My Teaching Philosophy

Anna R. Montague  
Over the course of my preparation to become an educator, I have begun to develop a set of ideas and practices that frame my goals and objectives to better serve individual students and learning styles. I believe that this can be accomplished by incorporating a variety of instructional methods, by maintaining a positive classroom environment, and by being a guide and person of resource to my students and community. Instructional  Method   The heart of all of my teaching starts with my students therefore, students should be at the center of the instructional process. This means that my role as an educator is to know my students’ strengths and weaknesses both as learners and individuals inside and outside of the school. Therefore, I strongly believe that maintaining an open line of communication between parents and myself is essential. Through training sessions, weekly newsletters, emails, and daily behavior logs, parents and guardians will know that I am working on their team to help their child succeed. It is my belief that providing cross-curricular learning experiences in a number of ways is necessary in order to provide learning experiences that fit the individual needs of my students. As an educator, I recognize that not every student learns in the same manner therefore, I pride myself in my ability to tailor my lessons to meet the needs of all individual learning styles. If someone were to see my classroom, they would see that I incorporate Bloom’s Taxonomy into my instruction in order to help differentiate it. For example, some students may be asked to apply the information to their own experiences, where as other students who are capable of doing more may be asked to create something to demonstrate their understanding. In addition, students in my class will have a voice in what they are learning and how they show what they have learned. Giving students a voice in their learning will instill a desire to learn as well as to provide authentic learning experiences that allows for students to showcase their understanding in ways they may not have otherwise been able to do. For instance, instead of requiring all students to complete a writing activity after a lesson, students in my class would have the option to express their understandings in a format that best suits their needs but still meets the standards and objectives being taught. Classroom  Environment I strongly believe that in order for learning to take place in a classroom that the students must first feel that is a safe, positive and ridicule-free learning environment. In order for this to occur, our class as a whole must develop rules, norms, and procedures that support these beliefs. The rules and procedures that we develop need to be fair, well managed, and structured, as well as consistent throughout the course of the year in order to maintain a positive learning community within the classroom. In my opinion, trial and error is an important part of one’s education therefore, students in my class will feel comfortable to speak, learn, and grow without the fear of making a mistake. This will only occur if the proper rules, norms, and procedures have been put into place. When a mistake is made, it will be used as a positive learning experience in which we, students and myself, will all learn from it. I believe that trial and error leads to discovery learning, which builds problem-solving skills and gives students life long learning abilities. My classroom will be set up in a way that maximizes student interaction, as it is my belief that peer interaction yields significant learning opportunities. In my classroom, student desks would be set up in small groups, a horseshoe or another layout that easily enables students to work together in small groups as well as individually. In addition, the class will be inviting, clean and organized. Organization is key to having a classroom community in which all members can effectively participate. Person  of  Resource   Being a person of resource means that I am able to provide information and assistance to my students, parents, and community. In order to better serve my students and community, I feel it is my responsibility as an educator to remain informed and educated in effective teaching methods, technologies, content, and happenings within the community. Volunteering my services to organizations such as support groups or after school clubs within the community will enable me to remain informed on what is happening within the community. In addition, actively participating in teacher collaboration meetings and professional development sessions will help me stay up to date on the most effective teaching methods and technologies that are available to my students. In order to educate my students to the best of my abilities, I believe that incorporating a variety of instructional methods, maintaining a positive classroom environment, and being a guide and person of resource to my students and community is essential. Our future as a nation is dependent on our success in educating future generations therefore I promise to do my best in every way to serve the students that I teach.

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