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and to provide information for the development. ready and able to provide information. 3. ISI was founded in 1959 as an organization for owners. Professionals and Retailers • FREE management and instructor training and education seminars • Virtual Trade Show via ISI Web site for ISI Trade Show Exhibitors • FREE hyper-links from ISI’s Web site to administrative member Web sites • FREE assistance from ISI’s knowledgeable staff.000 hockey players and 150 builder/supplier/retail members. Our membership consists of approximately 600 administrative members. approximately 10. resources and referrals on all aspects of the ice skating industry • FREE classified ads in the ISI EDGE and on the ISI Web site ISI Professional Member Benefits • Access to ISI “members only” liability insurance program • ISI EDGE – the bimonthly professional journal for ice arena professionals • Recreational Ice Skating – quarterly magazine highlighting recreational ice skaters • Access to ISI publications and manuals • Reduced registration fee for ISI’s annual Ice Arena Conference and Trade Show • Reduced registration fee for ISI’s Ice Arena Institute of Management (iAIM) Program • Right to register ISI tests for individual skaters from member rinks • FREE educational seminars • Judges Certification Program at special “members only” rate • Discounted hotel rates for ISI events • Right to apply for ISI competition and show endorsements • Access to ISI’s knowledgeable staff as resources on all aspects of the ice skating industry • Excess accident insurance • Access to health/dental benefits . Builders/Suppliers. education and services to the ice skating industry. Skating Schools and Hockey Leagues ISI Administrative Member Benefits • ISI EDGE – the bimonthly professional journal for ice arena professionals • Recreational Ice Skating – quarterly magazine highlighting recreational ice skaters • Discounts on display advertising in ISI publications • Reduced registration fee for ISI’s annual Ice Arena Conference and Trade Show • Reduced registration fee for ISI’s Ice Arena Institute of Management (iAIM) Program – the leading management training and certification program for ice arena industry leaders • Access to ISI’s “members only” publications and materials • Right to use all ISI recreational skating and hockey programs • Access to ISI’s money saving Credit Card Acceptance Program • ISI Online Directory of Ice Arenas. 40.500 plus professional members.Section A: ISI Upda What Is ISI? The Ice Skating Institute is an international trade association encompassing all aspects of the ice skating industry. operators and developers of ice skating facilities. The mission and goals of ISI are to promote ice skating as a participant sport and recreation. Who Can Be an Administrative Member? Privately Owned and Commercial Facilities Publicly Owned and Not-for-Profit Facilities Skating and Hockey Schools Skating Clubs. construction and operation of ice skating facilities. The Ice Skating Institute is dedicated to providing leadership.000 individual members.

You’ll also get the chance to make new contacts you can tap as resources throughout your career. the Ice Skating Institute is your chief advocate and number one source of leadership.Aˆliate Membership The A®liate membership is intended for individuals who are employed in an ice skating facility in a capacity other than teaching or coaching. • Certification through the Ice Arena Institute of Management (iAIM) shows employers you have the skill they need. Some of the resources ISI provides A®liate members include: • Professional trade publications and online newsletters keep you on top of emerging trends and advancements in the industry so you’re in a position to respond to changing times and become invaluable to your facility. ISI Builder/Supplier Membership is for businesses selling ice skating or rink related products. ISI is the oldest ice skating industry trade association.000 Coverage becomes effective the day the membership application is received in the ISI o®ce. 5 . education and services. ISI provides you access to consumers as well as discounted rates on advertising in our publications and on exhibit space at our Annual Conference and Trade Show. skate for fun. manage a skating school.000 limit and dismemberment Deductible per injury $1.000 Accidental death $10. you will be informed of all the new developments in the ice skating industry and receive information to assist you in furthering your career.000 limit Dental expense $2. It can also boost your earnings potential. teach figure skating or hockey. ISI Aˆliate Member Benefits • ISI EDGE – the bi-monthly professional journal for ice arena professionals • Access to ISI educational handbooks and manuals • Discounted registration fees for ISI programs and events including the annual Ice Arena Conference and Trade Show and Ice Arena Institute of Management (iAIM) • FREE district seminars • Personalized membership card • Access to ISI’s staff and resources for professional advice and assistance • Access to health/dental benefits Individual Membership Benefits • • • • • • Excess accident and liability insurance Personalized membership card Recreational Ice Skating magazine (4 issues per year) Opportunities to perform locally and nationally Access to “members only” skating manuals Badge testing and recognition All Domestic Individual and Professional/A®liate Members receive the following excess accident insurance: Medical expense $25. • Annual conferences and Fall Seminars give you the chance to brush up on skills and learn firsthand from industry leaders. Whether you’re a beginning skater. Coverage is provided for injuries sustained while participating in recreational ice skating sponsored by the policyholder on the premises of a facility that has an ISI Administrative Membership. In the business of promoting recreational ice skating for over 50 years. With this membership. or own or operate an ice arena.

.Industry Information For more information on the seminars or ISI publications visit

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This new three-phase Membership Rewards Program is available .Section A: ISI Update ISI Membership Rewards Prog ram ISI Administrative members can now enjoy substantial returns by registering class or recreational skaters with ISI.

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Member Accident Insurance Information (included with membership): Medical/dental expense maximum Accidental death and dismemberment Deductible per injury Coverage becomes effective the day the application is received at the ISI o®ce. A liability insurance program. However. contributions or gifts to ISI are not tax deductible as charitable contributions. Pair. The following accident insurance information applies to all Domestic Individual and Professional Members. Individual Membership Obtain the excel spreadsheet from the ISI o®ce. Registration is valid for up to 13 weeks and includes: • Excess accident insurance coverage • Personalized weSKATE™ identification card • Newsletter • Optional test registration and competition participation through the level • Class rewards and incentives weSKATE™ student registration is simple with the use of Excel spreadsheets available from the ISI o®ce. Test Registration Tests may also be registered using the excel spreadsheet. Couples. If you wish to use the ISI program materials at additional facilities. club or school only. weSKATE™ Club Registration weSKATE™ Club registration is designed to provide learnto-skate students below the Alpha level with limited benefits to make their group class experience safer. You may register multiple tests for the individual skaters. Individual Membership also entitles the member skater to participate in both local and international recreational ice skating competitions. This program can be e-mailed or saved to a disk. CLAIMS MUST BE FILED WITHIN 90 DAYS OF AN ACCIDENT. low cost and easy to use program is ideal for all learn-to-skate and learn-to-play programs as it provides the arena or skating school with an additional layer of accident insurance for all participants (which should result in additional discounts on liability insurance) and incentive reminders to encourage re-enrollment in future programs. This new. ISI will invoice your Administrative account for the appropriate fees. as well as the new Legal Services Plan.Section A: ISI Update ISI Membership and Test Procedures Administrative Membership grants one facility. All online registrations will take approximately 3–5 business days to be processed. Freestyle. Professional Membership grants qualified instructors the right to register ISI tests for individual skaters. is available to all current Professional Members. ISI will invoice your Administrative Member account and send you a list of all registrations processed at the end of each month. Coverage is provided for injuries sustained while participating in recreational ice skating sponsored by the policyholder on the premises of a facility that has an ISI Administrative Membership. . Dance. A confirmation e-mail will be sent once the membership payment has been made. Individual Membership entitles the member skater to participate in the Learn-to-Skate. Individual memberships can also be obtained or renewed on our Web site www. more enjoy-able and encourage continued participation. You will receive an invoice and a listing of all memberships processed at the end of each month. Dues. a separate Administrative Membership is required for each facility. club or school the right to use the ISI copyrighted program materials. they may be tax deductible as ordinary and necessary business the instructions will appear and you can begin entering all of the necessary information to register the memberships for your facility. and Figure test levels. When opening the program. This right applies to one facility.skateisi.

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Ice Skating Events ISI National Events Winter Classic—Escape the winter doldrums and enjoy a first-rate experience of world-class recreational skating for all ages. Our events provide a level playing field for skaters where they compete against those of similar age and abilities. Participating is a win-win situation for skaters. the facilities hosting our events report substantial increases in business. They go home with a renewed zeal for skating inspired by their competition experience.” Artistic Challenge—Our newest national event puts the spotlight on the creative.” and “a hoot.skateisi. This gives skaters the chance to travel to exciting vacation spots and enjoy the competition in conjunction with a family vacation. Synchronized Team Championships— The camaraderie and excitement of team competition is shared each spring as more than 120 teams from all over the United States come together for a weekend of team spirit! World Team Championships—Our premier event attracts recreational teams from around the world. Additionally. which creates an exceptional ice experience for thousands. This benefits the industry as a whole by increasing the overall numbers of recreational ice skating participants. 18 . For more information on upcoming events or to find out how to host an event at your facility visit www. artistic and expressive side of competitive figure” “a blast. We foster a spirit of participation—not elimination—so all skaters are rewarded and leave the event with a sense of accomplishment and heightened self-confidence. Through the years. which leads to increased enrollment and continued participation. especially during the months preceding and following the event. ISI skating events are held in various locations around the United States. Unique and fun elements have been added to make this event appeal to all ages and abilities. Those who have participated describe the event as “fun. This event is FUN for everyone! Each year ISI hosts five international skating events that are designed to help you generate added enthusiasm among your skaters. skaters traveling to ISI events have had the opportunity to meet others that share their interests. This growing network of recreational ice skaters has evolved into an international skating community that gives skaters a sense of belonging and encourages them to make ice skating a lifelong pursuit. coaches and parents. We are celebrating our 30th Anniversary event in 2010! Adult Championships—This popular event is exclusively for those 18 years and older to renew their enthusiasm for competitive skating and foster new friendships.

at least 2-3 sheets of ice for min. two years preceding the event year Synchronized Championships – Held at the end of March to mid-April. . at least 1 sheet of ice for min. of 3 consecutive days. of 12 consecutive hours a day for a max. of 12 consecutive hours a day for a max. www. Proposal forms are available on the Web site. two years preceding the event year World Championships – Held at the end of July. of 12 consecutive hours a day for 6 consecutive days. of 12 consecutive hours a day for a 2 sheets of ice for min. lessons and merchandise sales! FACILITY REQUIREMENTS: Winter Classic – Held in late January to mid-February. of 3 consecutive days.skateisi. Proposal due by October 1. two years preceding the event year Adult Championships – Held at the end of September to mid-October. Proposal due by October 1. increased cooperation and teamwork within staff. of 3 consecutive days. Proposal due by April 1. Proposal due by April 1. at least 1 sheet of ice for min.Section A: ISI Update Hosting a National Event What the ISI Oˆce Does: • Advertise and promote event • Reserve hotel room blocks • Process all entry forms • Verify all membership/test qualifications • Create skaters schedule • Create Judges and Referee schedule • Conduct Parents and Judges Meeting What The Host Facility Does: • Clear the rink’s calendar • Line up volunteers • Clean facility/Decorate • Encourage participation from local skaters • Handle skater/Judge registration • Organize Skater’s Marketplace • Arrange photo and video vendors • Produce souvenir program • Order all medals and awards • Handle all skater/coach communication • Provide competition accounting services • Provide hospitality for judges and o®cials • Supply skater “goodie bags” • Help ISI plan special events • Enjoy the positive long-term benefits such as heightened enthusiasm and excitement among customers. 4 sheets of ice for min. of 3 consecutive days. increased revenue from ice time. one year preceding the event year Note: Ice sheets do not necessarily have to be under one roof. one year preceding the event year Artistic Challenge – Held at the beginning of December. Proposal due by April 1. of 12 consecutive hours a day for a max. continued participation by skaters.

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Philosophy A testing session should be conducted in an informal manner and always in the spirit of fun – tests are designed The ISI Recreational Hockey Program has been developed to encourage skaters to learn new skills. the the basic skills required to skate and play the game of hockey. convenient and economical alternative for recreational hockey programming. set new goals and to provide member arenas. is the pro-rating of membership dues as of March 1st of each year. With this membership. you receive: program: • Hockey Skating Skills • Right to use all ISI copyrighted programs and materials • Discounts on ISI educational programs. which provides each individua l member with certain benefits including membership card and excellent insurance coverage. while still enjoying the benefits and protection of a nationally sponsored program. ISI Recreational Hockey Program . fun and rewarding experience • Generate revenue and reduce dependency on and control by outside used groups. The ISI Learn to Play Hockey Program is designed to teach To take advantage of the ISI Hockey Program. league operators and hockey clubs that allows them freedom. Another popular feature of ISI hockey membership ISI adult hockey programs are non-checking. program to meet their specific needs. flexibility and insurance protection. This is ideal for those conducting spring and summer Learn to Play Hockey Program hockey programs. catastrophic accident and liability coverage for all registered players while participating in an activity sponsore d by any ISI member facility. identical benefits are provided at no additional charge for all volunteers and o®cials (including while working an ISI a®liated activity). advertising and • Hockey Skills (passing and shooting) other services The objectives of this program and all ISI recreational ice skating programs are to: • Stimulate interest and participation at the entry level • Develop the basic skills needed to enjoy the sport • Provide a safe and positive playing environment resulting in an enjoyable. skating schools and hockey continue participating. .Section A: ISI Update Ice Skating Institute Recreati onal Hockey Program Recreational hockey program for ice arena owners. thereby giving the league or facility an by offering them the freedom and flexibility to tailor the extra layer of coverage. The insurance coverage provides excess accident. In addition. All The membership year runs from September 1 – August 31 of each year. The ISI Recreational Hockey Program has been designed to Also. ISI has developed two manuals for the testing rink or league must be an Administrative member. associations a flexible. the participant’s liability coverage extends to the meet the needs of today’s rink owners and program directors sponsoring entity. ISI Hockey Membership ISI offers a hockey membership.

Each test offers colorful badges to reward participants for successfully completing each level. The actual testing procedure may be done as a group or on an individual basis.. 20 . • Directory of ISI member facilities and industry builders and suppliers • Link on the o®cial Ice Skating Institute Web site • FREE Classified ads on our “Employment Bulletin Board” • Subscriptions to ISI’s EDGE and Recreational Skating Magazine • And much more..The ISI Hockey Test Program may be started in a group lesso n format and testing can be done in several ways.

ISI hockey members at significantly reduced rates for a specific 3) Locker rooms shall be kept clean and in good condition. slips. opponent. following: 1) Read and abide by all posted signs and warnings and The program offers the same excess accident.skateisi. Honor the Game! Filing a Claim 2009-10 Hockey Membership Fees Effective September 1. 2009 Youth Players — $20.00 In the case of an . Registration can also be done by using the Excel spreadsheet format that can be e-mailed to the membership department for processing. drugs or tobacco is not allowed prior to protection for participants in hockey schools and camps or during a game. Please attach any medical invoices to the claim form.Hockey Responsibility and Assumption of Risk Agreement. coach. but are not limited to. please contact the Ice Skating Institute o®ce. hang over dasher boards. you must report the injury immediately to the program administrators and ISI o®ce. Once the registrations are e-mailed. Please use an accident/incident report form to outline details of how the injury occurred with a copy of the injured person’s membership card or number. Stealing will not be tolerated. 4) Profane language. Once your accident/incident report form has been received.00 Adults Players — $25. Players may register individually or in groups by the administering rink or league. trips. o®cial. We supply applications in roster form to register multiple players at a time. Further information and registration forms are available from the ISI o®ce or on the ISI Web site www. ISI’s Registration Process Registering your players with ISI is a no-hassle process. To confirm player’s insurance benefits. period of time – usually a three-day tournament. sticks. b) Injuries resulting from 6) Poor sportsmanship by anyone will not be tolerated at conducted by ISI member facilities. member players participating in an ISI endorsed Participants agree to and accept responsibility for all of the tournament. isi@skateisi. Assumption of Risk: Participants are deemed to have knowledge of and assume the inherent risks of www. c) Injuries occurring from changes in equipment of ice conditions during play. the following: a) Injuries resulting from collisions. which include. spectator or In addition to annual and tournament memberships. skaters or other equipment used while playing. 7) Leave the ice surface when resurfacing or maintenance is Coverage is the same as for annual and tournament members taking place. ISI arena staff member will not be tolerated. ISI will invoice the member rink or league for the total amount due and you will also receive a list of all registered players. catastrophic cooperate with the arena staff injury and liability insurance coverage currently provided to 2) Players will not engage in vandalism or destruction of property at any time. falls or contact occurring during play. now offers abbreviated memberships and insurance 5) Use of alcohol.Section A: ISI Update Hockey Tournaments Hockey Code of Conduct ISI has secured an extension of its hockey membership insurance coverage to provide temporary coverage for non. ISI will verify membership and mail a claim form to your home. All information must be completed and the claim form returned to the ISI o®ce. 8) Refrain from throwing or leaving any objects on the ice surface. We have several ways to register participants to accommodate your specific needs.skateisi. verbal or physical abuse directed toward Hockey Schools and Camps any teammate. Keep clear of all exits and do no sit on or just for a weekly period of time. any time.

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products and suppliers that you need on a daily basis. Our past attendees return time and again because they know how valuable the program is. operations. please visit www. With more than 120 active builder/supplier members. Combine the conference with the industry’s premier trade show and it’s easy to see that this brings you the best the industry has to offer. It will help you take your career—and your business—to a whole new level of success. We bring in outstanding speakers and offer a wealth of knowledge in dozens of conference workshops so you can discover what your most successful colleagues are already doing and how you can implement their strategies for success. Exhibitors include the companies you know and trust as well as many up-and-coming businesses showcasing innovative products and services. programming. start making plans today to experience the difference this event can make for your business! • Valuable Networking Opportunities • The Industry’s Premier Trade Show • Education from Industry Leaders For information on the next Ice Arena Conference and Trade Show. If you haven’t attended before. where you’re sure to find the technical information. coaching. Year after year attendees return to expand their network and keep up with emerging industry trends while they compare notes on solutions for day-to-day challenges. ancillary services and more. You also have the opportunity to connect with the largest gathering of your peers in North America. Learning tracks cover all aspects of the ice arena business including management.skateisi.S Ice Arena Conference and Trade Show Attend ISI’s Ice Arena Conference and Trade show and you’ll return to your facility equipped with the confidence that comes from knowing trade secrets the industry veterans know! ISI’s annual Ice Arena Conference and Trade Show is the preferred industry event for ice arena . the ISI Conference and Trade Show is the industry’s leading trade show.

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You can choose from the following course modes: iAIM Schools—One-week schools are offered annually for each of the certification programs. With distance learning. improve customer service and operate our facilities at peak e®ciency. What’s in it for the arena • Receive substantial insurance discounts • Improve organizational e®ciency • Increase employees’ productivity • Strengthen employees’ technical skills • Increase profits . investing in iAIM education is a smart business decision that pays for itself many times over. increased productivity and lower operating costs. regulations and permits volunteers • Selection of systems/equipment • Plan & manage events • Project management • Budget & develop on.and off-site events • Warranties and maintenance Certificate of Arena Operations (CAO) • Refrigeration: Theory & Principles Operation & Maintenance Certificate of Arena Executive (CAE) Graduates of all four courses are qualified for the CAE program. eliminating travel and lodging expenses. are the perfect solution for students who have a hectic schedule and are not able to get away for a week-long school. Certification Tracks The iAIM Programs are divided into four tracks to provide education to a diverse group of ice arena professionals. “The iAIM education program has been a critical factor in the success of our arenas. iAIM Schools also provide students with valuable opportunities to meet their peers from across the nation and build a network of colleagues that will benefit them throughout their career. The iAIM certifications have even earned us discounts on our insurance premiums that more than pay for the tuition in just the first year alone! In these challenging financial times with ever increasing overhead costs. which offers executive level training for the leaders of tomorrow. The practical and comprehensive training has helped us increase our revenue. which ultimately provides a competitive advantage for the organization through heightened service. students take classes wherever they have Internet access. What’s in it for the employee • Become more valuable to the facility • Earn recognition for your skills • Gain valuable job security • Differentiate yourself from your peers and competition • Gain marketable skills iAIM Distance Learning—Online courses. Select a Certification Program below by choosing the track(s) that best matches your needs: Certificate of Arena Management (CAM) • HVAC & dehumidification • Scheduling • Energy management • Financial Management • Ice painting & maintenance • Human Resources • Marketing Certificate of Arena Design (CAD) • Risk Management • Feasibility studies • Leadership • Create business plan • Creative funding techniques Certificate of Arena Programming • Site selection/space requirements (CAP) • Maximize profits • Budgeting • Recruit & retain staff. students can apply for acceptance into the CAE executive level program. That’s because the programs provide students the technical education and confidence to successfully face real-world challenges encountered in the ice arena environment. customers and • Codes. Students spend a week interacting with industry leaders whose experience lends firsthand knowledge to the subjects they teach.” —Rob McBride President – FMC iAIM Program Options Regardless of your schedule or circumstances. Following completion of the four basic tracks.Ice Arena Institute of Management iAIM Certifications are among the most valuable assets an ice arena professional can possess. which give students 12 months to complete a certification program. there is an iAIM course offering that will meet your educational needs and help you reach your goals. The skills learned at the iAIM Schools make graduates more valuable to their facilities.

Enroll today and experience the difference an iAIM education can make for your career! 24 .