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Jumaa Prayer

for the Muslims of Africa and beyond

West Africa Advanced School of Theology

Intercede with Us for the Muslim World!

7 June 2013

How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, 'Your God reigns!' (Is 52:7) May the Lord direct many beautiful feet toward those who are in desperate need of Good News!

Today's Prayer Requests: From Students and Alumni

NORTHERN TOGO: The new Assemblies of God Bible institute in northern Togo held its first graduation this past Saturday. Students are active in planting churches in this heavily Muslim area. Many villagers visit these churches to be prayed for, especially for health issues, and some have accepted the Lord. Please pray for (1) the spiritual growth of these new believers as they are discipled, (2) the witness of these student pastors and these new converts as they reach out to other seekers, (3) consistent leadership for these young churches. When school is not in session, the students are not there to oversee the congregations.

In the News
This past week, demonstrationssome violenthave been held in 48 cities in Turkey. What began as a reaction to the removal of trees in a city park in Istanbul has come to symbolize anger against an increasingly authoritarian government. Turkey's government has been secular, but since 2002 there have been more reforms toward Islamization. Turkey is more than 97% Muslim, and over the past century the percentage of Christians has dropped from about 20% of the population to under 1%. Evangelical believers number less than 4,000. Please pray that, in this time of unrest and questioning, people will seek the true God. Pray for open doors for Christians to witness, and that more will hear the Good News through the radio and TV programs, Internet sites, and bookstores that operate in the country.

From Global Initiative*

Please pray for the forgotten Christian community of Eritrea. MBBs face grave danger and tremendous risks. The Eritrean government allows only Muslims, Copts, Roman Catholics, and Lutherans to practice their faith. Since the beginning of 2013 there has been a crackdown especially on evangelical and Pentecostal churches. Christians who are caught trying to leave the country may face torture or be sold by human traffickers. Pray for these believers and their witness. Pray for those who are imprisoned, that the Lord will strengthen them. See more at

For Muslim Women**

Pray for special anointing upon media outreaches that broadcast the Good News into restricted access nations. Pray that the message will find its home in the hearts of Muslim women who would otherwise never receive an adequate gospel witness.

Prayer Resources
*Global Initiative is a ministry of Assemblies of God World Missions, USA. Visit for information about praying for Muslims and weekly requests. **Muslim women need your prayers! You can join a prayer network and receive regular requests at Praying for Muslims: A Guide for Effective Intercession offers many insights concerning Islam and a different prayer subject each Friday. For the request for 7 June, see Find information and prayer requests concerning Muslims around the world at Information and prayer requests for each country are available at To learn more about unreached people groups, visit How should we pray for those imprisoned for their faith? Read For news updates concerning persecuted Christians, visit and For prayer requests, visit and Jumaa Prayer Alerts (breaking news and urgent prayer requests) are posted on the WAAST Facebook page as they arise: To help you answer Muslims' questions about Jesus and the Bible, explore