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5th June 2013


Obama urges 'meaningful reform' in Bahrain
US President Barack Obama has called for "meaningful reform" and respect for universal rights in Bahrain, during talks with Crown Prince Salman at the White House. Obama dropped by Deputy National Security Adviser Tony Blinken's meeting with the prince on Wednesday and stressed the importance of the US partnership in Bahrain and Washington's support for its stability and security. Salman, a reputed moderate, has just been made Bahrain's rst deputy prime minister following months of tensions and unrest between the strategic archipelago's Sunni government and Shiite majority. Read More The group said the decision came after hundreds of citizens were arrested and scores of homes were raided including that of a prominent Shiite cleric, Ayatollah Sheikh Issa Qassim. The national dialogue, which began in February, is aimed at resolving roughly two years of political deadlock following a Shiiteled, pro-democracy uprising that Bahrain's Sunni government quelled in 2011. Read More

Obama meets with Bahrain's crown prince

The White House says President Barack Obama has met with the crown prince of Bahrain to discuss security issues and ties between the U.S. and the Persian Gulf nation. The White House says Obama dropped in on a

meeting between Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa and Obama's deputy national security adviser, Tony Blinken. The crown prince is also a deputy prime minister of Bahrain. Obama told the Bahraini leader that the U.S. supports stability and security in Bahrain and that respecting universal human rights is the best way for the nation to achieve peace and security. Read More bodies to probe possible Hezbollah activity in the Kingdom of Bahrain," the ofcial BNA news agency reported. Bahrain will investigate "nancial investments, commercial and economic activity, operations that masquerade as charities, bank accounts, money transfers and individual members of the organisation to take the required legal procedures". Read More Abdullah al-Khalifa has directed security bodies to probe possible Hizbullah activity in the Kingdom of Bahrain, including nancial investments, commercial and economic activity, operations disguised as charity, bank accounts, money transfers and individual members of the organization, to take the required legal procedures, said a statement carried by Bahrain's state news agency. Read More

Bahrain's Opposition Rejoins Unity Talks

Bahrains opposition has rejoined national reconciliation talks following a two-week boycott over the slow pace of dialogue and a reported crackdown by security forces. Bahrains main opposition party al-Wefaq, in collaboration with other opposition forces, announced the boycott on May 22.

Bahrain to probe Hezbollah 'economic activities'

The interior minister on Wednesday ordered a probe into any economic activity in Bahrain by the Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah, which the kingdom has branded a "terrorist organisation". Sheikh Rashid Al-Khalifa has "directed security

Bahrain to probe Hezbollah activities

The Bahraini interior minister has directed security agencies to look into possible commercial or nancial activities by the Lebanese group Hezbollah in Bahrain, the ministry said on Wednesday.

The activities to be probed include nancial investments, commercial and economic interests, operations that masquerade as charities, bank accounts and money transfers. The possible presence of members of the group will also be investigated. Read More

Bahrain Moves to Take Measures against 'Hizbullah Interests'

Bahrain on Wednesday launched investigations and started gathering information about Hizbullah's interests in the kingdom ahead of taking measures against them. Bahraini Interior Minister Sheikh Rashed bin