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Naples, a city bursting with cultural vibe, roman heritage, and above all a city of continuos motion, bustling

with the needs of a modern city, whilst being fiercely italian, in religion, and in customs. Naples, you will find to be a city like no other, displaying some of Italy’s most interesting character keeping itself very much to regional and national culture, especially in the inhabitants’ fervent protection of the religious customs. Unlike many other cities, you will find that Naples is not a city of sights, but rather a city of cultural interest, and regional color, perhaps the factors that render it one of Italy’s most interesting cities. Like every other Italian city, a Hertz car hire, is your best way to travel, especially if you wish to take a stop on the breath-taking Amalfi coasline, or a classy evening in Positano, enjoying Southern Italy’s most treasured coastline. This part of the Northern Campania region boasts a coastline uncomparable to any other in Italy. Naples offers many attractions, mostly clustering over the cultural and artistic interests. Such architectural interests may include the beautiful ‘Duomo‘ or celebrated Palazzo Reale ( as well as the Piazza San Domenico Maggiore. Naples, is a city which is sadly very degraded and poorly maintained, leaving many of the city’s magnificent baroque churches hidden amongst squalors of entire quarters in which the state plays a minor role. For a better experience in the city, Hertz would recommend a short stay in Naples to enjoy the majestic Palazzo Reale, and the interesting quarters, to then be driving off along the Amalfi coast and a possible short trip to the island of Capri, bursting in natural beauty. In term of accomodation, Naples offers many good quality hotels, but unfortunately also is the home to many overpriced hotels, particularly in the historic center. With Hertz, you can find the best hotel to match your kind of holiday and avoid the tourist thoroughfare. A great example would be the Caravaggio Hotel ( or even the Donna Regina hotel ( To eat like a real Neapolitan, you might want to check out the Trattoria ‘Da Ettore’ in Via Santa Lucia, or ‘Da Pasqualino’ or even ‘Da Michele’, all three offering a traditional but quality menu rich with the region’s fish cuisine, as well as the prized Neapolitan pizza. If you’re choosing a good time to go, you might want to choose September or even October, as well as early summer, reaching dates of about the end of July at the latest. This is mainly because of the incredible heat that tends to make a holiday in Naples rather unenjoyable. To enjoy the city at the most, stop by in July, September, or even for the Neapolis rock festival in late summer. If your’e looking at something more traditional and deeply neapolitan, you might want to see about attending the Festa di ‘San Gennaro’ which displays some of the city’s most traditional flare. In early July, you may also find the beautiful ‘Madonna do carmine’ festival which also demonstrates the city’s stunning religious foundations. To experience some of the region’s alluring coast, book into your nearest Hertz car rental, and take a trip to Amalfi, or numerous other hill towns dotted across the rugged yet elegant coast. Amalfi, is located about 70 km to the south of Naples, and along the

Clearly. visiting the area.D can still be seen.road you may stop in Sorrento (50km) or Positano (60km) or even the beautiful sea hamlets such as Conca dei Marmi (56km). So visit Naples. a city of cultural highlights and beauty perched amidst Italy’s most beautiful coastline. 25-30km) of 79 A. . one could not forget to visit the remnants of the ancient roman town or Pompei (25km) where the homes lost in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius (approx.

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