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11th Military Skill Competition
Algemene Vereniging Reserve Militairen Regio West

Friday 27 and Saturday 28th September 2013.
Shooting Range “Arnhemse Heide” near the “Oranje” Barracks Arnhem. The 11th edition of this competition starts on Friday afternoon. A team becomes three participants, all active or reserves. The competition beholds the following skills: Shooting (Diemaco, Glock), Handgranate (Ex), Wapenessambly, Spotting tests, Casus “Medical Assistance”, NBC “Drill” and Orientation. There’s also an closing barbeque combined with a prices/closing ceremony.

Maximum of 20 teams.
We can offer overnight possibilities from 27 till 29th of September at the “Oranje” Barracks.

If you’re interesting and want to join with a team, please send an e-mail to: or Teams will receive in September 2013 the proper documents included detailed information about locations, time schedule and paying. Costs for participating with a team is a total amount of EUR 60, (just EUR 20,- for one person), this includes breakfast, lunch and dinner and more other logistics matters. “RMVW where all kind of Reserves Meet and Compete”.
Team name : Participants: 1 (teamcaptain) 2 3 Name : Rank : Registration No.:

Name teamcaptain: Street: Zip code: City:

Telephone: Fax: E-mail

RMVW 2013 will organize with the support of The Dutch Ministry of Defense and by auspenciën of the Reserve Shooting Committee NRFK.