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MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME Term-End Examination June, 2OO8

Time : 3 hours Nofe : (i) Section A hos six questions' each carrying 20 marks.Attempt any four questions. SectionB is compulsory, and carries20 marks. Maximum Marks : 700


SECTION A "l . by "Efficient CustomerResponse What do you understand (ECR)" ? Discuss the strategies that are followed in implementationof ECR. Integrationof supply chain and demand chain can be seen the strategies from three angles.What are they ? Disct-tss that are followed for an effectiveintegration.




5. product and funds in context to supply chain design. Why is it said that selectionof the right transport m_ode is necessary for optimum customer satisfaction and a balanced logistics system for the firm ? Discuss the strategiesthat are followed in order to better coordinate the transportation function. Discussone of them in detail. 4.3. What is the need for supply chain performancemeasures? Mention some of the supply chain performance measurementsystemsthat are in practice. MS-s5 . Discussthe categoriesin which supply chain information requirements can be classified. Give examples of the information containedwithin these categories. 6. Discuss various factors that influence the design of the supply chain. Discuss the three categories in which one can classify decisions relating to flow of information.

SECTIONB 7. Stringent For Quality Tests instance. every batch of chemicals (or which in fact are "reagents. Read the following case and answer the questions given at the end. when mixed with other substances. used for monitoring and managing the processes of Roche's analytical laboratories. . based in Basel. Switzerland. ROCHE DIAGNOSTICS Roche Diagnostics.T. is one of two divisions of the 1OO-year-oldhealthcare company. These types of tests are highly effectivefor diagnosing a wide realized that to maintain its business successit had to address the challenges presented by a non-integrated infrastmcture of computer systems. For Roche Diagnostics.cause chemical reactions.O. business success comes primarily from manufacturing and selling many of the world's best-known in-vitro diagnostic products. In-vitro products typically consist of chemicalsthat.The company turned to information systems to help it manage these processes quite complex." as they are called)must undergo a series of MS.55 P.

capturing about twice the in-vitro diagnosticsmarket share as its competitors. each of which requiredits own testing regimen. the regulatilns get MS-55 4 . and with production. manually usually by sending faxes to one another. Roche technicians and scientistswere required to communicate with one another. result. we " were able to send our data into our main ERP system. redundant and sometimes conflicting data populated the different systems.stringent quality tests before being releasedto production. and was introducing a variety of new products. "But as the processes become more complex.which was made up of a dozen. information manager QM at Roche Diagnostics. Growing Complexity At the same time. Roche was growing. says Kai Rothermel. "This industry has always been closely regulated for quality compliance.so laboratory personnel frequentlyhad to check their data. With the old IT infrastructure. "Eventually. s€parate quality management systems." says Rothermel. and communicatetheir results manually.since we had a dozen different interfabes between the quality " As a managementsystemsand our central ERP system. quality testing itself was becoming increasingly " complex."But it was a slow process.

including audit-trairand problern management. becauseit is searnlessly and production system."For instance. documentation that can satisfy the government audits. once a new batch of reagent passes the QM testing. the statusof that batch is automaticallyposted as MS-55 P." says "Quality management ." In the laboratory.For instance. all and appropriate QM information now flows directly immediately management into the company's material and batch and production-planning modules. And thanks to the integration of Roche's IT system. it has let us turn what was an automated highly a into bottleneck IT laboratory-to-productionsystem.First. and producesaccurate.more complicated. it performs a full range of laboratory Rothermel. integratedwith our ERP second. .T.consistent managementprocesses.for the last three years' the regular government inspectionshave covered our IT systems as well as our actual test and production Roche integrated processes.."Becauseof these pressures. information systemsto enhance its quality management processingplants' in its diagnostics (QM) capabilities Numerous Benefits benefitsus in two Yays.o. the solution acts as an enterprise laboratory information management system (LIMS) to cover wide-ranging analyses.

"This means our customers and our employees are assured of continuing. because if you don. "We now know we can rely on our Qttt data and its documentatior. " "And it means we can be confident about complying with regulatory audits. Roche now gets products to market more quickly than before. The QnA solution has also brought new level of safety both'to its customers and to Roche' according to Rothermel... Room for Growth. top{evel product quality that is extremely irnportant in this business.t comply.stock' in the materialsmanagementsystem. says Rothermel...'.stest data. product Safety The solution for quality management has helped Roche Diagnosticsstreamlineits IT infrastructure. " As a result. he mys. the FDA or another agency can actualry shut down your entire plant. because staffers do not have to take the time to manually check and double-checkone another.then it's automatically blocked from production. by eliminating the dozen IT interfaces that connected the laboratory and production systems. 'free MS-s5 . This has cleared the way for Roche to continue growing and introducing new products well into the future. too. This is important. "And if it doesn't pass.

Questions : (a) How has Roche improved its quality management without increasingIT complexity ? processes Highlight the importanceof quality in manufacturing' (b) M$-S.s.- 3"OOO ..

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