Edition number 06 April 2013

Reception & Grade 1
PYP Production
Peter Pan
2 3 EXIMIUS 2012-2013 Term 2
It is with immense pride and satisfaction that I write these introductory words to this edition of Eximius.
The school this year continues to be a lively and focused centre of learning. Already this term we have seen many events and
activities a review of which you will find in the pages of this edition. As you explore the world of SDIS you will see the school’s
deep commitment to holistic education, internationalism, service in the community, sporting and artistic excellence and above
all, to leaning in its broadest sense.
In the autumn we welcomed our colleagues from the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the New England Association of
Schools and Colleges (NEASC) who are helping us focus on whole school improvement with the target for re-accreditation by
January 2015. Since our last edition we have begun the whole school self-study and have spent much time reviewing and revis-
ing our guiding statements –our mission and vision- around the organising phrase of ‘Nurturing and Educating International
Minds’. As the community knows SDIS is an international school. We have the word international in our title, we offer three IB
programmes, and we have 35 nationalities in our student body and 15 on our staff. This statement is already on the walls of
some of our buildings and tells us and the world what SDIS is about and what it aims to do. It will shortly appear on the walls
of the classrooms and on the website and will appear gradually on all our documents.
But, dig a little deeper and what does it really mean to be a student in an international school? How can we nurture and educate
international minds? What is an international mind anyway? Is it enough just to be aware of the so-called ‘5 Fs’ – flags, foods,
festivals, fashion and famous people- of the different countries and cultures in our school? I think not.
For all of us at SDIS it is about ‘being’ and ‘doing’ internationalism and this means changing the way we as people think and
act- it means modelling, through our school code of conduct, through our family and friend interactions, the attributes of the IB
Learner Profile –being thinkers, open minded, caring, balanced, communicators, inquirers, risk-takers and so on.
Being international means learning together about global issues, it means critically reflecting on our work and knowledge, it
means serving our community to make our school and the world a better place, but above all it means being more internation-
ally minded – something which involves being less egocentric and more conscious of ‘the other’. This means we are open to
difference and committed to learning about it, to making sense of it, to embracing it and to celebrating it. It means becoming
less about ‘me’ and more about ‘you’ and building empathy for others, their situations, their lives, their challenges and their
ways of seeing the world. This is a lifetime’s work not just for now but for all time and for everybody.
Today, as we read in the pages of our Eximius about the rich and vibrant life of SDIS I challenge us all to ask ourselves– Am I
internationally minded? What do I do to nurture and educate international minds?
I hope you enjoy this edition of Eximius and thank all of you for your contributions to our learning community.
Jeremy Singer
Principal and Head of Senior School
Principal’s Message
Nurturing and Educating International Minds
Welcome to the 6th edition of the EXIMIUS, the St Dominic’s International School
In this edition you will find out how much life goes on OUTSIDE the classroom
environment! Our students and teachers take their learning to the limit, by par-
ticipating in the OPOMUN, Jazz Concert, Sports, Maths and Writing competions.
The younger ones also shared their learning by presenting us with their PYP Pro-
ductions where we travelled to different countries and their celebrations to the
I would like to thank all teachers, students and staff for their contribution to this
edition of EXIMIUS.
Rina Miyakawa
From the Editor
All rights reserved.
Property of Veritas Educatio. Educação e Serviços, S.A.
NIPC 508318289
Grade 2 had the most wonderful learning experience through travel-
ling the world to learn how “Our Cultural Beliefs Influence How We
Celebrate!” during our Transdisciplinary Theme How We Express
The script to Grade 2 PYP Production evolved through the student’s
understanding and individual interests of celebrations such as Diwali,
Chinese New Year, Santo António, Carnival in Brazil and many others.
Traditional music, story telling, poetry, dance and role play were ex-
plored to inquire into cultural beliefs and values around the world.
In the production the audience became the passengers on connect-
ing flights, with their three tourist friends, they travelled around the
world to experience different celebrations. The audience were even
involved in some unexpected turmoil to bring humour to the exciting
Groups of traditional scenes from different celebrations filled the
stage to demonstrate how “…people with their differences can also be
right”. Characters such as air hostesses, news reporters and teach-
ers provided important insight into the learning process that culmi-
nated in a meaningful performance for Grade 2 students as well as
the audience.
The Production gave each individual student a chance to shine… a real
purpose for discovering and learning in an interactive and proactive
way –providing them with skills and knowledge they can apply to their
everyday lives!
And at the end of the production, after an electrifying Brazilian dance,
the entire cast shouted out…“we appreciate our cultural beliefs and
those of others too… and we hope you do too!”
Grade 2 Team
Grade 2
PYP Production
4 5 EXIMIUS 2012-2013 Term 2
This activity is part of the grade 5 Unit of Inquiry –
Where we are in Place and Time. It’s a transdiscipli-
nary activity that includes PE, Music and Portuguese.
As part of the internationalism culture we included
the other grade levels of the Junior School as well.
Some students from Conservatório Nacional de Dan-
ça came to teach some Portuguese Traditional Danc-
es to Grade 5 and to perform dances from different
regions of the country to the junior school. In the end
of this performance all the students from the Jun-
ior School had the chance to dance with the students
from the Conservatório and learn one of the dances.
This was a day full of excitement and everyone was
proud to be part of an International community.
Portuguese Dance Day
On Thursday 14th March, at the invitation
of Ann and Robert Adriaansen De Haan,
parents of Matthieu in grade 8, we went on
our first ever EAL trip from St Dominic’s.
It was a warm sunny morning when 4 staff
and a group of 20 students from grades 6
to 9 set off. It took about 1 hour 30 minutes
to get there and we arrived at about 10.30
eager to start our day on the farm. What a
day it was! Our students walked and talked
with horses, played with dogs of different
breeds, saw water buffalos up close and
even had the chance to see ostriches roam-
ing freely. Our hosts taught us about life on
the farm and the importance of caring for
all animals. It was a very valuable and edu-
cational experience and came to an end all
too soon. After lunch on the patio we left for
school at 1.50 pm with a bus load of tired
but happy students. As organiser of this trip
it was summed up for me by one student
EAL Trip to herdade de Terrins
next day when he said ‘Ms Brenan, when
can we go to the farm again?’
On behalf of the students and staff involved,
I would like to thank our hosts for this un-
forgettable experience and also the school
for allowing us the free day to go on this trip.
May it just be the beginning of many more
EAL trips in the future.
Mary E Brenan
HOD EAL and Mother Tongue.
Carnival 2013
What is the essence of Carnival? Many
would say it has to be fun, colour and rev-
elry. On February 8th in the junior school
assembly there was definitely fun and col-
our and quite a bit of revelry too! The hall
was filled with laughing clowns, scary mon-
sters, beautiful princesses and many other
imaginative costumes.
Children love to dress up and this was
their day to do just that. Each class took
it in turns to go up on stage and dance to
their chosen music. A panel of judges had
the very difficult job of choosing winners for
categories such as the best Unit of Inquiry
costume, the most original and the funni-
est costume. There was even a prize for the
teachers! While the judges were making
these difficult decisions, the children exited
the hall to parade around the running track.
We were lucky with the weather and despite
it being February, it wasn’t too cold outside.
Once back in the hall, the winners were an-
nounced and applauded with enthusiasm.
Mr Musgrove ended off the assembly and
the children filed off back to their classes,
still smiling and filled with the spirit of Car-
It was a happy celebration, one which the
children, I’m sure will remember for some
Ms Katherine Bradford & Mas Tracey
6 7 EXIMIUS 2012-2013 Term 2
There is always something going on in the Science labs. Grade 10 students were investigating redox reactions and the principles
behind the functioning of batteries in Chemistry during term 2 with Mr. Heerebout and Ms. Lopez.
On the 6 March students from Grade 1 to Grade 5 participated in the
Mathematics section of the World Education Games on World Maths
Day. Computers were prepped and ready to minimize change over time
and give each student maximum time to compete.
The excitement was tangible! Students had been practising their mental
maths on Mathletics in the weeks prior to the competition but this was
the BIG DAY and all students are to be congratulated on their participa-
tion and results.
Nursery, Kindergarten and Reception celebrated World Maths Day
by singing maths songs and playing maths games incorporating their
knowledge of Number, Pattern and Function, Shape and Space and
Measurement !
It was a great Maths Day and thank you to all who helped to make the
day such a success.
Paddy Prior
JS Maths Coordinator
World Maths Day
All students participated in the worldwide celebration
National Speaking Competition
A Big Success for SDIS Students
On a recent Sunday in April, students from schools across Portugal
gathered at the British Council in Lisbon for the National Speaking
Competition. Schools from Guimaraes to Faro were represented at the
annual event which is hosted by the English Speakers Union and offers
students the opportunity to hone their public speaking skills for the
chance to win a trip to the international competition in London.
St. Dominic’s was represented at the competition by two talented
speakers from Grade 10, Daniel Abreu and Sergio Vega. For these
students the competition meant the culmination of weeks of practice.
They had already earned their places in the national event by winning
the Senior School competition. Lisbeth Thorsden, a drama teacher
who served as a judge and mentor was enthusiastic about the two win-
ners: “We have two talented speakers who are great representatives
of the SDIS community.”
The theme of the competition this year was “A House Divided Against
itself cannot Stand”, a famous quote drawn from the bible and a speech
given by Abraham Lincoln. The students were required to interpret the
quote in order to develop and express their unique views on the topic.
Students at the national competition applied the theme to topics from
the European Union, historical events, classic fairy tales and the mod-
ern family structure among others.
“I felt like listening to the other speakers’ views and opinions helped
me to be more open-minded,” stated Daniel. The speeches were en-
gaging and demonstrated an exciting variety of techniques. “Listening
to these speeches made me become a better speaker,” noted Sergio.
Both boys were accompanied to the British Council by their families
and teacher, Ms. Herschleb. Daniel gave his speech on the topic of
the importance of empathy in human relationships. The speech was
lauded by the judges and Daniel was selected as a finalist. Sergio’s
speech on the importance of recognizing marriage rights for gays was
also well received.
At the end of the day, both boys did well and are more prepared to com-
pete again next year. “By participating in a public speaking contest,
I improved my speech delivery skills, articulation, pace and eye con-
tact,” Daniel said, “It’s all about transmitting your views in an effective
and engaging manner.”
Karen Herschleb
Head of Language A
8 9 EXIMIUS 2012-2013 Term 2
The Oporto Model United Nations
A group of ten students from Grades 9 – 11 trav-
elled to Porto for a Model United Nations Confer-
ence hosted by the Oporto International School
(CLIP) from March 7-9 where there were inter-
national and Portuguese schools from Northern
Portugal and the Lisbon area in attendance. Our
delegates, representing countries such as Brazil,
Britain, and Cuba, participated in a Human Rights
committee, or an ECOSOC committee, and on the
final day a General Assembly.
For the majority of the students this was their first
MUN experience so it was an excellent opportunity
to learn the basics. Daniel Abreu, however, a stu-
dent with several MUNs under his belt, received a
“Best Delegate Award” in ECOSOC.
After the Friday sessions we had a tour of down-
town Porto followed by a delicious dinner at CLIP.
The students were delighted to have a chance
to perform the “Harlem Shuffle” when the mu-
sic started, while Ms Ali and Ms Ward were very
amused spectators.
As we stayed at the Hotel Fénix Porto the trip re-
quired students to be at a certain level of maturity.
The PTA provided some financial support which
was greatly appreciated, since it made the confer-
ence more affordable.
During 7PIO Humanities class with Mr Sawyer, 7PIO managed to raise 330 Euros from donations made by SDIS students and
staff. 7 PIO used this money for an NGO (Non-Government Organization) called ‘Good Gifts’. Good Gifts allowed us to buy a
water tank, a water pump and 30 mango trees for a poor community in Africa.
7PIO would like to thank all kind donators for their contribution to this marvelous experience. Helping the poor African com-
munities was great for 7PIO. We were able to see what is happening in the world and how there are lots of other people who
cannot have half of what we can afford. Buying these products made us feel really generous and proud of ourselves, especially
when Good Gifts sent us a card with photographs, thanking our big donations. It was not too hard, but it made a huge differ-
ence in other people‘s lives.
We hope to continue this Good Gift process and we advise you all to contribute too. Something small can make a big difference
Good Gifts
SS Humanities
Once again this year’s edition of the Jazz Night concert was held in the
auditorium at CAISL on February 21. The concert featured various con-
figurations of performers from CAISL, St Julian’s and St-Dominic’s.
Together, they performed a repertoire ranging from Swing and Blues
to staples of Pop, Soul, Rhythm and Blues as well as Funk Jazz to an
appreciative and enthusiastic audience.
Representing SDIS were veterans Afonso Albuquerque and Miguel
Oliveira on electric guitar and drums along with a strong vocal con-
tingent consisting of Thala Al-Khudayri, Bella Mditshane, Alexandra
Pinto and Megan Adair. Other instrumentalists included Maria Figue-
iredo on piano and teachers Miss Stephanie Duarte at the piano with
Miss Angela Furniss and Mr. Marc Laflamme respectively on soprano
and tenor saxophones.
It was great to see and hear these grades 7, 10, 11 and 12 students col-
laborating and enjoying together with teachers during rehearsals and
on the evening of the concert.
Come and join us next year for some fun and inspiring music making.
Marc Laflamme
Music Teacher
Inter Jazz Night
Interschool Music Concert
10 11 EXIMIUS 2012-2013 Term 2
Peter Pan
Reception and Grade 1 PYP Production
This year Grade 1 and Reception collaborated in their PYP Production to make all sorts of
connects with How We Express Ourselves Unit of Inquiry, through stories and fairy tales
students explored different creative ways to expressed themselves: acting, art and singing.
Students also demonstrated different IB Learner Attributes and Attitudes. Throughout the
rehearsals they showed commitment towards learning their lines, confidence standing on
the stage and performing, cooperation as they worked altogether, creativity and enthusi-
asm in acting out the different scenes and showed respect towards their classmates and
It was delightful to see the students work together and gain confidence while truly enjoying
themselves and showing their learning throughout the Production process
This was a beautiful celebration of students coming together to explore How THEY Express
Reception and Grade 1 Teams
12 13 EXIMIUS 2012-2013 Term 2
In the past January 28th the junior school celebrated the cross
country day. This activity is related to the unit of health related
activities and children were very happy to celebrate a healthy
lifestyle by running.
Students had the chance to improve their level of performance
during January in the Physical Education lessons, learning
how to breathe, managing the effort, learning about the train-
ing principles and the way the different body systems work to-
gether during exercise. In the end of this unit we assessed the
students’ cardiovascular resistance and 80% of them were in
the healthy zone.
Grades 2 and 3 ran 1km and Grades 4 and 5 ran 1,4km. Once
again, it was very interesting to watch them being very com-
petitive with themselves, trying to beat their records at the
cross country day. This year they were running, as well, for a
qualification to the cross country race in Algarve. This is a race
against students from the other international schools and they
were very excited for representing St Dominic’s in this event.
It was a day full with excitement and colour. We also had a
House Group competition; each student had the chance to con-
tribute with points to their house group. Dias finished in 1st
Our Junior School students achieved a very good level of per-
formance in Algarve. Liliane Carvalheiro finished in first place
and Frederico Hamman finished in 3rd place. The girls (Lili-
ane Carvalheiro, Vera Cid, Inês Cid, Khanysile Mditshane, Sofia
Zhang, Hannah Judd and Catarina Martins) got the 1st place in
the teams’ competition
Ruben Lima
PE Teacher
JS Cross Country
Explore your interests and experience
arning with an Internanona| educauon
Programme 2013
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
8:30 Arrival Arrival Arrival Arrival
8:45 Lngllsh/LSL lnsLrucuon Lngllsh/LSL lnsLrucuon Lngllsh/LSL lnsLrucuon Lngllsh/LSL lnsLrucuon
10:30 Break Break Break Break
11:00 Study Skills Study Skills Study Skills Study Skills
12:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
Þracucal Lngllsh and
CulLural Acuvlues
Þracucal Lngllsh and
CulLural Acuvlues
Þracucal Lngllsh and
CulLural Acuvlues
Þracucal Lngllsh and
CulLural Acuvlues
ÞarenLs plck-up ume
ÞarenLs plck-up ume
ÞarenLs plck-up ume
ÞarenLs plck-up ume
1 week 450€
1 week mornings only 250€
2 weeks 5% discount
3 weeks 10% discount
4 weeks 20% discount
1-26 July 2013
14 15 EXIMIUS 2012-2013 Term 2
Junior Arts
Towards the end of each term, students from Grade 2 to Grade 5 are encouraged to select and reflect upon an art piece to include in their
Here are some of our very creative and enthusiastic JS students proudly showing their favourite art pieces for Term 2.
Junior Arts
Congratulations and very well done to all of our talented and imaginative Junior School Artists.
16 17 EXIMIUS 2012-2013 Term 2
Term 2
As usual the sport action was non-stop
during term 2 at SDIS. Barcelona, London,
Vilamoura, Carcavelos and Linhó were the
places of interest. The most authentically
international activity at SDIS is sport.
Our success this year is measured in spirit.
And we have been very successful. Stu-
dents were competing in age groups two
or three years older. Isabelle Durazzo and
Melissa Faba travelled 400 km to compete
in cross country without any other SDIS
athletes in their age groups. The Inciados/
varsity girls basketball team played in two
3 day tournaments with only seven players,
four of which were new to the sport. And
finally, the greatest demonstration of the
spirit and love for SDIS, students from pre-
vious years attended sports tournaments
dressed in SDIS uniforms, cheered for our
teams and spent time with old friends.
The Varsity/Iniciados girls basketball team competed in
both the ISSA tournament in Barcelona and the Spring Fes-
tival at St Julian’s School. The girls have evolved immensely
during the year, due mainly to their commitment to training
and the hard work they put in. The girls have a very good
team spirit and have given their coach, Mr Ruben, a lot of
satisfaction and pride.
Varsity Girls Basketball
The Iniciados boys football was the biggest
surprise of the Spring Festival. This team
deserves endless credit and praise for their
performances, both on and off the field.
Consisting of six infantis players and nine
Iniciados the boys consistently played to a
level that surprised both supporters and
adversaries alike. Special mention must go
to Bruno Ferreira, José Ribeiro da Cunha,
Luan Paulo, Lucas Fruend, João Maria
Clemente and Pedro Faba who were com-
peting against players three years older.
Miguel Simões Almeida provided inspira-
tional leadership.
Iniciados Boys Football
The Benjamins boys football team were inconsistent in their play
during the Spring Festival. Playing extremely well against and
beating some the most difficult teams, but the boys let them-
selves down when playing the “easier” teams. A big aspect to
improve in this team is the attitude to training and their under-
standing of how a team works. Vasco Madeira deserves special
recognition for his good quality goal keeping.
Benjamins Boys Football
Finally we come to the CAISL volley-
ball tournament. Despite high levels
of enthusiasm only modest placing
came to the teams that competed
in this tournament. The best placed
team were the infantis crocodiles
who finished 2nd in a tight bat-
tle. A big round of applause must
go the infantis girls team who
showed excellent spirit. The Ini-
ciados girls team worked hard
in their games but lacked a lit-
tle bit of experience and some
luck. More technical practice
and experience is needed before next
year’s tournament for the infantis sharks to
Volleyball Tournament
The annual CHESS schools cross country race was held at
Vilamoura International School in early February. The main
force of SDIS students came from the junior school, with a
sprinkling of senior school students. The star of the day was
Liliane Cavalheiro who won the Benjamins girls race by a
massive 50 metres. Supporting her were Khany, Sofia, Catari-
na, Hannah, Inés and Vera who all finished high enough to win
the teams race for the benjamins age group. In the benjamins
boys Fred Hamann placed third. In the senior school a big ef-
fort was made by all runners, however more miles under the
belt was needed to guarantee places on the podium.
Annual CHESS Cross County
1st Place Benjamins Girls
Definitely a team not lacking in spirit is the Benjamins girls basketball
team. The team has a lot of new players and , what they girls lack in expe-
rience they make up for with effort and determination. In a very tight finish
the girls were just pipped for 3rd position at the Spring Festival. There
consistent hard work at training and participation in Saturday games has
seen all of the girls evolve immensely during the season.
Benjamins Girls Basketball
18 19 EXIMIUS 2012-2013 Term 2
Last term I wrote to you about our Junior
School Library commitment to the intro-
duction of levelled Information Literacy
Skills along the curriculum, while support-
ing the IB PYP and the reading programme
taught in SDIS. You were also informed
about our most recent online achieve-
ments, such as the Library online features
available through Connect and our new
eco-friendly emailing system.
This term, I would like to highlight the
importance of our Library Monitors Pro-
gramme as part of our approach to the ed-
ucation of the whole student, believing that
lifelong learning can, and should, happen
at all times and spaces - and what privi-
leged fields for learning are our Libraries!
Open to everyone from Grade 5 up, this pro-
gramme was conceived as an opportunity
to involve volunteer students in the Librar-
ies activities and develop in them a sense of
Student Librarians
community belonging, while learning skills
related to time management, organisational
understanding and literature knowledge. In
consonance with our IB programmes, these
leadership opportunities were meant to
empower the students, by putting them at
the centre of everything we do and let them
flourish. Thus, the Library staff would like to
express the most sincere thank you to the
following students: Benedita Amador, Caro-
lina Fontes, Leonor Ferreira, Maria Esteves,
João Pedro Freitas, Ambar Jin, Chander-
deep Rana, João Aboim, Saul Yu, Rafael Pin-
hal, Zamo Dube, David Zhu, Artur Macedo,
David Jorge, Álvaro Furtado, Noor Aly, João
Paulo Freitas, Ana Campos Pinto and So-
fia Santos –we count on your precious help
every day!
Mrs. Ana Casella
Junior and Senior School Librarian
At the beginning of all of this everyone was really stressed. We had to write an application
letter to Mrs. Ana and many students entered. They are good friends and supported each
other during the time of our training week, and our test! We are all librarians now and
proud of our work.
Being a librarian is not as easy as it looks, you have jobs and obligations but between all
the hard work and obligations we have fun together. As librarians we take care of the
community. We help by shelving, checking in and out books and keeping the library clean.
It´s not easy and takes practice, but with commitment and tolerance anyone can do it!
This experience as a librarian has been outstanding, because we learn how to do many
things. We also have the privileged of being a model for smaller children, so we always
need to show an example. We hope more people want to be Librarians too!!
We have lots of fun, we play and work. Oh we almost forgot to tell you there are also re-
wards: you get to take 1 extra book home, answer the phone, present library prizes during
assemblies, yeah cool right?
Mrs Ana, Mrs Tracey, Mrs Rina and Mrs Fátima help us so much with the trainings and
everything thank you so much.
Maria Esteves, Benedita Amador, Carolina Fontes and Leonor Ferreira (Grade 5)
Being a Librarian
During Term 1, our exciting Bookmark Competition was launched and students were in-
vited to submit an original piece of art of their own as an illustration for the best bookmark.
This Term, our Students voted for their favourite bookmark and Diana Shalkivska (2 CAR)
won the first prize. The very best 10 were chosen to be printed out and are now available to
everyone in our Junior School Library as our official bookmarks! At the back of each book-
mark one can check the Dewey Decimal System main classes, which help us to understand
how we organize and locate non-fiction books in our Library.
Book Mark Competition
Kindergarten Cupcake Café
During the unit on How We Organize Ourselves our Kindergarten
classes worked very hard creating their Kindergarten cupcake
Café as part of their summative assessment.
They prepared all the food themselves and were very creative in
making their props, such as chef hats, bow ties and aprons as
well as decorating their café.
The grade 5 class were invited with their teacher Mrs Prior and
Ms Paula and were amazed at how confident they were in per-
forming their jobs. Some students commented that the Kinder-
garten students were efficient and smartly dressed.
Both Mr Singer and Mr Musgrove added how professional the
students were in their roles as chefs and waiters. It was a great
success and we were very proud of them!
Kindergarten Team
Saint Dominic’s International School, Portugal®
Member of the European Council of International Schools
Accredited by The New England Association of Schools and
Colleges and by the Council of International Schools
Rua Maria Brown, Outeiro de Polima
2785-816 S. Domingos de Rana, Portugal
Tel: +351 21 444 04 34 / 448 05 50
for more lnformauon:
1-26 July 2013
Ms Ana Gaivão &
Ms Déspina Sarioglou

Field Trips
Treasure hunt
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Arts and Crafts
Water Games
Face Painting

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