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I N T R o o
Welcome to issue seven of Ainriail and the
last successful issue of 1996. This issue of
Ainriail is dedicated to the memory of Adam
Hughes 1978 -1996. A good comrade and
member of 'Organise' who will be sadly
missed by all of us.
Among some of the little mistakes carried in last
issue was an unfinished sentence in the article
'Anarchism & Organisation' . So for those of
you who cared to notice we will be looking at
the anarcho-syndicalist strategy of 'Locals &
Networks' sometime in 1997. Because of the
costs involved in producing Ainriail we have
decided to introduce SUbscription rates which
will be carried in each issue.
If you consider yourself to be in general agree-
ment with our 'This is Ainriail' statement we
welcome you to join Ainriail. To participate in
our ongoing projects, debates and activities such
as producing this pUblication, the Anarchist
Black cross/Prisoner support and organising in
our communities and workplace to name but a
This magazine has been produced by Ainriail.
It' s purpose is to promote anarchist politics by
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We welcome contributions of ideas, artwork,
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The date for our next issue deadline wiU be
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Ainriai I 3
What with the Governments coalition of Left and Right wing Party parasites (aided
by those in the Press) have been continually spouting off about the booming Irish
economy, isn ' t it a ny wonder that our class demand its share of the wealth, after all,
its us who created it. Even so, while the gap between rich and poor widens, there
ain't nothing like a good dose of workplace militancy to generate even more work-
ing class pride and anger these days.
Workers at the Royal . *-
Dublin Hotel won there
victory after a long
tough battle over low
ray a nd conditi ons.
Durin g which the st rik -
ers. wi th support from
woke rs in ot her area
showin g their soli darity,
faced Hotel me nagement
who paid a Dublin based :
Securit y firm to intimi·
date and threaten the m
whi le dai ly picket
Over in France, an esti-
mated 50,000 Lorry dri-
vers took i ndustrial
act ion which brought the counties roads to victory over them is possi bl e.
Cl standsti ll aft e r blocking Ports leading out
of all major routes in France. The Lorry
drivers victory came as their nati onwide
strike increased to de fend the right to a
decent level of wages and also for a
Sc he me to be introduced for Earl y
Retire me nt at the age of 55. By mohli si ng
surport and solidarity, and other forms of
Di rection Action like Road Blockades etc.,
workers can share their experiences in
struggle with other workers in various sec-
lions of the workplacc. By our class unit·
ing against the hosses, resisting all efforts
As we go to press, Publi c sector workers all
over the country are preparing to take on
the Government, in what now looks likely
to be an all out strike by the Nurses at the
start of the New Year. So far, nurses have
rejected the Governments plan on Publ ic
sector pay restraint, when offered a pack -
age of £50 milli on. One of the main rea-
sons for the rejection, was that no costruc-
tive increases was offered to nurses at the
Lower end of the pay scale, such as Student
continues on page 5 > I
Ainriail 4
Plastic Bullets Sectarian ;J
The use of ,.. __
Bullets by
the RUC
and british
troops dur-
ing roits
and distur-
bances at
R 0 ad ,
Derry ,
Road and
other parts
of Belfast
has recently been highlighted following an
Independent Report by the Human Rights
group ' Commuttee on the Administration
of Justice' (CAJ) who detailed eye witness
accounts of the RUC's actions over the
summers events, is described in the one
hundred page report called 'TIlE MIS-
The report also looks into the circum-
stances surrounding the murder of Dermot
Mc Shane, an ex-INLA volunter, who was
savagely crushed to death when a British
Army Saxon rammed a board which
Dermot had been sheltering behind during a
roit near the city centre of Deny in JUly.
The CJA Report also calls for a Public
Inquiry into Dermots murder and urges for
an International independant examination
into the RUCs' operations and decisions it
also had taken relating to Public Order.
The bases of the CJAs' Report was
grathered by a team of Independent
Observers who represented them at over 20
contentious demonstrations and Parades
from June to September of this year.
CJA commented that "The Report,while
recognising the problems facing any Police
Service trying to maintain Public Order at a
time of Tersion and Upheaval, provides a
detailed analysis of the Policing of the sum-
mers events".
The Report also found that on the use of
Plastic Bullets over the summer:
... There where numerous situations when
this weapon was being clearly abused, even
in terms laid down by Officials.
... Bullets were fired in very large numbers
and in many instances appear to have been
fired indisrirninately.
... They often wounded many people not at
all involved in violent activity.
* The level of firing at Nationalist demon-
strators (with 8 times as Many Bullets fired
after the march was forced down Garvaghy
Road as before) begs Questions about
Sectarian use of the weapon.
The CJA Report has been sent out to all
Local Authorities, in cluding the RUC for
their comments. Members of the Garvaghy
Road Residents Coalition and the Lower
> continuedfrom page 3 I
Nurses. The other being of course that
nurses are generally treated badly and their
type of work devalued.
Meanwhile, the likelihood of a national
transport strike has been shunned as Bus
and Rail workers in the 26 counties got
their 2.5% under the Programme for
Competitiveness and Work. The decision
to cough-up, came after the three main
companies involved with C.I.E thought of
what the consequences would be for them
as workers belonging to the N.B.R.U voted
97% in faviour of an all out strike action.
Talks now on the Viability Plans will now
start sometime early in 1997.
Elsewhere, reaction to the Bail
Referendus' out come was just typical, as
the Government played down their jubila-
tion at satisfying the two Cop Federations
(for the moment) with a Yes vote in favour
of the removal of Bail. Changes to the
Contstitutional 'Right' to Bail are expected
to be implemented shortly as everyone
tries to establish their out come to the
farce. Those at most risk will be anar-
chists, strikers on the picket lines, republi-
cans, ex-prisoners and others with a past
record, travellers, environmental activists,
Ainriail 5
Ormeau Concerned Community welcomed
the Report, but no accounts from members
of the Orange Order were used to compile
the Report.
The Commuttee on the Administration of
Justice, Have some copies of their Report
available and can be obtained by writting
to: CJA,45 - 47 Donegal Street, Belfast,
BT! 2FG, North Ireland.
tokers of hash, community activists, the
homeless and just about anyone who dares
to pose a threat, of any shape to the State or
to the Bosses and to thoese paid thugs who
keep their order.
Out of the 2.5 million people who had been
entitled to vote, only around 30% actuall y
decided to vote. Not that suprising as it
was part of the government trick to give
people little or no information, so they
couldn't take part in any of the so-called
Although the Ainriail Collective decided to
take part in the campaign for a 'No Vote ' ,
we feel that Referendums, like elections
are part an parcel of this sham of a system,
giving people the impression that all the
time, they're the ones in control, just like
the Divorce Referendum.
For anarchists, we believe that the onl y
way for the working class to achieve an all
out victory over the State and the Boss
class, is by building a truly independent
organisation in the v;orkplace and in our
communities, and in federation with other
workers in the same industries, opposing
all forms of political parties and uni on offi-
cials whose sole interests lies with the rich.
Despite the continuing efforts by the Nigerian
military dictatorship to silence all opposition.
the Awareness League continues to carry out its
activities. The Awareness League aims to cre-
ate a mass movement capable of fighting for
workers and peasant self managment and liber-
tarian socialism. The Awareness League must
not only endure the hardships of government
repression. they also have to deal with the
effects of unemployment and poverty caused by
the policies of austerity. An austerity which has
been imposed on the Nigerian people by the
military dictatorship and the World Bank and
International Monetary Fund .
. '.
In order to help them carry out their activities
the Workers Solidarity Alliance(U.S. Section of
the IW A). in cooperation with the Awareness
League. has initiated an international campaign
to raise a minimum of $2.000USD to help the
Awareness League purchase a computer and
other equipment. The Awareness League plans
'''to use the computer for typesetting and desktop
publishing to facilitate the production of their
Newsletter. posters. leaflets and other materials
for political education and enlightenment". The
Awareness League believes that such aid would
help them immesuably.
The WSA - IW A issues this appeal in the hope
that all of you will come to the aid of the
Awareness League. Your material support is
critical. Help aid the struggle for freedom.
workers and peasants seIf-managment and Class
Struggle Anarchism in Nigeria and throughtout
Please send your donation to:
Workers Solidarity Alliance-IWA
339 Lafayette Street, Rm. 202
New York, NYlOO12, USA.
G i . " E ~ " E L L .. ELL
As reported in the last issue of Ainriail. one
year on from the executions of the nine Ogoni
activitists murdered by the Nigerian Military
(]Qvernment, protests. pickets and demonstra-
tions have taken place throughout Ireland and
Internationally outside Shell Headquaters.
Stations and Embassys belonging to Nigeria.
At several of the commeration protests held
around counrty outside Shell stations. some
people taking part had noticed that staff mem-
bers working there had been openly taking pic-
tures of all those present. In Galway. at a
planned picket at a Shell station in the Westside
area of the city. protestors witnessed what
looked like the stations manager taking pho-
tographs as they gathered. Nevertheless the
protest carried on. disrtibuting information
leaflets to passers by and gaining support from
those in the traffic.
For those of you who would like to get involved
in further protests and pickets. we have listed
some national contacts.
Ogoni Solidarity Ireland
39 Upper Gardiner Street, Dublin 1.
Tel: (01) 878 0554/ Fax: (01) 878 0556
Ogoni Solidarity Galway
Tel: (091) 565589
Ogoni Solidarity Belfast
Tel: (01232) 664 059
Ainriail 7
As the case, m which two activists
from London Greenpeace, Helen Steel and
Dave Morris are being sued by Mc Donalds
for exposing the truth about their food and
business practices, enters its third year, sup-
porters have set up ' Mc Spotlight' a world
wide web site on the internet.
The Autonome Anti-facist movement in
Germany are facing severe state repression.
The trial of 17 Gottingen anti-fas, charged
with membership of a criminal organisation,
was dropped despite the efforts of the State
to pressurise witnesses. Meanwhile a radio
station in the Netherlands was facing EC
pressure for a Radio station giving the
Radikal paper airtime to express Autonome
views. Info: Autonome Antifa (M), clo
Buchladen, Rote Strass 10, 37073
Gottingen, Germany.
Autonome web site
While the state machinery gives a free reign
to big business across the globe, the clamp-
down on resistance intensifies. In Italy, fol-
lownig dawn raids this time last year, many
anarchists are facing absurd charges of 'sub-
The web site combines text, graphics, video
and audio to give the most comprehensive
source of information on a multi-national
ever assembled. The issuses that are central
to the Mclibel trial such as diet and ill
health, destruction of the environment, ani-
mal welfare and the exploitation of children
and worlcers are all coverd.
The McLibel verdict is expected at the end
of this year. Whatever the outcome, support
the campaign by distributing 'What's
Wrong with McDonalds?' the leaflet at the
centre of the McLibel trial. Over one and a
million of which McDonalds hoped to sup-
press, have been handed out since writs
were served on Dave and Helen.
Mc Spotlight web site
versive association' , robbery, possession of
explosives and even ' participation in homo-
cide', but the anarchist movement is fight-
ing back and defying attemptsby the state
and media to divide them into 'good' and
'bad' anarchists.
Some mora Web site contacts
Workers Solidarity Movement
Spunk Press
Workers Solidarity Alliance
htt :J
Imperialism is the attempt by one country to
dominate others, either by direct rule or by less
obvious means such as control of markets for
goods or raw materials. In the 18th and 19th
centuries imperialism was synonymous with the
establishment of colonies. In this context the
imperialist powers, mostly European, driven by
greed and a deep-seated racism, simply invad-
ed selected regions - most of which are now
commonly referred to as 'Third World' - and
violently seized control of their natural
resources. However, since World War 2, many
of these colonies have become 'Independent'
States. But for most of them the exploitation
continues through the complex network of
International fmance and through Multinational
Corporations who are aided by western backed
'Client' governments. This is Economic
Imperialism, or Expansionist Capitalism, where
capitalist Institutions and Individuals have a vir-
tual free rein to pursue profits on a global scale,
unhindrered by 'little' things like indigenous
culture, human rights, social cohesion, laws the
rest of us are forced to obey or protection of the
earth's physical and biological and its
As a direct result of this the fate of millions of
people throughout the world (whether they
starve or not) is now dictated by a handful of
imperialist bankers and other such money-grub-
The Super-Wealth of Economic Imperialism
has been greatly supplemented by the massive
profits arising from International Bank lending
to mostly 'Newly Industrialising Countries'
(NICs) in the so-called 'Third World', which
were considered to be 'Good Risks'. B ut this
has created a massive problem for the banks
because by their debilitating exploitation of
these countries, and the resulting impoverish-
ment, the debts have now become unrecover-
able and crisis has set in. Estimates put the total
'Third World' debt at $1,300 Billion. Most of
the money loaned was attatched to projects
offering short-term returns, often regardless of
their social and enviromental effects, such as the
'Grande Carajas' project in Brazil implemented
by the Brazilian Govenment to 'open up' north-
east Arnazonia to exploitation of its natural
resources. By 2010 the project is expected to
have destroyed up to 900,0<Xl square kilo meters
NO, ...
of rainforest and will disturb the homelands of
23 indigenous tribal peoples. Brazil alone
accounts for about £120 Billion of the foreign
debt, and the Latin America region as a whole
accounts for approx 60%. It is this concentration
of debt that enables a crisis in a single country,
like Brazil or Mexico, to rock the entire banking
system and to call into question the viability of
the whole international financial network.
Meanwhile, the debt burdens of less prosperous
countries, much of Sub-Saharan Africa for
example, though smaller and less relevant to
world economic stability, are harder to bear, and
their local effects are exacerbated by the long-
term stagnation of the poorest economies.
The Banks use the International Monetary Fund
(IMF) as thier political arm against the debtors .
Originally established to promote international
monetary cooperation and the growth of world
trade, the IMF imposes 'Austerity Programmes'
in a frantic bid to regain some of the money
loaned. But this further increases the poverty
and misery of the people in the debtor nations
via mass unemployment, lack of Social Welfare, '
rampant inflation and, more often than riot,
political instability, which helps to explain why
'Third World' countries account for over 75%
of all Arm imports.
Though the most severe effects of economic
imperialism are felt in the 'Third World', if the
imperialist banking system suddenly collapsed
the consequences would fall also, and extreme-
ly hard, on the working classes - us - in the
industrialised countries - West and East - as the
rich elites there would no longer be able to live
of the backs of the poor in the 'Third World' .
The present capitalist economic world crisis in
terms of output, unemployment and trade does-
n't yet match the severity of the Great
Depression of the 1930s, but the signs are there
that the current crisis of economic imperialism
is moving in that direction and it is already
threatening the working class in the west with
levels of unemployment, poverty and depriva-
tion not seen for almost 60 years. Indeed the
entire system is in such a dire state of disarray
and decay that individual speculators (amongst
the greediest bastards of all) are now able to
weaken and/or destabilise the economies of an
entire nation at the touch of a button.
As the crisis of profitability deepens, each impe-
rialist country attempts to protect its own eco-
nomic interests at the expense of other countries
through protectionism and trade wars. This type
ofresponse is not new. In 1973, for example, the
oil-rich arab nations (who created much of the
glut of capital available to the western banks
during the 70s) accumulated vast fortunes for
themselves by securing lI.n almost overnigh
quadrupling of the price of oil to importi
countries by OPEC (Organisaton of Petrol
Ainriail 10
Exporting Countries), which they then dominat-
ed. This massive price hike very much con-
tributed to the 1974-81 recession in the devel-
aped north. Furthermore, economic rivalry, and
jealousy, can easily develop into military con-
frontation and war (the invasion of Kuwait by
Iraq in 1991 and the subsequent Gulf War for
instance). Each Ruling Class fosters the rise of
Nationalism, Chauvinism and Racism in the
Imperialist countries to draw people behind
them. As in the past, the Imperialists are quite
prepared to use military might 10 defend their
Economic and Political interests.
Imagine what would happen if a major
oppressed debtor Nation defaulted on its debts
to the Banks either through utter impoverish-
ment or the coming of a Popular Revolution.
The Imperialists would not hesitate to utilise
their military strength 10 occupy it and seize its
The Economic crisis of Capitalism/Imperialism
creates a political crisis - it sharpens the conflict
between oppressed and oppressor nations and it
also increases the divisions between the ruling
class and the working class in all capitalist
countries. This situation has heightened the
\ realisation of the revolutionary potential which
exists within the workung class in Ireland,
B ~ t a i n , Europe and elsewhere. The capitalist
"m could be crippled by this huge econom-
ic and political crisis at any time, and exactly
when will depend on the world struggle against
Imperialism and Exploitation. For our part in
this global struggle, the victory of Anti-State
Socialism in Ireland will depend on the ability
of our class here to fully exploit that oppotuni-
ty when it comes and 10 actually help bring it
about. But we must be prepared. For Ainriail,
the Class Struggle Anarchist Movement is a
vital part of this necessary preparation. Burying
our heads in the sand or ignoring the situaton
won't make it go away, nor will elitist escapism
like back-to-the-organic soil anti-society com-
munalism. The reality is brutally clear - we
either organise quickly and efficiently and face
the enemy united and fully aware of what we
want and what we have to do 10 get it, or they'll
simply cut us down and trample all over us. So
join us- take part in the real fightback now.
Destroy Racism. Destroy Imperialism.
Destroy the Statist System !
IN81D( N(Xl 188U(:
Ainriail 11
Ainriail is a class struggle anarchist collective,
organised by and for working class people.
As Anarchists we are opposed to all states and
institutions, and all attitudes and ideologies
that stand in the way of equality and the right
of all people everywhere to control their own
lives and environment. The working class has
no country. The class struggle is world wide
and recognises no artificial boundaries. The
Armies and Police of all States do not exist to
protect the workers of those states, they exist
only as the repressive arm of the Ruling class.
Our aim is to abolish world-wide, the state
system, governments, capitalism and wage
slavery in all their forms and replace them
with a free and classless society based on self-
managed communities and industries where
production is for need not profit. In order to
bring about an anarchist society the working
class must take over the means of production
and distribution, along with the day-to-day
running of their communities.
As Anarchists we believe that the only way
for the working class to achieve this is by
independent organisation in the work place
and the community, in federation with others
in the same industry and locality, Independent
of and opposed to all political parties and
Trade union bureaucracies. Industrial and
community federations must be controlled by
the working class themselves and must unite
rather than divide the working class.
Dividing the working class by skin colour,
sex, nationality, religion, sexual preference,
etc. is one of the main ways that the ruling
class keeps us fighting amongst ourselves
instead of against them. In creating a free
society we must combat and destroy these
divisions which the ruling class fosters within
the working class.
Ainriail exists in order to further our aim for
the creation of a Social System where the
working class alone controls industry and the
community, free from the dictates, rules and
laws of Politicians, bureaucrats & bosses. If
you share the ideas contained in this statement
then get involved with us. All you need to do
is fill out the form below and forward it to our
address and we'll be in touch.
! D O N ~ FAI.l. BY !
i HElPI i
, ,
, ,
'D ' I I would like more information about I
i your politics & activities i
I D I agree with Ainriails politics and I
iwould like to get involved in my area. i
IName: I
, ,
I Address: :
, ,
, ,
, ,
, ,
, ,
, ,
:County: I
, ,
, ,
:Tel: :
, ,
, ,
, ,
:Return to our National secretary at the'
laddress below.
~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
Anarchist Black Cross
Kenny Carter
In January 1990 Kenny Carter was nearing
the end of a short sentence for robbery, and
was anxious to gain freedom as soon as possi-
ble as his girlfriend was iD with cancer.
However, in the same month one of Kenny's
cell mates committed suicide by hanging him-
self. Kenny was set up and framed for the mur-
der, being sentenced to life imprisonment He
has been moved from prison to prison, denied
his possessions and basic rights, beaten and
caged in solitary for excessive periods, to the
extent that he resorted to hunger strikes to bring
attention to his appalling treatment The beat-
ings left Kenny with a dislocated knee cap, with
continuous beatings he fears losing his knee
cap. Money has been raised for an operation but
prison authorities are blocking it Kenny has
always refused to submit to the bullying tactics
of the prison regime, and in his struggle he
needs one thing more than any other, and that is
support from people on the outside.
For further information please write to; ABC,
P.O Box ITA, Newcastle on Tyne, NE99
IT A, England.
Magazine of the Anarchist Black Cross
which supports Anarchist &
Class-struggle prisoners.
121 Railton Rd, London, SE24 England
Kenny Carter (AD3434), HMP Belmarsh
HB4, Western Way, Thamesmead, London
SE 28 OEB.
ABC in New Jersey have initiated a programme
to send regular cheques to political prisoners in
North America, especially those who are not
receiving other support. Sekou Odinga, cur-
rently receiving a monthly cheque writes
"Thanks much for the support you've been
organising, 1 reaUy appreciote it." As well as
regular support to those prisoners, there is also
an emergency fund which gives to those in need
of emergency assistance. Cash or Cheques to
cash (in us dollars) to NJABC - BG, P.O Box
8532, Paterson, NJ 07508 - 8532.
Haven Distribution are now a Free Books for
Prisoners Service. If you, your friend or a fam-
ily member is on the inside, send for the list of
Alternative books, pamphlets & magazines OR
if you're on the outside, why not send a dona-
tion to help it continue to;Haven Distribution,
BM Haven, London, WC1N3XX, England
At the Ainriail/Organise Conference in June of
this year, we participated in a number of discus-
sions, one of which was on the Anarchist Black
Cross and Prisoner Support We looked at the
present situation in Ireland as regards class
struggle prisoner support and that of the last
active ABC groups in Belfast and Derry. It was
pointed out that the reasons for the dimise of the
ABC groups wasn't lack of information but a
decline in the number of those involved, which
is an important factor in networking solidarity
to anarchist and class struggle prisoners.
It was agreed that both Ainriail & Organise
would continue to exchange information and
support on prisoners.
Nevertheless, members of the Collective have
worked since then on re-establishing the Irish
ABC through this publication and have also
been meeting regularly as part of
Ainriail/ABC's continuing work.
If you wish be to informed of our work or would
like to attend the fortnightly meetings then
please contact us through our National address.
Ainriail 13
Past & Present
Michael Bakunin
1814 - 1876
on his family estate,
peasent ways through his association with the
serfs. He renounced a military career to pursue
philosophic studites at the universities of
Moscow and Berlin. In 1843, in Switzerland, be
befriended Weiltling, whose imprisonment
attracted the attention of the Russian authorities,
and he was summoned to retirn. He refused and
made his way to Paris where he learned greatly
Proudhon and Marx. 1849, in Dresden, he was
arrested and returned to Russia as a fugitive,
where he spent eight years, mostly in solitary
confInement. After four more years in Siberia he
made his way to London where he worked with
Herzen. While in Italy in 1864, Bakunin organ-
ised the International Alliance of Social
In 1868 he joined the First International, where
his doctrines were opposed by the Marxists.
After the split in 1872 , the Bakuninists contin-
ued as a separate organisation. He retired from
the movement in 1874 after the abortive Bologna
insurrection, to later die and be buried in Rome.
He had no faith in parliamentary politics and
joined Proudon in saying that universal suffrage
was counter revolution.
He believed in mass organisation. collectivism.
and was above all anti-state. He held that in
place of the State, there would arise a free feder-
ation of autonomous associations enjoying the
right of secession and guaranteeing complete
personal freedom.
/nkgral Education
By Michael Bakunin Priced 50p
Marxism, Freedom & the State
By Michael Bakunin Priced £1.95
On Anarchism
By Michael Bakunin Priced £12.99
The Capitalist System
By Michael Bakunin Priced £1.25
Bakunin on Violence
By Michael Bakunin Priced £1.50
God & State
By Michael Bakunin Priced £4.95
Bakunin and Necheav
By P.Avrich Priced 75p
Basic Bakunin
By A.C.F Priced 60p
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Ainriail 14
This article is a reply to the following
slightly edited letter written by a comrade
in responce to the article 'Anarchism and
Organisation' which appeared in No. 6 of
Dear Ainriaii,
In the text of 'Anarchism &
Organisation' a little mistake was, in my
opinion. made - namely, 'Class Struggle
must therefore be the central plank of any
anarchists ideas. with everything else sec-
ondary.' Of course we shouldn't make
such a division between 'primary' and 'sec-
ondary' issues. Especially with Class
Struggle as the main plank we could easi-
ly join in with the socialists or communists.
But Anarchism is much more.
As anarchists we see the entire system as it
is. with all kinds of repression like sexism,
racism, exploitation of the environment and
so on as a whole to fight against.
Of course each local group has to have its
main activities related to local needs and
opportunities. But it's important not to lose
track of the whole rather than have your
sights concentrated too much on one issue:
In Solidarity
Ainriail replies:
Although Ainriail is of the opinion
that class srtuggle must be the central plank
of any anarchists ideas, with all else of sec-
ondary importance, we do take part in vari-
ous specific campaigns and get involved in
activities surrounding many different social
and environmental issues.
As anarchists we are opposed to sexism,
racism, degradation of the earth's environ-
ment, the cruel exploitation of animals and
to fascism amongst other things. However
there are probably a million and one such
areas of concern, and each on its own is, by
definition, a single issue, regardless of how
important and vital it mayor may not be
within society. To campaign successfully
on one issue or two - though welcome as
such an achievement would be - will still
leave thousands of others to be tackled; If,
for instance, we managed to halt the
destruction of the earth's environment this
would not mean that sexism or racism or
fascism would also end. But we do not
believe in any case that it will be all possi-
ble to efficiently and effectively bring one
major social evil to an end on a global scale
without putting a stop to most of, if not all
of, the rest at the same time, and this awe-
some task single issuism will be unable to
do, many of these issues of concern are
closely and intricately linked. The present
hierarchical world society, based on the
unfettered and unashamed pursuit of profit,
wealth, power and personal fulfIlment at
whatever cost - Human, Animal and
Environmental - generates and upholds
many of the ills of modem society.
Any 'Achievement' by single issue
activists and politicos will, therefore, only
truly ever make a small and/or temporary
dent in that to which they are opposed.
Martin Luther King, for example, and the
Civil Rights Movement in the USA in the
1950's and 1960's may have made consid-
erable inroads within the struggle against
racism, but they certainly did not utterly
defeat it. Similarly, though it was not strict-
ly a single issue affair as such, the military
defeat of European fascism in 1945 did not
kill the creed of fascism. All these 'minor'
victories occurred within the context of a
world dominated by the global brutalities of
Capitalism and State Capitalism, each with
its own vast network of instituionalised
hierarchy and central control and power,
nothing much has changed.
Of course we don' t wish to denigrate in any-
way these and other such victories, nor to
belittle at all the efforts and very real sacri-
fices of those who were involved, and we do
believe that certain issues have to be tackled
face-to-face in the now, hence our involve-
ment on various fronts. But the success of
Class Struggle based anarchism alone is the
only sure-fire way to guarantee an eventual
end to the likes of Racism, Fascism,
Sexism ,etc. Class Struggle Anarchism pur-
sues Social Revolution. This condition will
not only end elitist political and social con-
trol but will defeat the current hierarchical
and divisive system ideologically as well,
which will effect constitute total defeat.
Only then can we realistically hope to put an
end, once and for all, to repression and
Squatters Handbook 10th Edition
Adisory Service for Squatters,
2 St Pauls Rd, London NI 2QN
(Price £1.38)
Despite the CJA & Public Order Bill ,
and the endless bullshit by the media
about squatting being illegal. The
New Squatters Handbook is a vital
read for anyone interested in D.I.Y
housing even if it's for housing or for
social space. The new edition has also
a new section on housing for refugees
as part of the ongoing resistance to the
Asylum Bill in Britian.
ASS who have produced this handbook have
been active in ritian for around 21 year. They
exploitation in all their various forms.
However, as stated earlier, this does not
mean that we should not help tackle racism
and fascism and the like now - every little
victory helps weaken to a degree such evils.
But their ultimate and total defeat will only
come when we have decapitated the mon-
ster that breeds and sustains them.
Contrary then to what was stated in our
comrades' letter, Class Struggle Anarchism
is in essense a fight against the current sys-
tem as a whole - which the comrade advo-
cates - rather than merely struggling, very
often in vain, against its component parts or
a single part of it, the latter a strategy which
will, if successfull, achieve nothing that is
significantly deep nor truly, realisatically
and lastingly benificial to all.
We welcome letters
on all subjects
completely rely on support of donatIons, giving
advice and help to defend those taken to court
but their role is strictly limited. What is needed
more than ever isup to date information on local
squatters groups and links with other folks fight-
ing the state and a
commitment to the
pratical politics that
gets anarchists agood
This publication is of
course quite handy
for those of us who
live in the so-called
'free state' who are
thinking of organis-
ing D.I.Y housing. It's cramed packed with all
types of needfull hints and suggestions so do
dely send for it today.
Ainriail 16
<3i E -r-r I f',I C3i 13"V C> f',I -r t-I E
. . . J ~ ~ ?
Unless you are sure that you have a 'valid'reason, do not refuse to apply for any job
they offer you, because they will do you. If you get far as an interview, turn up, the
Job Centre will check. But don't forget to get creative with your application form and
* Cite a Criminal record on the application
form, if you don't have one make one up,
but don't get to carried away.
*If there's room to chat about yourself
(interests & activities) you can really go to
town. If its an Official Job Centre applica-
tion form don't look like you're taking the
piss, make yourself somehow unaccept-
able as a future employee. (Use you imagi-
*Continually inquire about Health & Safety
standards, workplace Unionisation, Equal
Opportunities. If they think you could be a
potential trouble maker they'll run a mile.
*In an interview, act dumb, you won't seem
out of place coming across as stressed, not
on the ball, accident prone or weird.
*Employers use the Job Centre to advertise
shite Low paid jobs and regularly send
people who 're unsuitable & you can also
discourage employers fromn using the Job
Centre by deliberately being unsuitable.
*Your rejection letter can be used to get you
out of trouble with the Job Centre in future,
so you should collect them.
*If they offer you a part-time job you don't
want , you can refuse it if its less than 24
hours per week.
*If you're looking for work thats listed in the
Job Centre, they can't force you to apply for
any job you ask about.
*11 you sign on late, never tell them you
were sick - they'll say you weren't available
for work.
The above is a practical guide to 'getting
by on the JSA' but there is another
option & that's to fight back! To do this
we must build a network of local groups,
both Claimants & Workers from Dole
Offices, in opposition to the JSA Now!
If you recognise the need to build effec-
tive opposition, as opposed to empty
meaningless words, then please get in
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