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Punjabi babe Priya getting fucked Hi all, this is my first story which I am writing. my name is Aditya from Gurgaon.

I am going to narrate a story which happened in 2006. I was working as medical representative in a pharma day when I went to office there are few girls waiting in the lobby. I got attracted to a female with vital figures of 36 24 32. her name was priya(name changed). she is punjabi. I was looking at her.she gave cunning smile. I thought for a moment it would be good if she got selected. to my fortunate she got selected. We were good friends initially.later on I started to think about her. whenever I was alone at home& etc. then, We started having very good mobile communication among each other,which some day leaded to Physical communication. I started to fantasize about her. I even used to masturbate, one Sunday she called me asked to join for a movie with her friends. I said o.k. when I reached the theater to my shock she came alone.we went inside. we were watching movie for some time. in the darkness my hand touched her thighs. she said if you want you can keep your hand on my thighs. I agreed & slowly my hand touched her pussy & started massaging it. she is getting horny. She put her hand on my pant & removed my cock outside.. it was 8? long. slowly I put my finger in her pussy & started doing finger fuck. she could not control it & slowly she bent down & sucked my cock. both of us were horny.Noticing that it wasnt the right place I suggested to go to my friends room & she agreed.i took her to the house & once door closed we started to kiss her again and this time.. we broke our french kiss after 15min. And during that period of 15min I was caressing her back by putting my sensible hands inside her dress. She was really enjoying the feel.. which was new to her. Then I started to go ahead and took my hands towards her beautiful 36d boobs over her dress. she even responded to it.. by biting my lips as we were kissing each other passionately. after that as per her response I inserted my hands within her dress and started moving my fingertips beneath her dress. She was getting even hotter when I caressed her smooth abdomen part & her back. After that I proceeded towards her bare boobs which were jailed within her 36d bra. I slowly unhooked her bra started to play with them.. by caressing, massaging,pinching and especially pinching her erect nipples. Her response was really I continued it for about 10-15min and then.. as I wanted to taste her nipples.i pulled those 36d beautiful milky boobs out of her dress.. and started to lick & suck them. This was the point, when we broke our passionate kissing session. and now.. as I was sucking those juicy boobs like a sex starved person.. she was turning even hotter. and she might had an orgasm if we would have continued that for another 2-3min. but.. because of a phone call, we both came back to our senses and got split up. While I was taking that phone call, she pissed off from here silently. And from there onwards.. we had only one topic between us i.e., sex.. sex.. and only sex.. we both used to describe each other and used 2 have lot of mobile sex used to pass instructions from my end and she used to perform.. as per my instructions. I even made her to FINGER FUCK herself, occasionally.but later on.. that FINGER FUCK become common thing to her.. and was looking out for some real sex from me. She was becoming real horny day-by-day and even used to make some sex sessions in college premises.Later on.. we started to plan some long drives and all. but never succeeded. So once I said that.. SEX AT HOME would be the best part of our sexual relation. for which she disagreed initially but accepted later on. Now.. we were waiting for the chance of spending alone at either of our places. After a long-long wait.. our dreams came true. One day, Priya called me and intimated that her parents were leaving to their relatives marriage for 2days(so we had 2 nights and 1 day). Listening to that.. I felt very happy as we were about to mate for the 1st time. And I noticed the same joy.. in the tone & words of PRIYA. So, we both started planning for that fine day to come which was 2days to go. WE DIDNT EVEN HAD PROPER DAYS & NIGHTS, as we were thinking a lot about that fine day. Now.. that day passed and still one day to go. We both planned for the day session and not the night one. and I was eagerly waiting for the day & checking out the time.. for every 15min. on an evening priya called me saying that.. she was all alone now, as her parents left 10min ago. Then I thought of giving her

company, by just talking to her thru mobile. And even tried to make her to FINGER FUCK as usually. But then..something strikes in her mind and said.. WHY DONT YOU COME OVER AND GIVE ME A NICE FUCK..?Listening that.. I started panicking.I hanged the call and started my friends bike.. which I had with me, and rushed towards her home which was almost 40min away from my residence. On the way, I buy a bunch of nice RED ROSES in order to impress her. After all that journey of 40min I reached her flats.. where she lived in 3rd floor. I called her mobile from parking area..and asked her to keep her door open for me I entered her house with a gentle push to the door. The house was dark.. with only bed lamps burning. as soon as I entered the home. priya shut the door.. who was standing behind the door. I was surprised to see priya in a night suit. She was wearing white silky glowing night gown, in which she appeared as and those roses which I got for her.. and planted a gentle kiss on her cheeks. We both were just moving towards her bedroom and suddenly someone knocked the door. We both were in no position to move. We got tensed and priya started to panic. We thought that priyas parents returned back home.. due to some reason. then I told her that Ill hide under her bed and asked her to check out the door.. and also to ask normal. She was shivering, but still she went to the door. and.. when she opened that terrifying as. laundry man who got their clothes. Then she was relieved from that tension and called to her dads mobile as soon as that laundry man left, in order to confirm about their their status & journey. When priyas dad said that they boarded bus to SANGAREDDY she got complete relief from tension and went came back to me.. to her bedroom.then she explained everything and fell in my arms and said.. now Im feeling great and theres no one who can interrupt us.She was actually welcoming me.. to start making love with her. Then..i slowly took her hands and kissed on her palms. she responded by pulling her head away from me.. with that sensation. Then I moved towards her and she herself laid down on her bed offering herself to me. now I went near her face and kissed on her forehead. then on her eyes, cheeks, nose, chin & finally on lips. I stayed there for a long time.. kissing her sweet lips. I tried to suck all that sweet from priyas lips. meanwhile I was caressing priyas boobs over her dress. She was enjoying each & every touch of my sensations.. which were becoming temptations to priya.after a long kiss.. priya wanted me to suck her boobs and wanted to give her the pleasure of sucking her breasts too. Which I couldnt deny and slowly tried to undress her. As she were wearing a White Night Gown.i tried to lift it from bottom along with caressing her legs from toes to neck and finally took off her gown. Now she was Semi-Nude in front of me. She was wearing a Black Daisy-Dee 36d Bra and matching Panty too. Now, I slowly tried to remove her bra by pressing her breasts hard. massaging them well and pinching slightly. she was shivering like a fish out of water and becoming hotter and hotter.. with every act of mine. Then I just dragged that bra and took hold of her beautiful breasts. After all this sensations.. I started to suck her boobs once again like a sex starved person.. as if it was my first experience of sucking her boobs.I kept swapping from left-to-right & again from right-to-left breasts. And while sucking them.. I was caressing her belly and massaging her other boob respectively.Then slowly.. my hands rolled over to her love hole over panty. There I noticed that her pussy flow flowing with love juices and made her panty wet. I also noticed that the temperature of that flowing pussy was too high compared to her body temperature. Now, I tried to insert my hand inside her panty and wanted to feel her pussy lips. And.. I found a neatly shaved pussy. she was continuously flowing.. so it was all very wet & hot. Then I played with her pussy lips for some time.. along with sucking of her boobs.Then Priya said.. Please raj.. its enough with your foreplay. I cant handle it anymore. Please FUCK me.. please Raj.. I LOVE THE WAY YOU REALLY HANDLE ME. PLEASE RAJ.. PLEASE FUCK ME.. IM ALL YOURS!!And started moaning Mmmmm. Hhmmmmm.. Cmon Fuck me. Mmm Listening to that I was getting out of control too But controlled myself and Removed her Panty and started rubbing my love angel.. Priyas Love Hole(Pussy). And still continued sucking her boobs. Now, priyas boobs were ROCK SOLID and her naked body before me.. was tempting me. Finally I started to Undress Myself.

I slowly took off my Jean.. then my T-Shirt. Now I was only in my inner.Priya.. who had a long suck from me.. now turned towards me and startled see my erect cock inside my Inner. She slowly caught hold of my dick over the Brief and started playing with it. Then she slowly undressed me.. and made me complete nude(just like her). She was shocked to see my erect cock which was was 7inches long. But still.. she made a good hold of it and started to give a nice blow job. And when I asked her to suck my dick.. without any second thought she took it her mouth started giving a fantastic blow job. Now it was my turn to go she was doing it so good. MY God..!! She was really good and made me to cum in only 10min and also swallowed each & every drop of my cum.. which I loved a lot.Suddenly, my dick started to get back to its normal size, which Priya didnt like at all.. so again started sucking it and made erect again in no time.then she pleased me to fuck her thirsty pussy. And this time I could not resist her and got over her.. and positioned ourselves in a MISSIONARY Style.I tried to penetrate my erect dick into her virgin pussy.. but it wasnt that easy. As I was putting pressure she cried due to pain. Then I asked her.. do u want me to fuck you or not??for which she replied with YES. Then I put her bra in her mouth so that she wont make much noise.. with her erotic screams. And then I tried to insert my dick once again.. and this time, though she was screaming a bit.. I penetrated with some pressure and I was successful to insert almost half of my dick in her pussy. After that stopped there for a while and tried once again.. with full force and then.. my dick was completely inside her pussy. During this penetration.. her seal was broken and Priya started to cry. Then I tried to cool her down by french kissing and caressing her hair and also remained unmoved with my erect cock inside her pussy.After some time.. I started to give jerks for which she felt painful earlier but not for a long. Just after 5min she started screaming once again.. but it was COME ON.. FUCK ME HARD. MMmmmm Aaahh. Come on MMmmmm.. Cme on fuck me!! aaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaah.her screams made me much more hotter and I continuously fucked her without any break with my full speed. During that she came once.. and after some time even I was about to cum. Then I Removed my Cock from her juicy, hot, wet, sexy pussy and ejaculated on her face and on her belly, boobs, etc. And with that.. I remained unmoved on her.. as I was tired of giving a hard fuck. Unknowingly we both fell asleep for about 1/2hr and when we woke up.. it was almost 9.30pm. Then I was getting ready in order to go home. Then.. Priya hold my hand and asked me to stay with her till tomorrow night.Her request was in such a way.. that none in this world can deny it. Then.. I tried calling to my residence and told my elder brother that I will be staying at my friends room night and will go to college from his room. For which.. my brother started putting questions like.. WHY? WHATS THE NEED? WHERE IS YOUR FRIEND ROOM? WHO IS THAT FRIEND? AND ALL!! But finally.. I got his permission and stayed back for that whole night at Priyas home. That added lots of excitement to both of us.. and started kissing and dancing in joy.and.. after that we both had some food and wen back to bed together, completely nude.. trying different angles and all. And.. we made love with each other that whole night and next day.. till evening around 6'o clock.That was the greatest experience to both of us.. and after those 2 days of sex, we didnt had any chance of repeating history. WELL FRIENDS THATS ALL I GOT WITH ME.