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Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta Parish

Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time 6032 Normandy Dr. Halifax, NS B3K 2S9 Phone: 902-454-5835 Fax: 902-454-0339 E-mail:

SHARING THE CARE A special fund formed by the Archdiocese of Halifax

Yarmouth for the care of our senior priests. It is not too late to contribute to this important fund. You may mark an envelope Sharing the Care and the monies will be distributed to that fund. We thank you for your generous support of this fundraising effort for the priests of our diocese who, after having cared spiritually for all of us, can in turn be cared for themselves.


TENTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME As Jesus raises the dead son of the widow of Nain, he reveals God
power over life and death. This passage, however, also teaches something about Gods loving disposition toward humankind. Even though filled with the authority of divine power, Jesus was moved with pity toward the mourning widow and offered her kind words of comfort. He knew he had the power to help her, but compassion still filled his heart as he did so. In this, Jesus reveals to us a God who is not only all-powerful, but who is also deeply concerned for us as his beloved sons and daughters.

HELP NEEDEDWe are in need of Catechists for the upcoming year beginning
in September, If you want to answer our Bishop and the Holy Fathers call to share the gospel then you might be interested in this ministry. Please speak to Susan Sarty or contact the church office and speak to Sister Teresa. This is a special way to follow the call of the New Evangelization. Resources are provided.

CONGRATULATIONS AND WELCOME TO THE FAITH This Sunday we congratulate Justin and Brianne
MacKenzie on the baptism of their baby girl, Gracie Catherine. We welcome Gracie Catherine to the faith and thank Justin and Brianne for opening their love to accept responsibility for being the first teachers in the ways of the Faith. Gods abundant blessings on your family.

MINISTRY SCHEDULESJanet is working on the July, August and September

June 9th, 2013

Sacrament of Reconciliation: 3:153:45 pm Saturday Office Hours: MondayThursday 9:004:00 Weekday Masses: (in the Marion Room)
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday ** Saturday Sunday Closed on Fridays 9:00 am 10:15 am NORTHWOOD MANOR 9:00am 9:00am 4:00 pmBlessed Mother Teresa 10:00 amBlessed Mother Teresa

schedules for Lectors and Extra Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. Please notify her of any non-available dates by June 10th by calling 455-3718. Thankyou.

COMMITMENT FOR MINISTRYThis weekend we are seeking to have a commitment of those who will serve

FLEA MARKETThe Knights Of Columbus would like to thank all of those who

volunteered their time to work at our Flea Market. Thank you also to those who donated goods. Your generosity and time helped to make our day a success.

in the capacity of Reader and Extra-Ordinary Minister of Holy Communion for the summer months. A very important criteria for anyone signing up to serve the parish in these ministries is that you would be making the commitment to celebrate your faith each week by participating in Sunday Mass. If you would like to consider being involved in ministries for the mass and in the life of the community through various committees or organizations please recognize the importance of a regular practice of the faith

ORDINATION TO THE TRANSITIONAL DEACONATE On Thursday, June 13 at 7pm at St. Catherines

Church Archbishop Anthony Mancini will be ordaining Brother James Wegner and Brother Christopher McKelvie of the Franciscans of Halifax to the transitional diaconate. We ask your prayers for these two candidates and for many more vocations to serve our local church as Priests, Deacons and Religious. Please plan to join us for this celebration.

REFUGEE FAMILY UPDATEOur refugee family arrived safely and are settling

**On the First Friday of each month mass is at 7:00pm Weekend Masses:

in nicely. The son, Fadi and daughter, Sima have begun English classes already and Mom, Rajaa, plans to start in September. On behalf of the family and the Justice and Charity committee thank you to all the parishioners who gave money, furnishings, transportation and helped with "moving day".

SACRED HEART OF JESUSDuring the month of June we pay particular attention to the image and devotion of human organism, is at the same time the true symbol of His interior life: His thoughts, His will, His sentiments

the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The Sacred Heart means the Person of Christ with special emphasis on His love, symbolized by His HeartChrist who loves us with all His Heart. The heart, which is the central organ of Christs Blessed Pope John Paul II (June 27, 1982). Let us recognize in the heart of Christ true and perfect love. Let us have recourse to this free gift daily in prayer to the one who gives us His love freely. Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on us.

COLLECTO God, from whom all good things come, grant that we, who call
on you in our need, may at your prompting discern what is right, and by your guidance do it. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Parish Staff: Fr. Gerald DavidPastor Rev. Mr. Paul CarnellDeacon Sr. Teresa MacDonaldSecretary Sue HannFinance Manager Susan SartyDirector of Religious Education Jerry Campbell & John BradleyCustodians Sr. Theresa McCarthyNorthwood SACRAMENTAL REMINDERS:
Reconciliation: Saturday 3:153:45pm; First Fridays of the month during Adoration, following the 7:00pm mass.

CELEBRATING OUR FAITHAs we can see with the change of our weather we are coming to the beautiful sum Consider using our new Pre-Authorized Debit for your weekly donations. There are forms at the entrance of the church or you can contact the office for more information or to register. If you would like to keep up with everything going on in the parish join our update email list. Your email address is kept private. Contact the office for more information Check us out on Face Book and Twitter.

mer months. This time affords each of us an opportunity for a change in pace. Hopefully our schedules will allow us some time to enjoy family, friends and a time of relaxation. Vacations are being planned and our various committees and organizations here at Church will be winding down for a little break throughout these next few months. It is important however, that we not forget to celebrate each Sunday by attending Mass, to thank the Lord for the many blessings. If we are going to be away, to seek out the nearest Catholic Church so that we may celebrate this gift of our Faith.

ARCHDIOCESAN MEDAL OF MERIT/BLESSED MOTHER TERESA OF CALCUTTA PARISH AWARD It is important for us as a community of Faith to always be thankful for the gifts that God has blessed our community with. How He continues to inspire and nurture the faith of all who gather. Maybe, we do not acknowledge enough, the ways in which those gifts are shared and expressed by many individuals who are involved in our faith community. On Saturday, June 22, at the 4pm Mass we will honor two from our parish who have given graciously of their time and talent to help build up the community of faith. We will honor John Belgrave with the Archdiocesan Medal of Merit for the many ways in which he has been involved in our parish and our Archdiocese. On the same day we will honor Bill Sheridan with the Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta Parish Award for his involvement in our parish. Both of these individuals have contributed generously and graciously from their faith to make our Parish and our Church a better place. I ask you to join us on Saturday, June 22 for the celebration at the 4pm Mass, as well as the reception to follow in the parish hall. In celebrating their shared gift of faith we are celebrating our faith. May our Good and gracious God continue to bless both John and Bill for their efforts and bless our community as we move forward in faith.

Baptism: Please contact Fr. Gerald or the parish office to arrange preparation. Marriage: Please contact Fr. Gerald at least 6-months in advance. Sacrament of the Sick: If you or a loved one is entering hospital or would like to receive the Sacrament of the Sick, please contact Fr. Gerald or the parish office. Funerals: In the event of the death of a loved one, please contact the parish office as soon as is convenient. Fr. Gerald and the Parish staff will assist with the necessary arrangements.

BULLETIN SCHEDULEThe Archdiocesan Bulletin will be available up to and

including Sunday June 30th. There will be do diocesan bulletin during July and there will be ONE Bulletin on Sunday August 11th. The weekly Bulletin will resume in September. MASS INTENTIONS: Please contact the office if you would like to have a mass

intention celebrated on a particular date.

Saturday June 15, 2013 Mr. Arthur Wells

Intense love does not measure, it just gives. -Mother Teresa