1. She has never been to the club before It’s the first time… 2. Jim is the man. He met the Queen last year. (use a relative) 3. Could you pass me the salt? Do you mind… 4. Do you think Mary would like _____(go) to the theatre with me? 5. It’s no use ________ (complain) 6. Shall we invite them? Let’s… Why don’t… What about… 7. It’s forbidden to smoke here You … 8. You look very elegant this evening How… 9. Tom is fatter than Sam Sam is… Sam isn’t… 13. I have never tried a better food This is … 14. You’d better see a doctor If I… You… 15. Steven Spielberg has directed a lot of successful films A lot of successful films… 16. This is the funniest story I have ever heard I have never… 17. That’s the beach. We used to go swimming there (use a relative) 18. It is dangerous to drive at high speed Driving… 19. She went out ______ (buy) some milk 20. It’s worth _______ (work) long hours 21. He’s good _______ speaking English 22. Do you believe _____ ghosts?

23. He won’t help you if you don’t ask him Unless… 24. You won’t go to the party if you don’t finish your homework Unless.. 25. I have never read Tolstoi before This is… 26. I haven’t seen my grandma for two months It’s … 27. She lives in a house in the country. It is near a small village (use a relative)) 28. He promised ________ (be) back at 10 29. I can’t help _________ (cry) when I see a romantic film 30. My sister is afraid________ spiders 31. That is the man. His wife is a famous actress (use a relative) 32. If I saw a ghost, I ________ (run) away 33. The decorator is redecorating the house We… 34. The mechanic fixed my car last week I… 35. The hairdresser is going to cut my hair next week. I… 36. He said, “my mother is coming tomorrow” He said that… 37. He said, “I took a test last week and I didn’t pass” He said that… 38. Our car will be repaired tomorrow We… 39. Unless you get up earlier, you won’t have time enough If… 40. She asked, “do you like me dress?” She asked us… 41. They kill elephants for ivory Elephants 42. She said, “what time does the film start?” She asked… 43. “I met my friend Lucy yesterday”, I said I said… 44. I met an old friend _____ chance 45. He said, “I am playing a match with my friends now”

He said… 46. Homer wrote “The Illiad” “The Illiad”… 47. It was such a cold day that the river froze It was… 48. People chop down a lot of trees every year A lot of trees… 49. Smoking is a bad habit. It causes many deaths (use a relative) 50. The last time I went to Paris was 10 years ago I haven’t… 51. It’s the first time I’ve flown to Mexico I have never… 52. You went to bed late and didn’t wake up in time for work If… 53. I want to visit Pete but I have a lot of work to do If… 54. The government will introduce new measures against crime New measures… 55. “Let’s have a party on Saturday”, he said He suggested… 56. “Do your homework and don’t complain”, said her mother Her mother told her… My mother loves______ (cook) 57. My friend invited me ___________ (stay) in his house 58. You are lost in London because you don’t have a map If… 59. She offered me a cup of tea I… A cup of tea… 60. The last time he read a book was 3 years ago He hasn’t … He last… 61. A million people visit the cathedral every year The cathedral 62. My father said to me, “why are you so stubborn?” My father asked me … 63. That is the hospital. I had an operation there (use a relative) 64. It isn’t right to speak to your mother like that

You... 65. Can you translate that ______ English? 66. She went home early because she was exhausted If… 67. Someone has stolen Mike’s bike Mike’s bike… 68. I haven’t been to the cinema for months I last… 69. He is pessimistic _______ his school marks 70. The manager would like to talk ____ you _____ your work 72. Scientists might discover a cure for cancer A cure for cancer… 73. We spent one day painting the house It took… 79. They should build more bus lanes More bus lanes… 80. They gave him a watch when he retired He… 81. It’s a pity you are not here I wish… 82. I am sorry you didn’t pass If only… 83. “I’ll phone you tomorrow”, he said He promised… 84. “Would you like to come to my party”, he said He invited… 85. “Don’t get close the dog”, he said He warned… 86. “Would you like to have a cup of tea?”, she said She offered mr… 87. “I’m sorry, I’m late”, she said She apologized… 88. “They wanted us to come later” he said He said… 89. “When did you arrive”, he said He asked me… 90. “Did he call you yesterday”, he said He asked… 91. “Stay in bed for a few days” said the doctor The doctor advised me

92. “Come here as fast as possible”, Mary said Mary asked… 93. “I’ll bring it back tomorrow” she said She promised… 94. “’Why don’t we go to the concert” He suggested… 95.” We are meeting John next week” She said… 96.”You should tell the truth” He advised me… 97. I’ve never seen such a beautiful flower before It’s… 98. New traffic lights are going to be installed here They … 99. “Don’t be late this evening” He asked us… 100. You didn’t work hard, so you didn’t get your promotion If… 101. I finished the book in three days It took me… 102. The lesson finished and then John arrived By the time… 103. Remember to post the letter Don’t… 104. Paul hasn’t smoked for a year Paul stopped… 105. There is no need to take a taxi It’s no use… 106. “I won’t eat the beans”, the boys said The boy refused… 107. Learning English is easy It is… 108. We are used to _______ (get up) early 109. It’s a pity you didn’t see the game I wish 110. I advise you to eat less chocolate You … If … You’d … 111. He phoned ________ (invite)

112. She was glad______ (see) him 113. You’ll have to get used to_______ (drive) everyday 114. It is a pleasure _______ (work) with you 115. The police is questioning him at this moment He … 116.More than a billion people speak English all over the world English… 117. Nobody has informed them They… 118. They should have asked him before He … 119. An ambulance took the sick man to the hospital The sick man… 120. They are going to make him manager He … 121. I would like to speak Japanese I wish… 122. I don’t travel by plane because it’s very expensive If… 123. The teacher didn’t tell us the answer We… 125. I didn’t see the signal. I didn’t stop If… 126. Astronauts are exploring the space The space… 127. He has given his aunt a present His aunt… A present… 128. They would like to buy a car, but they don’t have any money If… 129. Did the hunter kill the rabbit? Was… 130. They searched his house and found a number of stolen articles His house… 132. “Don’t look at me” He ordered… 133. He wasn’t tall enough to enter the competition He was… 134. I don’t mind ________ (wash) the dishes 135. It’s time for you to leave the office = It’s time you…

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