Scientists Harness the Power of the Human Energy Field

From Professor Valerie Hunt
Dr. Hunt has not only researched and proven the existence of the human aura−or energy field−she’s recorded and studied how to change it. Now individuals can take advantage of her practical audiotapes, books and videotapes to accelerate personal growth. Dr. Hunt has served as a university professor and researcher for over 40 years, now serving as Professor Emeritus at UCLA.

Mind Mastery Meditations Book
Make use of this helpful workbook’s practical exercises to relax, balance and activate your energy systems. They are some of the most effective exercises determined by science to increase mental and spiritual abilities! Open the mind to success, goal-manifestation, energy balancing, hasten healing, improving focus and intention, and much more. From Dr. Hunt’s more than 40 years of research. Paperback book. 126 pp. Retail Price: $16.95.

Music of Light’s Sounds of the Human Aura Balance Your Energy Field & Expand Your Consciousness
The world's first authentic sounds produced by the human energy field are harmonically accompanied by contemporary and classical music. The recorded sounds of the human aura represent the frequencies of 800 of the most powerful healers ever measured. They produce improved vitality and well-being for plants and animals as well as people by changing the chaos patterns reflective of illnesses of the mind and body into coherency. Research shows that using these sounds is the fastest method of increasing the strength, flexibility and frequencies of your own energy fields. They work almost immediately and affect all within hearing range! Includes: 5 Cassette Album with Instruction Booklet, 60 Minutes each, DOLBY Stereo. Not Sold Separately. Retail Price $135.95
Stabilizing Tape Vitalizing Tape Tuning Tape Relaxing Tape Elevating Tape Sounds Of The Rainbow Aura (13 Colors) Sounds Of The Red-Amber-Orange Aura Sounds Of The Yellow-Green-Gold Aura Sounds Of The Blue-Violet-Mauve Aura Sounds Of The White-Blue-Gold Aura

Mind Mastery Meditations Cassette Tape
Tape #1 Tape #2 Side A Side B Side A Side B Activating The Physical Field Opening The Mind-Field And Emotions Telepathic Knowing: The Transfer Of Thought Uncovering Past Lives

Cassette tape. 45 minutes each. Retail Price: $16.00.

Infinite Mind: The Science of Human Vibrations of Consciousness
A fascinating description of Dr. Hunt’s research leading to scientific understanding of the human energy field. Explore the profound implications for healing the mind and body, the emotions and creativity, extrasensory human capacities in higher consciousness, and the mystical connections of spirit. Hard cover book. 362 pp. Retail Price: $27.50

Recordings of Dr. Hunt’s Lecture Series−Great for Both Skeptics & Healers!
Biocosmic Connection Research with brain waves, holograms and energy fields/ practical application of these transactions to our lives. 90 Minute Audio Tape. Retail Price: $16.00 Future Healing: Energy Field Transactions And Change Understanding the subtle human energy systems explains a lot about disease and healing. 3 Lectures, 4 Tapes, 60 Minutes Each Tape - $50.00 Color Preferences, Color Needs, Color Effects How the colors of our own auras effect our vitality, personalities, emotional and physical health. 1 Tape. 90 minutes. Retail Price: $16.00 International Healing Energy Medicine Conference I BIOLOGICAL ENERGY FIELD AND ENERGY MEDICINE / INTUITIVE DIAGNOSIS II III MIND, THE SOURCE OF PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL DISEASES FUTURE HEALING: Energy Field Transactions and Change 3 lectures, 4 tapes, 60 minutes each. Retail Price: $50.00

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chaotic patterns. as do advanced states of learning. pathogens. psychiatrist. increasing intuition. heart and muscle waves from outer space. Dr. Although these initial analyses have been considered “state-of-the-art” by traditional scientists. tend. stable. MRI’s. stability. These related both to patterns of pain. seeking the healthiest and best energy patterns. Analysis of this data by Fourier transform and voice spectrogram yielded consistent information patters of frequency. “filling in the gaps” and “connecting the dots” better than anything else. 5) Aerospace/military – astronauts or soldiers can be measured. doctors. via telemetry applications. and helps fill in the gaps x-rays. biologists. distinct to the various states which can be learned and modeled. To learn more. in real time. 6) Law enforcement/homeland security – Equally. and provide extra revenue for hospitals and clinics. compassion. display consistent energetic patterns for specific states which can be broadcast. even fabulous. funding and promoting her equipment (see Abstract) Condensed Summary – When people. as well as patterns found with health. we recommend “Music of Light” for quick results. spectra and sequential wave trains and amplitudes unique to each subject. and what patterns are working best to what patterns be added or changed to make things better. In addition to Transformational Breakthroughs being able to be a master wholesaler of products. see also the other Hunt products. counselors and clergy – strong positive functional states of mind (even states of successful prayer) exhibit frequency patterns. Dr. Valerie Hunt – 1st DRAFT Dr. frequency patterns can be cataloged). and eve. and wellness is associated with rich. can potentially allow for financial independence. for those wanting to experience strong. Hunt’s equipment and products also. or more effective than lie detector (in the hands of skilled users) law enforcement could detect lying patterns from deception patterns. especially before working towards denser energy bodies. These can be cataloged. Hunt recorded energy field sounds of hundreds of healthy people. clear thinking and other positive traits. stabilizing the emotions. emotions and disease symptoms. anger and mental illness shows up as weak or dull. be they explosives. Using telemetry instruments similar to those for recording brain. 4) Hospitals & HMO’s. coherency (as oppose to chaotic) and amplitude. when correct. stable. 2) Doctors and surgeons can use this equipment both to aid in diagnosis and treatment protocols. . 7) Business owners/educators/executives – decisions. etc. again. CAT scans. Both patient and physician can tell with equipment which things are working or not and where to concentrate on for best results. the bio-energy field shows increased amplitude. from which medication combinations (for example antibiotics tend to produce green and/or violet frequencies) and dosages to where else and/or how much to operate. Fear. clinics and assisted living centers – same as above. clairvoyance as needed and other survival instinct skills. so people. have consistent patterns. equipment shows both applicable colors and whether and how much energy patterns are producing more stability. ultimately making the drugs and their dosage safer and more effective. as well as detect who is coming into an airport or other security zone with unusual substances. (with the right research) what frequencies to add via broadcast to make pilots or soldiers more effective by sending energy wave patterns helpful in focusing. feeling appropriately brave. coherency and wide ranges of color frequencies. coherent patterns and energy colors have applications. Hunt. as well as adjunct to pre & post surgery and other treatments. Incredible courage. SPGCT. chaotic patterns. drug companies can tailor their drugs to take into account these types of patterns and colors.Cover for Dr. both for preventive and complimentary. plants and animals are strong. healthy and performing at peak levels. creativity and most efficient discovery or analysis. psychologist. or people spreading Ebola or smallpox (since. in the electromyographic laboratory department of physiological science at UCLA recorded electromagnetic vibrations not previously known. coherent energy patterns.) Applications for these technologies include: 1) Healers of all types – this equipment lets you know where energy patterns are that need to be improved. The fantastically useful feedback in the hands of qualified people would both save money for insurance companies. 3) Drug companies – since disease shows up as dull. above normal sexual responses. and “Mind Mastery Meditations”. integrative medicine. Commanders can tell bot who best to send into battle. making it easier to see how the puzzle pieces fit together. well being. EEG & other imaging leaves out. additional opportunities are available using. concentrating. by themselves. courageous. as well as environmental influences need changing. or other peak states. eventually computers could automatically assist for whatever “state assistance” is needed. again. to be associated with distinctive patterns. physicists and other traditional disciplines. People in great states of learning. PSI ability & mind over matter – same as above. modeled and learned (or broadcast for entrainment or other applications) for example – having the right idea or best insight shows consistent patterns. new technology has now been developed quantum leaps ahead of anything else in the world today. Different activities and states of mind have consistent energy patterns that can also be measured. substances (or combination). and what techniques. modeled and learned. plants and animals could benefit rapidly via broadcast by being near the sounds (see Music of Light.

the inner living sounds. stimulating spectrum. and especially composed music. Wherever played. coherent field to offset air and ground vibrational contamination. and music find a sustaining overall "put togetherness". These sounds vitalize and activate the body and excite and stimulate the emotions.Etheric spiritual tones elevate thoughts and imagery to a broader world. TUNING YELLOW-GREEN–GOLD . complete. There is strong evidence that a dynamic healthy field is the first measure of physical and emotional health. eliciting the motivation to accomplish and the enthusiasm to complete work without fatigue. ♦ VITALIZING RED-AMBER–ORANGE . has great effects on the neural tuning of all the senses. nourishing. They elaborate imagery. and gold carry the consciousnessexpanding spectrums. richer beauty and deeper wisdom. so that what the person wills to do is done with increased ease. These sounds of blue. Contains all the colors of a rainbow (the vibrations of white light) completely balanced. facilitate learning.Soothing relaxing spectrum encourages a quiet contemplative state of peaceful higher consciousness. Listening to these vibrations increases calmness. They also tend to relieve constriction.Progressing in frequency. Research indicates that experiences with these sounds are the fastest single method of increasing the strength. These are the sounds of refreshment and regeneration. these rainbow blends fill the air with coherent fullness to stabilize and offset the confusing electromagnetic vibrations and sound contaminations. Call: (310) 396-1269 . vibrant. The warm. Awareness becomes purer and more elaborate. similar to the alertness of a skilled athlete or musician. STABILIZING TAPE Rainbow Spectrum (13 Colors) Provides a rich. Fax: (310) 396-4081 Or. Listeners describe a magnificent experience associated with feelings of improved vitality and well-being. stable. flexibility and frequencies of your auric fields. COST: 5 Tapes. Seminars & Techniques. red-orange-amber. Or To Place An Order. ♦ ♦ ♦ ELEVATING WHITE-BLUE–GOLD . soothing spectrum of blue-violet-mauve is a lullaby to the mind with its primary effects of quieting hyperactive body and emotions. A final spectrum is as the diamond to a stone . imparting feelings of peacefulness and tranquility. and stable.Vibrant stimulating sounds revitalize the physical body and activate spontaneous emotions.Fine tuning of sensation and perception improves nervous system efficiency and performance and creatively activates the mind. vigor. Listening to these musical sounds during a work slump or drowsiness is a "pick up". expansive awareness. causing the human field to become grounded. encouraging health. relaxing and expanding body and mind. Dr. and strength. For Additional Information On Products. the perfect rhythms. ♦ STABILIZING RAINBOW . Persons feel a radiant wholeness. for the first time. with quickened responses. the complex wave forms and resonances which connect us to our source. Listening to such sounds results in an elevating. RELAXING BLUE-VIOLET-MAUVE . Yellow green-gold sounds tune for accomplishment in creative thought and problem solving. Designed to replenish and make coherent the human energy field. classical. has its most profound effect upon the physical body. DOLBY Stereo (Not Sold Separately) Includes Shipping & Handling $150. Yellow-green-gold. nourishing and coherent color sounds blend as white light to stabilize the field and encourage broad awareness. The cool. Those who listen regularly to these sounds. The world's only pure auric sounds as selected from electronic recordings of the fields of 800 normal healthy persons. 60 Minutes Each. 13 rich.the highest and most precious and appear to have the greatest recharging effects. Hunt's research has harnessed.Page 1 2/6/07 Transformational Breakthroughs Presents: Products Of Professor Valerie Hunt MUSIC OF LIGHT: AURIC SOUNDS The world's first authentic sounds produced by the human auric field are harmonically correlated with contemporary. white.

and have a sharpened memory. and depression. and rapid learning. During quiet. Fax: (310) 396-4081 Or. Users report that although they slept fewer hours at night. suddenly remembering where they left something. problem solving. encourages feelings of vibrant health and well-being. as is poor circulation and coldness in the feet and legs. spontaneous emotions and joyful states. contemplative. they will most often choose this Stabilizing Tape. Yellow-Green-Gold Sound Vibrations with Harmonically Correlated Waltz Music. decreases muscle soreness after exercise and hastens quiet sleep. As persons continue using these tapes their field grows and stabilizes. in the legs and feet and in the hollow areas of the trunk. Rainbow Sound Vibration with harmonically Correlated Music VITALIZING TAPE Red-Orange-Amber This spectrum increases physical vigor and potency. Oldsters often remark that the "little twitches" and painful muscle areas tend to relax and the pain to disappear. reaction time--important for perfecting new skills. and tone them. It also causes an Alpha brainstate. They also say they feel more alive. peaceful states. they believed it was a deeper sleep because they awoke more refreshed. rich.Page 2 2/6/07 This stabilizing Tape is composed of all colors and therefore all vibrations of the light spectrum and is recommended to be played throughout the day during any activity or at low-energy times to provide a stable. Call: (310) 396-1269 . Users describe experiencing tingling inside their limbs. essential for creative thought. innovation. There is a strong consistency in reports of heightened hearing. during dressing. These vibrations are felt distinctly in the upper body. is accompanied by weakness in these low vibrations or red spectrum frequencies. and more alert to things going on around them. decreasing physical and emotional tensions. Pleasant higher consciousness with expanded awareness are its rewards. This is the evening tape. Research has shown that muscular instability. These sounds relate to and accompany physical vitality. that their tiredness is gone. the sounds from this tape relax. Others describe a general sense of well-being. most humans have a predominantly blue violet mauve field. stimulates efficiency of nervous system to improve coordination. Some oldsters chose this Tuning Tape for relaxation. Reports point to improved sensory awareness and perception leading us to speculate some possible neural facilitation. and tranquility. The Vitalizing Tape is a wake-up tape. vision and more stability when moving about. Blue-Violet-Mauve Sound Vibrations with Harmonically Correlated Moonlight and Pleasant Symphonic Music For Additional Information On Products. giving feelings of wholeness. concentration. nourishing field. These vibrations encourage pleasant. It should be played before rising. Common is the rapidity of falling asleep. Some think more clearly. unsteadiness in walking. Or To Place An Order. peacefulness. Such occurs because this tape contains the complete energy field spectrum. comfort. played as the person wishes to relax. Electroencephalographic studies show that people move rapidly into Alpha states. refresh. Friends often comment they look better and seem more alert. invigorates and energizes and it stimulates life forces. and the head. Red-Orange-Amber Sound Vibrations with Stimulating Harmonically Correlated Contemporary Music TUNING TAPE Yellow-Green-Gold This spectrum improves perception through heightened sensory awareness. RELAXING TAPE Blue-Violet-Mauve This spectrum is very effective in increasing calmness and relaxation. It prepares for skill activities. You will experience these sounds in the lower part of the body. strengthens. often with sensations of tingling aliveness. Many report that after they have been with noisy people. overcoming sadness. Both good and bad sleepers reported that they had a more refreshing sleep. read or sleep. and they now are more interested in doing things. or at additional times by persons who are gaining strength after illness or weakness from fatigue. Experiences with these sounds are in the sensory-neural system throughout the body. Seminars & Techniques. balance. with expanded awareness or sleep. Users of this tape state that they have become more active throughout the day. the chest. This is the tape of athletes during physical workouts. are stronger.

hasten healing with specific tools. Your own field becomes more flexible and more receptive to the frequencies that you lack and your consciousness expands. Relaxing. These sounds are produced for stereo tape recorders. as your field becomes stronger and more complete. sensitive flow of the realities of the universe. You are most likely to hear the aura color sound when the music is of low intensity or between music selections. The five audiotapes are designed and titled according to their general physical effects. You will learn to relax.Page 3 2/6/07 ELEVATING TAPE Blue-While-Gold This spectrum stimulates higher awareness. Mind Mastery Meditations will speed your self-healing and ability to manifest your deepest goals. You should play the least liked tapes more often. encoded by existence of life in the physical world. and finally. interfacing. spiritual realms. such as Stabilizing. these have a definite effect. Then you will no longer hear the "noise" of the auric sound . The final spectrum is as a diamond to an ordinary stone--the most elegant and the most precious. material. For Additional Information On Products. Book . Because each tape is made up of different frequency ranges of the human field. Most people listen to music specifically for note quality. The lower vibrational spectrum mirrors the biological. sense the biocosmic confluence. the highest human vibration spectrum is like the oscillations of plasma surrounding space crafts. the divine. These vibrations fill the air with coherent fullness. open your emotions. They are sounds in particular frequencies. and a sense of "togetherness" essential to problem-solving at the level of wisdom. These sounds carry the consciousness-expanding spectrum's characteristic of spiritual feelings and love. These are the sounds of refreshment with restorative powers to recharge the human tissue and regenerate the human mind bringing peace. your soul’s needs. offsetting the confusing electomagnetic vibrations and sound contamination. you will still interact with field vibrations. Blue-White-Gold Sound Vibrations with Harmonically Correlated Musical Notes.they blend.“Mind Mastery Meditations” – Cost $16. If you drop off to sleep or your mind wanders. lifting thought from often tedious material existence into the ethereal. These sounds will effect your field even if you are not aware of hearing them so you can turn down the volume until barely audible. resonating field wherever you are. and Elevating. It encourages spiritual feelings and love. Vitalizing. they constantly affect the field of the person. Or To Place An Order. because these contain a predominate vibration of your own field. Because these frequently expand consciousness the user should test his response by listening for short periods. This is a linear way like the eyes focus on details at the expense of peripheral vision. the "noise" sounds that you hear are the auric sounds. then select that tape most suitable. togetherness and clear thinking. balance and activate your energy systems. Research shows. One does not have to pay attention to or perceive these sounds through the ears -. Mind Mastery Meditations will empower you to live your life with greater ease and success. peace and contentment. And. Fax: (310) 396-4081 Or. Seminars & Techniques. relating. These you need the least. It assists in processing problems on a higher level with solutions of wisdom. uncover present and past lifehoods. discover and enhance your own spirituality. The middle spectrum reflects the thoughts and machinations of the human mind. The highest frequencies seem to have the most charging effect.95 Mind Mastery Meditations are designed to give you mastery of your mind – your mind has all the answers to why you are the way you are. contentment. To summarize. Music has been selected with similar sound spectra to blend with the aura. Tuning. your unique capacities and your self-designed destiny. creating the greatest good and the most coherent fullness. the sounds of outer space. These sounds bring elevated awareness. planning. You should listen to feel the sound as a surround sound filling a room and moving through your body. How to listen to the auric tapes Simply evaluate your specific need at the particular time. learn to communicate thought and increase creativity. You may prefer particular sound tapes better than others. Call: (310) 396-1269 . you may wish to increase the volume and/or the time the tape is played. creating. This is holistic experiential listening.these vibrations provide a rich.

Tape 1 (45 minutes) $16. Side B OPENING THE MIND-FIELD AND EMOTIONS .. essential for all higher meditative experiences. Tape 2 (45 minutes) $16.00* Side A TELEPATHIC KNOWING: The Transfer of Thought . to know your deep sources of motivation and to change. Then you will realize your soul’s greatness.. Must reading for alternative health care professionals.00* Side A ACTIVATING THE PHYSICAL FIELD . your life will be dynamic and fulfilled.MIND MASTERY MEDITATIONS. the emotions and creativity. you will have the correct answers to your questions from your own highest source. has profound implications for healing. These energy field findings lead to stunning new information about the mind and body. Fax: (310) 396-4081 Or. HUNT. a richer personal live and spiritual enlightenment. Seminars & Techniques.. scientists.” Valerie V. When you open your conscious. Research graphics show the correlations of field waves and auric colors and the field coherency and anticoherency in health and illness. Tape – Mind Mastery Meditations. be in command and know how to go about it. Call: (310) 396-1269 ..Meditation exercises will activate smooth flow and coherency of the electromagnetic field. take your power. It clarifies metaphysical deductions from physics. The reader will learn about the vibrant electromagnetic radiation field as it changes during human interaction and with environmental conditions. Hunt Tape . Or To Place An Order.” "A classic you will read many times. Cost $33. By tapping into super and subconscious states.Meditative exercises will open parts of our minds where past and present life experiences are stored. Her highly creative approach and meticulous research bring together overlapping truths from many disciplines. The author’s major discovery of the human field “chaos” pattern. and the mystical connections of spirit. Learn to be in touch with all motivations operating in your life today so you can relieve stress. Valerie Hunt is internationally recognized for her pioneering research of human energy fields.. For Additional Information On Products.Meditation experiences will get in touch with and monitor the mind. Learn to tap into and decode constantly the telepathic messages available. Side B UNCOVERING PAST LIVES . You can improve communication skills by projecting your thoughts powerfully over distances. and lay people seeking improved health. present and past.. you safely learn to measure your stream of emotions. These provide skills required for healing disease and dysfunction.Meditative experiences will allow you to recall and integrate present and past life experiences. the first ever demonstrated in biological systems.Page 4 2/6/07 Ask yourself “What should I be? What should I do. “I want you to gain mastery of your mind. and should supercede the explanations of the past. evaluates clinical suppositions. and know divinity as yours. experiencing and sensing mind on all levels to your soul’s nourishing wisdom. And you will have the ability to carry out these answers in your life." "A monumental work for everyone's reading.” Do you find clear answers or are you in confusion? When you are in control. healing and spirituality Spiritual connections discovered to occur when human vibrations are elevated and coherent "Years ahead of its time. extrasensory human capacities in higher consciousness. About the Author: Dr. Infinite Mind: Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness presents the first comprehensive human energy field model based on 25 years of sophisticated electronic field research and extensive clinical studies.50 • • • • • • • Living vibrations validated by electronic frequency research Higher mind discovery to be an energy field throughout the body New models of science and thought pinpoint human energy fields to be the source of all behavior Emotions as energy disclosed to be different at personality and soul levels of consciousness Healing and diagnosis of the frequency patterns of health and disease substantiate Alternative Medicine Mystical connections of higher consciousness found in creativity. Book – “INFINITE MIND: SCIENCE OF HUMAN VIBRATIONS OF CONSCIOUSNESS” BY VALERIE V. and apply the power of your emotions.

Founding President. The first to discover vibration patterns during pain.D. Call: (310) 396-1269 . for the first time in color the dramatic sounds and pictures of the auric field and documented research slides of Dr. pain. Author of “Music Physician for Times to Come”. emotions. “A fascinating and brilliant work giving scientific perspective on mystical experience.. imagery. Hunt An acclaimed scientist. How this information is available through ‘Infinite Mind’.D. pain. M. Forest Institute of Professional Psychology “A brilliant overview by the true pioneer scientist of the study of human vibrations. Dr. has revealed the true science of the transaction between the mind and body. Valerie Hunt. Ph. and conditions of health. Valerie V. O. and the University of California at Los Angeles. Valerie Hunt’s new book ‘The Infinite Mind’. American Holistic Medical Association. Jacob Lieberman.60 Minutes . Dr. lecturer and professor. soul-seeker. Dr. Seminars & Techniques. disease. Electronic Engineer VIDEO TAPE – “THE HUMAN ENERGY FIELD AND HEALTH” This video show. Dr. Shealy Institute for Comprehensive Health Care. into an important book about vibration energy. Ph.D. emotions. Hunt’s research has scientifically verified the human energy field. Her observation of human energy fields may serve to orchestrate science. Miller. Hunt has found that the energy fields correlate directly with pain. Ph.Page 5 2/6/07 Holding advanced degrees in psychology and physiological science from Columbia University. Founder. The “Chaos Pattern” of the Human Aura.. Valerie Hunt has been a scientific visionary for more than 25 years. disease. For the first time. Author of “Take Off Your Glasses and See” and “Light-Medicine of the Future” “Infinite Mind’ weaves the story of scientist. A monumental piece of work. Her new boo ‘Infinite Mind’ is destined to become the handbook for the field of energy medicine”. Norman Shealy. New concepts of the chaos patterns and coherency of illness. and that these frequency variations can be measured and graphically displayed. and in emotional and spiritual states. Dr. aging. Founder. Research and Clinical Professor of Physiology. Ed Skilling. National Council of Women of Vision & Action “After all my 45 years of study and search for answers in the field of Bioelectronics.D. and the energy source of free radicals encourages energy approaches. “Mozart Effect”. For Additional Information On Products. “Music and Miracles”. Learn all about… BIOENERGY FIELD TECHNOLOGY from its pioneer researcher. new research and the essential awareness that spirit is alive in us all”. C. Dr.. To all those ready to open themselves tot he infinite possibilities of the human potential. Institute for Music.D. this book will be a beacon”. Don G. Hunt has found scientific evidence of individualized field signatures and subtle energetic happenings between people and within groups. the University of Iowa. SEE – The amazing results of Auric Field research & the new developments in science that can help to improve your life and health. Research Professor. Hunt’s amazing energy field research during health. “Valerie is a leader in demonstrating the human energetic system from a science point of view.” Rev. is ground-breaking” Candace Pert. and consciousness states. sounds and slides.. Or To Place An Order. Dr. Her discovery of the physical and emotional happenings in the mysterious energy we call. Georgetown University Medical Center “Dr. Hunt's amazing energy field findings during health. Campbell. Health and Education. Cost: Color VHS . disease and illness. the mind.$50. emotional and physical experiences.. or the Human Aura which surrounds the entire human body. this video shows with pictures. imagery and consciousness states. Marilyn K. Science of Mind Minister. Required reading for all looking for answers and deeper understanding of the profound human capability to function in spiritual and material realms simultaneously. A book everyone should read and study”. Fax: (310) 396-4081 Or.

DR. Includes Shipping & Handling $16. pioneering research with high frequency electronics captured and elucidated the human energy field and observed field transactions. This research has many practical implications. From these studies a new model emerged of the macrocosmic links of humans and cosmos. however. Or To Place An Order. Energy medicine is the visionary medicine of the future. Fax: (310) 396-4081 Or. BIOLOGICAL ENERGY FIELD AND ENERGY MEDICINE / INTUITIVE DIAGNOSIS New concepts of the electromagnetic source of life and disease elucidates the current major medical problems: diabetes. 1992. with atmosphere. Principal Lecturer (3 lectures. with Earth vibrations. . Through 25 years of extensive research. underlies all communication and creativity and makes telepathy and clairvoyance rational. Dr. people with people. Understanding the subtle energy systems that flow through body meridians. HUNT MEASURES AND MAPS OUR BIO—ENERGY FIELD! Dr. LECTURE TAPE – “BIOCOSMIC CONNECTION” . LECTURE TAPE – “FUTURE HEALING: ENERGY FIELD TRANSACTIONS AND CHANGE” . FUTURE HEALING: Energy Field Transactions and Change Understanding the subtle energy systems that flow through the body meridians.$50. Hunt’s work is a unique and ground breaking contribution to our understanding of the energy field that surrounds and affect our minds and bodies. Valerie Hunt has had a distinguished 40-year career as a university professor and physiology researcher. connective tissues and by neuropeptide transmission along with discovery of the elegant chaos pattern in the human field makes it understandable why a gentle energy nudge can snatch order out of the random chaos of extensive dysfunction and bring about miraculous healing and regeneration. All point to new diagnoses and treatment modes with close cooperation of physicians. Valerie V. 60 minutes each) I. discovers that the mind is a field of information. Dr. III. Dr. as follows: 4 tapes.00* Regent’s College. Hunt. and with thought waves. Major gaps in brain neurophysiology and an emphasis on chemistry with shots and pills to cure all health problems have treated symptoms with limited success and danger. along with discovery of the elegant chaos pattern in the human field. Her data also shows the first “chaos” patterns ever demonstrated in biological systems. discovers that the mind is a field of information. Redirected basic research. Energy medicine is the visionary medicine of the future. England – October. fatigue symptoms. This proves how changes in our energy fields occur prior to the diagnosis of actual disease conditions. Hunt was able to measure changes in the human energy fields which were soon followed by negative changes in physical and mental states. connective tissues and by neuropeptide transmission. heart. THE SOURCE OF PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL DISEASES Major gaps in brain neurophysiology and emphasis on chemistry with shots and pills to cure all health problems have treated symptoms with limited success and growing danger. Currently a Professor Emeritus at UCLA. the true source of all health problems. Seminars & Techniques. MIND. the true source of all health problems.Page 6 2/6/07 Scientist Proves the Existence of the Human Aura . repeatable measurements of the field surrounding the human body. Research with brain waves. she has now achieved objective. 60 Minutes Each Tape . Redirected research. viruses and Alzheimer’s disease. sclerosis. For the first time. psychics and healers. emotional and consciousness based conditions and diseases. holograms and energy fields show how these two separate material entities actually transact as one and the practical application of these transactions to our lives. 4 Tapes. however. LECTURE TAPE – “INTERNATIONAL HEALING ENERGY MEDICINE CONFERENCE” $50. makes For Additional Information On Products. she developed a recording device to discover and measure frequency patterns existing in physiological. Call: (310) 396-1269 II. and how the mind-field creates illness and health.COST: 90 Minute Tape.COST: 3 Lectures.

and extended sensory awareness. Call: (310) 396-1269 . tendons. Each living animal or plant cell is endowed with intracellular.C. effects and needs reflect our deepest responses to color. hypnotic or metaphysical reality. and gross structural polarities that furnish living tissue with electromagnetism. Kirlian photographic research displayed energy field changes during emotional states (1939. connective tissue. COLOR EFFECTS . and muscle waves of astronauts in space. heart. Their predictions are universal and transcending and full of wisdom. Seminars & Techniques. the material physicist. relaxation and calmness. cellular. [Already.] William Tiller. hasten vascular flow and create anesthesia.00 Color preferences. There is another group of persons we describe as mystics. In altered states. emotions. Hunt in the Electromyographic Laboratory. with a psychic.A. Algorithmic formulas and new ''fractal mathematics of nature" capture dynamic. coming from nerve and brain activity. England). like membranes. Analysis of these data by Fourier Transform and Voice Spectrogram yielded consistent informational patterns of frequency spectra. An Overview Throughout recorded history there are references to light emissions observed to come from the human body. recorded electromagnetic vibrations not previously known.1 Tape (90 minutes) Suggested contribution $16. Dr. non-periodic. as high as our instruments could record. It is the reflected light filtered through a person’s aura from which he makes judgments which create his physical and emotional experience with color. “At any moment in time. Standford University. We recorded their field frequencies to 200 kHz.with polarities and energy field effects. and disease symptoms.). they only have changing vibrations which result in light reflections from the pigment these contain.” For Additional Information On Products. focus is on the material world. but they additionally tap into lofty spiritual knowings. Scientific quantification of light emissions were shown by photo graphs of the body taken with colored glass filters (1910. U. Burr discovered an electro-magnetic field in all living tissue with fluctuations and variations over time (1930-1960. Using telemetry instruments similar to those used to record brain. Mystics have available at all times the capacities of the psychics and the trance mediums. COLOR NEEDS. Electronic research is discussed as applied to the effects of color upon vitality and strength. These appeared to be related to such phenomena as pain. computer graphic displays of fractals are now creating incredible vibrational patterns from material substances.A. that all vital systems operate electrically. De La Mar built the first radionics recorder to measure by scale the living tissue radiations (1940. a person’s state of consciousness and his level of awareness is predictable from his mindfield frequency pattern (Exhibit 20). Or To Place An Order. In their presence one sees or senses powerful white light. From these computations. These tissue create and carry electrical impulses. Relatively inert substances. Valerie V. sequential wave trains and amplitudes unique to each subject. ligaments. Some of these psychics display unusual skills to obtain hidden information. and fascia also participate in chemical interaction. Objects do not possess a fixed color of their own. Recently we have found that a cell is a bioelectric wonder . pulsed low magnetic fields by acupuncture are reported to change enzyme action. Russia). These are the beginning frequencies of the mind-field. the frequencies are extended above 400 Hz.S. who “channel” information about current life and who make predictions about future material happenings. have powerful energies in this lower mind-field spectrum. U. Fax: (310) 396-4081 Or. The energies are confined to the lower frequencies up to 250 Hz.Page 7 2/6/07 understandable why a gently energy nudge can snatch order out of the random chaos of extensive dysfunction and bring about miraculous healing and regeneration. continuous vibrations. who display the broadest awareness with a complete range of uninterrupted frequencies. COLOR PREFERENCES. These new analytic techniques are now being used with energy field data. During the state of ordinary reality. For years we have known that life is an electrical fact. These people.L. had predicted that bioelectricity is the emerging future which will determine the next generation of medical and psychological instruments for evaluation and treatment of human conditions. The color vibrations of our own “aura” constitute a color screen which alters and accentuates our visual color perception. BIOENERGY FIELDS. Department of Physiological Science. Germany).

Seminars & Techniques. Fax: (310) 396-4081 Or. Or To Place An Order.Page 1 2/6/07 For Additional Information On Products. Call: (310) 396-1269 .

attests to the electrical nature of cells. and algorithmic formulas also are available to describe these dynamic non-periodic. unimportant information. and disease symptomology. by photographic representation. The Director of BFL. the state-of-theart in electronics today is adequate to intercept. emotions. The growing emphasis on therapeutic use of electromagnetic energy to hasten the healing of horses. wave trains and amplitudes were found. record and analyze such low voltage high frequency biological signals. These were unique for each person. There is increased evidence that electrical field changes at the cellular level occur before structural physiological changes. However. The Bioenergy Fields Laboratory (BFL) has already developed. but is in line with discoveries from atomic physics that all structure has electrical qualities at the primary level of analysis. 1995 . Valerie Hunt. no electronic instruments are available to adequately measure the complex electrical patterns of the human energy field. to alleviate pain and improve enzyme and vascular activities. and reacted to such things as pain. has analyzed a resting baseline of bioelectric activity formerly thought to be spurious. From this prototype. New fractal mathematics. electronics components can be upgraded and an instrument fabricated for commercial © Bioenergy Fields Foundation. tested and owns an engineering prototype of an instrument capable of intercepting and recording an energy field up to 200KHz from the body surface. When these signals were processed by Fourier Analysis and Spectrograms. chaos graphics. Despite these facts. over a 20 year period using telemetry EMG equipment. When constructive changes occur on the cellular level the structural regeneration on the tissue level follows. Currently. rich information patterns of frequency ranges and spectra. continuous. bioelectric field vibrations. the only method of evaluating the energy field changes has been by visual inspection of colored screens with light filters. or a gross quantity measurement by radionics instruments. Dr.Abstract The Bioenergy Fields Foundation is created to research the fields of energy radiating from the body surface which are attributed to the electrical nature of living cells. The approach of the Bioenergy Fields Laboratory (BFL) differs from prior physiological research dealing with electrical activity of nerves and muscles.

Medication prescriptions Psychology: a. This includes testing. Medicine: a. for the study of physiological functioning 9digestion and assimilation). 4. research laboratories and universities. reasonable priced in a range of $10. data parameters and interpretations with both computer programs and graphics displays. Communication 2. for rapid diagnosis of emotional states in stress. and NMR scanners are very expensive and measure a more gross aspect of tissue change by shape and anatomic location. the cell as an electrical generator and electromagnetic energy in healing. Evaluation instruments such as CAT. Protective health examinations b. improved prescriptions of drugs. psychological and nutritional office. and altered states. and for medical. 3. This portable Bioenergy Field Monitoring System (BFMS). could be produced commercially for hospitals. psychopathology. and in communication by energy field thought vibrations. Digestion and assimilation b.000. Environmental contamination Behavior a. allergies. drug overdoses. PIP. This research also shows promise for generating a new domain of scientific instruments to be used in medicine for diagnoses and protective health exams. Interactive transaction and response b.development. Altered states of consciousness Physiology a. The BFMS is based upon a wide variety of scientific studies about evaluation of the electromagnetic field. The BFMS will have no immediate. direct competition. Food and drug reactions c. 1. By-products such as improved electrode gel with increased sensitivity and new fiber optic cables lower resistance and reduced noise. These scanners give little information about the functional disturbances and diseases which constitute © Bioenergy Fields Foundation. use procedures. will be forthcoming. 1995 . Emotion and stress b.

chiropractic. From a patent search. the prototype patents are attainable. there are no patented instruments of similar design of Bioenergy Fields prototype and none claiming to measure the body’s electromagnetic field. psychology. an estimated sales figure for the USA and the world was obtained (see page 37). Ideal laboratory facilities are available. The basis of this proposal is the development of a hardwire prototype and software computer processes. nursing and nutrition. psychology and psychiatry and the ancillary therapies of occupational and physical therapy. This staff will be aided by an internationally recognized group of professional leaders on a Scientific Advisory Council and outstanding consultants chosen for their unique expertise. © Bioenergy Fields Foundation. The projected commercial market for BFMS in the USA is based upon actual figures of the number of persons in medicine. physiology. frequency pattern and fractal mathematics with graphic displays of the chaos and complexity dimensions. hospitals. The Board of Directors of BFL anticipates joint manufacturing ventures with outstanding electromedical equipment companies providing a royalty return. engineering. and computer science. This requires collection of BFF data and analyses by crossplot. and health clinics. 1995 . Using a proportion of these figures. physics. These cannot show the disturbed field before structural changes occur. A highly trained key research staff has been selected with advanced academic degrees in mathematics. Based upon prior patent searches. and the number of universities.the bulk of medical practices. osteopathy.

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