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"Lean" is a way of thinking, leading to a culture of intolerance to any un-necessary (non value added) activities in the organization, while responding with speed & flexibility to the customers requirements. Lean concepts have been adopted by many organizations as a way of providing better value to their customers by reducing costs, improving quality, responsiveness & flexibility while improving their profitability. The process of becoming lean may require a completely new approach to the way we look at our operations, resource utilization & the way we measure our performance. One of the most effective tools to assist with a focused approach to waste elimination and lead time reduction is Value Stream Mapping. Value Stream Mapping is a powerful documentation tool to show the flow of material & information throughout the value stream and to highlight the opportunities for improvement. It incorporates all of the principles of lean manufacturing, beginning with the foundation of waste elimination. It is, essentially, a template for lean implementation. Program Objectives: The program is designed to give hands-on experience in developing the current & future state maps of the organization, to the leaders and change agents who want to implement "Lean Manufacturing" practices in their organizations. This program will help participants to start seeing the non-value adding activities which lead to waste in their plants. The program will case study & develop current & future states. What You Will Learn: What is "Value Stream Mapping" Understand concept of Value & Flow. Recognize Material & Information flows in the plant. The concept Pull & "Just in time" manufacturing. How to use Mapping Tools. Document the current state. Develop the future state of the plant.

Course Content (1 Day): The course covers the following topics: What is Value Stream Mapping? - Definitions Review of traditional functional business set up Top level planning Understanding and identifying waste - 7 Wastes How to get your team on board? Current state mapping How to work out the process Takt time? What is Continuous Flow Manufacturing? Leveling, Pitch and other associated terminology Future state mapping Involving customers and suppliers Implementation plan How to measure and monitor your progress? Questions & Answers Summary & Review Who Should Attend: The program is aimed at the middle & frontline managers of the companies who are responsible for improving the manufacturing systems in the plants and who have some understanding of the Lean Manufacturing concepts.