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M*** F*****

Advanced Writing
Musical Consideration

If all of the cds in the world were to disappear, I hope one cd would remain within

the rubble of such a disastrous musical tragedy. This situation actually happened on a

much smaller level, to none other than yours truly. As I sat at the Thanksgiving table

with my family, I could not help but begin to slip into the holiday mode of cheer and

good spirits. As I helped myself to some more turkey and mashed potatoes, some dumb

selfish motherfucker was helping himself to my cd collection. When I returned to school

all three hundred of my cds were gone, leaving the seven or eight I had with me in the

car. I usually bring all of them home with me, but I was very drunk the night before and

so hung over the next morning that I forgot them. How stupid of me.

However, I was grateful that the dirty shit-eating heathen didn’t get his grubby

shit smelling hands on one particular cd for which I have come to realize as the cd that I

could listen to forever. If ever stranded on an island in total isolation I would only need

two things, a solar powered cd player and this one cd that I speak of. Is this the greatest

cd in the world? In the world of F*****…yes. In everyone else’s world…probably not.

Stuck in my current predicament I could not indulge in my usually short attention

span of listening pleasure. Without three hundred cds at my fingertips, I could not play

jukebox to my own listening pleasures. Thus, I would have to deal with what I had. My

cd collection now consists of the following: Billy Breathes by Phish, Beastie Boys

Anthology just the first disc, Jack Johnson, Dire Straights, Blues Traveler, Bare Naked

Ladies, System of a Down, and a bootleg Pearl Jam.

However, the one cd I have found a greater appreciation for is Weezer’s first cd,

known as the blue cd. In high school, the two most popular songs were Buddy Holiday

and The Sweater Song. A closer listen of this cd will reveal other songs and true pieces

of art worth another look. Weezer is an interesting band. Their lead singer, River

Cummos is a strange individual. He’s not crazy, although he rarely follows the regular

social norms of celebrity-hood. It has been rumored that from time to time Rivers will

occasionally go into hiding and seclusion, separating him from the outside world.

However, despite any weird social behaviors I believe Rivers creates music for the soul

purpose of enjoyment and love that comes from musical composition. When Weezer first

came out with that cd, it was different from anything else that was out there. Rivers has

the unique ability of pouring out his feelings into a truly superb rhythmic lyrical

experience. At times Weezer could be labeled “emo”, as Rivers yearns desperately in

song for understanding of things such as women, life and other human interactions. Emo

meaning emotional, is a music term that describes music that creates a deep emotional

feeling within the listener, kind of like country music only it does not suck. Emo usually

contains lyrics of despair or great loss.

Why should you listen to this cd? Because it’s not what everyone else is doing.

Weezer is the only band that has made it cool to be a geek. If you have seen the band,

they mostly dress like high school dorks who have spent most of their time shoved in

lockers and arguing over who could fit more pens into their pocket protectors. I will have

to admit that in high school I was not the most popular kid in school. I did not talk very

much and only had a close small group of friends. My friends and I didn’t drink and the

most exciting thing to happen on the weekend comprised of us playing pool and watching
movies. I was not outgoing at all, and if I ever attend any high school reunions, many of

my classmates probably would not even know who I am. Therefore, when I first

discovered Weezer, I idolized Rivers, who is one of the most influential individuals of my

musical aspirations. From then on, I was hooked, I wanted to be in a band and play

guitar just like Rivers.

This cd brings back many memories from my boring high school days for which I

regret to have realized the pure enjoyment of consuming alcoholic beverages. I will

share one embarrassing moment that often occurred while listening to this cd. When

listening to Weezer and watching them on MTV, which back then actually played music

videos, I would dream of being a front man making my own music videos and playing

shows for the masses. While I listened to the Weezer album I would use my father’s old

guitar (a vintage Norma) to imitate Rivers. My dad gave me the guitar after I showed

interest in learning to play. It didn’t even have a guitar strap so I fashioned one out of

speaker wire. Remembering that these were pre-beer days, I would set up a mirror on my

bed and “jam” out on my guitar while lip-syncing and pretending to be Rivers. It was

pretty pathetic but hey, it was cool to be a dork. I never did learn how to play the guitar

and to this day I cannot sing to save my life, but my experience with Weezer lead to my

next love of playing drums.

Through the devastating loss of my musical collection, which was as essential to

me as food or water, I have found something to replace my pain and begin the healing

process. Listening to this cd repeatedly brings back the same feelings of desire and

longing I experienced when wanting to be in a band. I have rediscovered the very cd for

which I credit my self taught musical talent of playing the drums. I encourage everyone
to listen to this cd whenever possible, it reaches out to many different types of people and

listeners. It appeals to those who truly love music and those who enjoy a catchy tune

every now and then. I suggest to everyone that they purchase this cd and explore its

sheer genius of lyrical content combined with great original musical talent. If anything,

this cd has kept me from fulfilling my desire to find the one who has taken my cds,

decapitate them, douse them with gasoline, burn them and then urinate down their

throats. I give all the credit to Weezer for making light of a talent I did not know I had

and keeping me from the insanity of musical deprivation.