help.” leader; to take care of the issues write a little article in the paper about school’s acquisition of the old
the already rich. Capitalism fails Right now, we need to invest that involve us; to make decisions what has been going on; some of Ford property, EH&S will hope-
here, where people make big bucks in we!  We don’t need foreign oil. and fight for things in favor of us. us would really care to know! fully have space to expand within
by promoting red-taped coverage We don’t need to fight anyone If she is supposed to be my months. That means that, with
and inflating costs because they else’s fights. We especially don’t representative, why is it I haven’t -Jake luck, by the end of the semester
can, all while pretending to have need politicians who gregariously heard anything about her since students will be able to drop off
your best interests in mind. It is promote a capitalistic society. I’m she was elected? What has used or broken electronics to be
a perpetuating abyss of inflating sure there is no argument that she been doing this past year? Dear Editor, recycled at a facility attended by
medical costs and declining medi- America is about to hit reces- Why does she seem to not be a student worker. EH&S is also
cal standards. Healthcare should sion. How did we get out of it involved in improving the col- It seems that recently more and planning to grow its recycling
not be a for-profit enterprise!  in the past? The New Deal and lege life for us juniors? Does more CSM students are getting service by expanding recycling
What is truly sad, though, is the Johnson reforms, both cre- she even go to this school any- excited about recycling. But with stations around student housing,
how many in America feel that ated by liberal governments who more? Is she really doing the all the information flying around supplementing the new bins near
”state-run” healthcare will be a spent your tax money on YOU. job she’s supposed to be doing? about what and where to recycle the fraternities and sororities.
“crappy handout” at the expense There’s nothing wrong with Well, to me, it appears that she on campus, it seems that a few Thanks to the reorganization,
of the healthy and rich. Healthcare capitalistic ideals, but there is took the job of Class President for facts need to be set straight. First tentative new space, attention
and peace of mind are basic hu- everything wrong with today’s one reason and one reason only: of all, it is true that currently Stu- from the Oredigger, and general in-
man needs that Americans should realities. Every American will suf- so that she could put the title on dent Life and the rest of campus terest from the CSM student body,
be able to rely upon.  We are not fer due to economic downturn. her resume, making her appear to are on different recycling systems. EH&S is working hard to make
a third-world country – let’s not Together we fall. And we will stay be an outstanding student that is Student Life takes care of the CSM recycling even better. Keep
act like one.   We all have to pull down if we continue patterns of looked highly upon by her peers. outdoor single-stream recycling bins an eye open for a new website and
together and work together. Hav- selfishness and segregation. All I’m I don’t know about everyone else, at Mines Park and the Greek Hous- hopefully a new recycling center
ing an elitist attitude that others saying is we need to care about but I really don’t appreciate this. ing, while Environmental Health by the end of the semester. And
are freeloading is bullshit.  What each other. Why shouldn’t we? I guess I shouldn’t criticize and Safety takes care of the rest of remember that you, dedicated
happened to a helping hand? “God We are all Americans. We need Lauren too much, from what I campus. However, administrative recyclers, really make our program
helps those who help themselves.” to invest in we! Who’s with me? hear, she’s not the only person reorganization will soon combine great – keep up the good work!
in office not doing their job. Ap- campus efforts under EH&S to elim-
Check out this week’s Gravedigger exclusively on! parently the Greeks care more inate redundancy and confusion. -Andrea Yocom
Page 10
Satire February 19, 2008

How to recover from a

forgotten Valentine’s Day Roses let her know you care
Doctor Love ary 14 th without SOMETHING.
Now that it is over and done enough to buy her something
Love Doctor
with, you need to recover. You need that is averaging $150 a
So, you were really busy last to pull off something so great dozen in February. What
week and agreed with your girl- that it will over- she won’t know is that you
friend to make “your Valentine’s power got them in the clearance
day” for some other time. It sounds bin at Safeway for $15.
alright to you, because you are a Chocolates are the way
guy. Well, what does she think? to a woman’s heart. That’s
Last Thursday, she heard a scientific fact discovered
about all sorts of great sur- by Australian scientists in
prises and gifts that her the 1940’s. What will score
friends were receiving all you even more points is if you
day from their boyfriends. remember her favorite type of

And what did she get? chocolate, like dark or white,



Nothing. And when her and get her a whole box of those.

Lost Hearts: Ahhh, the mutilation spreads to the trees.


friends asked why? Be- Poetry lets her see into your

Valentine’s Day calamity


cause you were too mind and soul. God knows she’s

busy. BIG MISTAKE! always desperately looking to get


Everyone knows in there to set up booby traps…


Love runs amok

that if you are plan- Of course you could always get
ning on having “your her a card, but make sure to write
Valentine’s day” some f e - down a few lines from the heart
Cameron Frisby illa-esque attack, a miscom-
other time, you have to male to let her know you’re still there.
Stupid Holiday Specialist munication between the I-Club
still surprise her with a card i n - Champagne is the enzyme for
and Aramark led to a city wide
on the actual valentine’s stinctive the sexy outfit and everyone knows
Last Thursday, Mines’s in- water shortage as everyone ran
day! That’s a rookie mistake ability to what happens there. Valentine’s
nate lack of social skills crashed to the bathroom as a direct re-
and you can’t make it again! remember day and birthdays are the only two
straight into our nation’s creepi- sult of free chocolate sundaes.
The biggest breakup day in E V E R Y T H I N G . guaranteed times a year to get it,
est holiday, Valentine’s Day. Intensive investigation into the
the world is February 15th. Don’t At the top of your list should be so get it while the gettin’ is good.
Many people believe that Hal- incident revealed that the I-Club
let that happen to you! Never several things: Roses, chocolate, Yours truly, loween frightens the most Ameri- had received the chocolate sauce
go that entire day of Febru- poetry, champagne, and sexy outfits. Doctor Love. cans per year, but they are foolish powder that was meant for the local
and wrong. After one is chased by retirement home on Clear Creek.
raving gangs of lonely women de- Unfortunately for us, the choc-
manding love, chocolate, and flow- olate sauce contained a laxative
ers, one truly understands the horror to aid digestion for the elderly.
of this overly- Then,
commercial- “Many people believe that the scene
ized holiday. was frag-
M i n e s Halloween frightens the most ile, as we
went crazy
last week due
Americans per year, but they are had vio-
lently ill
to a series of foolish and wrong. “ students
unfortunate w i t h
catastrophes. Initially, the campus still fresh wounds from a giant
was under siege by the product rampaging flower: the perfect
of Lee Key Beaker, a Chemistry recipe for crumbling the few
PhD candidate. His fifty foot tall, relationships that  manage to
genetically-altered rose monster sustain themselves on campus.
ravaged the school for four hours. A key eye-witness, Peeking
Flying thorns, falling four hun- John, recounts the bloodbath
dred pound flower petals, and a that ensued: “I was just perched
constant reminder that you have in a tree close to Kafadar, trying
no one to give a rose to deeply to spy on my favorite teacher,
wounded the entire student body when fifty-seven couples sud-
both physically and emotionally. denly emerged. They fought each
The mutant flower’s reign of other to the death while scream-
destruction came to a crushing ing such profanities as ‘This will
end when the rose wandered too teach you to put the toilet seat
close to the freshmen dorms. Its down!’ The victors of the fight then
fragile psyche could not withstand dragged their deceased significant
the viscous bombardment of social others into the steam tunnels.”
awkwardness that radiates from Fear ruled this Valentine’s
that part of campus, thus it died Day. We can only hope that
and crashed into Thomas Hall. we will have the giant flower
After recovering from the Godz- shears ready for next year.....

Replace the letters to find a secret message! - Indecent Proposal Cryptogram (Hint: F=N)

Last Week’s Answer: The Oredigger is a front for a child smuggling ring. Don’t tell anyone!
February 19, 2008
Satire Page 11

Law of gravity disproved SUDOKU

Nation fears reversal of global 8 5
4 6 8 7
warming and fall of Hollywood 9 4 2
Matthew Pusard admitted that they had no expla- like global warming or eugenics.
Gravitationally Challenged
nation for what had just occurred.
McKinley then unveiled an ordi-
McKinley promised that his
first act with his newly acquired 5 3
The sky is falling! The sky is fall-
nary fish tank full of sulfur hexafluo-
ride gas. He then pulled out a boat
research funds would be to head
off to the finest nude beaches in 2 1 4 8
4 5
ing! Away from the Earth, that is. made out of aluminum foil and Europe to find 7 new research
Amid a string of ever-so-important placed it down in the fish tank of assistants. “There will be one
congressional hearings on tor- SF6. The boat floated right near for every day of the week,” he
ture, steroids, videotapes on NFL
sidelines, and the videotaping of
the top of the tank as if the laws
of gravity did not apply anymore.
explained. Shyster McKinley will
then conduct preliminary research
7 3 4
Bill Clinton’s intimate exploits, an
Irish-American scientist has proven
David Copperfield then came
out as an expert witness and made
at the Guinness factory in Ireland,
because, as he said, “Guinness
5 4 3 6
that the law of gravity is a fallacy
and our very way of life is in danger.
Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) levitate
in mid-air. “It was at that point
has been a huge factor in my
waking up firmly attached to the 9 1
On Friday, Dr. Seamus “Shy- that we were all, like, totally were floor on many Sunday mornings.” Puzzle by
ster” McKinley, a prominent US freaking out,” said junior Senator While it might seem that McKin-
scientist with a Ph.D. in Theoreti- Patrick Snow (D-HI). In the interest ley will just disappear off the face of
cal Physics from the University of of the nation and/or Republican the Earth, never to be seen again,
Phoenix, presented Congress with Party, Copperfield then made Craig he explained he will continue his
Last Week’s Solution:
irrefutable proof that gravity was disappear like the Statue of Liberty. research on a replacement for

8 5 7 4 6 3 1 2 9
a farce and that, according the In a completely non-knee jerk gravity. Citizens will know his sci-
McKinley, “Newton was a drunk!” reaction, just like the Patriot Act, entific “Synthetic Connection to the
Dr. McKinley started his dem- congress almost unanimously Atmosphere Machine” (S.C.A.M.)
onstration with an experiment
in which a regular scrap of iron
passed a bill that would give Dr.
McKinley a $2.7 billion dollar grant
will have worked if things don’t
mysteriously float off into space.
4 2 3 8 1 9 5 7 6
levitated off of the ground us-
ing only another red, u-shaped
to find a prompt replacement
for our obviously missing grav-
Until then, Americans are being
advised to tie all of their posses-
1 6 9 5 7 2 4 3 8
piece of iron. Many congressmen
remained skeptical after this phe-
ity. The funding comes out of the
budget for the research of other
sions down to the Earth with rope
and to superglue their feet to a slab 9 4 1 3 2 8 6 5 7
6 8 5 7 4 1 3 9 2
nomenon; although, many readily potentially catastrophic pandemics of cement until the crisis is over.

7 3 2 6 9 5 8 1 4
2 1 4 9 5 6 7 8 3
5 7 8 2 3 4 9 6 1
3 9 6 1 8 7 2 4 5
Puzzle by

CSM student has awkward

experience at IHOP
Free pancakes don’t heal all wounds
Tim Weilert At 6:30, it happened. From the
Social Behavior Analyst corner of his eye Jimmy saw a girl
who resembled an old acquain-
This past Tuesday, February tance. The girl, who still remains
12, at approximately 6:30 pm, a at large, turned, raised her hand
male Mines student, who asked to approximately two feet above her
remain anonymous, named Jimmy head and proceeded to give a
and who’s CWID is 55577102, friendly gesture in the general direc-
had an embarrassing encoun- tion of the group of Mines students.
ter at the “Mile By 6:31, the
High” IHOP res- “At 6:30, it happened. From unnamed stu-
taurant in Ar- dent raised his
vada, Colorado. the corner of his eye Jimmy hand three feet
The Arvada above his head
IHOP restaurant saw a girl who resembled and waived vig-
Acronyms that make you a Mines student had been partic- orously back.
ipating in a “Na- an old acquaintance.” I n s t a n t l y, t h e
10) FBD 5) ROM tional Pancake girl and her
9) BTB 4) SCAM Day” promotion as part of a fund group of friends turned to each
raising campaign for “Children’s other and giggled incessantly.
8) BLOG 3) OSL Miracle Network.” Free short stacks By the time the free pancakes
7) BESA 2) PFD of pancakes were available to all arrived at the table, the anonymous
patrons, and several dozen CSM male student, with a social secu-
6) PETA 1) QWYA students partook in the festivities. rity number of 123-44-5678, had
The student in question (who blushed, laughed and been slightly
lives at 14 th and Washington) ridiculed by his classmates. He left
Scoring: If you got: sat down with friends at about a one dollar tip, stood up, walked
1 to 2 correct, you attend CU. 6:28 p.m., after a brief wait in outside, and finished his meal at
3 to 4 correct, you need to consider social activity. the front of the restaurant. At the Taco Bell across the street.
6:29 p.m. a server proceeded to Fool’s Gold would like to remind
5 to 6 correct, you need to get a life.
give the student and his friends all students to be responsible with
7 to 8 correct, you need to crawl in a hole and cry. friendly gestures, as a misuse of
glasses, each containing two
9 to 10 correct, you read too much Fool’s Gold. hydrogen atoms for each oxygen them may end in an awkward
-Mike Stone atom, which were free of charge. or even uncomfortable situation.
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