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hey can we talk?

Untitled $1
No fail safe here in the Park, a curious soul for abdominal diseases. butterfly catching where now? a miserable thing to breathe when you are bound by letter, the antiques caught my shoes over telephone lines, fall and hope to balance all this means is that rumbling tides eyes closed and loud tone to murder exist on the need, spiders for varicose veins and an altar with a heart

mixtapes for God

in the ruckus of the afterlife i could float through pirated songs. i make mixtapes for god on a daily basis, i hold boomboxes out her window and its all death metal. she creates platypuses and i am in love with the originality of her poetry.

square root of un
its 4 am. fell for falls shakes, and a magician tells me she was sorry and how nobody is never non-sherbet and a square root of un, in, you, and it stuck in an igloo. burr and a constitutional lawyer dead.

fuck trott
what if I died in your bed? would you still wrassle my jimmies? the way your dress pulls on your nipples as you do the fuck trot across linoleum flooring made to look like stones. shouldve gotten her pregnant, i think, so i wouldnt feel so damned alone. is that a terrible thing to say? thats a terrible thing to say, aint it? what am I? a tattoo of a diamond on forearms? Im not that dense of a person. right.

A plastic sea waits for us

rain is only a temporary fix on the days I find myself patching in the avenues. South Carolina dont worry about the roads, too much. they don't worry too much about the education either despite we have a lottery for one. A plastic sea waits for us on the other side, and I hope you find your powerballs in it.

I didnt live on the streets that long, homie.

man, just wanna HOBGOBLIN dem tiddies. dem fine finger lines you make when you preach to your woman with the missionaries. kicking over the mountains to realize they ain't nothing butts fire ant hills. shit. shaking rocks at crack in hopes that one will camouflage the other, shit. Newton believed in alchemy and so can you!

i tell her shes pretty and i hope she doesn't think i'm pushing myself onto her cause i really mean it and i don't think she realizes i say it to cheer her up and to make her happy. i want to make people happy. friends from high school had a wedding today and I wasnt invited cause i'm schizophrenic. but i dont Know that's true cause i only told people on tumblr, not my irl friens. but I dont even know how to tell Tumblr that I've been in love with a hallucination since I was in middle school that tells me she hates me when i show interest in other women that's not her. and that I miss her and how she held me at night and i can't have her on these anti=Me drugs you've never been heartbroken if you don't know what it's like to make love to your personal relativity and realize your a freek because of it. Being crazy wouldn't be so bad if it didn't revolve around heartbreak our facebook relationship status was set to it's complicated. 10


snoo pingas
my all time low is so beautiful, huehuehuehuehuehuehuehue huehuehuehuehuehuehuehue huehuehuehuehuehuehuehue huehuehuehuehuehuehuehue that's me laughing. that's me laughing in colors I aint no random house, you can't live in me. i am not furnished well enough to accomadate you and your entire family including second cousins I am not furnished well enough to keep the roof from leaking. there are not enough pots and pans. The house I grew up in had holes in the roof and a rotting floor, the floor collapsed at one point and my sister and i had to shar ethe same bed. my grandpa fell through that hole in the floor.


I don't know where my mother was then. my sister moved in with her boyfriend when she was 18, she's 10 years older than me. my mom took me and we roamed motel after motel in the mounatins of north carolina and tennessee, she would leave me locked in the rooms for a while and i got beaten up by strangers that i thought she was fucking, but now i know my head made that part up. i missed my sister a lot then, she helped me beat Super Metroid when i first got it and I couldn't get past Kraid without her. my sister's boyfriend now husband doesn't "believ" in plate tectonics. my nephew has a really deep southern drawl now like i do and it's cute. they put a lock on my door in case i leave randomly and don't come back, but last summer i left cause my mom kicked me out and i didn't have a lot of places to go so i slept in the old textile mill. nobody believes me but i don't think im making that part up. 13

i miss being in love with Anna sometimes. I love the South but the blue laws regarding alcohol are real shit. It's been four months since the last time I tried to kill myself and they say I'm improving


twitter accounts for fast food restaurants

Living in the relief of fear till the fourth of March, and McDonalds tells me to try an egg mcmuffin. There are days when the sky is in sync with the tweets of fast food restaurants. Some woman wants to go to Jack in the Box, and Jack encourages her. You can do it, lady. You can do anything. Believe in yourself.



episodic texting
I want to go on a walk with you because I think it would make me happy. It would make me happy too :) I want to kiss you while you're smiling cause i think it would make me smile, too. It would make me smile too :) Even more! I wouldn't even trade you for moonshine thats how much i like you. You're fucking sweet. I think my mother is trying to hurt me. I keep hearing footsteps. Why? Why would she hurt you? Because I'm a bad person. But that's okay. You can hurt bad people. I don't understand. You think im lying. You just want to hurt me so fuck off. I don't want to hurt you, but okay. Please don't contact me again until you understand what you just accused me of. That really hurt 17

Like it fucking matters anyway Why are you being so nasty to me? I've done nothing to you. Don't use me as a personal punching bag. I don't think I deserve that, I was just trying to help you. everyone is out to hurt me the goddamn neighbors are spying on me so they can take me away and my mother wants me dead and you think its some big joke I was asking you qustions to understand what was going on. I never said that you were lying or that you were making things up. If you that I think it's a joke, fine. If it makes you feel better, fine. Im sitting here crying tryto explain and theyre making fun of me and he wants me to hurt myself so i can go to heaven but i don't want to and youre laughing at me

le fin!


Vector art of a face

Writing poems on those Applebees survey things instead of a tip. What an asshole, you. You cant buy a PS3 with a poem, or gasoline to keep moving. Vector art of a face and the numbers you wrote in hopes someone will call. I watch as you keep checking the time. How many days has it been since someone said they loved you for your sly attempt to win the heart and the undercarriage? I have never seen a poem directly written to God.


It's Some Reference And that Is Tragic

You know I only did crimes to help the poor. I was sheriff and fell for the conspirator I doubt he will kill us all like he vowed to do before he was sentenced (Personally I think his joke of kidnapping a few homeless people and then cutting off their penis to make a necklace promise me to hide and be save though I hate leaving you like this and I will count every second. I dont think he would actually do that) Reality isnt really real, everytime you speak a wild dick enters. its some reference and that is tragic and your head to hide. The gifts you gave, granted they were dead insects, happily chiripi - But regardless of the penis necklace thing you should see some improvements in 2013.



a red line means the word is wrong

hey call me later And tell Me more about video games. i cried at the end of the shadow of the collossus. there is no such thing as chivalry. it was indented. She wants to be alive, right?


of cut sStones.
you laugh differently now and i think that's sad. take only the trees and the ciphers in which we code them when you leave there were 12 in all labeled with catheters post this on the daily when you go, pls the hiatus of a jennifer jones of engel street who died in the textile mill fire because of invidious circuitry engrossing an escape (bigger words make me a bitter writer, i'm told hehehe) ^ pun I'm still wating on my rejection from slate magazine so i can give this love poem to the homeless. What Greater Home is there But To Live In A Love poem about the boston bomber guy? hes sooooooo attracivte 0_o


Ive put instagram filters on all the poems in this book so far and I Bob Hope you've enjoyed it. I'm a firm disciplinarian so your young ass will be receiving a lot of attention throug the rest of my book. stayfriensstayfriensstayfriensstayfriensstayfriensstayfriensstayfrie nsstayfriensstayfriensstayfriensstayfriensstayfriensstayfriensstayfr iensstayfriensstayfriensstayfriensstayfriensstayfriensstayfrienssta yfriensstayfriensstayfriensstayfriensstayfriensstayfriensstayfrienss tayfriensstayfriensstayfriensstayfriensstayfriensstayfriensstayfrien sstayfriensstayfriensstayfriensstayfriensstayfriensstayfriensstayfri ensstayfriensstayfriensstayfriensstayfriensstayfriensstayfriensstay



Ro. (with commentary)

We have lost all bearings shall weigh the dead stir the sea with spears. Hey guys, I'm E.W. Certain, or just billy, director of the collection of short films you're watching right now. The idea here is to comment on old films of mine from tumblr so you can get a look into what goes on in my head. If it goes well I might do some more for the rest of this dvd. But yeah, so this is Ro. It was one of my earlier poems and as you can see ive changed a lot in style and voice since then and hopefully gotten better. This poem is about materialism and how we should change our economy to communism. When we casted the dead, 25

I had already maxed out all of my credit cards on dragon themed pewter wine glasses and i was just really unhappy with that style of living and thought we should, as a nation, share our dragon themed memorabillia. The dead being the general idea of that you know? like when we were filming the shots at the beatuiful Kiawah Island in my home state of SC I really wanted to convey this idea of a sense of meaningless within our own confines. The spears themselves were made out of foams to put more to that idea. And yeah, the dead are wearing fedoras on purpose. I'm thankful Hugh Jackman could be in the film. Great actor. I highly highly recomend him.


Hello I am Alone At Last

i lived in your chess game but you changed the rules every day a meeting for granola bar appreciaters, discussing theimportance of the proper amount of tampon the fuck are you saiyan oh. deep statement about life ^ lol in my invisible box u r not allowed to kill yoourself, you are somewhere floating high above these city streets. you who are reading this are beautiful. :3



crop Cricle
my life was a joke when I used to tour the mall - emphasis on used to, discovered I could use my schizophrenia to get out of social situations. writing has gotten worse since i started the meds, I only ever want to fight the people I like. dont touch e/o without some acknowledgement of the ramifications of a backwards slash and what it means to run downhill continuously. I had another dream you dide and I wasnt that upset about it this time, you could become grains and assholes would still turn you into circles and make you a foreign influence. nd part of me loves that, the scraping off of oxidation in an atmosphere not fit to breathe, and god i Hope this isnt like every other poem on Tumblr cause I wrote it for a crop circle that I had formed with plywood and ropes two Springs ago, bounced. out. 29

I hope this isnt like the rain, the october whispers, or all that which I had forgotten. i hope this isnt like me and who i am but instead of what and where I want to be when I think of your legs. My gawd them legs. My god you. and you are not here as the street lights turn off for mourning, you are not here and never were and possibly the reason I was not upset about you dying. and I love that, too.


Untitled $4
my windows are open as i watch porn and i have a subwoofer it's good to not care about the bass lines in fucking when you have a subwoofer Before you die I hope youre Children take care of you. I hope you realize you are nothing more than atoms and that hate is just as proper in moderation as love is. I hope your children never have to do one of those How-to-Make-a-Sandwich essays to learn how to write. I hope you watch porn with your windows open and that you have a subwoofer.


"What is he doing he's just sitting there" "i think he's just tired" you need to leave "how is he tired he sleeps all day" they're going to hurt you "he doesnt care about anyone but himself" "yeah he's a real pieace of shit" you don't deserve this run they're going to take you away get up "kill yourself" RUN come home come home to me "we don't love you go away" "get the fuck out" "don't come back" "god i hate you" i need you you should kill them theyre mean don't listen to them i love you hey billy i love you




Yes my pussy is that sweet lick your lips grab your dick pussy Deeply cathartic. I was gobsmacked and couldnt move Its surprisingly easy to turn a blind eye to environmental degradation Even as gross examples exhort us to take note Shell make sure u wont forget her moist tender walls shell give u that sugar pussy creating entire cancer villages Just one dip while u tripping pussy Wow. Mindblowing. So fragile and so fucking powerful. My pussy is one of a kind steals and rips out ones heart in the most beautifully haunting and eerie way. This all-star heaven pussy knowingly or not, engaged in a Faustian bargain


But if u give it her deep and strong she be a happy pussy Like with other global crises, self-delusion helps to get you through the day.


It is Autumn now. (with commentary)

The hips move and leaves fall from between your thighs, and the bed stays cold. It is Autumn now. The bear inside my stomach prepares for sleep, and the days grow softer. It is Autumn now. And the Appalachians steam, and bridges freeze before roads do. Despite the repetition of it 'it is autumn now' the film was actually shot in the spring and we did some work in AfterEffects to make it look like the fall. on the bear, we actually had some trouble *laughs* We kept having to switch around with animal handlers cause none of them could handle the animal in me.


i am lowercase.
surprised by the silver of moon above the spring leaves darker than the darkness deep blues fog and the non-video game deer algorithim on dark curving roads Stand cold and alone in a bar with a thousand beautiful people and your yellow teeth bitch i might be sad got a mouth like a wax seal only extroverted on the internet i am lowercase. apparently im fake, according to someone on my twitter flirtation open to interpretation



being a poet doesn't seem all that ridculous

I am a true believer in speaking to others in their language to have successful communication. This includes rude or polite language. My hands are the emptiest spaces. But Im no angel. no morning bluet, mountable linnet, mumbling nun. i feel ignored, Every time because she couldnt focus(fuckass) on porntube i come from howling windows with wooden muzzles that get jizz this is a poetry reading mother fucker If youre offended, youre a dick.


now we recite lyrics from the beating heart inside the dead chest of our leader theres a bluebird in my heart that wants to get out but Im too tough for him and we sleep together like we hadnt finished emulating a katy perry song. snap your fingers snap the fucking fingers ! Dad is talking to me about poetry lol being a poet doesnt seem all that ridiculous. no matter the expense it still feels like a sale if its truly succulent and wet steady for cradling delicate eggs. Psychopathic thinking all this And thats my sorrow of your growing up beauty instead, and before long I dont need a gun to be deadly.


overwhelming urge to close my eyes and count to one hundred. Pretend Im perfect and people believe me #lol jokes on you motherfucker and that is why youre hurt dont mask the heat of the touch of famished hands the breath that comes from within. The sad destruction of an internet poet. so dont be fickle mama open your mouth Fuck that guy that just unfollowed me. With a hornets dick.


if you want to build a better bridge i will help you despite all the harm we had done and we can jump off it together. have you ever had sex while falling? landing in the depths of mud puddles, it made me feel young again. young enough to not want to forgive. i make houses in the way the rain hits ham radio receivers and facebook it with smiles. why do you still use ham radios if you have facebook? Why do I still use metaphors when I have a meta reality. You are worthless and I love that.


Untitled $2
we went frog gigging down at the oconee we sat in that hole in the rock made by the rapids those were better days, I think. you know those bugs that bounce around on the water? I feel liek that sometimes. i feel like rapids somtimes. i figured how to turn off autocorrect and i turned to you and said "if i was a hurricane you would be my nawlins." that would've been a terible thing to say if i meant it. i'm thankful usuly that i live in the south appalachians and that a steep bank is in front of my house. when i used to live in those government subsidized apartments a girl i liked beat me up. she had red hair and was starting to form tits and she hated me but when we were fighting she kissed me and i didn't have a beard then cause i was 8. the days before i knew i was lost and before i knew i was real. 43


That flesh between your Young Lady Limestone Just hanging around on the porch Becoming clouds with shadows of violence You're such a Dolores Umbridge when you try to wiggle away, it's the same Tears of derisive laughter. No matter how many Kids they have. A cigar in their eye But I won't be raping anything but the shrubbery When the sun comes up a perfect factory of wasted years, We're two ships Greasy Spoon plus Greasy Fork


My poetry is about the American Dream.

I like the way the dead air smells during heat lightning, I want to fuck you like the rain fucks you, like the sunlight pinches your skin fck you. I want to love someone and I dont understand what that means or who that someone is fuck you. I have to roll the bottom of my jeans up cause of my legs are so short. I dont understand that and why am I crying and what is wrong with me fuck you. So beyond deceased no teachers will recommend my writing to their students fuck you. I like you a lot if you cant tell. 46

Too afraid of who I am to pursue it fuck you. My poetry is about the American Dream and shooting bison from passenger cars fuck you.


the mountains are shaking at their roots

when i was younger i had a retarded friend who shot himself and i wonder a lot if he knew enough to want to die and why i am not dead yet for similar reasons. i am being told i am making this up. sorry. i am leaving behind this whaling economy, to live in the sea. get off my porch, stop treating me like a melting clock. IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT IT'S NOT your perogative to tell someone they are a fault line, a crevice for souls to fall into. i want to take all of california down with me to make sure i kill that fucking bitch. haha! but but but but but but but but i have made one of those paper cut out things where we were all holding hands. 48

fucking queer fucking piece of shit goddamn you fuck, please take me off these antipsychotics. no don't, i don't want to be like this anymore. a somersault in action, chinese contortionists, gun powerd toil and plot. IT'S NOT YOU FAULT IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT IT'S NOT YOUR dickcheese ehcoes in my mind here, i wish to be alone now. it is your fault hehe :# i sat in a baptist church for the first time since, the sun turned everyone into neon colors and i had hoped they could hear the same god i do. i have grown to hate my own opinions and to feel the need to make a presence that i am lost in my own ballads, to prove i am full of love I'M SICK OF IT THIS FUCKING BOOK AND YOU FUCKING SHIT READING IT please give me money i can't afford to be alive anymore. Hahahaha, putting together this poetry book has made me hate myself but i hope you enjoyed it at least. 49

i'm really scared of what's happening to me.





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