Since its successful pilot on the LEED Platinum certified*, Blackstone Office Renovation Project in 2006, OSP has been developed for six other capital projects, including: 23 Everett Street, Baker/Ukrainian House, Byerly Hall, Rockefeller Hall, Weld Hill and the upcoming Northwest Corner. This new offering is available to all Harvard project managers and client teams. The following is a brief outline of the program, several additional OSP benefits, and some recent results. To request a detailed presentation for a current or future project, contact Tony Ragucci at 617-496-3260, or email at tony_ragucci@harvard.edu.

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OSP can dramatically improve the value of any capital project by ensuring the following: proper installation, integrated testing, and operation of all primary building systems, including MEP, life safety, and access control. establishment of comprehensive preventive maintenance plans for all MEP and life safety equipment; full training of maintenance staff in building operating and maintenance protocols; and assistance with the development of building-specific emergency response procedures and Building Energy Management System (BMS) protocols. OSP does not change any of the contractual or technical responsibilities for the Architects, Engineers, Consultants, or Contractors.

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Ensure Harvard receives what was purchased under the MEP scope of the project, including quality of installation work and system performance/functionality. Ensure ongoing engagement of the design team throughout the project, including equipment start-up, problem-solving, and acceptance. Facilitate transition to the post-occupancy operations, including establishment of an ongoing preventive maintenance program.

WhyOSPis Not the Sameas Commissioning
Effective building commissioning is a critical part of any successful capital project… and OSP is not its replacement. Rather, OSP is a complementary suite of services and activities focused on early and meaningful engagement of the owner’s operations team … the folks who will be left to operate and maintain the building long after the designers, contractors, commissioning agents, and project managers complete their work. A few of the differences between OSP and typical building commissioning services include:

Optimally, an OSP starts with the initial design phase (even before the commissioning agent is typically involved) and works with the client team throughout the entire project.

WeeklyReports OSP representatives typically attend every weekly job meeting after the start of construction and produce a weekly report of findings and recommendations for the Project Team. • • . performing at the highest possible efficiency. but also educates the staff on how the systems are designed to work. This crucial understanding of design intent can help avoid maintenance “fixes” — including overriding BMS controls or reconfiguring equipment settings — that actually hamper proper system operation. does not help prepare the owner’s team for daily operations once the building comes online . and waste energy! OptimizingEnergyPerformance The OSP goes beyond the commissioning process by working closely with the building management team and maintenance staff to confirm that the building systems are truly optimized to meet the operational needs of the building and. Experience has shown the difference between a temporary disruption and a prolonged building crisis is often rooted in the pre planning for communication. For example: Engineering & Utilities team members not only provide deign review. sustain chronic building complaints. FMO Technical Maintenance teams develop detailed verification checklists and monitor start-up sequences of all critical equipment. response and recovery efforts. All identified deficiencies are documented and tracked to a successful conclusion creating a valuable reference library for future projects. or for response to emergency conditions. Observations and recommendations — ranging from placement of equipment and access panels for optimal maintainability to considerations for code compliance — are documented with clear. UOS can help any project achieve greater success.. for all of its value. By leveraging our broad organizational expertise. but also play a critical liaison role with the local Inspectional Services Divisions and Fire Departments on permitting issues. OSP ensures that the Preventive Maintenance Programs are established early in the process. consider yourself in the role of the building owner/manager and ask: What’s going to happen when something goes wrong and there’s no one around? Which systems and equipment are on emergency power? Who needs to be notified… of what… and when? What critical operations must be preserved during any building emergency? OSP works with the client team to develop protocols for these and other critical emergency response questions that can be initiated 24/7/365 by the University Operations Center. AdditionalOSPBenefits OSP coordinates with all UOS groups to ensure optimal integration of project support services.This early involvement helps assure program continuity and establishes buy-in by the design team as well as the eventual construction contractor and commissioning agent. Put another way. Investmentin Staff OSP not only trains the maintenance staff in the proper operations of specific building equipment. most importantly. EmergencyResponsePlanning Building commissioning. digital photographs and produced in an electronic format that can be easily shared with all project contributors..

for being part of our team. By the way. Director of Operations. Drawing on the experience of more than 20 Harvard projects that have been registered with the US Green Buildings Council. monitoring. Design Team. • OSPResults • • • Blackstone Office Renovation Project . The OSP team ensured all systems were installed according to the construction documents and to the university standards. We engaged OSP during the design phase… and they acted as the clerk-of-the-works for the building systems during construction. The weekly inspections identified work that needed to done during construction… and the reports were always very clear with straightforward narrative and photos of the conditions observed. It was a valuable check and balance… and they were great to work with.5M gut renovation for the Divinity School. Green Campus Initiative staff provides specific support in LEED certification and training of project design teams. Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study As construction activities close at the wood frame houses (Baker / Ukrainian).• Environmental Health & Safety staff provide technical guidance and resources to help ensure that all compliance requirements — including necessary permitting.LEED Platinum certified* Identified more than 180 deficiencies not found by Contractor. or Commissioning Agent Virtually no building problems encountered upon initial occupancy OSP currently or recently used at 6 other projects at Harvard WhatOthersAre Saying OSP has been a valuable service for the Divinity School Rockefeller Hall project…filling an essential gap between construction and commissioning. and reporting — are adequately understood and addressed by the project design team as well as the building operations team. This understanding is vital to future planning of building operations and other key support functions. Assistant Director. the Green Campus professional staff can significantly streamline the LEED submittal and review process. I want to let you know how well the OSP program went. Director of Operations. I believe we have a better product and the . Thanks OSP. Harvard Divinity School The Rockefeller Hall project is an $18. The work of the OSP team has added tremendous value to the process. Project Management Services Harvard Real Estate Services As we wrap up the Byerly Hall project I wanted to take a moment to let you know what a success the OSP has been for us. The OSP staff has turned out to be an important part of our project team… as a result the transition from construction to operations will be successful! Ralph DeFlorio. I’m confident that the cost of the program will be offset by savings in operation costs many times over! John Horst. the project is on time and under budget! Cecilia Wan.

. Director. Facilities Management Harvard Law School Owner Services Program Presentation UOS is now offering a new program called the Owner Services Program (OSP) to all Harvard Institutions and Buildings. energy efficiency. Watch » * The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) is a non profit organization that certifies sustainable businesses. homes. To learn more go to: www. USGBC is dedicated to expanding green building practices and education.. The OSP staff was terrific . and its LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System™. water savings. and neighborhoods. as well as silver.OSP effort will assure a smooth transition from construction to occupancy. I believe we are well prepared to open. The Green Building Rating is a voluntary.. hospitals. Successful projects are eligible for certification. The Blackstone Office Renovation Project is the only building at Harvard ever to receive the platinum rating. consensus-based national rating system for developing high-performance. and indoor environmental quality rating system for construction of new and existing buildings. or platinum ratings.usgbc. and documentation and follow up were excellent! Getting involved early was key and the organized tours through all phases of construction have provided us all with a better understanding of the building and systems. gold. sustainable buildings. and I look forward to the same at Northwest Corner! John Arciprete.. Projects are evaluated against technical standards and criteria for efficiency and certified accordingly. LEED addresses all building types and emphasizes state-of-the-art strategies in five areas: sustainable site development. schools.org • • • • • • Services Reference & Resource Information Online Tools Paging System Site Map About Us . materials and resources selection.

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