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James, As per our phone conversation today, [mother's name redacted] and I do not agree to consult with Mr.

Hansen at this time. Also, be advised that Mr. Hansen does in no way represent us([child's name redacted]parents) or patient [child's name redacted] best interests legal, medical or otherwise. We do not authorize Mr. Hansen to be involved in this instant matter. Any response from Mr. Hansen or any other attorney will be construed to be legal advisement. That being said we would like you to answer the following questions: On December 5th, 2012 on or around 12pm you and one officer Wren were involved in questioning [parent's name redacted] about [redacted]'s driver's license. 1. Upon what basis were you called to attend said interrogation? 2. Why was said license being requested when said ID had been already been verified by one Chris Hagga? 3. Who told you that I needed to be investigated/interrogated in the first place? 4. How does a patient's parents file a grievance with HCA/Doctor's Hospital regarding my complaints regarding misconduct, unethical behavior, multiple intentional violations of Georgia and federal statutes, multiple intentional violations of our organic laws found in the Georgia and US constitutions? 5. To what extent where you involved in the unlawful medical procedures and kidnapping of my son, [redacted]? Failure to answer these questions within 5 days will be understood to mean that you may be concealing wrongdoing. If we feel that you are obstructing our investigation then we will not hesitate to join you as a defendant to the legal action(s) that we are carefully considering. Regards, [parent's name redacted]