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Miss Donna Masters, We are writing you because you were a firsthand witness to the abuse, intimidation, bullying,

and kidnapping that patient [child's name redacted] and his parents suffered due to the actions of one Dr. Richard Cartie and other medical staff on December 5th, and 6th 2012. You also witnessed [child's name redacted] being taken by two DFCS employee and appeared to be very distraught that this was happening to us. We should like to remind you that Dr. Cartie never once looked at [child's name redacted]burn injuries personally, delayed [child's name redacted] urgent medical requirements for approximately four hours, demanded that a single tetanus vaccine be administered which [child's name redacted] parents adamantly refused, refused to inform patient's parents as to the nature of the medical procedure(no informed consent possible), and had [child's name redacted] kidnapped by DFCS wherein he was seriously burned while in foster care at an unknown location. We parents did everything we could have done to get [child's name redacted] urgent and proper medical care only to have that medical care delayed and then have him stolen from us on the orders of Dr. Cartie. After being kidnapped [child's name redacted] was then neglected and harmed by his new "parents" or DFCS agents before being returned to us. We would like to remind you that page 33 of the HCA code of conduct allows for and encourages HCA employees to report any concerns regarding misconduct on the part of any human being within an HCA hospital. Said "ethics line" can be contacted at 800-455-1996. If you are aware of any ethical or potential misconduct concerns regarding patient [child's name redacted], then you are unequivocally bound to report them promptly. Reporting abuse, misconduct, or ethical concerns is not grounds for employment termination. We are also requesting that you contact me via email to let me know of any ethical or misconduct concerns that occurred during patient [child's name redacted] visit on December 4,5,6, 2012. Nearly all of the enumerated rights were violated as they are expressed in the HCA "rights and responsibilities" document, numerous ethical violations according to the HCA "code of conduct", HCA's mission statement was ignored, several statutory laws were and are being violated, and several organic laws(Georgia and US constitution) protecting us a human beings were clearly violated. Lastly, please tell me how/where to file a formal complaint regarding the abuse detailed above. If you prefer to contact me via US mail then let me know so I can provide a mailing address to you. Looking forward to hearing from you, [names of parents redacted]