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will display their skill. The young fighters representing many countries throughout the world. Hanshi Steve Arneil (9th Dan) President and Founder of the International Federation of Karate I would like to extend my thanks to the BKK’s Executive Committee for their work in preparation for this tournament in particular Shihan David Pickthall who has done a tremendous amount of work nationally and internationally to ensure an excellent tournament. On this occasion the IFK (Kyokushin) is at its very best in the world to organize such a prestigious event. .Crawley. the IFK. their fighting spirit and they will also demonstrate a true unity of comradeship through this Tournament. I would also like to welcome our honorary VIP guests to this special event. I would also like to thank all the unnamed members who have worked with true Kyokushin spirit to ensure we have an event of which we.On this occasion of the International Federation of Karate’s 3rd Junior and Cadet World Tournament. I welcome you all to K2 . can be very proud.

My thanks also to Ollie Potter for his assistance and help in producing this souvenir program. His efforts and tireless work will be reflected here today and I look forward to sharing this day with him and you. It is especially fitting that this day is also seen as a celebration of the 46th Anniversary of the British Karate Kyokushinkai. To our fighters. I acknowledge and thank the many people who have helped to make this day possible – the BKK executive committee and not least Shihan David Pickthall together with members of Crawley dojo. Shihan Liam Keaveney (6th Dan) Chairman of the British Karate Kyokushinkai .On behalf of the British Karate Kyokushinkai I welcome you here today to witness a truly momentous occasion – the staging of the 3rd IFK Junior and Cadet World Tournament at K2. In 1965 we saw the establishment of the BKK and in our history we have seen many developments and landmarks worldwide within the Kyokushin family – today for many reasons this can be seen as a celebration of Hanshi Steve Arneils life’s work. officials and spectators I also thank you for your support and commitment.

I would like to offer my congratulations to Hanshi Steve Arneil and the International Federation of Karate. Lastly. HRH Prince Mohammed Bin Talal Patron of the International Federation of Karate . I am very confident that your World Tournament will be a success. On such an occasion the fighters representing countries throughout the world will display their skill and fighting spirit. It is a great honour to have this Tournament. lasty I would like to thank all the unnamed people who have been working behind the scenes with a true Kyokushin spirit to make this event a success. I would also like to extend my thanks to the British Karate Kyokushinkai for hosting this event.On this occasion of the International Federation of Karate’s Third World Junior and Cadet Tournament in Crawley. They will also demonstrate a true unity of comradeship.

especially from the local business community who are making this event possible. To all the competitors from around the world. Finally I wish to recognise the tremendous work of Ollie Potter for all the art and media work involved with this event. Shihan David Pickthall (6th Dan) Advisor to the International Federation of Karate . As hosts it has been our duty to co-ordinate the 3rd U18 World Tournament and I must express my gratitude to all our sponsors. country officials and spectators to my hometown of Crawley.I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all our distinguished guests. The hosting of this event could not have been possible without support from the members and parents of the Crawley Dojo and I must acknowledge the hard work of Neil and Alyse Madeley. I also wish to thank Paul Baker and Matt Lethbridge from Crawley Borough Council for support from the local government. I hope this experience is just the start of a successful international career and you fulfil your dreams. good luck. Keith and April Mays and Nick Venes. You never know there might be a young spectator in the audience today who leaves this event with a new idol and aspiring to one day be like you.

Host Nation Committee Hanshi Steve Arneil Shihan Liam Keaveney Shihan Alex Kerrigan Shihan David Pickthall Shihan Nick Da Costa Shihan Graham Warden Shihan Maria Da Costa Shihan Andrew Turner Shihan Stuart Wright Shihan Ray Bond Sensei Moss Ageli Sensei John Mouldon Senpai Linda Keaveney 9th Dan BKK President 6th Dan BKK Chairman 6th Dan GB Chief Knockdown Referee 6th Dan GB Executive Committee 6th Dan GB Executive Committee 6th Dan GB Executive Committee 5th Dan GB Treasurer 5th Dan GB Coach 5th Dan GB Executive Committee 5th Dan GB Chief Clicker Referee 3rd Dan GB Executive Committee 3rd Dan GB Coach 1st Dan General Secretary .

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on behalf of the BKK membership.BKK Website The tireless efforts of both Moss Ageli and Lamine Darbouche have made the BKK’s website nationally and internationally renowned. are extended to both for all their hard work and commitment. My personal thanks and gratitude.bkk-uk. Please visit the BKK site at Moss Ageli www. Editor) Lamine Darbouch .com (Liam Keaveney.

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1st IFK Under 18 World Tournament 2006 Winners Chur. Switzerland Boys Individual Clicker 1st Keiran Rix 2nd Urban Zihlmann 3rd John Pegios 3rd Janick von Great Britain Switzerland Australia Switzerland Cadets Male -68kg 1st Sergey Chmunevich 2nd Temur Pipiya 3rd Ivan Archutich 3rd Artem Tikovenko Cadets Male +68kg 1st Alexsander Rafikov 2nd Artuur Navojan 3rd Roel Noordman 3rd Niels Willeme Team Clicker 1st Great Britain 2nd Switzerland 3rd Ireland 3rd Norway Russia Russia Belarus Belarus Girls Individual Clicker 1st Alex Small Great Britain 2nd Simone Muntwyler Switzerland 3rd Shannon McGuiness Ireland 3rd Ceira Thomas Great Britain Cadets Female +58kg 1st Anna Vishnyakova 2nd Olga Sorokina 3rd Imogen Sanders 3rd Luana Schuler Cadets Female -58kg 1st Marina Strupovets 2nd Madina Gasanova 3rd Emma Markwell Russia Russia Holland Belguim Russia Russia Great Britain Switzerland Russia Russia Great Britain .

Germany Boys Individual Clicker 1st Nathan Williams 2nd Matthew Ali 3rd Lars Mathingsdal 3rd Sami Mehio Great Britain Great Britain Norway Great Britain Cadets Male -68kg 1st Viktor Kurilenko 2nd Danil Malyukov 3rd Ivan Hladki 3rd Alexander Sredanovic Cadets Male +68kg 1st Alexader Pasechnik 2nd Ayaz Shirinbekov 3rd Andrey Chernov 3rd Denis Petrov Team Clicker 1st Great Britain 2nd Switzerland 3rd Germany 3rd Ireland Russia Russia Belarus Holland Girls Individual Clicker 1st Mollie Milton Great Britain 2nd Laura Picot Great Britain 3rd Meeghan Daly Ireland 3rd Shannen McGuiness Ireland Cadets Female +58kg 1st Anna Badmaeva Russia 2nd Shannon van der Linden Belgium 3rd Maria Goleshchikhina Russia 3rd Charell van Dooljenwaard Holland Cadets Female -58kg 1st Ksenia Ulitina 2nd Anastasia Usova 3rd Silvia den Ridder 3rd Ekaterina Gorbatikova Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Holland Estonia .2nd IFK Under 18 World Tournament 2008 Winners Berlin.


Great Britain Coaches: Shihan Andrew Turner & Sensei John Mouldon Boys Individual Clicker Daniel Small Jordan Prescott Jordan Da Costa Josh Mays Stuart Lee Blake Collins Girls Individual Clicker Hayley Rowlands Stephanie Williams Emily Senior Ellie Edwards Amelia White Danielle Lewis Cadets Male -68kg Marco Morreale Dawid Ozga Nathan Williams Josh Thomas Cadets Male -78kg Luke Baldwin Cadets Male +78kg Adam Rawlins Charlie Webster Cadets Female -58kg Eve Davies Aimee Owen Alex Nauth-Misir Sophie Lee Cadets Female +58kg Courtney Taylor Yusmin Khan Rachel Door .

John Hunt and the British Red Cross wish the British Karate Kyokushinkai every success at K2 and their 3rd IFK Under 18 World Tournament We are proud to support the BKK .

France Coaches: Joel Lavisse & Nordine Tonkin Boys Individual Clicker Philippe Doublet Antoine Bejima Hugo Dekhil Girls Individual Clicker Ines Dekhil Cadets Male +78kg Eliot Dupont Team Clicker Brice Batard Argentina Coaches: Julio Romero Boys Individual Clicker Mariano Rojas Jeronimo Romero Israel Coaches: Itzik Ashkenzai & Yael-Lee Weiss Boys Individual Clicker Omar Elihai Badash Roey Nir Eden Lumborso Cadets Male -78kg Tahan Ariel Cadets Male +78kg Or Lavi Cadets Female +58kg Mor Weiter Greece Coaches: Stefanos Tranidis Cadets Male -78kg Christos Pantazis .

Australia Coaches: Derek Doyle Boys Individual Clicker Ciaran Doyle Alexander Vij Robbie Simmons Girls Individual Clicker Jade Lucas Cadets Male -68kg Tony Le USA Coaches: Rick Walker Boys Individual Clicker Donovan Walker Girls Individual Clicker Brandi Cooper Hannah Biedlingmaier Switerland Coaches: Beat Napflin & Fadil Haxhosaj Boys Individual Clicker Florian Zurfluh Simon Zurfluh Manuel Teller Girls Individual Clicker Andrea Gansner Tanja Gabathuler Tanja Thuring Cadets Male -68kg Raphael Eberli Cadets Male -78kg Pascal Kung Cadets Female -58kg Kin van Eijk Ashley Vermissen .

Russia Coaches: Andrey Bura & Alexander Baranov Cadets Male -68kg Bakhodur Erov Evgeny Nigamaev Cadets Male -78kg Ivan Zasypkin Fedor Meshcheryakov Cadets Male +78kg Vitaly Ishakhneli Dmitry Kuznetsov Cadets Female -58kg Mariia Neboriachok Kristina Gasparian Cadets Female +58kg Nadezhda Emeliyanova Valeriya Chelyaeva .

Belguim Coaches: Greet Pelkmans Cadets Female +58kg Sandy Van Velthoven Belarus Coaches: Mihal Kolesnik Cadets Male -68kg Nikolai Prudnikow Viktar Yauseyeu Cadets Male -78kg Uladzislau Hutyra Poland Coaches: Agnieszka Kowaliw Boys Individual Clicker Konrad Sarzynski Adam Planetorz Piotr Ostrowski Girls Individual Clicker Zuzanna Szuszkiewicz Dominika Kowaliw Paulina Kaczor Hungary Coaches: Katalin Mato & Boke Bela Girls Individual Clicker Nikolett Bogara Eszter Cseh-Simon Kata Rita Deszo Cadets Male +78kg Adam Boke .

The Irish Karate Kyokushinkai would like to wish the British Karate Kyokushinkai every success in the staging of the 3rd Under 18 World shane@kyokushinireland. +353 86 8298518 .

there were 3 fights. Astrakhan. People are very different and indeed their level is very high too. I took part in the Russian Championship 2009 and lost the final to Maria Lepina. and the two other with a ushiro geri to the body.2nd 2010 Russian Championships . where I took 3rd place. Russia Are you in full time education or are you now in employment? I’m graduated as a catering technologist and now I’m going to enrol at university in a physical culture course You fought and won in 2008 World Championships. In 2010 I took part in the Russian Championship 2010 in Moscow.4th Kyu 2008 IFK U-18 World Tournament Winner Dojo: Samurai. It was a stressful atmosphere. big responsibility.1st 2009 Russian Championships . Other notable achivements 2008 2nd U18 World Tournament .2nd 2010 European Kyokushin-kan . Since becoming World Champion what tournaments have you been in and how have you done? After that I went over to a women’s category and started in a group under 60 kg. I finished all of them ahead of time with ippon: the first one with a ushiro mawashi to the head. What was your experience/feelings about this event? There were a lot of impressions. I didn’t even think that I could win.Anna Badmaeva . I was then invited to be part of the Russian Team and we went to European Kyokushinkan Championship in Bulgaria. How have you found the difference competing in adult events? The difference is very noticeable. tell me about your fights? Well. the coach had to constantly encourage me. There I lost the final to Svetlana Tuchkova.3rd . What are your hopes for the future? I’d like to become a member of the Russian Team and take part in the next World Tournament. All fighters are experienced and don’t give you a chance to win.

co.Proud To Support The BKK 01293 534444 Left & Above: Anna Badmaeva .

You fought in the 2006 World Championships. The All Kyokushin Championship of the World in Hungary 2009 was the most difficult tournament for me. He wiped my tears and consoled me. I remember that Hanshi Steve Arneil was very kind and tried to calm me. It was very hard to beat her. but I won after 4 minutes. It did not feel a big difference between fighting juniors and women as in Russia they are both strong. The Championship of Europe in Samara was my next goal. I understood that it was dream of my life to be in such a competition. I remember my first fight was with a very heavy competitor. It was an honor for me to represent Russia and IFK there. It was my first adult Championship of Russia in Saint-Petersburg at 2007. because most powerful fighters from different Federations gathered there. and I was afraid to lose. That fight went all 3 rounds and the Judges’ decision was 2/2 and the referee gave his vote to Anna. I had to win .Shodan 2006 IFK U-18 World Tournament 2nd Dojo: School Of Kyokushinkai Kemerovo. After that I won Championship of Russia in Cheboksary and was selected for the Kyokushinkan Championship of Europe in Moscow 2008. It was a very upsetting defeat.Olga Sorokina . because I had defeated her previously. I thought the final fight would be 8 minutes so I saved all my power for the 4th round. tell me about your fights? The first World Tounament 2006 was very unusual for me as It was my first trip abroad. What was your experience/feelings about this event? I liked Switzerland very much. That tournament wasn’t easy because they had different rules but it didn’t stop me and I won gold medal also. And I became champion again. She was 17 kilograms heavier than me. And I won and became a champion. Since the World Tournament what tournaments have you been in and how have you done? I did not want to lose again so I trained very hard for my next tournament. My second fight was against a local star. I fought with Anna Veshnyakova in the final. Russia Are you in full time education or are you now in employment? I graduated from the college of Physical Education and Sports and I’m now studying at the Institute doing 5 courses in the same specialty.

I hadn’t won such prizes before. It was a pleasure to also be awarded prizes for best technique and for shortest fight. And if I win Championship of Europe I will be honoured with master of sports (this is highest sport rank in Russia) from the government. Below & Right: Olga Sorokina Wishing The IFK. What are your hopes for the future? I hope I will return to karate. There were over 30 ladies in my category and I had good fights with Edit Abraham of Hungary Shinkyokushin and with a very patient Japanese fighter but I overcame them winning both fights by roll kick Ippon. Officials And Spectators A Great Day At K2 . I didn’t except such result because I had been nervous and I thought that I would lose in the early rounds. Fighters. I understood that I learned how to lose graciously when I became second at this Tournament.but it wasn’t easy at all. BKK.

Hopefully I will get to compete whilst I am there. I will spend two weeks in Australia before finishing off the trip in Canada. You fought in the 2006 World Championships. It was a tough. Since then what tournaments have you been in and how have you done? I tend to fight in as many tournaments as possible. I then travel to Thailand where I am enrolled at Tiger Muay Thai camp before moving onto Japan. I am sure if we had a better system to prepare our youngsters for this type of bout I could have done better. using and promoting each others events. and she got the decision after that. The fight went the maximum three rounds. What was your experience/feelings about this event? Being my first ever contact event I remember how nervous I felt! And I also remember after the fight. In particular. and am really pleased with my performance in general. My plans are to spend a month in Russia as visa permitting I am going to take part in the St Petersburg fighters camp for 3 weeks under Sensei Dmitry. all I was interested in was when I was going to get to do it again! It definitely gives you the bite. But in the bigger picture these events are great for getting some experience towards the future fighting careers of cadets and juniors. They’re also a brilliant way to make contacts with other people from other countries – Wesley from Holland fought in the same 2006 world tournament and today the British and Dutch teams work together extremely well. but I gave my all and felt I’d used all the hard training I’d put in to its full advantage. As a fighter you’re always trying to improve on your past performances.Nidan 2006 IFK U-18 World Tournament 3rd Dojo: BKK Wimbeldon. full on fight. in .Emma Markwell . my best bouts have been in Hungary and at the three British Opens I’ve fought in. tell me about your fights? Going into the 2006 World Tournament I had not had any competition experience at contact fighting due to the BKK rules and I had to fight a Russian girl. despite the bruises. When I come back I hope to go to University. England Are you in full time education or are you now in employment? I have been working for BMW in Croydon since leaving school at 16 but have just left that to travel.

and what ever level you’re competing at. At the moment I’m seeing a lot more 2nd and 3rd places. How did you find the difference between cadet events and now competing in adult events? There is definitely a difference between the step up out of the cadets and into the main events. What are your hopes for the future? I think like most people I just want to keep pushing and pushing. You have an idea what training is required. In many ways the compliments you get from people when you’ve fought well can be just as rewarding as winning a fight.particular a four round battle in the final of 2010 with current IFK World Champion Mariya Lepina. every fight is a physical and mental battle. with 32 of the best lightweight girls I’ve seen. and I’d really like to start breaking the barrier a bit more and pushing the top girls off. I’m still young so have loads of time to achieve new things. defeating 2 of the favourites in my first fight and another Russian to get the 3rd place but also really proud to have had some really positive feedback on my fighting from our Russian team members. And then the world! Other notable achivements 2008 BKK Regional – 1st 2008 IFK British Open – 1st 2009 IKK British Open – 2nd 2009 IFK Spanish Open – 2nd 2009 BKK Regional 2009 – 1st 2009 All Kyokushin World Cup – 3rd 2009 IFK British Open 2009 – 2nd 2010 Shinkyokushin Dutch Open – 3rd 2010 IKO3 World tournament – 4th 2010 IFK British Open – 2nd 2010 Oyama Cup Fujimae – 2nd 2011 IKK British Open 2011 – 1st . I’d like to hold the British title again. it was an incredible tournament. And longer term I’d like to compete in countries like Russia and Japan and try to push their top fighters too until I become recognised there. you have experienced the nerves. I was really proud to have been placed in such a world class event. I’ve also been to the IKO3 World tournament in Spain. you’ve been hit. and fought in Holland. But I do believe the cadet tournaments give you an advantage in how well you cope. I’ve also been fortunate enough to represent the IFK in a world team at the All Kyokushin World Tournament in Budapest in 2009. Belgium and France. and the cadet tournaments prepare you well for that.

When I watch videos of the Tournament I'm still very excited Since then what tournaments have you been in and how have you done? I took a period of time after the Tournament to have a rest and to heal my injuries.1st 2010 Cup of Russia . but after a warning from the referee we had a very fast and powerful fight. At the beginning of the fight I was calm. to be 1! I think that I should to have a rest and begin to prepare for competitions with new power and I have a future prospect to be a coach after University Other notable achivements 2007 Cup of Russia .2nd 2009 Championship of Russia . I was second on the Championship of Altayskiy Area and I was 3rd at the Cup of Russia in Kemerovo in the adult category What are your hopes for the future? I have a desire to win. It was a pleasure to take part in photo sessions for magazines and newspapers. Both my legs after the Tournament were injured and my coach had to carry my bag. All the people around me were very glad and the whole city knew about it. I kicked him right to the head several times. What was your experience/feelings about this event? I didn't understand that I won and I still cannot believe it.2nd Kyu 2008 IFK U-18 World Tournament 1st Dojo: Region Sei-do Club. I felt this injury even during the Championship. I had 2 hard fights. They were unforgettable feelings. but he stayed on his legs. The semi final fight against a fighter from Belorussia was very hard.3rd 2006 Championship of Russia . The final was against Malyukov from Russia and was even harder because we are friends. so I wasn't able to do a lot of kicks during training sessions.2nd . Russia You became Lightweight champion at the 2008 World Championships. In the end I finished the fight with a good series of punches with ippon.Victor Kurilenko .2nd 2008 Championship of Russia . I understood that it was very important when I returned home. I said to him after the fight that he had an iron head and he smiled. I had injuries to one of my legs before the competition. in the semi and the final. tell me about your fights? It's pretty hard to remember how it was after 3 years.

Above & Below: Victor Kurilenko Above & Below: Wesley Jansen Above & Below: Emma Markwell .

Unfortunately the referees decided the other way and they gave the fight to him. I had the same result at . Lost but with a pride in myself! What was your experience/feelings about this event? It is absolutely amazing to be in a world tournament when you are 16. I then started off with the adult tournaments in 2008 with the IFK Belgian Championships in November which I won and the Tezuka Cup in November where I came 2nd. In 2010 I came 3rd in the Open Dutch Shinkyokushin and 2 weeks later I won the Open Belgian Shinkyokushin. When I was walking around and watching the clicker fights on the 1st day I was so happy to be there. I scored my points with my high kicks but it wasn't enough for the both of us and it ended in a draw. Holland Are you in full time education or are you now in employment? I’m studying sport science to be a sports teacher and work with mentally disabled people and I am working as a salesman in boats and boat equipment. I was still scoring more points but i just didn't have the weight and the power to make the difference and I thought it would be another draw. tell me about your fights? I was fighting against a Swiss guy called Ivo I think. Then in October I entered in to the British Open and came to the last 8 and a month later I came 3rd in the Diamond Cup.Wesley Jansen . He was obviously stronger then me but not the better fighter. I was only 47kg and he was 67kg. Then of course after the fighting I made a lot of friends who are still close to me. So there was a lot of weight difference. It was an honour to fight and represent my country in a tournament where my role models where walking around and where going to see me fight. Which made it an even better event. Then in 2009 I fought in the Open European Championships of Kamakura and I came 3rd. You fought in the 2006 World Championships. I won the Severn Challenge and the Pilatus Cup. The 2nd round went the same as the 1st. I kept moving around whilst he was going forward with punches and lowkicks. Since then what tournaments have you been in and how have you done? I 've been fighting a lot since then.Nidan 2006 IFK U-18 World Tournament 9th Dojo: Dojo Da Graca.

What are your hopes for the future? I hope that I can fight in as many tournaments as possible and obviously I want to win them. My last tournament was The Rengokai European Championships in Hungary. So it was a lot of weight to over bridge during the fights. I would also like to be the squad coach and give all the things I’ve learned to all the younger fighters. There are also a few fighters which I want to fight against. After my fighting career I would like to have my own dojo and be an inspiration for other fighters and karateka. I injured my knee in the 1st round which I was winning but I couldn't fight on. Eventually I was getting a bit bigger and stronger and now my weight is around 64 kg just a bit more is what I want. How did you find the difference between cadet events and now competing in adult events? I have always been one of the lightest in the categories where I was fighting but the difference was pretty hard in the beginning because you have to fight against older fighters who have more power and are simply heavier than me which when your fighting in the cadets they are all similar sized and around the same age. When I started the adults in 2008 my weight was around 55 kg.1st 2008 Belgian Tezuka Cup .1st 2010 Swedish Shinkyokushin . I also won the Swedish Open in September. Other notable achivements 2008 Belgian Championships .1st 2009 IFK British Open 2009 .3rd . Also I would like to make a name in the Kyokushinkai world in every organisation and that they are as honoured as I am to have me fight in there tournaments. 2011 I started of with a 3rd place in the Open Dutch Shinkyokushin and a 3rd place on the Open European Championships of Kamakura.3rd 2010 Dutch Shinkyokushin 2010 .1st 2010 IFK Copa Valencia . So guys do NOT retire until we have fought. watch out here I come ha ha.Last 8th 2009 Diamond Cup .1st 2011 Dutch Open Shinkyokushin .3rd 2010 Belgian Shinkyokushin Cup . Now I feel good when I am fighting and I am only getting stronger so all the older lightweight fighters. In June I was fighting in my 1st adult World Cup in Estepona and came to the last 16.the Europeans of Kamakura 3rd and Best Fighting style in March and I came 1st on the Open IFK Valencia Cup in May.2nd 2008 Open Katsu Cup . but broke my thumb so I couldn't fight in the British Open.

tell me about your fights? I had a total of 6 fights in the World Tournament. moving around my opponents trying to pick them off. this was where I first realised the global scale of the karate world and the fantastic opportunities that can arise. It was a strange experience as we spar so many times in training and we knew how each other fought. Since then what tournaments have you been in and how have you done? Since the World tournament I don’t think I ever really fought the same way again. I started to train with the Welsh men’s . which I won. but I knew Sami would have wanted to settle the score. In the final I was set to fight my Welsh sparring partner Matthew Ali. Further Maths. Sami and I had fought twice before. You fought in the 2008 and won in the clicker division of the World Championships. At the Semi-final stage of the competition I was drawn against my teammate Sami Mehio. As I progressed in the tournament so did many of my Great British teammates. Biology and Chemistry in 6th form College. I managed to win.Shodan 2008 IFK U-18 World Tournament 1st Dojo: BKK Cardiff. I remember feeling quite frustrated in my first fight as I was not fighting at my best. Whitchurch High School. As I had more and more fights I was feeling more myself and started fighting how I wanted to. In our first fight at the Severn Challenge 2007 Sami won. After a great and very close fight I managed to get the decision and progressed to the final. I had worked hard on my fitness for the tournament and always tried to keep the tempo of my fights up. We then fought a few months before the World Tournament in a ‘fight off’ for the Wales vs England.Nathan Williams . Having recently got the win I went into the fight with confidence. After another really close fight I was delighted to succeed as champion. and just didn’t feel myself. I decided to stick to my guns and fought the way I wanted to fight. Also. Wales Are you in full time education or are you now in employment? Currently studying Maths. knowing I would have the edge on my opponent in the last 30 seconds of the fight. What was your experience/feelings about this event? It was an unforgettable experience! One I will remember for the rest of my life. however I knew I had to up my game if I were to do well further on in the competition.

I think this accumulation of things meant I started coming 2nd and 3rd at tournaments but I was glad to win my last chance at the British Clicker in 2009.1st 2010 Severn Challenge . How did you find the difference moving into cadet events? The transition is one that you only really feel once you have fought that initial knockdown fight. Also.2nd 2011 Pilatus Cup 2011 . In fact I thoroughly enjoyed it! We see you are now selected for the Kyokushin rules at this year’s event.2nd 2011 Da Graca Tournament . what are your expectations? My expectations of myself at this tournament are to use the experience I have picked up recently fighting and my style of fighting really changed. thanks to all the help from my coaches and the hard work put in I found the change fine. and the hard work I needed to put in to represent Great Britain at the World Kata Tournament. I think I was already looking forward to fighting in the knockdown and perhaps my emphasis on clicker wasn’t as great due to the training in knockdown.1st . What are your hopes for the future? I would like to pursue my career as a knockdown fighter and hopefully represent Great Britain at a senior level. This in turn will help me grow as a person and hopefully bring some new ideas to Kyokushin. and in different tournaments to fight to the best of my ability and enjoy this fantastic opportunity. Other notable achivements 2010 Regional Tournament . However. I am hoping to widen my overall martial arts knowledge by trying out different styles of fighting and self defence.



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