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First, let me say that I recognize Kenya Institute of Management as a strong supporter of sound management. Your commitment to excellence and integrity is voice which is enormously helpful as we fight to make Nakuru County friendlier to business, more competitive for jobs and capital investment and better prepared for the challenges we now await our county in the years ahead. The Countys challenges are great, but not greater than our capacity to meet them.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Nakuru County is one of the most economic vibrant counties in the country. There are eleven Constituencies that make up Nakuru County namely: Naivasha, Kuresoi North, Kuresoi South, Molo, Rongai, Subukia Nakuru Town East, Nakuru Town West, Njoro, Bahati, and Gilgil, Constituency. According to the national census exercise that was carried out in 2009 the population of the county is approximated to be 1,603,325. 45.8% of the total population lives in the urban areas while the rest of the population lives in the rural areas.

The countys largest towns include: - Nakuru, Naivasha, Molo Gilgil Njoro, Mai Mahiu, Subukia, Dundori, Salgaa, Mau Narok, Bahati, Rongai and Olenguruone. Since I took over as your Governor a few months ago, I have embarked on a great plan to improve the countys competitive position. The other day here in Naivasha I released an ambitious Sh9 billion budget for the financial year 2013/14. Today, the County must compete for the most desirable jobs for our people the finest teachers in our schools and the best rewarding business.

Nakuru truly intends to compete, we should study the meaning of the word. This may surprise you, but the word compete is of Latin root which means: To strive together. Hence each of our people must likewise compete to earn a living, build a future and raise a family in a safe and healthy environment. It is important to note that our initial functions in the county are: Health Services, Agriculture, Cultural activities and public

entertainment, Transport, Animal control and welfare, County planning and development, Pre-primary education, County public

works and services, Fire-fighting services and disaster management, Control of drugs, Environmental conservation as well as Control of pollution and public nuisance Infrastructure Ladies and gentlemen, Improving the infrastructure is a main priority for my Government. We will expand electricity network and ensure that electricity supply is more consistent and reliable.

The introduction of Geothermal Development Project at Menengai Crater in Nakuru town besides Olkaria Geothermal Project in Naivasha would boost the power capacity of the county. We will increase accessibility through roads as well as increase digital connectivity. My Government has set aside a budget of Sh250m for maintenance of access roads and Sh62m for the maintenance of drainage system. Nakuru County has planned a special project to harvest water from the Aberdare Ranges to enable it meet its growing demands.

The project will be undertaken in partnership with Nyandarua County to increase water supply to the Naivasha residents. The project will be spearheaded by the Naivasha Water, Sanitation and Sewerage Company. There is need for the county to diversify its water sources to avoid over reliance on underground water. In this regard we are looking at how we can convert one million litres of water discharged from geothermal wells in Naivasha and Menengai for domestic and industrial use. My government is committed to ensuring that people within Nakuru County have access to clean water.

Plans are underway to make legislation geared towards reforms within the water sector. The legislation would separate power of policy formulation, regulation and water services delivery. Sustainable development of water resources is dependent on prudent management of our environment. My government promises to move fast to deal with reckless destruction of our forests and water catchment areas.

It will put in place measures to rehabilitate and protect our environment. Investment Ladies and gentlemen, My government is willing to invite investors in the County. We will try to simplify the process of starting and running business to make it friendly and cost-effective to investors. License to start business will be considered and this will lead to increase in local and international investors who are setting up businesses in this region.

We are committed to creating jobs and opportunities for our people especially our young people. We will do this, by creating an enabling environment for the private sector. We will harness the gifts and talents of our youth, in order to enable sports and entertainment providers earn a profitable livelihood. We will also endeavor to make the procurement process faster, more accessible, and transparent. There are numerous manufacturing industries that have been set up in the county that process the food produce for both local and

international markets. This includes milk processing plants, wheat processing industries and flour making industries. We are going to focus on promoting value addition and manufacturing finished goods thereby creating jobs and improving our standard of living. Today, I pledge, that my administration will work towards diversifying our economic base. We will support the manufacturing industry and support all enterprises, both local and international, that strive to create finished goods using local labor and materials.


To the private sector, my promise to you is that we will create an enabling environment, so that you can play your part in creating employment and fostering economic growth. The Jua Kali sector and other micro enterprises are expected to play a crucial role in the creation of jobs in our county. However we recognize that the sector's growth potential is inhibited by several constraints. These include poor access to markets, lack of credit and poor policy environment. The needed legislation to deal with these obstacles will gradually be put in place. Tourism Ladies and gentlemen,

Our geographic features such as Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha, Lake Nakuru National Park, Hyrax Hill Elementaita, Kariandusi and Menengai Crater will be used to create thousands of jobs for the youth through tourism. We will devise ways of promoting local tourism and convince residents to visit tourist resorts in the county. Entrepreneurs and real estate managers have set up several lodges and hotels that provide quality accommodation and caterings services to the tourists. The many hotels offer the tourist a chance to choose the best one that meets their needs and preferences.

This partnership coupled with future plans to add additional ones will provide the County with a strong economic engine that will have lasting impacts for generations! Agriculture Our hope of reviving and sustaining economic growth, creating employment and reducing poverty depends on how fast we succeed in revitalizing agriculture as the engine of growth of our economy. We are endowed with a good climate and weather patterns in the region.

The rains are received in two seasons. The long rains are experienced in April, May and August while the short rains are experienced between October and December. The average annual rainfall is approximated to be 850mm per year and this enables the farmers in the County to practice farming. The all-important agricultural sector is faced with many challenges. Yet it is the mainstay of our countys economy. Our economic growth strategy demands a review to farmers incentives and modernization of agriculture through affordable and appropriate technologies.

My government will support the revival of key institutions in the agricultural sector which are essential to production and marketing of agricultural produce. Already we have put Task Force in place to see the modalities of reviving the Pyrethrum Industry. On their part, farmers and other stakeholders must manage their activities as business enterprises. Agribusiness includes cottage industries, value addition and processing of agricultural produce. Others include, supply of farm inputs, tree and crop nurseries, and fabrication of farm tools by artisans and jua kali operators. These are areas that have the potential to create employment opportunities for our young people. We can do this but we can only do it together.

Farmers must ensure that they plant good quality seeds and apply good husbandry methods to reap maximum benefits. Further, the government will ensure that good quality inputs are made available to farmers at affordable prices. My government on its part will put measures in place to ensure the cereal produced is stored in the silos in an effort to promote food security in the county especially during the dry seasons. Horticulture Horticulture is a major export for this country. Flowers from Naivasha/Rongai mainly go directly to retail outlets in Europe where

they are sold as readymade bouquets or to the auction in Holland, which is the international hub for buying flowers from where they are distributed to many parts of the world. Besides supplying more than 40 percent of cut roses to Europe, the horticulture industry is a big employer. Dairy Sector Our county is also leading in dairy production. It is a major producer of milk. The dairy cattle kept by farmers helps meet the high demand of animal products such as milk.

My government will improve milk marketing through the revitalization of KCC together with dairy societies and private processors. Farmers should take advantage of the increased earnings to improve the quality of dairy animals. Some of the farmers also practice poultry rearing which has proved to be very lucrative due to the high prices fetched by the products in the market. The list could go on and on and on but one thing is for certain: The County stands as a true testament that the future is paved with optimism and growth!

HEALTH In a bid to improve the quality of our health facilities the government will improve and maintain the conditions in the hospitals so as to ensure the services offered is maintained at a high level and there is affordable access to health facilities. EDUCATION Various learning institutions have been established in the County and this helps to alienate poverty and illiteracy. Due to increase in population there is need to build more schools so as to meet education needs of the current and future generation.

To enable our schools to keep pace with competition nationally, were raising standards and increasing accountability for students, schools and teachers. Everyone knows that competition for jobs has changed. Our schools must keep pace. Our standards will be benchmarked to the top education measures in the world. Of course, its not enough to install a new curriculum, raise standards and hope for the best. My government is committed to helping schools and teachers make this transition a success.


Funds will be allocated into the sector to build physical infrastructure in schools to ensure a conducive learning environment. I therefore urge our people to ensure that children are taken to school to take advantage of free and compulsory primary education. Fisheries Our county has a good potential for fisheries development. A lot of fish can be harvested from lakes and ponds in this county. In order to continue enjoying the good returns from fishing, communities around the lakes such as Lake Naivasha must get involved with other stakeholders in planning, utilization, conservation

and management of the fisheries resources thus improving the countys ability to compete in the years ahead. Service delivery Ladies and Gentlemen,

My Government is committed to delivering services to the residents of Nakuru County. On the forefront, our first task is infrastructural development, Political Responsibility, teamwork and commitment towards service provision. I know wananchi has already laid a score card to assess our performance.

HIV/AIDS Before concluding my speech this evening, I would like to emphasize that HIV/AIDS is rapidly emerging as the biggest challenge in our society. The disease is threatening to tear down the social and economic fabric that is holding our county together, by destroying the productive workforce that is the foundation of our development. We must use all tools at our disposal to stop the spread of the AIDS virus. We must discuss this disease openly among families, communities and in work places, because together we will defeat HIV/AIDS. To

this end, the government has instituted, awareness programmes, and Voluntary Counseling and Testing Centres in various parts of the county. CORRUPTION Ladies and Gentlemen, I also take this opportunity to once again reiterate my government's unwavering commitment to the fight against corruption. My administration remains committed towards creating a culture of zero tolerance to corruption.

I would like to assure you that we will progressively deal with corruption by establishing codes of conduct for public officials, new rules for procurement and through strengthening of the audit system. We will ensure that there is transparency and accountability in the management of the county's resources. Finally, once more, I would like to commend the Kenya Institute of Management for organizing this magnificent forum. I also thank you all for turning up in large numbers to attend this event. I urge you to translate the lessons learned in this forum into higher productivity in your jobs and businesses. Let us not squander the many blessings weve inherited. Let us leave a legacy of our own as

we make the difficult decisions that keep Nakuru County on the path to prosperity. God bless you, God bless Kenya and God bless the great County of Nakuru.