Sanina The Writer, releases her first novel, Deviant “ Sexual Desires.

Sanina The Writer has officially released her debut novel "Deviant Sexual Desires". The debut novel consists of lesbian themed erotic short stories. St. Louis, MO, June 1st, 2013/Super Ink Online/- Deviant “ Sexual Desires” by Sanina was officially released on June 1st, 2013. The book is available on SmashWords, Lulu, CreateSpace, Amazon's Kindle, and also available through Amazon in paperback. All autographed paperback copies can be ordered through the author's website, The book is coming soon to Barnes and Noble's Nook. “After “ almost a decade of trying to get published my day has finally come”,” says Sanina. ”Thank “ you to all of you who helped make it happen.”” The book focuses on the erotic and sensual sexual relationships between women. About The Book Have you unleashed your inner, carnal desires and fully enjoyed the pleasures of the skin? Have you abandoned all of the stuffy, societally conditioned thinking and engaged in intense, orgasmic explorations of the body? Have you ever been so overwhelmed, sensually, that it caused you to climax to new heights, above and beyond what you thought possible? Release your inhibitions and dive into a place that, not only welcomes those desires, but praises them, as well. Enter an erotic world that will have you running to church on Sunday to pray for forgiveness. Savor the satisfaction and prepare yourself to have your senses caressed as you are taken on an erotic journey designed to fulfill all of your wicked and deviant fantasies. These stimulating and enticing stories will leave you dripping in anticipation as you turn each page. Enjoy a myriad of intense, vivid, erotic short stories that will leave you reaching for whats ’ not there. Delve into your deepest, darkest fantasy and en joy this new world. Welcome to Deviant Sexual Desires. Release Date: June 1st, 2013 Publisher: Self Published Words: 64,986 (approximate) Page Count: 216 Language: English ISBN: (Smashwords) 9781301185603 ISBN: (Lulu) 9781304088130 ISBN/EAN13: (Create Space) 1490318429 / 9781490318424 ISBN-10: (Amazon) 1490318429 ISBN-13: (Amazon) 978-1490318424 For autographed paperback copies readers must visit About Sanina Sanina was born in St Louis, MO, and raised by her mother and grandmother. As a young girl, just a young girl, she realized that words were her favorite reality. Reading captured her attention, but she soon realized that she could affect people in the same way that she was affected by the novels she read. She began writing poetry and performing in the contests offered at her school. Sanina's favorite genre to read is historical romance; however, she found that her writing was more erotic in nature. She found her niche in Lesbian Erotica. She found that her writing was more effective when she wrote about her innermost fantasies. Sanina would get lost in her world of fantasies as they made their way to paper. She loved the feeling of knowing that she could stimulate the senses of a reader so intensely that they couldn’t help but respond physically to her written word. Deviant Sexual Desires is Sanina's first published, written work and Deviant Sexual Desires, volume 2 is almost complete. Sanina spends the majority of her free time writing. Sanina lives and works in her hometown of St. Louis and is an active resident of

her community. Contact: Tammy Johnson, Owner and Operator Super Ink Online Phone: 84355833444

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