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When I click to create a roundtrip to the server and quickly click several times in succession, the system creates yet another request, which triggers a short dump. If I click slowly or only once, no short dump occurs. Answer: Before the system sends the page to the server, it activates a click protection. However, it takes several milliseconds to activate this protection. During this period the problem described above may occur. We cannot provide a solution for this problem. The browser environment requires a certain period to activate the click protection. The protection is executed on the client at the beginning of the submit handling. 2. Where can I find further information about Web Dynpro ABAP? Answer: The following resources are available on SDN (SAP Developer Network): Forum: Areas: https// rid=/webcontent/uuid/512040e1-0901-0010-769c-c238c6ca35d9 Documentation: 155106/frameset.htm 3. Do blogs exist that provide information about Web Dynpro ABAP? Answer: Yes. Information is available on SDN at: As of which release is Web Dynpro ABAP available? Answer: Web Dynpro ABAP is available as of NetWeaver 2004s (7.00). 4. After I implement Note 986790 to solve shared memory problems, JavaScript errors occur when I execute Web Dynpro applications. Answer: Deimplement Note 986790. Implementing this note causes the problems described. 5. With complex screens, the application suddenly stops working correctly. What could be the cause? Answer: If UI container elements are nested in Web Dynpro views (for example, five tabs within each other), it leads to very high nesting depths of the HTML rendering tag. As of a depth of approximately 100, the browser stalls, because it cannot process such deep hierarchies. The solution is to simplify the views by decreasing the nesting depth. Web Dynpro does not provide for a generic simplification. 6. Where can I find a list of limitations for Web Dynpro ABAP? Answer: Note 1098009 describes the limitations that currently apply. The use of declarative and graphical tools significantly reduces the implementation effort Web Dynpro supports a structured design process Strict separation between layout and business data Reuse and better maintainability by using components The layout and navigation is easily changed using the Web Dynpro tools

how does parent component communicate to child component? Parent component communicate with the child component through Interface controller and Interface view of the child component. What are the different ways of getting data from a table and pass it to Webdynpro context node? a. Interface View of a component has 1:1 relationship with . 3. We can define a class in transaction SE24 and the instance of that class can be used as model within the Wedbynpro code. Is model used in Webdynpro ABAP? The webdynpro ABAP Graphical tool set doesn’t give any option to create model. 6. Navigation happens through the link created between outbound plug of a view to the inbound plug of next view. if the page is changed and the required data remains I intact so that you can access it at any time throughout the entire application context. Automatic data transport using data binding Automatic input check User interface accessibility is supported Full integration in the reliable ABAP development environment What is the difference between narrowing cast and widening cast? If we copy an instance of sub class to super class its called narrowing cast and the vise versa of it is widening cast. What is the Service call option in Webdynpro ABAP? Webdynpro ABAP Graphical toolset gives a wizard which automatically generates the code for calling a BAPI or Web service.? The window of the component 9. Note that stateless applications are not possible. What is an Application? An application forms as the link between a component and URL. What is a faceless component? Faceless components are webdynpro components without window or view 7.. 10. map the context and call the method. 8. 5. select the data to an internal table and pass it to the node using bind table method b. use the service call option provided by webdynpro framework 4. . use a model class instance to get data c. What are actions in a view controller? The methods that can be linked to the UI elements of a view are called actions. What is role of plugs in views? Plugs in views help the navigation between views.Stateful applications are supported – that is. In case of a component used within a component. We only need to use this custom controller within another controller. This wizard will create a custom controller which has context nodes or attributes similar to the parameters of BAPI and a method which calls the bapi and pass the value to the context.