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Q.1 In a group of 800 people, 550 can speak Hindi and 450 can speak English. How many can speak both Hindi and English? [200] Q.2 In a group of 50 people, 35 speak Hindi, 25 speak both English and Hindi and all the people speak at least one of the two languages. How many people speak only English and not Hindi? How many people speak English? [40] Q.3 Out of 500 car owners investigated, 400 owned Maruti car and 200 owned Hyundai car; 50 owned both cars. Is this data correct? [550, given data is incorrect] Q.4 If A and B be two sets containing 3 and 6 elements respectively, what can be the minimum number of elements in AOB? Find also, the maximum number of elements in AOB. [9,6] Q.5 A market research group conducted a survey of 2000 consumers and reported that 1720 consumers liked product P1 and 1450 consumers liked product P2. What is the least number that must have liked both the products? [1170] Q.6 There are 40 students in a chemistry class and 60 students in a physics class. Find the number of students which are either in physics class or chemistry class in the following cases: (i) The two classes meet at the same hour. [100] (ii) The two classes meet at different hours and 20 students are enrolled in both the subjects.[80] Q.7 If A, B and C are three sets and U is the universal set such that n(U)=700, n(A)=200, n(B)=300 and n (A ∩ B)=100. Find n (A’ ∩ B’). [300] Q.8 In a survey of 700 students in a college, 180 were listed as drinking Limca, 275 as drinking Miranda and 95 were listed as both drinking Limca as well as Miranda. Find how many students were drinking neither Limca nor Miranda. [340] Q.9 A survey shows that 63% of the Americans like cheese whereas 76% like apples. If x% of the Americans like both cheese and apples. Find the value of x.. [39 ≤x ≤ 63] Q.10 In a class of 35 students, 17 have taken mathematics, 10 have taken mathematics but not economics. Find the number of students who have taken both mathematics and economics and the number of students who have taken economics but not mathematics, if it is given that each student has taken either mathematics or economics or both. [18]


[3300. how many elements does Q have? [30] Q. How many teach physics? [12] Q. how many received medals in exactly two to the three sports? [9] Q13. 4 had taken physics and chemistry and 3 had taken all the three subjects.4.000 families it was found that 40% families buy newspaper A.11.4000] Q. [10] Q. B and C.12 A college awarded 38 medals in Football. 52 like tea and each person likes at least one of the two In a group of 70 people. If 2% families buy all the three newspapers. 20% families buy newspaper B and 10% families buy newspaper C. 12 teach mathematics and 4 teach physics and mathematics.1400. . 9 had taken mathematics and n (A)=28 and (B)=32.23. Find the number of students that had (i) only chemistry (ii) only mathematics (iii) only physics (iv) physics and chemistry but not mathematics (v) mathematics and physics but not chemistry (vi) only one of the subjects (vii) at least one of the three subjects (viii) none of the subjects. How many like both coffee and tea? [19] E-mail admin@onlineteachers. it was hound that 15 had taken Q.2 If P and Q are two sets such that P has 40 elements. Of these. 5% families buy A and B.1.3 In a school there are 20 teachers who teach mathematics or physics. P ∪ Q has 60 elements and P ∪ Q has 10 elements. 5 had taken mathematics and chemistry.2] Some important questions Q. 3% buy B and C and 4% buy A and C. [5. find the number of families which buy (i) A only (ii) B only (iii) none of A. If these medals went to a total of 58 men and only three men and only three men got medals in all the three sports.11 In a town of 10. in Basketball. In a survey of 25 students. 12 had taken physics and 11 had taken chemistry. find n (A ∩ B). 37 like coffee. and 20 to Cricket.1 If A and B are two sets such that n (A ∪ B)=50.http://onlineteachers.2.

whereas 62% like bananas. 15 play hockey and football. Find: (i) How many drink tea and coffee both.12 A survey 500 television viewers produced the following information.22] Q. 8 read both T and I. [20] Q.8 In a group of 50 persons. Find (i) How many can speak both Hindi and English. [30] Q. 14 play hockey and basket ball.325] E-mail Q.11 In a group of 1000 people. Find (i) n (B) (ii) n (A-B) (iii) n (B-A) [26. 26 in hockey team and 29 in the football team. n (A ∪ B)=42 and n (A ∩ B)=4. 50 watch hockey and How many watch all the three games? How many watch exactly one of the three games? [20. What percentage of the Indians like both oranges and bananas? [38%] Q. 115 watch basketball.5 Let A and B be two sets such that: n (A)=20.6 A survey shows that 76% of the Indians like oranges. 3 read all three newspapers. 45 watch football and basketball. 14 drink tea both not coffee and 30 drink tea. How many members are there in all? [43] Q. there are 750 who can speak Hindi and 400 who can speak Bengali. 50 do not watch any of the three . Find (i) The number of people who read at least on e of the newspapers. [200] Q. 11 read both H and T. 26 read newspaper I. it was found that 25 people read newspaper H 26 read newspaper T.16. [52] (ii) The number of people who read exactly one 750 can speak Hindi and 460 can speak English. 12 play football and basketball and 8 play all the three games. 70 watch football and hockey. How many can speak both Hindi and Bengali? [600.150] Q. [490] (iii) How many can speak English only.http://onlineteachers.10 Of the members of three athletic teams in a certain school.9 In a survey of 60 people. 9 read both H and I.7 In a group of 950 persons. 285 watch football. 21 are in the basketball team. [16] (ii) How many drink coffee but not tea. 195 watch hockey. [260] (ii) How many can speak Hindi only.

26 liked product P2 and 29 liked product 8 read magazine A and B. Find: (i) How many read none of three magazines? [20] (ii) How many read magazine C only? [30] Q. English 26. If 14 persons liked products P1and P2.http://onlineteachers. 30 read magazine B. [11] E-mail admin@onlineteachers. the number of students studying the various languages were found to be : English only 18. Find: (i) How many students were studying Hindi? [18] (ii) How many students were studying English and Hindi? [3] Q. no language Q. English and Sanskrit 8.13 In a survey of 100 persons it was found that 28 read magazine Sanskrit and Hindi 8. 42 read magazine C. 12 persons liked product P3 and P1. Sanskrit 48. Find how many liked product P3 only.14 In a survey of 100 . 14 persons liked products P2 and P3 and 8 liked all the three products. English but not Hindi 23. 10 read magazines A and C.15 In a survey it was found that 21 persons liked product P1. 5 read magazines B and C and 3 read all the three magazines.

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