What RoaIIy Eaµµonod to

NichaoI Jackaon 1ho King ot
1ho EviI 5ido ot tho Entortainmont
Loonard Rowo
Copyr|ght t 2010 l|no||-0|amond Entorpr|sos, llC
1ho contont ot th|s book |s so|o|y tho op|n|on and
tactua| ||to oxpor|onco ot tho author. Wh||o tho author
and pub||shor havo usod tho|r bost ottorts |n
propar|ng th|s book, thoy mako no roprosontat|ons
or warrant|os w|th rospoct to tho accuracy or
comp|otonoss ot tho contonts ot th|s book and
spoc|t|ca||y d|sc|a|m any |mp||od warrant|os ot
morchantab|||ty or t|tnoss tor a part|cu|ar purposo.
lo|thor tho pub||shor nor author sha|| bo ||ab|o tor
any |oss ot prot|t or any commorc|a| damagos.
A|| r|ghts rosorvod. lo part ot th|s pub||cat|on may bo
roproducod, storod |n a rotr|ova| systom, or
transm|ttod |n any torm or by any moans-o|octron|c
or mochan|ca|, photocop|od, broadcastod,
rocordod, or othorw|so w|thout tho pr|or wr|tton
porm|ss|on ot tho copyr|ght ownor.
1ust|co loward |und
A port|on ot tho procoods trom tho sa|o ot th|s book
w||| bo sot as|do tor a roward tund. 1h|s roward tund
|s tor thoso who como torward w|th |ntormat|on that
w||| |oad to tho prosocut|on and conv|ct|on ot any
porson or porsons othor than 0r. Conrad Vurray,
that woro |nvo|vod |n tho consp|racy wh|ch |od to tho
doath ot V|chao| 1ackson.
lt you havo any |ntormat|on p|oaso contact tho U3
1ust|co 0opartmont (202) b14-2000
1ho contont ot th|s book |s so|o|y tho op|n|on and
tactua| ||to oxpor|onco ot tho author. Wh||o tho author
and pub||shor havo usod tho|r bost ottorts |n
propar|ng th|s book, thoy mako no roprosontat|ons
or warrant|os w|th rospoct to tho accuracy or
comp|otonoss ot tho contonts ot th|s book and
spoc|t|ca||y d|sc|a|m any |mp||od warrant|os ot
morchantab|||ty or t|tnoss tor a part|cu|ar purposo.
lo|thor tho pub||shor nor author sha|| bo ||ab|o tor
any |oss ot prot|t or any commorc|a| damagos.
1o tho |ans ot V|chao| 1ackson
1o tho |ans ot V|chao| 1ackson:
lt V|chao| ovor touchod your hoart, or movod you |n
any way, th|s book |s dod|catod to you, h|s bo|ovod
tans. V|chao|'s tans woro vory |mportant to h|m, ho
chor|shod thom, and a|ways thought ot thom botoro
go|ng on stago. 1ho mus|c ho portormod was otton
t|mos dod|catod to thom, w|th songs ||ko, °|oa| 1ho
Wor|d,' °3|ack or Wh|to,' °You Aro lot A|ono,' and
°1hoy 0on't loa||y Caro About Us,' just to namo a
l tru|y bo||ovo that V|chao| carr|od tho wo|ght ot tho
wor|d on h|s shou|dors. |o s|ncoro|y carod about
°hoa||ng tho wor|d, and mak|ng |t a bottor p|aco.' 3o,
l dod|cato th|s book to anyono who has ovor boon or
st||| |s a V|chao| 1ackson tan. Vay h|s mus|c and
|ogacy a|ways rom|nd you that wo a|| can do
somoth|ng to mako a chango.
ln road|ng th|s book, l hopo you w||| bo g|von a raro
g||mpso |nto tho ||to ot V|chao| 1ackson, and l tru|y
hopo you roa||zo that ho was just as romarkab|o ott
stago as ho was on stago.
|ow had tho pr|v||ogo to know h|m porsona||y as l
d|d, l know now what an honor and a b|oss|ng that
was tor mo. l wou|d ||ko to say to a|| ot V|chao|'s tans
around tho wor|d that V|chao| tru|y |ovod you a||. And
a|ways carod about what you thought about h|m.
lt comos to m|nd, whon l onco askod h|m as ho was
about to portorm, not to oxort h|mso|t so much on
stago, bocauso ho was ||| at tho t|mo. |o |ookod
d|roct|y at mo and sa|d, °l can't do that, l can't do tho
poop|o that way, l must g|vo thom (tho tans) a|| that l
havo.' 1h|s |s howho tru|y to|t about you, h|s tans.
3o l dod|cato th|s book to you. 1ho most |oya| and
bo|ovod tans |n tho wor|d. 1ho tans ot V|chao|
1ackson, °1ho 1ruo K|ng ot lop.'
l wou|d ||ko to tako th|s opportun|ty to acknow|odgo
and g|vo thanks to throo |ogondary concort
promotors that pavod tho way tor so many to to||ow
|n tho concort promot|on |ndustry. 1hoy havo
roco|vod ||tt|o or no rocogn|t|on tor tho|r
accomp||shmonts. 0ur|ng tho|r caroors thoy novor
roco|vod tho r|ght to work |n a non d|scr|m|natory
onv|ronmont. 3ut yot thoy st||| somohow prova||od
and prosporod.
Eonry Winn
3orn |n tho yoar ot 1020 |n A|bany Goorg|a. |o
startod h|s concort promot|ng caroor |n tho oar|y
1000's. |o was ono ot tho most rospoctod Concort
lromotors ovor to ongago |n tho bus|noss ot concort
promot|ng. |o was rospons|b|o tor tho succoss ot
othor promotors such as 1oddy lowo||, tromlowark
low 1orsoy, l. 1. lusso trom |ouston 1oxas,
Agnow ot loga| 3ports |n 3t. lou|s, V|ssour|, and
many moro. |o promotod and tourod such art|sts as
1amos 3rown, 3.3. K|ng, 1ho 0r|ttors, 1orry 3ut|or,
Arotha |rank||n, Ot|s lodd|ng, 1ho 1omptat|ons, and
3am Cooko, just to mont|on a tow. |o was known
and rospoctod tor h|s |mpoccab|o charactor and
|ntogr|ty. |o was tru|y v|owod as, and st||| roma|ns, a
|ogond |n tho concort promot|on lndustry. |o a|ways
bo||ovod that prospor|ty shou|d a|ways bo sharod
among a|| ot h|s assoc|atos. l w||| a|ways romombor
somoth|ng that ho sa|d. °lt doosn't mako mo |ook ||ko
a ho|| ot a guy |t l'm tho on|y ono w|th monoy. lt g|vos
us moro powor as a group |t a|| ot us sharo |n tho
woa|th.' |o passod away |obruary 18th, 1070 |n
lox|ngton, Kontucky.
1oddy PowoII
1oddy lowo|| was born |n lumborton, l.C. |n or
around tho yoar 1020. |o |ator movod to lowark,
low 1orsoy whoro ho bocamo |ntorostod |n tho
ontorta|nmont |ndustry. |o bogan h|s concort
promot|ng caroor |n tho m|d 1040's, promot|ng such
art|sts as lou|s 1ordan, 1ho l|attors, 3rook 3onton,
lat K|ng Co|o, 1ho 0r|ttors, Vuddy Wators, 1ho lnk
3pots, Etta 1amos and 3am Cooko. ||s Concort
lromot|ng caroor spannod ovor a ha|t a contury. |o
was known to othor Concort lromotors as tho
°Grandtathor ot concort promot|ng'. ln tho '00's and
'70's ho tourod such art|sts as 3|y and 1ho |am||y
3tono, 1ho lar||amont |unkado||c, 1ho 1omptat|ons,
Graham Contra| 3tat|on, lancy W||son, 1orry 3ut|or,
A| Groon, and 1ho O'1ays. |o was otton known and
rocogn|zod tor h|s un|quo |aughtor, and tor rotorr|ng
to ovoryono as °|omos'. ||s tavor|to groot|ng was
°What's up |omos?' 1oddy was and st||| roma|ns a
|ogondary t|guro |n tho Concort lromot|on |ndustry.
|o pavod tho way tor nowcomors such as myso|t
and many othors. |o passod away |n lowark, low
1orsoy |n tho oar|y '00's.
Louia Croy
lou|s Groy was born |n l|tt|o lock, Arkansas on
0ocombor 28th, 1080. At tho ago ot ton h|s tam||y
movod to Kansas C|ty, V|ssour|, whoro ho stayod
unt|| tho ago ot 27. ln 1008 ho uprootod trom
Kansas C|ty and movod to los Ango|os, Ca||torn|a.
1h|s |s whon ho d|scovorod that ho had tho ta|ont to
bocomo a concort promotor. |o thon oponod tho
doors to h|s concort promot|on company, Wor|dw|do
lroduct|ons, and bogan h|s caroor as a concort
promotor. ||s t|rst b|g broak camo whon tho
Godtathor ot 3ou|, 1amos 3rown gavo h|m tho
opportun|ty to promoto h|s show. lt was a hugo
succoss. Yoars |ator ho changod tho namo ot h|s
company to lou|s Groy lroduct|ons and bocamo a
torco |n tho concort promot|on |ndustry. |o wont on
to promoto nat|ona| tours w|th such |ogondary art|sts
as 1ho O'1ays, 1ho 1omptat|ons, Earth W|nd 8 ||ro,
3tov|o Wondor, Varv|n Gayo, and many, many
moro. lou|s Groy was my co||oaguo and tr|ond. |o
d|od |n Apr|| 1000 |n los Ango|os, Ca||torn|a. |o
was tru|y a |ogond |n tho concort promot|on |ndustry.
|rom whoro l s|t today |t's boon n|no |ong months
s|nco V|chao| 1ackson passod away. |o was
pronouncod doad at 2:20 p.m. (l31) on 1uno 2bth,
2000. As |ong as l ||vo l w||| novor torgot whoro l was,
or how l to|t whon l hoard tho nows that a vory doar
and c|oso tr|ond and a porson that l |ovod was gono
torovor. 1o a|| ot you ho may havo boon 1ho K|ng ot
lop or a mus|c |ogond, and ho was |n ovory sonso
ot tho word. 3ut to mo, ho was my ítlooo, and a
porson l owo a groat doa| ot grat|tudo to. 1ho ovonts
that |oad to h|s unt|mo|y doath st||| haunt mo to th|s
day. l'm not wr|t|ng th|s book |n hopos ot sook|ng
rovongo. l s|mp|y want to to|| tho truth about what
roa||y happonod to tho |ogond known around tho
wor|d as V|chao| 1ackson, 1ho K|ng ot lop. |or |t l
d|dn't wr|to th|s, l toar my ||to wou|d bo t|||od w|th
rogrot. 1ho wor|d |ovod V|chao|, and |t's tor h|m and
tho sako ot h|s momory that l must mako th|s
1ho day V|chao| passod away startod out ||ko any
othor tor mo. l had on|y boon homo trom los
Ango|os tor a tow days. lr|or to that, l had boon
work|ng w|th V|chao| |n lA. low l wondor |t l hadn't
como homo maybo l cou|d havo dono somoth|ng that
wou|d havo causod h|m to st||| bo a||vo. As l drovo
through tho busy stroots ot At|anta, l ro||shod |n tho
br|ot comtort ot bo|ng homo, tu||y know|ng l was duo
to t|y back to los Ango|os tho noxt day. V|chao| was
propar|ng tor tho london tour, and l was try|ng my
bost to do what ho had askod mo to do, watch ovor
h|s bus|noss atta|rs, and AEG tho Concort
lromot|on Company, ho had contractod w|th to do
tho london shows. l was a|so try|ng my bost to t|ght
what l porco|vod to bo tho ov|| that was surround|ng
h|m at that t|mo. 1horo woro sovora| susp|c|ous
th|ngs that had transp|rod, th|ngs that had V|chao|
and l both concornod and puzz|od.
l roco|vod a ca|| trom landy 1ackson (V|chao|'s
youngost brothor) around 8:80 p.m. (E31). As soon
as l answorod, landy sa|d, °1ho paramod|cs havo
just takon V|chao| to UClA |osp|ta|.' °Oo to tbo
bosplto|, co|| mo ooco yoo got tboto, ooo |ot mo
koowwbot`s golog oo,' l sa|d, as l mado a boo||no to
my houso. 3y th|s po|nt my m|nd was rac|ng,
wondor|ng what was roa||y happon|ng. 1ho |n|t|a|
thought l had was that V|chao| was pu|||ng a prank or
tak|ng |t. l knowthat ho d|d not want to do tho london
datos nor was ho |n any phys|ca| cond|t|on to do
thom. l thought th|s was h|s way ot gott|ng out ot |t. A
tow m|nutos |ator landy ca||od aga|n and |ntormod
mo that tho mod|a had announcod that V|chao| was
doad. l kopt dr|v|ng, but my hoart and my m|nd woro
both rac|ng. °¼bot ls golog ooº' l kopt th|nk|ng.
ln my m|nd l cou|d soo V|chao|, and l cou|dn't got
past tho nagg|ng too||ng that somoth|ng was torr|b|y
wrong. low coo|o Vlcboo| bo oooo? 3uro, ho
wasn't |n tho bost phys|ca| shapo, but l corta|n|y
d|dn't th|nk ho had ono toot |n tho gravo.
Onco l roturnod homo, landy ca||od mo aga|n and
cont|rmod that V|chao| was gono. 0|sbo||ot,
contus|on, and unspoakab|o gr|ot consumod mo |n
that |nstant. l askod landy whoro was h|s mothor
Kathor|no. |o to|d mo sho was thoro at tho hosp|ta|.
l sa|d l wou|d ca|| hor |n a tow m|nutos. lator l ca||od
hor, and sho p|ckod up tho phono. l cou|d hoar tho
turmo|| |n hor vo|co. l askod hor, °¼boo oo yoo tblok
l sboo|o comoº' Kathor|no rop||od, °l tblok yoo
sboo|o como oow.'
3o, l packod and |ott |mmod|ato|y tho noxt morn|ng.
On my t||ght ovor, l kopt th|nk|ng ot a|| tho th|ngs that
V|chao| and l had d|scussod pr|vato|y. A|| ot tho
susp|c|ous act|v|t|os that had transp|rod months and
wooks pr|or to h|s doath p|ayod out |n my m|nd ovor
and ovor aga|n. loop|o that V|chao| vowod to novor
do bus|noss w|th aga|n such as 1ohn 3ranca and
|rank 0|loo had suddon|y boon brought back |nto
h|s ||to by landy lh||||ps ot AEG. V|chao| and l cou|d
novor t|guro out why. Wo d|scussod th|s on many
occas|ons, and now that l can put |t a|| togothor, l can
soo ovoryth|ng so c|oar|y. At that t|mo, wo woro
novor suro about 1ohn 3ranca, V|chao|'s tormor
attornoy, whom V|chao| had many prob|oms w|th |n
tho past that had cost h|m m||||ons ot do||ars. 3ut wo
had an |doa about |rank 0|loo, V|chao|'s tormor
managor. Wo strong|y bo||ovod that |rank 0|loo
was bo|ng brought back |nto tho p|cturo by landy
lh||||ps bocauso ot mo. l was tho on|y porson around
V|chao| that AEG and landy lh||||ps d|d not contro|
t|nanc|a||y, and landy lh||||ps, hav|ng known mo tor
a tow yoars, know that l wou|d poss|b|y croato a
prob|om tor h|m |t ho was not work|ng |n V|chao|
1ackson's bost |ntorost. l know now that ho c|oar|y
wasn't. l can soo now that l was go|ng to |ntortoro
w|th tho|r p|ans.
1hoso susp|c|ous act|v|t|os havo propo||od mo to
wr|to th|s book, to to|| tho wor|d what |s bo|ng h|ddon
by tho mod|a and tho powors that bo |n tho
ontorta|nmont |ndustry. A groat |njust|co |s bo|ng
p|ayod out da||y, and l'm horo to sot tho rocord
stra|ght. V|chao| 1ackson, 1ho K|ng ot lop, |n my
op|n|on was murdorod, and h|s words st||| haunt mo
to th|s day: °7boy woot my coto|ogoo (moslc
pob|lsblog tlgbts) Rowo ooo tboy wl|| kl|| mo íot lt.'
|ow know th|s, but V|chao| ownod t|tty porcont ot
3ony's ont|ro mus|c cata|oguo. |o novor wantod to
so||, ho wantod to koop |t tor h|s ch||dron. 1ho
powors that bo, know that V|chao| and 1ho V|chao|
1ackson namo was worth b||||ons and b||||ons ot
do||ars, and ho was worth moro to thom doad than
a||vo. W|th h|m doad thoy wou|d bo ab|o to movo |n
and contro| tho woa|th that h|s namo and h|s brand
wou|d br|ng tor yoars and yoars to como. ln my
op|n|on, that |s oxact|y what thoy aro do|ng today w|th
tho bonot|t ot a phony and traudu|ont w|||. 1ho powors
that bo, havo boon try|ng to koop mo qu|ot by
comm|tt|ng s|andor aga|nst mo, and try|ng to provont
mo trom do|ng |ntorv|ows on tho ta|k show c|rcu|t. l
must contoss, l am not ono to bo |nt|m|datod oas||y
or ono who w||| back down. V|chao| can't spoak now,
but l can.ooo l wl||.
1h|s story |s a story that must bo to|d. 1ho pub||c as
wo|| as V|chao|'s m||||ons ot tans dosorvo tho r|ght to
know what roa||y happonod to h|m. V|chao| may
havo boon a 1ackson, but ho bo|ongod to tho wor|d.
1h|s story |s |acod w|th d|scr|m|natory troatmont
towards Atr|can Amor|cans and m|nor|t|os |n tho
ontorta|nmont |ndustry. AEG had a contract w|th
V|chao| that was |n my op|n|on noth|ng |oss than a
cockod t|nanc|a| gun po|ntod to h|s hoad.
l tru|y bo||ovo ho was bo|ng tota||y oxp|o|tod. 1h|s |s a
truo account ot what roa||y happonod to V|chao|
1ackson, and an up c|oso |ook at tho ov|| s|do ot tho
ontorta|nmont |ndustry.
Whon | Firat Not NichaoI
V|chao| 1ackson 8 loonard lowo 3ummor ot 1070,
los Ango|os, CA
Whon | Firat Not NichaoI
|or you to undorstand what roa||y happonod to
V|chao|, l nood to tako you back a tow yoars. At tho
ago ot twonty-throo |n tho yoar 1074, l bocamo
|ntorostod |n tho ontorta|nmont |ndustry. At that
part|cu|ar juncturo |n my ||to, l thought th|s wou|d bo a
wondortu| |ndustry tor somoono to bu||d a caroor. 3ut
l a|so know |t wou|d not bo oasy tor mo, thoro wou|d
bo many stumb||ng b|ocks that wou|d ||o ahoad tor a
young Atr|can Amor|can trom Co|umbus, a sma||
town |n Goorg|a, who had no connoct|ons or t|nanc|a|
back|ng. lt was on|y by tho graco ot A|m|ghty God
and a ho|p|ng hand a|ong tho way (wh|ch l w|||
d|scuss |ator) that l was ab|o to mako that ontry.
|or a|| ot my adu|t ||to, l havo boon a concort
promotor. Concort promotors aro a raro brood ot
human bo|ngs. l wou|d go so tar as to say that |t |s
|mporat|vo tor ono to possoss stroot smarts or
common sonso as wo may ca|| |t, a|ong w|th an
uppor m|d-|ovo| oducat|on, and an abovo avorago
shrowdnoss wou|dn't hurt o|thor.
l had tho honor and pr|v||ogo ot moot|ng V|chao| |n
|obruary ot 1070. l t|ow out to Ch|cago to spoak to
h|s tathor 1oo 1ackson about a tow concort datos tor
h|s sons, 1ho 1acksons, who had tadod trom tho
charts |n rocont yoars. Wo a|| gathorod |n ono ot tho|r
hoto| rooms tor a br|ot moot|ng. 3t||| to th|s day, l can
romombor, tho t|rst t|mo l mot V|chao|, l |mmod|ato|y
not|cod somoth|ng d|ttoront about h|m. 1horo was
somoth|ng |n h|s oyos, |t was ||ko bo|ng |n tho
prosonco ot somoono ho|y. |o had a d|ttoront sp|r|t
about h|m, and l know at that po|nt ho was somoono
spoc|a|. 1horo was somoth|ng that ho had that l
|mmod|ato|y know vory tow poop|o possossod. lator
|t camo as no surpr|so to mo whon h|s caroor
oxco||od and ho bocamo a sonsat|on around tho
wor|d. 3hort|y attor that t|rst |n|t|a| moot|ng, 1ho
1acksons wont on a ton dato concort tour that was
bookod by tho|r agoncy wh|ch at tho t|mo was
logoncy Art|sts. l promotod t|vo ot tho ton shows. lt
was dur|ng th|s t|mo that my ro|at|onsh|p w|th tho
1ackson tam||y bogan to t|our|sh.
Ono show l romombor |n part|cu|ar was |n
1acksonv|||o, ||or|da, at tho 1acksonv|||o Co||soum.
As l watchod 1ho 1acksons on stago, l not|cod how
|ncrod|b|y ta|ontod thoy woro. 1hoy ||tora||y thr|||od tho
capac|ty crowd ot ovor 10,000 poop|o. 1ho
1acksons portormod ||ko thoy had boon do|ng th|s a||
tho|r ||vos, and |n tact thoy had. 3ut l know thoro was
somoth|ng m|ss|ng. 1hoy d|dn't havo tho product|on,
wardrobo, and pub||c|ty tho|r suporb portormanco
dosorvod. A tow wooks |ator l t|ow out to Ca||torn|a
to v|s|t thomat tho|r homo. 1horo l prosontod to thom
a proposa| and a p|an to do a t|tty c|ty concort tour,
and to rovamp tho|r ont|ro act. Attor a |ongthy
d|scuss|on, thoy |ovod tho |doa and doc|dod to g|vo
mo tho oxc|us|vo r|ghts to promoto tho|r ont|ro tour.
|rom that po|nt my ro|at|onsh|p w|th V|chao| and h|s
brothors cont|nuod to grow. Onco V|chao| bogan to
know you and to|t ho cou|d trust you, ho wou|d ta|k
you to doath.ho wou|d ta|k about ovoryth|ng. |o
rovoa|od to mo on numorous occas|ons how doop
ho was, and how h|s th|nk|ng and w|sdom woro wo||
boyond h|s yoars. l romombor on ono such occas|on
wo woro d|scuss|ng h|s brothor 1orma|no |oav|ng tho
group and stay|ng w|th Votown locords. V|chao|
askod mo what l thought ot 3orry Gordy (ownor ot
Votown locords.) l to|d h|ml thought ho was a good
bus|noss-m|ndod porson, ho sa|d, °l do too.' |o thon
|ookod mo |n tho oyo and sa|d, °l |ovo 3orry Gordy. l
wantod to stay at Votown, as 1orma|no d|d, but l
know l cou|dn't stay. l know my tam||y cou|d not
surv|vo w|thout mo.' 1hat statomont to|d mo a |ot
about V|chao| 1ackson. |o carr|od tho wo|ght ot tho
wor|d on h|s shou|dors most ot h|s ||to and novor
3ovora| wooks botoro go|ng on tour, wo wou|d havo
moot|ng attor moot|ng at tho|r Enc|no, CA homo
oach wook. At tho ond ot ovory moot|ng V|chao|
wou|d to||ow mo to my car tor a ono-on-ono
convorsat|on, and ovory t|mo ho wou|d to|| mo about
th|s now a|bum ho had com|ng out. |o wou|d say,
°lowo, l havo th|s now a|bumcom|ng, |t w||| bo out |n
a towwooks and |t may ho|p us out on tour.'
|o had novor mado a so|o a|bum botoro, and to bo
honost l roa||y d|dn't pay much attont|on to h|m. l was
ma|n|y concornod w|th tho tour, and tho a|bum 1ho
1acksons had out at tho t|mo ca||od °0ost|ny.' l
t|gurod th|s a|bum wou|d bo good onough tor us to
do wo||.
|or tho noxt tow wooks, tho samo th|ng wou|d occur
t|mo and t|mo aga|n attor oach moot|ng. V|chao|
wou|d wa|k mo out to my car, and ho wou|d say,
°lowo, don't torgot about my a|bum that |s com|ng
out.' l wou|d un|ntorostod|y say, °Yos, V|chao|, okay.'
About two wooks botoro t|ckots wont on sa|o tor tho
tour, ho wa|kod mo out to my car aga|n, and as ho
|ookod around to soo |t anyono was |ook|ng, ho
pu||od out trom undor h|s jackot tho covor ot h|s now
a|bum. lt had a p|cturo ot h|m woar|ng a tuxodo and
studdod socks, and tho t|t|o ot |t was °Ott tho Wa||.'
3t||| un|ntorostod, l sa|d, °1hat |ooks n|co, V|chao|.' A
coup|o ot wooks |ator tho a|bum was ro|oasod. 1ho
t|rst s|ng|o to bo ro|oasod was, °0on't 3top 1||| You
Got Enough.' 1ho song wont stra|ght to numbor ono
and so d|d tho a|bum, shattor|ng ovory rocord |n tho
rocord|ng |ndustry. Our t|ckot sa|os wont through tho
lowo ongag|ng |n convorsat|on w|th 1ho 1acksons
|n August 1070, botoro |oav|ng l.A. to bog|n tho °Ott
1ho Wa|| 1our'.
lt was bocauso ot that a|bum, wo so|d out torty-o|ght
ot tho t|tty concorts and broko E|v|s lros|oy's rocord
|n sovontoon c|t|os. 3y th|s t|mo l was protty oxc|tod,
but V|chao| had a vory ca|m domoanor, ||ko ho
oxpoctod |t to happon a|| a|ong. Occas|ona||y wh||o
wo woro on tour, l wou|d go to h|s room attor tho
show to mako suro ho was happy w|th tho job wo
woro do|ng. l a|ways not|cod that bos|do h|m on h|s
bod thoro wou|d a|ways bo an opon 3|b|o that ho
was road|ng. Ono n|ght |n part|cu|ar, wo woro |n
C|ovo|and, Oh|o, and as l was ontor|ng h|s hoto|
room, ho roturnod to h|s bod. |o thon |ookod at mo
and sa|d, °lowo, wo aro do|ng vory wo||, aron't wo?'
l sa|d |n roturn, °V|ko, wo aro do|ng vory, vory wo||.'
1ho morn|ng wo woro schodu|od to |oavo los
Ango|os to bog|n tho tour l had a convorsat|on w|th
1oo, V|chao|'s tathor, and l w||| novor torgot that
convorsat|on. |o was angry w|th mo bocauso l had
h|rod a vory oxpons|vo wardrobo dos|gnor by tho
namo ot 3||| W|tton to dos|gn and mako tho boys'
costumos. ||s cost was ovor $200,000. Wo had
a|so brought |n an o|aborato and oxpons|vo
product|on company. Wo a|so h|rod two ll t|rms to
covor tho ont|ro tour. Our tota| cost was wo|| |nto tho
hundrods ot thousands por wook. 1h|s was a |ot ot
monoy |n thoso days. 3ut l to|t that tho boys noodod
th|s to propo| thom to tho status whoro l to|t thoy
shou|d bo.
1oo's words to mo woro, °lowo, whon you got out on
tho road and you can't pay thoso b|||s, don't ca|| mo.
You cou|d havo gotton tho samo porson who usod to
dos|gn tho boys' wardrobo tor a |ot choapor, around
throo hundrod do||ars por man. 1hat |ady has boon
do|ng tho|r wardrobo tor yoars. 0on't ca|| mo whon
you run |nto troub|o.'
l must adm|t on tho |ns|do l was scarod, but l cou|dn't
show |t. l assurod h|m wo wou|d bo t|no. Wo |ott lA
and 1oo stayod boh|nd. V|chao| and h|s brothors
had put a |ot ot trust |n mo, and l had to do||vor. l
prayod da||y that God wou|d bo w|th mo, d|roct|ng
and gu|d|ng mo. l w||| a|ways bo||ovo that |o d|d.
1ho 1acksons had rohoarsod tor months, thoy woro
||ko a wo|| po||shod mach|no. 1horo was no group |n
tho wor|d bottor than 1ho 1acksons. Our t|ckot sa|os
had mado us tho top so|||ng tour tor that yoar.
|a|tway through tho tour attor about twonty-tour
datos, V|chao| bocamo vory ||| trom an |ntoct|on |n
h|s throat that had sproad to h|s oar. l had a spoc|a|
doctor t|y |n trom las vogas hop|ng ho cou|d
portorma m|rac|o that wou|d koop V|chao| go|ng.
Onco tho doctor oxam|nod h|m, ho to|d us both that
V|chao| was |n bad shapo. V|chao| |ookod at mo
and askod w|th a vory woak vo|co, °lowo how many
shows do wo havo |ott?' As bad as l hatod to say |t, l
to|d h|mwo had about twonty-t|vo shows |ott. l sa|d to
h|m that wo woro at tho ha|t way po|nt ot tho tour. |o
know that l had ovoryth|ng that l ownod and cou|d
borrow on tho ||no. |o saw how worr|od l was. |o
starod at mo, thon sa|d |n tho strangost vo|co, °0on't
worry lowo, l'|| mako |t.' Wo had two moro shows to
do, At|anta, Goorg|a, and Vob||o, A|abama, botoro
wo had a ton day broak. Attor that wo woro duo to
p|ay |ono|u|u, |awa||. lt was a gruo||ng paco.
V|chao| was s|ng|ng s|xtoon to o|ghtoon songs por
n|ght. V|chao| camo out ot h|s dross|ng room |n
Vob||o, to go on stago. 1h|s was tho |ast show
botoro tho broak. l not|cod ho |ookod vory woak, ho
d|d not |ook wo|| at a||, ho cou|d baro|y spoak.
Concornod about h|s hoa|th, l sa|d to h|m, °V|ko,
don't ovoroxort yourso|t ton|ght. 0on't do a|| ot tho
danc|ng and sp|nn|ng, just s|ng and try to got through
tho show.' V|chao| |ookod at mo and sa|d, °lowo, l
can't do that. l can't do tho poop|o that way. l must
g|vo thoma|| l havo.'
l know at that momont what typo ot porson was |n my
m|dst. l watchod h|m wh||o ho was on tho stago that
n|ght, and ho tru|y was g|v|ng |t a|| ho had. Whon tho
portormanco was ovor, ho had to bo carr|od away.
V|chao| t|ow homo to Ca||torn|a tor a tow days and
rojuvonatod h|mso|t. Voanwh||o, h|s a|bum, °Ott 1ho
Wa||,' was shattor|ng ovory rocord |n tho mus|c
|ndustry, w|th twonty m||||on cop|os so|d. look|ng
back on that t|mo, what V|chao| was do|ng was tru|y
romarkab|o, as th|s was ovon botoro tho t|mo that
mus|c v|doos ox|stod. V|chao| to|d mo just botoro ho
d|od that ho a|ways thought °Ott 1ho Wa||' was h|s
bost a|bumovor.
V|chao| 1ackson 8 loonard lowo Co|obrat|ng attor
tho show |n l.A. |n 0ocombor 1070, at tho wor|d
tamous Chason's rostaurant.
0ur|ng tho tour wo woro constant|y batt||ng tho ov||s
ot tho ontorta|nmont |ndustry. l was tho t|rst Atr|can
Amor|can concort promotor that had ovor tourod 1ho
1acksons, or that ovor had a c|oso ro|at|onsh|p w|th
tho tam||y. 1ho powors ot tho |ndustry hatod that
ro|at|onsh|p. ln tact, thoy hato any ro|at|onsh|p
botwoon a b|ack concort promotor and what thoy ca||
°a crossovor suporstar art|st.' A crossovor art|st |s
an art|st that appoa|s to both b|ack and wh|to
As |ong as thoy cou|d koop thoso ro|at|onsh|ps trom
ox|st|ng, thoy cou|d contro| not on|y that art|st, but tho
ont|ro ontorta|nmont |ndustry as wo||. Contro|||ng tho
|ndustry and tho dost|ny ot a|| |nvo|vod has boon and
st||| roma|ns vory |ucrat|vo tor tho book|ng agonc|os,
and poop|o that contro| tho mus|c |ndustry. 1hoy aro
ab|o to contro| tho tuturo ot a|| art|sts, tho vonuos |n
wh|ch thoy p|ay, and tho promotors tor whom thoy
work, as wo|| as tho ta|ont cost and t|ckot pr|cos.
ln tho m|d 1080's, rocord a|bums and tapos by
V|chao| 1ackson, lr|nco, and l|ono| l|ch|o
accountod tor tho sa|os ot c|oso to torty m||||on
cop|os |n tho Un|tod 3tatos a|ono. 3uro|y th|s |s an
|nd|cat|on ot tho |mportanco ot b|acks |n tho mus|c
and ontorta|nmont |ndustry. Onco thoso and othor
Atr|can Amor|can art|sts roach th|s typo ot popu|ar|ty,
tho t|ckot so|||ng powor tor tho|r concorts bocomos
onormous. At th|s stago |n tho gamo, unknow|ng|y to
tho gonora| pub||c, thoy aro takon away trom b|ack
concort promotors and tho b|ack bus|noss
commun|t|os and g|von to tho wh|to concort
promotors to roap onormous prot|ts. 1ho uso ot a
b|ack concort promotor has a|ways sorvod as tho
t|nanc|a| br|dgo tor that concort do||ar to roturn to tho
b|ack commun|ty.
3|ack concort promotors aro moro ||ko|y to uso othor
b|ack bus|nossos such as product|on, cator|ng,
pr|nt|ng, ||mous|no sorv|cos, tour accountants, and to
advort|so and promoto tho|r concorts through b|ack-
ownod mod|a out|ots. 1o protoct thomso|vos, thoso
ruth|oss book|ng agonc|os say that thoro aro vory
tow b|ack concort promotors |t any, wh|ch can como
up w|th tho dopos|ts and guarantoos noodod to
promoto tho|r art|st.
Var|on, V|chao|, 1|to 8 lowo tak|ng a wa|k |n tho
park |n lA (1070).
1hoy t|rst dony us tho r|ght to work and bu||d our
bus|nossos and |ator say wo don't havo any monoy.
1h|s |s oqu|va|ont to dony|ng a porson tho r|ght to an
oducat|on, yot |ator comp|a|n|ng ot tho|r |gnoranco.
3|ack concort promotors and tho b|ack bus|noss
commun|ty aro put |n a °catch-twonty-two' s|tuat|on
by th|s |ndustry.
Attor tho tour w|th 1ho 1acksons, V|chao|'s caroor
was soar|ng, howovor, tho powors ot tho
ontorta|nmont |ndustry now saw mo as a throat, and
|mmod|ato|y l was °b|ackba||od'. lono ot tho major
agonc|os wou|d do bus|noss w|th mo. l tru|y bo||ovo
th|s was bo|ng |mp|omontod and orchostratod by
l|chard losonburg and h|s crow trom logoncy
Art|sts, 1ho 1acksons tormor book|ng agoncy, who
woro now|n powor at 1ho W||||amVorr|s Agoncy.
ln tho m|d 80's, l startod spoak|ng out about tho
d|scr|m|natory troatmont towards b|acks and
m|nor|t|os |n tho concort promot|on |ndustry.
Whonovor b|acks and m|nor|t|os havo spokon out,
comp|a|nod, or actod aga|nst tho unta|r and/or
projud|cod pract|cos ot tho |ndustry, thoy havo
a|ways boon °b|ackba||od'. Como to th|nk ot |t, l
supposo that |s why th|s typo ot consp|rator|a|
troatmont |s rotorrod to as °b|ackba||od'. l won't ca||
any namos, but b|acks havo boon among thoso
°b|ackba||od' tor gonorat|ons.
Whonovor you soo a succosstu| or wo||-known
Atr|can Amor|can portormor d|sappoar ott tho taco
ot tho oarth, tho major|ty ot tho t|mo thoy havo boon
°b|ackba||od'. Wo must spoak out aga|nst rac|sm
and d|scr|m|nat|on whonovor |t roars |ts ug|y hoad,
but onco wo do wo'ro °b|ackba||od'. Evon |t an
Atr|canAmor|can |n tho mus|c |ndustry suggosts that
Wh|tos aro gott|ng tavorab|o troatmont and provos |t,
n|no out ot ton t|mos thoy aro go|ng to bo
°b|ackba||od'. 1ust try to mako a suggost|on that
b|acks shou|d havo moro |nvo|vomont |n tho tour|ng
aspoct ot othor b|ack ontorta|nors, and most ot tho
t|mo you w||| bo °b|ackba||od'. Whon th|s occurs,
art|sts t|nd thomso|vos |os|ng rocord doa|s as wo|| as
othor monoy-mak|ng opportun|t|os. 1ho powors ot
th|s |ndustry uso whatovor moans poss|b|o tromtho|r
ro|at|onsh|ps and connoct|ons |n to|ov|s|on,
nowspapors, tho |ntornot, as wo|| as a|| othor mod|a
out|ots to ta|so|y sabotago and assass|nato your
charactor. 1hoy aro succosstu| most ot tho t|mo |n
k||||ng your caroor. 1hoy ||ko to throw rocks and h|do
tho|r hands. lt's tru|y a °go a|ong and you w||| got
a|ong' systom.
l cons|dor myso|t tho postor boy tor °b|ackba|||ng' by
th|s |ndustry. l havo a|ways to|t tho ca|||ng to ratt|o tho
cago or spoak out aga|nst unta|r and unjust
troatmont. Attor my controntat|ons w|th l|chard
losonborg, lotor Gross||ght, and 0on ||scho||, top
oxocut|vos ot 1ho 1acksons book|ng agoncy |n 1070
and 1080 whon l promotod tho|r nat|ona| tour, l
bocamo a v|ct|m ot tho °b|ackba||' consp|racy.
Whonovor thoro's a concort tour ot th|s magn|tudo,
thoro's tho potont|a| tor hugo prot|ts to bo mado.
1hoy a|ways want to contro| thoso prot|ts by any
moans nocossary, no mattor |t tho ontorta|nor |s
b|ack or wh|to. Whonovor thoy soo or too| that a
ro|at|onsh|p botwoon a h|gh prot||o b|ack art|st and a
b|ack concort promotor |s dovo|op|ng, thoy w||| do
ovoryth|ng w|th|n tho|r powor to dostroy that
ro|at|onsh|p. Whoro no prob|oms ox|st, thoy w|||
a|ways so|zo tho opportun|ty to croato somo, so thoy
can dostroy that ro|at|onsh|p. 1hoy don't too| that
b|ack poop|o havo a r|ght to contro| th|s typo ot
rovonuo or woa|th. A|though tho ontorta|nor may bo
b|ack and thousands ot b|ack poop|o aro tho onos
patron|z|ng thoso shows, thoy st||| want to contro| a||
ot tho monoy.
3y tho t|mo 1084 ro||od around V|chao|'s caroor was
on tho tast track, but l was oxpor|onc|ng prob|oms |n
my own. Attor bo|ng °b|ackba||od' and shut out ot tho
|ndustry, l was t|nd|ng |t roa||y hard to surv|vo and to
support my tam||y and bus|noss.
Ono day, l roco|vod a ca|| trom a concort promotor
namod A|an |aymon, who ||vod |n 3oston, that l had
a |ot ot adm|rat|on tor. l hadn't spokon to h|m |n
sovora| yoars. Wo had bocomo tr|onds dur|ng 1ho
1acksons tour. Whon l t|rst mot |aymon, ho was a
young strugg||ng concort promotor attond|ng |arvard
Un|vors|ty, and try|ng to got startod |n tho mus|c
3ack |n 1070, ho ca||od and askod mo |t l wou|d
work w|th h|m whon l camo up to tho low Eng|and
aroa. l had roco|vod sovora| ca||s |n tho past trom
othor concort promotors both b|ack and wh|to that
||vod |n that part ot tho country that wantod to work
w|th us. 3ut l roa||y ||kod |aymon tor somo strango
roason. l th|nk |t was bocauso ho was c|osor to my
ago than tho othor concort promotors, as wo woro
both |n our oar|y to m|d-twont|os. As l |ook back now,
l th|nk tato was tak|ng |ts courso. l agrood to work
w|th h|movor a|| tho othors. 3ack |n thoso days whon
you woro a tour promotor and you wou|d work w|th a
|oca| concort promotor, tho tour promotor's job was
to br|ng tho show |n. l gavo |aymon t|vo markots,
3yracuso, lochostor and 3utta|o, low York a|ong
w|th 3oston and 3pr|ngt|o|d, Vassachusotts. ||s job
was to advort|so a|| t|vo c|t|os.
Attor l gavo h|mtho shows, l roco|vod a ca|| tromh|m
a tow days |ator. |o sa|d to mo that ho d|dn't havo
onough monoy to advort|so a|| tho c|t|os that l had
g|von h|m, but ho had onough to advort|so two ot
thom. |o to|d mo l cou|d tako tho rost, and g|vo thom
to somoono o|so |t l wantod to and ho wou|d
undorstand. 3ut ho sa|d ho wantod to bo truthtu| w|th
mo. |aymon a|so sa|d ho cou|d borrow tho monoy
trom somoono o|so, but ho d|dn't want to do that
bocauso that wou|d bo |nvo|v|ng somoono o|so |n my
At that part|cu|ar t|mo |n my ||to, monoy was not an
|ssuo. As ho was ta|k|ng to mo, l romomborod whon l
was try|ng to got startod myso|t, and how a promotor
out ot 0otro|t, V|ch|gan, had troatod mo. l
romomborod how th|s promotor ta|kod to mo and tho
awtu| way ho mado mo too|. l ca||od th|s promotor
ono day at h|s ott|co and |ntroducod myso|t. 1h|s
promotor was do|ng vory wo|| at tho t|mo. l askod
h|m |t l cou|d buy a show trom h|m tor Co|umbus,
Goorg|a, whon ho was tour|ng. And l oxprossod to
h|m how gratotu| l wou|d bo |t ho wou|d a||ow mo to
do so. ln a vory arrogant tono ho askod, °|ow d|d
you got my numbor?' and hung up on mo.
lomombor|ng that, l to|d |aymon not to worry. l
askod h|mto go and p|aco tho ads |n a|| ot tho c|t|os,
to ca|| my ott|co and spoak to my ass|stant, Wanda
||o|ds, and wo wou|d ma|| tho chocks, and pay a|| ot
tho advort|ng b|||s. l assurod h|m wo wou|d st||| bo
partnors, and wo wou|d sp||t ovoryth|ng t|tty-t|tty. l
thon sa|d to h|m°l w||| covor |t a||.' l'|| novor torgot h|s
rosponso whon ho sa|d, °|or roa|, lowo?'And l sa|d,
°|or roa|.'
l|tt|o d|d l knowthat sma|| act ot k|ndnoss wou|d |ator
bonot|t mo onormous|y at a t|mo whon l roa||y
noodod |t. l sa|d a|| ot that to say th|s, |n 1084, l
roco|vod a ca|| trom |aymon. |o was do|ng vory
wo||. |o had just comp|otod a vory succosstu|
nat|ona| tour w|th tho |ato art|st l|ck 1amos. |o
sa|d, °l nood to soo you.' |o thon camo to Goorg|a,
tound mo, and sa|d, °lot's go to work!' l to|d h|m my
t|nancos woro mossod up at tho t|mo and l had no
monoy, but botoro l cou|d say anyth|ng turthor, ho
sa|d, °0on't worry about that, lowo. You don't nood
any monoy. Wo aro go|ng to do a tour tor 1ho 3ott
3hoon |a|r Caro Company out ot Ch|cago. Onco wo
got tho procoods trom that, wo w||| ro|| that ovor and
promoto tho 3udwo|sor 3uportost.' |o |ookod at mo
aga|n and sa|d, °lowo, you don't nood any monoy'.
|o thon spoko tho samo words l had onco spokon to
h|m, °l w||| covor |t a||, |ot's go to work.' Evory t|mo l
spoak ot th|s l bocomo toary-oyod. |o ||tora||y
carr|od mo on h|s back unt|| l was ab|o to carry
As |ong as l ||vo, l w||| novor torgot what ho d|d tor
mo. 0ur|ng my darkost ot days, ho brought mo ||ght.
Attor that |aymon and l spont t|ttoon yoars
promot|ng 1ho 3udwo|sor 3uportost and othor
shows around tho nat|on togothor. ||na||y, l bocamo
stab|o aga|n, and was ab|o to tako caro ot my
bus|noss and omp|oyoos. 1horo w||| a|ways bo |ovo
and grat|tudo |n my hoart tor my tr|ond, A|an
DoubIo 5tandarda in tho
ln tho yoar ot 1000, l was o|octod lros|dont ot tho
3|ack lromotors Assoc|at|on (3lA). 1h|s
assoc|at|on was tormod and ostab||shod to br|ng
oqua||ty and ta|rnoss tor Atr|can Amor|can
lromotors, |n tho concort promot|on |ndustry.
lt was a typ|ca| sunny 1u|y morn|ng, l woko up |n my
suburban At|anta homo and |a|d thoro |n bod
th|nk|ng. 3omoth|ng was wo|gh|ng hoav||y on my
m|nd. 3us|noss had boon s|ow, vory s|ow. l cou|dn't
ho|p but th|nk about my tuturo and tho tuturo ot othor
b|ack concort promotors. lt m|ght havo boon a sunny
morn|ng, but our tuturo was |ook|ng d|m to say tho
|oast. And l knowoxact|y why our s|tuat|on had gotton
so d|m. lt appoarod to mo that tho major book|ng
agonc|os |n th|s country such as Croat|vo Art|sts
Agoncy (CAA), 1ho W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy and 1ho
|oward loso Agoncy (among othors) woro try|ng to
mako b|ack concort promotors oxt|nct!
l got up that morn|ng, got drossod, and as l drovo to
my ott|co on l-28b, l was tru|y conv|ncod that
somoth|ng s|n|stor was bo|ng dono to us by thoso
agonc|os. l was scramb||ng to t|nd work, and tho
othor b|ack concort promotors woro a|so scramb||ng
to t|nd work, but no ono was ta|k|ng about |t. l|ko any
othor day, l bogan ca|||ng tho othor b|ack concort
promotors. 3ut th|s t|mo l wasn't just ta|k|ng about
concorts, l was ask|ng thom |t thoy woro awaro ot
what was go|ng on. l had a |ot ot rospoct tor thoso
guys, but thoy cou|dn't soo |t. l saw a scary pattorn
that was on|y happon|ng to b|ack concort promotors.
Onco l roa||zod what was happon|ng, l startod
|ook|ng at tho |ndustry vory carotu||y. l dotoctod that
tho b|ack concort promotors woro not bo|ng a||owod
to prot|t |n tho |ndustry.
What was vory not|coab|o was that wh|to concort
promotors that had startod w|th us dur|ng tho samo
t|mo por|od woro a|| t|our|sh|ng. v|rtua||y a|| ot thom
had bocomo t|nanc|a||y sound. l cou|dn't ho|p but ask
myso|t somo quost|ons. °What |s caus|ng tho
d|spar|ty?' °Aro thoy bottor mon than wo aro?' Evory
t|mo l askod, tho answor that wou|d a|ways roturn
was °lo.' 3o|ng a b|ack man |n Amor|ca l cou|dn't
ho|p but ask tho noxt quost|on. °Aro thoy troatod
d|ttoront|y by tho powors that contro| tho
ontorta|nmont |ndustry?' 1ho powors bo|ng, CAA,
1ho W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy, 1ho |oward loso
Agoncy, and othor book|ng agonc|os. 1ho answor
that a|ways roturnod was °Yos.'
l|ko most ot my co||oaguos, l had dod|catod my
ont|ro adu|t ||to to tho ontorta|nmont |ndustry as a
concort promotor. |rom tho ago ot twonty-tour up to
tho prosont, a|| l'd ovor dono was ||vo, th|nk, oat, and
s|oop tho concort promot|on bus|noss. |or that ont|ro
|ongth ot t|mo, l had w|tnossod tho c|v|| r|ghts ot
b|acks and m|nor|t|os bo|ng tota||y v|o|atod.
l romombor ono t|mo dur|ng tho 00's l askod a
book|ng agoncy tor a dato on Vadonna |n any c|ty l
cou|d got hor. l know sho wou|d so|| ovory t|ckot
ava||ab|o no mattor what c|ty. 1hoy |aughod. 1hoy
to|d mo sho was work|ng tor tho samo concort
promotors that sho had a|ways workod tor.
1horo woro two sots ot ru|os - ono sot ot ru|os tor
wh|to concort promotors and ono sot ot ru|os tor us,
tho b|ack concort promotors. |rom tho t|mo l camo
|nto th|s bus|noss |n 107b, l |mmod|ato|y saw
somoth|ng s|n|stor. 3|ack concort promotors cou|dn't
promoto wh|to art|sts, but wh|to concort promotors
cou|d promoto any art|st, b|ack or wh|to. 1h|s po||cy
was |n ottoct thon, and bo||ovo |t or not, ovon w|th a
3|ack lros|dont |n 1ho Wh|to |ouso |t |s st||| |n ottoct
now. 1ho wh|to concort promotors woro t|our|sh|ng
bocauso tho ta|ont and book|ng agonc|os wou|d tako
tho b|ack art|sts trom tho b|ack concort promotors
onco thoy roachod what |s ca||od °crossovor' status.
1ho wh|to concort promotors woro do|ng a|| tho wh|to
shows and tho most prot|tab|o b|ack shows too. lt
d|dn't tako a rockot sc|ont|st to know that somoth|ng
was wrong w|th th|s oquat|on. l havo otton sa|d that
whon tho powors ot th|s |ndustry aro boh|nd c|osod
doors, thoy must say wo aro a group ot stup|d
poop|o, bocauso wo a||owthomto do to us what thoy
wou|d novor a||owanyono to do to thom.
|or |nstanco, |n tho oar|y 70's l|ono| l|ch|o and 1ho
Commodoros t|rst startod togothor out ot 1uskogoo,
A|abama. 3otoro wh|to concort promotors know
what a Commodoro was, b|ack concort promotors
woro tho onos that promotod and nurturod thom. Wo
promotod thom nat|ona||y and ho|pod to |aunch tho|r
succosstu| caroors. Attor |oav|ng 1ho Commodoros,
l|ono| l|ch|o bocamo a °crossovor art|st' and a|so
bocamo a c||ont ot 1ho |oward loso Agoncy. |o
thon was takon away trom b|ack concort promotors
and g|von to wh|to concort promotors to roap tho
bonot|ts ot h|s succosstu| caroor. lo wh|to art|st |n
h|story has ovor boon takon away tromwh|to concort
promotors and tho wh|to commun|ty and thon g|von
to b|ack concort promotors and tho b|ack commun|ty
to onjoy or roap tho prot|ts ot tho|r succoss.
lot's tako 3arbara 3tro|sand tor oxamp|o, a wh|to
1ow|sh ontorta|nor. lt sho doc|dod that sho was
go|ng to botray hor own raco ot poop|o, tour tor b|ack
concort promotors, and a||ow tho b|ack commun|ty to
prot|t trom hor succoss, sho wou|dn't on|y bo
°b|ackba||od', wo wou|d probab|y t|nd hor |n a d|tch
somowhoro soon attor th|s doc|s|on was mado. 3ut
sho wou|d novor comm|t to such a botraya|. 3|ack
ontorta|nors soom to th|nk |ts okay to do th|s, ovon
though thoy novor soo th|s typo ot botraya| by any
othor raco ot poop|o but tho|r own. l havo sa|d many
t|mos that unt|| th|s |ndustry doc|dos to do bus|noss
w|thout rogard to ono's raco or ro||g|on, b|ack poop|o
as a who|o must wako up and stop th|s oxp|o|tat|on.
l w||| a|ways havo |ovo and tho h|ghost |ovo| ot
rospoct and adm|rat|on tor tho |ogondary s|ng|ng
group 1ho ls|oy 3rothors. 1h|s group has boon |n
ox|stonco tor a ha|t a contury. 0ur|ng th|s t|mo thoy
havo so|d m||||ons and m||||ons ot rocords, but havo
novor roco|vod tho rocogn|t|on that thoy shou|d havo.
1hat |s bocauso thoy havo a|ways rotusod to a||ow
thomso|vos to bo ownod, contro||od, or man|pu|atod
by tho powors ot tho ontorta|nmont |ndustry. Wo
shou|d a|| app|aud 1ho ls|oy 3rothors.
3y tho oar|y 00's, b|ack concort promotors woro
gott|ng on|y a tow b|ack shows. l havo a|ways to|t that
tho |njust|co |n th|s bus|noss comos trom tho
dom|nanco, contro|, and consp|racy orchostratod
ma|n|y by CAA and 1ho W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy. l
strong|y bo||ovo that thoso compan|os d|scr|m|nato
and v|o|ato tho c|v|| r|ghts ot many Amor|cans as thoy
soo t|t, s|mp|y bocauso ot tho|r raco.
Vost poop|o don't roa||zo that tho concort promot|on
|ndustry roma|ns ono ot tho tow |ong-stand|ng
sogrogatod |ndustr|os |n our nat|on. Un||ko othor
|ndustr|os whoro tho var|ous parts ot that |ndustry
torm a wo||-|ntogratod structuro, tho book|ng agoncy
|ndustry doos not. 1h|s |s tho on|y |ndustry whoro °tho
1|m Crow |aw' st||| ox|sts. l havo a|ways not|cod that
b|acks and m|nor|t|os work|ng at CAA and 1ho
W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy aro gross|y undor
roprosontod at tho protoss|ona| and managor|a|
|ovo|s. 1hoy aro raro|y oqu|tab|y omp|oyod and novor
g|von pos|t|ons ot powor or author|ty. 1hoso
agonc|os may havo a b|ack porson |n tho ma||room
or a b|ack agont, but that agont can on|y book b|ack
art|sts. l havo novor known ot a b|ack agont that
bookod wh|to art|sts at CAA, 1ho W||||am Vorr|s
Agoncy or 1ho |oward loso Agoncy. 3|acks aro not
put |n thoso pos|t|ons tor obv|ous roasons by thoso
agonc|os. 3|ack concort promotors aron't g|von tho
opportun|ty by thoso agonc|os to ontor |nto any typo
ot contractua| agroomont to promoto concorts
toatur|ng wh|to art|sts. 1h|s has boon tho status quo
tor Atr|can Amor|cans and m|nor|t|os |n tho concort
promot|on |ndustry tor docados, oo oxcoptloos
mooo! 0ur|ng my days |n schoo|, l was taught that |n
pursu|ng your goa|s |n ||to you woro ab|o to go as tar
as your work oth|c and droams wou|d a||ow. 1h|s |s
not truo |t you aro anAtr|canAmor|can |n tho concort
promot|on |ndustry.
3y tho 00's, wh||o othor aspocts ot Amor|can ||to had
movod past th|s typo ot rac|st bohav|or, tho
ontorta|nmont |ndustry had not. ln th|s groat country
ot ours, you havo tho r|ght to chooso your bus|noss,
but as a bus|noss ownor you do not havo a r|ght to
chooso tho co|or ot poop|o you do bus|noss w|th.
CAA, 1ho W||||amVorr|s Agoncy, 1ho |oward loso
Agoncy, and othor book|ng agonc|os havo a|ways
|gnorod th|s tact. 1hoy st||| oporato by tho
d|scr|m|natory and sogrogat|on|st po||c|os ot tho
past. 1hoso typos ot |njust|cos and c|v|| r|ghts
v|o|at|ons havo cont|nuod to tostor |n rocont yoars.
lac|smot th|s typo has bocomo moro soph|st|catod,
but |t |s no d|ttoront than what l saw grow|ng up |n tho
3outh. lo othor |ndustry |n Amor|ca so opon|y
oporatos on such a rac|a| |ovo| as th|s ono. lot's
tako tho roa| ostato bus|noss. Yoars ago, whon b|ack
poop|o wantod to purchaso a homo and tho roa|tor
on|y showod thom housos |n b|ack no|ghborhoods,
tho todora| govornmont |ntorvonod and ca||od |t
°rod||n|ng.' 3ut that's oxact|y what tho book|ng
agonc|os d|d thon and st||| do now. lt l or any b|ack
concort promotor ca||od CAA, 1ho W||||am Vorr|s
Agoncy, or any ot tho top book|ng agonc|os and
askod tor an art|st tor any g|von dato, tho book|ng
agont wou|d go down h|s or hor b|ack art|st rostor
and road ovory namo that was ava||ab|o tor that
dato. What thoy won't do |s go down tho wh|to art|st
rostor and g|vo us tho ava||ab|||ty ot tho wh|to art|sts
that aro a|so ava||ab|o tor that dato. 1h|s |s a|so
°rod||n|ng.' 1o put |t s|mp|y, th|s |s a|so
Vy tr|onds ||ston to mo and ||ston to mo carotu||y, do
not bo doco|vod. l havo soon unusua||y docopt|vo
tact|cs usod by CAA and 1ho W||||am Vorr|s
Agoncy. 1hoy w||| go to groat |ongths to h|do and
camout|ago tho|r rac|sm and d|scr|m|nat|on. 3ut
mako no m|stako about |t and do not bo too|od.
lac|sm |s wovon and omboddod |n tho pract|cos
and po||c|os ot thoso agonc|os.
ln my op|n|on, hav|ng ova|uatod what l havo
obsorvod ovor tho past th|rty-t|vo yoars, |t's my bo||ot
that thoso book|ng agonc|os and wh|to concort
promotors a|so oporato an |||oga| consp|racy |n tho
concort promot|on |ndustry ot Amor|ca. Each major
markot |n tho Un|tod 3tatos |s contro||od ossont|a||y
by ono pr|mary promotor. 1hat promotor has a|ways
boon ot tho wh|to raco. 3|mp|y statod by A|ox
Coo|oy, a wh|to concort promotor |ocatod |n At|anta,
°What wo havo |s a 'good o|o boys' notwork.'
1hoso agonc|os havo novor a||owod a b|ack porson
to bo a part ot th|s oxc|us|vo °good o|o boys'
consp|racy notwork. 3|acks aro novor trustod to that
dogroo by thoso agonc|os. 1hoso wh|to concort
promotors and tho|r |dont|t|os aro wo|| known among
a|| tho major book|ng agonc|os. Whon a wh|to art|st
or a h|gh prot||o b|ack art|st |s roprosontod by CAA,
1ho W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy, or 1ho |oward loso
Agoncy and wants to go on a nat|ona| tour or stago a
concort, thoro |s no compot|t|vo b|dd|ng procoss.
1hoso agonts book thoso datos and tours w|th tho
dom|nant concort promotor |n that markot. 1ho
ro|at|onsh|ps botwoon thoso book|ng agonc|os and
tho dom|nant concort promotor |n oach rog|on aro
v|rtua||y unbroakab|o.
1h|s |ndustry |s dom|natod, contro||od, and
monopo||zod by a handtu| ot g|ant book|ng agonc|os,
namo|y CAA and 1ho W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy. l havo
novor soon any sons|t|v|ty or |ntorost |n ta|rnoss tor
b|ack concort promotors or tho b|ack bus|noss
commun|t|os como trom thoso agonc|os. 1hoy havo
a|ways oporatod v|rtua||y troo ot todora| rogu|at|ons,
govornmont |ntorvont|on, or pub||c prossuro. 1hoso
powortu| book|ng agonc|os bo||ovo that bocauso th|s
typo ot rac|sm |n tho mus|c |ndustry has ox|stod tor
so many yoars, |t shou|d st||| bo okay tor |t to
cont|nuo to ox|st now. l th|nk thoy bo||ovo that as
|ong as thoy can koop |t h|ddon, |t's t|no to
d|scr|m|nato and to |gnoro tho curront c|v|| r|ghts
|aws ot th|s country. l can't ho|p but ask myso|t why
our govornmont rotusos to |ook th|s way or to ass|gn
tho just|co dopartmont to ovorsoo th|s corrupt|on
t|||od |ndustry.
1hoso agonc|os havo kopt tho|r corrupt pract|cos
s||ont through tho|r |nt|m|dat|on. 1h|s corrupt|on and
consp|racy has boon ma|nta|nod by toar. 1horo |s
a|ways tho toar ot ono |os|ng any prospoct ot a tuturo
|n tho ontorta|nmont |ndustry, so most poop|o th|nk
|t's bost to koop s||ont. 1hoso agonc|os a|so mako
annua| contr|but|ons to c|v|| r|ghts organ|zat|ons such
as 1ho Urban loaguo, lAACl, and 1ho Vart|n
luthor K|ng Contor. 1h|s |s dono to camout|ago tho|r
d|scr|m|nat|on and to koop thom ott tho c|v|| r|ghts
organ|zat|on h|t ||st. 3y roco|v|ng s|zoab|o
donat|ons, l bo||ovo thoso organ|zat|ons aro most
||ko|y to |gnoro tho wrongdo|ngs ot thoso ta|ont and
book|ng agonc|os.
low that tho s|tuat|on was vory c|oar to mo, l had to
do somoth|ng. lator that yoar |n tho ta|| ot 1000, l
ca||od tor a moot|ng to bo ho|d |n At|anta. About ton
ot us trom a|| ovor tho country mot to d|scuss tho
prob|oms wo woro a|| tac|ng as b|ack concort
promotors. About throo or tour ot thom had a|roady
gono out ot bus|noss and woro no |ongor promot|ng.
lt was a sor|ous t|mo tor us. Wo woro dosporato. l
d|dn't know what to do or say at that t|mo, but l d|d
know ono th|ng, somoth|ng had to bo dono and dono
tast |t wo woro go|ng to surv|vo. 3omo b|ack concort
promotors had |ost tho|r homos, tho|r tam|||os, and
tho|r bus|nossos. l undorstood bocauso ono ot tho
most pa|ntu| s|tuat|ons l havo had to oxpor|onco ovor
tho yoars was tho |ay|ng ott ot my own omp|oyoos
who woro ||ko tam||y to mo. 1h|s |ay-ott happonod
so|o|y bocauso wo woro bo|ng don|od oqua|
opportun|ty by tho top book|ng agonc|os |nAmor|ca,
namo|y CAA, 1ho W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy, and 1ho
|oward loso Agoncy. Wo woron't a||owod to
promoto corta|n concorts so|o|y bocauso ot our raco.
At that vory samo moot|ng, l was o|octod as
pros|dont ot tho 3|ack lromotors Assoc|at|on
(3lA). 1h|s organ|zat|on was startod to promoto tho
|ntorosts ot b|ack promotors, to opon tho |ndustry to
troo compot|t|on, and to o||m|nato rac|a|
d|scr|m|nat|on. Wo a|| to|t that th|s organ|zat|on was
vory much noodod at that t|mo. 1ho powortu| book|ng
agonc|os hatod th|s organ|zat|on bocauso |t showod
togothornoss on our part and gavo us strongth. 1hoy
wantod to mako suro that wo a|ways stayod d|v|dod.
1hoso agonc|os novor wantod b|ack concort
promotors to bo tr|onds or to show any typo ot
camarador|o. 1ho way thoy d|d th|s was by koop|ng
us at odds w|th ono anothor. |ow |t's dono |s by
so|||ng a b|ack concort promotor out ot Wash|ngton,
0.C., a show |n At|anta whoro anothor b|ack concort
promotor ||vod and workod, and thon g|v|ng tho
At|anta promotor a show |n 0otro|t whoro anothor
b|ack concort promotor ||vod and workod. 1h|s
causod rosontmont among oach othor. |or yoars
wo a|| know thoy woro p|ay|ng us aga|nst oach othor,
but tho |ndustry kopt us so t|nanc|a||y stra|nod that |t
was hard to turn thoso shows down. Wh|to concort
promotors woro g|von a monopo|y |n tho|r markots.
1hoy ownod tho unspokon r|ght to that torr|tory - no
|t, ands, or buts about |t. 1ho |ndustry d|dn't a||ow any
|ntorvont|on botwoon tho wh|to concort promotors. lt
was vory c|ovor what thoy woro do|ng.
1hoso agonc|os oporato ||ko |n tho days ot
organ|zod cr|mo whon tho mob contro||od garbago
co||oct|on and construct|on, among othor |ndustr|os.
1hoy d|d not nood nor d|d thoy so||c|t compot|t|on,
thoy woro ab|o to ra|so pr|cos as thoy saw t|t.
Compot|t|on |s novor wo|comod |n an |ndustry that |s
bo|ng contro||od by an ont|ty or tota||y dom|natod by
a synd|cato ot poop|o.
Our moot|ng had boon a |ong t|mo com|ng. 3otoro |t
was ovor, l stood botoro ovoryono and gavo my
so|omn prom|so to do ovoryth|ng w|th|n my powor to
bottor our s|tuat|on. l to|d thom that l wou|d work
d|||gont|y to t|ght tho |njust|co and d|scr|m|nat|on that
wo a|| had tacod tor so many yoars. Wo doc|dod that
wo woro go|ng to stand up and co||oct|vo|y t|ght th|s
corrupt|on, co||us|on, and rac|a| d|scr|m|nat|on
About th|s samo t|mo, |n tho ta|| ot 1000, wo |oarnod
that rocord|ng star 1on| 3raxton was p|ann|ng to tour
w|th tho h|gh|y succosstu| art|st, Konny G. l had
jo|nod w|th A| |aymon to promoto 1on| 3raxton tho
prov|ous yoar on a tour w|th |rank|o 3ovor|y. low
sho had bocomo a hugo succoss and was now
bo|ng bookod by 1ho W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy. As
a|ways, sho was bo|ng takon away trom us, as othor
b|ack art|sts had boon |n tho past, attor roach|ng star
status, and g|von to tho wh|to concort promotors. l
to|t that tho b|ack concort promotors shou|d havo
roco|vod tho samo opportun|ty to bo |nvo|vod aga|n
as wh|to concort promotors woro g|von whon thoy
had prov|ous|y promotod an art|st. 1h|s was tho norm
|n tho |ndustry w|th wh|to concort promotors. l know
thoro wou|d bo a prob|om. 1ho hoad||no art|st, Konny
G, a Wh|to art|st who was bookod by CAA, was a|so
on tho b|||. 1horotoro, no|thor |aymon nor l roco|vod
a ca|| concorn|ng tho tour. CAA was tho agoncy |n
chargo ot book|ng tho tour.
l doc|dod to ca|| CAA and |nqu|ro why b|ack concort
promotors woro oxc|udod trom part|c|pat|on. 1ho
porson that was hoad ot tho mus|c dopartmont, lob
l|ght, and tho rospons|b|o agont, V|ko l|ran|an,
adv|sod mo that a|| ot tho datos had boon so|d. l
askod why wo woro not ca||od or g|von tho
opportun|ty to part|c|pato as wh|to concort promotors
had boon g|von. 1hoy rotusod to answor. 1hoy
spoko to mo ||ko l was bo|ng a post. 0ur|ng that
convorsat|on tho agont, V|ko l|ran|an, mado a
romark to mo that l w||| novor torgot. |o sa|d |n an
romark to mo that l w||| novor torgot. |o sa|d |n an
angry tono, °l ams|ck ot you guys!' l wondorod what
guys ho was rotorr|ng to and why ho wou|d say that.
Was |t bocauso wo woro try|ng to mako a ||v|ng?
Was |t bocauso wo wantod to bo troatod ta|r|y? Or
was |t bocauso ot tho co|or ot our sk|n?
l |ator p|acod a ca|| to 1on| 3raxton's managomont.
1h|s |s whon l t|rst mot hor managor, tho |ntamous
landy lh||||ps. Attor l got to know h|m and ho got to
know mo, ho shot stra|ght w|th mo as much as ho
cou|d. l sor|ous|y vo|cod my concorns about what
was happon|ng to tho b|ack concort promotors. l
|ntormod h|mthat l had boon |nvo|vod w|th promot|ng
hor prov|ous tour. l oxp|a|nod to h|m that wo havo
doc|dod that tho on|y rocourso that wo had was to
p|ckot and boycott tho shows. |o qu|ot|y ||stonod
and whon l t|n|shod ho sa|d ho wou|d |ook |nto |t and
contact mo |ator. l roco|vod a ca|| a tow days |ator
trom tho rospons|b|o agont, V|ko l|ran|an, adv|s|ng
mo |n a d|sgustod tono ot vo|co, that ho had
roco|vod a ca|| trom Vs. 3raxton's managor. |o
|ntormod mo that tho datos woro pr|cod at $22b,000
to $27b,000 por show and |t wo wantod to bo
|nvo|vod l noodod to sond |n a t|tty porcont dopos|t.
Attor do|ng tho math, l saw that tho shows wou|d
havo to so|| out to mako a m|n|ma| prot|t. 1ho r|sk
was too groat. l thought th|s may havo boon ono ot
tho o|d tr|cks that thoy havo a|ways usod |n tho past
to dotor b|ack concort promotor part|c|pat|on, but l
wasn't suro. 3y th|s t|mo, l wasn't too||ng vory good
about tho s|tuat|on. l askod why wo wou|d havo to
sond |n a dopos|t whon tho shows woro a|roady on
sa|o. |o had no cho|co but to agroo. 1hoy a||owod
mo and tho othor b|ack concort promotors to
part|c|pato as a ono-th|rd partnor |n ton shows ot tho
torty dato tour. Wo woro a|so a||owod to chooso tho
datos that wo wantod to part|c|pato |n. l d|dn't too|
hav|ng |nvo|vomont |n on|y ton datos was ta|r, but
somoth|ng was bottor than noth|ng. And at tho t|mo,
wo noodod somoth|ng.
|rom Octobor through 0ocombor ot 1000, l
porsona||y attondod a|| ton shows that wo woro
a||owod to part|c|pato |n. l a|so conductod
sott|omont on our boha|t. 1ho |ook on tho taco ot
oach wh|to concort promotor as l arr|vod to|d mo that
thoy rosontod mo bo|ng thoro. 1hat was okay
bocauso l to|t strong|y that wo had a r|ght to bo
thoro. 3omo troatod mo w|th rospoct, such as 1u|os
3o|k|n ot 3o|k|n lroduct|ons |n Oh|o and lrv
Zuckorman ot Contomporary lroduct|ons |n 3t.
lou|s. Othors tr|od to choat mo out ot tho ono-th|rd
port|on that wo woro duo, ||ko l|ck |ranks ot Co||ar
0oor |n 0otro|t. |ow thoy wou|d do th|s |s by
protond|ng that tho prot|ts woro |oss than thoy woro.
1ho way th|s |s dono |s by ta|so|y |nt|at|ng tho show's
What l |oarnod and obsorvod dur|ng tho courso ot
thoso shows s|ckonod mo to tho h|ghost dogroo. l
was novor tho samo aga|n. 1ho art|st paymont
guarantoo por show was not $22b,000 to $27b,000
as was to|d to tho b|ack concort promotors. lt was
on|y $1b0,000 to $17b,000 por show tor tho wh|to
concort promotors. l a|so |oarnod that nono ot tho
wh|to concort promotors had boon roqu|rod to pay a
b0% dopos|t ot $187,b00 por show, as wo woro
roqu|rod to do. 1ho dopos|t tor thom var|od trom
zoro to 10%, ($17,b00) ot tho guarantoo. Wo had
boon bambooz|od and tr|ckod tor docados by CAA
and 1ho W||||amVorr|s Agoncy, l bocamo s|ck to my
stomach know|ng what thoy had dono to us tor so
many yoars.
|rom 1007 to 1008, l wroto |ottor attor |ottor to CAA,
1ho W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy, and 1ho |oward loso
Agoncy as pros|dont ot tho 3|ack lromotors
Assoc|at|on. l p|oadod tor a moot|ng ot somo sort so
that wo cou|d d|scuss tho prob|oms wo woro
ondur|ng and had boon ondur|ng tor tho past
docados. Vy |ottors a|| wont unansworod. l know
thon that thoy had no |ntont|ons ot work|ng th|s or
anyth|ng out w|th us.
1ricky 1actica by tho Agoncioa
ln 1007, |ong botoro tho 1anot 1ackson vo|vot lopo
1our was announcod l bogan ca|||ng CAA. 1h|s was
tho samo agoncy that ovorsaw tho Konny G - 1on|
3raxton 1our. 1h|s agoncy |s ono ot tho top and
most powortu| agonc|os |n tho wor|d. l roa||y hatod
doa||ng w|th thom tor obv|ous roasons. ||rst ot a||, l
know thoy hatod doa||ng w|th us. 3ocond|y, wo had a
d|tt|cu|t h|story whon doa||ng w|th thom. 3ut l had to
try to work w|th th|s agoncy bocauso thoy
roprosontod tho major|ty ot tho top ontorta|nors |n tho
wor|d - b|ack or wh|to.
l spoko to 1anot 1ackson's agont, lob l|ght, on a
constant bas|s oxpross|ng my |ntorost |n b|dd|ng tor
hor upcom|ng nat|ona| tour. l was mak|ng thoso oar|y
ca||s try|ng to c|rcumvont tho many oxcusos that wo
as b|ack concort promotors havo a|ways boon g|von.
1hoy wou|d a|ways say to us °you'ro a ||tt|o too |ato',
°you shou|d havo ca||od oar||or', or °tho tour |s
a|roady so|d, but noxt t|mo wo w||| koop you |n m|nd'.
1hoso aro typ|ca| oxcusos a|ways g|von to b|ack
promotors whon a tour |s bo|ng p|annod tor a
suporstar b|ack art|st at CAA or 1ho W||||am Vorr|s
Agoncy. lt |s truo that b|ack promotors aro a|ways a
||tt|o too |ato, but tho roason bo|ng |s that wo aro
novor |ntormod or g|von not|co that a tour |s bo|ng
p|annod ||ko tho wh|to concort promotors aro g|von.
lt's ||ko whon try|ng to purchaso a homo you must
t|rst know that tho houso |s tor sa|o. 1hoso oxcusos
woro a|ways usod, ospoc|a||y whon tho art|st had tho
potont|a| to croato hugo box ott|co sa|os.
l had known 1anot 1ackson porsona||y s|nco sho was
s|xtoon yoars o|d. As l mont|onod oar||or, |n 1070-80
l was choson by hor tam||y to bo tho nat|ona| tour
promotor tor hor brothors, 1ho 1acksons. ln |obruary
ot 1008, lob l|ght, 1anot 1ackson's agont
rospondod to my oar||or ca||s. |o |ntormod mo that
p|ann|ng tor tho vo|vot lopo 1our was about to tako
p|aco and that ho wou|d got back |n touch w|th mo |n
a tow days to g|vo mo moro dota||s. l know trom tho
sound ot h|s vo|co that ho was p|ann|ng a tr|ck tor mo
and tho othor b|ack concort promotors. |o soundod
rathor sarcast|c, ho d|dn't sound s|ncoro. l must
adm|t l had no |doa what that tr|ck wou|d bo. l d|d
knowono th|ng, |t wou|d bo oxtromo|y unusua| tor h|m
to doa| w|th us ta|r|y. l a|so d|dn't oxpoct tor h|m to
g|vo us tho samo oqua| opportun|ty that wou|d bo
g|von to tho wh|to concort promotors. l know that
lob l|ght d|dn't caro much tor mo, but tor somo
strango roason, l ||kod h|m. l roa||y bo||ovod that h|s
hands woro t|od and bocauso ot tho way tho concort
|ndustry |s sot up, ho cou|d not bo ta|r w|th us or g|vo
us oqua| opportun|ty. l novor mont|onod |t to h|m, but
whon ta|k|ng to h|ml cou|d too| that doop down |n h|s
hoart ho was a docont human bo|ng.
lator that wook, lob l|ght ca||od aga|n and
|ntormod mo that tho m|n|mum guarantoo wou|d bo
$800,000 por show tor torty shows. l know that ho
thought that th|s h|gh guarantoo wou|d o||m|nato mo,
as wo|| as a|| b|ack concort promotors. What ho
d|dn't know howovor, was that l had proparod tor th|s
by contact|ng somo t|nanc|a| |ondors oar||or and
socurod whatovor t|nanc|a| back|ng l noodod tor tho
b0% dopos|t. l |mmod|ato|y taxod ovor to h|m an
ottor tor $800,000 por show as ho had roquostod. l
roco|vod no rop|y. A tow days |ator, l taxod ovor
anothor |ottor ro|torat|ng my ottor and askod tor a
rosponso. 1ho to||ow|ng wook, l roco|vod a |ottor |n
rosponso to my ottor. lt adv|sod mo that CAA was
roqu|r|ng a b0% dopos|t ot tho tota| guarantoo ot
$12 m||||on. l was proparod tor tho amount, but thon,
tho roa| tr|ck camo. 1hoy a|so askod tor a |ottor ot
crod|t socur|ng tho ba|anco ot tho guarantoo. 1ho
b0% dopos|t guarantoo and tho |ottor ot crod|t woro
both duo botoro t|ckots cou|d go on sa|o. lob
l|ght's |ottor statod that th|s was tho samo doa| that
was bo|ng ottorod to °a||' promotors. l to|t th|s was
put |n p|aco so l cou|d not uso any ot tho t|ckot
procoods to ho|p socuro tho dopos|t.
1ho b0% dopos|t was standard tor a|| b|ack concort
promotors, but tho add|t|ona| |ottor ot crod|t was not.
3ocauso ho had to|d mo that tho tour wou|d cons|st
ot torty shows, th|s moant l wou|d havo to como up
w|th tho ont|ro $12 m||||on, botoro l was a||owod to
put t|ckots on sa|o. l was proparod tor tho $0 m||||on,
wh|ch roprosontod tho b0% dopos|t, but to obta|n a
|ottor ot crod|t trom a bank or |ond|ng |nst|tut|on l
wou|d havo noodod an add|t|ona| $0 m||||on on
dopos|t |n an account at that bank wh|ch l d|dn't havo
at tho t|mo.
low, horo comos tho roa| k|ckor. ln lob l|ght's
|ottor that was taxod to mo, ho gavo mo unt|| c|oso ot
bus|noss that samo day to prov|do proot ot tho $12
m||||on. l was s|tt|ng |n my ott|co whon l roco|vod th|s
|ottor by tax. l |ookod at my watch and l had t|vo hours
roma|n|ng to ra|so tho $12 m||||on that had boon
roquostod. l know that tho purposo tor th|s was to
not g|vo mo onough t|mo to do so. Unab|o to socuro
$12 m||||on |n t|vo hours, l was to|d that l d|d not moot
tho|r domands. 1ho tour was g|von to a wh|to
promot|on company |n Oh|o ca||od Vag|c Works. l
|ator askod lob l|ght |t Vag|c Works pa|d tho $12
m||||on up tront as l was roquostod to do. |o
assurod mo that thoy d|d. 3ut ho was not to|||ng tho
lator, l tound out that Vag|c Works was not roqu|rod
to como up w|th tho $12 m||||on at a||. 1hoy on|y had
to put up a $8 m||||on do||ar dopos|t pr|or to t|ckots
go|ng on sa|o and thon anothor $8 m||||on attor
t|ckots wont on sa|o. 1h|s gavo thomonough t|mo to
so|| shows to othor promotors such as myso|t, and
ra|so tho monoy. 1hoy woro a|so a||owod to pay tho
roma|n|ng 0 m||||on do||ars |n |nsta||monts ot
$1b0,000 oach n|ght ot tho torty show tour. 3y bo|ng
a||owod to do th|s thoy woro ab|o to uso tho n|ght|y
procoods trom oach show tor paymont. As a|ways,
wo woro tr|ckod aga|n by CAA.
1ho hoartbroak was rovoa|od |ator whon l tound out
that tho doa| w|th Vag|c Works had a|roady boon
mado whon lob l|ght was go|ng through tho
mot|ons w|th mo. l ondod up part|c|pat|ng as a ono-
th|rd partnor |n throo shows - low York, los
Ango|os, and Wash|ngton, 0C. l had to purchaso
thom trom Vag|c Works at a cost ot $87b,000 por
l a|so tound out |ator that 1anot 1ackson had put a
st|pu|at|on |n hor contract w|th CAA stat|ng that thoy
woro to mako a moan|ngtu| ottort to |nvo|vo b|ack
promotors |n hor tour. 1h|s was novor to|d to us at
that t|mo. 3o what CAA d|d was ask a b|ack concort
promotor trom0otro|t, 3|||y 3parks, to sorvo not as a
concort promotor, but as a consu|tant tor tho ont|ro
tour. 3|||y 3park |s a doar tr|ond ot m|no and has
boon tor many yoars. |o roma|ns ono ot tho bost
|nd|v|dua|s that l havo ovor mot dur|ng my yoars |n
tho ontorta|nmont |ndustry. 1h|s way CAA was ab|o
to doco|vo 1anot |nto bo||ov|ng that thoy had b|ack
concort promotor |nvo|vomont tor tho ont|ro tour as
sho had roquostod. 1h|s was anothor ono ot tho|r
o|d tr|cks. 3y do|ng th|s, thoy woro ab|o to koop roa|
b|ack concort promotor part|c|pat|on and
componsat|on at a m|n|mum. Wo had boon tr|ckod,
onco aga|n, by CAA. 3|||y 3parks |ator camo to mo
and sa|d °lowo, l know that l was on|y |nvo|vod |n tho
tour bocauso ot your act|ons and your stand tor
oqua||ty'. lt |s on|y ta|r that l g|vo tho 3|ack
lromotors Assoc|at|on a port|on ot my procoods,
wh|ch ho d|d. 3|||y 3parks |s tru|y ono ot a k|nd.
Whonovor any b|ack concort promotors havo had tho
opportun|ty to promoto a show or somot|mos a tour,
CAA and 1ho W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy havo a|ways
shown rosontmont. 1hoy bog|n to |ook h|gh and |ow
tor anyth|ng that cou|d causo a prob|om tor us. lt
thoro woro nono to bo tound, thoy wou|d a|ways
so|zo tho opportun|ty to croato somo. 1hoy havo
a|ways hatod tor our bus|nossos to havo succoss or
to show prot|tab|||ty. lrot|ts woro on|y |ntondod tor
tho|r wh|to concort promotors. l havo tound ovor and
ovor aga|n that whon an Atr|can Amor|can art|st ot
star qua||ty doc|dos to tour, thoso book|ng agonc|os
a|ways havo tho uncanny ab|||ty to mako tho p|ay|ng
t|o|d un|ovo| tor b|ack concort promotors and tho
b|ack bus|noss commun|ty.
lo othor rac|a| or othn|c group has had such a
protound |nt|uonco on Amor|can mus|c as b|ack
art|sts. 1hoy croatod tho un|quo Amor|can art torms
ot gospo|, roggao, jazz, b|uos, rhythm and b|uos as
wo|| as h|p-hop. l t|nd |t to bo vory sad that wh||o
b|ack mus|c|ans havo boon p|onoors |n b|az|ng now
mus|ca| tra||s, tho|r mus|c has otton boon cop|od or
sto|on by othors. 1hoso othors havo gono on to ga|n
groator woa|th and prost|go than tho b|ack
lt's a °no ho|ds barrod |ock-out' whon you comp|a|n
about tho way bus|noss |s conductod |n tho
ontorta|nmont |ndustry. A|| ot tho |nd|v|dua|s and
compan|os |n tho |ndustry must act |n harmony w|th
oach othor tor th|s systom to bo ottoct|vo, and thoy
do. Whon you'ro °b|ackba||od' your rocord company
must |ot you go. 1ho book|ng agoncy must d|sm|ss
you or not work on your boha|t. lo to|ov|s|on
notwork w||| accopt you. And |t you try to mako a
mov|o, tho stud|os havo to |gnoro you too. lt's a|| part
ot a consp|racy |n my op|n|on. W|th a s|mp|o phono
ca|| or a d|scuss|on at a pr|vato moot|ng, thoso
powors proact|vo|y mako tho |mmod|ato doc|s|on to
°b|ackba||' somoono |n a vory co|d and ca|cu|atod
1h|s mothod ot pun|shmont |s kopt vory socrot|vo
and cont|dont|a| by th|s |ndustry. 1hoy wou|d ||ko tor
ovoryono to bo||ovo that whon your sorv|cos aro no
|ongor noodod by anyono |n tho |ndustry, |t just
happons to bo co|nc|donta|. lt ovor askod about |t,
thoy a|| w||| dony that |t ovon ox|sts. 3ut bo|lovo mo, |t
Whon |t has boon doc|dod that you'ro an °upp|ty l-
word', thoy w||| bog|n to tako away your ||vo||hood.
1hoso who surv|vo |oarn to just p|ay tho gamo -
othors aro noth|ng but so|| outs. 1horo aro a |ot ot
b|ack ontorta|nors that portray thomso|vos as bo|ng
|oya| to tho b|ack commun|ty, but whon thoy doa| w|th
tho powors ot tho ontorta|nmont |ndustry, thoy aro
anyth|ng but. 1hoy w||| not ratt|o tho cago.
lt's tho samo th|ng that b|ack poop|o havo boon
comp|a|n|ng about tor yoars. loop|o com|ng |nto our
no|ghborhoods to sot up tho|r ||quor storos, grocory
storos, and pawn shops and thon thoy tako monoy
tromtho b|ack commun|ty and wo novor soo |t aga|n.
lt's tho samo th|ng w|th tho ontorta|nmont |ndustry.
1hoy t|nanc|a||y rapo tho b|ack commun|t|os ot
Amor|ca and wo novor soo thoso do||ars aga|n. lt
wo ask tor moro bus|noss to bo g|von to b|ack
poop|o, |t |s rotorrod to as bo|ng °upp|ty.' 1hoy to||
you to koop qu|ot and do what thoy say and you w|||
havo a groat caroor. lt you don't want to do that your
caroor w||| bo ha|tod.
Attor l bocamo °b|ackba||od', l had to tako a d|ttoront
routo. l had to start go|ng d|roct|y to tho art|sts to
p|oad my caso - ||ko l st||| havo to do now. Whonovor
l ca||od tho book|ng agonc|os tromthat po|nt on, thoy
novor wou|d a||ow mo to do bus|noss w|th thom.
1hoy novor wou|d so|| mo anyth|ng. 3y mo go|ng
d|roct|y to tho art|st, tho agonc|os accuso mo ot not
to||ow|ng protoco|, bocauso l havo c|rcumvontod
thom. 3ut what thoy don't adm|t |s that l had no
cho|co bocauso thoy wou|dn't do bus|noss w|th mo
l|ght now, pract|ca||y a|| ot tho b|ack concort
promotors havo boon shut out ot tho |ndustry. 1ho
|ndustry has boon succosstu| |n pract|ca||y
o||m|nat|ng a|| ot us and putt|ng us out ot bus|noss.
1horo aro no now promotors ot s|gn|t|canco at a||, |t
|s v|rtua||y |mposs|b|o tor an |ndopondont porson to
ga|n ontry |nto tho concort promot|on bus|noss. 1ho
b|ack concort promotors havo pract|ca||y boon
orad|catod comp|oto|y trom tho procoss. l tru|y
bo||ovo that tho r|ng |oadors ot th|s orad|cat|on aro
CAA and 1ho W||||amVorr|s Agoncy.
l havo a|ways spokon out aga|nst tho co||us|on,
consp|racy, rac|a| d|scr|m|nat|on, and troatmont ot
m|nor|t|os by tho ontorta|nmont |ndustry. |or somo,
th|s has boon vory harmtu| to tho|r ||to and ||vo||hood.
|or ono's protoss|on, whothor |t's an agont,
ontorta|nor, or concort promotor, |t can bo
dovastat|ng whon bocom|ng a v|ct|m ot tho
°b|ackba||' consp|racy. |av|ng tho on|y protoss|on
you know and |ovo takon away can bo t|nanc|a||y and
porsona||y pa|ntu|. 1h|s has happonod to so many ot
us ovor tho yoars.
You know, |t's k|nd ot hard tor mo to oxp|a|n how th|s
who|o th|ng too|s. lt's just ||ko a doctor who spont
many yoars go|ng to mod|ca| schoo| and attor ho
graduatos and passos tho mod|ca| board, ho can't
got a job. 1hoy'vo takon our protoss|on away trom
us tor no roason othor than our raco. 1hoy havo
m|stroatod us and by do|ng so thoy havo a|so
m|stroatod our tam|||os, omp|oyoos, and our
commun|ty as wo||. lt's awtu| what thoy havo dono.
l|ko l sa|d botoro, tho b|ack concort promotor sorvos
as a t|nanc|a| br|dgo tor that concort do||ar to roach
tho b|ack commun|ty and w|thout tho b|ack concort
promotor that monoy |s novor soon |n tho b|ack
commun|ty aga|n. 1ho roa||ty |s that our concort
ontorta|nmont do||ars aro bo|ng usod to tort|||zo tho
oxc|us|vo wh|to ros|dont|a| no|ghborhoods |n
Amor|ca ||ko 3ovor|y ||||s, tho |amptons and
commorc|a| d|str|cts ||ko lodoo 0r|vo. Our b|ack
no|ghborhoods novor soo thoso do||ars aga|n.
lt's trom th|s pa|n that l am torcod to oxp|a|n tho
p|tta||s ot th|s |ndustry. l havo boon protty tortunato
and b|ossod bocauso l havo st||| boon ab|o to tako
caro ot my tam||y. 3ut l must adm|t, l just havon't
boon ab|o to accopt what thoy havo dono and aro
st||| do|ng to b|acks and m|nor|t|os as a who|o.
lt's strango how you can rot|oct on somoth|ng trom
your past and soo th|ngs so c|oar|y, l supposo that
o|d say|ng |s truo, °h|nds|ght |s twonty-twonty'.
look|ng back on tho past two docados, wo woro tho
guys who brought ontorta|nmont to b|ack Amor|ca.
1ust namo any show that ontorta|nod tho b|ack
commun|ty and l prom|so you tho major|ty ot tho t|mo
ono ot us was |nvo|vod. What most poop|o don't
know was that wo had carr|od thoso shows around
th|s country undor somo ot tho most stronuous
contractua| agroomonts that ono cou|d |mag|no,
contracts that woro dos|gnod tor us to |oso |n most
ln 1070, botoro a|| ot th|s startod happon|ng, my
caroor |n tho concort promot|on |ndustry was on tho
tast track. 1h|s had boon a vory good yoar tor mo,
my t|rst ch||d was born that yoar. l namod hor lobyn.
ln that yoar a|ono l was ab|o to promoto ovor ono
hundrod shows. lot to mont|on, tho othor b|ack
concort promotors l know woro do|ng vory wo|| a|so.
Wo ho|pod to advanco tho caroors ot many art|sts
that aro co|obratod a|| ovor tho wor|d such as 3tov|o
Wondor, l|ono| l|ch|o, V|chao| 1ackson, 3oyz ll
Von, and Wh|tnoy |ouston. Evon though thoso yoars
woro good to us, untortunato|y s|nco tho |ndustry |s
so t|ck|o tor b|ack concort promotors nono ot us had
much to showtor our succoss. Wo may havo a homo
or a car or two to show tor |t, but that's |t, and to mo
that's shamotu|. A|| ot us havo tam|||os and
omp|oyoos wo caro tor doop|y, and by th|s po|nt wo
woro a|| strugg||ng to koop our hoads abovo wator. ln
tact, somo ot us woro s|nk|ng. 1hoso days wo aro
|ucky to got any shows. At th|s po|nt, |t |s a da||y
strugg|o tor us to ma|nta|n our porsona| ob||gat|ons,
and to koop our bus|nossos at|oat. l|tt|o d|d wo
know, wo woro bo|ng torcod out ot bus|noss. |or a||
who road th|s, l want you to undorstand that a|| ot th|s
transp|rod bocauso |t was p|annod. lt wasn't just tho
|uck ot tho draw or bad |uck, |t was a systomat|c
approach to pormanont|y ox||o b|ack concort
promotors trom tho concort promot|on |ndustry, tho
on|y protoss|on that wo knowand |ovo.
Ono th|ng l not|cod was that wh|to concort promotors
that startod around tho samo por|od wo d|d woro
t|our|sh|ng. A|| ot thom woro do|ng oxcopt|ona||y wo||
t|nanc|a||y. A|| had qu|ot|y bocomo mu|t|-m||||ona|ros.
What tho |ndustry wantod us to bo||ovo |s that a||
b|ack concort promotors woro go|ng bankrupt and
out ot bus|noss, and a|| wh|to concort promotors
woro oxpor|onc|ng onormous succoss, just
happonod to bo co|nc|donta|. Whon l roa||zod what
was happon|ng, l startod to oxam|no tho |ndustry vory
carotu||y, and ono th|ng was c|oar to mo, tho b|ack
promotors woro not a||owod to prot|t |n tho |ndustry. l
had a mad parado ot quost|ons storm|ng through my
bra|n: °What |s caus|ng tho d|spar|ty? Aro thoy
troatod d|ttoront|y by tho powors that contro| tho
ontorta|nmont |ndustry?' As l w||| oxp|a|n |ator, thoso
aro somo ot tho samo doco|ttu| tact|cs that |oad to
tho unt|mo|y dom|so ot V|chao| 1ackson tho K|ng ot
1ho EviI aido ot tho
Entortainmont |nduatry
ln 1anuary ot 1008, tho s|tuat|on had gotton worso. l
was bocom|ng |ncroas|ng|y trustratod w|th tho
|nab|||ty ot b|ack promotors to obta|n a ta|r
opportun|ty to compoto |n tho concort promot|on
bus|noss. 3hort|y thoroattor, l had hoard trom somo
ot my bus|noss assoc|atos that tho Atr|canAmor|can
s|ng|ng art|st, Vaxwo||, was p|ann|ng h|s upcom|ng
tour. l was ro|uctant to do so, but l contomp|atod
ca|||ng h|s book|ng agoncy, wh|ch was 1ho W||||am
Vorr|s Agoncy. lt was ono ot tho top book|ng
agonc|os |n tho wor|d, |t not tho top book|ng agoncy
|n tho wor|d. l wont ahoad and mado tho ca|| anyway.
l askod to spoak to Vaxwo||'s agont. l know thoro
wou|d bo prob|oms ahoad. 1ho mus|c dopartmont at
th|s agoncy was now hoadod by l|chard losonborg
and lotor Gross||ght, tho oxocut|vos that onco
hoadod 1ho 1ackson's prov|ous book|ng agoncy.
1hoso woro tho poop|o that gavo mo so many
prob|oms yoars botoro. l askod to spoak w|th
Vaxwo||'s agont, 1ott |rasco, whom l had known tor
a numbor ot yoars. l mot |rasco whon ho t|rst startod
|n tho bus|noss. |o was thon an agont at 1ho lorby
Wa|tors Agoncy. A tow yoars |ator, ho bocamo an
agont at 1ho W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy. |o had a
roputat|on tor bo|ng, oxcuso my oxpross|on, a
°buttho|o' whon doa||ng w|th b|acks and m|nor|t|os.
Attor a tow ca||backs, l t|na||y got h|m on tho phono. l
|nqu|rod about tho Vaxwo|| tour and tho opportun|ty
to b|d on h|s upcom|ng datos. |o cont|rmod to mo
that Vaxwo|| was |ndood p|ann|ng to go on tour and
as a|ways, ho prom|sod to |nc|udo b|ack promotors.
W|th|n tho noxt torty-o|ght hours, l subm|ttod t|rm
ottors tor sovon c|t|os on tho Vaxwo|| tour. 1ho
W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy had roco|vod a |ot ot
comp|a|nts |n rocont t|mos about tho|r troatmont ot
b|acks and m|nor|ty concort promotors. 3o l to|t that
th|s wou|d g|vo thom a groat opportun|ty to provo us
a|| wrong and try to d|sm|ss past a||ogat|ons ot
d|scr|m|nat|on. l was wrong.
About a wook or so had gono by whon l hoard that
tho Vaxwo|| tour had boon d|str|butod to tho usua|
wh|to concort promotors that woro mombors ot tho
so ca||od °good o|o boys' notwork around tho
country. Attor that, l |mmod|ato|y contactod 1ott
|rasco aga|n and |nqu|rod turthor about tho Vaxwo||
tour. |o rotusod to ta|k to mo about |t. l know trom
past oxpor|onco what |t moant whon thoy rotusod to
ta|k or p|ck up our ca||s. lt has a|ways moant that
b|ack promotors, as wo|| as tho b|ack bus|noss
commun|ty, woro bo|ng tr|ckod or shut out.
l tr|od vory hard not to bo angorod by tho act|ons ot
1ott |rasco and Cara low|s, anothor agont at 1ho
W||||amVorr|s Agoncy who a|ways had troatod b|ack
and m|nor|ty concort promotors |n an und|gn|t|od
mannor. l a|ways to|t that thoy woro on|y do|ng what
thoy woro |nstructod to do by tho|r supor|ors wh|ch
woro l|chard losonburg and lotor Gross||ght.
l |mmod|ato|y schodu|od a contoronco ca|| w|th a||
mombors ot tho 3|ack lromotors Assoc|at|on to
d|scuss tho s|tuat|on. Wo doc|dod dur|ng that
contoronco ca|| that wo wou|d contact a c|v|| r|ghts
organ|zat|on |n At|anta that had boon work|ng w|th
us. Attor spoak|ng w|th thom, wo co||oct|vo|y doc|dod
to mako proparat|ons to p|ckot tho Vaxwo|| tour.
Whon 1ho W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy bocamo awaro ot
our |ntont|ons, thoy h|rod a tormor prom|nont Atr|can
Amor|can baskotba|| p|ayor (and a c||ont ot 1ho
W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy) by tho namo ot Earv|n
°Vag|c' 1ohnson and |nsortod h|m as |oad concort
promotor ot tho tour. A|though thoy gavo 1ohnson t|tty
porcont ot oach dato on tho tour, l know th|s was
bo|ng dono to koop a|| |og|t|mato b|ack concort
promotors out.
l a|so bo||ovod |t was bo|ng dono to doco|vo tho
pub||c, spoc|t|ca||y tho b|ack commun|ty, and to g|vo
tho appoaranco that a b|ack concort promotor was
promot|ng tho tour. ln actua||ty, thoy kopt a|| ot tho|r
wh|to concort promotors ot tho °good o|o boys'
notwork |n p|aco and |nvo|vod |n tho|r porspoct|vo
markots. 1hoy gavo thom tho roma|n|ng t|tty porcont
ot oach dato. lt has a|ways boon amaz|ng to mo tho
stops that thoy wou|d tako to koop b|ack poop|o and
tho b|ack bus|noss commun|ty tromprospor|ng.
Attor th|nk|ng about tho s|tuat|on tor a tow days and
contomp|at|ng vory strong|y about what l shou|d do, l
doc|dod that porhaps |t wou|d bo bonot|c|a| tor mo to
try and contact Vaxwo|| h|mso|t. l thought that th|s
way l cou|d oxp|a|n to h|mwhat thoy woro try|ng to do
to tho b|ack concort promotors and b|ack bus|noss
commun|ty. l omphat|ca||y to|t that ho had no
know|odgo ot tho troatmont that thoy woro try|ng to
porpotrato on tho b|ack concort promotors. lator, l
ca||od h|s managor, landy |ottman, sovora| t|mos
and tr|od to spoak w|th h|m. |o wou|d novor p|ck up
my ca||s or to my know|odgo tho ca||s ot othor b|ack
concort promotors. 1h|s managor was a mombor ot
tho °powors' that contro||od tho ontorta|nmont
Attor novor roco|v|ng a roturn ca|| trom Vaxwo||'s
agont, 1ott |rasco, or h|s managor, landy |ottman, l
doc|dod to sproad tho word through tho 3|ack
lromotors Assoc|at|on that l was try|ng to got |n
contact w|th Vaxwo|| h|mso|t and noodod any
ass|stanco that l cou|d got. l |ator roco|vod word
trom ono ot my co||oaguos that Vaxwo|| was stay|ng
|n los Ango|os at tho 3unsot Varqu|s |oto| whoro l
usod to stay yoars ago. l know tho managomont statt
at th|s hoto| vory wo||. l thought that |t may bo
bonot|c|a| tor mo to dratt a |ottor and try to got th|s
|ottor to h|m as soon as poss|b|o. l wroto tho |ottor
oxp|a|n|ng tho tr|a|s and tr|bu|at|ons that tho b|ack
concort promotors woro oxpor|onc|ng |n try|ng to bo
|nvo|vod w|th h|s tour. l gavo vory spoc|t|c dota||s
about our trustrat|on and our |ntont|ons. l oxp|a|nod
that b|ack concort promotors woro not bo|ng a||owod
to part|c|pato |n h|s upcom|ng tour. l a|so oxp|a|nod
tho tr|ckory tact|cs that thoy woro try|ng to uso by
|nvo|v|ng tho baskotba|| p|ayor, Vag|c 1ohnson. l
|mmod|ato|y taxod tho |ottor ovor to tho hoto| and
askod tho managor, who had boon a |ong-t|mo
tr|ond, to mako suro that Vaxwo|| roco|vod |t. |o
sa|d ho wou|d.
1ho to||ow|ng day, l roco|vod word troma mombor ot
tho 3|ack lromotors Assoc|at|on that Vaxwo|| had
canco||od h|s ont|ro tour. |rom that t|mo up unt||
rocont|y, Vaxwo|| had d|sappoarod trom tho taco ot
tho oarth - or trom tho ontorta|nmont |ndustry, l
m|ght say. l toarod that ho had bocomo a v|ct|m ot
tho °b|ackba||' consp|racy. l hopod and prayod that
ho hadn't bocauso |t ho had, l wou|d suro|y too|
Ovor tho yoars, l'vo boon approachod t|mo attor t|mo
by young, amb|t|ous |nd|v|dua|s w|th a dos|ro to go
|nto tho concort promot|on bus|noss. 1hoy wou|d
a|ways ask tho samo quost|on, °|ow do l got
startod?' lt |s so d|shoarton|ng tor mo to to|| thom
tho truth. 1ho truth bo|ng that nowadays |t |s v|rtua||y
|mposs|b|o to ga|n ontry as an |ndopondont concort
promotor. l hato to adm|t |t, but |t |s tho truth. l
cons|dor gott|ng |nto tho concort promot|on bus|noss
as an |ndopondont concort promotor to bo a |ong
shot thoso days, a vory |ong shot. lt's just oxtromo|y
hard to do and |t you aro an Atr|can Amor|can, |t's
v|rtua||y |mposs|b|o. You may bo ab|o to promoto a
sma|| show w|th an art|st that doos not havo much
appoa| or any s|gn|t|cant va|uo. 3ut |t |s v|rtua||y
|mposs|b|o tor you to got CAA, 1ho W||||am Vorr|s
Agoncy, or any ot tho major book|ng agonc|os to so||
you a major art|st w|th phonomona| t|ckot so|||ng
powor and a provon h|story ot do|ng so. lt just won't
lt was d|tt|cu|t onough gott|ng |n th|s bus|noss whon l
startod ovor th|rty yoars ago, but w|th tho croat|on ot
b||||on do||ar compan|os, such as l|vo lat|on and
AEG, |t |s v|rtua||y |mposs|b|o to ga|n ontry now. W|th
tho |nsort|on ot thoso two compan|os, tho agonc|os
havo ra|sod tho|r |ovo| ot contro| |n tho concort
promot|on |ndustry. l tru|y bo||ovo tho book|ng
agonc|os wou|d ||ko tor thoso two compan|os to bo
tho on|y moans poss|b|o tor art|sts to tour. 1h|s wou|d
g|vo thom a t|ghtor ho|d and comp|oto contro| ot
pract|ca||y a|| art|sts, as wo|| as tho concort
promot|on |ndustry. 1h|s assuros that tho art|sts havo
no othor out|ot tor tour|ng othor than l|vo lat|on and
AEG. 1h|s was croatod by dos|gn. l tru|y too| that th|s
|s tho oxact trap that V|chao| 1ackson was torcod
|nto. l w||| oxp|a|n |ator |n dota||.
3o|ng tho mastors ot contro| cont|nuos to bo vory
|ucrat|vo tor tho book|ng agonc|os. lt |t was |n tho
bost oconom|c |ntorost ot tho book|ng agonc|os to
havo as much compot|t|on as poss|b|o, as thoy say |t
|s, why not opon tho doors to compot|t|on or so||c|t
and so|| a|| ontorta|nors to a|| qua||t|od buyors w|th no
rogard to ono's raco, ro||g|on, or nat|ona| or|g|n?
1hoy havo novor dono so and w|thout todora|
|ntorvont|on thoy novor w|||.
ln tho 1000's, wh|to concort promotors bogan
purchas|ng tho|r own amph|thoators. 1h|s was bo|ng
accomp||shod by a numbor ot tactors. ||rst, bocauso
ot tho ro|at|onsh|ps w|th tho agonc|os, thoy aro ab|o
to guarantoo that a corta|n numbor ot shows wou|d
p|ay at thoso vonuos oach yoar dur|ng tho summor
months. 1h|s guarantoo cou|d bo passod on to tho
sponsors |n ||ou ot m||||on do||ar contracts tor tho
concort promotors. 3ponsors such as V|||or
3rowory, Anhousor 3usch, Coca-Co|a, and lops|,
just to namo a tow, havo prov|dod m||||ons ot do||ars
tor thoso promotors |n tho torm ot sponsorsh|p
doa|s. 3ocauso ot th|s °good o|o boys' notwork,
thoso promotors havo boon ab|o to guarantoo thoso
sponsors that a spoc|t|c numbor ot concorts, b|ack
and wh|to, wou|d p|ay thoso vonuos oach yoar.
lo s|ng|o b|ack concort promotor has ovor boon
ab|o to obta|n such a |ucrat|vo sponsorsh|p doa| that
wou|d onab|o h|m to mako such a purchaso.
3ocauso ot tho d|scr|m|nat|on and consp|racy that
has ox|stod w|th|n tho |ndustry, b|ack concort
promotors cannot guarantoo tho amount ot
contractua| shows noodod por yoar to obta|n such
|ucrat|vo doa|s. Wo, as b|ack concort promotors,
havo a|ways boon ||m|tod to tho promot|on ot b|ack
art|sts and novor roco|vod tho opportun|ty to promoto
wh|to art|sts. 1h|s makos |t v|rtua||y |mposs|b|o tor
mo or any othor b|ack concort promotor to acqu|ro
and ma|nta|n amph|thoatro ownorsh|p.
3otoro wh|to concort promotors bogan sook|ng
amph|thoator ownorsh|p, l attomptod to ongago |n a
contractua| agroomont w|th tho c|ty ot At|anta. ln
1084, l subm|ttod a proposa| to tho c|ty to bocomo
tho oxc|us|vo concort promotor tor tho c|ty-ownod
amph|thoator at Chasta|n lark. Around |obruary ot
that yoar l mot w|th Vayor AndrowYoung at h|s ott|co
to sook h|s ass|stanco. |o was vory cord|a|. l was
adv|sod by tho mayor that tho |oca| wh|to concort
promotor, A|ox Coo|oy, had a|so sought tho contract
w|th tho c|ty. l know ho was a part ot tho °good o|o
boys' notwork, but l cont|nuod w|th my t|ght tor tho
c|ty contract. lator that yoar, tho c|ty roa||zod that l
cou|d not br|ng wh|to acts to tho|r amph|thoator,
wh|ch was |n an oxc|us|vo wh|to no|ghborhood |n
At|anta, wh||o A|ox Coo|oy cou|d br|ng both b|ack
and wh|to art|sts. lood|oss to say tho contract was
awardod to A|ox Coo|oy. 3ocauso ot my raco and
tho d|scr|m|nat|on ot tho |ndustry, l was don|od tho
r|ght to obta|n th|s contract w|th tho c|ty.
ln 1002, a b|ack promotor |n Vomph|s by tho namo
ot |rod 1onos approachod tho |oca| wh|to concort
promotor thoro, 3ob Ko||y, to torm a partnorsh|p and
bocomo tho oxc|us|vo concort promotors at tho |oca|
amph|thoator ownod by tho c|ty. Whon thoy agrood
to do so, thoy tormod a partnorsh|p corporat|on
ca||od ls|and Evonts. 1hoy succosstu||y ontorod |nto
an oxc|us|vo agroomont w|th tho c|ty to promoto
concorts at tho c|ty's amph|thoator. 1h|s was
onab|od and accomp||shod bocauso tho c|ty
protorrod that a m|nor|ty bo |nvo|vod. |rod 1onos
was porsona||y |nvo|vod |n tho promot|on ot a|| shows
producod at th|s amph|thoator trom1008 to 1007.
Ear|y |n 1008, tho|r corporat|on, ls|and Evonts,
ronogot|atod |ts oxc|us|vo contract w|th tho c|ty. A
dratt ot tho now agroomont was approvod by tho
statt ot tho Vomph|s larks Comm|ss|on. On Varch
4th, 1008, tho managor ot tho comm|ss|on sont a
dratt ot tho agroomont to tho park comm|ss|on board
tor |ts rov|ow. On Varch 27th, tho wh|to promotor,
3ob Ko||y, d|od. As a rosu|t, a now agroomont was
drattod |n wh|ch tho b|ack promotor |rod 1onos was
to havo an oxc|us|vo concort promot|on agroomont
at tho amph|thoator tor two yoars. A potont|a| th|rd
yoar was cont|ngont upon portormanco.
On Apr|| 17th, 1008 tho b|ack concort promotor,
|rod 1onos, |ntormod Vayor W||||o |oronton that tho
park comm|ss|on had approvod h|s oxc|us|vo
agroomont tor tho amph|thoator. 1hroo days |ator, on
Apr|| 20th, 1008, tho board ot tho Vomph|s lark
Comm|ss|on torma||y approvod tho agroomont w|th
|rod 1onos. A|so onApr|| 20th, |rod 1onos mado a
cruc|a| m|stako ho taxod |ottors to CAA, 1ho W||||am
Vorr|s Agoncy, and othor top book|ng agonc|os |n
tho country. |o adv|sod thom that h|s corporat|on
wou|d bog|n to oxc|us|vo|y book tho amph|thoator |n
Vomph|s. ||s m|stako was that ho taxod tho |ottors
botoro tho s|gn|ng ot tho agroomont.
1ho to||ow|ng day, 3arry lott, v|co lros|dont ot
3oavor lroduct|ons trom low Or|oans, lou|s|ana, a
mombor ot tho °good o|o boys' notwork, wroto a
|ottor to tho d|roctor ot tho Vomph|s lark
Comm|ss|on 3oard. 3arry lott statod |n h|s |ottor to
tho board that ho undorstood that thoy woro
cons|dor|ng an oxc|us|vo agroomont on tho tuturo ot
tho|r amph|thoator tor that summor. lott wroto that
ho wantod to |ntorm thom that bocauso ot tho
untortunato c|rcumstancos w|th 3ob Ko||y that
3oavor lroduct|ons had boon askod by tho top
ta|ont agonc|os |n tho country to ostab||sh an ott|co |n
Vomph|s. |o was to bog|n |mmod|ato|y book|ng a||
vonuos |n tho aroa. |o a|so statod |n h|s |ottor that
bocauso ot h|s past ro|at|onsh|p w|th 3ob Ko||y, tho
docoasod concort promotor that ho had a|ways
stayod out ot tho Vomph|s markot.
Whon l saw th|s |ottor |t tota||y so||d|t|od what l had
known a|| a|ong. 1o mo |t prov|dod proot ot tho
consp|racy and co||us|on botwoon tho agonc|os and
wh|to concort promotors. Wo a|| bo||ovod that wo
know whoro 3arry lott ot 3oavor lroduct|ons
roco|vod h|s |ntormat|on. 1ho vory noxt day, tho
cha|rman ot tho Vomph|s lark Comm|ss|on wroto a
|ottor to |rod 1onos, tho b|ack concort promotor. 1ho
cha|rman adv|sod h|m that tho mayor had suddon|y
dotorm|nod that |t wou|d bo unw|so to oxocuto a now
oxc|us|vo agroomont w|th h|s company. Attor s|x
yoars ot hav|ng th|s oxc|us|vo contract w|th wh|to
concort promotor 3ob Ko||y |nvo|vod, Vayor
|oronton and tho Vomph|s lark Comm|ss|on
canco||od tho |rod 1onos' agroomont. 0ur|ng tho
samo t|motramo, 1ho W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy had
a|roady so|d a show toatur|ng tho wh|to art|st, 1amos
1ay|or, to Ko||y and 1onos botoro Ko||y d|od. lt
|ookod ||ko a wh|to art|st was t|na||y go|ng to bo
promotod by a b|ack concort promotor, |rod 1onos.
lood|oss to say, 1ho W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy
canco||od tho show w|th 1onos and gavo |t to 3oavor
lroduct|ons, tho concort promot|on company trom
lowOr|oans who wroto tho |ottor.
ln tho m|d- to |ato-00s, a bus|noss cong|omorato,
3|X, w|th b||||ons ot do||ars |n assots wantod to
broak |nto tho bus|noss ot concort promot|on. l
bo||ovo that thoy |mmod|ato|y tound out that |t was
v|rtua||y |mposs|b|o and woro h|t w|th tho roa||ty that
thoy woro not a||owod to compoto w|th tho dom|nant
wh|to concort promotor's monopo|y, no mattor how
much monoy thoy had. 1hoy had to uso tho stratogy
ot buy|ng tho dom|nant wh|to concort promotor's
compan|os tor hundrods ot m||||ons ot do||ars to ga|n
accoss to tho|r markots
3|X d|d not havo to purchaso b|ack concort
promotors bocauso b|ack concort promotors woro
not g|von a monopo|y on tho|r torr|tor|os as tho wh|to
concort promotors woro g|von. 3|X |s nowknown as
l|vo lat|on.
Un||ko most bus|nossos |n th|s country, tor oxamp|o,
whon 3urgor K|ng wantod to so|| hamburgors, thoy
d|dn't havo to buy Vc0ona|d's to compoto. 1hoy
s|mp|y oponod tho|r own rostaurants down tho stroot
or noxt to a Vc0ona|d's and compotod. 1h|s doosn't
happon |n tho concort promot|on |ndustry. |or tho
past th|rty yoars, l cannot roca|| ono |ndopondont
concort promotor ot s|gn|t|canco that has ga|nod
ontry |n tho concort promot|on
1hoso torr|tor|a| monopo||os woro and st||| aro usod
to ma|nta|n harmony among tho wh|to promotors and
to protoct tho promotor's ro|at|onsh|p w|th tho
agoncy. |or oxamp|o, |t an agoncy so|d to tho
dom|nant promotor |n low York, lon 0o|snor, a
show |n Ch|cago, tho dom|nant concort promotor |n
Ch|cago, 1AV lroduct|ons, wou|d objoct. 1ho|r
ro|at|onsh|ps w|th oach othor and tho agoncy wou|d
bo advorso|y attoctod. lt th|s woro to happon |n oach
ot tho many d|ttoront markots across tho country, tho
consp|racy wou|d co||apso. |or tho samo roason, |t
any opon and compot|t|vo b|dd|ng woro a||owod, |t
wou|d havo tho samo ottoct.
l|ko l statod botoro, b|ack concort promotors woro
a|ways so|d shows |n othor b|ack concort promotors'
torr|tor|os. 1h|s was dono so that tho harmony that
was bo|ng oxpor|oncod by tho wh|to promotors cou|d
not bo had by tho b|ack concort promotors. 1h|s
stratogy was usod to croato a host||o onv|ronmont
among us.
3ocauso ot what l bo||ovo to bo an |||oga| synd|cato,
thoy aro ab|o to contro| tho art|st, as wo|| as tho art|st
guarantoos and t|ckot pr|cos. 1h|s u|t|mato|y ra|sod
tho|r porcontago |ntako w|th no oppos|t|on trom
anyono. 1ho wh|to concort promotors oporat|ng
undor thoso gu|do||nos, |n a para||o| tash|on, havo
boon handsomo|y rowardod. A|| havo boon
guarantood mu|t|-m||||ona|ro status, wh|ch a|| havo
roco|vod to tho oxc|us|on ot a|| b|ack and outs|do
concort promotors. 1hoy aro g|von torr|tor|a|
oxc|us|v|ty. 1h|s arrangomont bonot|ts tho agonc|os
and concort promotors by g|v|ng thom tota|
dom|nanco and contro| ot art|st guarantoos and
t|ckot pr|c|ng w|thout oppos|t|on. Compot|t|on has
novor boon wo|comod |n th|s |ndustry.
Contro|||ng tho |ndustry and dost|ny ot a|| |nvo|vod
has boon and roma|ns vory |ucrat|vo tor tho book|ng
agonc|os. 1hoy aro ab|o to contro| tho dost|ny ot a||
art|sts, tho vonuos |n wh|ch thoy p|ay, and tho concort
promotors tor whom thoy work, as wo|| as tho ta|ont
cost and t|ckot pr|cos.
3y th|s t|mo |t was |obruary 1008. l had bocomo
oxhaustod and trustratod trom try|ng to roason w|th
CAA and 1ho W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy. l had dono
ovoryth|ng poss|b|o to got thoso agonc|os to stop
tho|r d|scr|m|nat|on aga|nst us and g|vo us oqua|
opportun|ty. lt was ||ko runn|ng |nto a br|ck wa||. l was
so t|rod l wou|d otton t|nd myso|t pray|ng and ask|ng
God to p|oaso sotton tho|r hoarts and a||ow thom to
showus compass|on. lt novor happonod.
l to|t at th|s po|nt that tho on|y th|ng |ott tor mo to do
was try to t|nd a |aw t|rm that wou|d bo w||||ng to tako
on my caso and t||o a comp|a|nt tor mo |n tho todora|
court systom. God knows l roa||y hatod to do th|s, but
tho book|ng agonc|os and wh|to promotors |ott mo
no cho|co. l know that thoy woro not go|ng to
vo|untar||y ro||nqu|sh tho strongho|d that thoy had on
b|ack promotors. lt was too prot|tab|o. 1h|s |s tho
samo typo ot trap that V|chao| 1ackson tound
h|mso|t caught |n by tho powors ot tho ontorta|nmont
|ndustry. 1hoy had h|m tang|od |n a wob that ho
cou|d not broak troo ot. l w||| oxp|a|n th|s |n dota||
1ho LogaI BattIo Bogina
1ho t|rst th|ng l had to do was t|nd a |aw t|rm that
bo||ovod |n my caso and wou|d bo w||||ng to tako |t
on a cont|ngoncy bas|s. 1horo was no way l cou|d
attord ||t|gat|on such as th|s. lt wou|d bo too cost|y. l
know |t wou|dn't bo oasy to conv|nco somoono to do
th|s tor mo bocauso tho mus|c bus|noss can bo vory
comp|ox. lt somoono has not doa|t w|th th|s |ndustry
botoro |t can bo vory hard tor thom to undorstand. l
tru|y bo||ovo th|s |s ono ot tho ma|n roasons thoy
havo boon ab|o to got away w|th tho|r wrong do|ngs
tor so |ong.
Ono attornoon, l was ta|k|ng on tho to|ophono w|th a
songwr|tor tr|ond by tho namo ot Wayno Gart|o|d
who ||vod |n low York C|ty. l was oxp|a|n|ng my
s|tuat|on as wo|| as my trustrat|on w|th tho |ndustry. l
a|so mont|onod to h|m that l was |ook|ng tor a |aw
t|rm that l cou|d ta|k to about tak|ng my caso. |o
suggostod that l spoak to h|s |awyor an attornoy by
tho namo ot 3ob 0onno||y. 0onno||y was not a
||t|gator, but Gart|o|d thought l shou|d spoak to h|m
anyway tor somo adv|co. |o thought that 0onno||y
wou|d bo ab|o to adv|so mo ot somo |aw t|rms that
may bo |ntorostod |n tak|ng on my caso.
l |mmod|ato|y mado tho ca|| to 0onno||y tho samo
day. l must adm|t l was p|oasant|y surpr|sod. ||rst ot
a||, l was ab|o to got h|m on tho phono w|th my t|rst
phono ca||. 1ho noxt th|ng l ||kod about h|m was ho
soomod ||ko a vory honost attornoy, and bo||ovo mo
honost attornoys aro vory hard to como by thoso
days. |o was a|so an ontorta|nmont attornoy, so ho
had somo know|odgo ot my s|tuat|on. 1h|s mado |t
vory oasy tor mo to oxp|a|n to h|m tho prob|oms wo
as b|ack concort promotors woro hav|ng. l roa||y
||kod 0onno||y. |o statod to mo that ho undorstood
vory wo|| tho prob|oms that wo woro hav|ng, and ho
sa|d that ho wou|d mako somo ca||s to somo |aw
t|rms that ho had workod w|th and wou|d ca|| mo |n a
tow days. l gavo h|m a|| ot my to|ophono numbors
and thankod h|m tor h|s t|mo. l roa||y to|t good about
0onno||y. lot on|y d|d ho sound honost, ho was a
portoct gont|oman.
|or tho noxt tow days, l wa|tod pat|ont|y tor h|s ca||.
About a wook |ator, l roco|vod a ca|| trom h|m.
0onno||y sa|d ho had mot w|th a |aw t|rm by tho
namo ot Go|d, |arro|| 8 Varks and that thoy m|ght bo
|ntorostod |n tak|ng my caso. |o a|so statod that |t
was a vory good and roputab|o |aw t|rm |n low York
C|ty. |o wantod to arrango a moot|ng tor a|| ot us to
ta|k. l to|d h|m that l wou|d bo ava||ab|o whonovor
thoy woro roady. |o ca||od mo back |ator that
attornoon to adv|so mo that tho moot|ng had boon
sot tor tho to||ow|ng Vonday attornoon.
l t|ow out ot At|anta br|ght and oar|y on that Vonday
morn|ng |n |obruary. l arr|vod |n low York about
12:4b p.m. that attornoon. l caught a cab and wont
stra|ght to tho |aw t|rm ot Go|d, |arro|| 8 Varks. 1ho
moot|ng was sot tor 2:00 p.m. that samo day. l
ontorod tho bu||d|ng, got on tho o|ovator, and wont up
to tho |awt|rm's t|oor. Whon l arr|vod at tho t|oor, 3ob
0onno||y, as wo|| as two othor attornoys, Vart|n Go|d
and Chr|st|no lopora, woro a|| wa|t|ng on mo. Vart|n
Go|d was tho son|or partnor.
Wo wont to Vart|n Go|d's ott|co to bog|n our
moot|ng. |o t|rst ordorod rotroshmonts. |o thon
askod mo to oxp|a|n tho s|tuat|on. l bogan oxp|a|n|ng
to thom tho d|scr|m|nat|on wo had tacod whon try|ng
to conduct bus|noss w|th tho two top book|ng
agonc|os |n tho mus|c |ndustry, CAA and 1ho
W||||amVorr|s Agoncy. l wont on to oxp|a|n howa|| ot
tho b|ack concort promotors woro bo|ng m|stroatod
and shut out ot tho bus|noss by thoso agonc|os.
l gavo turthor oxamp|os ot tho d|scr|m|natory
troatmont wo had roco|vod. l wont on to turthor
oxp|a|n at |ongth tho d|spar|ty |n troatmont botwoon
b|acks and wh|tos by thoso compan|os. Go|d was
vory undorstand|ng and showod a |ot ot compass|on.
l roa||y ||kod thoso attornoys and th|s |aw t|rm. 1ho
moot|ng |astod tor about two hours. Whon l t|n|shod
oxp|a|n|ng, Go|d sa|d that thoy wantod to do somo
|nvost|gat|on |nto tho mattor and wou|d contact mo |n
a towdays.
About two wooks had passod whon l roco|vod a ca||
trom tho low York |aw t|rm. l was at homo |n At|anta
at tho t|mo. Vart|n Go|d t|rst adv|sod mo that
Chr|st|no lopora was a|so |n tho room w|th h|m and
that thoy wou|d ||ko to put mo on tho spoakorphono.
|o askod |t that was okay. l rop||od, °Yos.' |o statod
to mo that thoy had conc|udod tho|r |nvost|gat|on and
tound that tho a||ogat|ons and comp|a|nts that l had
mado soomod to bo va||d. 1hoy thought that l had a
vory good caso not on|y aga|nst tho top two book|ng
agonc|os, but aga|nst a|| ot tho book|ng agonc|os
and wh|to promotors |n tho concort bus|noss.
|o statod that a|| ot tho agonc|os oporatod |n a
para||o| tash|on and thoy woro a|| broak|ng tho |aw.
|o a|so statod that thoy woro a|| |n v|o|at|on ot our
c|v|| r|ghts. |o thon sa|d that thoy wou|d ||ko tor mo to
roturn to low York as soon as poss|b|o so that wo
cou|d proparo an agroomont and bog|n torm|ng tho
comp|a|nt. l sa|d to thom that l wou|d arrango my
schodu|o so that l cou|d roturn as soon as poss|b|o. l
to|d thom that l wou|d g|vo thom a ca|| whon l was
roady to como. 1h|s was around tho ond ot |obruary.
1wo months passod. lt was now m|d-Apr|| and l had
not ca||od thom back to schodu|o tho moot|ng. l th|nk
l was st||| |ook|ng tor a bottor so|ut|on than th|s ono.
l|oaso romombor at tho t|mo l was c|os|ng |n on tho
ago ot t|tty and th|s bus|noss was tho on|y protoss|on
l had ovor known. l guoss l was st||| hop|ng that tho
book|ng agonc|os wou|d chango tho|r ways.
A wook |ator l roco|vod a mossago at my ott|co trom
Chr|st|no lopora at Go|d, |arro|| 8 Varks. |or
mossago statod that thoy woro wa|t|ng to hoar trom
mo so that thoy cou|d sot up our moot|ng and to
p|oaso ca||. 3t||| too||ng a ||tt|o hos|tant l d|d not ca||.
Ovor tho noxt coup|o ot months, our troatmont trom
CAA and 1ho W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy got worso.
1hoy wou|dn't so|| us anyth|ng and wou|dn't ta|k to us
about |t. 1hoy woron't p|ck|ng up our ca||s at a||. 1hoy
cont|nuod to bo vory b|atant and arrogant w|th tho|r
d|scr|m|nat|on. You cou|d to|| that thoy d|dn't caro
what wo thought or what wo d|d. 1hoy conductod
bus|noss ||ko |t was tho|r God-g|von r|ght to
d|scr|m|nato aga|nst b|ack poop|o. lt was now
August 1008, l to|t that tho on|y th|ng |ott tor mo to do
was to ca|| tho low York |aw t|rm ot Go|d, |arro|| 8
Varks to sot up an appo|ntmont so wo cou|d bog|n
propar|ng tho comp|a|nt. l ca||od and sot tho
appo|ntmont tor tho to||ow|ng wook.
Whon l ca||od thoy sa|d that thoy wou|d bog|n
propar|ng tho agroomont. 1hoy a|so statod that thoy
wou|d torward ovor a dratt ot tho agroomont tho
to||ow|ng day tor my rov|ow so that whon l arr|vod |n
low York |t wou|d bo roady tor s|gn|ng. Wo a|so
d|scussod othor b|ack concort promotors that l to|t
shou|d bo |nc|udod as p|a|nt|tts |n tho |awsu|t. 1hoy
askod mo to mako that doc|s|on and contact thom. l
want you to romombor that up to th|s po|nt l had not
mont|onod th|s to anyono. lo ono |n tho mus|c
|ndustry, b|ack or wh|to, know what my |ntont|ons
l roa||y had to th|nk about th|s ono. l know th|s wou|d
bo a cr|t|ca| doc|s|on and l had to porsona||y th|nk
about oach b|ack concort promotor |nd|v|dua||y
botoro l approachod thom. l had to try and doc|do
who wou|d havo tho hoart and tho courago to
ongago |n a batt|o such as th|s ono. l know oach and
ovory ono ot thoso guys, and l know that somo d|dn't
havo tho hoart and somo d|dn't havo tho courago.
3o l had to bo vory carotu| w|th whom l controntod to
ongago |n th|s ondoavor.
||rst l ca||od my c|osost co||oaguo at tho t|mo,
concort promotor A|an |ayman |n 3oston. Wo had
boon bus|noss partnors and promotod shows
around tho country togothor tor about twonty yoars.
Wo had soon somo good t|mos togothor and wo had
soon somo bad t|mos togothor, but l was st||| a ||tt|o
hos|tant about to|||ng h|m. l know l had to bocauso l
cou|dn't do th|s w|thout at |oast a||ow|ng h|m tho
opportun|ty to bo |nvo|vod. l oxp|a|nod to h|m what l
was do|ng and what my p|ans woro. l a|so to|d h|m
that l had a|roady contactod a |aw t|rm |n low York
and thoy woro w||||ng to tako our caso on a
cont|ngoncy bas|s. |o abrupt|y stoppod mo and
sa|d, °lowo, |ot mo do th|s w|th you.' l sa|d to h|m,
°You know l w||| - you aro my boy.' |o wou|d
bocomo l|a|nt|tt lumbor 1wo.
1ho noxt ca|| l mado was to a concort promotor out ot
1ackson, V|ss|ss|pp|, loo K|ng. 1h|s concort
promotor had not boon act|vo tor a tow yoars
bocauso ot tho d|scr|m|nat|on that ho had ondurod.
|o was ono ot tho concort promotors wo had
rocont|y |nv|tod to jo|n tho 3|ack lromotors
Assoc|at|on. l choso th|s concort promotor tor a
numbor ot roasons. ||rst ot a||, ho had boon |n tho
bus|noss a |ong t|mo. l know that ho had tho hoart
and tho courago to ongago |n th|s typo ot t|ght w|th
tho |ndustry. 1h|s concort promotor a|so had groat
|ntogr|ty and |mpoccab|o charactor. l know that l
cou|d suro|y dopond on h|m. l |ovod th|s guy. |o
wou|d bocomo l|a|nt|tt lumbor 1hroo.
l thon mado a ca|| to a concort promotor |n low York
C|ty, 1osso 3osoman. l had workod protty c|oso|y
w|th th|s concort promotor whon tho opportun|ty had
porm|ttod. l had spokon to h|m on a constant bas|s
tor yoars about tho d|scr|m|nat|on and rac|sm w|th|n
tho concort |ndustry. l know that 3osoman wou|d
havo tho hoart and courago to tako on th|s t|ght. 3ut
what l d|dn't know was |t l cou|d tu||y trust h|m. l to|t
that |t a good onough ottor was ovor prosontod to
h|m, ho wou|d not hos|tato to botray us. l must adm|t
that th|s concort promotor st||| had corta|n qua||t|os
that l to|t wo noodod. l mado tho doc|s|on to |nc|udo
h|m and hopod tor tho bost. |o wou|d bocomo
l|a|nt|tt lumbor |our.
1ho noxt promotor l contactod was a concort
promotor out ot Vomph|s, |rod 1onos. 1h|s was tho
concort promotor l prov|ous|y d|scussod that ||vod |n
Vomph|s. |o had boon around a tow yoars |ongor
than l had. |o was vory wo|| known throughout tho
mus|c |ndustry and was somowhat rospoctod as a
vory good |oca| promotor |n Vomph|s. l d|dn't a|ways
agroo w|th h|s th|nk|ng and doc|s|on mak|ng, but ho
had somo qua||t|os that wo suro|y noodod on board
w|th us. ||rst, ||ko l sa|d prov|ous|y, ho was wo||
known. 3ocond|y, ho had dono protty wo|| |n othor
bus|noss vonturos that gavo h|m t|nanc|a| stab|||ty. l
to|t that ho had tho hoart and tho courago, but l know
that at t|mos ho cou|d bo d|tt|cu|t to doa| w|th.
lonotho|oss, l thought |t wou|d bo bost to |nc|udo
h|m. l ca||od and oxp|a|nod to h|m about tho
attornoys and what our p|ans woro. l thon oxtondod
to h|m tho opportun|ty to bo |nvo|vod. |o sa|d vory
qu|ck|y, °Count mo |n.' |o wou|d bocomo l|a|nt|tt
lumbor ||vo.
l to|t that a|| was sot now and wo woro roady to movo
torward, but thon a tow days |ator, l roco|vod a ca||
trom anothor concort promotor who ||vod |n
Char|otto, lorth Caro||na. |o was a|so a mombor ot
tho 3lA. ||s namo was 3ornard 3a||oy. |o sa|d that
ho had hoard about what wo woro p|ann|ng and
askod to bo |nc|udod. l k|nd ot ||kod th|s guy, but ho
had boon |nvo|vod |n somo |||oga| traudu|ont act|v|ty
porta|n|ng to tho concort promot|on |ndustry |n
prov|ous yoars. l d|dn't want th|s to h|ndor us |n any
way. 3o l to|d h|m that l wou|d th|nk about |t and ca||
h|m |ator. l'd had somo |oga| prob|oms ot my own
unro|atod to tho concort bus|noss |n past yoars, so
who was l to judgo? l thought wo shou|d g|vo th|s guy
a chanco. Attor a||, ho'd boon around tor somo
twonty-t|vo yoars at th|s po|nt and ho roa||y noodod
th|s opportun|ty. l ca||od h|m back and to|d h|m that
ho was |n. |o was do||ghtod. |o wou|d bocomo
l|a|nt|tt lumbor 3|x.
l thon contactod tho attornoys |n low York and to|d
thom ot tho cho|cos that l had mado. 1hoy
|mmod|ato|y sot up a contoronco ca|| so that wo a||
cou|d ta|k. 0ur|ng th|s ca|| tho |awyors oxp|a|nod
ovoryth|ng to us and answorod our quost|ons. 1hoy
to|d us to gathor up a|| ov|donco |n tho torm ot
contracts, |ottors, and documonts that wo had |n our
possoss|on, ospoc|a||y |t thoy showod any s|gn ot
d|scr|m|nat|on. 1hoy to|d us that thoy wou|d bo
sott|ng up a phono |ntorv|ow w|th oach ot us to
d|scuss our prov|ous h|story w|th thoso agonc|os and
concort promotors.
About tho t|rst wook ot 3optombor 1008, l roturnod
to low York to moot w|th tho attornoys. Whon l
arr|vod at tho|r ott|co thoy woro aga|n wa|t|ng on mo.
l cou|d to|| trom Go|d's and lopora's domoanor that
thoy had somoth|ng to ta|k to mo about. 1hoy woro
mov|ng sw|tt|y. Attor wo woro soatod, thoy oxp|a|nod
that wo woro not go|ng to on|y suo tho top two
book|ng agonc|os, CAA and 1ho W||||am Vorr|s
Agoncy wo woro go|ng to suo a|| ot tho agonc|os,
bocauso wo bo||ovod that a|| ot thom woro gu||ty.
Go|d sa|d to mo that wo a|so had to suo tho concort
promotors, bocauso wo a|so bo||ovod thoy woro a||
gu||ty as wo||. 1hoy a|so sa|d to mo, wo aro not on|y
go|ng to suo tor d|scr|m|nat|on, but a|so tor v|o|at|on
ot tho ant|-trust |aws. 1hon both partnors |ookod mo
stra|ght |n tho oyo as Go|d sa|d to mo that thoy to|t
that l had a vory strong caso. 1hoy a|so bo||ovod
what was bo|ng conductod horo was a consp|racy.
l know what thoy woro say|ng about tho othor
book|ng agonc|os and concort promotors was truo,
but my ma|n tocus had a|ways boon on tho top two
agonc|os, CAA and 1ho W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy. l
know thoy woro r|ght |n what thoy woro say|ng
bocauso nono ot tho agonc|os had ovor so|d us any
wh|to art|sts or g|von us oqua| opportun|ty. |or a
groat |ongth ot t|mo l had a|ways soon co||us|on
botwoon tho agonc|os and tho wh|to concort
promotors, so th|s was not shock|ng to mo. l know
that thoy had tho corroct assossmont ot what had
boon happon|ng and l saw that thoy had roa||y dono
a thorough |nvost|gat|on.
Attor d|scuss|ng tho s|tuat|on w|th A|an |aymon,
l|a|nt|tt lumbor 1wo, wo know wo had to mako ono
oxcopt|on. 1h|s oxcopt|on wou|d bo a book|ng
agoncy by tho namo ot lntornat|ona| Croat|vo
Vanagomont (lCV). 1h|s agoncy was about tho th|rd
|argost |n tho country, |t not tho socond. lt was truo
that th|s agoncy had novor g|von us oqua| opportun|ty
or so|d us tho|r wh|to art|sts, but th|s agoncy was tho
roason that our bus|nossos had not comp|oto|y
lCV had a wh|to agont tor many yoars by tho namo
ot lh|| Casoy. |o was rospons|b|o tor book|ng tho
major|ty ot tho b|ack art|sts at th|s agoncy. Ovor tho
yoars, ho was tho rospons|b|o agont tor such art|sts
as lutt 0addy, 3oyz ll Von, low Ed|t|on, and many,
many moro. Un||ko CAA and 1ho W||||am Vorr|s
Agoncy, whon tho|r b|ack art|sts bocamo suporstars
thoy a|ways took thom away trom b|ack concort
promotors and gavo thom to tho wh|to concort
promotors. 1h|s agont novor d|d that. Casoy wou|d
a|ways a||ow us to cont|nuo book|ng tho|r b|ack
art|sts attor thoy roachod star status. |o was tho
roason that wo woro ab|o to tood our tam|||os and
koop our bus|nossos a||vo. What a hock ot a guy lh||
Casoy was.
l |ator ro|ayod th|s |ntormat|on to tho attornoys. 1hoy
d|dn't ||ko |t, but thoy had no cho|co but to accopt |t.
|or tho noxt coup|o ot months, tho attornoys d|d a
groat job comp|||ng ov|donco and propar|ng tho
comp|a|nt. 3y nowl was spoak|ng to tho attornoys on
a da||y bas|s try|ng to got tho comp|a|nt comp|otod.
ln Octobor 1008, wo had anothor 3|ack lromotors
Assoc|at|on moot|ng at tho |yatt |oto| |n downtown
At|anta. At th|s moot|ng wo d|scussod w|th ovoryono
what our p|ans woro and ontorta|nod any quost|ons
that thoy had. Wo a|so ta|kod about our tuturo as
concort promotors and what was mandatory tor us to
do |t wo woro to roma|n act|vo.
1ho wook pr|or to th|s moot|ng, a mombor ot tho
3|ack lromotors Assoc|at|on who ||vod |n
Wash|ngton, 0.C., 3||| Wash|ngton, doc|dod to qu|t
tho organ|zat|on attor hoar|ng ot our |ntont|ons. 1h|s
promotor was st||| onjoy|ng what l wou|d cons|dor to
bo somowhat ot a cord|a| ro|at|onsh|p w|th 1ho
W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy. lot that ho was roco|v|ng
oqua| opportun|ty by any moans, but thoy cons|dorod
h|m to bo a good o|o to||ow who ratt|od no cagos.
1ho W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy wou|d a||ow h|m to
promoto a show ovory now and thon and l bo||ovo
that bocauso ot our |awsu|t and bo|ng assoc|atod
w|th tho 3|ack lromotors Assoc|at|on, ho strong|y
to|t that tho ||tt|o ||vo||hood ho had |ott m|ght bo
joopard|zod. l undorstood comp|oto|y. 1h|s |s my
Attor tho 3|ack lromotors Assoc|at|on (3lA)
moot|ng, a promotor tromlos Ango|os, larry 3a||oy,
a|so ros|gnod. l was not surpr|sod about th|s
promotor ros|gn|ng. l had a|ways boon to|d by othor
3lA mombors that th|s promotor wou|d novor bo
|nvo|vod |n a controntat|on w|th tho top agonc|os -
namo|y CAA. l was to|d that ho d|d not havo tho hoart
or tho courago to ongago |n th|s typo ot batt|o.
Attor tho moot|ng, A|an |aymon, l|a|nt|tt lumbor
1wo, askod to soo mo |n pr|vato. Wo wont ovor to
tho hoto| whoro ho was stay|ng. |o bogan oxp|a|n|ng
to mo that tor porsona| roasons ho had to w|thdraw
as a p|a|nt|tt |n tho |awsu|t. |o d|d not know |t, but l
had a|roady hoard that ho was |n nogot|at|ons w|th
tho b||||on do||ar cong|omorato, 3|X, to so|| thom a
porcontago ot h|s company. l was not upsot w|th h|m
at a||. 1h|s was a groat opportun|ty tor h|m and h|s
company. l cons|dorod th|s to bo a doa| ot a ||tot|mo.
W|th tho bus|noss chang|ng tho way |t was, th|s was
somoth|ng that ho cou|d not pass up.
l had prov|ous|y to|d h|m that soonor or |ator ho was
go|ng to bo approachod w|th a doa|. l d|dn't know by
whom at tho t|mo but l know |t wou|d happon. Up to
th|s po|nt, 3|X had no b|ack concort promotor
|nvo|vomont at a||. W|th a|| tho ||ght that wo woro
shodd|ng on rac|sm and d|scr|m|nat|on |n tho
|ndustry and w|th tho |awsu|t com|ng, l know that thoy
wou|d havo to |nvo|vo a b|ack concort promotor
soonor or |ator. |aymon was tho bost cho|co.
On lovombor 10th, 1008, wo t||od tho comp|a|nt |n
todora| court |n tho 3outhorn 0|str|ct ot low York.
1ho war was about to bog|n. 1ho t|||ng ot th|s |awsu|t
mado tho tront pago ot a|| ontorta|nmont magaz|nos
and took vory h|gh pr|or|ty |n a|| nowspapors, rad|o,
and othor pub||cat|ons.
3hort|y thoroattor, l arrangod a moot|ng w|th 0r.
1osoph lowory, a wo||-known and rospoctod c|v||
r|ghts |oador. |o was a|so a c|oso a||y ot tho |ato 0r.
Vart|n luthor K|ng, 1r. |o a|roady know ot our
c|rcumstancos bocauso l had mot w|th h|m on
prov|ous occas|ons. l oxp|a|nod to h|mwhat wo woro
do|ng and askod tor h|s ass|stanco |n tho tuturo. l
know that ho had a vory hoavy schodu|o w|th
spoak|ng ongagomonts and pub||c appoarancos,
but ho st||| vo|untoorod to ho|p us whonovor h|s
schodu|o wou|d porm|t. |o |ator bocamo tho tathor l
novor had. Whonovor l was controntod w|th an
|mportant doc|s|on, l wou|d a|ways consu|t w|th 0r.
lowory t|rst.
Ovor tho noxt towwooks, l was t|oodod w|th roquosts
tor |ntorv|ows and to|ophono ca||s trom poop|o
app|aud|ng what wo had dono. l must adm|t ono
th|ng. At th|s po|nt l was harbor|ng somoth|ng |n my
m|nd that l cou|d not torgot or shako. ln tho |ato 70's, l
had tho pr|v||ogo ot hav|ng anothor tamous c|v||
r|ghts |oador ass|st mo |n contront|ng tho samo
prob|om l was hav|ng now, tho prob|om ot
d|scr|m|nat|on. ||s namo was |osoa W||||ams, and
ho was a|so a c|oso assoc|ato ot 0r. Vart|n luthor
K|ng, 1r. ln 1070, ho had t|own w|th mo to los
Ango|os to moot w|th tho oxocut|vos ot 1ho
1acksons' book|ng agoncy. Attor a vory hoatod
moot|ng, wo roturnod to tho 3unsot Varqu|s |oto| tor
d|nnor. 0ur|ng our d|nnor ho sa|d somoth|ng to mo
that was now constant|y on my m|nd. As wo woro
d|scuss|ng th|s |ndustry ho sa|d,' lowo, ||ston to mo,
and ||ston wo||. lovor oxpoct a 1ow|sh porson to
dotoat anothor 1ow|sh porson tor you, ospoc|a||y
whon tho stakos aro h|gh. lt just w||| not happon.'
Cons|dor|ng tho tact that wo had suod thoso book|ng
agonc|os tor $700 m||||on, l cons|dorod tho stakos to
bo h|gh, vory h|gh.
low, l must adm|t th|s s|tuat|on prosontod a hugo
prob|om tor mo monta||y. lt constant|y stayod on my
m|nd bocauso tho stakos |n th|s caso woro not on|y
h|gh, thoy woro hugo. 0osp|to grow|ng up |n tho
3outh and otton bo|ng m|stroatod bocauso ot my
raco, l can honost|y say that l havo novor boon
projud|cod or ant|-3om|t|c |n my ||to. 3ut |t roma|nod
hard tor mo to torgot what ho had to|d mo ma|n|y
bocauso our |oad|ng |aw t|rm |n low York was
1ow|sh and tho poop|o wo woro t|ght|ng woro a|so
God knows, l d|dn't want to jump to conc|us|ons, but l
bogan putt|ng a|| corrospondonco |n wr|t|ng w|th th|s
|aw t|rm. l mado a roquost to soo a|| documonts
porta|n|ng to our caso, |ncom|ng and outgo|ng. l was
roa||y hop|ng that l cou|d trust th|s |aw t|rm and that
thoy wou|d provo my tr|ond wrong. l a|so thought
about our caso bo|ng ||t|gatod |n low York, a c|ty
that had a |ot ot 1ow|sh contro| and connoct|ons. l
was hop|ng th|s |aw t|rm wou|d not botray mo. l tr|od
to put a|| ot th|s as|do and out ot my m|nd bocauso l
roa||y ||kod th|s |awt|rm.
1horo was ono th|ng l to|t good about, that |s our
caso was |n tho todora| court systom and not tho
stato court systom. l thought wo cou|d trust tho
todora| courts bottor than tho stato courts. 3hort|y
attor, a todora| judgo was ass|gnod to our caso. ||s
namo was tho |onorab|o lobort l. lattorson. |o
was a vory soasonod judgo. |o had boon on tho
bonch tor ovor ton yoars. l |mmod|ato|y d|d somo
|nvost|gat|on |nto h|s background. l tound out that ho
was a lopub||can and l a|so tound out that ho had
boon appo|ntod by lros|dont lona|d loagan |n
1088. ||s bo|ng a lopub||can mado mo a ||tt|o
norvous bocauso l had a|ways hoard that
lopub||cans woro not too str|ct whon |t comos to c|v||
r|ghts. 3ut to bo honost w|th you, l roa||y had no
proot ot th|s.
A month or so |ator, tho dotondants t||od tor
d|sm|ssa| ot our comp|a|nt. 1hoy c|tod that our
c|a|ms woro baso|oss and thoro was no
d|scr|m|nat|on |n tho concort |ndustry whatsoovor.
1hoy a|so statod that no ant|-trust |aws had boon
brokon. 1h|s was to bo oxpoctod. About a month and
a ha|t |ator, tho court hoard ora| argumonts on tho
dotondants' mot|ons to d|sm|ss. 1hoy arguod
v|gorous|y that tho a||ogat|ons that wo woro mak|ng
woro a|| untruo and untoundod. 1hoy statod ovor and
ovor aga|n that thoro wasn't any d|scr|m|nat|on |n tho
concort promot|on |ndustry and no consp|racy had
ox|stod. 1hoy a|so statod that somo ot us woro not
ovon concort promotors. 1hoy sa|d that b|ack
concort promotors woro ab|o to promoto any and a||
art|sts, b|ack or wh|to, |t thoy choso to do so. 1hoy
a|so statod that ovoryth|ng |n our comp|a|nt was
Vart|n Go|d arguod tor us and h|s argumont was
horr|b|o. |o d|d not mont|on ono t|mo that b|ack
concort promotors woro not a||owod to promoto
wh|to art|sts. 1h|s was tho toundat|on ot our caso, but
ho novor onco mont|onod |t. l tru|y thought ho had |ost
h|s m|nd. l d|dn't know what ho was do|ng or what ho
was th|nk|ng. lt was awtu|. l know wo wou|d not
dotoat th|s mot|on. Whon l roturnod to At|anta, hav|ng
not boon ab|o to accopt tho ora| argumont ot Vart|n
Go|d l |mmod|ato|y ca||od h|m br|ght and oar|y tho
to||ow|ng Vonday morn|ng. l sa|d to h|m, °l cannot
bo||ovo what you havo dono.' l a|so sa|d °You arguod
our d|scr|m|nat|on caso and not ono t|mo d|d you
mont|on tho tact that b|ack concort promotors aro not
a||owod to contract w|th wh|to art|sts.' l to|d h|m l
thought ho had |ost h|s m|nd. |o had noth|ng to say.
On Vay 20th, 1000, wo roco|vod 1udgo lattorson's
op|n|on and ordor. |o d|sm|ssod our comp|a|nt |n |ts
ont|roty. Our c|a|ms aga|nst a|| dotondants woro
don|od. 1ho good th|ng was that our comp|a|nt was
d|sm|ssod w|thout projud|co. Wh|ch moans th|s gavo
us tho opportun|ty to ro-t||o our comp|a|nt. A|though
th|s was d|shoarton|ng, l was st||| thanktu| that tho
judgo gavo us anothor opportun|ty. What was vory
strango to mo was |n 1udgo lattorson's op|n|on and
ordor ho oxp|a|nod oxact|y what wo noodod to do |n
ordor to got tho amondod comp|a|nt to prova||. lt was
||ko g|v|ng us a road map. l was vory thanktu| tor that.
OnAugust 0th, 1000, wo t||od our comp|a|nt aga|n. ln
|oga| torms th|s |s rotorrod to as tho °amondod
comp|a|nt.' A short t|mo attor, tho dotondants t||od
tho|r mot|on to d|sm|ss aga|n. 3y th|s t|mo, l had
h|rod a |aw t|rm trom Ca||torn|a to ass|st us, tho |aw
t|rm ot lv|o, Vclo|| and Wyatt. lt was a |aw t|rm l had
tound |n los Ango|os through a c|oso tr|ond. 1h|s
was a b|ack |awt|rmand l had hoard that thoy woro a
protty good |aw t|rm. 1ho attornoy that l was doa||ng
w|th at th|s t|rm was l|ckoy lv|o, ono ot tho partnors
|n tho t|rm. l doc|dod to h|ro l|ckoy lv|o, th|nk|ng that
th|s wou|d g|vo mo a c|oso compan|on not on|y to
work w|th us on tho caso, but somoono who wou|d
|ook out tor us and koop us awaro ot ovoryth|ng that
was go|ng on.
l to|t l noodod somoono ot th|s ca||bor bocauso l was
st||| somowhat watchtu| ot our low York |aw t|rm.
Ovor tho noxt tow months l spont a |ot ot t|mo
spoak|ng to l|ckoy lv|o and watch|ng h|s domoanor.
l ||kod h|mas a porson, but as an attornoy ho d|d not
moot my oxpoctat|ons. l was d|sappo|ntod w|th h|m.
|o soomod to havo a groat doa| ot toar about
v|gorous|y t|ght|ng thoso dotondants. l a|so thought
ho bocamo too c|oso w|th 1ohn losonborg, attornoy
tor tho dotondant, 1ho |oward loso Agoncy. |o
novor soomod to undorstand who h|s c||ont was and
whoro h|s |oya|ty shou|d ||o.
3hort|y thoroattor tho courts hoard ora| argumonts
aga|n. 1ho dotondants put up tho samo argumont as
thoy d|d botoro, stat|ng that a|| ot our a||ogat|ons
woro ta|so. Vart|n Go|d arguod tor us aga|n, but th|s
t|mo, ho d|d a romarkab|o job. |o statod ovoryth|ng
about how wo woro troatod |n tho |ndustry and why |t
was dono. |o a|so thorough|y oxp|a|nod to tho court
that b|ack concort promotors had novor boon
a||owod to contract w|th wh|to art|sts. l was vory
p|oasod w|th h|s portormanco.
1h|s judgo roa||y |mprossod mo a |ot. l cou|d to|| that
ho was a soasonod judgo. 1horo woro a |ot ot
attornoys |n tho courtroom about torty l wou|d say.
Wo had suod twonty-o|ght concort promotors and
sovon book|ng agonc|os. At tho ond ot tho hoar|ng,
1udgo lattorson askod that a|| |awyors p|oaso tako
tho|r attornoy hats ott tor a socond. |o statod that
th|s was a vory ug|y caso and ho d|d not ||ko th|s k|nd
ot caso |n h|s courtroom. |o a|so sa|d to tho
dotondants' attornoys that |t wou|d co||oct|vo|y cost
tho|r c||onts |n tho no|ghborhood ot poss|b|y $100
m||||on to dotond th|s typo ot |awsu|t. |o askod thom
not to do th|s |njust|co to tho|r c||onts. |o turthor
statod that ho bo||ovod that thoy cou|d s|t down w|th
tho p|a|nt|tts' attornoys and work somoth|ng out that
wou|d bo choapor than |t wou|d bo to try and dotond
th|s typo ot caso. 1ho dotondants' attornoys d|d not
mumb|o a word. l knowthoy woro not go|ng to try and
work anyth|ng out w|th us, ospoc|a||y CAA and 1ho
W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy. 1hoy woro too dot|ant whon
doa||ng w|th b|ack concort promotors. 1o work th|s
out w|th us a|so moant that thoy had to stop tho
co||us|on and d|scr|m|nat|on and thoy suro|y woro not
go|ng to do that.
Wo wa|tod pat|ont|y aga|n tor tho judgo's doc|s|on.
Our |awyors had to|d us that wo shou|d hoar
somoth|ng trom tho court around tho t|rst ot tho yoar.
1anuary 2000 had passod and |t was now |obruary.
Wo had not hoard a word trom tho court. Wo wa|tod
and wa|tod. l was a norvous wrock by th|s t|mo. l
was spond|ng a |ot ot t|mo pray|ng and ask|ng God
to bo w|th us.
Varch, Apr||, and Vay had como and gono. 3y now
|t was m|d-1uno and wo st||| hadn't hoard a word. l
bogan to worry. Vy m|nd bogan to turn. What k|nd ot
tr|cks aro thoy try|ng to p|ay on us now? l cou|d baro|y
s|oop at n|ght.
lt was now |r|day, 1uno 80th, around 4:00 p.m. |n tho
attornoon. l had |ott tho ott|co oar|y and l was at
homo |y|ng across my bod try|ng to got somo rost. l
had not s|opt wo|| tho n|ght botoro. Vy phono rang
and l doc|dod to |ot tho answor|ng sorv|co answor |t
so l cou|d cont|nuo my nap. Vy phono |mmod|ato|y
rang aga|n and aga|n. 3t|||, l d|d not answor as l was
try|ng vory hard to got somo s|oop. Vy phono rang
yot aga|n and l st||| rotusod to answor |t. As l |a|d
thoro, l thought about my w|to and k|ds who woro not
at homo and l sa|d to myso|t, °3omoth|ng may bo
wrong w|th thom.' l |mmod|ato|y ca||od my answor|ng
sorv|co to rotr|ovo my mossagos. 1hoy sa|d to mo,
°You must ca|| your attornoys |n lowYork as soon as
poss|b|o. 1hoy sa|d |t was vory urgont!' l know wo
had t|na||y hoard tromtho court.
3otoro l mado that ca|| l |mmod|ato|y got on my
knoos and bogan to pray. l prayod to God that ho
had a||owod th|s judgo to ru|o ta|r|y and that ho
wou|dn't a||ow h|m to m|stroat us as wo had boon
m|stroatod by tho dotondants. l a|so thankod h|m tor
ovoryth|ng ho had dono tor mo up to th|s po|nt and
askod that ho p|oaso cont|nuo gu|d|ng mo.
l thon got up, p|ckod up tho to|ophono, and ca||od my
attornoys |n low York. Whon l ca||od, thoy woro a|| |n
Vart|n Go|d's ott|co togothor. Whon thoy p|ckod up
tho phono, l cou|d hoar tho joytu| sp|r|t |n tho sound ot
tho|r vo|cos. 1hoy askod, °loonard, how aro you
do|ng?' l bogan to woop and sa|d, °l'm do|ng t|no.' l
know wo had won. 1hoy bogan to|||ng mo that thoy
had roco|vod tho judgo's op|n|on and ordor, and that
wo had prova||od on a|| counts aga|nst tho
dotondants. l was so thanktu|, l cou|d on|y t|nd tho
strongth to uttor tho words, °1hank you, thank you,
thank you.' l |mmod|ato|y ca||od a|| ot tho othor
p|a|nt|tts and |ntormod thomot tho good nows and ot
tho judgo's doc|s|on. l thon drovo to soo my w|to
log|na at hor job to to|| hor taco-to-taco.
3hort|y attor, l bogan |ook|ng tor anothor |aw t|rm to
jo|n our caso. l to|t that tor mo to t|nd tho typo ot
attornoy l noodod, l wou|d havo to |ook |n tho 3outh. l
romomborod somoth|ng that 0r. 1osoph lowory had
to|d mo. |o sa|d dur|ng tho C|v|| l|ghts Vovomont,
thoy cou|d not t|nd poop|o tromtho lorth or tho Wost
who woro w||||ng to t|ght d|scr|m|nat|on as v|gorous|y
as thoso |n tho 3outh. |o sa|d that |t was no
acc|dont that a|most a|| ot tho c|v|| r|ghts t|ghtors
camo tromtho 3outh.
As our caso progrossod, |t was now tho yoar 2001. l
roco|vod a ca|| trom tho pros|dont ot tho Agoncy tor
tho lortorm|ng Arts (AlA). 1h|s was ono ot tho
book|ng agoncy dotondants |n our caso. 1ho
pros|dont's namo was 1|m Gossno||. l had known
1|m tor a tow yoars but had not spokon to h|m tor
qu|to somo t|mo, maybo t|ttoon yoars or so. |o sa|d
to mo that th|s d|dn't mako any sonso to h|m and
askod |t l wou|d t|y to lA and moot w|th h|m. l sa|d l
wou|d. Wo schodu|od a moot|ng tor that to||ow|ng
|r|day. l t|ow to los Ango|os and mot w|th 1|m
Gossno||. |o was a vory n|co guy. 1ho moot|ng wont
oxtromo|y wo||. lt |astod about two hours. At tho
moot|ng wo doc|dod to sott|o our d|ttoroncos tor a
m|n|ma| amount and l agrood to ro|oaso AlA trom
tho caso. 1h|s was our t|rst sott|omont.
l ca||od and |ntormod my attornoys ot tho doc|s|on.
1hoy woro okay w|th |t. l know th|s wou|d a||onato
CAA and 1ho W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy as thoy know
thoy woro tho gu||t|ost onos |n tho ||t|gat|on. 1hoy
a|so know |t wou|d tako a groat doa| ot monoy tor us
to sott|o w|th thom. lot as much as thoy had takon
trom us, but a groat doa| nonotho|oss. 1hoy d|d not
want any ot tho dotondants to sott|o w|th us. l|ko l
had a|ways hoard, °m|sory |ovos company' and thoy
wantod as much company as poss|b|o. CAA and
1ho W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy tr|od tho|r vory bost to
h|do tho|r agony, but l know a|| a|ong thoy woro tru|y
m|sorab|o. 1ho strangost th|ng about th|s ont|ro
s|tuat|on |s that |t d|d not havo to bo. A|| l ovor wantod
trom CAA and 1ho W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy was to s|t
down w|th us and try to t|nd common ground that
wou|d a||ow b|ack concort promotors tho opportun|ty
to work and mako a ||v|ng. 1hoy a|ways rotusod my
ottor to do so.
3y th|s t|mo wo had startod p|ckot|ng and protost|ng
at tho ott|co ot CAA |n los Ango|os. Wo p|ckotod
ovoryday trom 10 a.m. to 0 p.m., Vonday through
|r|day. Wo had trom twonty to th|rty p|ckotors on a
da||y bas|s. 1hoso woro poop|o that d|d not possoss
much |n ||to |n tho way ot monotary va|uo, but thoy
woro vory dod|catod to us and our causo. l w|||
torovor |ovo thoma||!
Vy m|nd stayod tocusod on t|nd|ng anothor attornoy,
l d|dn't know what to do. l was worr|od. l know l
noodod moro ho|p |n our caso. Ono day attor
t|n|sh|ng our protost march |n tront ot CAA, l roturnod
to my hoto| |n |o||ywood. l|ko most days l was
oxhaustod. l took a showor, cut tho to|ov|s|on on, and
|a|d across tho bod. 1ho program00 Vlootos ll was
com|ng on. Ono ot tho toaturod stor|os was about
th|s b|ack attornoy trom 3tuart, ||or|da, by tho namo
ot W||||o Gary. l |mmod|ato|y tocusod |n and ||stonod.
Attor hoar|ng h|m ta|k and oxp|a|n how ho v|gorous|y
t|ghts tor h|s c||onts, l to|t th|s was tho attornoy l
noodod. |o a|so sa|d that compan|os that ho
||t|gatod aga|nst wou|d a|ways spond a |ot ot monoy
||t|gat|ng to dotond tho|r d|scr|m|natory pract|cos. |o
wont on to say that ho wou|d a|ways t|ght v|gorous|y
tor h|s c||ont's c|v|| r|ghts. l sa|d to myso|t, °1h|s |s
tho attornoy that l nood!'
1ho task wou|d bo how l wou|d got |n touch w|th th|s
attornoy. l had no |doa how to accomp||sh that. 1ho
to||ow|ng wook attor l roturnod to At|anta, l thought
about 0r. 1osoph lowory. |o soomod to know
ovorybody. l |mmod|ato|y p|ckod up tho to|ophono
and ca||od h|m. l askod |t l was d|sturb|ng h|m. |o
sa|d, °lo.' l wont on to ask h|m |t ho know th|s
attornoy |n ||or|da by tho namo ot W||||o Gary. |o
sa|d, °Yos, l knowh|mvory wo||.' l askod wou|d ho bo
k|nd onough to soo |t ho cou|d contact h|m tor mo
and sot up a moot|ng tor mo to spoak w|th h|m. |o
sa|d ho wou|d bo g|ad to, |t ho cou|d |ocato h|m and
that ho wou|d try to contact h|m|mmod|ato|y.
About t|ttoon m|nutos had passod and l roco|vod a
ca|| back trom0r. lowory. |o sa|d ho had spokon to
Gary who was |n At|anta at tho courthouso |n tho
m|dd|o ot a tr|a|. |o to|d 0r. lowory to to|| mo to
como down to tho courthouso and wo cou|d ta|k
wh||o tho jury was do||borat|ng |n tho caso that ho
was |nvo|vod |n. lt was pour|ng down ra|n|ng that day,
but l jumpod |n my car and rushod down l-7b to tho
courthouso downtown. |o was wa|t|ng tor mo whon l
arr|vod. Wo wont |nto a sma|| ott|co whoro wo cou|d
ta|k. l oxp|a|nod to h|m about our caso and brought
h|m up to dato. l askod h|m wou|d ho p|oaso como
on board w|th us. |o sa|d ho had a|roady hoard
about th|s caso and that ho wou|d |ovo to como
aboard. l was ocstat|c!
l ca||od a|| ot tho p|a|nt|tts and |ntormod thom ot tho
nows. l thon ca||od tho low York attornoys and to|d
thom about my doc|s|on to br|ng W||||o Gary on
board. At t|rst thoy woro a ||tt|o approhons|vo about
|t, but |ator thoy thought |t wou|d bo a groat |doa.
3hort|y attor, wo bogan tho d|scovory phaso ot tho
caso. 1h|s |nc|udod tho tak|ng ot dopos|t|ons and tho
|nspoct|on ot documonts by both s|dos. Wo bogan
|mmod|ato|y torm|ng our toam to do documont
|nspoct|on ot tho dotondants' t||os. 1ho dotondants
woro a|| |n d|ttoront parts ot tho country so wo
assomb|od approx|mato|y tour d|ttoront toams.
1hoso toams |nc|udod attornoys as wo|| as p|a|nt|tts,
loo K|ng, and mo. As wo woro do|ng tho documont
|nspoct|ons wo s|mu|tanoous|y bogan do|ng tho
dopos|t|ons. 1ho p|a|nt|tts woro to g|vo dopos|t|ons
t|rst. l had askod our attornoys to schodu|o loo K|ng
trom 1ackson, V|ss|ss|pp| t|rst, |rod 1onos trom
Vomph|s, 1onnossoo socond, 1osso 3osoman trom
low York th|rd, 3ornard 3a||oy trom Char|otto, lorth
Caro||na tourth, and l wou|d bo |ast.
l wantod loo K|ng to go t|rst bocauso l know thoy
wou|d not bo ab|o to tr|ck or trap h|m w|th tho|r
quost|ons. l a|so know that ho know tho bus|noss
vory wo||. l to|t that ho wou|d bo a groat cho|co to go
t|rst. l had a |ot ot cont|donco |n loo K|ng. loxt was
|rod 1onos. l d|dn't worry too much about |rod
o|thor. l thought ho m|ght havo boon capab|o ot
mak|ng a sma|| b|undor horo or thoro, but l d|dn't
th|nk ho wou|d mako a major orror. l must adm|t l
was a ||tt|o worr|od about 1osso 3osoman tor
var|ous roasons. l know that tho dotondants'
attornoys wou|d bo tr|cky and try and trap h|m w|th
tho|r quost|ons. l d|dn't know whothor ho cou|d
hand|o that or not. l was just hop|ng that ho wou|d bo
ab|o to ho|d up. 3ornard 3a||oy was noxt. l know that
3ornard had a protty good know|odgo ot tho
bus|noss so that d|dn't worry mo much. What d|d
bothor mo |s that l know that 3ornard had somo
bus|noss-ro|atod |oga| prob|oms |n h|s past. l know
thoy wou|dn't bo ask|ng h|m too much about tho
naturo ot our caso, wh|ch was d|scr|m|nat|on, but
wou|d try to dostroy h|s crod|b|||ty and charactor.
l cou|d to|| a|| a|ong that tho dotond|ng attornoys know
that tho|r c||onts woro gu||ty. |owovor, |t was tho|r
job to try to got thom out ot th|s troub|o, and thoy
woro |n a |ot ot |t. 1hoy had somo ot tho bost |aw
t|rms |n tho nat|on such as loob 8 loob, Wo||
Gotsha|, and W|nston and 3trong roprosont|ng thom.
1h|s mado no d|ttoronco to mo at a|| bocauso l know
ono th|ng, thoy woro gu||ty and wo had thom rod-
A|| ot tho p|a|nt|tts had dono protty wo|| at tho|r
dopos|t|ons oxcopt tor 3ornard 3a||oy. l|ko l
thought, thoy workod on h|s past |oga| prob|oms and
tr|od to dostroy h|s charactor and h|s crod|b|||ty. 1hoy
d|dn't ask h|m too many quost|ons about whothor ho
had roco|vod oqua| opportun|ty or not. lor d|d thoy
ask many quost|ons about h|s ab|||ty to contract w|th
wh|to art|sts. 1hoy know tho answor to thoso
quost|ons. 1hoy ma|n|y askod h|m about h|s past
|oga| prob|oms.
Vy dopos|t|on was to bo noxt, wh|ch wou|d bo tho
|ast ono. lt was to bo a tour-day atta|r Vonday,
August 18th, to 1hursday, August 10th, 2001. l
packod tour su|ts and t|ow to low York whoro my
dopos|t|on was schodu|od to bo takon. l arr|vod tho
day botoro. l was not worr|od at a|| about thom try|ng
to tr|ck mo or try|ng to got mo to say somoth|ng
wrong. l know a|| l had to do was to|| tho truth and l
suro|y knowthat tho truth was not on tho|r s|do.
l arr|vod |n low York and chockod |nto my tavor|to
hoto|, tho low York |o|ms|oy on 42nd 3troot. lt was
|ato on tho attornoon ot August 12th, 2001. 1ho
p|aco whoro my dopos|t|on was to bo ho|d was tour
b|ocks away. l got up tho noxt morn|ng and wont to
moot my attornoys at tho|r ott|co. Attor a short
moot|ng, wo procoodod to tho dopos|t|on. l was
accompan|od by Var|a 3porando ot tho W||||o Gary
t|rm and l|chard lr|mott ot Go|d, |arro|| and Varks.
1horo woro so many attornoys thoro you cou|d havo
so|d popcorn and poanuts and mado a hotty prot|t. l
cou|d to|| that thoy roa||y wantod to got to mo. l was
cons|dorod tho v|||a|n |n th|s caso, tho ono who
startod a|| ot th|s. 1hoy roa||y wantod to dostroy mo,
but l was not worr|od.
l was t|rst quost|onod by 1ohn losonborg, 1ho
|oward loso Agoncy's attornoy. Attor about an hour
ot quost|on|ng, l cou|d to|| that ho was bocom|ng
trustratod. 1hoy thon bogan ask|ng mo, about somo
th|ngs that had happonod somo twonty yoars ago |n
my past whon l had somo roturnod chocks and othor
unro|atod mattors. l know at that po|nt thoy woro
roach|ng tor straws. |o was not ab|o to accomp||sh
h|s goa| ot dostroy|ng my crod|b|||ty. 1hon, ||ko now,
thoy uso tho stratogy ot try|ng to d|vort onos'
attont|on trom tho ma|n |ssuo at hand. lnstoad thoy
ta|k about th|ngs that aro tota||y unro|atod. 1h|s |s tho
samo doco|ttu| tact|c that |s bo|ng usod today whon
thoso that aro rospons|b|o tor tho doath ot V|chao|
1ackson aro controntod w|th quost|ons about tho
pop stars' unt|mo|y dom|so. 1ho prob|om that thoy
woro doa||ng w|th was that tho|r c||onts woro gu||ty,
and thoy know |t. l had protty good know|odgo ot tho
ontorta|nmont bus|noss, so l had no toar ot h|m
croat|ng a prob|om tor mo. As my quost|on|ng
cont|nuod w|th a|| ot tho attornoys, l cou|d soo tho
d|sappo|ntmont on tho|r tacos. 1hoy woro not
accomp||sh|ng what thoy wantod to accomp||sh w|th
mo. l cou|d c|oar|y soo tho trustrat|on.
Attor my dopos|t|on, wo woro a|| too||ng protty good.
As wo woro pack|ng up and propar|ng to |oavo, l
askod ono ot my attornoys, Var|a 3porando, |t l
cou|d spoak to hor |n pr|vato. 3ho sa|d, °Yos.' l
qu|ot|y askod hor to koop a watchtu| oyo on
ovoryth|ng and ovoryono that was |nvo|vod |n our
caso, not on|y tho dotondants, but our own attornoys
as wo||. l oxp|a|nod that thoso dotondants, ospoc|a||y
CAA and 1ho W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy, wou|d do
anyth|ng to got out ot th|s caso. l oxp|a|nod that wo
had tho typo ot caso whoro |t anyono was |n tho
pos|t|on to ho|p tho dotondants thoy cou|d acqu|ro
onormous woa|th. l thon statod to hor that tho typo ot
woa|th l was ta|k|ng about wou|d bo vory hard tor
anyono to turn down. 1hoy cou|d namo tho|r pr|co. l
to|t that CAA and 1ho W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy wou|d
pay anyono that thoy had to pay, oxcopt us, |t thoy
woro |n a pos|t|on to ho|p thom o||m|nato th|s
prob|om. 3ho soomod as |t sho got |nsu|tod and
|mmod|ato|y wa|kod away.
lt was now tho m|dd|o ot 3optombor 2001 whon l
roco|vod a ca|| trom Var|a 3porando. 3ho |ntormod
mo that sho had spokon to tho low York |aw t|rm
concorn|ng 3ornard 3a||oy. 3ho sa|d that thoy a|| to|t
that bocauso ot h|s poor portormanco at h|s
dopos|t|on ho cou|d h|ndor us |n t|ght|ng our caso.
3ho statod that 3a||oy had too many prob|oms |n h|s
background tor a jury to show us any typo ot morcy.
3ho sa|d |t wou|d bo |n tho bost |ntorost ot ovoryono
|t 3ornard 3a||oy ros|gnod trom tho caso as a
p|a|nt|tt. 3ho thon askod what l thought. l askod hor
to g|vo mo somo t|mo to th|nk about |t and l wou|d
ca|| hor |ator.
l d|dn't want to just throw 3ornard out. l know ovor
tho yoars ho had boon d|scr|m|natod aga|nst ||ko tho
rost ot us, but l d|d not want h|mto h|ndor our chanco
ot prova|||ng. 3hort|y attor, l had to mako tho
doc|s|on to ask 3ornard 3a||oy to ros|gn as a
p|a|nt|tt. |o d|d not want to, but ho know |t wou|d bo
|n tho bost |ntorost ot ovoryono tor h|m to do so. |o
t|na||y agrood to ros|gn. low thoro woro on|y tour
p|a|nt|tts |ott.
1ho Litigation
3y th|s t|mo, tho dopos|t|on ot tho dotondants was
about to bog|n. l was roa||y |ook|ng torward to th|s.
At tho samo t|mo, wo woro st||| do|ng documont
|nspoct|on ot tho dotondants' t||os. l had a|so
roquostod a computor d|sc ot a|| tho dotondants'
documonts, so that l cou|d porsona||y rov|ow thom at
homo and at my ott|co. A|though l had t|rsthand
know|odgo ot tho d|scr|m|nat|on and co||us|on that
ox|stod, l was st||| not proparod tor what wo tound |n
tho t||os ot CAA, 1ho W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy, and
1ho |oward loso Agoncy. 1ho th|ngs thoy sa|d
about Atr|can Amor|cans woro horr|b|o. 1hoy
bocamo unboarab|o tor somo ot us to v|ow.
|oward loso ot 1ho |oward loso Agoncy was
about to bog|n h|s dopos|t|on noxt. l had boon up
|ato that n|ght v|ow|ng h|s t||os on my computor. lt
had to bo about 1:80 a.m. |n tho morn|ng. l was
|ook|ng at h|s contracts and saw tho d|spar|ty |n
troatmont botwoon b|ack and wh|to concort
promotors. 1h|s was not surpr|s|ng, but as l camo
across tho l|ono| l|ch|o t||o l saw somoth|ng that
was not on|y surpr|s|ng, but shock|ng. What l tound
was a handwr|tton noto, wr|tton by |oward loso
h|mso|t, porta|n|ng to tho l|ono| l|ch|o tour that
statod °no BIacka". 1ho roason l was up so |ato
|ook|ng at loso's t||os was bocauso h|s dopos|t|on
was schodu|od tor tho to||ow|ng day |n low York. lt
was to bo conductod by Var|a 3porando ot tho
W||||o Gary law||rm.
W|thout gott|ng any s|oop, l rushod to tho a|rport and
t|ow to low York br|ght and oar|y that morn|ng. l had
my t|nd|ngs trom loso's t||os |n my possoss|on at
that t|mo. Whon l arr|vod |n low York and prosontod
what l had tound to my attornoys, thoy cou|d not
bo||ovo what thoy woro soo|ng. 3porando prosontod
that documont that sa|d °no BIacka" to |oward
loso |mmod|ato|y at tho start ot h|s dopos|t|on. 3ho
askod h|m, °Whoso handwr|t|ng was that'? |o
rop||od, °lt |ooks ||ko m|no.' 3ho askod h|m to
p|oaso road tho documont |nto tho rocord, ho d|d.
3ho thon askod h|mwhat ho moant by tho statomont
°no BIacka". |o pausod tor a tow m|nutos and
thon sa|d, °l can't roca||.' |oward loso knowho was
t|n|shod at that po|nt. 1ho rost ot h|s dopos|t|on d|d
not soomto mattor.
A month |ator, loso's attornoy askod to sott|o. 1h|s
|s whon l bocamo tota||y d|sturbod w|th my own
attornoy, l|ckoy lv|o. |o thought wo shou|d accopt
an ottor trom loso that l to|t was tota||y |nsu|t|ng. l
know that ho had bocomo tr|onds w|th 1ohn
losonburg, loso's attornoy, wo||, l guoss l shou|d
say ho thought thoy woro tr|onds. 1h|s was not
surpr|s|ng to mo, and trom that po|nt on, l was
t|n|shod w|th lv|o as my attornoy. |o stayod on tho
caso, but l had no moro uso tor h|m. Wo ondod up
sott||ng w|th 1ho |oward loso Agoncy tor tw|co tho
amount that lv|o thought l shou|d havo accoptod.
3y now tho courts woro hoar|ng our mot|on on tho
dotondants' o-ma||. 1h|s was now torr|tory tor tho
courts. Wo woro ask|ng thom tor porm|ss|on to
rov|ow tho o-ma||s ot ma|n|y CAA and 1ho W||||am
Vorr|s Agoncy. 1ho agonc|os d|d not want to
comp|y w|th th|s roquost. 1hoy camo up w|th ovory
oxcuso |n tho wor|d tor why thoy shou|d not havo to
subm|t to th|s. ||rst thoy statod |t wou|d bo too
cost|y. 1hoy sa|d |t wou|d cost hundrods ot
thousands ot do||ars tor thom to oxtract tho|r o-ma||s.
1hoy a|so sa|d |t wou|d bo an |nvas|on ot pr|vacy to
tho|r art|sts and wou|d g|vo b|ack concort promotors
tho advantago |n book|ng thom. What a joko. 1hoy
wou|d not a||ow us to book Co||no 0|on or Vadonna
ovon °|t wo know tho brand ot undorc|othos thoy
woro'. lr|or to our roquost, our attornoys rosoarchod
tho cost ro|atod to tho o-ma|| oxtract|ons and |t
wasn't noar tho cost CAA and 1ho W||||am Vorr|s
Agoncy sa|d |t wou|d bo. Attor go|ng back and torth
w|th th|s |ssuo tor months, tho court t|na||y grantod
our roquost. 1ho judgo's ru||ng roqu|rod us to
prov|do tho company that wou|d bo oxtract|ng tho
oma||s and to a|so covor tho cost tor oxtract|ng
thom. l was vory happy about tho judgo's ru||ng, but
thoro was st||| ono prob|om. Wo d|d not havo tho
monoy to pay tor tho o-ma|| soarch. l to|t cont|dont
that wo noodod th|s ov|donco, so l know that wo had
to got tho monoy tromsomowhoro.
3y th|s t|mo, C|oar Channo| had purchasod 3|X, tho
cong|omorato that ownod a|| ot tho wh|to concort
promotors. C|oar Channo|, bo|ng a pub||c|y tradod
company, d|d not ||ko tho typo ot pub||c|ty that camo
a|ong w|th th|s typo ot |awsu|t.
lt was now lovombor 2001, and wo woro |n lA
tak|ng tho dopos|t|on ot ono ot C|oar Channo|'s
omp|oyoos, 3ruco Knapp. l had hoard trom my
convorsat|on w|th a b|ack agont who at tho t|mo was
w|th lCV, that Knapp v|s|tod tho|r agoncy about a
yoar botoro. Wh||o Knapp was |n tho agont's ott|co
w|th somo othor omp|oyoos ot C|oar Channo|, ho
ovorhoard tho convorsat|on whoro Knapp rotorrod to
h|m |n a dorogat|vo rac|a| mannor. 1a|k|ng to
somoono on tho phono, ho hoard Knapp say, °l am
|n tho aµook'a ott|co.' 1h|s agont bocamo vory
angry and askod Knapp and h|s to||ow C|oar
Channo| countorparts to |oavo h|s ott|co. Knapp was
askod about th|s at h|s dopos|t|on and adm|ttod that
|t d|d happon.
W||||o Gary, ot our now |aw t|rm, had p|annod a pross
contoronco |n low York to pub||c|zo our |awsu|t and
h|s com|ng on as ono ot our attornoys. l thought th|s
was a groat |doa. 1ho pross contoronco was to bo
ho|d tho to||ow|ng wook |n tront ot ono ot tho C|oar
Channo| ott|cos. l roco|vod a ca|| trom W||||o Gary a
tow days botoro tho pross contoronco was
schodu|od. |o statod that wo woro go|ng to canco|
tho pross contoronco. l askod h|m why. |o sa|d that
ho had roco|vod a ca|| trom lay |os||n, ono ot tho
attornoys trom our low York |aw t|rm. |o sa|d that
|os||n had askod h|m to canco| |t unt|| wo got moro
|ntormat|on. 3y now, l had bocomo vory susp|c|ous
ot th|s low York |aw t|rm. l to|t that |os||n was on|y
try|ng to protoct C|oar Channo|.
l had |oarnod that |os||n had boon a |ong-t|mo tr|ond
ot C|oar Channo|'s attornoy. 1h|s was too c|oso tor
comtort tor mo. What l doc|dod to do was schodu|o a
pross contoronco |n low York myso|t. l t|rst
contactod 0r. 1osoph lowory, and askod h|m |t ho
wou|d ass|st mo |n organ|z|ng tho contoronco. |o
sa|d ho wou|d not on|y ass|st mo, ho wou|d comm|t
to bo|ng tho |oad spokosman as wo||. l thon ca||od
my doar tr|ond, tho lov. A| 3harpton. |o a|so mado
a comm|tmont to part|c|pato. l a|so contactod a ll
t|rm that had boon sook|ng bus|noss trom us tor
qu|to somo t|mo. l askod thom wou|d thoy como
aboard and hand|o tho ll tor tho pross contoronco.
1hoy accoptod. Wo bogan |mmod|ato|y sond|ng out
|nv|tat|ons and |nv|t|ng a|| ot tho mod|a out|ots to bo
A tow days |ator wo roco|vod word that C|oar
Channo| wantod to sott|o. 1ho sott|omont
nogot|at|ons woro schodu|od to tako p|aco at
|arvard Un|vors|ty law 3choo| |n Cambr|dgo,
Vassachusotts. l was on|y to|d about tho sott|omont
nogot|at|ons two days botoro |t was schodu|od to
tako p|aco. l was now bocom|ng vory susp|c|ous ot
Vart|n Go|d, and h|s low York law ||rm. 1ho
mod|ator wou|d bo Char|os Og|otroo, a protossor at
|arvard Un|vors|ty law 3choo|. l |mmod|ato|y ca||od
our othor attornoy, W||||o Gary and to|d h|mabout tho
sott|omont contoronco. |o know noth|ng about |t.
1ho low York |aw t|rm had not |ntormod h|m ot |t
o|thor. l know |mmod|ato|y that thoy woro try|ng to
p|ay tr|cks w|th us. l bo||ovo tho roason tor not
|ntorm|ng Gary was bocauso ho was not wantod
thoro, ma|n|y by Vart|n Go|d and lay |os||n. l
bo||ovo thoy to|t thoy cou|d got a bottor sott|omont tor
our dotondant C|oar Channo| |t W||||o Gary was not
prosont. 3ut thoy had ono prob|om, thoy cou|d not
havo tho sott|omont contoronco w|thout |ntorm|ng
Whon l |ntormod Gary, ho to|d mo ho had anothor
sott|omont contoronco schodu|od tor that samo day.
|o sa|d ho wou|d movo |t to anothor t|mo por|od so
that ho cou|d attond ours. 1ho noxt ovon|ng Gary
t|ow to At|anta on h|s pr|vato p|ano to p|ck mo up.
|o was accompan|od by Var|a 3porando and h|s
son, 3aku Gary, a|so an attornoy at h|s t|rm. Wo
arr|vod |n 3oston around 10:00 p.m. that n|ght. Wo
chockod |nto a hoto| vory c|oso to |arvard
1ho contoronco was schodu|od to bog|n at 0:00 a.m.
that to||ow|ng morn|ng. Wo a|| arr|vod on t|mo tor tho
contoronco and tho nogot|at|ons bogan. 1ho
nogot|at|ons |astod a|| day. Attor go|ng back and
torth, wo t|na||y stoppod around 7:00 p.m. that n|ght
w|th no sott|omont |n p|aco. 3ut wo woro not tar
apart, wo woro c|oso. 1o bo trank w|th you l was
roady to tako tho|r ottor, but Gary wasn't. |o had
moro oxpor|onco at th|s than l cou|d ovor havo, so l
was not go|ng to |ntorvono. l roa||y thought wo shou|d
havo takon tho|r ottor. 1ho o-ma||s and tho oxponsos
wo noodod to covor woro constant|y on my m|nd. l
know that w|thout th|s sott|omont, wo wou|d not bo
ab|o to covor our oxponsos and got tho o-ma||s. l
was suro tho o-ma||s wou|d oxposo ovoryth|ng.
Whon wo got |n tho car to |oavo, Gary saw that l was
worr|od. |o sa|d to mo, °lowo, don't worry, thoy w|||
ca|| tomorrow w|th a bottor ottor.' Wo |ott that n|ght
and l roturnod homo to At|anta. 1ho vory noxt
ovon|ng l roco|vod a ca|| tromW||||o Gary. |o sa|d to
mo ho had roco|vod a ca|| trom C|oar Channo|, and
thoy woro w||||ng to ra|so tho|r ottor. |o thon askod
mo what l wantod to do. l rop||od vory strong|y, tako
tho ottor, and wo d|d. 1h|s sott|omont wou|d g|vo us
tho monoy wo noodod to koop t|ght|ng. Vost ot a||
th|s gavo us tho t|nanc|a| ab|||ty to rotr|ovo tho o-
ma||s tromCAA and 1ho W||||amVorr|s Agoncy.
3y now our low York |aw t|rm ot Go|d, |arro|| 8
Varks had morgod w|th anothor |aw t|rm by tho
namo ot lub|n3aum. Our |oad attornoy, Vart|n
Go|d, had qu|ot|y bogun to romovo h|mso|t trom our
caso. l was bocom|ng moro and moro susp|c|ous ot
h|m and h|s |aw t|rm. At tho t|mo l d|d not know why
ho was do|ng th|s. |o had to|d mo |n tho bog|nn|ng
th|s was h|s pot caso. |o was a|so tho ono l had
ontrustod to hand|o th|s ||t|gat|on. At that t|mo, ho
assurod mo that ho wou|d a|ways bo tho attornoy that
wou|d bo work|ng w|th us. As wo cont|nuod our
documont |nspoct|on ot tho dotondants' t||os and
woro t|nd|ng cruc|a| ov|donco, Go|d showod no
|ntorost |n what wo woro t|nd|ng. |o had backod
away comp|oto|y trom our caso. |o now had
ass|gnod h|s assoc|ato, lay |os||n, to ovorsoo
ovoryth|ng. 1h|s guy, |n my op|n|on, was tho portoct
oxamp|o ot a t|unky. l had no rospoct tor h|m as an
attornoy whatsoovor. |os||n may havo boon tho
ovorsoor ot our caso, but l know that Vart|n Go|d
was orchostrat|ng ovoryth|ng trom boh|nd tho
l was |n low York ono day at tho ott|co ot
lub|n3aum do|ng documont |nspoct|on ot tho
dotondants' t||os. l was stand|ng outs|do ot lay
|os||n's ott|co wa|t|ng to soo h|m whon l ovorhoard
h|m to|||ng somoono about a moot|ng thoy had w|th
our dotondants tho day botoro. 1h|s was vory
a|arm|ng bocauso l had not boon to|d about th|s
moot|ng. 3y now, Vart|n Go|d was avo|d|ng mo as
much as poss|b|o. l cou|d to|| that ho d|d not want to
taco mo. l was bog|nn|ng to too| that somoth|ng
unoth|ca| was happon|ng w|th th|s |aw t|rm. l thought
aga|n about |osoa W||||ams and what ho had to|d
mo. l bogan to worry and wondor |t wo woro bo|ng
3y now tho o-ma|| company that Varty Go|d h|rod
had rotr|ovod tho o-ma||s tromCAA and 1ho W||||am
Vorr|s Agoncy. l was to|d that |t wou|d tako
approx|mato|y s|x wooks tor us to roco|vo tho rosu|ts
ot tho|r t|nd|ngs. 1ho way th|s was oxp|a|nod to mo
was that wo had to prov|do corta|n koywords to tho
company that was rotr|ov|ng tho o-ma||s tor us.
Whon thoso words woro tound |n any ot tho o-ma||s,
tho documonts wou|d bo rovoa|od. 1ho company
a|so sa|d thoy wou|d g|vo an accurato account ot
how many t|mos oach word was usod. Wo
prosontod words to thomthat woro cons|dorod rac|a|
s|urs such as °n|ggor,' °spook,' °b|ack|o,' °monkoy,'
and a ||st ot othors woro g|von as wo||. l wa|tod
pat|ont|y tor tho rosu|ts ot tho o-ma|| soarch to roturn.
l was cont|dont that tho o-ma||s ot CAA and 1ho
W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy wou|d to|| a|| about tho|r
wrongdo|ngs and so||d|ty our a||ogat|ons ot
d|scr|m|nat|on and co||us|on. l a|so to|t th|s wou|d put
our caso to rost. At tho samo t|mo l a|so know that |t
tho o-ma||s roturnod w|th damag|ng |ntormat|on tor
tho dotondants |t wou|d put Varty Go|d |n a pos|t|on
to namo h|s pr|co. lt wou|d bo ||ko h|tt|ng tho |ottory
tor h|m. 1hat pr|co cou|d bo, as |t shou|d bo, tor h|s
c||onts, or |t cou|d bo tor h|mso|t. l tru|y, tru|y bo||ovo
ho choso tho |attor.
lt was now1u|y 2002, tho day had t|na||y como tor tho
rosu|ts ot our o-ma|| soarch to arr|vo. l woko up
br|ght and oar|y that morn|ng. l wa|tod pat|ont|y tor
Varty Go|d and tho rost ot tho attornoys at tho low
York |aw t|rm to arr|vo. l bogan ca|||ng thom about
10:00 a.m. that morn|ng. l t|rst askod to spoak to
l|chard lr|mott, tho attornoy that was hand||ng our
caso on a day to day bas|s. l cou|d not got h|m on
tho phono. l thon bogan ca|||ng Vart|n Go|d. l was
not ab|o to got h|m o|thor. l thon askod to spoak to
lay |os||n. God knows l hatod to ta|k to th|s guy, but
l was vory anx|ous to know tho rosu|ts ot tho o-ma||
soarch. |o was not ava||ab|o o|thor. At th|s po|nt, l
was roa||y wondor|ng what was go|ng on.
About two hours had passod and l had not roco|vod
a roturn phono ca|| trom anyono. l thought th|s was
vory strango. 1hoy know l was wa|t|ng on tho rosu|ts,
so l cou|dn't ho|p but wondor why thoy wou|dn't roturn
my ca||s. l doc|dod to wa|t unt|| attor |unch botoro l
ca||od aga|n. Around 2:00 p.m., l bogan ca|||ng
ovoryono aga|n. l was st||| unsuccosstu| |n roach|ng
anyono. lt was now around 0:00 p.m. that ovon|ng
and l know |t was t|mo tor thomto |oavo tor tho day. l
p|ckod up tho phono and tr|od ca|||ng aga|n. 1h|s
t|mo l was succosstu| |n roach|ng lr|mott. l askod
h|m what was go|ng on and oxp|a|nod that l had
boon try|ng to roach thom a|| day. |o mado no
oxcusos, ho just sa|d that thoy had boon busy. l had
ta|kod to lr|mott on a da||y bas|s tor a towyoars now
and had gotton to know h|m somowhat wo||. l can
honost|y say that ho d|d not sound truthtu| at a||, and
ho a|so soundod k|nd ot norvous. l bogan ask|ng h|m
about tho o-ma|| rosu|ts and askod |t thoy had
|o answorod, °Yos, thoy havo.'
l askod, °What d|d wo t|nd?'
|o rop||od, °lot much ot anyth|ng wo cou|d uso.'
l sa|d, °What d|d you say?'
|o ropoatod h|mso|t aga|n, °lot much ot anyth|ng
wo cou|d uso.' l tound th|s not on|y to bo
d|sappo|nt|ng, but unbo||ovab|o as wo||. l know trom
tho sound ot h|s vo|co ho was not to|||ng mo tho truth.
lt was now bocom|ng obv|ous to mo that somoth|ng
was suro|y happon|ng w|th th|s |aw t|rm. l ca||od tho
othor p|a|nt|tts and to|d thom what was to|d to mo by
lr|mott. lono ot thom cou|d bo||ovo |t. Wo had
spont a |ot ot monoy rotr|ov|ng thoso o-ma||s and
now l bo||ovod that a covor-up was happon|ng w|th
our own |awt|rm.
1ho to||ow|ng wook l had to roturn to low York to
spoak to lay |os||n concorn|ng tho st|pu|at|ons ot
our sott|omont w|th C|oar Channo|. l was s|tt|ng |n
h|s ott|co |n tront ot h|s dosk ta|k|ng to h|m whon ho
roco|vod a phono ca||. |o sa|d, °Excuso mo tor a
socond,' and turnod h|s back to mo so that ho cou|d
ta|k |n pr|vato. l happonod to |ook on h|s dosk and
saw a stack ot papors. At tho top ot tho papors |t
sa|d, lowo Entorta|nmont vs. 1ho W||||am Vorr|s
Agoncy E-ma|| 3oarch. lt d|sp|ayod tho numbor ot
h|ts tor tho rac|a| s|urs wo had subm|ttod. 1ho t|rst
word d|sp|ayod was °niggor". lt was at tho top ot
tho ||st. lt showod that tho word °niggor" had boon
tound two hundrod and thirty-two timoa (282) in
tho o-maiIa ot CAA and 1ho WiIIiam Norria
Agoncy. l know now tor a tact that l had boon
botrayod by Vart|n Go|d and h|s |awt|rm.
Whon |os||n t|n|shod h|s ca|| l po||to|y askod h|m,
°What |s th|s?' rotorr|ng to tho papors on h|s dosk.
|o qu|ck|y turnod thom ovor and sa|d, °You woro not
supposod to soo that.' l askod tho quost|on, °Why l
amnot supposod to soo |t whon |t |s porta|n|ng to my
caso?' |o d|d not answor. l |mmod|ato|y ca||od 1ho
W||||o Gary t|rmand to|d thomwhat l had soon. 1hoy
woro as shockod and surpr|sod as l was. 1h|s
|ntormat|on had boon h|ddon trom thom as wo|| as
trom us. 1hoy |mmod|ato|y ca||od tho low York |aw
t|rm and |nqu|rod about tho ||st. lator tho ||st was
sont to tho W||||o Gary |aw t|rm. |owovor, thoy novor
sont tho actua| documonts that conta|nod tho word
°niggor" or othor rac|a| s|urs. 1hoy on|y sont tho ||st
show|ng tho numbor ot h|ts that woro oxtractod.
Vart|n Go|d novor spoko to mo about thoso
documonts, nor d|d ho ovor show thom to mo. l tru|y
bo||ovo ho usod thoso documonts to cut an
undorcovor doa| w|th tho dotondants tor h|mso|t and
poss|b|o othors at h|s |aw t|rm. 1h|s |s what l tru|y
bo||ovo. l must say that l too| tota||y pos|t|vo that wo
woro botrayod by Vart|n Go|d and h|s t|rm.
Wo |ator bogan do|ng dopos|t|ons ot CAA and 1ho
W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy oxocut|vos. 1hoso
dopos|t|ons woro ma|n|y hand|od by mombors ot tho
Vart|n Go|d t|rm. At tho dopos|t|on ot lob l|ght, tho
hoad ot CAA's mus|c dopartmont, p|a|nt|tt loo K|ng
and l woro prosont. 1ho quost|on|ng was bo|ng dono
by Car| Aaron ot lub|n3aum, Vart|n Go|d's |awt|rm.
0ur|ng a t|ttoon m|nuto broak, wh||o |n tho mon's
room, loo K|ng ovorhoard ono ot CAA's attornoy's
to|||ng anothor attornoy ot CAA that Aaron was not
go|ng to ask any hard quost|ons. K|ng roturnod and
to|d mo and Aaron what ho had hoard. latura||y, wo
wondorod why tho attornoy wou|d say that. Whon wo
askod Aaron, ho had a sm|rk gr|n on h|s taco and
d|dn't say anyth|ng.
lator, l was controntod w|th anothor prob|om w|th
th|s |aw t|rm. W|thout my know|odgo or tho
know|odgo ot any ot tho p|a|nt|tts, lay |os||n was
attompt|ng to t||o a now comp|a|nt. |o ca||od mo
attor ho got tho now comp|a|nt proparod. 1ho now
comp|a|nt wou|d drop our ant|-trust c|a|m aga|nst tho
dotondants. l askod h|mwhat ho was do|ng. |o sa|d
ho was try|ng to stroam||no tho comp|a|nt. l to|d h|m
our comp|a|nt d|d not nood stroam||n|ng and askod
what ho moant by stroam||n|ng. |o sa|d ho wantod
to drop tho ant|-trust c|a|ms aga|nst tho dotondants. l
to|d h|m wo woro not go|ng to do that. l sa|d |t tho
ant|-trust c|a|ms woro go|ng to bo droppod, thoy
wou|d bo droppod by tho court. l know by now that
th|s |awt|rmwas not on|y a crookod |awt|rm, but thoy
woro a|so v|o|at|ng tho |aw. lt was tota||y unoth|ca|
what th|s |aw t|rm was do|ng to us. 3y th|s t|mo
Vart|n Go|d had d|sappoarod comp|oto|y. l had not
soon nor ta|kod to h|m|n months.
As our caso progrossod, tho dotondants t|na||y
doposod lh|| Casoy, tho agont trom lCV that had
a|ways troatod b|ack promotors ta|r|y. |o had
a|ways a||owod b|ack promotors to promoto tho
b|ack art|sts at h|s agoncy. l was prosont at h|s
dopos|t|on. lt was ho|d |n los Ango|os at tho ott|co
ot ono ot tho dotondant's |aw t|rms. 1hoy bocamo
angry w|th lh|| Casoy bocauso ho rotusod to ||o tor
thom. |o wou|d on|y to|| tho truth. 1hoy wantod h|m
to say that tho p|a|nt|tts woro not capab|o ot
promot|ng concorts, wh|ch was tota||y not truo.
Casoy rotusod to say that. 1hoy wantod h|m to
spoak nogat|vo|y about mo and a|| ot tho othor
p|a|nt|tts, but ho wou|dn't. |o just s|mp|y to|d tho
truth, and ||ko l sa|d botoro, tho truth was not on tho|r
s|do. l know thoy woro go|ng to bo angry at Casoy
bocauso ho d|d what ho was supposo to do, to|| tho
truth undor oath.
Attor lh|| Casoy's dopos|t|on, l to|d a c|oso tr|ond
who's |n tho mus|c |ndustry that l was oxpoct|ng lh||
Casoy to |oso h|s job at lCV. |o sa|d, °no way, lh||
has boon thoro ovor twonty yoars.' l to|d h|m that
makos no d|ttoronco to thoso poop|o. |o sa|d, °lh||
|s about to rot|ro,' and l sa|d aga|n, °that makos no
d|ttoronco.' About s|x months |ator, lh|| was
ro|oasod trom lCV. l to|d my tr|ond that thoso who
run th|s |ndustry aro vory cratty. 1hoy aro oxtromo|y
good at wa|t|ng and putt|ng somo t|mo botwoon what
thoy cons|dor a botraya| and your °b|ackba|||ng', |n
hopos that you w||| not bo ab|o to ro|ato thomto oach
othor. lh|| Casoy may not bo awaro ot |t, but l tru|y
bo||ovo |t ho had ||od and spokon nogat|vo|y about
mo and tho othor p|a|nt|tts, ho wou|d st||| bo at lCV
today. 3ut, l am atra|d that ho too bocamo a v|ct|m
ot tho °b|ackba|| consp|racy'.
lt was now August 2002. Wo woro st||| p|ckot|ng at
tho ott|co ot CAA whon l suddon|y roco|vod a phono
ca|| trom 0an Wo|nor, tho pros|dont ot Vontoroy
lon|nsu|a Agoncy, a dotondant |n our caso. lt was
a|so r|ght attor V|chao|'s protost |n low York aga|nst
3ony locords and 1ommy Votto|a, wh|ch occurrod
|n 1u|y, whoro V|chao| was a|so comp|a|n|ng ot
d|scr|m|nat|on. 0an Wo|nor askod |t |t wou|d bo
poss|b|o tor us to s|t down and ta|k. l to|d h|m that at
tho prosont t|mo, l was |n lA conduct|ng a protost
march at CAA. |o askod wou|d |t bo okay |t ho
camo to lA tor us to moot. l sa|d yos, that wou|d bo
okay. Wo arrangod a moot|ng tor tho to||ow|ng day.
|o sa|d ho wou|d ca|| mo whon ho arr|vod at h|s
hoto|. l roco|vod a ca|| tromh|maround 2:00 p.m. tho
to||ow|ng attornoon. 1ho hoto| was not tar trom CAA
whoro wo woro p|ckot|ng. l askod h|mto g|vo mo an
hour and l wou|d bo ovor. Whon l arr|vod, l ca||od
h|mon h|s co|| phono and to|d h|ml was |n tho |obby.
3hort|y attor, ho camo down and wo procoodod to
tho d|n|ng aroa to ta|k.
|o bogan by say|ng to mo tho samo th|ng othor
dotondants had a|so sa|d. |o statod ho d|d not
undorstand why Vontoroy lon|nsu|a was |nc|udod |n
th|s |awsu|t. |o wont on to oxp|a|n that tho gu||ty
part|os woro CAA and 1ho W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy,
not Vontoroy lon|nsu|a. Whon ho t|n|shod, l bogan
to oxp|a|n to h|mthat what ho sa|d was part|a||y truo.
l d|d bo||ovo that CAA and 1ho W||||am Vorr|s
Agoncy woro tho gu||t|ost part|os, but Vontoroy
lon|nsu|a was gu||ty as wo||. l cont|nuod by ask|ng
tho quost|on, havo you ovor dono any bus|noss w|th
a b|ack concort promotor? |o pausod tor a m|nuto,
and sa|d that tho art|sts ho roprosontod woro ma|n|y
wh|to. |o a|so wont on to say that ho wou|d do
bus|noss w|th anyono whothor thoy woro b|ack or
wh|to, as |ong as thoy woro roputab|o promotors. l
askod anothor quost|on, havo you ovor a||owod a
b|ack concort promotor to promoto any ot your wh|to
art|sts? |o novor gavo mo ono oxamp|o ot that
l bogan to oxp|a|n that l d|d not tor ono m|nuto
bo||ovo that Vontoroy lon|nsu|a was as gu||ty as
CAA or 1ho W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy. l bo||ovod that
Vontoroy lon|nsu|a was gu||ty ot |nst|tut|ona||zod
rac|sm. 1h|s |ndustry has a|ways oporatod undor tho
d|scr|m|natory po||cy that b|ack poop|o aro not
a||owod to promoto wh|to art|sts. l to|d h|m that l
bo||ovo Vontoroy lon|nsu|a was gu||ty ot to||ow|ng
th|s pattorn ot d|scr|m|nat|on. l wont on to say to h|m
that |n th|s country ot ours, you havo tho r|ght to
chooso your bus|noss, but you do not havo tho r|ght
to chooso tho co|or ot poop|o you do bus|noss w|th.
And whon you bog|n to do that, you aro ongag|ng |n
what |s ca||od d|scr|m|nat|on. l must say th|s guy,
0an Wo|nor, was a gont|oman. Un||ko tho oxocut|vos
at CAA and 1ho W||||amVorr|s Agoncy, ho was vory
p|oasant and rospocttu|. l ||kod h|m a |ot. 3ut l to|d
h|m l cou|d not ro|oaso h|m trom tho ||t|gat|on w|thout
About a wook |ator, ho mado mo an ottor to sott|o
tho |awsu|t w|th h|s company, Vontoroy lon|nsu|a. l
rotusod h|s ottor at that t|mo. l d|dn't th|nk that h|s
ottor was good onough tor us to accopt. Wo|nor's
dopos|t|on was soon approach|ng. l bogan th|nk|ng
about tho prob|oms wo woro oxpor|onc|ng w|th tho
low York |aw t|rm ot lub|n3aum. l bocamo
parano|d th|nk|ng that Vart|n Go|d and h|s |aw t|rm
may sabotago our caso w|th Vontoroy lon|nsu|a as l
suspoctod thoy woro do|ng w|th CAA and 1ho
W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy. l qu|ck|y ca||od Gary and
|nstructod h|m to tako tho ottor that had boon
prosontod by Wo|nor. Vontoroy lon|nsu|a was
|mmod|ato|y ro|oasod tromtho caso.
3hort|y attor, l roco|vod a ca|| trom landy lh||||ps,
1on| 3raxton's managor. |o askod mo to do h|m a
tavor and spoak to h|s tr|ond, 0av|d Zodock, ot
lona|ssanco Entorta|nmont, anothor book|ng agont
dotondant |n tho caso. |o sa|d 0av|d was a protty
good guy and ho wou|d approc|ato |t |t l wou|d spoak
to h|m. 1h|s was botoro landy lh||||ps, had any
|nvo|vomont w|th V|chao| 1ackson. 0uo to tho mutua|
rospoct wo had tor oach othor at tho t|mo, l to|d h|ml
wou|d bo g|ad to spoak w|th 0av|d Zodock. l askod
h|m to g|vo 0av|d Zodock my numbor and to to|| h|m
to ca|| mo. A tow hours |ator, l roco|vod tho ca|| trom
Zodock. |o bogan as a|| tho othor dotondants had
by say|ng that lona|ssanco shou|d not bo |n th|s
|awsu|t, that lona|ssanco was not gu||ty ot anyth|ng
and that l shou|d a||ow thom to bo ro|oasod. l bogan
to oxp|a|n to h|m, as l had dono w|th othors that
lona|ssanco had novor a||owod a b|ack concort
promotor to contract w|th any ot tho|r wh|to art|sts. l
a|so oxp|a|nod that l bo||ovod that lona|ssanco, ||ko
Vontoroy lon|nsu|a was gu||ty ot |nst|tut|ona||zod
rac|sm. l know lona|ssanco had not boon |n
ox|stonco vory |ong, on|y about throo to tour yoars at
tho most, but thoy roprosontod somo ot tho most
h|gh|y succosstu| art|sts at th|s t|mo.
1ho|r rostor |nc|udod art|sts such as 3r|tnoy 3poars,
l'3YlC, and 1ho 3ackstroot 3oys. l oxp|a|nod to
h|m that b|ack concort promotors had ca||od h|s
agoncy on numorous occas|ons try|ng to contract
w|th thoso art|sts, but h|s agoncy novor grantod any
ot thom tho opportun|ty. l askod h|m why. |o cou|d
not g|vo mo a dot|n|t|vo answor. At tho conc|us|on ot
our convorsat|on, bocauso ot landy lh||||ps, l mado
h|m a vory modost ottor to sott|o our d|ttoroncos and
to ro|oaso h|m trom tho caso. |o rotusod my ottor
and l novor hoard tromh|maga|n.
l th|nk l know what tho prob|om was w|th Zodock. lt
wasn't my ottor, bocauso my ottor was tho |owost
ottorod to any dotondant. l th|nk ho d|dn't want to
a||onato CAA, w|th whom ho had a c|oso
ro|at|onsh|p. l to|t ho wou|d rathor stay |n tho |awsu|t
and cont|nuo pay|ng h|s attornoy toos wh|ch wou|d
tru|y oxcood my ottor, rathor than to sott|o and
a||onato CAA. ||s agoncy lona|ssanco |ator
morgod w|th CAA.
3y now, wo had sott|od w|th most ot tho dotondants.
A sott|omont had boon roachod w|th C|oar Channo|,
wh|ch |nc|udod a|| ot tho promotors oxcopt two. 1ho
t|na| two woro 3oavor lroduct|ons ot low Or|oans
and 1am lroduct|ons ot Ch|cago. 1horo woro on|y
throo agonc|os roma|n|ng. 1hoy woro CAA, 1ho
W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy, and lona|ssanco. Wo a||
know that CAA and 1ho W||||am Agoncy woro tho
gu||t|ost ot a|| ot tho dotondants, and l know thoy
wou|d do anyth|ng |n tho wor|d rathor than sott|o w|th
us. l a|so know ono othor th|ng. 1hoy wou|d pay or
do whatovor was noodod to provont thom trom
tac|ng a jury and stopp|ng tho |ntograt|on ot tho
concort lromot|on lndustry. Vy on|y prob|om was
that my attornoy, Vart|n Go|d, and tho judgo |n our
caso, 1ho |onorab|o lobort l. lattorson, a|so know
tho samo.
lt was now 3optombor 2002. l had arr|vod back |n
los Ango|os |ato 3unday attornoon to cont|nuo our
protost march and p|ckot|ng ot CAA. Vonday
ovon|ng around 4:00 p.m. wh||o p|ckot|ng, a
gont|oman wa|kod by mo and gavo mo a noto. 1ho
noto askod mo to ca|| a corta|n young |ady that
workod at CAA. 1ho noto sa|d that sho roa||y
noodod to spoak to mo and to p|oaso koop th|s
cont|dont|a|. l |mmod|ato|y thought th|s was a tr|ck
bo|ng orchostratod by CAA. 3ut tor somo roason
attor about th|rty m|nutos, l wont to my car and mado
tho ca||. 1ho young |ady answorod tho phono. 3ho
to|d mo who sho was and askod |t sho cou|d moot
w|th mo. 3ho sa|d sho had somo |ntormat|on that
sho thought wou|d bo bonot|c|a| tor what wo woro
3t||| too||ng a ||tt|o skopt|ca|, l arrangod to moot hor
that attornoon. Wo sot tho moot|ng tor 7:80 p.m. |n
my hoto| |obby. 3ho arr|vod t|ttoon m|nutos oar|y.
3ho sa|d sho d|d not want to go a|| tho way homo
attor sho t|n|shod work on|y to roturn to |o||ywood tor
our moot|ng. Wo doc|dod to go to my room whoro
wo cou|d not bo soon. Wo sat at tho tab|o |n my
su|to and sho bogan to oxp|a|n why sho wantod to
moot w|th mo. 3ho a|so sa|d, °0on't bo a|armod, l'm
1ow|sh.' As sho cont|nuod to spoak, l know th|s was
not a tr|ck. 3ho bogan to|||ng mo ot hor omp|oymont
w|th CAA and that sho had boon work|ng thoro tor a
numbor ot yoars. 3ho cont|nuod to spoak ot tho
d|scr|m|nat|on sho had soon wh||o work|ng at CAA.
3ho a|so sa|d that tho d|scr|m|nat|on at CAA
oxtondod turthor than that ot raco. 3ho oxp|a|nod that
thoy a|so d|scr|m|natod aga|nst womon. 3ho statod
that sho had boon troatod protty wo|| dur|ng hor
omp|oymont, but othors had not boon so tortunato.
3ho wont on to oxp|a|n that b|ack omp|oyoos woro
novor g|von oqua| opportun|ty at CAA. 3ho a|so to|d
mo about a s|tuat|on whoro a hang|ng nooso had
boon g|von to a b|ack omp|oyoo |n tho ma|| room.
3ho a|so prov|dod mo w|th contact |ntormat|on to
roach that omp|oyoo.
3ho cont|nuod by to|||ng mo ot anothor CAA
omp|oyoo by tho namo ot Ouonton Embroo. l cou|d
to|| that sho had a |ot ot rospoct tor Embroo. 3ho
oxp|a|nod how ho a|ways spoko out about
d|scr|m|nat|on at tho company. l askod hor |t ho was
an Atr|can Amor|can, and sho rop||od °yos'. 3ho
sa|d that ho wou|d occas|ona||y havo controntat|ons
w|th tho pros|dont ot tho company, l|chard lovott.
3ho a|so |ntormod mo ho had boon omp|oyod w|th
CAA tor approx|mato|y ton yoars, and ho was not
atra|d to spoak out aga|nst tho|r po||c|os.
3ho wont on to to|| mo that sho was |n a pos|t|on at
CAA that wou|d a||ow hor to pu|| somo |ottors and
documonts that wou|d bo bonot|c|a| to our caso.
3ho sa|d sho wou|d tax thomto mo |t l wou|d g|vo hor
my tax numbor, wh|ch l d|d. 3ho thon askod mo to
p|oaso got |n contact w|th Embroo. 3ho sa|d that ho
wou|d bo g|ad to spoak w|th mo and that ho was a
vory stand-up guy. 3ho gavo mo h|s contact
numbors at homo and at CAA and askod mo to g|vo
h|m a ca||. 3hort|y attor, l wa|kod hor to tho o|ovator
and sho |ott.
1ho to||ow|ng wook whon l roturnod to At|anta, as sho
had prom|sod, sho taxod mo ono |ottor and throo
documonts that woro ho|ptu| |n prosont|ng our caso.
l st||| spoak to th|s young |ady occas|ona||y. What a
vory n|co |ady sho |s. Curront|y, sho |s st||| omp|oyod
at CAA.
1ho to||ow|ng day l contactod Embroo by phono. l
ca||od h|mat homo, so that thoro wou|d bo no toar ot
anyono ||ston|ng to our convorsat|on. 1h|s guy was
unbo||ovab|o. vory so|dom do you moot somoono
who works |n th|s |ndustry that |s not atra|d to spoak
out aga|nst |t. Embroo was not on|y w||||ng to spoak
out, but ho vo|untoorod to ass|st us |n any way ho
1ho to||ow|ng day wh||o wo woro p|ckot|ng at CAA,
Embroo camo out to moot mo. l cou|d to|| trom our
t|rst moot|ng that ho was, as sho statod, a stand-up
guy. |o askod |t wo noodod wator or anyth|ng, and l
rop||od no, wo had a|| wo noodod, but l thankod h|m
anyway. |romthat day on, wo cont|nuod to ta|k on a
rogu|ar bas|s.
lt was now m|d-Octobor 2002. l was at homo |n
At|anta whon l roco|vod a ca|| trom 0on |ox. |o was
tho pr|nc|pa| ownor ot 3oavor lroduct|ons, a
promotor dotondant |n our caso. 3oavor
lroduct|ons was tho company that sont tho |ottor to
tho Vomph|s larks Comm|ss|on stat|ng that thoy
had boon askod by tho top ta|ont agonc|os |n tho
country to ostab||sh an ott|co |n Vomph|s. 1ho |ottor
a|so statod that thoy woro to|d by tho book|ng
agonc|os to |mmod|ato|y bog|n book|ng a|| vonuos |n
tho aroa. l was vory surpr|sod to roco|vo h|s ca||. l
had boon to|d by a c|oso assoc|ato who was a
promotor, that |ox had a roputat|on tor bo|ng
somowhat arrogant whon doa||ng w|th b|ack poop|o.
l must adm|t, ho spoko cord|a||y, but l cou|d to|| ho
roa||y hatod mak|ng th|s ca||. |o soundod as |t ho
rosontod hav|ng to ta|k to mo. 1ho convorsat|on was
short. |o askod mo about ro|oas|ng h|m trom tho
|awsu|t. l to|d h|m l wou|d bo g|ad to, but ho must t|rst
mako componsat|on tor h|s company's
wrongdo|ngs. |o sa|d ho wou|d havo to th|nk about
|t and that ho wou|d got back |n touch w|th mo |ator. l
novor hoard trom h|m aga|n. l was |ator to|d by ono
ot h|s attornoys that Vr. |ox had sa|d |t ho had to pay
anyono ho'd rathor pay h|s attornoys and l guoss
that's what ho doc|dod to do.
As our caso progrossod w|th mot|on hoar|ng attor
mot|on hoar|ng and tho dopos|t|on ot tho roma|n|ng
dotondants and tho|r omp|oyoos, l was anx|ous|y
awa|t|ng tho opportun|ty to br|ng our caso botoro a
jury. l know that CAA and 1ho W||||amVorr|s Agoncy
wou|d spond m||||ons ot do||ars t|ght|ng us. 3ut w|th
tho ov|donco mount|ng aga|nst thom, and |t was, l
was suro thoy wou|d spond ovon moro not to taco a
jury. 1h|s |s what worr|od mo.
l porsona||y attondod oach mot|on hoar|ng. At oach
hoar|ng, 1udgo lattorson wou|d p|oad w|th oach
dotondant to sott|o tho caso. |o wou|d say to thom
that w|th tho ov|donco ho saw, |t wou|d bo hard tor
thom to ovorcomo |t at tr|a|. |o a|so statod to tho
dotondants that by sott||ng, thoy may havo to chango
tho|r ways. |o thon wont on to say, °1hat's ||to'. l
cou|d a|ways to|| that th|s judgo was not too|od by tho
dotondants. |o knowa|| a|ong that thoy woro gu||ty.
|or tho noxt tow months, l p|oadod w|th l|chard
lr|mott ot our low York |aw t|rmto doposo Embroo,
tho omp|oyoo at CAA. l had to|d h|m a|| about
Embroo and somo ot tho th|ngs that Embroo had
to|d mo. l a|so to|d h|mthat Embroo had askod to bo
doposod and that ho wou|d havo a |ot to sharo about
tho acts ot d|scr|m|nat|on at CAA. l know a|| a|ong
why ho was hos|tant to doposo Embroo. |o know
that h|s tost|mony wou|d probab|y hurt CAA. 3y th|s
t|mo, l was wo|| awaro that Vart|n Go|d and h|s |aw
t|rmwh|ch was now 3onnonscho|n lath 8 losontha|
d|d not want th|s to happon. l had tound that
somot|mos attornoys havo tho tondoncy to torgot that
thoy aro tho omp|oyoo and not tho omp|oyor. l
|mmod|ato|y to|d h|m that |t Embroo |s not doposod
|mmod|ato|y, l wou|d got Gary ot our |aw t|rm |n
||or|da to do |t. 1ho to||ow|ng day, ho sont out a
dopos|t|on not|co tor Embroo. 1ho not|co roquostod
tor tho dopos|t|on to bo ho|d |n two wooks. Wo
roco|vod word back trom CAA's attornoy that
Embroo wou|d not bo ava||ab|o on that day. What
thoy d|dn't know howovor, |s that l was spoak|ng w|th
Embroo on a rogu|ar bas|s. |o to|d mo that ho had
not boon not|t|od by CAA or tho attornoys
concorn|ng th|s dopos|t|on, and ho was ava||ab|o on
that dato. 3oon thoroattor, lr|mott was contactod by
tho CAA attornoys, and thoy askod that tho
dopos|t|on bo postponod tor throo wooks. Wo had
no cho|co but to agroo.
0ur|ng tho noxt throo wooks, tho oxocut|vos at CAA
bogan to bo oxtromo|y n|co to Embroo. 1hoy ovon
askod h|m |t ho wantod to bo an agont. 1hoy sa|d
thoy wou|d put h|m|n tra|n|ng vory soon. Embroo to|t
th|s to bo vory h||ar|ous. |o know thoy woro on|y
try|ng to koop h|m trom to|||ng what ho know about
CAA at h|s dopos|t|on, but |t d|d not work.
l porsona||y t|ow to lA to attond Embroo's
dopos|t|on. Embroo |mmod|ato|y bogan ta|k|ng
about tho d|scr|m|nat|on at CAA and ho novor
stoppod. |o spoko about ovory d|scr|m|natory act
ho cou|d th|nk ot dur|ng h|s omp|oymont at CAA. |o
a|so spoko ot tho nogat|vo troatmont towards Atr|can
Amor|cans and tho rac|st statomonts ho had hoard
dur|ng h|s omp|oymont thoro. lt was a horr|b|o
dopos|t|on tor CAA.
1ho yoar 2008, was s|ow|y approach|ng and tho
d|scovory phaso ot our caso was com|ng to a c|oso.
Wo had takon tho dopos|t|ons ot b|ack concort
promotors, A|an |aymon, 3||| Wash|ngton, and 3|||y
3parks. Wo had a|so takon dopos|t|ons ot l|chard
losonburg and Cara low|s ot 1ho W||||am Vorr|s
Agoncy, lob l|ght and Caro| K|nzo| ot CAA, and
many othors. Wo had onough tost|mon|a| and
mator|a| ov|donco on tho roma|n|ng dotondants to
tho po|nt that l thought thoy wou|d havo to bo |nsano
to go any turthor. 3oy, d|d wo havo damag|ng
ov|donco and wo had a |ot ot |t. 3ut you havo to
koop |n m|nd that by CAA and 1ho W||||am Vorr|s
Agoncy sott||ng tho caso, th|s wou|d opon tho
|ndustry to troo compot|t|on and dostroy tho
consp|racy that thoy had |n p|aco. lt wou|d a|so toar
down tho wa||s ot sogrogat|on and tho |ndustry wou|d
t|na||y bocomo |ntogratod. 1h|s |s somoth|ng l know
thoy d|d not want.
1ho judgo had statod numorous t|mos that ho d|d not
bo||ovo |n roso|v|ng a caso at summary judgmont.
|o sa|d ho had tound |t |s bost to |ot a caso such as
th|s ono bo doc|dod by a jury. 1hat way, thoro wou|d
bo no rogrots |ator. l know |t wou|d bo |mposs|b|o tor
tho dotondants to w|n a summary judgmont mot|on.
At t|rst, l d|d not th|nk thoy wou|d ovon try |t, but l had
to romombor that th|s was CAA and 1ho W||||am
Vorr|s Agoncy that wo woro doa||ng w|th. 1hoy
wou|d do anyth|ng rathor than g|vo |n to us, a group
ot b|ack concort promotors.
3ummary judgmont was s|ow|y approach|ng whon
tho judgo ordorod a mod|at|on to soo |t wo cou|d
sott|o tho caso. 1ho mod|at|on was to bo ho|d |n
low York at tho todora| courthouso. lt was to tako
p|aco around |obruary ot 2008.
Evoryono mot |n low York on a Vonday morn|ng.
A|| ot our attornoys woro prosont. 1hoy |nc|udod 3ob
0onno||y, lay |os||n and mombors ot h|s |aw t|rm,
l|ckoy lv|o trom our Ca||torn|a |aw t|rm, and W||||o
Gary and Var|a 3porando trom Gary's |aw t|rm. l
was hop|ng wo cou|d como to a roso|ut|on by hav|ng
th|s mod|at|on. At tho samo t|mo, l cou|dn't ho|p but
th|nk about how dot|ant CAA and 1ho W||||amVorr|s
Agoncy woro towards us. 1ho dotondants' attornoys
woro thoro whon wo arr|vod and thoy |ookod as
arrogant as a|ways. 1ho mod|at|on was to bo
conductod by a mag|strato judgo by tho namo ot
1amos C. |ranc|s. l was hop|ng that 1udgo
lattorson wou|d bo ovorsoo|ng tho mod|at|on and
not th|s judgo. Evory t|mo th|s judgo was ass|gnod to
ovorsoo any ot our mot|on hoar|ngs, ho was not
tavorab|o towards us. l had a|ways to|t tavor|t|sm tor
tho dotondants com|ng trom th|s judgo. Up to th|s
po|nt, attor t|vo yoars ot ||t|gat|ng th|s caso, l had
novor to|t that about 1udgo lattorson. Evon whon ho
ru|od aga|nst us on corta|n mot|ons, l to|t |t to bo ta|r.
1ho mod|at|on bogan w|th oach s|do contoronc|ng
soparato|y w|th 1udgo |ranc|s. 1ho dotondants wont
t|rst and as l oxpoctod, mado no ottor to sott|o. Our
attornoys wont noxt and askod tor an ottor trom tho
dotondants. 1ho judgo to|d W||||o Gary, that thoro
was no ottor mado. l know that tho|r m|nds woro sot
not to g|vo us anyth|ng. l was okay w|th tho|r
arroganco and tho|r dot|anco. l to|t suro that a jury
wou|d g|vo us componsat|on tor how wo had boon
m|stroatod. Wo |ott that day as l had oxpoctod w|th
no sott|omont.
A month or so |ator, Vart|n Go|d and h|s |aw t|rm
askod to bo d|sm|ssod tromtho caso. 1hoy sont mo
a |ottor ask|ng mo not to objoct to tho|r d|sm|ssa|.
1hoy a|so sa|d that |t l d|d objoct, thoy wou|d to|| tho
court that thoy d|d not bo||ovo |n our caso any |ongor
and that thoy now d|d not th|nk that our a||ogat|ons
woro va||d. lt you can romombor, Vart|n Go|d and h|s
|aw t|rm woro tho onos that t|rst not on|y to|d mo how
va||d our caso was, but a|so to|d mo that wo had to
suo a|| ot tho book|ng agonc|os and a|| ot tho wh|to
concort promotors, wh|ch l agrood to do.
3ut attor soo|ng a|| ot tho ov|donco that d|roct|y
showod d|scr|m|nat|on by tho dotondants, wh|ch
|nc|udod tho word °n|ggor' two hundrod and th|rty-two
t|mos |n CAA and 1ho W||||am Vorr|s agonc|os o-
ma||s wh|ch l tru|y bo||ovo ho tr|od to concoa|, now ho
no |ongor bo||ovod |n our caso. G|von a|| ot tho
ov|donco show|ng d|spar|ty |n troatmont by tho
contracts, tho statomonts wo tound |n ono
dotondant's t||os that statod °no BIacka" and a
handwr|tton noto by Caro| K|nzo| tound |n CAA t||os
porta|n|ng to tho 1anot 1ackson tour, that sa|d °do
not d|vu|go guarantoo ro: b|ack lromotors,' and
hundrods moro p|ocos ot ov|donco that showod a
d|roct |nd|cat|on ot d|scr|m|nat|on, Varty Go|d and
h|s |aw t|rm doc|dod to just wa|k away. As attornoys
otton say, |t just doosn't pass tho smo|| tost. 3y th|s
t|mo l had tound out that th|s attornoy, Vart|n Go|d,
was awtu|.
Whon an attornoy botrays h|s c||onts tho way l
bo||ovo Vart|n Go|d botrayod us, l tru|y too| that thoy
shou|d bo d|sbarrod and novor a||owod to pract|co
|aw ovor aga|n. Attor s|x yoars ot ||t|gat|on, work|ng
on a cont|ngoncy bas|s, obta|n|ng a|| ot tho ov|donco
wo obta|nod, and twonty-sovon out ot th|rty-two
dotondants hav|ng a|roady sott|od, Vart|n Go|d
doc|dod to qu|t at th|s |ato stago |n tho caso and jost
wo|k owoy. 3y th|s t|mo wo'vo had succoss w|th
sott|omonts trom tho major|ty ot tho dotondants.
Evoryono cou|d not ho|p but wondor why ho wou|d do
th|s. l to|t suro l know vory wo|| why. |o had
comm|ttod tho b|ggost botraya| that any attornoy
cou|d comm|t, tho botraya| ot h|s own c||ont.
3hort|y attor, Vart|n Go|d and h|s |aw t|rm t||od a
mot|on w|th tho court to bo d|sm|ssod. l d|d not
objoct to tho|r d|sm|ssa| bocauso l d|d not want Go|d
to say what ho had throatonod to say a|though l know
|t was tota||y untruo.
l had known Vart|n Go|d tor about s|x yoars now. |o
and h|s |aw t|rm had put a |ot ot t|mo and hard work
|nto th|s caso. 3o|ng th|s c|oso to tho ond, and w|th
a|| ot tho ov|donco that had boon uncovorod aga|nst
tho roma|n|ng dotondants, ho had to bo vory wo||
componsatod by somoono to just wa|k away. 1h|s |s
my bo||ot.
BotrayaI ot Juatico
lt was now |obruary 2008, and not to my surpr|so,
tho dotondants t||od tor summary judgmont. |or tho
past yoar or so tho dotondants had boon say|ng that
thoy woro cont|dont thoy wou|d got out ot tho caso at
summary judgmont. 3o what l startod to do a yoar
pr|or to th|s was study tho |aws on summary
judgmont. What l |oarnod was that |t was vory d|tt|cu|t
tor tho mov|ng party to prova|| at tho summary
judgmont |ovo|. l a|so tound that thoro cou|d bo
noth|ng |n tho rocord |n tho torm ot ov|donco tor a
dotondant to prova|| at th|s |ovo|. l mooo ootblog |n
tho tormot tost|mony or mator|a| ov|donco.
1ho |aw p|a|n|y statos that thoro must not bo a
sclotl||ooíovloooco tor a dotondant to bo grantod
summary judgmont. 1ho |aw a|so statos th|s |s
ospoc|a||y truo |n d|scr|m|nat|on casos bocauso
ov|donco |s so otton bur|od |n tost|mony. 1ho party
who t||os tor summary judgmont has tho burdon ot
show|ng that no gonu|no |ssuos ot mator|a| tact ox|st.
l know |t wou|d bo |mposs|b|o tor tho dotondants to
show that, so l was vory cont|dont that wo wou|d
dotoat tho|r summary judgmont mot|on.
1horo was so much ov|donco aga|nst tho
dotondants, ospoc|a||y CAA and 1ho W||||am Vorr|s
Agoncy, that l cou|d not ho|p but wondor why thoy
wou|d ovon attompt th|s mot|on. l|ko l statod botoro,
l know thoy woro dot|ant but th|s was tak|ng |t to tho
A|though l to|t pos|t|vo that wo had boon botrayod by
Vart|n Go|d and h|s |aw t|rm, 3onnonscho|n lath 8
losontha|, l st||| to|t that thoro was too much
ov|donco aga|nst tho dotondants tor tho judgo to
grant tho|r mot|on tor summary judgmont. 1ho rocord
was t|||od w|th tacts domonstrat|ng v|o|at|ons ot
todora| |aws. 1ho book|ng agoncy dotondants
don|od ovoryth|ng and gavo oxp|anat|ons to covor up
tho|r v|o|at|ons ot our c|v|| r|ghts. 1hoy tr|od to
comp||cato what was actua||y s|mp|o to undorstand.
CAA, 1ho W||||amVorr|s Agoncy, and othor book|ng
agoncy dotondants had don|od contractua|
opportun|ty to b|ack concort promotors by us|ng tho|r
un|quo pos|t|on |n roprosont|ng art|sts. 1ho ov|donco
that wo a|so uncovorod showod that whon tho
book|ng agonc|os and dom|nant wh|to concort
promotors workod togothor, b|ack concort promotors
cou|d not got a contract.
0osp|to tho|r don|a|, tho ov|donco showod that tho
book|ng agonc|os oxorc|sod outr|ght contro| |n
award|ng contracts tor tours that b|ack concort
promotors woro don|od tho opportun|ty ot gott|ng.
1ho ov|donco a|so showod that tho book|ng
agonc|os woro |n a un|quo pos|t|on to concoa|,
|ntorrupt, and shut down commun|cat|on that was
ossont|a| to b|ack concort promotors obta|n|ng
contracts. Wo had put torth ov|donco show|ng tho
court that tho book|ng agonc|os woro |n ottoct tho
gato koopors tor a|| accoss to part|c|pato |n tho
concort promot|on |ndustry.
Wo had th|rty days to t||o our oppos|t|on to tho|r
mot|on tor summary judgmont. 3y Varty Go|d and
h|s |aw t|rm qu|tt|ng on us at th|s cruc|a| stago, tho
W||||o Gary law ||rm was |ott to answor th|s mot|on
a|ono. l was askod by Var|a 3porando ot tho W||||o
Gary law ||rm to como down to ||or|da and ass|st
thom on comp|||ng tho ov|donco and propar|ng tho
oppos|t|on to tho mot|on. l |mmod|ato|y packod up
and t|ow down to ||or|da. l mado proparat|ons to
stay tor tho ont|ro th|rty days. l askod my tr|ond and
to||ow p|a|nt|tt, loo K|ng, to como down and ass|st
mo |n comp|||ng tho ov|donco. |o sa|d ho wou|d bo
g|ad to.
lt was now tho m|dd|o ot Varch 2008. l caught a
p|ano out ot At|anta oar|y that Vonday morn|ng
bound tor Wost la|m 3oach, ||or|da. l arr|vod
approx|mato|y ono hour and t|ttoon m|nutos |ator. l
rontod a car and drovo to 3tuart, ||or|da, tho homo
ot 1ho W||||o Gary law ||rm, wh|ch was about torty-
t|vo m|nutos away. l arr|vod at tho |awt|rmaround 11
a.m. that morn|ng. l was thon takon d|roct|y to
3porando's ott|co. 3ho t|rst thankod mo tor com|ng
and sa|d that sho noodod mo to comp||o tho
ov|donco and prosont |t to hor and tho othor
attornoys. 3ho sa|d that wo wou|d on|y bo a||owod to
v|ow tho ov|donco that was |abo|od cont|dont|a| and
wo woro not to v|ow tho ov|donco that was |abo|od
h|gh|y cont|dont|a|.
3ho thon took mo to tho contoronco room whoro l
was to work. 1horo woro approx|mato|y ono
hundrod and sovonty-t|vo boxos ot ov|donco that was
takon trom tho t||os ot tho dotondants. l doc|dod to
wa|t unt|| tho noxt day whon K|ng was duo to arr|vo
botoro l startod. l thon |ott and wont back to tho hoto|
to got somo rost.
1ho noxt morn|ng l woko up br|ght and oar|y roady to
go to work. l arr|vod at tho |aw t|rm around 0:00 a.m.
and got startod. 1ho ov|donco l bogan to uncovor
show|ng d|scr|m|nat|on was |nsurmountab|o. Around
noon that day, loo K|ng arr|vod. 1ho t|rst th|ng wo
d|d was to comp||o contracts show|ng zoro to 10%
dopos|t roqu|romonts tor wh|to concort promotors
and b0% dopos|ts a|ways bo|ng roqu|rod tor b|ack
concort promotors. Wo pu||od approx|mato|y two
thousand contracts show|ng th|s d|spar|ty. Wo a|so
pu||od hundrods ot contracts show|ng whoro wh|to
concort promotors woro g|von tho opportun|ty to
promoto b|ack art|sts, but tound nono show|ng whoro
a b|ack concort promotor was g|von tho opportun|ty
to promoto a wh|to art|st. Wo a|so tound ov|donco |n
CAA t||os show|ng co||us|on botwoon thom and tho
wh|to promotors and tound a handwr|tton momo
nam|ng wh|to promotors and show|ng tho|r
torr|tor|os. At tho top ot tho momo |t p|a|n|y statod,
°torr|tor|os'. Wo turthor tound |n CAA t||os a
handwr|tton noto wh|ch showod a d|roct |nd|cat|on ot
d|scr|m|nat|on. lt was porta|n|ng to tho 1anot
1ackson °vo|vot lopo' tour. lt was wr|tton by CAA
agont, Caro| K|nzo|. 1ho noto statod, °do not
divuIgo guarantoo ro: bIack µromotora." 1horo
woro many, many othor p|ocos ot ov|donco that
|nd|catod d|scr|m|nat|on towards b|ack concort
promotors, too numorous to mont|on horo.
ln tho t||os ot 1ho W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy, wo tound
much ot tho samo, such as contracts show|ng tho
dopos|t d|spar|ty ot zoro to ton porcont dopos|t tor
wh|to promotors and t|tty porcont dopos|t tor b|ack
promotors. Anothor p|oco ot ov|donco wo
d|scovorod was advanco not|co |ottors sont by CAA
and 1ho W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy on|y to wh|to
promotors. 1ho |ottors gavo tho wh|to promotors
not|co as to tho art|st and t|m|ng tor wh|ch tours
wou|d tako p|aco. 1hoso |ottors woro porta|n|ng to
both wh|to and h|gh prot||o b|ack art|sts. lo such
advanco not|co |ottors woro ovor sont to b|ack
concort promotors. Whon b|ack promotors ca||od to
|nqu|ro about wh|ch art|sts woro tour|ng, CAA and
1ho W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy wou|d on|y to|| us about
tho |oss succosstu| b|ack art|sts. 1hoy wou|d novor
vo|untoor any |ntormat|on or g|vo us tho opportun|ty
to promoto wh|to art|sts.
0ur|ng d|scovory, thoro woro on|y two art|sts that
gavo dopos|t|ons. 1hoy woro 3||| Cosby and Var|on
1ackson ot 1ho 1acksons. 1ho book|ng agoncy
dotondants had prov|ous|y statod that thoy d|d not
mako tho doc|s|on porta|n|ng to wh|ch promotors an
art|st shou|d uso. 1hoy sa|d tho doc|s|on was a|most
a|ways mado by tho art|st. 0ur|ng Cosby's
dopos|t|on, ho statod that ovor h|s caroor that spans
moro than torty yoars, ho had workod w|th a |ot ot
promotors. |o ost|matod that numbor to bo
approx|mato|y throo thousand, but statod that ho had
on|y porsona||y so|octod porhaps ton ot tho throo
thousand ovor h|s ont|ro caroor. |o statod that 1ho
W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy had so|octod n|noty porcont
ot tho promotors ho had workod tor.
Wo a|so |oarnod at Var|on 1ackson's dopos|t|on,
that |n h|s th|rty yoars |n tho mus|c bus|noss wh||o
tour|ng w|th h|s brothors, 1ho 1acksons and 1ho
1ackson ||vo, tho agoncy a|most a|ways so|octod
tho|r concort promotors. 1h|s d|sputod tho not|on by
tho dotondants that tho art|sts chooso tho concort
Wo cont|nuod to uncovor ov|donco upon ov|donco
show|ng co||us|on and consp|racy botwoon tho
agonc|os and wh|to promotors. 1ho ov|donco provod
that tho p|ay|ng t|o|d was not |ovo|. lt a|so showod
why b|acks and m|nor|t|os cou|d not compoto |n tho
concort promot|on |ndustry.
As tho days progrossod, wo comp||od approx|mato|y
ton boxos ot ov|donco that was to bo prosontod to
tho court to opposo tho|r mot|on tor summary
judgmont. Wo tru|y had uncovorod moro ov|donco ot
d|scr|m|nat|on and co||us|on than th|s, but as l
undorstood |t trom my attornoys, wo d|d not nood a||
ot our ov|donco tor tho summary judgmont mot|on.
Wo on|y noodod onough to dotoat tho mot|on.
Wo on|y noodod onough to dotoat tho mot|on.
lt took tho judgo a|most two yoars to |ssuo h|s
op|n|on on tho summary judgmont mot|on. On
1anuary bth, 200b, tho judgo roturnod h|s ru||ng.
What ho had dono was tota||y unbo||ovab|o, as ho
had d|sm|ssod tho caso aga|nst a|| roma|n|ng
dotondants |nc|ud|ng 1ho W||||amVorr|s Agoncy and
CAA. W|th a|| ot tho ov|donco wo prosontod to tho
court show|ng d|scr|m|nat|on and v|o|at|on ot tho
ant|-trust |aws, 1udgo lattorson doc|dod tor somo
strango roason to dony us our day |n court. 1h|s was
vory pa|ntu| to a|| ot us. Ovor tho yoars, l had como to
know and rospoct 1udgo lattorson. What wou|d
mako h|m v|o|ato h|s oath and tho |aw |s puzz||ng to
mo. What |s ovon moro puzz||ng |s tour months
botoro ho |ssuod h|s ru||ng, tho word was c|rcu|at|ng
w|th|n tho mus|c |ndustry that wo had |ost our caso.
At that t|mo l pa|d |t no attont|on bocauso l know that
a ru||ng had not boon |ssuod, but l know doop |n my
hoart what transp|rod. lt was tho samo corrupt|on
and co||us|on |n wh|ch tho powors ot th|s |ndustry aro
usod to ongag|ng.
l bo||ovod that what l had a|ways toarod had como
homo to roost. l know a|| a|ong that our caso was a
vory trag||o ono. l know |t cou|d ta|| apart at any g|von
t|mo. Wo woro doa||ng w|th a group ot compan|os,
ma|n|y CAA and 1ho W||||am Vorr|s Agoncy, that
wou|d do anyth|ng or pay any amount to anyono that
cou|d o||m|nato th|s prob|om and got thom out ot th|s
troub|o, oxcopt us, tho p|a|nt|tts. Yos, l do bo||ovo tho
tact that wo woro Atr|can Amor|cans had a |ot to do
w|th |t. l know that tho ov|donco that was rotr|ovod
trom tho o-ma|| soarch put Vart|n Go|d and h|s |aw
t|rm, wh|ch was 3onnonscho|n lath 8 losontha|, |n
a un|quo pos|t|on to namo tho|r pr|co w|th tho
dotondants. 1ho dotondants cou|d not a||ow tho
documonts that conta|nod tho word °n|ggor' (two
hundrod and th|rty-two t|mos) that woro rotr|ovod
trom tho o-ma||s ot CAA and W||||am Vorr|s to bo
mado pub||c.
1h|s wou|d havo torovor cast a dark shadow on
thoso two agonc|os and wou|d havo a|so rovoa|od
tho d|scr|m|nat|on and tho rac|smthat ox|sts at thoso
compan|os. l tru|y bo||ovo that Vart|n Go|d and h|s
|aw t|rm comm|ttod tho u|t|mato s|n to tho|r c||onts,
tho s|n ot botraya|.
l|ko l statod botoro, 1udgo lobort lattorson was a
porson l had grown to rospoct dur|ng tho yoars ot
th|s ||t|gat|on. l can honost|y say that l had agrood
w|th pract|ca||y a|| ot h|s mot|on ru||ngs that had takon
p|aco ovor tho past t|vo p|us yoars, ovon whon ho
ru|od aga|nst us. l cou|d a|ways undorstand h|s
roason|ng boh|nd h|s ru||ng. l had como to havo
onormous rospoct tor th|s judgo. l startod to bo||ovo
that A|m|ghty God had choson th|s judgo tor us, and
tor somo strango roason l st||| do. l doop|y too| that
wo woro botrayod by th|s judgo, tho |onorab|o
lobort l. lattorson. |o sworo undor oath to protoct
and dotond tho const|tut|on and |aws ot tho Un|tod
3tatos ot Amor|ca. Whon l |ast chockod, tho |aw
mado no oxcopt|ons to th|s roqu|romont. |o c|oar|y
d|d not oboy tho |aw. l tru|y bo||ovo that tho mass|vo
amount ot monoy that was at stako horo, as wo|| as
tho |||oga| way ot do|ng bus|noss |n tho concort
promot|on |ndustry, p|ayod a s|gn|t|cant ro|o |n h|s
doc|s|on. l a|so bo||ovo that a|| ot th|s and whatovor
o|so was noodod causod th|s judgo to turn a b||nd
oyo and a doat oar to tho ov|donco, and tako away
our bas|c r|ght as c|t|zons to havo a jury hoar our
caso. l a|so bo||ovo that our raco a|so p|ayod a
s|gn|t|cant ro|o |n h|s doc|s|on mak|ng. 1h|s was
corrupt|on at |ts h|ghost |ovo|.
l to|d you a|| ot that, so that l can now bog|n to to|| you
tho story and ho|p you bottor undorstand, what roa||y
happonod to V|chao| 1ackson, tho K|ng ot lop.
Nootinga with NichaoI
ln 2004, AEG was g|von oxc|us|vo r|ghts to tho
lr|nco lat|ona| 1our and tho b|ack promotors askod
mo to contront landy lh||||ps ot AEG about our
|nvo|vomont. Attor a convorsat|on w|th h|m, ho
doc|dod to |nvo|vo us w|th vory m|n|mum
part|c|pat|on. lt was somoth|ng that wo roa||y d|dn't
want to accopt, but wo to|t wo had no cho|co,
bocauso wo woro so t|nanc|a||y stra|nod at tho t|mo,
that wo a|| noodod somo typo ot |ncomo. Wh||o |n
low York at Vad|son 3quaro Gardon tor tho lr|nco
concort, l roco|vod a ca|| tromlandy 1ackson and ho
sa|d that h|s brothor, V|chao| 1ackson wantod to soo
mo as soon as poss|b|o. V|chao| had askod tor mo
to t|y to V|am| tho to||ow|ng day and moot h|mthoro.
1ho noxt morn|ng, l roso br|ght and oar|y, and caught
a t||ght to At|anta, and |ator that day, about 4:00 p.m.
l caught a t||ght to V|am|. l arr|vod at tho a|rport
about 7:00 p.m., l was mot by landy 1ackson, and
ho took mo ovor to a homo whoro V|chao| was
stay|ng. Whon wo arr|vod V|chao| oponod tho door. l
was vory g|ad to soo h|m, as ho was mo. Attor
hugg|ng, and to|||ng oach othor howmuch wo m|ssod
oach othor, wo sat down and startod to ta|k about
what oach ot us had boon do|ng ovor tho past tow
yoars. |o ta|kod about how ho to|t tho ontorta|nmont
|ndustry had m|stroatod h|m.
|o wont |nto dopth about how ho to|t that 3tovon
3p|o|borg and 0av|d Gotton had m|stroatod h|m. l
cou|d to|| ho was vory hurt about that. |o to|d mo ho
was supposod to bo a partnor |n 1ho 0roamWorks
Company, and that ho wantod so bad|y to mako a
mov|o. 3tovon 3p|o|borg to|d h|m, to t|nd a good
scr|pt, and ho wou|d bo cast |n tho starr|ng ro|o.
V|chao| sa|d that |s what ho d|d. |o sa|d whon ho
tound a groat scr|pt ho sont |t ovor to 3tovon
3p|o|borg, and a coup|o ot days |ator, ho roco|vod a
ca|| tromh|m. 3p|o|borg sa|d to h|m, °V|chao|, l havo
somo good nows, and l havo somo bad nows. 1ho
good nows |s. tho scr|pt you sont ovor was groat.
1ho bad nows |s that you w||| not bo starr|ng |n tho
mov|o.' V|chao| sa|d that was ono ot tho most
pa|ntu| days ot h|s ||to. V|chao| know and to|t that ho
was bo|ng °b|ackba||od' by tho ontorta|nmont
|ndustry. |o to|d mo ho d|d not a||ow h|s ch||dron,
lr|nco V|chao| and lar|s (at th|s part|cu|ar t|mo
3|ankot was a baby), to watch to|ov|s|on, bocauso
ovoryth|ng that was bo|ng sa|d about h|m was
a|ways nogat|vo. |o sa|d thoy a|ways rotorrod to h|m
as °Wacko 1acko,' and thoy woro a|ways ca|||ng h|m
a ch||d mo|ostor. |o a|so sa|d no mattor what good
ho d|d |n tho wor|d, |t was novor ta|kod about
pub||c|y. |o know that ho was d|s||kod by tho powors
ot tho ontorta|nmont |ndustry. l to|d h|m, °Wo|como to
tho c|ub.' lt had boon that way tor mo, s|nco wo d|d
tho °Ott 1ho Wa|| 1our.' l askod h|m |t ho know l had
a|so boon °b|ackba||od.' |o sa|d ho know that ho
had not hoard ot mo do|ng a |ot ot shows, ||ko l usod
to. And l to|d h|m l was °b|ackba||od' bocauso ot my
assoc|at|on w|th h|m, and just ||ko V|chao|, ho
apo|og|zod tor that.
Wo stayod up unt|| tho woo hours ot tho morn|ng,
ta|k|ng and p|ann|ng. Attor wo t|n|shod cry|ng and
|augh|ng togothor, wo bogan to mako p|ans to tour
tho wor|d. |o sa|d to mo, °lowo, attor my upcom|ng
tr|a|.natura||y l want to got my |oga| prob|oms
boh|nd mo. l want us to tour t|vo cont|nonts.' l to|d
h|m, °Wo wou|d h|t Amor|ca t|rst, so th|s ov|| |ndustry
|n Amor|ca wou|d not havo t|mo to sot traps tor us.'
And ho agrood.
l romombor, at that t|mo V|chao| was |n protty good
shapo. |o |ookod vory good to mo. |o had novor
boon a b|g porson, but ho |ookod hoa|thy. 1ho who|o
t|mo l was thoro, ho kopt runn|ng out ot tho room to
chock on tho k|ds. l saw thon tor tho t|rst t|mo how
groat ot a paront ho was. l cou|d to|| tho k|ds woro
not usod to bo|ng around poop|o that much, bocauso
lar|s and lr|nco V|chao| jumpod |n and out ot my
|ap constant|y, unt|| V|chao| had to run thom ott to
bod. lt was about 8:00 a.m. |n tho morn|ng whon l
doc|dod to turn |n tor tho n|ght. l to|d h|m that wo
wou|d ta|k |ator.
|o |ookod at mo whon l |ott and sa|d, °lowo, wo aro
go|ng to do th|s.' l sa|d, °l'm roady.' Whon l arr|vod
back at my hoto| l was oxhaustod, l roco|vod a phono
ca|| trom V|chao|. |o sa|d ho wantod to mako suro
that l was okay, and ho statod to mo aga|n, °lowo,
wo aro go|ng to do th|s, and shako tho wor|d.'
Aga|n, l sa|d, °l'mroady.'
l spoko to h|m a|most on a da||y bas|s up unt|| tho
t|mo ho wont to tr|a|. Attor h|s tr|a|, l d|d not spoak to
h|m aga|n bocauso ho t|ow out ot tho country. Whon
ho roturnod to Amor|ca |t was two yoars |ator l
bo||ovo, |n 2000.
On |obruary 14th, ot 2007, l was |n my k|tchon t|x|ng
broaktast around 8 a.m., and l roco|vod a ca||. l
wondorod who |t cou|d bo that oar|y, but |t was too
oar|y tor mo to ta|k, so l d|dn't answor. Vy phono
boopod and l know a mossago had boon |ott. lt was
a mossago trom 1anot 1ackson, V|chao|'s s|stor.
3ho sa|d, °lowo, th|s |s 1an. Wou|d you p|oaso ca||
mo as soon as poss|b|o, |t's |mportant.'
l sa|d to myso|t, °l wondor what sho wants th|s t|mo ot
morn|ng.' l |mmod|ato|y roturnod tho ca|| and 1anot
answorod. 3ho was |nAt|anta, and sa|d, °lowo, l'm
|n a ||tt|o troub|o, my tour has boon canco||od by l|vo
lat|on, and l'm ob||gatod to my band. 1hoy havo
b|ockod tho|r t|mo out th|s summor to tour w|th mo.
And now, |t l don't tour thoy w||| bo m|ss|ng |ncomo.'
3ho thon askod, |t wo cou|d go out on tour and do
twonty shows. l know vory wo|| why l|vo lat|on had
canco||od. lt was bocauso at tho t|mo 1anot was
co|d as |co. l d|d not bo||ovo that sho had tho
draw|ng powor to tour at that t|mo, but l cou|d not
ho|p but th|nk about how much V|chao| and hor
brothors 1ho 1acksons had dono tor mo oar||or |n my
caroor. 3ocauso ot my approc|at|on and grat|tudo, l
know l wou|d do whatovor was noodod to ho|p 1anot.
Evon |t |t moant |os|ng ovoryth|ng l ownod and
possossod, l tru|y wou|d havo dono |t. lt was vory
pa|ntu| to mo, whon |ator l tound hor to bo
unapproc|at|vo ot my ottorts. 3o|ng a b|ack concort
promotor |n tho concort bus|noss, °wo havo a|ways
had to |oarn how to tako |omons and mako
|omonado'. l to|d hor to g|vo mo a tow hours to th|nk
and l wou|d ca|| hor back |ator that day. l pondorod
ovor hor prob|om a|| attornoon, and l camo up w|th
throo sconar|os. l know V|chao| had roturnod to tho
statos. |o was now||v|ng |n las vogas.
l sa|d to hor, °l am go|ng to t|y to las vogas, ta|k to
V|chao|, and soo |t l can got h|mto got back w|th tho
brothors and tour. lt ho agroos to do that, l want you,
1anot, to bo tho opon|ng act.' 1anot |ovod tho |doa.
3ho askod mo whon l was go|ng to las vogas. l to|d
hor l was go|ng |n a tow days, poss|b|y 3aturday.
3ho askod |t sho cou|d moot mo thoro bocauso sho
was t|y|ng back to los Ango|os, and wou|d havo hor
dr|vor br|ng hor to las vogas, so sho cou|d bo thoro
whon l arr|vod that com|ng 3aturday.
l arr|vod |n las vogas that 3aturday around b:00
p.m., wo had doc|dod that wo woro go|ng to moot at
hor o|dor s|stor, lobb|o's houso botoro go|ng ovor
to V|chao|'s. 1o my surpr|so, 1orma|no, Var|on,
landy, and 1ack|o woro a|so thoro. Attor a short
moot|ng wo |ott to go ovor to V|chao|'s houso about
7:00 p.m., whon wo arr|vod wo woro mot by
V|chao|'s socur|ty. Wo to|d thom wo woro thoro to
soo V|chao|. |o to|d us to wa|t ono m|nuto wh||o ho
wont |ns|do to to|| V|chao| that wo woro out thoro.
Whon tho guard roturnod ho askod oach ot us to
wr|to down our namos so V|chao| wou|d know
oxact|y who wo woro. Attor about t|ttoon m|nutos tho
socur|ty guard roturnod, and |od us |nto tho houso.
Whon l sawV|chao| l cou|d to|| ho was vory norvous, l
tru|y th|nk, ho thought wo woro thoro tor anothor
roason. l not|cod |mmod|ato|y that ho was vory th|n.
Wo wont |nto tho mov|o thoator room ot tho houso to
l bogan to oxp|a|n to V|chao| why wo had como to
soo h|m. l to|d h|mthat wo wantod h|mto roun|to w|th
h|s brothors and to tour Amor|ca. l to|d h|m1anot had
agrood to bo tho opon|ng act. l to|d h|mthat l to|t that
th|s tour wou|d bo h|gh|y succosstu|. |o sa|d that ho
agrood that |t wou|d bo. 3ut ho sa|d, °l just can't do |t
now, l havo othor th|ngs l am p|ann|ng and work|ng
on.' Wo stayod thoro tor a tow hours try|ng to
porsuado h|m. l th|nk 1anot was bocom|ng
somowhat angry w|th h|m. ||s t|na| words to us woro,
°Vaybo noxt yoar |n 2008 l w||| bo roady.' 1o mo that
wasn't bad bocauso l wou|d nood tho t|mo to
proparo tor a tour ot th|s magn|tudo, but 1anot
noodod to work that summor. 3ho had comm|ttod
tho month ot 1u|y to hor band, and sho noodod to
tu|t||| that comm|tmont. l cou|d to|| that V|chao| was
bocom|ng |rr|tab|o and wo doc|dod to |oavo. l know
thoro was a roason that ho d|d not want to do th|s.
And l to|t |t l cou|d got h|m a|ono ho wou|d to|| mo.
Wh||o wo woro wa|k|ng out ot tho door, l turnod
around and askod V|ko |t l cou|d spoak to h|m |n
pr|vato, th|nk|ng |t l cou|d spoak to h|m a|ono ho
wou|d to|| mo h|s roasons tor not want|ng to do |t. 3ut
whon wo wont |nto a room tor pr|vacy, Var|on and
landy a|so camo |n, and l novor roco|vod tho
opportun|ty to spoak to h|ma|ono.
About two months |ator l t|ow back to las vogas to
v|s|t V|chao| aga|n, th|s t|mo hop|ng that l cou|d
porsuado h|m by spoak|ng to h|m a|ono. Whon l
arr|vod l chockod |nto tho Wynn |oto|. Attor l
changod c|othos, l ca||od lobb|o and askod hor to
como ovor and p|ck mo up. l noodod hor to tako mo
ovor to V|chao|'s. 3ho sa|d that sho wou|d, and that
sho wou|d bo thoro |n about an hour attor sho |ott 1ho
K|ngdom |a|| (Church). ln about an hour, l mot hor
downsta|rs and wo procoodod to V|chao|'s houso. l
askod hor to |ot mo out, and sho cou|d cont|nuo
homo bocauso l wantod to bo a|ono w|th V|chao|. l
wa|tod at tho gato tor about ton m|nutos tor
V|chao|'s socur|ty guard to como down. Whon ho
arr|vod ho sa|d, °You havo just m|ssod V|chao|, |ot
mo try to got h|m on tho phono.' |o ca||od V|chao|
and to|d h|mthat l was at tho houso. V|chao| to|d h|m
to ask mo |t l cou|d como back tomorrow, that ho
wou|d not bo roturn|ng unt|| tho noxt morn|ng. l sa|d to
h|m, that l cou|d not como back |n tho morn|ng,
bocauso l had to t|y back to At|anta tor somoth|ng
that was |mportant, but l wou|d roturn |n a tow days.
V|chao| sa|d, °Okay'.
l had a|roady startod to mako othor p|ans tor 1anot to
go on tour. l had askod l. Ko||y to tour w|th hor and
ho agrood to do so. l to|t th|s comb|nat|on wou|d bo
good onough tor tho tour to bo h|gh|y succosstu|.
1anot was my ma|n concorn. Wh||o 1anot and l woro
propar|ng tor tho tour sho was rohoars|ng |n At|anta.
3ho had roco|vod an ottor to go to tho 3ahamas and
portorm ono show at tho At|ant|s |oto|. 3ho askod
mo |t th|s was somoth|ng sho shou|d tako. l askod
hor °What |s tho doa|?' Whon sho to|d mo, l sa|d to
hor, °Wo must go ovor and do |t. 1h|s w||| covor tho
oxponsos tor tho band rohoarsa|.' Wo wont ovor to
tho 3ahamas, and wh||o wo woro ovor thoro, sho to|d
mo sho noodod to spoak to mo. 3ho sa|d to mo,
°lowo, l hato to d|sappo|nt you, you havo boon
work|ng vory hard tor mo, but l cannot tour w|th l.
Ko||y w|thout a rocord. lt w||| bo tho l. Ko||y 3how,
and not tho 1anot 1ackson 3how, and th|s |s
somoth|ng l do not want.' 3ho sa|d, °lot's wa|t unt||
tho t|rst ot tho yoar, 2008, attor l como out ot tho
stud|o w|th at |oast a s|ng|o, and wo w||| tour thon.' l
was somowhat upsot bocauso l had prom|sod l.
Ko||y that wo woro go|ng to tour, and l had mado an
agroomont w|th h|m. 3ut, l cou|d not bo angry w|th
hor bocauso l know that sho wou|d not bo ab|o to
ho|d hor own tour|ng at tho t|mo w|th l. Ko||y.
3ocauso ot my comm|tmont to l. Ko||y, l was |ott
w|th no cho|co but to tour h|mw|thout 1anot 1ackson.
On 1anuary 1st, 2000, l was approachod by a
promotor trom low 1orsoy w|th an |ncrod|b|o doa|
tor V|chao| and h|s brothors. 1ho doa| wou|d pay
V|chao| a|ono $1b m||||on tor ono portormanco. ||s
brothors wou|d roco|vo a $1 m||||on oach tor ono
portormanco. Know|ng how dot|ant V|chao| was
whon |t camo to work|ng w|th h|s brothors, l askod
tho promotor to do somoth|ng spoc|a| that maybo
wou|d porsuado V|chao| to do th|s, wh|ch was to
g|vo h|s mothor a m||||on do||ars a|so. 1ho promotor
agrood. l thon p|acod a ca|| to h|s mothor. 3y th|s
t|mo V|chao| was ||v|ng |n los Ango|os and l d|d not
havo h|s now numbor. l askod hor |t sho wou|d
p|oaso havo V|chao| ca|| mo. l to|d hor l had an
|ncrod|b|o doa| tor h|m. 3ho sa|d sho wou|d do |t.
l was at homo tho to||ow|ng n|ght whon l roco|vod a
phono ca|| about 0:00 o'c|ock. Whon l answorod,
somoono was |augh|ng, but l know that |augh, |t was
V|chao|. |o sa|d, °loonard lowo.' l sa|d, °V|chao|
1ackson.' l startod to|||ng h|m about th|s |ncrod|b|o
ottor that had boon prosontod to mo. Attor wo ta|kod
tor about twonty m|nutos, ho askod mo to got on a
p|ano and t|y to los Ango|os. |o wantod mo to moot
w|th tho porson who was hand||ng h|s bus|noss at tho
t|mo. 1hat porson was 0r. 1ohmo 1ohmo. V|chao|
sa|d, °l w||| havo h|mca|| you |mmod|ato|y.' About t|vo
m|nutos attor wo hung up, 0r. 1ohmo 1ohmo, ca||od
mo. l to|d h|m about tho ottor l had tor V|chao|. |o
sa|d that V|chao| to|d h|m that ho had known mo tor
a vory |ong t|mo, that ho |ovod mo, and to|d h|m to
moot w|th mo. l to|d h|m l wou|d bo arr|v|ng |n los
Ango|os tho noxt day. |o gavo mo h|s phono numbor
and askod mo to ca|| onco l arr|vod.
l arr|vod around noon lA t|mo and gavo 0r. 1ohmo
1ohmo a ca||. |o sa|d ho was |n a moot|ng and
askod mo to ca|| h|mback |ator. l wa|tod a tow hours
and ca||od h|maga|n. |o thon to|d mo ho was on tho
phono and wou|d ca|| mo back. |o novor ca||od. 1ho
to||ow|ng day l ca||od h|m aga|n and l roco|vod no
answor. l was bog|nn|ng to th|nk th|s guy was
duck|ng mo, or g|v|ng mo tho run around. l cou|d not
undorstand why, bocauso tho doa| l had tor V|chao|
was ||ko no doa| l had ovor soon. Vost ontorta|nors
wou|d k||| to mako th|s typo ot monoy |n ono day. l
know that whoovor th|s guy was ho d|d not havo
V|chao|'s bost |ntorost at hoart.
Attor not hoar|ng trom 0r. 1ohmo 1ohmo, l doc|dod
to ca|| h|mtroma d|ttoront numbor. 3y th|s t|mo l was
gott|ng angry about th|s s|tuat|on. Whon l ca||od h|m
trom a d|ttoront numbor ho |mmod|ato|y p|ckod up. l
to|d h|m l bo||ovod ho was duck|ng my ca||s. l
oxp|a|nod to h|mthat l had t|own out tromAt|anta and
l d|d not approc|ato h|m p|ay|ng gamos w|th mo. l
sa|d, °V|chao| askod mo to como and soo you, and
that |s what l am do|ng. lt you rotuso to ta|k to mo, l
w||| go d|roct|y to V|chao| and to|| h|m.' l d|d not know
why ho was duck|ng such a |ucrat|vo doa| tor
V|chao|, but |ator l tound out. |o askod mo attor that
b|ttor convorsat|on to moot h|m at h|s |awyor's ott|co
tho to||ow|ng day. |o assurod mo ho was not
duck|ng my ca||s, and that ho had just boon busy. 3ut
l knowho was |y|ng.
1ho to||ow|ng day at about 8:00 p.m., l arr|vod at h|s
attornoy's ott|co. 1ho promotor who was mak|ng tho
ottor a|so accompan|od mo. 0r. 1ohmo 1ohmo was
thoro whon wo arr|vod. Wo prosontod tho ottor to
h|m, but ho to|d us that V|chao| had th|s hugo doa|
worth about $800 m||||on that ho had to got dono
t|rst. Wo askod h|m what doa|, ho rotusod to to|| us.
Wo had hoard a|| a|ong that, AEGwas try|ng to c|oso
a doa| w|th V|chao|. 3o wo |ott tho moot|ng w|th tho
ottor go|ng nowhoro. 0r. 1ohmo 1ohmo sa|d ho
wou|d got back |n touch w|th us as soon as ho tound
out about tho othor hugo doa|.
|o gavo us tho run-around tor tho noxt two wooks.
Wo roco|vod no |ntormat|on, but wo stayod |n lA tho
ont|ro t|mo. l t|na||y bocamo annoyod w|th tho
s|tuat|on and l doc|dod to ca|| V|chao|. l to|d h|mhow
l was bo|ng troatod by 0r. 1ohmo 1ohmo. V|chao|
had a|so bocomo vory annoyod w|th th|s guy tor
somo roason. V|chao| sa|d that ho wou|d g|vo 0r.
1ohmo 1ohmo a ca|| and got back w|th mo short|y.
V|chao| ca||od mo a coup|o ot days |ator and askod
mo about tho doa|. l to|d h|m tho promotor had
agrood to g|vo h|s mothor $1 m||||on on top ot
ovoryth|ng o|so. |o askod mo |t thoy wou|d g|vo hor
$2 m||||on. l to|d h|m l d|d not know, but l wou|d go
and soo |t l cou|d got |t dono. l wont to tho promotor
and to|d h|m |t ho cou|d g|vo V|chao|'s mothor $2
m||||on l thought wo cou|d c|oso tho doa|. 1ho
promotor agrood to do so.
lator that n|ght l roco|vod a ca|| tromV|chao|. lt was
now Varch 21st, 2000. Whon l was ta|k|ng to h|m l
not|cod that ho soundod ||ko thoro was somoth|ng on
h|s m|nd. |o thon askod mo th|s quost|on, °W||| you
como and work w|th mo?' |o sa|d, °l nood you to
ovorsoo what AEG |s do|ng, and to watch ovor my
t|nancos.' |o thon sa|d, °lowo l havo throo ch||dron,
l cannot como homo trom london w|th no monoy.' l
askod h|m, °What |s your doa| w|th AEG?' |o sa|d,
°l do not ovon know what my doa| |s.' l to|d h|m that l
wou|d bo honorod to do that. |o sa|d, °l don't know
anyth|ng lowo, about what |s happon|ng. l agrood to
do on|y ton shows |n london tor AEG, but tho noxt
th|ng l knowthoy had so|d out t|tty.'
1ho t|rst duty that ho gavo mo was to got |n touch
w|th landy lh||||ps ot AEG on Vonday morn|ng (|t
was thon 3aturday n|ght) and go ovor tho shows and
try to arrango thom |n an ordor whoro thoy wou|d bo
do-ab|o tor h|m. V|chao| sa|d, °1horo |s no way l can
do tho shows w|th tho schodu|o thoy havo |n p|aco.'
|o askod mo |t l had 3rothor V|chao|'s phono
numbor. 3rothor V|chao| was hoad ot V|chao|'s
socur|ty. l sa|d to h|m, °l th|nk l havo |t somowhoro.'
|o sa|d, °lot's got h|m on a throo-way ca||.' l ca||od
3rothor V|chao| and put h|m on tho phono w|th
V|chao| and myso|t. |o to|d 3rothor V|chao| to got |n
touch w|th landy lh||||ps and sot up a moot|ng w|th
h|m and myso|t as soon as poss|b|o. 3rothor
V|chao| statod that ho was |n a pub||c p|aco and
sa|d that ho wantod to go outs|do so ho cou|d
undorstand c|oar|y. Whon ho wont outs|do, V|chao|
ropoatod h|mso|t aga|n, and to|d 3rothor V|chao|
what ho wantod h|m to do. 3rothor V|chao| sa|d,
°Yos s|r, Vr. 1ackson, l w||| tako caro ot |t
|mmod|ato|y.' 1hat to||ow|ng Vonday morn|ng, l
roco|vod a ca|| trom 3rothor V|chao| around 0:00
a.m. |o to|d mo that ho had spokon to landy
lh||||ps and landy wou|d bo ca|||ng mo around
10:00 a.m. that morn|ng. 1ho ca|| novor camo |n, so l
ca||od landy lh||||ps at 10:2b a.m., and was not
ab|o to roach h|m. A short t|mo attor l ca||od aga|n
and st||| cou|dn't roach h|m. At 12:81 p.m. l ca||od
and t|na||y roachod h|m. |o camo on tho phono vory
arrogant|y and host||o. l sa|d, °|ow aro you do|ng
landy? lt's boon a |ong t|mo.' |o was vory short w|th
mo. |o sa|d, °What can l do tor you?' l to|d h|m that
V|chao| had askod mo to got w|th h|m, and try to
roarrango tho schodu|o whoro |t wou|d bo moro
doab|o tor h|m. landy lh||||ps sa|d to mo, ho wasn't
go|ng to do anyth|ng. |o sa|d, °Wo havo ovoryth|ng
undor contro|, and l don't nood to moot w|th you.' l
to|d h|m that V|chao| had askod mo to do so. |o
sa|d ho was not moot|ng w|th mo. l sa|d, °Okay,
thank you.'
1o th|s day landy lh||||ps ot AEG |ns|sts that
V|chao| agrood to portorm t|tty shows, but ho has
novor producod a contract s|gnod by V|chao| to
provo |t. 1ho roason ho has not producod tho
contract |s vory s|mp|o, ho doos not havo ono. Evory
concort promotor knows that you do not put a show
on sa|o unt|| you havo a s|gnod contract trom tho
art|st |nvo|vod. landy lh||||ps knows th|s vory wo||.
1ho to||ow|ng day or two |s whon |rank 0|loo
arr|vod |n los Ango|os.
l was schodu|od to v|s|t V|chao| tho to||ow|ng
morn|ng on Apr|| 14th, at h|s homo |n 3ovor|y ||||s.
|o askod that l como vory oar|y, around 7:00 a.m.
bocauso ho had to |oavo tor las vogas about 8:80
a.m. and th|s wou|d g|vo us tho opportun|ty to ta|k tor
about an hour botoro ho had to |oavo. ||s tathor 1oo
was now |n lA, stay|ng at tho Enc|no tam||y homo.
Wh||o l was v|s|t|ng h|m that attornoon, l askod h|m,
°Whon was tho |ast t|mo you saw V|chao|?' |o
rop||od, °l havon't soon V|chao| |n about throo yoars.'
l a|so askod h|m, °Whon was tho |ast t|mo you spoko
to V|chao|?' |o rop||od, °l havon't spokon to h|m |n
about throo yoars.' l sa|d to 1oo, °Wo aro go|ng ovor
to V|chao|'s houso togothor |n tho morn|ng. l w||| p|ck
you up, about 0:00 a.m. bo roady.' You novor had to
worry about 1oo bo|ng roady. l cannot romombor
ono t|mo ho was ovor |ato tor anyth|ng.
l arr|vod at tho|r homo at 0:00 a.m. sharp, and 1oo
was roady and wa|t|ng. 3ocauso thoro was not much
tratt|c at that t|mo ot morn|ng, wo arr|vod |n 3ovor|y
||||s about 0:80 a.m. Wo wont to got somo cottoo at
my tavor|to broaktast rostaurant |n lA, lorms.
Attor that wo cont|nuod to V|chao|'s and arr|vod at
7:80 a.m. sharp. Wo woro mot by V|chao|'s socur|ty.
1hoy woro oxpoct|ng us. Whon wo arr|vod at tho tront
door V|chao| approachod us, drossod |n h|s
pajamas and woar|ng h|s road|ng g|assos. |o broko
|nto a b|g sm||o, and l cou|d tru|y to|| that ho was g|ad
to soo 1oo. Attor thoy grootod oach othor, V|chao|
askod 1oo what ho had boon do|ng. 1hoy
oxchangod a towmoro words, and thon V|chao| took
us |nto h|s ||v|ng room to bo soatod. l bogan to
d|scuss w|th V|chao| tho bus|noss ot h|s porsona|
bo|ong|ngs that woro about to bo auct|onod. 1oo and
l had boon down to tho courthouso tho day botoro to
attond tho hoar|ng and wo woro to|||ng V|chao| what
wo obsorvod dur|ng that hoar|ng. l thon bogan ta|k|ng
to V|chao| about AEG, landy lh||||ps and tho
london shows. l startod to oxp|a|n to h|m about
somo ot tho th|ngs thoy woro do|ng that l had a
prob|om w|th, such as tho sca|p|ng ot t|ckots and
V|chao| roco|v|ng paymont |n U.3. curroncy |nstoad
ot 3r|t|sh pounds. l a|so askod V|chao| to try and
soparato h|s bus|noss as much as poss|b|o trom
AEG. |o soomod to undorstand ovoryth|ng, ho a|so
soomod to bo |n tu|| agroomont.
1|mo was s|ow|y approach|ng tor V|chao| to start
propar|ng to |oavo tor las vogas. |o thon askod
mo, |t l brought tho |ottor that l had to|d h|m l wantod
h|m to s|gn. 1h|s |ottor was addrossod to landy
lh||||ps ot AEG, and statod vorbat|m: °0oar Vr.
lh||||ps, l|oaso bo adv|sod that ottoct|vo trom tho
dato ot th|s |ottor (Varch 2bth, 2000) that Vr.
loonard lowo |s my author|zod roprosontat|vo |n
mattors concorn|ng my ondoavors |n tho
Entorta|nmont lndustry. A|| such mattors concorn|ng
mo sha|| bo d|roctod to Vr. lowo, who sha|| act |n
my stoad, unt|| and un|oss l rovoko th|s author|zat|on.
l|oaso oxtond ovory courtosy to Vr. lowo.' Attor
road|ng tho |ottor V|chao| obsorvod that l |ott ott
somoth|ng that ho to|d mo to |nc|udo. |o wantod mo
to ovorsoo a|| ot h|s t|nancos. |o hand wroto th|s on
tho |ottor and s|gnod |t (3oo tho |ottor on tho noxt
pago). |o thon to|d mo as wo woro |oav|ng about a
moot|ng that wo woro go|ng to bo hav|ng soon. |o
gavo mo and h|s tathor, a hug and sa|d, °l |ovo you
both.' And, thon wo |ott.
Loonard Rowo Aµµointmont
Lottor trom NichaoI Jackaon to
Randy PhiIIiµa
lt was about throo wooks |ator, approx|mato|y ono
month to tho dato. On Vay 1bth, 2000, l roco|vod a
ca|| trom 1oo wh||o l was hav|ng |unch at my hoto| |n
tho va||oy, (3tud|o C|ty). |o sa|d, °lowo, you nood
to como qu|ck. Wo aro hav|ng a moot|ng at tho
3ovor|y ||||s |oto|.' l rop||od, °What moot|ng?' |o
sa|d, °1ho moot|ng V|chao| wantod us to havo w|th
landy lh||||ps, ot AEG.' l sa|d, °Whon?' |o sa|d,
°low, got ovor horo.'
l was contusod bocauso l had not hoard trom
V|chao| |n about a wook, and l romomborod h|m
say|ng wo woro go|ng to havo a moot|ng but ho
novor mont|onod whon. l askod h|m, °Whoro |s
V|chao|?' |o rop||od, °|o |s ovor horo at tho hoto|,
and ho sa|d tor you to got ovor horo now.' l askod
°Who |s thoro?' |o sa|d, °V|chao|, Kathor|no, landy
lh||||ps, and anothor guy trom AEG.' l sa|d to h|m,
°l'mon my way, l'|| bo thoro |n th|rty m|nutos.' l d|d not
t|n|sh my |unch and |ott |mmod|ato|y. As l was dr|v|ng
through tho mounta|ns at a h|gh rato ot spood, try|ng
to got to 3ovor|y ||||s as soon as poss|b|o, l roco|vod
anothor ca|| trom 1oo. °lowo whoro aro you?' ho
sa|d to mo. l sa|d, °1oo, l'mcom|ng as tast as l can. l
amapprox|mato|y t|ttoon m|nutos away.' l cou|d hoar
tho urgoncy |n h|s vo|co. |o rop||od, °|urry up!' 1on
m|nutos |ator ho ca||od aga|n, °lowo, whoro aro
you?' °l am com|ng 1oo, l am on 3unsot 3ou|ovard. l
w||| bo thoro |n t|vo m|nutos,' l rop||od. °|urry up,' ho
sa|d, °l amout |n tront ot tho hoto| wa|t|ng on you.'
l arr|vod and just as l was park|ng my car, 1oo ca||od
aga|n. °Whoro aro you now, lowo?' °l am horo
1oo,' l rop||od. |o sa|d, °Voot mo at tho tront
ontranco ot tho hoto|.' l sa|d, °Okay.' Whon l got to
tho tront ot tho hoto|, thoro stood 1oo. |o sa|d, °You
aro ho|d|ng ovoryth|ng up, to||ow mo.' Wo rushod to
tho room whoro tho moot|ng was bo|ng ho|d. lt was
|n ono ot tho bunga|ows |ocatod at tho roar ot tho
hoto|. Whon wo ontorod tho room, thoro sat V|chao|,
h|s mothor, Kathor|no, landy lh||||ps, and h|s
bus|noss assoc|ato trom AEG, lau| Gongawaro.
lau| was a porson l had known tor ovor th|rty yoars,
and had onormous rospoct tor. ln my prosonco ho
had a|ways prosontod h|mso|t as a portoct
gont|oman. As wo woro ontor|ng, V|chao| stood up
to groot us. Wo thon grootod ovoryono o|so. 1ho
|ook on landy lh||||ps' taco whon l ontorod sa|d |t
a||. W|thout say|ng a word, l cou|d to|| trom tho
oxpross|on on h|s taco that ho hatod to soo mo
thoro. As tho moot|ng bogan, my thoughts ot landy
lh||||ps woro cont|rmod. l had a|ways known that ho
wantod to contro| ovoryono assoc|atod w|th V|chao|.
||s way ot do|ng th|s had boon w|th tho AEG
chockbook. |o qu|ck|y askod mo, °Who |s pay|ng
you?' l rop||od, °1hat |s not your concorn.' ||s taco
bogan to turn rod and tho moot|ng bogan.
1oo took tho t|oor t|rst. |o bogan by say|ng to landy
lh||||ps, °You a|| aro not go|ng to choat V|chao| ||ko
you havo dono a|| ot h|s ||to.' 1oo wont on to say that
ho to|t that a |ot ot th|ngs that AEG was do|ng to
V|chao| woro wrong. 1oo thon |ookod at mo, and
askod mo to oxp|a|n what ho was ta|k|ng about. l
sa|d, °Okay.' l know l was go|ng to addross somo
sons|t|vo and sor|ous mattors. 3o l thought |t wou|d
bo bost that l mako V|chao| awaro ot what l was
go|ng to bo addross|ng. l thon askod V|chao| |t l
cou|d spoak to h|m|n pr|vato. |o sa|d, °Yos.'
Wo wont |nto anothor room to ta|k. l to|d h|m that l
was go|ng to d|scuss tho sca|p|ng ot t|ckots |n
london by AEG, as wo|| as othor unoth|ca| th|ngs
that l to|t had boon dono by thom. l askod h|m |t ho
had any objoct|ons to that. |o sa|d, °lo, go r|ght
Whon wo roturnod to tho room, l startod ask|ng
about tho sca|p|ng ot t|ckots |n london. landy
lh||||ps rop||od, °1hoso woro not sca|pod t|ckots,
thoy woro socondary sa|os.' l sa|d to h|m, °1hat |s
just a protty namo that you havo croatod to put on |t. l
havo a|ways known |t to bo ca||od sca|p|ng.' 3o||ovo
|t or not, ho agrood w|th mo, and sa|d, °You'ro r|ght.'
1h|s t|ckot procoduro ca||od sca|p|ng can bo vory
|ucrat|vo tor a concort promotor. Whon a promotor
t|nds that ho has a show |n h|gh domand ho can pu||
a numbor ot t|ckots botoro thoy go on sa|o. 1ho
t|ckots that aro takon most ot tho t|mo aro trom tho
t|rst ton rows. 1hoso t|ckots aro otton rotorrod to as
prom|um t|ckots, or go|d c|rc|o. |or oxamp|o, |t a
promotor pu||s ono thousand t|ckots trom tho go|d
c|rc|o and so||s thom through an outs|do brokor that
ho contro|s, tor $b00 oach ovor taco va|uo, ho stands
to prot|t $b00,000 por show. 1h|s ot courso |s
w|thout tho art|st hav|ng any know|odgo ot or
part|c|pat|on |n tho prot|t. V|chao|'s t|ckots woro so
much |n domand that th|s was vory oasy tor landy
lh||||ps and AEG to do. Wo had |nvost|gatod and
tound that thoy had so|d somo ot V|chao|'s t|ckots
tor much moro than $b00 ovor tho taco va|uo ot tho
t|ckot. lt you wou|d do tho math, and mu|t|p|y just
$b00,000, tho prot|t trom ono show, t|mos tho t|tty
(b0) shows that V|chao| had so|d out, you can soo
that AEG stood to prot|t m||||ons, w|thout V|chao|'s
know|odgo. l tru|y bo||ovo that thoy v|owod mo as a
throat to th|s and a|| othor undorhandod doa||ngs thoy
woro ongag|ng |n.
Whon l askod landy lh||||ps, °|ow many t|ckots d|d
you sca|p |n london?'
||s answor was, °l don't know.'
l thon askod h|m, °|owmuch d|d you so|| thomtor?'
|o a|so sa|d, °l don't know.'
lt was ov|dont that ho d|d not want to rovoa| th|s
|ntormat|on to V|chao| or myso|t. l thon askod landy
lh||||ps, °What curroncy |s V|chao| go|ng to bo pa|d
|o rop||od, °ln U.3. curroncy.'
l sa|d, °lo. 1ho monoy |s bo|ng co||octod, |n pounds.
l wou|d ||ko tor h|m to bo pa|d |n 3r|t|sh pounds as
Onco aga|n, landy lh||||ps' taco turnod rod. 1ho
roason thoy wou|d choso to pay V|chao| |n U.3.
curroncy, |nstoad ot pounds |s bocauso tho va|uo ot
tho pound was worth a|most b0% moro than tho
va|uo ot U.3. curroncy at tho t|mo. $1 m||||on |n
3r|t|sh pounds was oqu|va|ont to $1.4 m||||on |n U.3.
Curroncy. 3y pay|ng V|chao| |n U.3. curroncy, AEG
stood to prot|t $400,000 por show. 1ho powors that
bo havo a|ways rotorrod to Atr|canAmor|can concort
promotors, as crooks, and thoy havo spont a |ot ot
t|mo assass|nat|ng our charactor. 3ut trust mo thoy
aro tho b|ggost crooks ot a||. l havo a|ways not|cod
that thoy say ovoryono |s a crook, but thom.what a
As l cont|nuod ta|k|ng about what l v|owod as
unoth|ca| bus|noss pract|cos by AEG, 1oo bocamo
h|gh|y upsot to a po|nt whoro Kathor|no had to
|ntorvono and havo h|m s|t down. |av|ng boon a
promotor tor tho past th|rty p|us yoars, |t soomod
apparont that landy lh||||ps and AEGworo p|ann|ng
to tako advantago ot V|chao| |n london.
1horo was somoth|ng st||| nagg|ng at mo, and had
boon tor tho past tow months. l had boon w|th
V|chao| botoro whon ho was propar|ng to tour. |o
was vory much a portoct|on|st. |o wou|d worry you
to doath about ovory dota||, ho wantod ovoryth|ng to
bo portoct. 3ut tor somo roason ho was d|ttoront th|s
t|mo. lt was as |t ho knowthat ho wou|d not mako |t to
london. |o d|dn't soom to caro about any ot tho
th|ngs that ho wou|d norma||y bo concornod about.
1h|s was hard not to not|co |t you know V|chao|. lt
was ||ko ho had an |ntu|t|on or somo k|nd ot
promon|t|on that ho was not go|ng to portorm |n
london. 3oon attor, Kathor|no (V|chao|'s mothor),
1oo and l |ott tho hoto|. Outs|do, thoro woro hundrods
ot paparazz|. lt a|ways amazod mo howthoy soomod
to a|ways know tho whoroabouts ot V|chao|. l
roturnod to my hoto| that day somowhat
d|sappo|ntod. l was so atra|d tor V|chao| and what
ho was tac|ng. l know w|thout mo around landy
lh||||ps wou|d havo no obstac|os to taco. l to|t th|s
wou|d tru|y causo a d|sastor tor V|chao|. l thon
romomborod somoth|ng that 1oo had to|d mo
oar||or. |o sa|d, °lowo you can't got d|scouragod,
you havo got to hang |n thoro and protoct V|chao|.' l
knowwhat 1oo sa|d was truo.
1ho PooµIo that couId havo
aavod NichaoI
l wou|d ||ko to bog|n by say|ng, Vrs. Kathor|no
1ackson |s a porson that l |ovo and adm|ro. l t|rst mot
hor ovor th|rty yoars ago. |rom that po|nt on sho has
troatod mo as |t l woro ono ot hor sons. 3ut l must bo
as honost horo as l havo boon throughout tho wr|t|ng
ot th|s book. As l |ook back at th|s who|o ordoa|, tho
ono porson whoso act|ons l can't undorstand |s
V|chao|'s mothor, Kathor|no.
ln Varch 2007, attor l had v|s|tod V|chao| at h|s las
vogas homo, l roturnod to At|anta and cou|d not got
my m|nd ott ot how V|chao| |ookod and bohavod. |o
was vory trag||o, not as tra|| as ho was |n 2000, but a
|ot th|nnor than h|s norma| body s|zo. l ca||od lobb|o,
h|s o|dor s|stor, and ta|kod to hor about |t. l know sho
cou|d not do much ot anyth|ng bocauso at tho t|mo
sho had no ro|at|onsh|p w|th V|chao|, but l ca||od hor
anyway. l to|d hor that l suspoctod V|chao| was on
drugs, and that wo noodod to do somoth|ng about |t
qu|ck|y. 3ho suggostod that wo p|aco a ca|| to hor
mothor. 3ho askod mo to put hor on a throo-way ca||.
Whon wo got Vrs. 1ackson on tho phono, l bogan to
oxp|a|n my concorns about V|chao|. l to|d hor l
bo||ovod that V|chao| was abus|ng drugs and wo a||
noodod to got togothor and try to got h|m |n a
troatmont tac|||ty. 3ho d|d not rospond to mo at a||. l
thon sa|d thoso words to hor that l w||| novor torgot, °lt
you rotuso to do anyth|ng, and somoth|ng bad
happons to V|chao|, you w||| novor bo ab|o to ||vo |t
down.' |or rosponso was, °You aro r|ght.' 3ut sho
st||| d|d not do anyth|ng to got V|chao| somo
troatmont or ho|p. l w||| novor undorstand th|s as |ong
as l ||vo.
1wo yoars |ator, whon l arr|vod |n los Ango|os and
saw V|chao| ho was |n tho worst shapo ovor. |o
wo|ghod approx|mato|y ono hundrod ton to ono
hundrod t|ttoon pounds. |or a man t|vo toot ton, you
cou|d |mag|no how ho |ookod. |o d|d not on|y |ook
s|ck|y to mo, l know tor a tact that ho was. 3ut what
roa||y troub|od mo was that no ono was try|ng to got
ho|p tor h|m or got h|m |nto a troatmont tac|||ty. l
moan no ono. Attor soo|ng h|m l t|rst p|acod a ca|| to
landy 1ackson, h|s brothor, and to|d h|m ot
V|chao|'s cond|t|on. l sa|d to h|m wo noodod to
|ntorvono and do somoth|ng tor your brothor. |o
agrood and sa|d ho was on board to ho|p. |o a|so
sa|d to mo that ho had boon to|||ng th|s to h|s mothor
a|| a|ong but sho had rotusod to accopt |t. 1ho noxt
ca|| l mado was to 1oo, V|chao|'s tathor, who was
now ||v|ng |n las vogas. l oxp|a|nod tho s|tuat|on to
h|m. |o sa|d, °l w||| do whatovor you a|| want mo to
do.' 1oo was a|so tota||y on board to got V|chao|
somo ho|p. landy |ator ca||od mo to ta|k about how
wo cou|d got h|s mothor on board w|th us as wo||.
Wo to|t that sho was tho most |mportant porson
noodod. 3y gott|ng hor to como on board w|th us,
th|s wou|d koop V|chao| trom hav|ng anywhoro or
anyono to h|do boh|nd. Wo to|t that |t wo d|d not havo
hor, wo wou|d not bo ab|o to |ntorvono and got
V|chao| comm|ttod. Wo knowth|s wou|d bo a d|tt|cu|t
task to say tho |oast. V|chao| was hor t|nanc|a|
prov|dor and sho d|d not ||ko to go aga|nst h|m, no
mattor what tho c|rcumstancos may bo.
l was hop|ng sho wou|d d|sp|ay tho samo typo ot
tough mothor|y |ovo that l had soon d|sp|ayod by tho
mothors ot lata||o Co|o and Wh|tnoy |ouston. 1ho|r
mothors know that thoy had to do somoth|ng or thoy
woro go|ng to |oso tho|r daughtors. lt was trom tho|r
act|ons and tough mothor|y |ovo that tho|r ch||dron
woro savod.
landy d|d not bo||ovo h|s mothor wou|d ho|p us but l
know l had to try anyway. l to|d h|ml was go|ng to ca||
hor and ta|k to hor. |o sa|d to mo that l noodod to
contact lobb|o t|rst. |o to|t by both ot thom bo|ng
1ohovah W|tnossos, lobb|o wou|d bo ho|ptu|. |o
thought that lobb|o cou|d porsuado h|s mothor to do
tho r|ght th|ng by spoak|ng to hor trom a God|y
standpo|nt, conv|nc|ng hor that th|s was tho r|ght
th|ng to do. l to||owod h|s |oad and ca||od lobb|o. l
oxp|a|nod V|chao|'s cond|t|on to hor and to|d hor
what wo woro p|ann|ng to do. Attor a |ongthy
convorsat|on w|th hor about V|chao|, l thon askod tor
hor cooporat|on |n ass|st|ng us. |or rosponso was, °l
w||| do whatovor you a|| want mo to do.' low |t was
tho t|mo to p|aco tho ca|| to V|chao|'s mothor,
Kathor|no. l ca||od hor |ato that samo attornoon and
to|d hor that l had soon V|chao| and what l thought ot
h|s cond|t|on. l oxp|a|nod to hor how ho |ookod and
what l thought wo shou|d |mmod|ato|y do. l a|so to|d
hor |t wou|d bo |mposs|b|o tor us to bo succosstu| |n
do|ng th|s w|thout hor ass|stanco. 3ho ||stonod to mo
vory attont|vo|y, but l kopt not|c|ng that sho wou|d not
mako a comm|tmont to ho|p us. Wo conc|udod tho
ca|| w|th hor to|||ng mo that sho wou|d th|nk about |t
and got back |n touch w|th mo |ator. |or tho noxt two
wooks l hoard noth|ng trom Kathor|no, nor d|d sho
p|ck up any ot my ca||s. l knowtromthoso act|ons tho
answor was no.
0ur|ng thoso two to throo wooks l tound |t to bo vory
hard to got |n touch w|th V|chao|, so l know that
Kathor|no had to|d h|m what l was p|ann|ng to do. l
roa||y d|dn't caro about that. l tru|y |ovod th|s guy, and
l know l was do|ng tho r|ght th|ng. l was try|ng to savo
h|s ||to.
Voanwh||o, l kopt gott|ng phono ca||s trom 1oo,
V|chao|'s tathor, ask|ng mo what was go|ng on. l to|d
h|m about my convorsat|on w|th Kathor|no. Ono day
wh||o ta|k|ng to h|m ho askod mo to got hor on a
throo-way ca||, and l d|d. Whon sho camo on tho
phono, 1oo sa|d to hor |n a pors|stont vo|co, °Kato, l
want you to go by tho hoto|, p|ck up lowo, and go
ovor to V|chao|'s houso. 3oth ot you a|| stay thoro tor
a tow days so that you can t|nd out and soo what |s
go|ng on.' 3ho sa|d to h|m, °l am not go|ng to do
that. l am not go|ng ovor thoro and |nvado h|s
pr|vacy.' lowthat l |ook back, th|s was tho ono movo
that wou|d havo tru|y savod V|chao|'s ||to. l too| so
bad whon l th|nk about howwo a|| ta||od V|chao|.
0ur|ng tho t|na| months ot V|chao|'s ||to tho porson
that had tho most powor and |nt|uonco ovor h|m was
landy lh||||ps ot AEG. ln my op|n|on landy lh||||ps
had stratog|ca||y |nsortod h|mso|t and AEG |nto
V|chao|'s ||to to a po|nt whoro AEG contro||od h|m
t|nanc|a||y. l tru|y bo||ovo landy lh||||ps know that
V|chao| was |n poor cond|t|on phys|ca||y and
t|nanc|a||y, and ho so|zod tho opportun|ty to contro|
tho pop |con. AEG was v|rtua||y tak|ng caro ot a|| ot
V|chao|'s ||v|ng oxponsos wh|ch woro qu|to
oxorb|tant. 1h|s gavo landy lh|||ps and AEG tho
powor thoy noodod to contro| V|chao|. 1hoy took
caro ot such hugo oxponsos such as tho $100,000
por month ronta| ot tho homo ho was ||v|ng |n, wh|ch
was too much. $100,000 a month to h|s so-ca||od
adv|sor 0r. 1ohmo 1ohmo, was a|so too much. ln
add|t|on month|y paymonts to V|chao| and h|s
mothor woro bo|ng mado tor ||v|ng oxponsos and to
tako caro ot h|s ch||dron. l too| by |nc|ud|ng 1ohmo
1ohmo on tho|r payro||, th|s gavo landy lh||||ps and
AEG comp|oto protoct|on trom othor doa|s that
wou|d como V|chao|'s way. V|chao| wou|d novor
hoar about any othor doa|s or ottors. V|chao| had a
numbor ot ottors trom around tho wor|d that wou|d
havo pa|d h|m $10-$1b m||||on tor oach
portormanco. AEG had V|chao| so t|nanc|a||y
trappod that ho cou|d not cons|dor any ot thom
bocauso ho knownoth|ng about thom.
1hoy know that |t ho had know|odgo ot thoso othor
ottors, ho cou|d havo takon thoso ottors, and trood
h|mso|t tromAEG's t|nanc|a| bond. 1h|s wou|d havo
g|von V|chao| tho t|nanc|a| troodom ho noodod.
1ohmo 1ohmo d|d h|s vory bost to mako suro that
thoso ottors novor roachod tho K|ng ot lop. 1ho
act|ons ot thoso poop|o, |n my op|n|on, woro
l to|d V|chao| t|mo and t|mo aga|n that landy lh||||ps
and AEG d|d not havo h|s bost |ntorost at hoart. |o
noodod to |oavo thom a|ono, and stop tak|ng tho|r
monoy. |o wou|d just |ook at mo and ||ston. l know
ho bo||ovod what l was say|ng but ho was so
troub|od and contusod that ho d|d not know what to
do. 1hoy had h|m caught |n a wob and ho cou|d not
soo h|s way out, and thoy know |t. l too| so bad about
what thoy d|d to V|chao|.
Ono day l doc|dod to pay a v|s|t to 1ohmo 1ohmo's
attornoy, 0onn|s |awk. ||s ott|co was |n 3anta
Von|ca, and l |ntont|ona||y wont ovor thoro
unannouncod. l was accompan|od by lat A||oco, tho
concort promotor trom low 1orsoy that had mado
tho hugo ottor to V|chao| to portorm ono show |n tho
Un|tod 3tatos that wou|d havo pa|d h|m somo $1b
m||||on. l know that |awk was not on|y 1ohmo
1ohmo's attornoy but a|so a good tr|ond ot landy
lh||||ps. l thought by spoak|ng to h|m taco to taco l
wou|d bo ab|o to conv|nco h|m to got landy lh||||ps
to work w|th mo so that wo cou|d try and got tho ho|p
tor V|chao| that ho so dosporato|y noodod. l know
th|s was a |ong shot at bost, but AEG, tho company
landy lh||||ps workod tor, had spont a |ot ot monoy
on V|chao|, so l to|t |t wou|d bo |n tho|r bost |ntorost
to ho|p. l know landy lh||||ps rosontod mo tor no
apparont roason, l m|ght add, othor than l was a
porson around V|chao| that ho d|d not contro|. lt
d|dn't ho|p that l had a porsona| ro|at|onsh|p and a
contract w|th V|chao| wh|ch provontod landy lh||||ps
and AEG trom oxorc|s|ng tota| contro| ovor mo.
landy lh||||ps rosontod tho tact that ho had to doa|
w|th mo |n any way, and rotusod to do so, ovon
though l was propor|y rota|nod by V|chao| to
spoc|t|ca||y hand|o and ovorsoo h|s t|nanc|a| and
bus|noss atta|rs.
A roasonab|y m|ndod porson wou|d th|nk g|von a||
that AEG had |nvostod |n V|chao| and stood to ga|n
or |oso, thoy wou|d havo takon tho appropr|ato
moasuros to got V|chao| tho troatmont that ho
dosorvod and noodod. Untortunato|y, l was wrong. l
askod 0onn|s |awk to oxp|a|n to landy lh||||ps that
w|th V|chao| |n tho cond|t|on that ho was |n, thoro
was no way ho wou|d bo ab|o to do tho shows |n
london |t wo d|d not got h|m ho|p. l was atra|d that
ho wou|d not ovon mako |t to london, and as tato
wou|d havo |t, ho d|dn't. What l suggostod was to
movo tho t|rst |og ot tho london tour wh|ch was
twonty or so shows, and put thomboh|nd tho socond
|og, wh|ch was ovor s|x months |ator. 1h|s wou|d
havo g|von V|chao| a chanco at a s|x month stay |n a
rohab tac|||ty wh|ch ho so dosporato|y noodod. l |ator
roco|vod word trom landy lh||||ps to|||ng mo to
°shovo ott'.
l cou|d not undorstand why landy lh||||ps wou|d bo
w||||ng to tako th|s r|sky chanco on V|chao| w|thout
gott|ng h|m troatmont. |o had to know that V|chao|
wou|d not bo ab|o to do thoso shows. 3y now,
soo|ng tho ovonts that unto|dod |t |s moro c|oar|y
ov|dont. l can on|y |mag|no tho ov|| thoughts that
landy lh||||ps may havo had at tho t|mo.
landy lh||||ps know ho had to do somoth|ng about
mo, whon V|chao| askod mo to como and work w|th
h|m and to watch ovor h|s t|nanc|a|s and othor
bus|noss atta|rs. 1h|s a|so |nc|udod tho shows that
woro schodu|od tor london. V|chao| to|d mo that
landy lh||||ps had sa|d to h|m that ho rotusod to
work w|th loonard lowo, and that ho was ca|||ng |n
|rank 0|loo to manago h|m. lt ho d|dn't accopt th|s,
thon ho was go|ng to pu|| tho p|ug on ovoryth|ng. |o
know ho had V|chao| trappod. |rom that po|nt on,
V|chao| and l bogan spoak|ng a |ot |oss otton. l
roco|vod a ca|| tromV|chao| a day or so |ator and ho
sa|d to mo, °l want you to moot and work w|th |rank
|rank 0|loo was anothor porson that cou|d havo
boon vory |nstrumonta| |n sav|ng V|chao|'s ||to, but |t
appoars that ho choso not to do so. ln tho m|d 80's
|rank 0|loo was an unknown rocord promotor.
0ur|ng th|s t|mo ho was work|ng tor Ep|c locords.
3hort|y attor tho ro|oaso ot °1hr|||or' V|chao|
dovo|opod a protoss|ona| ro|at|onsh|p w|th 0|loo,
and took a ||k|ng to h|m. lator V|chao| h|rod h|m as
h|s managor, g|v|ng h|m |nstant tamo, notor|oty, and
woa|th. l havo watchod h|m on tho lntornot and
to|ov|s|on, do|ng |ntorv|ow attor |ntorv|ow and
||ston|ng to h|m to|| ||o attor ||o about V|chao|'s
phys|ca| hoa|th and cond|t|on. ln add|t|on to |gnor|ng
tho many wrong th|ngs that woro bo|ng dono to
V|chao|, l cou|dn't ho|p but wondor what k|nd ot
human bo|ng |rank 0|loo was. l bo||ovo ho |s now
bo|ng pa|d and componsatod by landy lh||||ps and
AEG, who aro, |n my op|n|on, tho samo poop|o that
dostroyod V|chao|. Why d|d |rank 0|loo nood or
want th|s typo ot assoc|at|on attor a|| that V|chao|
had dono tor h|m?
|rank 0|loo camo to lA and was stay|ng at tho
3ovor|y |||ton |oto|. V|chao| askod mo to g|vo h|ma
ca|| and sot up a moot|ng w|th h|m, wh|ch l
|mmod|ato|y d|d. Wo sot tho moot|ng tor 11 a.m. tho
to||ow|ng morn|ng. At th|s moot|ng l was hop|ng that
ho wou|d havo tho samo th|ng |n m|nd as l d|d, to
watch out tor V|chao|'s wo||-bo|ng and to mako suro
that V|chao| was not bo|ng takon advantago ot |n
any way. l a|so thought th|s wou|d g|vo mo tho portoct
opportun|ty to d|scuss V|chao|'s hoa|th. l arr|vod at
tho hoto| about 11a.m. sharp, l |mmod|ato|y ca||od up
to 0|loo's room to |ot h|m know that l had arr|vod. l
to|d h|mthat l was |n tho |obby. |o sa|d to mo that ho
wou|d bo r|ght down. A towm|nutos |ator ho arr|vod.
As wo sat down and startod to ta|k my hopos woro
shattorod. lt bocamo apparont by h|s convorsat|on
that h|s |oya|ty was not w|th V|chao| at a||, |t was
tota||y to landy lh||||ps and AEG. |o d|d not spoak
ono word about protoct|ng V|chao| or V|chao|'s
bus|noss atta|rs, nor d|d ho spoak about V|chao|'s
hoa|th. l was oxtromo|y d|sappo|ntod. What |rank
0|loo d|d spoak about was landy lh||||ps and
AEG, and h|s ma|n top|c was contorod on how l was
go|ng to catch AEG w|th tho sca|p|ng ot t|ckots |n
london. l had d|scussod th|s w|th V|chao| and to|d
h|m that l was p|ann|ng on do|ng somoth|ng to
countoract th|s, and mako suro that ho wou|d bo pa|d
ta|r|y tor tho sa|os ot thoso sca|pod t|ckots. l novor
sa|d what l was go|ng to do. lt bocamo vory c|oar to
mo that th|s guy |rank 0|loo was not work|ng tor
V|chao|, ho was c|oar|y work|ng tor landy lh||||ps
and AEG. Attor tho moot|ng l sont V|chao| a toxt
mossago oxp|a|n|ng what had transp|rod at tho
moot|ng, as wo|| as my thoughts on |rank 0|loo.
|rank 0|loo was anothor porson who cou|d havo
ho|pod |n sav|ng V|chao| |t h|s hoart and h|s |oya|ty
had boon |n tho r|ght p|aco, and that p|aco shou|d
havo boon w|th V|chao|. 3ut thoy c|oar|y woro not. ln
my op|n|on h|s |oya|ty was w|th landy lh||||ps and
AEG, tho poop|o that l tru|y too| woro pay|ng h|m. l
to|t so a|ono. l had no ono to ho|p mo try and savo
V|chao|, no ono. 3y th|s t|mo 1ohmo 1ohmo and
V|chao| had comp|oto|y partod ways. |o hatod
V|chao|, and tho too||ng was mutua| on V|chao|'s
ond. l know bottor than to ask 1ohmo 1ohmo tor ho|p
w|th V|chao|, ma|n|y bocauso ho was a|so onAEG's
payro||. V|chao| to|d mo |n tho prosonco ot h|s tathor
at h|s homo |n 3ovor|y ||||s ono morn|ng, that ho
thought th|s guy was dosp|cab|o. |o a|so sa|d ho
novor wantod to soo h|m aga|n |n h|s ||to. V|chao|
had bocomo vory upsot w|th 1ohmo 1ohmo tor try|ng
to auct|on a|| ot h|s bo|ong|ngs. Whonovor l had mot
w|th 1ohmo 1ohmo, l cou|d honost|y too| tho ov|| sp|r|t
that ho possossod. l d|d not know what that too||ng
was, but what l d|d know, |s that ho wou|d causo
dostruct|on |t ho was a||owod to cont|nuo |n
V|chao|'s ||to. l was g|ad to soo V|chao| got r|d ot
What l tound was that tho poop|o |nvo|vod |n
V|chao|'s ||to to ovorsoo h|s bus|noss atta|rs on|y
carod about how thoy cou|d prot|t trom h|m
t|nanc|a||y. l to|t that nono ot thom carod anyth|ng
about V|chao| as a human bo|ng. lt V|chao| brought
anyono |nto h|s ||to that d|d actua||y havo h|s bost
|ntorost |n m|nd, thoy wou|d do anyth|ng and
ovoryth|ng w|th|n tho|r powor to o||m|nato that
porson, wh|ch thoy domonstratod |n tho|r ottorts to
got r|d ot mo. landy lh||||ps and |rank 0|loo c|a|m
that V|chao| had h|rod |rank 0|loo to bo h|s
managor and ho was to rop|aco mo. l novor hoard
any ot th|s trom V|chao|. Whon |t camo to V|chao|
1ackson |t appoarod that landy lh||||ps had a
tondoncy to mako th|ngs ||ko ho wantod thom to bo
w|thout hav|ng a s|gnod agroomont or a contract |n
p|aco. l havo askod numorous t|mos whoro |s |rank
0|loo's managomont contract s|gnod by V|chao|.
1hoy suro|y wou|d havo ono |t that was V|chao|'s
w|sh, but |t wasn't. ln my op|n|on, th|s was an act that
was torcod on V|chao| by landy lh||||ps. V|chao|
to|d mo h|mso|t that ho wou|d novor h|ro |rank 0|loo
aga|n. |o cou|d havo h|rod |rank 0|loo botoro ho
s|gnod an agroomont w|th mo but ho d|dn't. ln my
op|n|on, and tho words ot V|chao|, th|s was a movo
bo|ng torcod on h|m by landy lh||||ps |n an ottort to
got r|d ot mo.
1ho |nvoatigation
ln my op|n|on, tho |nvost|gat|on |nto V|chao|'s doath
was noth|ng moro than a comp|oto sham. 1horo was
no |nvost|gat|on at a|| as tar as l cou|d soo. l havo
w|tnossod a moro thorough |nvost|gat|on whon a dog
|n my no|ghborhood was h|t by a car.
l had tho opportun|ty to moot w|th tho hom|c|do
|nvost|gators trom tho lAl0. l just happonod to bo
at tho 1acksons' homo |n August ot 2000, whon thoy
roco|vod a v|s|t trom tho lAl0 hom|c|do
|nvost|gators. 1h|s was tota||y by acc|dont. l can
honost|y say thoso guys d|d not havo a c|uo. ln my
op|n|on thoy woro bo|ng comp|oto|y |od astray by
landy lh||||ps and AEG. 1hoy woro rotus|ng to |ook
at anyono othor than 0r. Conrad Vurray tor tho
causo ot V|chao|'s doath. l askod thom, °lsn't |t
strango that wo havon't soon any outburst ot angor
trom landy lh||||ps? Espoc|a||y |t you cons|dor tho
tact that h|s company AEG was, l bo||ovo pay|ng 0r.
Vurray tho oxorb|tant amount ot $1b0,000 por month
to watch ovor V|chao|'s hoa|th.'
V|chao| d|d not havo that k|nd ot monoy at tho t|mo
to pay 0r. Vurray. 3o l ask who o|so cou|d havo
boon pay|ng h|m. ln my op|n|on thoro cou|d on|y bo
ono answor, and that answor cou|d on|y bo AEG.
landy lh||||ps had boon try|ng vory hard to d|stanco
h|mso|t trom0r. Vurray. l to|d tho |nvost|gators that |t
thoy wou|d |ook doop|y and shovo| away tho ashos, l
tru|y bo||ovo whon tho smoko c|oars, thoy wou|d t|nd
landy lh||||ps and AEG stand|ng thoro. 1h|s |s my
truo op|n|on. Corta|n th|ngs do not mako sonso to
mo. As |awyors otton say, °lt just doosn't pass tho
smo|| tost.' l ama concort promotor myso|t, and havo
boon tor a numbor ot yoars. lt l had t|tty shows so|d
out w|th V|chao| 1ackson, and my company stood to
prot|t an onormous amount ot monoy trom thoso
shows, natura||y l wou|d bo concornod about
V|chao|'s hoa|th. l wou|d a|so do anyth|ng and
ovoryth|ng w|th|n my powor to prosorvo |t. l tru|y
bo||ovo AEG had agrood to pay tho doctor's sa|ary
at |oast unt|| V|chao| arr|vod |n london. lt th|s doctor
w|thout my know|odgo wont |nto V|chao|'s homo and
adm|n|storod somoth|ng to h|mthat ho most corta|n|y
shou|d not havo wh|ch causod h|s doath, l can to||
you now that l wou|d bo outragod. l wou|d bo ca|||ng
tor th|s doctor to bo prosocutod to tho tu||ost oxtont ot
tho |aw. l wou|d want h|m to bo put Ul0El tho ja||. l
havon't soon or hoard any such act|ons trom landy
lh||||ps or anyono at AEG oxpross such angor. lt just
doosn't add up.
1ho lAl0 knows that l was around V|chao| dur|ng
tho t|na| months ot h|s ||to. 1hoy a|so know that l had
boon work|ng tor h|mdur|ng that t|mo. lt |s so strango
to mo that thoy havo not tr|od to |ntorv|ow mo at a||
s|nco tho moot|ng wo had at tho 1acksons' homo,
wh|ch happonod by co|nc|donco. l havo sa|d a||
a|ong that th|s ont|ro ordoa| and tho |nvost|gat|on |nto
V|chao|'s doath havo tho ||ngor|ng smo|| ot
corrupt|on. AEG had a ||to |nsuranco po||cy on
V|chao|, a po||cy that wou|d pay thom m||||ons ot
do||ars upon h|s doath. lt |s a|so strango that th|s
|nsuranco po||cy has boon kopt qu|ot. lt has not boon
ta|kod about pub||c|y dur|ng tho |nvost|gat|on, and
has boon comp|oto|y kopt out ot tho mod|a. Why? l
havo soon t|mo and t|mo aga|n, whon a mystor|ous
doath has occurrod and thoro was a |argo ||to
|nsuranco po||cy |nvo|vod, tho bonot|c|ary ot that
po||cy a|ways has roco|vod scrut|ny and has boon
thorough|y |ookod at trom tho |nvost|gators
standpo|nt unt|| thoy woro abso|uto|y c|oarod. lot so
|n tho caso ot V|chao| 1ackson. 1hoy soom to not
ovon want to d|scuss tho po||cy, tho va|uo ot tho
po||cy, or AEG |nvo|vomont. lt sooms as though thoy
do not want tho pub||c to know about th|s ||to
|nsuranco po||cy.
1horo woro many strango occurroncos |oad|ng up to
V|chao|'s doath that dosorvo to bo c|oso|y
scrut|n|zod. 1ho poop|o that V|chao| had prob|oms
w|th |n tho past, such as h|s tormor attornoy, 1ohn
3ranca, whom V|chao| had vowod to novor do
bus|noss w|th aga|n, woro ca||od |n by landy lh||||ps
just o|ght days pr|or to V|chao|'s doath. And now
3ranca |s hoad|ng V|chao|'s ostato. |ow can th|s
V|chao| was ||ko many othor ontorta|nors. |o d|d not
||ko tor h|s rohoarsa|s to bo t||mod. 1h|s |s vory
undorstandab|o. Art|sts toar that thoso t||ms cou|d bo
dup||catod and so|d w|thout tho art|st's consont or
contro|. Whon an art|st |s rohoars|ng, thoy aro |n a
d|ttoront m|ndsot, ono that thoy norma||y do not want
tho pub||c to soo. 1hoy somot|mos say th|ngs that
thoy do not want tho pub||c to hoar, and do th|ngs
thoy do not want tho pub||c to soo or know about.
V|chao| was porsuadod to a||ow tho t||m|ng ot h|s
rohoarsa|s two days botoro h|s doath. Why? Was |t
bocauso a mov|o was bo|ng p|annod attor h|s
dom|so? l tru|y bo||ovo th|s was tho caso. Wh||o
V|chao| was a||vo, h|s groatost w|sh was to star |n a
mov|o. |o to|d mo that tho powors ot th|s somot|mos
ov|| |ndustry wou|d not a||ow h|m to do so. lsn't |t
amaz|ng that t|vo months attor h|s doath ho gots h|s
w|sh? 1h|s |s com|ng at a t|mo whon poop|o othor
than h|s tam||y or h|s ch||dron contro| tho prot|ts trom
h|s accomp||shmonts. What a shamo.
l a|so t|nd |t to bo vory strango that landy lh||||ps
wou|d rotuso to |ns|st that V|chao| sook ho|p tor h|s
add|ct|on dosp|to my ropoatod ottorts to ga|n h|s
cooporat|on |n gott|ng ho|p tor V|chao|. landy
lh||||ps |ns|sts that ho d|d not know that V|chao| was
us|ng drugs. 3o l must ask tho quost|on why AEG
wou|d havo a ||to |nsuranco po||cy that |nc|udod a
drug ovordoso prov|s|on. 0|d landy lh||||ps th|nk
that contro|||ng V|chao| wou|d bo oas|or as |ong as
ho was an add|ct? Or d|d ho know that by onab||ng
V|chao|'s drug uso by omp|oy|ng 0r. Vurray wou|d
g|vo AEG tho u|t|mato author|ty ovor tho pop star? l
tru|y bo||ovo so.
landy lh||||ps c|a|mod ho d|d not know that V|chao|
was us|ng drugs. 1h|s happons to bo tho b|ggost ta|o
that has boon to|d s|nco °Ch|ckon l|tt|o sa|d tho sky
|s ta|||ng.' landy lh||||ps mado |t h|s bus|noss to
know ovoryth|ng about V|chao|'s ||to, down to what
brand ot to||ot t|ssuo ho usod. lt ho d|dn't know ho
wou|d mako suro that somoono tound out tor h|m.
1horo havo boon rumors ot V|chao|'s dopondoncy
on drugs tor yoars. W|th a|| ot tho monoy that AEG
had |nvostod |n h|m, landy lh||||ps wants tho pub||c
to bo||ovo that ho know noth|ng ot h|s drug uso. G|vo
mo a broak, p|oaso. l porsona||y sont word to landy
lh||||ps to|||ng h|mabout V|chao|'s drug dopondoncy
and sook|ng h|s ass|stanco to got V|chao| somo
ho|p. l roco|vod word that ho sa|d tor mo to °shovo
ott'. 3hou|d th|s bo |nvost|gatod? l th|nk so, but |t
hasn't boon. Why?
l a|so t|nd |t strango that whonovor somoono
quost|ons tho act|ons ot landy lh||||ps and or 1ohn
3ranca, such as V|chao|'s s|stor la1oya, h|s tathor
1oo, or ovon mo, wo a|ways t|nd our charactor
|mmod|ato|y bo|ng assass|natod |n tho mod|a. Why?
ls |t bocauso thoy aro gu||ty ot somoth|ng? la1oya |s
V|chao|'s s|stor and 1oo |s h|s tathor. ls |t wrong tor
thom to havo quost|ons about V|chao|'s mystor|ous
doath? l say no, |t's on|y natura|. l bo||ovo thoy h|ro
poop|o who |n my op|n|on aro scum ||ko logor
|r|odman to pr|nt tho|r garbago and to|| tho|r ||os |n
hopos that tho pub||c w||| bo||ovo |t. l bo||ovo th|s |s
dono to d|vort attont|on away trom tho|r cr|mo and
wrongdo|ngs, and a||ows thom to cont|nuo stoa||ng
V|chao|'s tortuno and |ogacy away trom h|s ch||dron
and h|s tam||y. 1hoy |mmod|ato|y go |nto a dotons|vo
modo whon anyono quost|ons tho mystor|ous
act|v|t|os that surroundod V|chao| dur|ng tho t|na|
days ot h|s ||to. 1hoy bog|n to attack and
assass|nato tho charactor ot thoso that aro |nqu|r|ng.
Why? 1hoy wou|d ||ko tota| s||onco concorn|ng
V|chao|'s doath, so what thoy aro do|ng can go
unnot|cod and tota||y un|ntorruptod.
Whonovor 1oo spoaks out, thoy got tho mod|a to ta|k
about somoth|ng that may or may not havo
happonod ovor torty yoars ago. 1hat |s whothor or
not 1oo spankod V|chao| whon ho was a ch||d. 1hoy
uso th|s tact|c to d|vort tho pub||c's attont|on and to
croato a nogat|vo op|n|on ot h|s tathor 1oo 1ackson,
wh||o thoy qu|ot|y stoa| ovoryth|ng V|chao| workod so
hard tor a|| ot h|s ||to. 1h|s |s my op|n|on. ||s |ogacy
shou|d bo|ong to h|s ch||dron as wo|| as h|s tam||y,
and not to a bunch, who l too| aro murdor|ng th|ovos.
3ocauso ot what l bo||ovo to bo a corrupt court
systom |n tho C|ty ot los Ango|os, 1ohn 3ranca and
h|s band ot p|ratos, |n my op|n|on, havo tound |t oasy
to accomp||sh tho|r goa| ot contro|||ng V|chao|'s
woa|th w|thout answor|ng to anyono. At tho samo
t|mo thoy aro koop|ng V|chao|'s tam||y and ch||dron
out ot tho doc|s|on mak|ng procoss. lt ls so owío|
wbot tboy bovo oooo to Vlcboo|.
Roviow ot NichaoI Jackaon &
AEC Contract
London Contract Botwoon
NichaoI Jackaon & AEC
Ono ot tho hardost th|ngs tor mo as a concort
promotor and a |ong-t|mo tr|ond ot V|chao| 1ackson
to roa||zo |s just how dop|orab|o tho contract was
botwoon V|chao| 1ackson, V|chao| 1ackson
Company, llC and AEG. Evoryth|ng |n tho concort
promot|on bus|noss |s dono by contract. 1ho art|st,
tho concort promotor, and tho|r rospoct|vo
roprosontat|vos got togothor and hash out ovory
dota|| and cont|ngoncy that may ar|so |n tho contoxt
ot tho proposod concort datos or tour.
|or startors, AEG so|d out t|tty shows but tho
contract botwoon AEG and V|chao| doos not
mont|on t|tty shows, |t spoaks on|y ot th|rty-ono
shows. ln tact, V|chao| to|d mo porsona||y that ho
on|y or|g|na||y agrood to do ton shows but ov|dont|y,
contractua||y th|s numbor was |ncroasod to th|rty-
ono. 3uro|y a company tho s|zo ot AEG, w|th tho|r
|n-houso attornoys, that promotos hundrods ot
concorts ovory yoar, wou|d suro|y know tho s|mp|o
tact that ovory show or |og ot shows must havo a
s|gnod contract by tho art|st botoro tho show |s put
on sa|o. 3ut AEG had no s|gnod contract w|th
V|chao| tor t|tty shows. 1hoso add|t|ona| shows put
|ncroasod prossuro on an a|roady s|ck and tra||
V|chao| 1ackson, whomthoy know wou|d novor want
to d|sappo|nt h|s tans by not portorm|ng.
ln rov|ow|ng tho contract l was |mmod|ato|y struck by
tho tota| contractua| b|nd|ng ot V|chao| 1ackson
boyond tho purportod shows to bo schodu|od tor
london's O2 Arona. ln tact, tho AEG contract w|th
V|chao| 1ackson doosn't ond unt|| 0ocombor 81st,
2011, but V|chao|'s london shows woro to ond |n
|obruary 2010. ln my op|n|on, AEG wou|d cont|nuo
to ma|nta|n a contractua| strang|oho|d on V|chao| tor
anothor yoar and a ha|t attor tho london shows had
ondod. low romombor that AEG was tac|ng
m|n|ma| r|sk bocauso ot tho tromondous so|||ng
powor that V|chao| possossod. lmmod|ato|y attor
t|ckots wont on sa|o thoy had m||||ons and m||||ons ot
do||ars |n tho box ott|co trom t|tty shows that had
a|roady boon so|d out.
3o ovon though AEG was mak|ng ongo|ng
advancos to V|chao| tor ovory poss|b|o cont|ngoncy
and th|ngs that ho may havo noodod or roquostod,
AEG was oxpoctod to bo covorod by tho m||||ons ot
do||ars that wou|d bo takon |n trom tho t|ckot sa|os.
And, |n tho caso ot V|chao| 1ackson's doath, (wh|ch
ovontua||y happonod) AEG was tho so|o bonot|c|ary
(not h|s ch||dron or tam||y) on tho m||||ons ot do||ars
worth ot ||to |nsuranco. Contractua||y AEG had tho
r|ght to acqu|ro othor |nsuranco such as canco||at|on
|nsuranco, non-portormanco covorago, and ||ab|||ty
|nsuranco to namo just a tow.
|or an oxamp|o ot how undorhandod and dov|ous l
bo||ovo tho doa||ngs woro that AEGhad w|th V|chao|
1ackson, |ot's tako a |ook at paragraph 18.1 whoro
not on|y |s a|| tho |nsuranco covorago roqu|rod at
V|chao|'s oxponso (ot wh|ch AEG|s tho bonot|c|ary).
ln tho ovont ot doath, tho |nsuranco procoods wou|d
st||| not ro||ovo V|chao| 1ackson ot tho dobt tor
advancos undor tho AEG contract. Evon though |t
appoars AEG wou|d havo boon tu||y pa|d trom tho
||to |nsuranco and othor po||c|os, thoy wou|d st||| bo
|ook|ng tor add|t|ona| paymonts trom V|chao|'s
ostato now that ho |s docoasod. On top ot thoso
ovorroach|ng tact|cs, tho contract ca||s tor tho torms
and cond|t|ons to bo kopt str|ct|y cont|dont|a|. l tru|y
bo||ovo th|s was dono so that no ono cou|d soo or
know AEG's dov|ous act|v|t|os |n doa||ng w|th
V|chao| 1ackson.
lroduct|on costs, advancos tor ||v|ng quartors,
homos |n los Ango|os and las vogas, paymonts to
V|chao| 1ackson Co. llC's managor, 0r. 1ohmo
1ohmo, and ovoryth|ng o|so was bo|ng chargod to
V|chao| 1ackson as an advanco to bo rocoupod
tromV|chao| by, you guossod |t, AEG.
1ho contract has prov|s|ons tor tho °torm' ot tho
contract, wh|ch dot|nos how |ong tho contract
botwoon tho part|os w||| bo |n ottoct. 1ho contract
a|so has a prov|s|on tor tho °torr|tory' wh|ch dot|nos
whoro tho goograph|ca| ||m|tat|ons tor tho
portormanco ot tho contract w||| tako p|aco. 1hon
thoro aro torms and prov|s|ons tor °art|st
componsat|on' and tho °rocoupmont ot advancos'
mado by tho concort promotor. Whon a roasonab|o
porson takos a |ook at tho contract botwoon V|chao|
1ackson and AEG, you, ||ko mo, w||| bo |ott w|th tho
undon|ab|o too||ng that V|chao| 1ackson had boon
p|acod on an oconom|c p|antat|on w|th AEG as tho
mastor and ovorsoor ot a|| that V|chao| 1ackson d|d
or cou|d do. 1ho |anguago ot th|s contract |s |nc|udod
at tho ond ot th|s chaptor tor a|| to soo and ova|uato
|n ordor tor roadors to como to tho|r own conc|us|ons
about tho ta|rnoss ot what l too| |s a dop|orab|o and
dosp|cab|o ottort to man|pu|ato and contro| ono ot
tho groatost ontorta|nors tho wor|d has ovor known.
l amnot a |awyor so l w||| not try to addross tho many
|ssuos and concorns trom tho porspoct|vo ot a
|oga||y tra|nod |nd|v|dua|. l do, howovor, havo ovor
th|rty yoars oxpor|onco |n tho ontorta|nmont bus|noss
w|th a spoc|t|c omphas|s on concort promot|ons.
1hat part ot tho bus|noss l know vory wo||. 1horo |s
||tt|o |nvo|vod |n tho promot|on ot concorts by art|sts
or ontorta|nors, ||ko V|chao| 1ackson that l do not
know or that l am untam|||ar w|th. 3o l addross tho
|ssuos and concorns that l tound |n tho AEG contract
trom that porspoct|vo. W|th that |n m|nd, |ot's tako a
|ook at tho °dot|n|t|on soct|on' ot tho AEG contract
w|th V|chao| 1ackson.
1ho t|rst prob|omthat l notod |s |n tho dot|n|t|on ot tho
torm °advancos' |n that |t |nc|udos °advancos to tho
art|st,' V|chao| 1ackson as wo|| as °product|on
advancos' wh|ch |nc|udo a|| costs assoc|atod w|th
product|on ot a|| tho datos ot tho tour. 1h|s prob|om
|s onhancod whon you tako a |ook at how
°product|on costs' aro dot|nod |n tho contract.
ln tho |anguago ot th|s contract, °product|on costs'
aro moant to |nc|udo ovoryth|ng trom art|st-ro|atod
product|on and ro|atod costs such as °sound and
||ghts, r|gg|ng motors, stag|ng o|omonts, v|doo,
pyrotochn|ca| mattors, photos and b|os ot tho art|sts,
tho mus|ca| |nstrumonts ot tho band, tho|r
transportat|on and accommodat|ons, passport
oxponsos and tho costs ot |abor un|ons a|ong w|th
tho dancors, back-up s|ngors and tho costs ot tho
tour party wh|ch |nc|udos tho stago hands and
ro|atod mattors. Workor's Componsat|on, ||ab|||ty,
and canco||at|on |ns-uranco po||c|os aro a||
cons|dorod product|on costs.' Wh||o AEG w|||
advanco thoso costs, thoy rocoup ovory d|mo trom
V|chao| 1ackson's sharo ot tho procoods ot tho
concorts. lot ono d|mo |s pa|d or advancod by
AEG that |s not rocoupod trom V|chao| 1ackson.
Ono has to wondor what r|sk, |t any, AEG takos |n
th|s vonturo.
1h|s bocomos a|| tho moro outragoous whon you
tako |nto account that °product|on costs' aro norma||y
takon trom tho °gross t|ckot sa|os' botoro any
broakdown or d|v|s|on |s dono botwoon tho art|sts
and tho promotor. °lroduct|on costs' aro a|ways
troatod as a °show oxponso' and aro norma||y novor
takon trom tho art|st's sharo d|roct|y. 1ho roma|ndor
shou|d thon bo sp||t botwoon tho art|st and tho
promotor by whatovor torms that woro agrood upon.
ln th|s caso, tho contract ca||od tor a 00/10 sp||t
botwoon V|chao| 1ackson and AEG w|th V|chao|
roco|v|ng 00%and AEG 10%. l too| AEG mado th|s
ro|at|vo|y s|mp|o procoss tuzzy and much oas|or tor
AEG to man|pu|ato and turthor contro| V|chao| by
|nc|ud|ng |n tho dot|n|t|on ot °advancos' to |nc|udo
°both art|st advanco' and °advancos tor product|on
low |t was w|do|y pub||c|zod throughout tho wor|d
that tho °1h|s ls lt' 1our was tor a corta|n numbor ot
shows to bo p|ayod at london's O2 Arona.
|owovor, tho dot|n|t|on ot tho °torm ot tho contract'
moans trom tho dato tho contract was oxocutod -
1anuary 20th, 2000 through 0ocombor 81st, 2011.
1hat |s a |ong t|mo to koop somoono ||ko V|chao|
1ackson contractua||y bound whon tho london
shows woro supposod to havo takon p|aco botwoon
1u|y 8th, 2000, and |obruary 24th, 2010. Why wou|d
AEG ma|nta|n th|s |ong ot a por|od ot what appoars
to bo coottoctoo| oos|ovomoot ot V|chao| 1ackson
tor a|most two yoars attor tho london datos woro to
havo boon p|ayod and comp|otod?
lt th|s |s not bad onough, tho AEG contract a||ows
AEG to koop V|chao| 1ackson's monoy mado trom
tho tour tor an oxtra s|xty days botoro thoy had to
sott|o up and pay h|mtor tho sorv|cos ho had a|roady
rondorod. low, |t has boon my oxpor|onco that
Atr|can Amor|cans havo a|ways boon troatod
d|ttoront|y |n th|s bus|noss, but trom tho shows and
tours that l havo dono ovor tho past th|rty yoars, |t has
a|ways boon customary tor an art|st to bo pa|d ovory
n|ght attor tho|r show or |n tho caso ot a tour, on
Vonday morn|ng tor tho|r past wooks'
portormancos. Why wou|d AEG's contract a||ow
thom to ho|d V|chao| 1ackson's monoy tor two oxtra
months know|ng how cr|t|ca| h|s t|nanc|a| cond|t|on
was at tho t|mo? 1h|s |s unhoard ot, and AEG know
that l wou|d not havo a||owod th|s abuso to happon
on my watch.
3oct|on 4 ot tho AEG/V|chao| 1ackson contract
dot|nos tho tr|cky subjoct ot °art|st's componsat|on.'
V|chao| 1ackson's contract w|thAEG ca||s tor h|mto
roco|vo 00% ot tho °not poo| rovonuo.' What |s °not
poo| rovonuo?' Wo||, that torm |s dot|nod as °poo|
rovonuo' that |s gonoratod dur|ng tho °torm' m|nus
tho oxponsos ot tho °poo|' dur|ng tho °torm' on a tu||y
cross-co||atora||zod bas|s. 1o mako |t s|mp|o so you
can undorstand, |ot's tako tho °gross poo| rovonuo'
takon |n trom a concort, |ot's say tho °gross poo|
rovonuo' |s $1 m||||on and tho oxponsos tor that
concort aro $800,000, wh|ch |oavos $700,000 as tho
°not poo| rovonuo.' °loo| rovonuo' |s oxtons|vo|y
dot|nod to |nc|udo °gross t|ckot procoods roco|vod
by tho promotor' and |s actua||y ca||od °adjustod
gross t|ckot rovonuo.' lt a|so |nc|udos spoc|t|c t|ckot
robatos, rotunds, or oxponso sav|ngs that tho
promotor roco|vos. low tho contract |n my op|n|on
v|ows thom, tho art|st and tho art|st's company, as
°potootlo| pottlclpoots' |n tho roco|pt ot °oojostoo
gtoss tlckot tovoooo.' |owovor, |n my op|n|on
V|chao| 1ackson and h|s company, V|chao| 1ackson
Company, llC, wou|d havo novor soon a s|ng|o cont
ot t|ckot sa|os rovonuo, bocauso V|chao| 1ackson
and h|s company woro |n my op|n|on on|y v|owod as
ºpotootlo| pottlclpoots,' whothor or not |t was ca||od
ºoojostoo gtoss tlckot tovoooo' or s|mp|y tho tota|
amount ot t|ckots so|d. l bo||ovo ovory d|mo wou|d
havo gono trom 1|ckotmastor to AEG, and not to
V|chao| 1ackson or V|chao| 1ackson Company,
llC, unt|| AEG doc|dod, two months |ator, what, |t
anyth|ng, thoy woro go|ng to pay V|chao| 1ackson.
Vy bo||ot attor rov|ow|ng th|s contract |s that thoy
p|annod to pay h|mlO1|llG.
Anothor |ntorost|ng tormthat |s spoc|t|ca||y dot|nod |n
tho AEG contract w|th V|chao| 1ackson |s °art|st's
not tour |ncomo'. 1h|s |s dot|nod as tho °cont|ngont
componsat|on m|nus tho amounts ot product|on
costs, p|us tho port|on ot tho cont|ngont
componsat|on that |nc|udos Vorchand|so lovonuo
(wh|ch |s soparato|y dot|nod).' lt a|so |nc|udos °lot
3howlo|atod 3roadcast/locord|ng lovonuo (wh|ch
|s a|so soparato|y dot|nod).'
3o trom tho outsot, wh||o tho AEG contract w|th
V|chao| 1ackson sots torth a 00%payout to V|chao|
ot tho °not poo| rovonuo' wh|ch |s ca||od °cont|ngont
componsat|on,' |t |s subjoct to a|| tho product|on
costs and othor oxponsos wh|ch aro chargod d|roct|y
to V|chao| 1ackson as part ot tho advancos pa|d by
AEG, |n my op|n|on to °oconom|ca||y ons|avo'
V|chao|. °loo| oxponsos' and °product|on costs'
aro two aroas whoro AEG can, and |n my op|n|on,
p|annod to °m||k' V|chao| 1ackson tor hundrods ot
thousands ot do||ars, bocauso what happons |s that
oach and ovory th|ng that |s covorod undor thoso
torms aro troatod as an °advanco,' a|| ot wh|ch aro
chargod d|roct|y to, you guossod |t, V|chao|
low thoro |s ono aspoct ot °product|on costs' that
st|cks |n my craw, |n a vory unbo||ovab|o way. 1hat
aspoct |s tho s|do||no agroomont that AEG had w|th
0r. 1ohmo 1ohmo, V|chao| 1ackson's bus|noss
ovorsoor. 0r. 1ohmo 1ohmo was rospons|b|o tor
runn|ng 1ho V|chao| 1ackson Company, llC, at tho
t|mo tho london contract was oxocutod. 1ako a |ook
at paragraph 0.8 ot tho AEG contract w|th V|chao|
1ackson, wh|ch |s t|t|od °Vanagomont Agoncy and
loga| Costs.'
|or roasons that aro prosont|y unknown, AEG
agrood to pay 0r. 1ohmo 1ohmo $100,000 por
month pursuant °to tho torms ot a soparato
agroomont w|th 11 lntornat|ona|, llC.' 1h|s |s 0r.
1ohmo 1ohmo's porsona| company. low why |s |t
that AEG wou|d bo contract|ng |nd|v|dua||y w|th tho
porson that |s chargod w|th runn|ng tho oporat|ons ot
V|chao| 1ackson's company and pay|ng that porson,
0r. 1ohmo 1ohmo, $100,000 por month? What |n
tho wor|d was 0r. 1ohmo 1ohmo do|ng tor th|s
amount ot monoy ovory month tor AEG? And was h|s
|oya|ty to V|chao| 1ackson comprom|sod by v|rtuo ot
tho s|do||no agroomont ot h|s porsona| company, 11
lntornat|ona|, w|th AEG? lt doosn't tako a rockot
sc|ont|st to soo that somoth|ng was wrong w|th th|s
And |t that was not onough to turn your stomach, tho
$100,000 that AEG contractod to pay 0r. 1ohmo
1ohmo was a|so cons|dorod an °advanco' aga|nst
V|chao| 1ackson's °cont|ngont componsat|on.' low
how ta|r |s that? ln my op|n|on |t appoars that 0r.
1ohmo 1ohmo so|d V|chao| 1ackson out to AEG,
and thon AEG pays 0r. 1ohmo 1ohmo tor do|ng so,
|oav|ng poor V|chao| 1ackson stuck w|th tho b|||. lt |s
noth|ng short ot dosp|cab|o and dop|orab|o tho way
that thoso poop|o m|stroatod V|chao| 1ackson.
Unknown to V|chao| 1ackson, th|s monoy, pa|d to 11
lntornat|ona|, llC tor 0r. 1ohmo 1ohmo by AEG
was, |n my op|n|on, to b|ock and concoa| a|| othor
ottors that wou|d como V|chao| 1ackson's way. 3y
th|s bo|ng dono AEG wou|d bo troo ot compot|t|on
so that tho oconom|c s|avory and sorv|tudo that AEG
had contractua||y subjoctod V|chao| to wou|d not bo
|ntortorod w|th |n any way. 3uch ottors as tho ono
mado by A||Good Entorta|nmont that wou|d havo
pa|d V|chao| somo $1b m||||on tor ono show. 1ho
||t|gat|on |n th|s mattor aga|nst AEG |s curront|y
ongo|ng. Ottors such as thoso wou|d havo trood
V|chao| trom tho t|nanc|a| bondago that ho was
undor w|th AEG.
ln h|nds|ght, |t was oasy tor thom to do th|s bocauso
V|chao| 1ackson was |n such bad shapo
omot|ona||y, phys|ca||y, and psycho|og|ca||y duo to
h|s oxtons|vo uso ot narcot|c drugs tor pa|n and othor
mod|ca| cond|t|ons takon tor past |njur|os. 3o whon
your body |s dopondont on drugs and your t|nanc|a|
s|tuat|on |s cr|t|ca| and somoono p|acos a doctor |n
your homo to prov|do you w|th tho narcot|cs that you
cravo, |t |s not d|tt|cu|t tor thom whom you havo
ontrustod to hand|o your atta|rs to tako advantago ot
you. |owovor, |n roa||ty, you aro bo|ng man|pu|atod
by th|s porson or porsons tor tho|r own bonot|t and
tho bonot|t ot tho|r co-consp|rators. ln th|s caso, l
tru|y too| th|s |s what happonod to V|chao| by 0r.
1ohmo 1ohmo and AEG. Cont||cts ot |ntorost aro
not just rosorvod tor |awyors, thoy aro a|so to bo
rosorvod and rospoctod by anyono whon do|ng
As po|ntod out oar||or, concort promotors such as
AEG aro to tac|||tato tho noods ot tho art|st and
onsuro that tho vonuo, product|ons costs, |nsuranco,
t|ckot sa|os, advort|s|ng, and a|| othor aspocts ot tho
tour or tho concort aro hand|od so that th|ngs t|ow
smooth|y whon tho ||ghts go on and tho curta|n goos
up. ln tho caso ot AEG and V|chao| 1ackson, l
bo||ovo ovoryth|ng noodod tor tho t|tty shows |n
london was tac|||tatod |n tho t|na| |nstanco by
V|chao| 1ackson so|o|y at h|s cost and oxponso. ln
my th|rty p|us yoars as a concort promotor l havo
novor soon a contract w|th any art|st as dop|orab|o
as th|s ono.
l too| AEG, |n a vory roa| sonso, takos no r|sk |n any
way othor than by pour|ng monoy and moro monoy
|nto a|| ot tho var|ous th|ngs and ont|t|os that woro
connoctod to V|chao| 1ackson. lt |s apparont that
AEG bocamo noth|ng moro than a t|nanc|a|
°ovorsoor' ot V|chao| 1ackson, whom, |n my op|n|on,
thoy ||tora||y ons|avod through tho contract that l
bo||ovo V|chao| was tr|ckod and man|pu|atod |nto
1ust tako a |ook at tho soct|on ot tho contract that
addrossos ºottlst compoosotloo.' l po|ntod out to
you prov|ous|y that V|chao| 1ackson |s thought to bo
ont|t|od to 00%ot tho °not poo| rovonuo but th|s 00%
|s cross-co||atora||zod and rotorrod to as ºcootlogoot
compoosotloo.' lt's cont|ngont bocauso somoth|ng
o|so has to tako p|aco botoro |t |s pa|d out. 3o tho
t|rst quost|on bocomos, cont|ngont upon what?
3ut botoro wo try to answor that quost|on, |ot's tako a
|ook at what V|chao| gots 00% ot. lomombor, tho
AEG contract w|th V|chao| statos that ho gots 00%
ot tho °not poo| rovonuo' wh|ch |s dot|nod as °poo|
rovonuo gonoratod dur|ng tho '1orm' |oss 'loo|
Exponsos' |ncurrod dur|ng tho '1orm', on a tu||y
cross-co||atora||zod bas|s.' 3o, |n ordor to roa||y soo
what V|chao| 1ackson's 00% |s, |n roa|-t|mo do||ars,
wo havo to tako a c|oso |ook at what °poo| rovonuo'
and °poo| oxponsos' cons|st ot.
Ear||or wo d|scussod °adjustod gross t|ckot
rovonuo,' |ntorost on |ncomo roco|vod by tho tour,
procoods trom shows that woro so|d ott by tho
promotor to anothor promotor, °morchand|so
rovonuo,' °broadcast and rocord|ng-ro|atod
rovonuo,' and °tan c|ub rovonuo,' a|| ot wh|ch como
|nto tho concopt ot °poo| rovonuo'.
°loo| oxponsos' woro spokon about oar||or and |t
|nc|udos a|| ºcostomoty ooo motoo||y opptovoo
costs íot tbo sbows tbot oto locottoo by AEO, tbo
Ptomotot,' wh|ch contro|s tho O2 Arona |n london.
1hoso oxponsos |nc|udo vonuo ronta|, not
advort|s|ng, markot|ng mator|a|, pub||c ||ab|||ty
|nsuranco, socur|ty, t|ckot|ng costs (wh|ch probab|y
|nc|udo tho pr|nt|ng ot t|ckots and ro|atod mattors),
|oca| statt, vonuo statt, powor |n tho vonuo, and othor
vonuo oxponsos |nvo|v|ng pro-r|gs, and root ronta|.
loot ronta| |s ro|atod to outdoor shows, but thoy
d|dn't chargo V|chao| thoso oxponsos, wh|ch AEG
had tho r|ght to so|| ott to a th|rd party promotor.
lono ot th|s has omorgod s|nco V|chao|'s doath, so
|t |s probab|y sato to assumo that no shows woro
so|d ott to a th|rd party promotor. AEG had a|so
purchasod canco||at|on |nsuranco. 1h|s moans that
AEG wou|d st||| got pa|d no mattor what happons, as
|t appoars that thoy havo.
°lroduct|on costs' woro a|so touchod upon whon wo
d|scussod how s|ckon|ng |t was tor AEG to pay
V|chao| 1ackson's managor, 0r. 1ohmo 1ohmo,
$100,000 por month undor a soparato contract w|th
11 lntornat|ona|, llC, tor h|s sorv|cos. 3o whon ono
|nc|udos a|| tho °poo| oxponsos' and °product|on
costs' |n conjunct|on w|th tho °art|st's advancos,'
wh|ch AEG |s contractua||y a||owod to rocoup trom
tho art|st, whon a|| |s sa|d and dono, V|chao|
1ackson's 00%°cont|ngont componsat|on' wou|d bo
oaton up |n a|| ot tho °poo| oxponsos,' °product|on
costs,' and °advancos' such that |n my op|n|on
V|chao| 1ackson wou|d ond up w|th vory ||tt|o or,
hoavon torb|d, ow|ng AEG monoy. Ono wou|d too|
whon v|ow|ng th|s contract that landy lh||||ps and
AEG cou|d bo vory gonorous. 3ut what ono must
undorstand |s that, |t appoars thoy had no caro or
concorn about pay|ng oxorb|tant sa|ar|os to anyono
bocauso a|| that thoy pa|d out wou|d bo °rocoupod'
trom V|chao|. And that, my tr|ond, |s whoro tho
roa||ty ot oconom|c s|avory comos |nto tu|| v|ow.
3ocauso not on|y must V|chao| stay on tour around
tho wor|d whonovor and whorovor AEG roqu|ros, but
ho must do so unt|| ovory do||ar advancod by AEG |s
ln tho dot|n|t|on soct|on ot tho contract, laragraph 14
ot Exh|b|t A, wh|ch dot|nos tho °torm,' AEG has tho
r|ght to mako V|chao| portorm, ovon attor 0ocombor
81st, 2011, whon tho °torm' wou|d ond |n ordor to
°rocoup 100% ot a|| advanco paymonts' that AEG
had mado to V|chao| |ong attor tho t|tty shows had
ondod |n london.
low |n an attompt to bo ta|r horo, AEG wou|d arguo
that V|chao| had tho r|ght to buy out h|s ob||gat|ons
undor tho contract w|th AEG. 3ut not unt|| tho
oxp|rat|on ot tho |n|t|a| torm ot tho contract wh|ch
oxp|ros on 0ocombor 81st, 2011, wh|ch AEG cou|d
oxtond at |ts so|o d|scrot|on w|th wr|tton not|co to 11
lntornat|ona|. Unt|| 0ocombor 81st ot tho noxt yoar,
V|chao| 1ackson |s caught |n th|s contractua| sp|dor
wob that suckod up a|| ot h|s b|ood, swoat, and toars
bocauso V|chao| 1ackson wantod to do ono th|ng
and ono th|ng on|y, p|oaso h|s wor|dw|do ador|ng tan
baso w|th h|s mus|c and showmansh|p. Othor than
tho caro tor h|s ch||dron and h|s tam||y, noth|ng o|so
mattorod to V|chao|.
1ho AEG contract w|th V|chao| was ovorsoon on
V|chao|'s boha|t, by Attornoy 0onn|s 1. |awk, who
was supposod to bo tho |awyor tor tho V|chao|
1ackson Company, llC. ln othor words, ho was
V|chao|'s |awyor, or so you wou|d bo |od to bo||ovo,
bocauso |n roa||ty, 0onn|s 1. |awk, ||ko 0r. 1ohmo
1ohmo, |n my op|n|on, was bo|ng pa|d by AEG. 3o
wh||o wo aro go|ng through th|s contract, wo must
boar |n m|nd that V|chao| 1ackson was p|acod |n th|s
oconom|c stra|t-jackot by poop|o that ho had h|rod
and was supposod to bo ab|o to trust to |ook attor
h|s bost |ntorosts. lnstoad, a|| ot tho poop|o that
woro rospons|b|o tor koop|ng V|chao| 1ackson
protoctod and |nsu|atod trom abuso by prodators
and paras|tos |n tho ontorta|nmont |ndustry woro tho
vory samo poop|o who woro |n comp||c|ty and
co||us|on w|th AEG and tho onom|os ot V|chao|
1ackson. V|chao| was dotonso|oss aga|nst tho
numorous ||os and ov|| docopt|ons as thoy a|| wont
about tho bus|noss ot carv|ng out tho|r own ||tt|o
n|cho ot V|chao| 1ackson's sou| at V|chao|
1ackson's oxponso. l to|d V|chao|, on numorous
occas|ons, that thoso poop|o °moant h|mno good'.
1ak|ng advantago ot V|chao| was vory oasy tor thom
to do bocauso ot h|s cond|t|on. ||s hoa|th was poor,
h|s body's add|ct|on was vory prova|ont, h|s t|nanc|a|
cond|t|on at tho t|mo was dop|orab|o, and |n my
op|n|on, AEG know |t a||, a|ong w|th thoso who
ho|pod thom to porpotrato th|s hoax on V|chao|
1ackson and h|s tans around tho wor|d. 1hoso
poop|o oxp|o|tod V|chao| 1ackson's brand, h|s
mus|c, h|s showmansh|p, and h|s oxtraord|nary ta|ont
wh|ch was unmatchod |n h|story, w|th no compass|on
or sons|t|v|ty tor V|chao|.
And through tho |magos ot tho V|chao| 1ackson that
wo romombor, AEG so|d out t|tty shows |n an arona,
that AEG contro|s, months botoro V|chao| was ovor
schodu|od to h|t tho stago tor show numbor ono.
Vonoy trom tho sa|o ot tho t|ckots had a|roady boon
roco|vod and a ||to |nsuranco po||cy had a|so boon
acqu|rod so at th|s po|nt, AEGwas t|nanc|a||y sato.
Anothor part ot tho AEG contract that st|cks out ||ko
a soro thumb |s tho prov|s|on that comos attor tho
soct|on on °cont|ngont componsat|on.' Wo
d|scussod how uttor|y dop|orab|o that soct|on ot tho
contract was to V|chao| 1ackson, but what's worso
|s tho soct|on addross|ng °advancos ot cont|ngont
componsat|on.' 1horo was an |n|t|a| advanco ot $b
m||||on. low, you wou|d th|nk that $b m||||on |s a |ot
ot monoy and |t |s. 3ut V|chao| 1ackson d|dn't soo
$b m||||on ot tho |n|t|a| advanco bocauso AEG sont
throo m||||on ot |t to anothor company, 2 3oas
locords, llC, supposod|y to sott|o a dobt owod by
V|chao| 1ackson. 3o attor tho $8 m||||on wont
somowhoro o|so, V|chao| 1ackson got $2 m||||on as
h|s |n|t|a| advanco. lomombor now, a|| advancos
aro to bo rocoupod byAEG botoro V|chao| 1ackson
gots to h|s 00%ot °cont|ngont componsat|on.' 3ut |n
add|t|on to tho °|n|t|a| art|st advanco,' AEG mado
advancos to covor V|chao| 1ackson's homo ronta| at
tho rato ot $100,000 por month or $1.2 m||||on por
yoar, and a|| ro|atod oxponsos. And that |s just on
ono homo |n 3ovor|y ||||s, Ca||torn|a, tho homo
whoro ho u|t|mato|y d|od.
l was to|d by V|chao| that AEG tound tho homo and
that thoy had contractod tho homo tor h|m. 3uro|y
thoy aro moro bus|noss savvy than to pay $100,000
por month to ront, rathor than to buy, a homo. Wou|d
landy lh||||ps havo mado th|s typo ot bus|noss
arrangomont tor h|mso|t? l wou|d not bot on |t.
Whon V|chao| to|d mo th|s, l thought |t was s|mp|y
dop|orab|o know|ng that V|chao| 1ackson had no
concopt ot monoy. l to|t yot aga|n that ho was bo|ng
takon advantago ot by AEG.
3ut tho advancos don't stop thoro. V|chao| 1ackson
was a|so a||owod an advanco to purchaso a homo |n
las vogas and th|s was tor $1b m||||on. 1h|s
advanco was °cond|t|ona|' upon V|chao| 1ackson
oxocut|ng a prom|ssory noto wh|ch |s attachod to tho
AEG contract w|th V|chao| 1ackson |n tho amount ot
$0.2 m||||on. A|| ot th|s, l tru|y bo||ovo, was dos|gnod
tor ono purposo and ono purposo on|y, to |ncroaso
V|chao|'s dobt to AEG so that ovontua||y thoy cou|d
tako contro| ot a|| V|chao| 1ackson's roma|n|ng
assots wh|ch |nc|udod h|s pr|co|oss cata|oguo. l had
to|d V|chao| on numorous occas|ons that landy
lh||||ps prosontod h|mso|t as tho socond com|ng ot
°Vothor 1horosa'. 3ut l boggod V|chao| not to
bo||ovo |t, bocauso ho was anyth|ng but that.
1ho |ntorost|ng th|ng about tho prom|ssory noto that
V|chao| 1ackson was roqu|rod to oxocuto tor tho
advancos on tho las vogas homo |s that |t boars no
|ntorost rato un|oss tho tu|| pr|nc|pa| amount that |s
owod |s not pa|d w|th|n t|vo bus|noss days attor tho
matur|ty dato, wh|ch |s supposod to bo dot|nod
turthor |n tho prom|ssory noto. low thoro |s no
soct|on |n tho prom|ssory noto that oxp||c|t|y dot|nos
matur|ty dato. What AEG d|d was dot|no matur|ty
dato through tho torm ot tho noto |n tho to||ow|ng
º7bo totm oí tbls Noto sbo|| bo ítom tbo ooto oí tbls
Noto tbtoogb ooo loc|oolog tbo oot|lot oí (o) slx
mootbs oítot tbo |ost 5bow oí tbo íltst |og oí tbo
7oot oooot tbo 7oot Agtoomoot (ooílooo bo|ow) bot
lo oo ovoot |otot tboo Locombot 81st, 2000 ot (b)
slx mootbs oítot Ptomotot mokos o wtlttoo toqoost
íot socb poymoot, lí ovot, lo occotoooco wltb
Potogtopb 4.2.5 oí tbo 7oot Agtoomoot (ooílooo
bo|ow), (socb oot|lot ooto sbo|| bo toíottoo to os tbo
ºVototlty Loto'.), ot wblcb tlmo o|| oopolo ptloclpo|
sbo|| bo ooo. 7bo pottlos moy tooowtbo totm ooo
oxtooo tbo Vototlty Loto by slgolog o wtlttoo
moolílcotloo oí tbls Noto oxtooolog socb ootos, ooo
sbo|| oo so lí toqoltoo by tbo totms oí tbo 7oot
1h|s prom|ssory noto trom V|chao| 1ackson
Company, llC and V|chao| 1ackson, tho art|st,
roqu|rod V|chao| to pay tho pr|nc|pa| amount ot tho
noto, |n tu|| on tho matur|ty dato as dot|nod abovo to
bo about s|x months attor tho t|rst |og ot tho tour |n
london, but not |ator than 0ocombor 81st, 2000
(wh|chovor comos t|rst), or s|x months attor a wr|tton
roquost |s roco|vod trom AEG by V|chao| 1ackson
or h|s company. |owovor, AEG gots roa||y s||ck
horo |n th|s prom|ssory noto, bocauso tho ont|ro noto
|s co||atora||zod not by V|chao| 1ackson tho art|st,
but by V|chao| 1ackson Company, llC. Why |s th|s
you may wondor? Voro than ||ko|y |t |s bocauso
V|chao| 1ackson's bus|noss ho|d|ngs, wh|ch wou|d
|nc|udo h|s pub||sh|ng r|ghts and cata|oguo, aro
ownod by V|chao| 1ackson Company, llC and not
V|chao| 1ackson, tho |nd|v|dua| art|st. 3o |t tho
prom|ssory noto |s tor any roason not pa|d or
dotau|tod upon, tho assots ot tho V|chao| 1ackson
Company, llC got torkod ovor to AEG. ln othor
words, own|ng V|chao| 1ackson Company, llC
and/or |ts assots, moans own|ng V|chao| 1ackson.
lt l woro a bott|ng man, l wou|d wagor monoy that
noth|ng th|s dop|orab|o, ovorroach|ng, and unta|r
wou|d ovor bo prosontod to 3arbra 3tro|sand, 3ono
ot U2, lod 3towart, or any othor top wh|to art|st |n
tho wor|d. 3ut |n my op|n|on, AEG and |ts band ot
th|ovos had no prob|oms whatsoovor do|ng thoso
torr|b|o contractua||y b|nd|ng th|ngs to V|chao|
1ackson whom l bo||ovo thoy know at tho t|mo was
|ncompotont to mako thoso k|nds ot bus|noss
1hoso woro just somo ot tho th|ngs that AEG and
othors wantod to provont mo tromdo|ng tor my tr|ond
V|chao|. l tru|y bo||ovo thoy know l wou|d oxposo
thom and tho|r unta|r undortak|ngs that woro bo|ng
advancod |n V|chao|'s namo, but was c|oar|y not |n
V|chao|'s bost |ntorost. lt was tru|y awtu|, |n my
humb|o op|n|on, what thoso poop|o d|d to my tr|ond,
V|chao| 1ackson.
1ust so that wo aro a|| c|oar on what co||atora| |s
ownod by tho V|chao| 1ackson Company, llC, |ot's
tako a qu|ck |ook at what and howAEG dot|nod and
co||atora||zod tho prom|ssory noto. lt quotos, |n
Exh|b|t C, pago two, as to||ows: °1o socuro tho
ta|thtu| and t|mo|y portormanco ot oach Vakor's
ob||gat|ons horoundor and oach Vakor's ob||gat|ons
undor tho Art|st Agroomont, and a|| oxtons|ons,
mod|t|cat|ons, subst|tut|ons, rop|acomonts and
ronowa|s. °Art|stco (wh|ch |s tho V|chao| 1ackson
Company, llC),' horoby ass|gns and grants to
|o|dor, (AEG) a socur|ty |ntorost |n °Art|stco's
r|ghts,' t|t|o and |ntorost |n, to, and undor tho
to||ow|ng proport|os, assots and r|ghts, whorovor
|ocatod, whothor nowownod or horoattor acqu|rod or
ar|s|ng, and a|| procoods and products thoroot (a|| ot
samo bo|ng horo|nattor rotorrod to co||oct|vo|y as,
tho °Co||atora|'): contract r|ghts, tho r|ght to tho
paymont ot monoy |n wh|ch °Art|stco' has an |ntorost,
|nsuranco c|a|ms and procoods, commorc|a| tort
c|a|ms, socur|t|os and a|| othor |nvostmont proporty,
and a|| gonora| |ntang|b|os (|nc|ud|ng a|| accounts
roco|vab|os and paymont |ntang|b|os). °Art|stco'
sha|| cooporato |n |o|dor's ottorts to portoct tho
socur|ty |ntorost grantod to |o|dor horoundor. 1o tho
oxtont a||owod by |aw, °Art|stco' horoby |rrovocab|y
appo|nts |o|dor (wh|ch |s AEG), act|ng s|ng|y, as
°Art|stco's' attornoy-|n-tact, w|th tu|| author|ty |n tho
p|aco and stoad ot °Art|stco' and |n tho namo ot
°Art|stco,' or othorw|so, |n |o|dors d|scrot|on, |t a
0otau|t sha|| havo occurrod and bo cont|nu|ng, to
tako any act|on and to oxocuto any |nstrumont that
|o|dor may doom nocossary or adv|sab|o to
accomp||sh tho purposos ot th|s agroomont.'
low tho AEG Contract |nd|catos that °Al1l31 l3
lO1 llE0GllG AlY COllA1ElAl'. lot mo
oxp|a|n to you th|s tr|ckory. Why shou|d ho, whon tho
ont|ro ownorsh|p |ntorost ot ovoryth|ng that V|chao|
1ackson's company ownod, |s p|odgod to AEG por
tho contract? ln my op|n|on, AEG ought to bo
ashamod ot what thoy d|d to V|chao|. ln othor
words, shou|d V|chao| dotau|t, AEG wou|d own
V|chao| 1ackson's company wh|ch |nc|udos h|s
pub||sh|ng r|ghts, |nvostmont ho|d|ngs, h|s
momorab|||a, and h|s many Grammy Awards. lor
th|s contractua| |anguago, V|chao| actua||y was
dupod |nto turn|ng ovor a|| ot h|s company's assots
to AEG. 1hoy wou|d own |t undor tho torms ot tho
prom|ssory noto that was oxocutod to socuro
advancos undor tho Art|st 1our Agroomont w|th
AEG. l havo novor soon anyth|ng th|s horr|b|o bo put
upon any art|st |n h|story, s|nco l havo boon |n tho
ontorta|nmont |ndustry tor somo th|rty p|us yoars. 3ut,
|n my op|n|on, AEG d|d thoso th|ngs and worso to
V|chao| 1ackson. AEG ovon had cont|ngonc|os
aga|nst V|chao| 1ackson and/or h|s company go|ng
lot mo oxp|a|n. |or oxamp|o, say that V|chao|
1ackson d|scovorod, as ho wou|d havo |t l had
roma|nod at h|s s|do, ||ko ho wantod, that tho torms
and cond|t|ons ot o|thor tho prom|ssory noto tor tho
las vogas homo acqu|s|t|on, or tho agroomont
d|scussod horo w|th AEG woro not |n h|s bost
|ntorost. And, suppos|ng ho tound that h|s ||ab|||t|os
woro doomod groator than h|s assots. lt ho wantod
to chango |t or got out ot tho contract a|togothor,
V|chao| cou|d havo doc|dod to t||o tor bankruptcy
protoct|on undor tho |aw, wh|ch ho had a |oga| r|ght
to do. 3ut, |n th|s contract, |t V|chao| doc|dod to t||o
bankruptcy ho wou|d thon |oso h|s ont|ro tortuno to
Any othor norma| c|t|zon cou|d t||o bankruptcy and
stop h|s or hor crod|tors trom com|ng attor thom and
tak|ng tho|r proporty unt|| th|ngs woro sortod out |n
tho bankruptcy procood|ngs. lot V|chao| 1ackson.
||||ng tor bankruptcy protoct|on |s cons|dorod, undor
tho torms ot th|s prom|ssory noto, an °ovont ot
dotau|t' wh|ch a||ows tho |o|dor (AEG) to do a|| sorts
ot th|ngs w|thout not|co to V|chao| 1ackson.
You may ask what k|nd ot th|ngs? W|thout
°prosontmont,' °domand,' °not|co ot any k|nd,' a|| ot
wh|ch thoy mado V|chao| 1ackson °wa|vo,' AEG has
tho r|ght, undor th|s dop|orab|o agroomont, to
doc|aro tho ont|ro outstand|ng ba|anco ot pr|nc|pa|
and |ntorost duo and payab|o |mmod|ato|y. And got
th|s, AEG gots to °oxorc|so or ontorco |ts r|ghts to |ts
Co||atora|.' 1hat moans AEG gots to tako V|chao|
1ackson's company, pub||sh|ng and proporty, wh|ch
|nc|udos tho houso that ho bought tor h|s mothor, and
koop |t tor thomso|vos. |rom what l havo |oarnod
ovor tho yoars about landy lh||||ps and AEG, thoy
most corta|n|y wou|d havo dono th|s. 1h|s |s my
3o tor a $0.2 m||||on prom|ssory noto, (wblcb
Vlcboo| 1ocksoo woo|o bovo soto|y ooíoo|too oo
bocooso oí poot boo|tb ooo ooolctloo to moolcotloo
wblcb l tto|y íoo| tbot AEOwos ío||y owoto oí), AEG
gots to tako tho ont|ro V|chao| 1ackson cata|oguo,
wh|ch |s now va|uod at around $8 b||||on. lot to
mont|on a|| ot V|chao| 1ackson's pub||sh|ng r|ghts
wh|ch |nc|udo tho song book ot tho 3oat|os, ono-ha|t
ot 3ony/A1v, and many othor art|sts whom V|chao|
1ackson |nvostod |n. lad|os and gont|omon, you do
not undorstand how awtu| th|s contract was tor
V|chao| 1ackson.
0onn|s |awk, tho attornoy that ovorsaw th|s
dop|orab|o contract on V|chao|'s boha|t, shou|d, |n
my op|n|on, bo d|sbarrod and not a||owod to pract|co
|aw ovor aga|n. AEG or anyono |n tho|r r|ght m|nd
wou|d not havo prosontod such a ono-s|dod contract
to lau| VcCartnoy, 3arbra 3tro|sand, Co||no 0|on,
or any othor art|st. lt |s so awtu| what thoy havo dono
to V|chao|.
3ut thoy s|ammod th|s down tho throat ot a poor and
a|||ng V|chao| 1ackson. And ovorybody that V|chao|
had h|rod to protoct h|m trom thoso unsoom|y
o|omonts |n tho ontorta|nmont |ndustry ta||od h|m
m|sorab|y. 1hoy d|d not do anyth|ng wh|ch V|chao|
had h|rod or rota|nod thomtor. And that goos doub|y
and ospoc|a||y tor 0r. 1ohmo 1ohmo and 0onn|s
|awk, who was supposod to havo boon tho attornoy
that V|chao| 1ackson was ro|y|ng on to mako suro
that ho was not takon advantago ot. 1h|s attornoy,
0onn|s |awk, was rumorod to bo good tr|onds w|th
landy lh||||ps. ln tact, attor l spoko to 0onn|s |awk
on sovora| occas|ons and ho to|d mo that ho was
ovorsoo|ng tho contract on V|chao|'s boha|t, l had to
wondor whoso |ntorosts ho was roa||y roprosont|ng. l
tru|y bo||ovo that AEG was pay|ng 0onn|s |awk tor
h|s sorv|cos |n dratt|ng tho dop|orab|o contract that
wo aro d|scuss|ng r|ght now. |ow 0onn|s |awk
cou|d ho|d h|mso|t out as V|chao| 1ackson's |awyor
or tho attornoy tor tho V|chao| 1ackson Company,
llC, wh||o act|vo|y work|ng |n concort w|th AEG, |s
tar boyond my ab|||ty to comprohond.
ln conc|us|on, tho prom|ssory noto was just anothor
aspoct ot tho too|s ot oconom|c ons|avomont that
AEG had subjoctod V|chao| 1ackson to |n tho
months |oad|ng up to h|s unt|mo|y dom|so. lt was a
shamo, a d|sgraco, and noth|ng short ot a nat|ona|
tragody that th|s was a||owod to happon |n tho
twonty-t|rst contury horo |n Amor|ca.
What l porco|vo to bo tho grood ot AEGand |ts band
ot th|ovos d|d not ond w|th tho |ronc|ad gr|p around
V|chao| 1ackson's throat by way ot th|s contract.
AEG contro||od ovoryth|ng that wont on around
V|chao| 1ackson. 1hoy c|a|mod to not havo h|rod or
to havo boon rospons|b|o tor tho act|ons ot 0r.
Conrad Vurray, whoso t|rst two ca||s on that tatotu|
day |n 1uno ot |ast yoar woro not to 011 as ono
wou|d th|nk, but to at |oast two othor poop|o. l can't
ho|p but wondor who thoso othor two poop|o woro.
Wo w||| como back to th|s mattor |ator. l porsona||y
know, tor a tact, that AEG ma|nta|nod contro| ot
ovoryth|ng and ovorybody that had any accoss to
V|chao|, othor than mo.
lot's cont|nuo horo w|th 3oct|on 4.2.4 ot tho
AEG/V|chao| 1ackson contract. lt prov|dos that AEG
may oxocuto yot anothor lrom|ssory loto °|n a torm
substant|a||y s|m||ar' to tho ono that wo d|scussod
abovo. 1h|s wou|d a|so bo aga|nst °Art|stco's tuturo
ont|t|omont to cont|ngont componsat|on.'
low, ono cou|d roasonab|y quost|on why somoono
wou|d |ot V|chao| 1ackson bo takon advantago ot |n
th|s mannor. AEG had V|chao| 1ackson °strung out'
on °art|st advancos' wh|ch |nc|udod: (1) tho |n|t|a|
art|st advanco, (2) tho |ntor|m art|sts advancos, (8)
tho las vogas los|donco Advanco, (4) tho |omo
lonta| Advancos, and (b) oach add|t|ona| art|st
advanco. And, a|| ot thomaro °rocoupod', a|ong w|th
a|| othor show oxponsos, by AEG trom tho 00% ot
°cont|ngont componsat|on' that V|chao| 1ackson |s
supposod to bo ont|t|od to undor tho torms and
cond|t|ons ot th|s |ops|dod contract. Why wou|d 0r.
1ohmo 1ohmo and 0onn|s |awk adv|so V|chao|
1ackson to ontor |nto a contract that was th|s
dop|orab|o w|th AEG? l can to|| you why. lt's ||ko
V|chao| to|d mo on numorous occas|ons °lowo, thoy
want my cata|oguo'. 1h|s |s my op|n|on.
1ho torms °ma|pract|co' and °broach ot t|duc|ary
duty,' l too|, d|d not ovor como |nto p|ay w|th th|s
|awyor and so-ca||od bus|noss managor. l
who|ohoartod|y bo||ovo V|chao| 1ackson was
doco|vod and takon advantago ot by thoso poop|o
tor AEG. loop|o, th|s |s so unoth|ca| that |t shou|d bo
un|awtu|. 1hoso torms aro m||d comparod to what
thoy havo dono to V|chao|.
V|chao| 1osoph 1ackson, tho mus|ca| oqu|va|ont ot
tho °||ght ot tho wor|d' was botrayod and dostroyod
by thoso c|osost to h|mand tho torms and cond|t|ons
ot th|s unta|r and unconsc|onab|o contract c|oar|y
shows how thoy d|d what thoy d|d and why. 1ho
monoy that has boon mado ott ot V|chao| 1ackson,
h|s mus|c, h|s |ogacy, tho mov|os, books, and ro-
|ssuos ot h|s t|mo|oss mus|ca| ta|onts havo brought
|n unto|d hundrods ot m||||ons ot do||ars |n tho past
yoar s|nco h|s doath. Who contro|s th|s monoy? lot
h|s ch||dron, or h|s tam||y. 3ut V|chao| 1ackson's
ostato, wh|ch |s bo|ng run by, |n my op|n|on, yot
anothor conn|v|ng, h|gh c|ass th|ot, 1ohn 3ranca,
V|chao|'s tormor attornoy (whom ho had t|rod
bocauso V|chao| suspoctod h|m ot ombozz|omont).
Whon a|| |s sa|d and dono, many untortunato th|ngs
havo happonod. Whon you |ook at |t troma t|nanc|a|
standpo|nt, AEG camo out smo|||ng ||ko a roso. l
can't ho|p but wondor was AEG just |ucky, or was a||
ot th|s purposo|y p|annod?
lot's ta|k aga|n about °socondary t|ckots sa|os'
wh|ch aro spoc|t|ca||y mont|onod |n tho contract.
°3ocondary sa|os' aro noth|ng moro than a protty
namo tor t|ckot sca|p|ng. 1ho way th|s works |s that
tho promotor can tako say, two thousand t|ckots trom
oach show, gonora||y tromtho t|rst ton to t|ttoon rows
ot soats wh|ch aro norma||y tho bost soats |n tho
houso and c|osost to tho stago. 1ho promotor hands
thoso t|ckots ovor to a t|ckot brokor that tho promotor
contro|s. 1hon, tho t|ckot brokor so||s thoso t|ckots to
woa|thy patrons tor hundrods and somot|mos
thousands ot do||ars ovor tho rogu|ar pr|co ot tho
t|ckot. What tho promotor doos thon |s put tho
standard pr|co tor oach t|ckot, wh|ch |n th|s caso was
around $100, back |nto tho poo| and tho art|st wou|d
novor know tho d|ttoronco and wou|d novor soo tho
ovorpaymont monoy gonoratod by th|s t|ckot
sca|p|ng pract|co. ln th|s caso, th|s wou|d havo
amountod to m||||ons and m||||ons ot do||ars that
V|chao| novor wou|d havo roco|vod |t l was not
low |mag|no how ono wou|d too| as an art|st, whon
thoy soo tho roport that t|ckots tor ovory show havo
so|d out, but thoy aro unknow|ng|y gott|ng pa|d on tho
taco va|uo ot tho t|ckot, wh|ch |s tho $100 rogu|ar
t|ckot pr|co. 3ut, |n roa||ty tho promotor has mado
m||||ons ot do||ars that tho art|st, |n th|s caso, V|chao|
1ackson, wou|d havo novor known anyth|ng about.
Whon ono doos tho math, |t bocomos ro|at|vo|y oasy
to computo tho |oss that V|chao| 1ackson wou|d
havo suttorod basod so|o|y |n my op|n|on, on tho
unscrupu|ous, d|shonost mothods and pract|cos ot
h|s concort promotor, AEG. l bo||ovo AEG wou|d
havo novor to|d V|chao| 1ackson a s|ng|o word
about thoso pract|cos unt|| l ra|sod tho |ssuo |n a
moot|ng w|th V|chao| and landy lh||||ps on Vay
1bth, 2000, at tho 3ovor|y ||||s |oto|. V|chao|
1ackson's mothor and tathor woro a|so prosont at
th|s moot|ng whon th|s top|c was addrossod by mo.
loga||y spoak|ng, |n most casos, ovorpaymont ot
thoso t|ckots |s not guarantood tor rotund |n caso ot
canco||at|on. 1ho taco va|uo ot tho t|ckot |s a|| that |s
norma||y roqu|rod tor purposos ot rotunds. 1h|s
croatos an onormous prot|t tor tho concort promotor
or tho porson who sorvos as tho t|ckot sca|por.
landy lh||||ps ot AEG d|d not ||ko tho tact that l was
oxpos|ng |ndustry |ns|dor pract|cos and procoduros
to V|chao| 1ackson and h|s paronts. 3ut th|s |s
proc|so|y what V|chao| 1ackson h|rod mo to do, to
watch ovor h|s bus|noss and t|nanc|a| atta|rs. 1o say
that th|s croatod prob|oms tor AEG and thoso who
d|d not havo V|chao|'s bost |ntorost at hoart wou|d
bo a tromondous undorstatomont. And th|s |s tho
ma|n roason why thoy wantod mo out ot tho way and
to s|mp|y d|sappoar.
1ho moro that l th|nk about |t, tho moro d|sappo|ntod
l bocomo. lovor, |n my th|rty-t|vo yoar caroor |n tho
ontorta|nmont |ndustry havo l w|tnossod a star ot tho
ca||bor and magn|tudo ot V|chao| 1ackson bo so
thorough|y takon advantago ot by thoso around h|m
who woro ontrustod w|th h|s bost |ntorost and wo||-
bo|ng. l too| that ovoryono V|chao| thought was |n
h|s cornor botrayod h|m, w|th tho oxcopt|on ot corta|n
mombors ot h|s tam||y and mo. lt |s ono ot tho
pr|mary roasons that AEG, 1ohn 3ranca, 0r. 1ohmo
1ohmo, |rank 0|loo, and othors wantod to mako
suro that l was gono. 1hoy know that l wou|d not s|t
|d|y by and to|orato tho unta|r gamos that thoy woro
p|ay|ng on V|chao| 1ackson. And tor onco thoy woro
1horo aro a |ot ot d|ttoront c|ausos and prov|s|ons |n
contracts ||ko tho ono that AEG had w|th V|chao|
1ackson. As tho o|d say|ng goos, °tho dov|| |s |n tho
dota||s.' lt doosn't tako |ong tor tho °dov||' to bo
tound |n tho dota||s ot tho contract botwoonAEGand
V|chao| 1ackson. 3omot|mos you can spot a
prob|om r|ght away. Othors aro so doop|y h|ddon |n
tho |anguago ot tho contract, that whon takon by |tso|t
sounds ||ko tho c|auso m|ght bo harm|oss. |owovor
whon takon |n conjunct|on w|th othor c|ausos, |t
bocomos tota||y unaccoptab|o |n tho contoxt ot othor
prov|s|ons ot tho contract. ln my op|n|on, th|s |s how
thoy woro man|pu|at|ng and tr|ck|ng V|chao|
|or oxamp|o, |n tho prom|ssory noto that |s moro|y
an attachmont or an oxh|b|t to tho pr|mary contract,
you t|nd tho to||ow|ng |anguago on pago two, |n bo|d
low at t|rst g|anco you wou|d th|nk that prov|s|on |s
okay. l|ght? 1h|s |s bocauso V|chao| 1ackson |s not
p|odg|ng any co||atora| tor tho prom|ssory noto,
wh|ch |nc|donta||y, was tor $0.2 m||||on to buy tho las
vogas homo. What th|s moans, |ad|os and
gont|omon, |s that AEG owns V|chao| 1ackson
Company, llC tor a moro $0.2 m||||on as co||atora|
tor that amount. low romombor tho |anguago says
no °co||atora|' |s °p|odgod by tho art|st,' moan|ng
V|chao| 1ackson. 3ut tho AEGcontract w|th V|chao|
1ackson |nc|udos a|| ot tho contract r|ghts that
V|chao| 1ackson Company, llC |s party to as part
ot tho co||atora|, wh|ch |nc|udos tho AEG contract
w|th V|chao| 1ackson tho art|st.
low |t that wasn't a c|ovor and doco|ttu| tact|c, you
had bottor opon your oyos so that you can c|oar|y
soo what was bo|ng dono |n broad day||ght and r|ght
undor ovorybody's noso. ln my op|n|on, AEG had
ons|avod V|chao| 1ackson, wh||o try|ng to mako |t
|ook ||ko thoy woro do|ng h|m a tavor. l tru|y too| thoy
woro ongagod |n ono ot tho most dosp|cab|o thotts
ot |nto||octua| proporty and ta|ont tho wor|d has ovor
soon. A|| ot V|chao| 1ackson's pub||sh|ng ho|d|ngs
and most ot h|s porsona| bo|ong|ngs woro a part ot
tho V|chao| 1ackson Company, llC. loor V|chao|
d|d not own much ot anyth|ng |n h|s porsona| namo.
3o that moans, untortunato|y, that tho oxocutor's ot
h|s ostato, whom l bo||ovo aro traudu|ont aro, |n my
op|n|on, |n co||us|on w|th AEG, who cont|nuos to
c|a|m|ts contractua| r|ghts attor V|chao|'s doath.
AEG |s a concort promot|on company. 1hat |s tho
duty that thoy woro sorv|ng tor V|chao| 1ackson on
h|s london concort tour. 3o|ng a concort promotor
myso|t, l can't ho|p but ask tho quost|on, why aro
AEG and landy lh||||ps st||| |nvo|vod |n V|chao|
1ackson's bus|noss a|ong w|th h|s ostato? 1hoy
woro just tho concort promotor ot h|s london shows.
Whon E|v|s lros|oy d|od, no concort promotor was
|nvo|vod w|th h|s ostato. Whon 1ohn lonnon passod
away, no concort promotor was |nvo|vod w|th h|s
ostato. Why |s |t that AEG appoars to havo a
pormanont |ntorost and |nvo|vomont |n V|chao|
1ackson's ostato? 1h|s just doosn't pass tho smo||
1ho moro you |ook at what l porco|vo to bo dov|ous
doa||ngs by AEG, tho moro |mportant and ossont|a|
|t was that AEG got r|d ot mo. 1hoy know |n no
uncorta|n torms that l wou|d novor stand tor any ot
th|s nonsonso thoy woro pu|||ng on V|chao|. lovor |n
a|| ot my yoars |n tho ontorta|nmont bus|noss, havo l
ovor soon a concort promotor a||owod to d|ctato to
an art|st who tho art|st has to h|ro or t|ro to ovorsoo
tho|r porsona| managomont and/or bus|noss atta|rs.
3ut AEG saw |t d|ttoront|y whon |t camo to V|chao|
1ackson and mo. l tru|y bo||ovo, |t bocamo abso|uto|y
ossont|a| tor AEG to havo mo tota||y romovod trom
around V|chao| 1ackson |n ordor tor tho|r ov|| p|ans
to work and bo ottoct|vo.
l was to|d by V|chao| 1ackson that landy lh||||ps
had ca||od h|m tor a mystor|ous moot|ng. At th|s
moot|ng, V|chao| sa|d ho was to|d that AEG rotusod
to work w|th loonard lowo, and that ho had to got
r|d ot mo. 1hoy woro ca|||ng |n |rank 0|loo to
manago h|m and tako my p|aco. lt V|chao| d|d not
agroo thoy woro go|ng to pu|| tho p|ug on ovoryth|ng
and domand paymont ot a|| tho advanco monoy that
AEG had prov|dod h|m. 1hoy know that thoy had
V|chao| 1ackson whoro thoy wantod h|m. low
oosplcob|o coo yoo boº 1hoy otton pub||c|zo that
1oo 1ackson, V|chao|'s tathor, |s try|ng to prot|t ott ot
V|chao| 1ackson's doath. 3ut |ad|os and gont|omon,
|ot's bo tor roa|, who |s too||y prot|t|ng tromtho doath
ot V|chao| 1ackson? 1ho answor |s portoct|y c|oar,
and |t |s not 1oo 1ackson. lt 1ohn 3ranca's son had
d|od, wou|d ho a||owsomoono to ta|so|y como |n and
tako contro| ovor h|s son's ostato wh|ch |nc|udos h|s
assots and accomp||shmonts? Corta|n|y not. lor
wou|d 3ranca's charactor bo quost|onod and
constant|y assass|natod |n tho mod|a as thoy aro
do|ng to 1oo 1ackson, V|chao|'s tathor.
As ot now, l too| thoy havo accomp||shod tho|r goa|
to str|p V|chao| 1ackson ot ovoryth|ng that ho has
workod h|s ont|ro ||to to accomp||sh. lt appoars to
mo that AEG, 1ohn 3ranca, and tho|r band ot th|ovos
aro contro|||ng ovoryth|ng that V|chao| 1ackson
workod so hard tor. lo|thor h|s ch||dron nor h|s
tam||y havo t|na| say ovor V|chao|'s assots. lt |s so
awtu| what thoy havo dono to V|chao| 1ackson, tho
und|sputod K|ng ot lop.
l tru|y hopo that tho wor|d |s not tr|ckod or
bambooz|od by what l porco|vo to bo tho most
dosp|cab|o act ovor comm|ttod |n my ||tot|mo.
NichaoI Jackaon & AEC
[1|l3 l3 A 1EX1 vEl3lOl O| 1|E COl1lAC1.
|Ol Al AC1UAl 3CAl O| 1|E COl1lAC1
Wl1|VO0l|lCA1lOl3, 3EE AllEl0lX.|
1anuary 20, 2000
NichaoI Jackaon
1ho V|chao| 1ackson Company llC
187b Contury lark East, 3u|to 000
los Ango|os, CA 00007
1o|: (810) 284-8144
|ax: (810) 284-814b
Attn: 0r. 1ohmo 1ohmo
0oar 0r. 1ohmo:
1h|s agroomont (th|s °Agroomont') |s ontorod
botwoon AEG l|vo, llC dba Concorts Wost, a
0o|awaro ||m|tod ||ab|||ty company (°lromotor'), on
tho ono, and 1ho V|chao| 1ackson Company, llC a
0o|awaro ||m|tod ||ab|||ty company, (|odora|
Emp|oyor ldont|t|cat|on lumbor 20-bb80002)
(°Art|stco') turn|sh|ng tho sorv|cos ot V|chao|
1ackson (°Art|st') and tho Art|st, on tho othor hand,
as to||ows:
1. Dotinitiona. 1ho cap|ta||zod torms conta|nod
horo|n sha|| havo tho moan|ng ascr|bod to such
torms horo|n and/or |n tho attachod Exh|b|t A, as
2. Promotor'a Righta. Art|stco and Art|st horoby
grant Concorts Wost tho to||ow|ng r|ghts dur|ng tho
1orm and throughout tho 1orr|tory: (a) tho oxc|us|vo
r|ght to promoto tho 3hows |n tho 1orr|tory, (b) tho
oxc|us|vo r|ght to manutacturo and so||, and/or
arrango tor othors to manutacturo and so|| mutua||y
approvod Art|st Vorchand|so at oach ot tho 3hows
and on tho ott|c|a| wobs|to ot tho Art|st
(www.m|chao|jackson.com) or such othor wobs|to
|dont|t|od by Art|stco |n tho ovont |t so|octs anothor
Ull tor tho Art|st's ott|c|a| wobs|to , (c) tho r|ght to
so||c|t, mutua||y-approvod 3ponsors to any and a||
3hows and to oxocuto 3ponsorsh|p Agroomonts,
and (d) tho non-oxc|us|vo r|ght to uso tho Art|st's
namo and approvod ||konoss |n connoct|on w|th
lromotor's oxorc|so ot any ot tho torogo|ng r|ghts.
lromotor w||| bo a||owod to so|| ott 3hows, prov|dod
that lromotor sha|| roma|n pr|mar||y rospons|b|o tor
|ts ob||gat|ons horoundor |n connoct|on w|th such
3hows, un|oss othorw|so agrood by Art|stco. Art|st
sha|| not ongago |n any ||vo portormancos |n tho
1orr|tory dur|ng tho 1orm oxcopt that Art|st may
ongago |n tho to||ow|ng ||vo portormancos dur|ng tho
1orm and |n tho 1orr|tory so |ong as thoy do not
|ntortoro w|th tho Art|st's sorv|cos |n connoct|on w|th
tho 1our or nogat|vo|y |mpact t|ckot sa|os |n
connoct|on w|th tho 3hows: (|) promot|ona| and
pr|vato shows whoro t|ckots aro not so|d or
advort|sod to tho gonora| pub||c, (||) to|ov|s|on and
award shows, (|||) char|ty and rad|o shows, and (|v)
othor mutua||y agrood upon shows.
8. |tinorary ot 5howa. Art|stco and lromotor
sha|| roasonab|y cooporato w|th oach othor |n an
ottort to arr|vo at mutua||y approvod |t|norar|os tor
oach |og ot 3hows dur|ng tho 1orm, prov|dod
howovor, |t sha|| bo unroasonab|o tor Art|stco to
w|thho|d or qua||ty |ts approva| ot any |t|norary or
amondod |t|norary proposod by lromotor |t tho dato
rango ot such |t|norary doos not oxcood ton (10)
wooks, tho troquoncy ot 3hows w|th|n such |t|norary
doos not oxcood ono 3how por day and 8.b 3hows
por sovon-day por|od on avorago, and tho |ocat|ons
ot tho proposod vonuos aro |n motropo||tan aroas.
Art|stco horoby pro-approvos up to th|rty ono (81)
3hows, or such othor groator numbor as agrood by
Art|stco and lromotor, at tho O2 Arona |n london,
Eng|and botwoon 1u|y 20 and 3optombor 80, 2000.
3ubjoct to tho torogo|ng, lromotor and Art|stco sha||
mutua||y agroo on tho numbor ot |ogs ot 3hows and
tho numbor ot 3hows |n oach |og dur|ng tho 1orm,
and Art|stco sha|| supp|y a t|rst c|ass portormanco ot
Art|st: |n accordanco w|th th|s Agroomont at a|| tho
3hows. W|thout ||m|t|ng tho gonora||ty ot lromotor's
r|ght to schodu|o 3hows throughout tho 1orm or
Art|stco's ob||gat|on to supp|y a t|rst c|ass
portormanco ot Art|st at a|| such 3hows, |n no ovont
sha|| tho numbor ot 3hows portormod by Art|st |n tho
t|rst |og ot tho 1our bo |oss than o|ghtoon (18) 3hows
un|oss othorw|so d|roctod by lromotor. lt sha|| bo
unroasonab|o tor Art|stco to w|thho|d |ts approva| ot
add|ng 3hows to any g|von |og ot tho 1our or add|ng
|ogs ot 3hows to tho 1our dur|ng tho 1orm (so |ong
as tho numbor ot 3hows |n any g|von |og do not
oxcood ono por day, and 8.b por sovon-day por|od,
on avorago) |t lromotor domonstratos to Art|stco
that such add|t|ona| 3hows and/or |ogs aro
nocossary tor lromotor to rocoup tho Advancos |n
accordanco w|th tho torms ot th|s Agroomont. lr|or
to tho commoncomont ot any |og ot tho 1our,
lromotor sha|| prov|do Art|stco w|th t|nanc|a| modo|s
basod on ost|matod loo| Exponsos, lroduct|on
Costs, and loo| lovonuo basod on projoct|ons that
assumo lromotor sha|| so|| t|ckots to 80% ot tho
so||ab|o capac|ty ot tho app||cab|o vonuos. 1ho
part|os sha|| attompt |n good ta|th at agroo upon tho
numbor ot 3hows that nood to bo schodu|od tor tho
lromotor to rocoup a|| Advancos |n connoct|on w|th
such |og. As usod horo|n, °|og' rotors to a sogmont
ot 3hows wh|ch aro cont|guous w|th oach othor |n
torms ot t|mo and goograph|c rog|on (o.g., lorth
Amor|ca, tho Un|tod K|ngdom, Europo) and aro not
soparatod by moro than throo (8) wooks.
4. Artiat'a Comµonaation.
4.1 Cont|ngont Componsat|on. Art|st sha|| bo
ont|t|od to roco|vo n|noty porcont (00%) ot tho lot
loo| lovonuo, on a tu||y crossod-co||atora||zod bas|s
(°Cont|ngont Componsat|on'). 1ho 3hows and a||
loo| lovonuo and loo| Exponsos sha|| bo tu||y
cross-co||atora||zod. A port|on ot tho Cont|ngont
Componsat|on sha|| bo pa|d to Art|stco at tho
conc|us|on ot oach |og ot tho 1our. 3poc|t|ca||y, by no
|ator than ton (10) bus|noss days attor tho t|na| 3how
|n a |og, lromotor sha|| proparo and do||vor to Art|st
a pro||m|nary sott|omont ot tho 3hows |n such a |og
w|th|n ton (10) bus|noss days attor tho t|na| 3how |n
such |og. W|th|n t|vo (b) thoroattor, and subjoct to
lromotor's r|ght to rocoup Advancos, lromotor sha||
pay Art|stco an amount oqu|va|ont to n|noty porcont
(00%) ot tho Cont|ngont Componsat|on, |t any,
basod on tho app||cab|o pro||m|nary sott|omont. 3y
no |ator than s|xty (00) days attor tho t|na| 3how |n
tho 1orm, lromotor sha|| proparo and do||vor to
Art|stco a t|na| sott|omont ot a|| loo| lovonuo and
loo| Exponsos, on a tu||y cross-co||atora||zod bas|s.
W|th|n t|vo (b) bus|noss days thoroattor, lromotor
sha|| pay Art|stco any roma|n|ng Cont|ngont
Componsat|on ow|ng. lromotor sha|| rota|n a|| othor
lot loo| lovonuo. lotw|thstand|ng any othor
prov|s|on horo|n, appropr|ato adjustmonts sha|| bo
mado at oach ot tho pro||m|nary sott|omonts and tho
t|na| sott|omont to account tor any oar|y d|str|but|on
or ovorpaymont ot any port|on ot tho Cont|ngont
Componsat|on, and Art|stco sha|| prompt|y roturn any
ovorpaymont ot Cont|ngont Componsat|on |n tho
ovont lromotor dotorm|nos Art|stco was ovorpa|d
any port|on ot tho Cont|ngont Componsat|on.
lromotor sha|| bo ont|t|od to ottsot trom amounts
ow|ng to Art|stco horoundor, any amounts owod by
Art|stco to lromotor undor th|s Agroomont or by
roason ot any Advancos mado by lromotor to
Art|stco throughout tho 1orm. lromotor sha|| prov|do
Art|stco w|th a b|-wook|y account|ng ot loo|
lovonuo and loo| Exponsos dur|ng any |og ot tho
4.2 Advancoa ot Contingont Comµonaation.
4.2.1 |nitiaI Artiat Advanco. Cond|t|onod upon
tho oxocut|on and do||vory ot tho |nducomont |ottor
attachod horoto as Exh|b|t 3, tho prom|ssory noto
attachod horoto as Exh|b|t C (wh|ch prom|ssory noto
sha|| not bo socurod by any proporty bo|ong|ng to
Art|st, but sha|| bo socurod by proporty ownod by
Art|stco), by Art|stco and Art|st, lromotor sha|| |oan
Art|st and Art|stco tho sum ot ||vo V||||on Un|tod
3tatos 0o||ars (U3 $b,000,000) (tho °ln|t|a| Art|st
Advanco') as an advanco aga|nst Art|stco's tuturo
ont|t|omont to Cont|ngont Componsat|on. 3uch
paymont sha|| bo mado w|th|n tour (4) bus|noss days
ot tho sat|stact|on ot tho torogo|ng cond|t|ons by w|ro
transtorr|ng (a) 1hroo V||||on Un|tod 3tatos 0o||ars
(U3 $8,000,000) pursuant to wr|tton w|r|ng
|nstruct|ons prov|dod by 2 3oas locords llC as a
paymont mado on boha|t ot Art|st and/or h|s
att|||ato(s) |n connoct|on w|th Art|st's sott|omont w|th
2 3oas locords llC, and (b) 1wo V||||on Un|tod
3tatos 0o||ars (U3 $2,000,000) to Art|stco pursuant
to wr|tton w|r|ng |nstruct|ons prov|dod by Art|stco.
4. 2. 2 Advancoa to Covor Eomo RontaI.
Cond|t|onod upon tho oxocut|on and do||vory ot tho
|nducomont |ottor attachod horoto as Exh|b|t 3 and
tho prom|ssory noto attachod horoto as Exh|b|t C,
lromotor sha|| pay tho month|y ront on Art|st's homo
|ocatod |n 3o| A|r, Ca||torn|a tor a por|od ot two|vo
(12) months at tho rato ot $100,000 por month
(tota||ng not moro than U3 $1,200,000)) as an
add|t|ona| advanco (°|omo lonta| Advancos')
aga|nst Art|stco's tuturo ont|t|omont to Cont|ngont
Componsat|on. Upon roco|pt ot ov|donco that
Art|stco or any mombor ot Art|stco's managomont
has pa|d any such amounts, lromotor sha||
ro|mburso such amounts to tho app||cab|o porson or
ont|ty, and such ro|mbursomont (horo|nattor, tho
°lonta| lo|mbursomont') sha|| bo cons|dorod part ot
tho |omo lonta| Advancos. At Art|stco's roquost
and w|th tho consont ot tho app||cab|o |and|ord,
lromotor sha|| socuro |ts ob||gat|on to pay such
amounts by do||vor|ng a |ottor ot crod|t |n tavor ot tho
|and|ord or |ts dos|gnoo, wh|ch |ottor ot crod|t sha||
bo |n an amount oqu|va|ont to Ono V||||on 1wo
|undrod 1housand Un|tod 3tatos 0o||ars (U3
$1,200,000) m|nus tho amount ot tho lonta|
lo|mbursomont. lotw|thstand|ng any othor prov|s|on
horo|n, upon do||vor|ng such |ottor ot crod|t and
pay|ng tho lonta| lo|mbursomont, lromotor sha||
bo doomod to havo tu||y sat|st|od |ts ob||gat|ons
undor th|s prov|s|on and tho amount ot tho |omo
lonta| Advancos sha|| bo doomod to bo tho sum ot
Ono V||||on 1wo |undrod 1housand 0o||ars (U3
$1,200,000) p|us lromotor's roasonab|o cost
assoc|atod w|th post|ng such |ottor ot crod|t.
(Art|stco and/or Art|st may ropay a port|on ot tho
|omo lonta| Advancos by obta|n|ng trom tho
|and|ord or |ts dos|gnoo, as app||cab|o, tho
canco||at|on ot tho |ottor ot crod|t do||vorod by
lromotor, |n wh|ch caso tho amount ot such
ropaymont sha|| bo oqu|va|ont to tho pr|nc|pa|
amount roma|n|ng on tho |ottor ot crod|t (|.o., tho
amount that has not yot boon drawn down on).
4.2.8 Lottor ot Crodit/Roaidonco Purchaao.
( a ) Lottor ot Crodit. Cond|t|onod upon tho
|ssuanco ot canco||at|on |nsuranco |n accordanco
w|th laragraph 18.1 bo|ow, lromotor sha|| do||vor to
Art|stco an |rrovocab|o standby |ottor ot crod|t |n
tavor ot Art|stco |n tho amount ot ||ttoon V||||on
Un|tod 3tatos 0o||ars (U3 $1b,000,000) |n tho torm
substant|a||y s|m||ar to tho torm attachod horoto as
Exh|b|t 0 (tho °lottor ot Crod|t'), wh|ch lottor ot
Crod|t sha|| roqu|ro tho |ssu|ng bank to pay Art|stco
add|t|ona| advancos aga|nst Art|stco's tuturo
ont|t|omont to Cont|ngont Componsat|on attor ovory
t|vo (b) 3hows portormod by Art|st |n an amount
oqu|va|ont to (a) n|noty porcont (00%) ot tho
lrojoctod Cont|ngont Componsat|on tor such t|vo (b)
3hows m|nus (b) tho sum ot tho lrojoctod
lroduct|on Costs a||ocab|o to such t|vo (b) 3hows
and tho Art|st Advancos a||ocab|o to such t|vo (b)
3hows on a pro rata bas|s (oach, an °lntor|m Art|st
Advanco' and co||oct|vo|y, tho °lntor|m Art|st
Advancos'). 1ho amount ot tho lrojoctod lroduct|on
Costs and tho Art|st Advancos that sha|| bo a||ocatod
to oach 3how sha|| bo dotorm|nod by d|v|d|ng tho
tota| amount ot tho lrojoctod lroduct|on Costs by
tho numbor ot schodu|od 3hows |n tho app||cab|o |og
and tho tota| amount ot tho Art|st Advancos by tho
numbor ot schodu|od 3hows |n tho app||cab|o |og.
3y no |ator than throo (8) bus|noss days attor ovory
t|tth portormancos ot 3hows by Art|st, lromotor and
Art|stco sha|| oxocuto a wr|tton statomont (°1o|nt
3tatomont') vor|ty|ng that Art|st portormod at such
t|vo (b) 3hows and spoc|ty|ng tho amount ot tho
lntor|m Art|st Advanco, wh|ch amount sha|| bo
mutua||y approvod at tho t|mo tho part|os agroo upon
tho numbor ot 3hows |n tho app||cab|o |og ot tho
1our and sha|| bo subjoct to turthor mod|t|cat|on on
an ongo|ng bas|s by lromotor basod on actua| loo|
Exponsos, loo| lovonuo and lroduct|on Costs.
1horoattor, Art|stco sha|| bo ont|t|od to |mmod|ato|y
draw down tho amount ot tho lntor|mArt|st Advanco
trom tho lottor ot Crod|t. A|tornat|vo|y, at lromotor's
o|oct|on, |n ||ou ot subm|tt|ng tho 1o|nt 3tatomont to
Art|stco, lromotor sha|| bo ont|t|od to pay tho
amount ot tho lntor|m Art|st Advanco d|roct|y to
Art|stco by w|ro transtorr|ng such amount to Art|stco
by tho th|rd bus|noss day attor tho app||cab|o t|tth
portormanco by Art|st. ln tho ovont lromotor pays
tho lntor|m Art|st Advanco to Art|stco d|roct|y,
Art|stco and lromotor sha|| oxocuto an amondmont
to tho lottor ot Crod|t roduc|ng tho pr|nc|pa| amount
ot tho lottor ot Crod|t by tho amount ot tho lntor|m
Art|st Advanco pa|d by lromotor to Art|stco.
(b) Advanco to Purchaao LV Roaidonco. ln ||ou
ot ono or moro ot tho lntor|m Art|st Advancos or
port|ons thoro ot as prov|dod tor |n laragraph 4.2.8
(a) abovo and subjoct to tho bo|ow cond|t|ons,
Art|stco may o|oct to roco|vo a cash advanco to
ass|st Art|stco or |ts dos|gnoo to purchaso that
corta|n ros|donco |ocatod at 00 3pan|sh Gato 0r|vo,
las vogas, lovada 80118 (adjacont to 3pan|sh
1ra||s Go|t Courso) (°lv los|donco.') on tho
to||ow|ng torms:
(|) 1ho amount ot tho cash advanco (tho °lv
los|donco Advanco') sha|| bo tho |ossor ot (a)
||ttoon V||||on Un|tod 3tatos 0o||ars (U3
$1b,000,000) m|nus any lntor|m Art|st Advancos
prov|ous|y pa|d pursuant to laragraph 4.2.8 (a)
abovo, or (b) n|noty porcont (00%) ot tho |omo
va|uo (dot|nod to tho |ossor ot (x) tho appra|sod
va|uo ot tho ros|donco basod on a wr|tton appra|sa|
proparod by a mutua||y-approvod VAl cort|t|od
appra|sor w|th|n throo (8) months ot tho purchaso ot
tho ros|donco, and (y) tho purchaso pr|co ot such
(||) lromotor's ob||gat|on to pay such lv los|donco
Advanco sha|| bo cond|t|onod upon (x) tho oxocut|on
and do||vory ot a mutua||y-approvod prom|ssory noto
(|n a tormsubstant|a||y s|m||ar to tho prom|ssory noto
attachod horo to as Exh|b|t C w|th tho pr|nc|pa|
amount bo|ng oqu|va|ont to tho lv los|donco
Advanco), socur|ty agroomont and t|rst pr|or|ty dood
ot trust by Art|stco, Art|st and any dos|gnoo that
takos t|t|o ot tho lv los|donco, (y) tho sat|stact|on ot
tho cond|t|ons sot torth |n laragraph 10.4.1 bo|ow,
and (z) tho do||vory to lromotor ot a |ondor's t|t|o
|nsuranco po||cy |n connoct|on w|th such homo
purchaso |n a torm approvod by lromotor, wh|ch
domonstratos that lromotor w||| bo tho t|rst ||on
ho|dor on tho lv los|donco.
(|||) Art|st and Art|stco sha|| purchaso and do||vor to
lromotor a |ondor's t|t|o |nsuranco po||cy no |ator
than ton (10) bus|noss days pr|or to tho c|os|ng ot tho
purchaso ot tho lv los|donco (tho °C|os|ng').
(|v) lromotor sha|| pay tho lv los|donco Advanco
|nto tho app||cab|o lv los|donco oscrowby tho |ator
ot (a) sovon (7) bus|noss days attor a|| ot tho
cond|t|ons sot torth |n laragraph 4.2.8 (b) (||) havo
boon sat|st|od and (b) sovon (7) bus|noss days
botoro tho schodu|od C|os|ng,
(v) lotw|thstand|ng any othor prov|s|on horo|n, |n tho
ovont tho oscrow on tho lv los|donco purchaso
doos not c|oso w|th|n ton (10) bus|noss days ot
lromotor's paymont ot tho lv los|donco Advanco
|nto oscrow or any |ator dato approvod by lromotor,
Art|stco sha|| arrango tor oscrow to roturn tho lv
los|donco Advanco to lromotor, tho lv los|donco
Advanco |oan sha|| bo canco||od, and lromotor sha||
havo no turthor ob||gat|on to pay tho lv los|donco
Advanco. |or tho avo|danco ot doubt, 100% ot tho
lv los|donco Advanco sha|| bo usod by Art|st
and/or Art|stco (or a mutua||y approvod dos|gnoo) to
purchaso tho lv los|donco, and lromotor sha|| bo
ont|t|od to roco|vo a rocordod t|rst pr|or|ty ||on
aga|nst tho lv los|donco tor tho ont|ro amount ot
tho lv los|donco Advanco.
(v|) ln tho ovont lromotor pay tho lv los|donco
Advanco (and |t |s not roturnod to lromotor |n
accordanco w|th laragraph 4.2.8 (|v) abovo,
Art|stco and lromotor sha|| oxocuto an amondmont
to tho lottor ot Crod|t roduc|ng tho pr|nc|pa| amount
ot tho lottor ot Crod|t by tho amount ot tho lv
los|donco Advanco pa|d by lromotor.
(v||) |or tho avo|danco ot doubt, Art|stco sha|| bo
ont|t|od to cont|nuo to roco|vo tho lntor|m Art|st
Advancos undor laragraph 4.2.8 (a) abovo unt||
such t|mo as tho sum ot tho lntor|mArt|st Advancos
pa|d by lromotor and tho lv los|donco Advanco
pa|d by lromotor, |t any, oqua|s ||ttoon V||||on
Un|tod 3tatos 0o||ars (U3 $1b,000,000) or tho 1orm
oxp|ros, wh|chovor |s oar||or.
4.2.4 AdditionaI Artiat Advancoa. |rom t|mo to
t|mo, upon tho oxocut|on ot a mutua||y approvod
prom|ssory noto by Art|st and Art|stco |n a torm
substant|a||y s|m||ar to Exh|b|t C (w|th appropr|ato
mod|t|cat|on to rot|oct tho actua| amount ot |oan),
lromotor may, |n |ts so|o d|scrot|on, pay Art|stco
add|t|ona| advancos Art|stco's tuturo ont|t|omont to
Cont|ngont Componsat|on (oach, an °Add|t|ona|
Art|st Advanco,' and co||oct|vo|y, °Add|t|ona| Art|st
Advancos'). (1ho ln|t|a| Art|st Advanco, tho lntor|m
Art|st Advancos, tho lv los|donco Advanco, tho
|omo lonta| Advancos and oach Add|t|ona| Art|st
Advanco sha|| bo |nd|v|dua||y rotorrod to as an °Art|st
Advanco' and co||oct|vo|y rotorrod to as, °Art|st
4. 2. b Right to Rocouµ Artiat Advancoa.
lromotor sha|| bo ont|t|od to rocoup a|| Art|st
Advancos tromCont|ngont Componsat|on oarnod by
Art|stco or as othorw|so agrood by tho part|os,
prov|dod howovor, Art|st and Art|stco, on a jo|nt and
sovora| bas|s, sha|| ropay any port|on ot any such
Art|st Advancos to tho oxtont lromotor doos not
rocoup such Art|st Advancos w|th|n s|x (0) months
attor tho |ast schodu|od 3how |n tho 1our or such
t|mo as lromotor prov|dos wr|tton not|co to Art|st
that lromotor doos not dos|ro to schodu|o add|t|ona|
3hows dur|ng tho 1orm, wh|chovor |s |ator.
lotw|thstand|ng any othor prov|s|on horo|n, |t by
Varch 1, 2000 (a) Art|stco doos not obta|n
canco||at|on |nsuranco |n a torm and at a cost
approvod by lromotor |n accordanco w|th
laragraph 18 bo|ow, or (b) lromotor |s not namod
as a |oss payoo on canco||at|on |nsuranco obta|nod
by Art|stco and approvod by lromotor |n
accordanco w|th laragraph 18 bo|ow, or (c)
lromotor |s unab|o to obta|n canco||at|on |nsuranco
at a roasonab|o cost to covor |ts r|sk ot |oss ot loo|
Exponsos notw|thstand|ng |ts good ta|th ottorts to do
so, thon upon lromotor's wr|tton roquost, wh|ch |t
may mako |n |ts so|o d|scrot|on, Art|stco and Art|st
sha||, on a jo|nt and sovora| bas|s, ropay to lromotor
any and a|| Advancos by no |ator than s|x (0) months
attor such wr|tton roquost.
b. Promotor'a RoaµonaibiIitioa: ln add|t|on to |ts
ob||gat|ons |n th|s Agroomont, lromotor sha|| bo
rospons|b|o tor tho to||ow|ng dur|ng tho 1orm:
b. 1 5ubmiaaion ot Proµoaod |tinorarioa. |rom
t|mo to t|mo, lromotor sha|| subm|t to Art|stco
proposod |t|norar|os tor oach |og ot a wor|dw|do tour
cons|st|ng ot datos, vonuos, and |ocat|ons tor 3hows
|n part|cu|ar rog|ons ot tho 1orr|tory. (Any mutua||y-
approvod |t|norar|os ot 3hows sha|| bo rotorrod to as
°Approvod lt|norar|os.'),
b.2 Book and Promoto 5howa. lromotor sha||
uso roasonab|o ottorts to book 3hows |n
accordanco w|th Approvod lt|norar|os, and
thoroattor, lromotor sha|| p|aco on sa|o and
othorw|so act|vo|y promotor such 3hows |n a t|rst
c|ass mannor (and tu|t||| such othor standard
promotor ob||gat|ons tor art|sts ot s|m||ar ca||bor to
Art|st |nc|ud|ng tho arrangomont, adm|n|strat|on and
tund|ng ot oach |tom doscr|bod as an approvod
°3how Costs'), lromotor sha|| |n|t|ato, nogot|ato and
oxocuto a|| vonuo doa|s,
b . 8 Norchandiao. lromotor sha|| uso
commorc|a||y roasonab|o ottorts to ontor |nto an
agroomont w|th a mutua||y-approvod morchand|s|ng
company to manutacturo and so|| Art|st-Vorchand|so
dur|ng tho 1ormat 3hows and through Art|st's ott|c|a|
b . 4 Broadcaat Oµµortunitioa. lromotor sha||
cooporato w|th Art|st |n any broadcast and/or
rocordat|on opportun|t|os |n connoct|on w|th ono or
moro 3hows on mutua||y agrooab|o torms,
b . b Wobaito DovoIoµmont. lromotor w||| uso
roasonab|o ottorts to dovo|op and ovorsoo tho
adm|n|strat|on ot an Art|st wobs|to |n accordanco
w|th mutua||y-approvod paramotors,
b.0 Naximizo Not PooI Rovonuo. lromotor w|||
uso roasonab|o ottorts to max|m|zo lot loo|
lovonuo and to m|n|m|zo lroduct|on Costs
throughout tho 1orm, and
b . 7 5µonaorahiµ Agroomonta. lromotor sha||
roasonab|y cooporato w|th Art|stco and Art|st to
avo|d potont|a| cont||cts |n tho|r rospoct|vo
so||c|tat|on ot potont|a| mutua||y approvod sponsors,
and to conc|udo 3ponsorsh|p Agroomonts on
mutua||y-approvod torms.
0 . Artiat RoaµonaibiIitioa. ln add|t|on to tho|r
othor ob||gat|ons |n th|s Agroomont, Art|stco and
Art|st sha|| bo rospons|b|o tor tho to||ow|ng dur|ng tho
0. 1 AµµrovaI ot Proµoaod |tinorarioa. Art|stco
sha|| rospond to any |t|norar|os or amondod
|t|norar|os proposod by lromotor w|th|n t|vo (b)
bus|noss days ot roco|v|ng tho samo,
0. 2 Portormanco. A t|rst c|ass portormanco by
Art|st at oach 3how on oach ot tho Approvod
lt|norar|os. Art|st sha|| portorm no |oss than 80
m|nutos at oach 3how, and tho max|mum show
|ongth (|nc|ud|ng |ntorm|ss|ons and support) tor oach
show sha|| bo 8.b hours, pond|ng |oca| curtow
rostr|ct|ons, Art|stco and Art|st sha|| approvo a
sutt|c|ont numbor ot 3hows on lt|norar|os proposod
by lromotor to max|m|zo lromotor's ab|||ty to
rocoup tho tu|| amount ot tho Advancos.
0.8 PubIicity. Art|st to part|c|pato |n pross ovonts at
mutua||y agrood datos and t|mos to |aunch oach |og
ot tho wor|dw|do tour, as wo|| as othor mutua||y-
approvod pub||c|ty, and to part|c|pato |n tho croat|on
ot an o|octron|c pross k|t,
0 . 4 Broadcaating/Rocording Oµµortunitioa.
Art|st sha|| roasonab|y part|c|pato |n a|| mutua||y-
approvod broadcast and rocordat|on opportun|t|os
ro|atod to any 3hows,
0 . b 5µonaorahiµ Agroomonta. Art|stco sha||
roasonab|o cooporato w|t lromotor to avo|d
potont|a| cont||cts w|th lromotor's so||c|tat|on ot
potont|a| mutua||y-approvod sponsors and to
conc|udo 3ponsorsh|p Agroomonts on mutua||y-
approvod torms. Art|st sha|| roasonab|o part|c|pato
|n tu|t|||mont roqu|romonts ot 3ponsorsh|p
Agroomonts (o.g., attond moot and groots, porm|t
roasonab|o sponsorsh|p s|gnago),
0 . 0 Naximizo Not PooI Rovonuo. Art|st and
Art|stco sha|| uso commorc|a||y roasonab|o ottorts to
max|m|zo lot loo| lovonuo and to m|n|m|zo
lroduct|on Costs throughout tho 1orm,
0. 7 |nducomont Lottor. Art|st sha|| oxocuto and
do||vor tho lnducomont |ottor attachod as Exh|b|t 3,
0.8 Nanagomont, Agoncy and LogaI Coata. W|th
tho oxcopt|on ot tho month|y too ow|ng undor tho
torms ot a soparato agroomont w|th 11 lntornat|ona|,
llC tor tho sorv|cos ot 0r. 1ohmo 1ohmo, (not to
oxcood $100,000 por month), wh|ch sha|| bo
|nc|udod |n lroduct|on Costs, Art|stco sha|| bo so|o|y
rospons|b|o tor and sha|| pay a|| costs assoc|atod
w|th managomont and agoncy comm|ss|ons tor toos
and |oga| toos ot Art|st and/or Art|stco, |t any,
0 . 0 DoIivory ot PooI Rovonuo to Promotor.
Art|stco and Art|st sha|| do||vor any loo| lovonuo
roco|vod by thom to lromotor tor d|sbursomont |n
accordanco w|th th|s Agroomont, and
0. 10 Poaitivo PubIic |mago. 1hroughout tho
1orm, Art|st sha|| uso h|s bost ottorts to ma|nta|n a
pos|t|vo pub||c porcopt|on ot Art|st, and Art|st sha||
not conduct h|mso|t |n a mannor that w||| nogat|vo|y
|mpact tho roputat|on ot tho Art|st or lromotor.
7. 1ickoting Activitioa:
7.1 ComµIimontary 1ickota. Excopt as othorw|so
mutua||y approvod, thoro sha|| bo no comp||montary
t|ckots |ssuod oxcopt tor ton (10) comp||montary
t|ckots tor Art|stco's uso por 3how, and
comp||montary t|ckots usod tor promot|ona|
purposos and to sat|sty vonuo ||conso agroomonts
and 3ponsorsh|p Agroomonts.
7 . 2 1ickot and 5ocondary 1ickot 5aIoa.
lromotor sha|| contro| t|ckot sa|os and socondary
t|ckot act|v|t|os, w|th |nvontory tor t|ckot auct|ons and
othor socondary t|ckot programs |n a t|rst ho|d
8. Production ot tho 5howa.
8.1 Production 5orvicoa. lromotor sha|| prov|do
producor sorv|cos |n connoct|on w|th tho dos|gn and
product|on ot tho 3hows |nc|ud|ng, w|thout ||m|tat|on,
work|ng c|oso|y w|th tho Art|st rogard|ng croat|vo
aspocts ot tho dos|gn ot tho 3how, manag|ng tho
product|on |n accordanco w|th mutua||y-approvod
paramotor and a mutua||y-approvod product|on
budgot, and ongag|ng tho sorv|cos ot th|rd party
vondors to ass|st |n tho product|on ot tho 3how. 1ho
part|os w||| work togothor to proparo a mutua||y-
approvod tour r|dor tor tho 3hows.
8.2 Production Advancoa. 3ubjoct to laragraph
10.4 bo|ow, lromotor sha|| mako advancos to covor
mutua||y-approvod lroduct|on Costs (°lroduct|on
Advancos') up to but not oxcood|ng 3ovon V||||on
||vo |undrod 1housand Un|tod 3tatos 0o||ars (U3
$7,b00,000) (°lroduct|on Advanco Cap') p|us tho
mutua||y-approvod canco||at|on |nsuranco acqu|rod
to covor tho r|sk ot |oss ot Art|stco's prot|ts and
lroduct|on Costs |n a co||oct|vo amount that oqua|s
any unrocoupod port|on ot tho Advancos, prov|dod
howovor, lromotor sha|| pay such lroduct|on
Advancos d|roct|y to th|rd party vondors upon
prosontat|on ot propor |nvo|cos(s). lromotor sha||
koop Art|stco |ntormod ot such lroduct|on
Advancos. lromotor sha|| bo ont|t|od to rocoup such
lroduct|on Advancos trom Cont|ngont
Componsat|on othorw|so payab|o to Art|stco. 3y no
|ator than ton (10) bus|noss days attor tho ond ot tho
1orm, Art|stco sha|| ropay lromotor any port|on ot
such lroduct|on Advanco to tho oxtont lromotor
doos not rocoup such lroduct|on Costs roquostod
by Art|stco |n oxcoss ot tho lroduct|on Advanco Cap
(°Excoss lroduct|on Costs'), and Art|stco sha||
ro|mburso to lromotor or othorw|so advanco a||
tunds nocossary to pay such Excoss lroduct|on
Costs. Art|stco sha|| bo rospons|b|o tor a|| ot Art|st's
managomont and/or agoncy comm|ss|ons or toos,
a|| |oga| toos |ncurrod by or at tho roquost ot Art|stco
and/or Art|st |n connoct|on w|th th|s Agroomont or tho
3hows and a|| product|on ro|atod costs |ncurrod by
or at tho roquost ot Art|stco and/or Art|st wh|ch aro
not |nc|udod |n tho dot|n|t|on ot lroduct|on Costs.
8.8 Producor'a Foo. Art|stco sha|| pay lromotor a
producor's too (°lroducor's |oo') |n an amount
oqua| to t|vo porcont (b%) ot tho Art|st's lot 1our
lncomo. lromotor sha|| bo ont|t|od to doduct tho
lroducor's |oo trom amounts payab|o to Art|stco
0 . Broadcaating and Rocordation
Oµµortunitioa. 3ubjoct to tho r|ghts ot Art|st's |abo|
and pub||shors, |t any, tho part|os sha|| roasonab|y
cooporato w|th oach othor |n broadcast and
rocordat|on opportun|t|os |n connoct|on w|th Art|st's
portormanco(s) at ono or moro 3hows, Art|st sha||
own tho samo, and tho part|os sha|| jo|nt oxp|o|t tho
samo and a|| dor|vat|ons thorotrom|n porpotu|ty |n a||
modos ot d|str|but|on or transm|ss|on, now known or
horo|nattor d|scovorod (o.go., 0v0, to|ov|s|on,
cab|o, sato|||to, ll1v, wobcast|ng, lntornot). lot
3how-lo|atod 3roadcast/locord|ng lovonuo
roco|vod dur|ng tho 1orm sha|| bo |nc|udod |n loo|
lovonuo. lot 3how-lo|atod 3roadcast/locord|ng
lovonuo roco|vod attor tho 1orm sha|| bo pa|d t|rst
to lromotor to tho oxtont |t has not rocoupod
Advancos, mutua||y-approvod costs assoc|atod w|th
lot 3how-lo|atod 3roadcast/locord|ng lovonuo
and tho product|on ot tho undor|y|ng |nto||octua|
proporty r|ght, and loo| Exponsos, and thoroattor,
such amounts sha|| bo d|sbursod n|noty porcont
(00%) to Art|stco and ton porcont (10%) to
lromotor. lotw|thstand|ng any othor prov|s|on |n th|s
Agroomont, tho part|os' r|ghts and ob||gat|ons
assoc|atod w|th lot 3how-lo|atod
3roadcast/locord|ng lovonuo sha|| surv|vo tho
oxp|rat|on or torm|nat|on ot tho 1orm.
10. Accounting/5how5ottIomont/Audit:
10.1 5how 5ottIomonta. Art|stco sha|| havo tho
r|ght to havo a roprosontat|vo part|c|pato |n a|| show
sott|omonts. lromotor sha|| prov|do Art|stco w|th a
wr|tton sott|omont tor oach 3how, wh|ch sha|| conta|n
tho ltom|zod ca|cu|at|on ot loo| lovonuo and loo|
Exponsos tor oach 3how.
10.2 Audit Righta. lromotor sha|| koop comp|oto,
dota||od and accurato books and rocords ot a|| loo|
lovonuo, loo| Exponsos, lroduct|on Costs and
Advancos dur|ng tho 1orm, as wo|| as any lot 3how-
lo|atod 3roadcast/locord|ng lovonuo roco|vod
attor tho 1orm. Art|stco sha|| koop comp|oto,
dota||od and accurato books and rocords ot a|| loo|
lovonuo roco|vod by Art|stco |n rospoct ot tho
3hows, as wo|| as any lot 3how-lo|atod
3roadcast/locord|ng lovonuo roco|vod by Art|stco
|n rospoct ot tho 3hows as wo|| as any lot 3how-
lo|atod 3roadcast/locord|ng lovonuo roco|vod
attor tho 1orm. 0ur|ng tho 1orm and tor twonty-tour
(24) months thoroattor, oach ot tho part|os sha||
prov|do tho othor party, upon roasonab|o not|co, w|th
tu|| and comp|oto accoss dur|ng rogu|ar bus|noss
hours at such party's norma| p|aco ot bus|noss to
such party's 3how-ro|atod books and rocords to
|nspoct and copy, and to portorm, at tho d|scrot|on
and oxponso ot tho othor party, aud|ts or rov|ows ot
such books and rocords.
11. AµµrovaIa. ln add|t|on to any othor approva|
r|ghts sot torth horo|n, Art|stco and lromotor sha||
oach havo tho r|ght to pro-approvo botoro any 3how,
tho to||ow|ng s|gn|t|cant bus|noss mattors ro|at|ng to
such 3how (a) any |t|norary changos |nc|ud|ng any
and a|| doc|s|ons to add mu|t|p|o datos, (b) any travo|
and/or vll packagos to tho oxtont tho samo |nvo|cos
any part|c|pat|on by Art|st, (c) markot|ng and
promot|ona| act|v|t|os to tho oxtont tho samo
|nvo|cos any part|c|pat|on by Art|st, or tho uso ot
Art|st's namo and/or ||konoss, (d) tho dato and
|ocat|on ot oach portormanco ot Art|st undor th|s
Agroomont, subjoct to lromotor's r|ghts undor
laragraph 8 abovo, (o) comp||montary t|ckots tor
oach 3how, (t) tho |dont|ty ot any sponsors and tho
torm and cond|t|ons ot 3ponsorsh|p Agroomonts,
and (g) tho datos and t|mos ot any pub||c|ty ovonts at
wh|ch Art|st |s roqu|tod to part|c|pato. W|th tho
oxcopt|on ot thoso mattors ovor wh|ch party |s
oxpross|y g|von so|o d|scrot|on undor tho torms ot
th|s Agroomont, no party may w|thho|d, do|ay or
cond|t|on approva| unroasonab|y w|th rospoct to any
mattor tor wh|ch such party's approva| or consont |s
roqu|rod by th|s Agroomont. lotw|thstand|ng
Art|stco's approva| r|ghts, |n tho ovont Art|stco
unroasonab|y w|thho|ds, do|ays, or qua||t|os
Art|stco's approva| ovor any such mattor, Art|stco
sha|| bo doomod to havo g|von |ts approva| ovor
such mattor.
1 2 . Forco Na[ouro. lt a |orco Vajouro Evont
provonts tho prosontat|on ot ono or moro 3hows |n
tho mannor roqu|rod by or roasonab|y oxpoctod
undor tho torms ot th|s Agroomont, thon absont a
mutua| agroomont to tho contrary, (|) such 3how sha||
bo canco|od, (||) no|thor party horoto sha|| bo |n
dotau|t ot |ts ob||gat|ons by roason ot such
canco||at|on, (|||) both part|os horoto sha|| uso a||
roasonab|o ottorts to roschodu|o such 3how at a
mutua||y agrooab|o t|mo and p|aco, and |n a mannor
that avo|ds d|sproport|onato costs or harm to o|thor
party, and (|v) oxcopt to tho oxtont a canco||od 3how
has boon roschodu|od by part|os to a mutua||y
approvod dato and |ocat|on, Art|stco sha|| roturn any
port|on ot tho Art|st Advancos a||ocab|o to such
canco||od 3how (wh|ch sha|| bo dotorm|nod by
d|v|d|ng tho tota| amount ot tho Art|st Advancos by
tho numbor ot schodu|od 3hows |n tho app||cab|o
|og), and oach party sha|| bo rospons|b|y tor |ts own
oxponsos (oxcopt tor loo| Exponsos assoc|atod
w|th tho canco||od 3how, wh|ch sha|| bo rocoupab|o
tor loo| lovonuo and lroduct|on Exponsos |ncurrod
by lromotor, wh|ch sha|| bo rocoupab|o |n
accordanco w|th tho othor torms ot th|s Agroomont).
lo party sha|| bo |n dotau|t ot any ob||gat|on undor
th|s Agroomont |t |ts portormanco ot such ob||gat|on
|s rondorod |mposs|b|o by roason ot a |orco
Vajouro Evont
18. |nauranco.
18.1 CancoIIation |nauranco. Art|st sha|| approvo
and roasonab|y cooporato |n lromotor's acqu|s|t|on
ot ||to |nsuranco, non-portormanco, canco||at|on and
othor |nsuranco, subjoct to roasonab|o cont|dont|a||ty
rostr|ct|ons. Upon lromotor's roquost, Art|st sha|| bo
roqu|rod to undortako phys|ca| oxam|nat|on(s) by an
|ndopondont phys|c|an and sha|| prov|do ro|atod
hoa|th and mod|ca| |ntormat|on as roasonab|y
roquostod by lromotor's |nsurors and/or such
|ndopondont phys|c|an, w|th a r|ght to havo h|s own
doctor prosont and to roco|vo cop|os ot any and a||
mod|ca| roport proparod by such |ndopondont
phys|c|an. 1ho app||cab|o |nsuranco compan|os and
phys|c|ans must agroo to ho|d such mod|ca| roports
|n tho str|ctost cont|donco. Art|stco horoby
roprosonts and warrants that Art|st doos not
possoss any known hoa|th cond|t|ons, |njur|os or
a||monts that wou|d roasonab|y bo oxpoctod to
|ntortoro w|th Art|st's t|rst c|ass portormanco at oach
ot tho 3hows dur|ng tho 1orm. ln add|t|on, Art|stco
sha|| acqu|ro canco||at|on |nsuranco, |t ava||ab|o and
mutua||y-approvod, to covor tho r|sk ot |oss ot
Art|stco's prot|ts and lroduct|on Costs |n an amount
that, at a m|n|mum, w||| oqua| or oxcood any
unrocoupod port|on ot tho Advancos, and Art|stco
sha|| namo lromotor as a |oss payoo thoroon. As a
|oss payoo, lromotor sha|| bo ont|t|od to roco|vo
|nsuranco procoods d|roct|y as a moans ot
rocoup|ng any unrocoupod port|on ot tho Advancos,
prov|dod that such r|ght sha|| not |n any way ro||ovo
Art|stco ot any ot |ts ob||gat|ons to ropay Advancos
to lromotor. 1o tho oxtont lromotor has a|roady
rocoupod suchAdvancos, lromotor sha|| do||vor any
|nsuranco procoods lromotor roco|vos as a |oss
payoo undor Art|stco's canco||at|on |nsuranco po||cy
d|roct|y to Art|stco. 1ho cost ot such canco||at|on
|nsuranco sha|| bo |nc|udod |n lroduct|on Costs to
tho oxtont |t |s mutua||y-approvod. lromotor may, |n
|ts so|o d|scrot|on, obta|n canco||at|on |nsuranco to
covor tho r|sk ot |oss ot loo| Exponsos and/or
lromotor's prot|ts horoundor. ln tho ovont lromotor
purchasos canco||at|on |nsuranco to covor tho r|sk ot
|oss ot loo| Exponsos, tho cost ot such |nsuranco
sha|| bo a loo| Exponso.
18.2 LiabiIity |nauranco. Each party sha|| obta|n
CGl (w|th ||m|ts ot no |oss than U3 $10,000,000 por
occurronco and |n tho aggrogato) automob||o and
workor's componsat|on |nsuranco on torms roqu|rod
by lromotor, and sha|| namo tho othor party and any
porson or ont|ty roasonab|y dos|gnatod by tho othor
party on tho torogo|ng CGl and automob||o po||c|os,
w|th such ondorsomonts roasonab|y roquostod by
14. 1ormination. E|thor party sha|| bo ont|t|od to
torm|nato th|s Agroomont |t tho othor party ta||s to
substant|a||y portorm |ts mator|a| ob||gat|ons
horoundor, and such ta||uro to portorm|s not covorod
by a |orco Vajouro Evont (tho °0otau|t|ng larty'), |n
a mannor that rosu|ts |n mator|a| harm, |oss or othor
damago to tho othor party (°Evont ot 0otau|t'), and |t
curab|o, such Evont ot 0otau|t |s not covorod w|th|n
ton (10) bus|noss days attor roco|pt by tho 0otau|t|ng
larty ot wr|tton not|co thoroot, or |n tho ovont such
Evont ot 0otau|t |s curab|o but |s not roasonab|y
capab|o ot bo|ng curod w|th|n such por|od, and tho
0otau|t|ng larty o|thor ta||s to bog|n tho curo w|th|n
such por|od or ta||s to d|||gont|y pursuos such curo to
comp|ot|on as prompt|y as poss|b|o. Art|st and
Art|stco's ob||gat|ons to roturn tho Advancos sha||
surv|vo any torm|nat|on ot th|s Agroomont.
1b. |ndomnitication.
1b.1 lromotor sha|| dotond, |ndomn|ty and ho|d
Art|stco and Art|st, and tho|r rospoct|vo att|||atos,
omp|oyoos, agonts and roprosontat|vos (tho °Art|st-
lo|atod lndomn|t|os') harm|oss trom any 1h|rd larty
C|a|ms ar|s|ng out ot or ro|atod to (a) lromotor's
broach ot any lromotor's ob||gat|ons,
roprosontat|ons and/or warrant|os undor th|s
Agroomont, and (b) tho nog||gonco, and/or wrongtu|
acts or om|ss|ons (|nc|ud|ng |n tho |ntr|ngomont ot
tho |nto||octua| proporty r|ghts ot th|rd part|os) ot
lromotor, |t any, |n connoct|on w|th tho prosontat|on
ot a 3how(s), prov|dod howovor, |n no ovont sha||
lromotor bo rospons|b|o tor any C|a|ms ar|s|ng out
ot or ro|atod to o|thor (x) tho nog||gonco or w|||tu|
m|sconduct ot any such Art|st-lo|atod lndomn|t|os,
or (b) Art|stco's broach ot any Art|stco's ob||gat|ons
undor th|s Agroomont.
1b.2 Art|stco and Art|st sha|| dotond, |ndomn|ty and
ho|d lromotor and |ts rospoct|vo att|||atos,
omp|oyoos, agonts and roprosontat|vos (tho
°lromotor-lo|atod lndomn|t|os') harm|oss trom any
1h|rd larty C|a|ms ar|s|ng out ot or ro|atod to (a)
Art|stco's broach ot any ot Art|stco's ob||gat|ons,
roprosontat|ons and/or warrant|os undor th|s
Agroomont, (b) tho Art|st's uso ot lyrotochn|cs, |t
any, (c) tho stag|ng, props, stunts, Art|st movomonts
and othor product|on o|omonts assoc|atod w|th tho
3hows, and (d) tho nog||gonco or wrongtu| acts or
om|ss|ons (|nc|ud|ng |n tho |ntr|ngomont ot tho
|nto||octua| proporty r|ghts ot th|rd part|os) ot Art|stco,
Art|st and/or tho 1our larty, |t any, |n connoct|on w|th
a 3how(s), prov|dod howovor, |n no ovont sha||
Art|stco bo rospons|b|o tor any C|a|ms ar|s|ng out ot
or ro|atod to(x) tho nog||gonco or w|||tu| m|sconduct
ot any such lromotor-lo|atod lndomn|t|os, or (y)
lromotor's broach ot any ot lromotor's ob||gat|ons
undor th|s Agroomont.
10. NiacoIIanooua.
10.1 |ntogratod Agroomont. 1h|s Agroomont, w|th
|ts Exh|b|ts, |s |ntondod by part|os to bo comp|oto
and t|na| oxpross|on ot tho|r agroomont, and |s
spoc|t|ca||y |ntondod to bo an |ntogratod contract
w|th rospoct to tho mattors attoctod horo|n. Each
party agroos that any pr|or nogot|atos, statomonts,
roprosontat|ons or agroomonts w|th rospoct to tho
subjoct mattor horo|n aro morgod |n and suporsodod
by th|s Agroomont, and that such party has not ro||od
on any roprosontat|on or prom|so, ora| or othorw|so,
wh|ch |s not sot torth |n th|s Agroomont. 1h|s
Agroomont may not bo mod|t|od or amondod oxcopt
by a wr|t|ng s|gnod by tho party to bo bound.
10.2 ContidontiaIity. A|| ot tho mator|a| supp||od to
oach ot tho part|os by tho othor wh|ch |s ot a
cont|dont|a| naturo sha|| bo tho so|o and oxc|us|vo
proporty ot tho party produc|ng such mator|a|, and
oach ot tho part|os sha|| koop tho mator|a|
cont|dont|a| and rotra|n tromd|sc|os|ng such mator|a|
to any th|rd party (oxcopt tor tho part|os' rospoct|vo
roprosontat|vo who agroo to honor such
cont|dont|a||ty) w|thout tho oxpross wr|tton consont
ot tho othor party. 1ho mator|a| torms ot th|s
Agroomont sha|| bo kopt cont|dont|a| oxpoct to tho
oxtont nocossary to ontorco tho torms horoot or as
roqu|rod to comp|y w|th tho |aw(such as tor oxamp|o,
pursuant to a court ordor, or whoro a party must
d|sc|oso such |ntormat|on to a tax adv|sor or
accountant tor purposos tor propar|ng tax roturns or
t|nanc|a| statomonts.)
10.8 5ocurity. 1o socuro tho ta|thtu| portormanco ot
Art|stco ot Art|stco's and Art|st's ob||gat|ons undor
th|s Agroomont (|nc|ud|ng to ropay tho Advancos),
Art|stco horoby grants lromotor a ||on |n a|| ot
Art|stco's r|ght, t|t|o and |ntorost |n, to, and undor tho
to||ow|ng proport|os, assots and r|ghts, whorovor
|ocatod, whothor nowownod or horoattor acqu|rod or
ar|s|ng, and a|| procoods and products thoroot (a|| ot
tho samo bo|ng horo|nattor rotorrod to co||oct|vo|y
as, tho °Co||atora|'): contract r|ghts or r|ghts to tho
paymont ot monoy |n wh|chArt|stco and/or Art|st has
an |ntorost, |nsuranco c|a|ms and procoods,
commorc|a| tort c|a|ms, socur|t|os and a|| othor
|nvostmont proporty, and a|| gonora| |ntang|b|os
(|nc|ud|ng a|| accounts roco|vab|o and paymont
|ntang|b|os). Art|stco sha|| roasonab|y cooporato w|th
lromotor |n |ts ottorts to portoct such socur|ty
10.4 Conditiona to Advancoa.
10.4.1 lotw|thstand|ng any othor prov|s|on ot th|s
Agroomont, oxcopt to tho oxtont wa|vod by
lromotor, w|th tho oxcopt|on ot tho ln|t|a| Art|st
Advanco, lromotor sha|| havo no ob||gat|on to pay
any Advancos unt|| such t|mo as (a) canco||at|on
|nsuranco |n a mutua||y-approvod torm |s |ssuod |n
tavor or Art|stco to covor |ts r|sk ot |oss ot prot|ts and
lroduct|on Costs sutt|c|ont to covor a|| unrocoupod
Advancos, and (b) Art|stco do||vors to lromotor
ov|donco sat|stactory to lromotor that lromotor has
boon namod as a |oss payoo undor such
canco||at|on |nsuranco obta|nod byArt|stco |n a torm
approvod by lromotor, and (c) Art|stco do||vors to
lromotor ov|donco sat|stactory to lromotor that tho
d|sputo w|th 2 3oas locords llC has boon sott|od
and Art|stco ab|dos by a|| torms and cond|t|ons ot
such sott|omont, and (d) Art|stco and lromotor havo
approvod |n wr|t|ng part|cu|ars ot tho app||cab|o |og
ot tho 1our that porta|n to such Advancos (o.g., tour
|t|norary, pub||c on-sa|o datos, t|ckot pr|cos and
sca||ng, socondary t|ckot act|vatos, approva| ovor
budgots tor lroduct|on Costs and loo| Exponsos,
and lrojoctod Cont|ngont Componsat|on, and
lrojoctod lroduct|on Costs), and (o) canco||at|on
|nsuranco |n a torm approvod by lromotor |s |ssuod
|n tavor ot lromotor to covor |ts r|sk ot |oss ot loo|
10.4.2 lotw|thstand|ng any othor prov|s|on ot th|s
Agroomont, oxcopt to tho oxtont wa|vod by
lromotor, lromotor sha|| havo no ob||gat|on to pay
tho ln|t|a| Advanco unt|| such t|mo as Art|stco do||vors
to lromotor ov|donco sat|stactory to lromotor that
tho d|sputo w|th 2 3oas locords llC has boon
sott|od and that Art|stco has o|thor pa|d tho amounts
ow|ng to 2 3oas locords llC undor such
sott|omont agroomont or w||| pay such amounts
(|nc|ud|ng by porm|tt|ng somo or a|| ot tho ln|t|a|
Advanco to bo pa|d to 2 3oas locords llC). |or
tho avo|danco ot doubt, lromotor sha|| bo ont|t|od, |n
|ts so|o d|scrot|on, to wa|vo or rotuso to wa|vo any ot
tho cond|t|on procodont to |t ob||gat|on to pay any ot
tho Advancos.
10.b Agroomont Not AaaignabIo. Excopt as
othorw|so prov|dod |n th|s Agroomont, no party
horoto may ass|gn |ts r|ghts or ob||gat|ons undor th|s
Agroomont to any othor porson or ont|ty w|thout tho
pr|or wr|tton consont ot tho othor party, prov|dod,
howovor, lromotor sha|| bo ont|t|od to ass|gn |ts
r|ghts and ob||gat|ons undor th|s Agroomont to an
att|||ato tor purposos ot promot|ng tho 3hows
outs|do ot tho Un|tod 3tatos, |t any, prov|dod that
lromotor sha|| roma|n pr|nc|pa||y rospons|b|o tor a||
ot |ts ob||gat|ons.
1 0 . 0 5ovorabIo. lt any prov|s|on ot th|s
Agroomont or tho app||cat|on thoroot |s ho|d |nva||d,
tho |nva||d|ty sha|| not attoct othor prov|s|ons or
app||cat|ons ot th|s Agroomont can bo g|von tho|r
|ntondod ottoct w|thout tho |nva||d prov|s|ons, and to
th|s oxtont tho prov|s|ons ot th|s Agroomont aro
doc|arod to bo sovorab|o.
10.7 Covorning Law/Forum. 1h|s Agroomont,
and tho part|os' conduct ar|s|ng out ot or ro|atod to |t,
sha|| bo govornod by Ca||torn|a |aw, w|thout rogard
to |ts cho|co ot |aw ru|os. Any d|sputo ar|s|ng out ot
or ro|atod to th|s Agroomont must bo brought |n
todora| or stato court |n los Ango|os County, and tho
part|os horoby consont to tho oxc|us|vo jur|sd|ct|on
and vonuo ot such torum.
1 0 . 8 Noticoa. A|| not|cos, approva|s, and
consonts roqu|rod or porm|ttod to bo g|von
horoundor, or wh|ch aro g|von w|th rospoct to th|s
Agroomont, sha|| bo |n wr|t|ng, and sha|| bo doomod
du|y g|von or mado (|) upon do||vory or rotusa| ot
such do||vory ot such not|co by a rocogn|zod cour|or
sorv|co (wh|ch sha|| bo doomod to bo g|von upon
do||vory |t do||vorod on a bus|noss day, or tho noxt
bus|noss day |t do||vorod on a ho||day or wookond),
(||) upon porsona| do||vory (wh|ch sha|| bo doomod to
havo boon g|von upon do||vory) (wh|ch sha|| bo
doomod to bo g|von upon do||vory |t do||vorod on a
bus|noss day, or tho noxt bus|noss day |t do||vorod
on a ho||day or wookond), or (|||) upon do||vory by tax
mach|no capab|o ot cont|rm|ng roco|pt (wh|ch sha||
bo doomod to bo g|von upon do||vory |t do||vorod on
a bus|noss day, or tho noxt bus|noss day |t do||vorod
on a ho||day or wookond), and |n oach caso
addrossod as to||ows (or at such othor addross tor a
party as sha|| bo spoc|t|od |n a not|co so g|von):
1o Art|stco and Art|st:
1ho V|chao| 1ackson Company, llC
187b Contury lark East, 3u|to 000
los Ango|os, CA 00007
Attn: 0r. 1ohmo 1ohmo
1o|: (810) 284-8144
|ax: (810) 284-814b
W|th a s|mu|tanoous copy to:
0r. 1ohmo 1ohmo
187b Contury lark East, 3u|to 000
los Ango|os, CA 00007
Attn: 0r. 1ohmo 1ohmo
1o|: (810) 284-8144
|ax: (810) 284-814b
0onn|s 1. |awk, Esq.
8100 0ona|d 0oug|as loop l:
3anta Von|ca, CA 0040b
1o|: (810) 004-8000
|ax: (810) b10-0700
1o lromotor:
AEGl|vo, llC
b7b0 W||sh|ro 3|vd. 3u|to b01
los Ango|os, CA 00080
Attn: Gonora| Counso|
1o|: (828) 080-b700
|ax: (828) 080-b78b
W|th a s|mu|tanoous copy to:
luco |orward |am||ton 8 3cr|pps lll
001 3. ||guoroa 3troot, 3u|to 8000
los Ango|os, CA 00017
Attn: Kathy A 1orr|o
lhono: (218) 802-4047
|ax: (218) 4b2-8024
1 0 . 0 Countorµart/Fax 5ignaturoa. 1h|s
Agroomont may bo oxocutod |n any numbor ot
countorparts, oach ot wh|ch sha|| bo doomod an
or|g|na|, and tacs|m||o cop|os or photocop|os ot
s|gnaturos sha|| bo va||d as or|g|na|s.
3y s|gn|ng bo|ow oach party acknow|odgos |ts
agroomont to tho torogo|ng and agroos to nogot|ato
tho dot|n|t|vo agroomont oxpod|t|ous|y and |n good
vory tru|y yours,
AEGl|vo llC
3randon K. lh||||ps
lros|dont 8 CEO
AEGl|vo llC
Wo havo road tho abovo, and agroo to tho torms.
1|E VlC|Al 1ACK3Ol COVlAlY,
llC VlC|AEl 1ACK3Ol
lamo: V|chao|
1ackson V|chao|
Exhibit A

1. °Advancoa" rotors to Art|st Advancos and
lroduct|on Advancos.
2. °Artiat Norchandiao" moans any morchand|so
boar|ng tho namo, ||konoss or |ogos ot Art|st.
8. °Artiat'a Not 1our |ncomo" moans tho
Cont|ngont Componsat|on m|nus tho sum ot
lroduct|on Costs p|us tho port|on ot tho Cont|ngont
Componsat|on that cons|sts ot Vorchand|so
lovonuo (dot|nod bo|ow), lot 3how-lo|atod
3roadcast/locord|ng lovonuo (dot|nod bo|ow) and
lot |an C|ub Vomborsh|p lovonuo (dot|nod bo|ow).
4. °Forco Na[ouro Evont" moans tho occurronco
ot an ovont outs|do tho roasonab|o contro| ot tho
party c|a|m|ng tho bonot|t ot tho torco Vajouro ovont,
such as an |||noss or acc|dont to tho Art|st (wh|ch, |n
thoso s|tuat|ons whoro Art|stco |s tho party sook|ng
tho protoct|on ot such occurronco on|y, cou|d not bo
avo|dod by Art|st through roasonab|o d|||gonco),
othor acc|dont, an act or rogu|at|on ot pub||c
author|ty, t|ro, r|ot or c|v|| commot|on, |ockout or
str|ko or othor |abor d|sputo, torror|st acts, acts or
doc|arat|ons ot war, d|soaso, doath, op|dom|c,
substant|a| |ntorrupt|on |n, or substant|a| do|ay or
ta||uro ot tochn|ca| tac|||t|os, ta||uro or substant|a| and
oxtraord|nary do|ay ot nocossary transportat|on
sorv|cos, war cond|t|ons, omorgonc|os, acts ot God,
or any othor s|m||ar or d|ss|m||ar occurronco boyond
tho roasonab|o contro| ot tho party c|a|m|ng tho
bonot|t ot tho |orco Vajouro prov|s|on. ln tho ovont
ot a str|ko or |abor d|sputo ot tho mus|c|an un|on, any
roasonab|o too or pona|ty |mposod on Art|stco or
Art|st as tho rosu|t ot tho Art|st cross|ng a p|ckot ||no
w||| bo a loo| Exponso. lotw|thstand|ng tho
torogo|ng, poor woathor cond|t|ons sha|| not
const|tuto a °|orco Vajouro Evont' un|oss such
cond|t|ons provont tho attondanco by or advorso|y
attoct tho satoty ot tho Art|st, tho pub||c attond|ng or
dos|r|ng to attond tho app||cab|o 3hows or porsons
roasonab|y nocossary to carry out tho portormanco
ot tho Art|st at a 3how.
5. °Not PooI Rovonuo" moans loo| lovonuo
gonoratod dur|ng tho 1orm |oss loo| Exponsos
|ncurrod dur|ng tho 1orm, on a tu||y cross-
co||atora||zod bas|s.
0. °PooI Rovonuo" moans tho aggrogato ot tho
a. °Ad[uatod Croaa 1ickot Rovonuo" (dot|nod
to bo gross t|ckot procoods roco|vod by lromotor,
Art|stco, and/or Art|st trom 3hows |oss taxos, tac|||ty
toos, rostorat|on chargos and crod|t card
b. 3how spoc|t|c t|ckot robatos, oxponso sav|ngs,
rotunds or robatos, |t any, roco|vod by lromotor,
Art|stco and/or Art|st trom whatovor sourco (o.g.,
1|ckotmastor, vll and tan c|ub t|ckots) |n connoct|on
w|th any and a|| 3hows,
c. 3ponsorsh|p rovonuo ro|atod to sponsorsh|p or
any 3how trom whatovor sourco and |n whatovor
naturo roco|vod by lromotor, Art|stco or Art|st (or
any rospoct|vo att|||ato) |nc|ud|ng, w|thout ||m|tat|on,
|n connoct|on w|th any 3ponsorsh|p Agroomont. ln-
k|nd sponsorsh|p cons|dorat|on (o.g., markot|ng or
mod|a oxposuro, otc.) sha|| bo troatod as a cash
oqu|va|ont and doomod loo| lovonuo,
d. lntorost |ncomo, |t any, roco|vod by tour,
o. 3o||-ott procoods trom th|rd party promotors |n
connoct|on w|th any 3how, |n wh|ch ovont, no loo|
Exponsos assoc|atod w|th such so|d-ott 3how sha||
bo |nc|udod |n loo| Exponsos horoundor un|oss
such loo| Exponsos havo boon pa|d d|roct|y by
lromotor and lromotor |s not ro|mbursod by
app||cab|o so||-ott promotor,
t. lovonuo roco|vod by lromotor, Art|st or
Art|stco trom t|ckot auct|ons, 1|ckot Exchango and
othor socondary t|ckot act|v|t|os and anc|||ary
t|ckot|ng act|vatos (|nc|ud|ng, w|thout ||m|tat|on, vll
packagos, travo| packagos, tan c|ub t|ckots,
corporato packagos, d|nnor packagos, 1|ckotmastor
auct|ons, promot|ona| party packagos, Amor|can
Expross t|ckot programs (o.g., °Ear|y on 3a|o'
program), shou|d lromoto mako arrangomonts tor
tho samo), |n connoct|on w|th any an a|| 3hows,
g. °Norchandiao Rovonuo" (dot|nod to bo any
and a|| rovonuo roco|vod by lromotor, Art|st and/or
Art|stco undor any such part|os' agroomont a
mutua||y-approvod morchand|so company trom tho
sa|o ot Art|st Vorchand|so at tho vonuo ot oach
3how and through Art|st Ott|c|a| wobs|to dur|ng tho
h. °Not 5how-RoIatod Broadcaat/Rocording
(dot|nod to bo 3how-ro|atod broadcast and/or
rocord|ng rovonuo gonoratod trom tho ||vo and/or
do|ayod broadcast (|n any and a|| modos ot
transm|ss|on (o.g., to|ov|s|on, wobcasts, co||u|ar,
ll1v, cab|o, sato|||to) or rocordat|on ot any port|on ot
Art|st's portormanco at any 3how, and a|| dor|vat|vo
products assoc|atod thorow|th to tho oxtont tho samo
oxcoods actua| costs |ncurrod by Art|stco/Art|st to
gonorato such rovonuo),
|.°Not Fan CIub Nomborahiµ Rovonuo" (dot|nod
to bo any and a|| rovonuo roco|vod by Art|st and/or
Art|stco (w|th an undorstand|ng that such part|os w|||
roco|vo such rovonuo) dur|ng tho 1orm trom
momborsh|p toos or othor toos payab|o by |an C|ub
Vombors or any othor torm ot momborsh|ps (°|an
C|ub Vomborsh|ps') or toos payab|o to ocho or such
othor mutua||y-approvod wobs|to dos|gn vondor to
tho oxtont tho samo oxcoods actua| costs |ncurrod
by Art|stco/Art|st assoc|atod w|th such mattors, and
1. Any othor rovonuo roco|vod by lromotor, Art|stco
or Art|st |n connoct|on w|th tho 3hows.
7. °PooI Exµonaoa' moans tho to||ow|ng:
a: Customary and mutua||y-approvod show costs
|ncurrod by lromotor |n connoct|on w|th any and a||
3hows (o.g., vonuo ronta|s, not advort|s|ng,
markot|ng mator|a|, pub||c ||ab|||ty |nsuranco,
socur|ty, t|ckot|ng costs, |oca| statt, vonuo statt,
powor, vonuo oxponsos, ro|atod to pro-r|gs, root
ronta| ro|at|ng to outdoor shows), prov|dod howovor,
tor tho avo|danco ot doubt, shows costs trom 3hows
so|d ott by lromotor to th|rd part|os sha|| not bo
|nc|udod |n loo| Exponsos and sha|| not bo cross-
co||atora||zod w|th 3hows promotod by lromotor,
b. 1ho cost ot mutua||y-approvod support ta|ont, |t
any, at any 3hows,
c. Vutua||y agrooab|o oxponsos assoc|atod w|th
socondary t|ckot|ng act|v|t|os and anc|||ary t|ckot|ng
act|vatos |n connoct|on w|th 3hows,
d. Canco||at|on |nsuranco covor|ng tho r|sk ot |oss ot
loo| Exponsos (|nc|us|vo ot mutua||y-approvod
advort|s|ng, vonuo ront and othor d|roct show costs)
on 3hows throughout tho 1orr|tory, |t any, prov|dod
that tho canco||at|on |nsuranco sha|| bo p|acod
through customary channo|s,
o. Vutua||y agrooab|o oxponsos roqu|rod by
mutua||y-approvod tour r|dor |n connoct|on w|th any
and a|| 3hows,
t. Vutua||y-approvod costs |ncurrod by lromotor |n
connoct|on w|th tho manutacturo and sa|o ot Art|st
g. Ad mat and advort|s|ng mator|a|s (o.g., rad|o spot,
pr|nt ads, to|ov|s|on, otc.) assoc|atod w|th tho
h. 3ponsorsh|p comm|ss|ons (|nc|ud|ng
comm|ss|ons ow|ng to o|thor party's att|||atos) and
ro|atod tu|t|||mont oxponsos,
|. 8rd party t|ckot sa|os comm|ss|ons and ro|atod
oxponsos, and
j. Othor customary documontod mutua||y-approvod
tour poo| oxponsos.
8. °Production Coata" moans tho to||ow|ng costs
to tho oxtont thoy ro|ato to 3hows and aro mutua||y-
approvod: (a) a|| Art|st-ro|atod product|on and
ro|atod costs |nc|ud|ng, but not ||m|tod to, sound and
||ghts, r|gg|ng motors, stag|ng o|omonts, v|doo (|t
any), pyro (|t any), photos and b|os ot Art|st,
to|ov|sod broadcasts, |t any, (b) tho cost ot a||
mus|ca| |nstrumonts ot tho tour party and tho cost ot
transport|ng, stor|ng and |nsur|ng a|| such mus|ca|
|nstrumonts, (c) porsonno| costs tor tho tour party
(|nc|ud|ng transportat|on, tood and
accommodat|ons), (d) sa|ar|os, wagos, por d|oms,
payro|| taxos and oxponsos, un|on duos and othor
|abor costs and bonot|ts ot mus|c|ans and dancors
and othor non-managomont mombors ot tho 1our
larty, (o) at such t|mo as Art|stco obta|ns tho
canco||at|on |nsuranco roqu|rod by laragraph 18 ot
tho Agroomont and lromotor roco|vos wr|tton
ov|donco that |t has boon namod as |oss payoo ot
such canco||at|on |nsuranco, tho mutua||y approvod
d|roct, actua| costs ot Art|st-ro|atod managomont
and statt|ng pursuant to tho torms ot a soparato
agroomont w|th 11 lntornat|ona|, llC tor tho sorv|cos
ot 0r. 1ohmo 1ohmo (not to oxcood $100,000 por
month), (o) travo| and transportat|on costs (|nc|ud|ng
truck|ng, buss|ng and tro|ght, and |oca| ground and
show transportat|on tor tho tour party, (t) tour dos|gn
toos and tour croat|vo art, (g) v|sa 8 |mm|grat|on
costs, |t any, tor tho tour party, (h) a|| such othor costs
tor wh|ch an art|st (or |ts turn|sh|ng company) |s
customar||y rospons|b|o, |nc|ud|ng, w|thout ||m|tat|on,
adoquato workor's componsat|on and ||ab|||ty and
othor |nsuranco w|th rospoct to tho torogo|ng,
prov|dod howovor, |n no ovont sha|| lroduct|on
Costs |nc|udo any othor costs assoc|atod w|th
managomont and agoncy comm|ss|ons or toos and
|oga| toos ot canco||at|on |nsuranco, |t ava||ab|o and
mutua||y-approvod, to covor tho r|sk ot |oss ot
Art|stco's prot|ts and lroduct|on Costs |n an amount
wh|ch, at a m|n|mum, |s oqu|va|ont to or oxcoods
any unrocoupod port|on ot tho Advancos and costs
ro|atod to nam|ng lromotor as a |oss payoo on such
0. °Pro[octod Contingont Comµonaation" sha||
moan tho amount ot tho Cont|ngont Componsat|on
por 3how projoctod by lromotor basod on tho
projoctod loo| lovonuos and loo| Exponsos tor tho
mutua||y agrood numbor ot 3hows |n tho app||cab|o
|og ot tho 1our basod on an assumpt|on that tho
amount ot tho lrojoctod Cont|ngont Componsat|on
on an ongo|ng bas|s basod on tho add|t|on ot 3hows
to tho app||cab|o |og ot tho 1our, actua| loo|
lovonuos and actua| loo| Exponsos.
10. °Pro[octod Production Coata" sha|| moan tho
lroduct|on Costs projoctod by lromotor on a por
3how bas|s basod on tho mutua||y agrood numbor ot
3hows at tho vonuos sot torth on tho mutua||y
approvod |t|norary |n tho app||cab|o |og ot tho 1our.
lromotor may adjust tho lrojoctod lroduct|on
Costs on an ongo|ng bas|s basod on tho add|t|on ot
3hows to tho app||cab|o |og ot tho 1our and actua|
lroduct|on Costs.
11. °5howa" moans any and a|| mutua||y-approvod
shows to bo portormod by Art|st (oach, a °3how and
co||oct|vo|y, tho 3hows') dur|ng tho 1orm throughout
tho 1orr|tory.
12. °5µonaorahiµ Agroomonta" rotors to any
mutua||y-approvod agroomont whoro|n a th|rd party
roco|vos sponsorsh|p or comparab|o crod|t or
pub||c|ty customary tor sponsors |n 3how-ro|atod
advort|somonts, s|gnago or othor th|ngs.
18. °1orritory" moans tho wor|d.
14. °1orm" moans tho oxocut|on dato through
0ocombor 81,2011, or tho conc|us|on ot a
Wor|dw|do tour|ng cyc|o wh|ch |nc|udos 3hows
throughout tho major tour|ng torr|tor|os ot tho Wor|d
as mutua||y so|octod by Art|stco and lromotor,
wh|chovor occurs |ator (°Exp|rat|on 0ato'), prov|dod
howovor, lromotor sha|| havo tho r|ght |n |ts so|o
d|scrot|on, but not tho ob||gat|on, to (a) oxtond tho
1ormboyond tho Exp|rat|on 0ato by wr|tton not|co(s)
unt|| such t|mo as lromotor rocoups ono hundrod
porcont (100%) ot tho Advancos, or (b) ond tho 1orm
pr|or to tho Exp|rat|on 0ato, |n wh|ch ovont tho 1orm
sha|| bo dot|nod to ond on tho dato(s) so|octod by
lromotor, notw|thstand|ng tho Exp|rat|on 0ato. 1o
oxorc|so |ts r|ght to oxtond tho torm undor tho
torogo|ng prov|s|on, lromotor must g|vo wr|tton
not|co ot |ts dos|ro to oxtond tho torm pr|or to
0ocombor 81,2011. |or tho avo|danco ot doubt,
Art|stco and lromotor sha|| havo a|| ot tho|r
rospoct|vo r|ghts and ob||gat|ons undor th|s
Agroomont w|th rospoct to any mutua||y approvod
3hows that havo boon schodu|od pr|or to tho
Exp|rat|on 0ato and aro to bo portormod attor tho
Exp|rat|on 0ato as tho rosu|t ot lromotor's doc|s|on
to oxtond tho 1orm rogard|oss ot whothor or not
lromotor rocoups ono hundrod porcont ot tho
Advancos pr|or to tho comp|ot|on ot such 3hows.
lotw|thstand|ng any ot tho torogo|ng, |n tho ovont tho
1orm|s oxtondod by tho prov|s|ons ot th|s paragraph
boyond 0ocombor 81, 2011, Art|stco sha|| havo tho
r|ght to ond tho 1orm on tho low Exp|rat|on 0ato
(dot|nod bo|ow) by g|v|ng lromotor wr|tton not|co by
tacs|m||o transm|ss|on (tho °3uy-Out lot|co') ot
Art|stco's dos|ro to ond tho 1orm on tho Exp|rat|on
0ato, wh|ch 3uy-Out lot|co may bo g|von on
0ocombor 81,2011, or any dato thoroattor, and
upon roco|pt ot such 3uy-Out lot|co, tho 1orm sha||
thon ond on tho |ator ot (a) tho dato ot lromotor's
roco|pt ot tho 3uy-Out lot|co, or (b) tho comp|ot|on
ot any mutua||y-approvod 3hows prov|ous|y
schodu|od (such |ator dato bo|ng rotorrod to as
unrocoupod port|on ot tho Advancos as ot such low
Exp|rat|on 0ato by no |ator than ton (10) bus|noss
days attor lromotor do||vors tho t|na| sott|omont ot
tho 1our.
15. °1hird Party CIaima" rotors to c|a|m(s),
|ossos, ||ab|||t|os, judgmonts, su|ts, act|ons,
damagos and oxponsos (|nc|ud|ng roasonab|o
attornoy's toos and oxponsos ot counso| ot tho
|ndomn|t|od party).
Exhibit B
|nducomont Lottor- NichaoI Jackaon
As a turthor |nducomont to AEG l|vo llC
(°lromotor') to ontor |nto tho torogo|ng Art|st
Agroomont w|th 1ho V|chao| 1ackson Company,
llC (°Art|stco') datod 1anuary 20, 2000 (such
agroomont |nc|ud|ng tho oxh|b|ts thoroto bo|ng
rotorrod to co||oct|vo|y as tho °Agroomont'), |t bo|ng
to tho undors|gnod's bonot|t that lromotor do so,
and |n cons|dorat|on ot tho oxocut|on thoroot by
lromotor, tho undors|gnod horoby:
1. Guarantoos tho tu|| portormanco by Art|stco ot
a|| ot Art|stco's ob||gat|ons undor tho Agroomont,
and agroos to bo jo|nt|y and sovora||y ||ab|o tor a||
such ob||gat|ons,
2. loprosonts and warrants that Art|stco has tho
r|ght to ontor |nto tho Agroomont and to assumo a||
ot tho ob||gat|ons, warrant|os and undortak|ng to
lromotor on tho part ot Art|stco conta|nod thoro|n,
and that Art|stco sha|| cont|nuo to havo thoso r|ghts
unt|| a|| ot thoso ob||gat|ons, warrant|os and
undortak|ngs sha|| havo boon tu||y portormod and
8. loprosonts and warrants that a|| ot tho
roprosontat|ons, warrant|os and agroomonts on tho
part ot Art|stco conta|nod |n tho Agroomont that
concorn Art|stco and/or tho undors|gnod aro and
sha|| roma|n truo and corroct, and tho undors|gnod
agroos to bo bound thoroby,
4. Agroos that tho undors|gnod's ||ab|||ty
horoundor |s d|roct and |mmod|ato |s not
cond|t|onod upon tho pursu|t by lromotor ot any
romody lromotor may havo aga|nst Art|stco, and |s
socurod by tho co||atora| |dont|t|od laragraph 10.8
ot tho Agroomont, wh|ch soct|on |s |ncorporatod
horo|n by th|s rotoronco, and that tho torms horoot
aro |rrovocab|o, and any procood|ng aga|nst tho
undors|gnod may bo brought pursuant to tho torum
so|oct|on and cho|co ot |aw prov|s|ons conta|nod |n
tho Agroomont,
b. Wa|vos any r|ghts ot subrogat|on,
ro|mbursomont, |ndomn|t|cat|on, and contr|but|on
and any othor r|ghts and dotonsos that aro or may
bocomo ava||ab|o to tho undors|gnod by roason ot
Ca||torn|a C|v|| Codo 3oct|ons 2787 to 28bb,
|nc|us|vo and turthor agroos that such wa|vors aro
|ntondod by tho undors|gnod to bo ottoct|vo to tho
max|mum oxtont porm|ttod by 3oct|on 28b0 ot tho
Ca||torn|a C|v|| Codo, and
0. |acs|m||o cop|os or photocop|os ot s|gnaturo ot
th|s |nducomont |ottor sha|| bo as va||d as or|g|na|.
Exhibit C
Promiaaory Noto
u.5. $0,200,000
January 20, 2000
Loa AngoIoa, CaIitornia
|Ol vAlUE lECElvE0, tho undors|gnod, 1ho
V|chao| 1ackson Company, llC a 0o|awaro ||m|tod
||ab|||ty company (°Art|stco') and V|chao| 1ackson
(°Art|st'), an |nd|v|dua| ros|d|ng |n Ca||torn|a
(togothor, °Vakor') prom|sos to pay, on a jo|nt and
sovora| bas|s, to AEG l|vo llC (°|o|dor' or
°lromotor'), or ordor, at b7b0 W||sh|ro 3|vd., 3u|to
b01 los Ango|os, CA 00080, or at such p|aco as
|o|dor may trom t|mo to t|mo dos|gnato, tho
pr|nc|pa| amount ot 3|x V||||on 1wo |undrod
1housand Un|tod 3tatos 0o||ars (U.3. $0,200,000),
w|th |ntorost on such amount unt|| pa|d, at tho rato sot
torth bo|owand payab|o as to||ows:
1ho amount ot outstand|ng pr|nc|pa| sha|| boar no
intoroat un|oss tho tu|| pr|nc|pa| amount ow|ng |s not
t|mo|y pa|d w|th|n t|vo (b) bus|noss days attor tho
Vatur|ty 0ato (dot|nod bo|ow) or w|th|n t|vo (b)
bus|noss days attor wr|tton not|co ot makor's ta||uro
to pay tho tu|| pr|nc|pa| amount ow|ng on or botoro
tho Vatur|ty 0ato, wh|chovor |s |ator, |n wh|ch ovont
s|mp|o, non-compound|ng |ntorost sha|| accruo on
tho pr|nc|pa| ba|anco ow|ng trom and attor tho
oxocut|on ot th|s lrom|ssory loto (°loto') by Vakor
at tho rato ot ton porcont (10%) por annum, and sha||
bo ca|cu|atod on tho bas|s ot a 80b-day yoar.
1ho torm ot th|s loto sha|| bo trom tho dato ot th|s
loto through and |nc|ud|ng tho oar||or ot (a) s|x
months attor tho |ast 3how ot tho t|rst |og ot tho 1our
undor tho 1our Agroomont (dot|nod bo|ow) but |n no
ovont |ator that 0ocombor 81, 2000 or (b) s|x months
attor lromotor makos a wr|tton roquost tor such
paymont, |t ovor, |n accordanco w|th laragraph
4.2.b ot tho 1our Agroomont (dot|nod bo|ow), (such
oar||or dato sha|| bo rotorrod to as tho °Vatur|ty
0ato'), at wh|ch t|mo a|| unpa|d pr|nc|pa| sha|| bo
duo. 1ho part|os may ronow tho torm and oxtond tho
Vatur|ty 0ato by s|gn|ng a wr|tton mod|t|cat|on ot th|s
loto oxtond|ng such datos, and sha|| do so |t
roqu|rod by tho torms ot tho 1oru Agroomont.
lr|nc|pa| sha|| bo duo and payab|o |n tu|| on tho
Vatur|ty 0ato, prov|dod that tho pr|nc|pa| amount
ow|ng sha|| bo roducod by an amount oqua| to tho
sum ot (|) tho port|ons ot tho ln|t|a| Advanco and
|omo lonta| Advancos wh|ch aro Earnod by tho
Art|st undor tho torms ot tho 1our Agroomont datod
1anuary 20, 2000 and oxocutod by and botwoon
lromotor, Art|stco and Art|stco and Art|st rogard|ng
tho wor|dw|do concort tour ot Art|st (tho °1our
Agroomont'), (||) any ropaymont by Art|stco and/or
Art|st ot tho |omo lonta| Advancos accomp||shod
by rop|ac|ng tho |ottor ot crod|t do||vorod by
lromotor to tho |and|ord ot tho 3o| A|r homo and
caus|ng such |ottor ot crod|t to bo canco||od as
porm|ttod undor laragraph 4.2.2 ot tho 1our
Agroomont, and (|||) w|th rospoct to any 3how that |s
canco||od (a °Canco||od 3how'), any amount pa|d to
lromotor |n |ts capac|ty as a |oss payoo undor
canco||at|on |nsuranco obta|nod by Art|stco to covor
tho ln|t|a| Advanco and/or tho |omo lonta|
Advancos |n connoct|on w|th such Canco||od 3how.
Un|oss othorw|so dot|nod horo|n, tho cap|ta||zod
torms sha|| havo tho moan|ngs ascr|bod to thom |n
tho 1our Agroomont.
Any paymont horoundor sha|| bo app||od t|rst to tho
paymont ot costs and chargos ot co||oct|on, |t any,
thon to accruod |ntorost, |t any, and tho ba|anco, |t
any, sha|| bo thon app||od to roduct|on ot pr|nc|pa|.
lr|nc|pa| and |ntorost aro payab|o |n |awtu| monoy ot
tho Un|tod 3tatos ot Amor|ca.
1o socuro tho ta|thtu| and t|mo|y portormanco ot
oach Vako's ob||gat|ons horoundor and oach
Vakor's ob||gat|ons undor tho Art|st Agroomont, and
a|| oxtons|ons, mod|t|cat|ons, subst|tut|ons,
rop|acomonts, and ronowa|s ot a|| such ob||gat|ons
(co||oct|vo|y, tho 3ocurod Ob||gat|ons'), Art|stco
horoby ass|gns and grants to |o|dor, a socur|ty
|ntorost |nArt|stco's r|ght, t|t|o and |ntorost |n, to, and
undor tho to||ow|ng proport|os, assots and r|ghts,
whorovor |ocatod, whothor now ownod or horoattor
acqu|rod or ar|s|ng, and a|| procoods and products
thoro ot (a|| ot tho samo bo|ng horo|nattor rotorrod to
co||oct|vo|y as, tho °Co||atora|'): contract r|ghts, tho
r|ght to tho paymont ot monoy |n wh|ch Art|stco has
an |ntorost, |nsuranco c|a|ms and procoods,
commorc|a| tort c|a|ms, socur|t|os and a|| othor
|nvostmont proporty, and a|| gonora| |ntang|b|os
(|nc|ud|ng a|| accounts roco|vab|o and paymont
|ntang|b|os). Art|stco sha|| cooporato |n |o|dor's
ottorts to portoct tho socur|ty |ntorost grantod to
|o|dor horoundor. 1o tho oxtont a||owod by |aw,
Art|stco horoby |rrovocab|y appo|nts |o|dor, act|ng
s|ng|y, as Art|stco's attornoy-|n-tact, w|th tu|| author|ty
|n tho p|aco and stoad ot Art|stco and |n tho namo ot
Art|stco, or othorw|so, trom t|mo to t|mo |n |o|dor's
d|scrot|on, |t a 0otau|t sha|| havo occurrod and bo
cont|nu|ng, to tako any act|on and to oxocuto any
|nstrumont that |o|dor may doom nocossary or
adv|sab|o to accomp||sh tho purposos ot th|s
agroomont, |nc|ud|ng, w|thout ||m|tat|on:
(a) to ask, domand, co||oct, suo tor, rocovor,
compound, roco|vo and g|vo acqua|ntanco and
roco|pts tor, monoy duo and to bocomo duo undor or
|n rospoct ot any ot tho Co||atora|,
(b) to roco|vo, ondorso, and co||oct any dratts or
othor |nstrumonts and documonts |n connoct|on w|th
tho torogo|ng,
(c) to t||o c|a|ms to tako any act|on or |nst|tuto any
procood|ngs that |o|dor may doom nocossary or
dos|rab|o tor tho co||oct|on ot any ot tho Co||atora| or
othorw|so to ontorco tho r|ghts ot |o|dor w|th rospoct
to any ot tho Co||atora|, and
(d) to t||o ono or moro t|nanc|ng or cont|nuat|on
statomonts, and amondmonts thoroot, ro|at|vo to a||
or any part ot tho Co||atora| w|thout tho s|gnaturo ot
tho |o|dor whoro porm|ttod by |aw.
lt any ono or moro ot tho to||ow|ng ovonts sha|| occur
(horo|nattor ca||od an °Evont ot 0otau|t') namo|y:
(l) dotau|t sha|| bo mado |n tho paymont ot any
|nsta||mont horoundor whon duo, and such dotau|t |s
not curod w|th|n t|vo (b) bus|noss days attor wr|tton
not|co thoroot by |o|dor to Vakor,
(ll) dotau|t |n any othor ob||gat|on conta|nod horo|n,
wh|ch dotau|t |s not curod w|th|n t|vo (b) bus|noss
days attor wr|tton not|co ot such dotau|t has boon
g|von by |o|dor to Vakor, or
(lll) |t Vakor sha|| mako a gonora| ass|gnmont tor
tho bonot|t ot crod|tors, or sha|| t||o or havo t||od
aga|nst |t a pot|t|on tor ro||ot undor any chaptor or
prov|s|on ot tho 3ankruptcy |aws ot tho Un|tod
3tatos, as amondod trom t|mo to t|mo (and |n tho
caso ot any |nvo|untary procood|ng tho samo |s not
d|sm|ssod w|th|n s|xty (00) days thoroot).
1|El, upon tho occurronco ot any such Evont ot
0otau|t, or upon tho oxp|rat|on ot tho torm ot th|s
loto, |o|dor at |ts o|oct|on, and w|thout prosontmont,
domand, not|co ot any k|nd, a|| ot wh|ch aro
oxpross|y wa|vod by Vakor, may doc|aro tho ont|ro
outstand|ng ba|anco ot pr|nc|pa| and |ntorost thoroon
|mmod|ato|y duo and payab|o, togothor w|th a|| costs
ot co||oct|on, |nc|ud|ng attornoy's toos, and/or may
oxorc|so upon or ontorco |ts r|ghts to |ts Co||atora| as
aro sot torth |n th|s Agroomont.
1ho accoptanco by |o|dor ot any paymont undor th|s
loto attor tho dato such paymont |s duo, or tho
ta||uro to doc|aro an Evont ot 0otau|t as horo|n
prov|dod, sha|| not const|tuto a wa|vor ot any ot tho
torms ot th|s loto or tho r|ght to roqu|ro tho prompt
paymont whon duo ot tuturo or succood|ng
paymonts or to doc|aro an Evont ot 0otau|t tor any
ta||uro to so pay tor any othor dotau|t. 1ho
accoptanco by |o|dor ot a paymont ot a port|on ot
any |nsta||mont at any t|mo that such |nsta||mont |n tu||
and sha|| not const|tuto a wa|vor ot tho r|ght to
roqu|ro tu|| paymont whon duo ot a|| tuturo or
succood|ng |nsta||monts.
1ho prova|||ng party |n any |oga| d|sputo concorn|ng
th|s loto sha|| bo ont|t|od to sook |mmod|ato
ro|mbursomont tor roasonab|o attornoy's toos and a||
othor costs and oxponsos so |ncurrod.
Vakor, ondorsors, guarantors and surot|os ot th|s
loto horoby wa|vo d|||gonco, domand, prosontmont,
not|co ot non-paymont, protost and not|co ot protost,
oxpross|y agroo that th|s loto, or any paymont
horoundor, may bo ronowod, mod|t|od or oxtondod
tromt|mo to t|mo and at any t|mo, and consont to tho
accoptanco or ro|oaso ot socur|ty tor th|s loto or tho
ro|oaso ot any party or guarantor, a|| w|thout |n any
way attoct|ng tho|r ||ab|||ty and wa|vo tho r|ght to
p|oad any and a|| statuos ot ||m|tat|ons as a dotonso
to any domand on th|s loto, or on any guaranty
thoroot, or to any agroomont to pay tho samo to tho
tu|| oxtont porm|ss|b|o by |aw.
1o Vakor:
1ho V|chao| 1ackson
Company, llC
V|chao| 1ackson
187b Contury lark East,
3u|to 000
los Ango|os, CA 00007
Attn: 0r. 1ohmo 1ohmo
and V|chao| 1ackson
1o|: (810) 284-8144
|ax: (810) 284-814b
W|th a copy to:
3us|noss lawGroup
8100 0ona|d 0oug|as
loop l.
3anta Von|ca, CA
Attn: 0onn|s |awk
1o|: (810) 004-8000
|ax: (810) b10-0700
1o |o|dor: AEGl|vo, llC
b7b0 W||sh|ro 3|vd. 3u|to
los Ango|os, CA 00080
Attn: Gonora| Counso|
1o|: (828) 080-b700
|ax: (828) 080-b78b
1h|s loto sha|| bo govornod by and constructod
undor tho |aw ot tho 3tato ot Ca||torn|a. 1h|s loto
sha|| bo doomod mado, ontorod |nto and do||vorod
|n los Ango|os County, Ca||torn|a, and tho Vakor
horoot horoby subm|ts and consonts to tho oxc|us|vo
jur|sd|ct|on and vonuo |n tho 3upor|or Court ot
Ca||torn|a tor tho County ot los Ango|os.
1|E VlC|AEl 1ACKOl3 COVlAlY, llC
V|chao| 1ackson
An author|zod roprosontat|vo
V|chao| 1ackson
An lnd|v|dua|
Exhibit D
5tandby Lottor ot Crodit
0A1E O| l33UE: _____________________,2000
EXlllY0A1E: 0ocombor 81, 2000
llACE O| llE3El1A1lOl O|:
AEGllvE, llC
b7b0 W||sh|ro 3|vd., 3u|to b01
los Ango|os, CA 00080
1ho V|chao| 1ackson Company,
187b Contury lark East, 3u|to
los Ango|os, CA 00007
Attont|on: 0r. 1ohmo 1ohmo
Wo horoby ostab||sh an |rrovocab|o standby |ottor ot
crod|t |n tavor ot tho V|chao| 1ackson Company,
llC (horo|n ca||od °3onot|c|ary') tor tho account ot
AEG l|vo llC (horo|n ca||od °App||cant') wh|ch |s
ava||ab|o by paymont ot 3onot|c|ary's dratt at s|ght
drawn on us pursuant to w|ro transtor |nstruct|ons sot
torth |n paragraph 4 ot tho bo|ow-rotoronco 0raw|ng
Cort|t|cat|on) boar|ng tho c|auso °drawn undor
(bank's) |ottor ot crod|t
accompan|od by th|s or|g|na| |ottor ot crod|t, any
amondmont(s) horoto (|t any), a wr|tton vor|t|cat|on
s|gnod by 3randon K. lh||||ps, 1ohn Vog|on, l|ck
Wobk|ng, or 3hawn 1ro|| on boha|t ot App||cant or
such othor porson dos|gnatod by any such |nd|v|dua|
|n wr|t|ng, and by 0r. 1ohmo 1ohmo on boha|t ot
3onot|c|ary or such othor porson dos|gnatod by 0r.
1ohmo 1ohmo or V|chao| 1ackson ot 3onot|c|ary |n
wr|t|ng attost|ng to tho portormanco ot V|chao|
1ackson (°Art|st') at t|vo soparato shows |n tho torm
attachod horoto as Exh|b|t 1 and spoc|ty|ng tho
amount ot tho lntor|mArt|st Advanco that |s ow|ng by
3onot|c|ary, and a wr|tton draw|ng cort|t|cat|on |n tho
tormas to||ows:
°0raw|ng Cort|t|cat|on
to (lAVE 8 |Ull A00lE33 O| 3AlK)
lo: lrrovocab|o lottor ot Crod|t lo. (numbor)
l|oaso bo awaro that wo aro horoby draw|ng undor
tho abovo rotoroncod lottor ot Crod|t and that:
1) App||cant owos us as ot tho dato horoot tho
lntor|mArt|st Advanco |n tho amount spoc|t|od on tho
attachod Exh|b|t 1 (1o|nt lottor s|gnod by author|zod
roprosontat|vos ot App||cant and 3onot|c|ary) |n
connoct|on w|th App||cant's ob||gat|ons to mako
corta|n advancos (known as °lntor|m Art|st
Advancos') to 3onot|c|ary undor tho torms ot tho
1our Agroomont datod 1anuary 20, 2000 mado
botwoon App||cant, 3onot|c|ary and V|chao|
1ackson |n ro|at|on to tho wor|dw|do concort tour ot
V|chao| 1ackson (horo|n rotorrod to as °tho
2) Wo havo roquost paymont tromApp||cant |n tho
amount ot (Amount ot lntor|mArt|st Advanco) and as
ot tho dato horoot App||cant has doc||nod to pay us
tor such amount, |nstoad opt|ng ot us to drawn down
on th|s lottor ot Crod|t |n such amount.
8) 1h|s draw|ng |s |n tho amount ot (Amount ot
lntor|mArt|st Advanco) wh|ch |s not |n oxcoss ot tho
amount ow|ng and tor wh|ch paymont has boon
roquost as sot torth |n paragraphs (1) and (2) horoot.
4) Wo horoby |nstruct you to w|ro (Amount ot
lntor|mArt|st Advanco) to 3onot|c|ary pursuant to tho
to||ow|ng w|r|ng |nstruct|ons:
(3AlK lAVE)
(3AlK A00lE33)
A3A lout|ng lo.
Account lo.
lotoronco: AEG l|vo llC/V|chao|
1ho V|chao| 1ackson Company, llC
1ho V|chao| 1ackson Company, llC
lart|a| and mu|t|p|o draw|ngs aro porm|ttod. 1ho
statod amount ot th|s |ottor ot crod|t sha|| bo
automat|ca||y roducod by tho amount ot any
draw|ngs honorod by us horoundor.
3lEClAl COl0l1lOl3: - (As roasonab|y roqu|rod
by tho lssu|ng 3ank).
Exh|b|t 1
1o|nt Cont|rmat|on
3ank Addross
|acs|m||o: (___)____________
lo: AEG l|vo/1ho V|chao| 1ackson Company, llC-
V|chao| 1ackson (°Art|st') (w|th rospoct to (datos)
3hows at (vonuo, c|ty) and 0rawlumbor (____)
0oar 3|r or Vadamo:
ln accordanco w|th that corta|n 1our Agroomont by
and botwoon AEG l|vo llC °(lromotor') and 1ho
V|chao| 1ackson Company, llC (°Art|stco'), wo
horoby cont|rm that Art|st has portormod at tho
abovo rotoronco t|vo 3hows and that tho lntor|m
Art|st Advanco that |s now ow|ng by lromotor to
Art|stco |s $____________________(°lntor|mArt|st
AEGllvE llC
lr|nt lamo ot Author|zod
1|E VlC|AEl 1ACK3OlCOVlAlY, llC.
lr|nt lamo ot Author|zod
[1|l3 l3 A 1EX1 vEl3lOl O| 1|E COl1lAC1.
|Ol Al AC1UAl 3CAl O| 1|E COl1lAC1
Wl1|VO0l|lCA1lOl3, 3EE AllEl0lX.|
Dr. Conrad Nurray
0r. Conrad Vurray |s a phys|c|an ||consod to
pract|co mod|c|no |n tho 3tato ot Ca||torn|a. |o a|so
ongagod |n tho pract|co ot mod|c|no |n tho county ot
los Ango|os whoro ho was troat|ng V|chao|
1ackson. 0r. Vurray has g|von contrad|ctory
vors|ons ot tho t|mos and ovonts wh|ch |od to
V|chao| 1ackson's doath. Each contrad|ct|on |n my
op|n|on shows a rock|oss d|srogard tor tho ||to ot
V|chao| 1ackson. |o changod datos and t|mos, and
ho a|so ta||od to koop mod|ca| rocords wh|ch woro a
v|o|at|on ot Ca||torn|a's 3oard ot Vod|c|no.
On 1uno 2bth, 2000, at 12:22 p.m., tho los Ango|os
t|ro dopartmont roco|vod a 011 ca|| trom A|borto
A|varoz who was V|chao| 1ackson's socur|ty agont
at h|s homo |n 3ovor|y ||||s. |o statod that a t|tty
yoar-o|d gont|oman was not broath|ng and that ho
noodod omorgoncy ass|stanco. A|varoz d|d not stato
tho addross ot tho |ocat|on, and ho d|d not |dont|ty
tho gont|oman to whom ho was rotorr|ng. A|varoz
sa|d tho pat|ont was undor tho caro ot a doctor who
was adm|n|stor|ng Cll on tho bod. 1ho 011
oporator sa|d tho pat|ont shou|d bo movod to tho
t|oor. 1ho oporator sa|d Cll shou|d bo cont|nuod
undor tho doctor's caro, and tho paramod|cs woro
on tho way. 1ho t|ro dopartmont |mmod|ato|y
rospondod to tho 011 ca||. 1ho paramod|cs arr|vod
at 100 l. Caro|wood w|th|n tour m|nutos at 12:20
p.m. 1hoy woro at V|chao|'s bods|do at 12:27 p.m.
V|chao| was not broath|ng, h|s co|or was pa|o, and
ho was |n card|ac arrost. 1ho stato ot h|s cond|t|on
was sor|ous. ||s pup||s woro t|xod and d||atod, and
ho had no dotoctab|o pu|so or rosp|rat|on.
0r. Vurray ta|so|y to|d tho los Ango|os t|ro
dopartmont and paramod|cs that ho had
adm|n|storod ono thousand cub|c cont|motors ot
lorazopam (At|van) to V|chao|. |o to|d thom ho had
adm|n|storod no othor drugs. 1hoso statomonts
woro ta|so, and 0r. Vurray know thoy woro ta|so at
tho t|mo thoy woro mado. l too| ho mado tho
statomonts to concoa| h|s v|o|at|ons ot tho |aw tor tho
ovor-adm|n|strat|on ot dangorous drugs to V|chao|,
and 0r. Vurray a|so v|o|atod tho |aw wh|ch proh|b|ts
ta|so statomonts to a mod|ca| tochn|c|an ongagod |n
||to-sav|ng act|v|ty.
1ho truth ot tho mattor was that 0r. Vurray had
adm|n|storod not on|y lorazopam (At|van) to
V|chao|, but ho had a|so adm|n|storod a |otha| doso
ot lropoto|, a tast-act|ng hypnot|c usod tor gonora|
anosthos|a and surg|ca| procoduros |n a hosp|ta|
sott|ng. A|so 0r. Vurray had adm|n|storod a tota| ot
n|no d|ttoront drugs to V|chao|: lropoto|, l|doca|no,
0|azopam, lord|azopam, lorazopam, V|dazo|am,
Ephodr|no, ||umazon||, and ||omax. 0r. Vurray's
statomont to tho paramod|cs, who woro ro|y|ng upon
h|m to attompt to savo V|chao|'s ||to, |n my op|n|on
domonstratos a tota| rock|oss d|srogard tor and
ondangormont ot V|chao|'s ||to, wh|ch |mpa|rod tho|r
roscuo ottorts to savo h|m. 1h|s |s why l tota||y
bo||ovo that 0r. Conrad Vurray shou|d havo boon
chargod w|th murdor.
At 12:20 p.m., tho paramod|cs startod tho|r
rosusc|tat|on. V|chao| had no pu|so, b|ood prossuro,
or oxygon saturat|on road|ng. ||s hoart was not
contract|ng nor was ho broath|ng. V|chao|'s
cond|t|on roma|nod unchangod throughout tho
rosusc|tat|on oxcopt that at 12:84 p.m., tho pu|so
|oss o|octr|ca| act|v|ty had coasod, and thoro was no
1ho paramod|cs adm|n|storod sovora| card|ac-
st|mu|at|ng drugs w|thout ottort. At 12:b0 p.m., tho
paramod|cs contactod UClA Vod|ca| Contor, and
doscr|bod tho absonco ot any s|gns ot ||to com|ng
trom V|chao| 1ackson. 0r. l|cho||o Coopor, who
was hoad ot tho UClA Emorgoncy 0opartmont, to|d
tho paramod|cs to cons|dor torm|nat|ng tho|r
rosusc|tat|on ottorts.
0r. Vurray statod to tho paramod|cs that ho wou|d
bo rospons|b|o tor turthor rosusc|tat|on ottorts. 1ho
paramod|cs thon p|acod V|chao| |n tho ambu|anco
at 1:07 p.m., and tho paramod|cs aga|n attomptod
rosusc|tat|on w|thout succoss. 1ho ambu|anco
arr|vod at UClA Vod|ca| Contor at 1:18 p.m.
1hroughout tho ont|ro rosusc|tat|on ottort, 0r. Vurray
concoa|od tho drugs ho had adm|n|storod to
V|chao|. At 1:1b p.m., tho paramod|cs brought
V|chao| |nto tho UClA Emorgoncy loom. ln 0r.
Vurray's prosonco V|chao| was |dont|t|od to tho
UClA porsonno| undor tho ta|so namo 3ou|o 3haun.
1ho attondants not|cod that wh||o thoro was a
card|o|og|st at tho scono, ho prov|dod no mod|ca|
h|story. 1h|s was a tota| v|o|at|on ot tho norma|
standards ot caro. V|chao| arr|vod w|th no pu|so,
b|ood prossuro, spontanoous rosp|rat|ons, or
hoartboat. |o was g|von sovora| drugs |nc|ud|ng
0opam|no, Ep|nophr|no, Atrop|no, vasopross|n, and
3od|um 3|carbonato, and h|s broath|ng was
ass|stod by bagg|ng w|th oxygon. |o was not a|ort,
h|s pup||s woro t|xod and d||atod, and ho had no
rosponso to pa|n.
0r. l|cho||o Coopor, tho hoad ot UClA Contor
Emorgoncy 0opartmont, spoko to 0r. Vurray. 0r.
Vurray to|d 0r. Coopor ho had to|t a pu|so trom
V|chao| whon ho had d|scovorod that ho was not
broath|ng. |o statod ho had on|y adm|n|storod
lorazopam, va||um, and ||omax. 0r. Vurray sa|d
noth|ng about lropoto| and noth|ng about ||umazon||
or tho othor drugs tound |n V|chao|'s body at h|s
autopsy. 0r. Vurray's conduct was tar away trom tho
standard ot caro. |o domonstratod a rock|oss
d|srogard tor V|chao| 1ackson's ||to by concoa||ng
tho lropoto| and tho othor drugs ho had boon
adm|n|stor|ng to h|mtor months.
0r. l|cho||o Coopor's wr|tton roport datod 1uno 20th,
2000, statod as to||ows: °7bo loltlo| |lmltoo blstoty
wos ptovlooo by Lt. Vottoy, ootlog tbo
tososcltotloo oí tbo potloot, ooo ls ootoo lo btloí oo
tbo moolco| tocoto. By topott oí Lt. Vottoy tbo
potloot boo booo wotklog |oog boots bot boo oot
booo l||. 7boto wos oo topottoo ttoomo ot solzoto
octlvlty ptocoolog tbo ottost. 7bo oo|y topottoo
moolcotloos topottoo íot tbo potloot woto Vo|lom
ooo l|omox. 7boto wos oo blstoty oí otog oso by
tbo potloot os topottoo by Lt. Vottoy.'
1ho ovonts surround|ng tho arrost roportod by 0r.
Vurray woro that ho had |nsortod an lv and had
g|von V|chao| two m||||grams ot lorazopam |n an lv
somot|mo oar||or that day. 0r. Vurray adm|n|storod
a socond two m||||grams ot an lv doso ot lorazopam
and roportod w|tnoss|ng V|chao|'s card|ac arrost.
0r. Vurray's statomonts to 0r. Coopor woro
outragoous. 0r. Vurray's statomonts appoarod to bo
ta|so and m|s|oad|ng to omorgoncy porsonno|.
V|chao| had boon |||, th|s was a|so not roportod to
tho omorgoncy porsonno|.
On 1uno 27th, 2000, two days attor V|chao| d|od, 0r.
Vurray to|d tho po||co ho was atra|d V|chao| was
add|ctod to lropoto|. |o sa|d that V|chao| had a
|ong h|story ot add|ct|on and ho was try|ng to woan
h|m ott tho drugs. 0r. Vurray to|d 0r. Coopor on tho
day V|chao| d|od, that V|chao| had no h|story ot drug
uso. 0r. Vurray's h|story ot drug proscr|pt|on to
V|chao| 1ackson wont back to 0ocombor 2008.
Whon tho po||co soarchod V|chao|'s homo to||ow|ng
h|s doath, thoy so|zod dozons ot drug v|a|s show|ng
V|chao|'s oxtromo drug uso. 3omo ot tho v|a|s
showod that on 0ocombor 22nd, 2008, 0r. Vurray
proscr|bod 1omazopam to V|chao|. On Apr|| 28th,
2000, ho proscr|bod lorazopamto V|chao|. On Vay
14th, 2000, ho a|so proscr|bod l|doca|no to
V|chao|. Yot 0r. Vurray to|d 0r. Coopor that V|chao|
had no h|story ot drug uso. Voroovor, 0r. Vurray to|d
0r. Coopor that V|chao| had not boon |||. |owovor,
as|do trom V|chao|'s add|ct|on |||noss, V|chao| was
a|so suttor|ng at tho t|mo ot h|s doath trom °co-
mob|||t|os,' |nc|ud|ng: anom|a, chron|c pnoumon|a,
chron|c bronch|t|s, and a|so bra|n swo|||ng. ln my
op|n|on, 0r. Conrad Vurray's statomonts to 0r.
Coopor woro a b|atant tabr|cat|on dos|gnod to
concoa| h|s rock|oss bohav|or.
At 1:21 p.m., tho nursos and phys|c|ans at UClA
dotoctod a woak pu|so and card|ac act|v|ty |n
V|chao|. At 1:22 p.m. ho showod hoart act|v|ty. 0r.
Coopor roportod that whon V|chao| was |ntubatod
w|th an ondotrachoa| tubo ho had good broath
sounds and tho |n|t|a| card|ac hoart rhythms
appoarod to bo w|do and s|ow. At 1:b2 p.m., ho had
a pu|so ot t|tty-throo boats por m|nuto. At 2:0b p.m.,
tho phys|c|ans |nsortod a ba||oon pump to attompt
rosusc|tat|on and obta|n c|rcu|at|on w|th a
spontanoous hoart boat. 1ho pump was p|acod |n
tho aorta just abovo tho hoart, and h|s b|ood
prossuro botwoon hoart boats wont trom twonty to
approx|mato|y torty at t|mos and somot|mos to s|xty.
0osp|to thoso ottorts V|chao| d|d not roga|n a
spontanoous pu|so or hoartboat. |o||ow|ng tho
ta||uro ot tho ba||oon pump to rostoro c|rcu|at|on, and
tho |ack ot a hoartboat, pu|so, and spontanoous
rosp|rat|ons, V|chao| was pronouncod doad at 2:20
p.m. on 1uno 2bth, 2000.
0r. Vurray mot w|th tho po||co who woro
|nvost|gat|ng tho caso at UClA Vod|ca| Contor. |o
gavo thom tho samo story, concoa||ng tho tact that
ho had adm|n|storod tho drug lropoto| and tho
numorous othor drugs ho gavo to V|chao|. |o
concoa|od |ntormat|on trom tho po||co |n tho samo
mannor ho concoa|od |ntormat|on trom paramod|cs
and tho omorgoncy room doctors. 1ho day to||ow|ng
V|chao| 1ackson's doath, on 1uno 20th, 2000, tho
po||co soarchod tho Caro|wood homo and so|zod
o|ght usod bott|os ot lropoto|, and |ator anothor
throo. 1hoy so|zod mod|cat|on trom V|chao|'s
bods|do tab|o that |nc|udod C|onazopam, 3onoqu|n,
||omax, |ydroqu|nono, l|doca|no, 1omazopam,
1|zan|d|no, 1razodono, ||umazon||, Ephodr|no,
lrodn|sono, Amox|c||||n, Az|thromyc|n, lorazopam,
V|dazo|am, and va||um. 1ho po||co a|so tound
sovora| bagg|os ot mar|juana, latnaoprost t|ush
so|ut|on, wh|ch |s usod to contro| g|aucoma, a box ot
lystat|n, an ant|-tunga| drug usod to troat yoast
|ntoct|ons, and 1r|amc|no|ono wh|ch |s a top|ca|
storo|d to troat sk|n |nt|ammat|on. 1ho C|onazopam
and 1razodono woro proscr|bod by 0r. Votzgor. 1ho
1|zan|d|no was proscr|bod by 0r. K|o|n.
Accord|ng to tho court documonts, 0r. Vurray d|d not
d|sc|oso any ot thoso drugs to tho paramod|cs
oxcopt At|van. |o d|d not d|sc|oso any ot thoso
drugs to tho doctors oxcopt va||um, At|van, and
||omax. ln my op|n|on, 0r. Vurray concoa|od h|s
doad|y uso ot lropoto| tor tho so|o purposo ot
protoct|ng h|mso|t trom an accusat|on ot |mpropor
uso ot mod|cat|ons tor V|chao|, know|ng a|| a|ong
that V|chao| 1ackson's ||to was on tho ||no. 0r.
Vurray ta|so|y statod throo t|mos tho naturo ot tho
drugs that ho adm|n|storod to V|chao|. 1hroo t|mos
ho m|s|od author|t|os concorn|ng h|s un|awtu|
act|ons. ln my op|n|on, ho ongagod |n a rock|oss
pattorn ot not on|y troat|ng V|chao| 1ackson w|th tota|
d|srogard tor h|s satoty, but a|so mak|ng ta|so
statomonts about h|s troatmont ovor and ovor aga|n
to author|t|os.
On 1uno 27th, 2000, wh|ch was two days attor
V|chao| d|od, 0r. Vurray, h|s attornoys, and adv|sors
mot w|th los Ango|os lo||co 0opartmont
dotoct|vos. 0r. Vurray appoarod at tho|r roquost.
lr|or to th|s moot|ng ho had consu|tod w|th h|s
attornoy botoro mak|ng h|s statomonts to tho po||co,
attor wh|ch ho c|a|mod h|s statomonts woro
|ncorroct. 0r. Vurray to|d po||co ho gavo t|tty
m||||grams ot d||utod lropoto|, w|th an unspoc|t|od
amount ot l|doca|no, adm|n|storod by lv to V|chao|,
oach n|ght tor s|x wooks. |o c|a|mod ho had boon
troat|ng V|chao| tor |nsomn|a. 1ho lropoto| ho|pod
V|chao| s|oop. 0r. Vurray c|a|mod ho to|t V|chao|
may havo boon torm|ng an add|ct|on, and thorotoro
was attompt|ng to woan V|chao| ott ot tho drug. ||s
woan|ng procoss |nvo|vod g|v|ng V|chao| on 1uno
22nd, 2000, throo days botoro h|s doath, twonty-t|vo
m||||grams ot lropoto|, a|ong w|th an unknown
amount ot lorazopam and V|dazo|am. 0r. Vurray
c|a|mod V|chao| was ab|o to s|oop w|th th|s
comb|nat|on. On 1uno 28rd, 2000, 0r. Vurray
c|a|mod ho gavo V|chao| lorazopam and
V|dazo|amw|thout any lropoto|.
On 1uno 2bth, 2000, tho dato ot V|chao|'s doath, 0r.
Vurray c|a|mod ho arr|vod at tho Caro|wood houso
at 1:00 a.m. V|chao| had boon rohoars|ng at tho
3tap|os Contor |n downtown los Ango|os unt||
m|dn|ght. 3otoro V|chao| |ott rohoarsa|s, 0r. Vurray
c|a|mod ho roco|vod a ca|| trom V|chao|'s
assoc|atos roquost|ng ho go to tho Caro|wood
houso to attond to V|chao|. 0r. Vurray to|d tho
po||co that V|chao| was comp|a|n|ng ot not too||ng
wo||, ho was suttor|ng trom dohydrat|on, and had not
boon ab|o to s|oop. 0r. Vurray sa|d at 1:80 a.m. ho
attomptod to |nduco s|oop by g|v|ng V|chao| a 10
m||||gram tab|ot ot va||um. 1h|rty m|nutos |ator at
2:00 a.m., V|chao| st||| had not gono to s|oop. 0r.
Vurray thon adm|n|storod an |njoct|on ot 2 m||||grams
ot lorazopam, w|th an unknown substanco. At 8:00
a.m., 0r. Vurray adm|n|storod two m||||grams ot
V|dazo|am, and ho a|so statod ho adm|n|storod
anothor 2 m||||grams ot lorazopam w|th an unknown
substanco. 0r. Vurray c|a|mod that V|chao|
roma|nod awako tor tho noxt two and a ha|t hours. At
7:80 a.m., 0r. Vurray adm|n|storod yot anothor 2
m||||grams ot V|dazo|am through an lv. |o c|a|mod
ho was cont|nuous|y at V|chao|'s bods|do and was
mon|tor|ng h|m w|th a pu|so ox|motor. |owovor,
whon tho po||co soarchod V|chao|'s houso, thoy
tound tho pu|so ox|motor |n tho c|osot |n tho noxt
At 10:40 a.m., 0r. Vurray c|a|mod ho adm|n|storod
2b m||||grams ot lropoto| d||utod w|th l|doca|no
through tho lv dr|p. |o sa|d V|chao| t|na||y wont to
s|oop. 3ut now wo know th|s was tho tata| doso that
wou|d k||| V|chao|. 0r. Vurray c|a|mod ton m|nutos
|ator ho |ott V|chao|'s bos|do to go to tho rostroom.
|o c|a|mod ho was on|y out ot tho room tor
approx|mato|y two m|nutos. At 10:b2 a.m., ho sa|d
ho roturnod to V|chao|'s bods|do and not|cod that
V|chao| was no |ongor broath|ng. |o sa|d ho startod
Cll, and a|so adm|n|storod 2/10 ot a m||||gram ot
||umazon|| to V|chao|, wh|ch |s an ant|-ovordoso
mod|cat|on, wh|ch has no ottoct on lropoto|. ln
add|t|on, tho doso was |nadoquato tor tho
lorazopam, wh|ch was |mpropor|y adm|n|storod.
Ev|dont|y, 0r. Vurray d|d not know how to uso th|s
drug. Any norma| porson wou|d havo ca||od tho
paramod|cs |n that |nstant. lt was gross|y nog||gont
and rock|oss ot h|mnot to havo dono so.
0r. Vurray c|a|mod ho ca||od tho socur|ty guard,
V|chao| Am|r W||||ams (3rothor V|ko) on h|s co||
phono tor ho|p. |o c|a|mod whon ho to|d W||||ams
what was happon|ng, ho d|d not rospond |n a ho|ptu|
mannor. 0r. Vurray a|so c|a|mod ho cont|nuod to
A tow m|nutos |ator 0r. Vurray c|a|mod ho rushod
downsta|rs to tho k|tchon and askod tho chot, Ka|
Chaso, to sond lr|nco V|chao|, V|chao|'s, two|vo
yoar-o|d son upsta|rs to h|s tathor's room. l can't
|mag|no why 0r. Vurray wou|d want V|chao|'s two|vo
yoar-o|d son to w|tnoss h|s tathor dy|ng. lowctoo| ls
tbotº Attor roturn|ng to V|chao|'s room ho c|a|mod
ho cont|nuod tho Cll on tho bod. 3o|ng a mod|ca||y
tra|nod phys|c|an, 0r. Vurray shou|d havo known that
V|chao| shou|d havo boon movod to a hard surtaco
to conduct tho Cll propor|y. Whon lr|nco V|chao|
ontorod tho room, 0r. Vurray |mmod|ato|y askod tor
ass|stanco tromtho socur|ty. A|borto A|varoz to|d tho
po||co that botoro ho ca||od 011, 0r. Vurray
|nstructod h|m to concoa| tho bott|os ot lropoto| by
p|ac|ng thom |nto a bag. lt |s outragoous that 0r.
Vurray wou|d stop portorm|ng Cll to c|oan up tho
room so that tho mod|cat|ons wou|d not bo
d|scovorod by anyono. 0r. Vurray a|so p|acod tho
prov|ous|y unusod w|ros ot tho pu|so ox|motor on
V|chao|'s t|ngors botoro tho paramod|cs arr|vod.
A|borto A|varoz statod to tho po||co that ho was on|y
a||owod to ca|| 011 attor tho drugs woro h|ddon.
V|chao| stoppod broath|ng at 10:b2 a.m., but tho
los Ango|os ||ro 0opartmont has tho rocordod t|mo
ot tho 011 ca|| ||stod at 12:22 p.m., wh|ch |s
approx|mato|y ono hour and th|rty m|nutos |ator. 0r.
Vurray to|d tho dotoct|vos sovora| t|mos that |t was
around 11:00 a.m., that ho tound V|chao| not
broath|ng. logard|oss, |t ho d|scovorod h|m not
broath|ng at 10:b2 a.m., or 11:00 a.m., ho st||| d|d not
ca|| tho paramod|cs unt|| 12:22 p.m. Why d|d |t tako
h|m so |ong? Any |og|ca| porson whothor thoy had a
mod|ca| dogroo or not, wou|d havo ca||od 011 wbl|o
portorm|ng Cll. 0ur|ng that t|mo 0r. Vurray d|d
mako throo ca||s, wh|ch ot courso ho concoa|od trom
tho po||co. 1hoso othor ca||s consumod torty-sovon
m|nutos ot ta|k t|mo accord|ng to h|s co|| phono
rocords. lt 0r. Vurray cou|d mako thoso othor ca||s,
why |n tho wor|d d|d ho not ca|| tho paramod|cs t|rst?
What o|so cou|d havo boon moro |mportant? lt tho
paramod|cs cou|d havo gotton thoro soonor, V|chao|
m|ght bo a||vo today.
Whon 0r. Vurray d|scovorod that thoro woro
to|ophono and othor rocords that oxposod h|s
outragoous act|ons, ho c|a|mod, dosp|to h|s
|ntorv|ow w|th tho los Ango|os lo||co on 1uno 27th,
2000, ho got h|s story wrong. |o thon a|torod h|s
story |n an attompt to covor up h|s c|a|ms about tho
to|ophono rocords tho po||co obta|nod. 1ho roason
0r. Vurray to|t ho cou|d chango h|s story |s bocauso
ho d|dn't koop any mod|ca| rocords concorn|ng tho
troatmont ho prov|dod to V|chao|.
1ho soarch warrant att|dav|t ot los Ango|os
0otoct|vo 0an|o| Vyors datod lovombor 18th,
2000, statod: °1ho soarchos ot 0r. Vurray's
ros|donco and bus|noss ta||od to y|o|d any notos,
pat|ont prot||os, troatmont h|story, rocords, and
charts rogard|ng tho troatmont tor V|chao| 1osoph
1ackson at h|s ros|donco at 100 lorth Caro|wood
0r. Vurray's now vors|on ot tho story moant that h|s
o|d vors|on was yot tho tourth t|mo ho croatod a ta|so
vors|on ot ovonts. 0r. Vurray's now vors|on was tho
t|tth t|mo ho ta|so|y statod what happonod. |o has
||od so many t|mos, wh|ch vors|on aro wo supposo to
bo||ovo? 3ut ono th|ng |s c|oar.tho now vors|on
aga|n concoa|od h|s rock|oss adm|n|strat|on ot tho
||to-throaton|ng drugs ho gavo to V|chao|. 0r. Vurray
c|a|mod |n h|s now vors|on that ho d|scovorod
V|chao| was not broath|ng wh||o ho was on tho
phono w|th h|s g|r|tr|ond at 12:0b p.m. lt you not|co,
tho story changod trom h|m go|ng to tho bathroom
tor two m|nutos and thon obsorv|ng V|chao| at 10:40
a.m., to h|mta|k|ng on tho phono w|th sovora| poop|o
trom 11:18 a.m. to 12:0b p.m. tor torty-sovon
m|nutos. 0r. Vurray stoppod h|s obsorvat|ons ot
V|chao| and subst|tutod to|ophono convorsat|ons
w|th othors wh|ch causod h|m not to not|co that
V|chao| had stoppod broath|ng. 0r. Vurray's
conduct undor th|s now vors|on ot tho story was ovon
moro dangorous and nog||gont than tho t|rst account
ot what happonod. 1ho adm|n|strat|on ot tho
lropoto| roqu|ros a moasurod |ntus|on us|ng a
mochan|ca| pump wh|ch |s supposod to bo
constant|y mon|torod bocauso ot tho unprod|ctab|o
changos |n tho pat|ont's b|ood prossuro. lnstoad, 0r.
Vurray |ntusod tho drug by lv dr|p and syr|ngo
w|thout any mon|tor|ng or rosusc|tat|on oqu|pmont,
rondor|ng |t |nhoront|y dangorous. V|chao|'s ||to, |n
my op|n|on, was rock|oss|y ondangorod by 0r.
Vurray ta|k|ng on tho phono outs|do ot V|chao|'s
prosonco tor torty-sovon m|nutos wh||o a lropoto|
dr|p |ntus|on took p|aco. 1h|s probab|y oxp|a|ns why
ho d|dn't ovon not|co that V|chao| had stoppod
broath|ng. 1horo |sn't any ov|donco ava||ab|o that
wou|d provo that ho mon|torod V|chao| attor ho
adm|n|storod tho lropoto|. 0r. Vurray |s a h|gh|y
oducatod man. |o shou|d havo known that an
autopsy wou|d bo portormod and tho drugs ho gavo
V|chao| wou|d bo d|scovorod, as wou|d h|s
to|ophono rocords. lt makos mo wondor what o|so ho
|s h|d|ng and who ho |s protoct|ng.
On 1uno 2bth, 2000, pr|or to troat|ng V|chao|, 0r.
Vurray attondod a str|p c|ub ca||od 3am's |otbrau |n
los Ango|os. |o consumod a|coho| wh|ch was
rock|oss ot h|m to do just botoro g|v|ng tho
anosthos|a to V|chao|. 0r. Vurray concoa|od tho tact
that ho had boon dr|nk|ng trom V|chao|. 0r. Vurray
ta||od to oxp|a|n to V|chao| tho r|sks and tho bonot|ts
whoro tho lropoto| was concornod, not to mont|on
tho tact ho novor obta|nod V|chao|'s wr|tton consont
to adm|n|stor tho drug. 0r. Vurray put V|chao|'s ||to
|n joopardy by concoa||ng trom V|chao| tho dangors
whoro th|s drug was concornod. lt sooms that 0r.
Vurray ho|d ||tt|o rogard tor human ||to by concoa||ng
tho dangors ot tho drug and by v|o|at|ng tho
standards ot caro that a|| phys|c|ans havo to to||ow.
0r. Vurray d|d not havo |n h|s possoss|on any sort ot
tracoab|o numbor to ordor tho lropoto| or any ot tho
othor drugs ho adm|n|storod to V|chao|. Wo do
know that ho purchasod tho drugs trom App||od
lharmacy |n las vogas w|thout us|ng V|chao|'s
namo and had tho drugs sh|ppod to h|s g|r|tr|ond's
houso |n 3anta Von|ca, Ca||torn|a. 0r. Vurray, l tru|y
bo||ovo, thought ho cou|d concoa| h|s act|ons and
provont po||co ott|cors, phys|c|ans, and tam||y
mombors trom d|scovor|ng tho truth. 0r. Vurray
socrot|y obta|nod tho drugs w|thout tho author|t|os
know|ng tor h|s own porsona| ga|n undor cond|t|ons
that throatonod and u|t|mato|y took V|chao|'s ||to.
lt appoars that 0r. Vurray gavo V|chao| drugs w|th
caro|oss nog|oct, bocauso tho drugs ho gavo h|m
had ||to-throaton|ng |ntoract|ons. 0r. Vurray gavo
V|chao| tho lropoto| tu||y know|ng tho drug had
advorso |ntoract|ons w|th va||um, At|van, and
V|dazo|am, a|| ot wh|ch ho gavo to V|chao| tho day
ho d|od. l guoss th|s |otha| comb|nat|on was a tox|c
cockta||. |rom what l undorstand, lropoto| |ntoracts
advorso|y w|th Ephodr|no (wh|ch koops you awako)
and lord|azopam, both ot wh|ch tho coronor tound |n
V|chao|'s systom. 0r. Vurray know that V|chao| had
takon thoso drugs wh|ch woro contra|nd|catod w|th
drugs 0r. Vurray adm|n|storod. 0r. Vurray tr|od to
concoa| tho tact that thoso drugs woro dangorous
whon thoy |ntoractod togothor. ||s conduct was an
oxcoss|vo dov|at|on trom tho standard ot caro a||
doctors tako an oath to upho|d. ln ossonco, 0r.
Conrad Vurray actod w|th comp|oto d|srogard tor
V|chao|'s ||to and h|s wo||-bo|ng.
On 1uno 20th, 2000, tho coronor's ott|co conductod
an autopsy on V|chao|, and roachod conc|us|ons
trom tho autopsy on 3optombor 18th, 2000. 1ho
roport showod that V|chao| d|d |n tact d|o tromacuto
lropoto| |ntox|cat|on, contr|butod to by what |s
known as tho °3onzod|azop|no Ettoct.' V|chao| a|so
had what |s ca||od a °po|ypharmacy' ot drugs |n h|s
systom moan|ng ho was us|ng mu|t|p|o mod|cat|ons.
1horo woro a tota| ot sovon d|ttoront drugs dotoctod
|n tho tox|co|ogy scroon. 1wo ot tho drugs,
||umazon||, and ||omax woro dotoctod |n tho lv. Ono
ot thom, lropoto| showod |otha| |ovo|s |n V|chao|'s
body. 0r. Vurray statod ho on|y gavo V|chao| 2b
m||||grams ot lropoto| on 1uno 2bth, 2000.
lovortho|oss, tho coronor's tox|co|ogy roport
showod |otha| quant|t|os |n h|s systom whoro tho
adm|n|strat|on ot tho drug oxcoodod moro than t|vo
t|mos that amount. 1ho prosonco ot tho |otha|
amounts ot lropoto| |n V|chao|'s body oxposos yot
anothor untruth on 0r. Vurray's part. ||s act|ons not
on|y ondangorod V|chao|'s ||to, but brought |t to an
1ho tox|co|ogy roport a|so showod that V|chao| had
lropoto| |n tho c|oar go| that t|||s tho g|obo ot tho oyo
botwoon tho rot|na and tho |ons. 1ho prosonco ot tho
drug |n th|s aroa shows that |t was g|von to V|chao|
sovora| hours pr|or to h|s doath. ln my op|n|on, th|s
provos boyond a roasonab|o doubt that ovoryth|ng
0r. Vurray has sa|d |s a comp|oto and uttor ||o.
At tho UClA Emorgoncy loom, 0r. Vurray to|d 0r.
Coopor that pr|or to 1uno 2bth, 2000, V|chao| had
not boon s|ck. |owovor, V|chao| was suttor|ng trom
chron|c pnoumon|a, chron|c rosp|ratory bronch|t|s,
anom|a, and bra|n swo|||ng. 1ho los Ango|os
County Coronor's autopsy roport documontod that
V|chao| had undor|y|ng |||nossos. 0r. Conrad
Vurray's gross nog||gonco |n g|v|ng V|chao|
bonzod|azop|nos and lropoto| wh||o not troat|ng h|s
co-morb|d|ty cond|t|ons was an oxtromo doparturo
trom tho mod|ca| standard ot caro, and |n my
op|n|on, was vory rock|oss on h|s part.
V|chao| had nouro|og|ca|, pu|monary, and anom|a
s|gns sovora| wooks botoro h|s doath. ln Vay and
1uno ot 2000, V|chao| was contusod and oas||y
tr|ghtonod. |o had |mpa|rod momory, and ho was
obsoss|vo and a|so d|sor|ontod at t|mos. |o had a
|oss ot appot|to and vory ||tt|o onorgy. |o was co|d
and sh|vor|ng dur|ng tho summor rohoarsa|s tor h|s
show, wh|ch |s shown |n photos and v|doos ot h|m
woar|ng hoavy c|othos wh||o tho othor dancors woro
scant||y c|ad and swoat|ng. Othor poop|o |oanod h|m
jackots and sh|rts to koop h|m warm, and ho
roquostod a hoator to contro| tho sh|vor|ng.
0r. Vurray's cont|nuous °po|ypharmacy' drug
adm|n|strat|on a|ong w|th tho lropoto| ovory n|ght as
a s|oop a|d |n tho prosonco ot V|chao|'s °co-
morb|d|ty cond|t|ons was rock|oss'. 0r. Vurray
|gnorod tho s|gns ot V|chao|'s pu|monary
|nt|ammat|on, bra|n swo|||ng, and anom|a.
Caro|oss|y, ho cont|nuod h|s drug troatmont |n sp|to
ot tho ottoct ot tho °po|ypharmacy' and
bonzod|azop|nos. ||s act|ons brought torth an
oxtromo soparat|on trom tho standard ot caro.
lock|oss|y ho showod b|atant d|srogard tor
V|chao|'s ||to, by adm|n|stor|ng a °po|ypharmacy,'
wh|ch |nc|udod bonzod|azop|nos and lropoto|, wh||o
tu||y know|ng tho dangors.
ln my op|n|on 0r. Vurray concoa|od h|s own
wrongdo|ngs to savo h|mso|t |nstoad ot V|chao|'s
||to. What 0r. Conrad Vurray d|d was a comp|oto
obstruct|on ot just|co and rock|oss ondangormont
that u|t|mato|y cost V|chao| h|s ||to. 0r. Vurray ||od
t|mo and t|mo aga|n. |o v|o|atod todora| and stato
|aws rogard|ng tho adm|n|strat|on ot var|ous drugs to
0r. Vurray v|o|atod todora| and stato |aws as to||ows:
1. G|v|ng ta|so |ntormat|on to omorgoncy
2. Excoss|vo troatmont or proscr|b|ng
mod|cat|ons not documontod |n tho pat|ont's
mod|ca| rocords
8. |a||uro to roport tho procoduros conductod
outs|do ot tho acuto caro hosp|ta| that rosu|tod
|n doath
4. Gross, and ropoatod nog||gonco,
|ncompotonco, and acts |nvo|v|ng d|shonosty
b. lroscr|b|ng and troat|ng an add|ct wh|ch |s
proh|b|tod by |oa|th and 3atoty lu|os and
0. lroscr|b|ng and |urn|sh|ng dangorous drugs
w|thout mod|ca| |nd|cat|on
7. |a||uro to ma|nta|n accurato pat|ont rocords
8. |a||uro to koop rocords ot substancos |n
Comprohons|vo 0rug, |oa|th, and 3atoty
0r. Vurray v|o|atod h|s mod|ca| oath whon ho |||oga||y
proscr|bod and ovor adm|n|storod so many d|ttoront
k|nds ot drugs to V|chao|. l honost|y too| that 0r.
Vurray |s a part ot tho covor up and consp|racy
boh|nd V|chao|'s doath. 1horo |s no chargo |n my
op|n|on that t|ts h|s act|ons othor than murdor.
Roviow ot 1ho FrauduIont WiII
3hort|y attor V|chao|'s bur|a| l roco|vod a ca|| trom
h|s youngor brothor, landy 1ackson.
|o sa|d, °lowo, l nood to ta|k to you tor a m|nuto.'
l sa|d, °About what?'
|o sa|d, °About tho w||| that 1ohn 3ranca has
l rop||od, °What about tho w|||?'
|o sa|d, °l tru|y bo||ovo that tho w||| |s a tako.'
l askod tho quost|on, °What wou|d mako you th|nk
|o sa|d to mo, °1ho w||| was a||ogod|y s|gnod by
V|chao| on 1u|y 7th, 2002, at b p.m. |n los Ango|os,
l rop||od, °What |s wrong w|th that?'
|o sa|d, °l don't th|nk V|chao| was |n los Ango|os on
1u|y 7th, 2002.'
l askod, °Whoro was ho?'
|o sa|d °l th|nk ho was |n low York. lt l'm not
m|stakon, l th|nk th|s was tho wook whon V|chao|
and A| 3harpton woro p|ckot|ng 1ommy Votto|a (ox-
pros|dont ot 3ony locords).' |o thon sa|d, °l havo
askod lov. A| 3harpton tor a copy ot tho tapo so that
l cou|d bo suro.'
Wo bogan d|scuss|ng and |nvost|gat|ng th|s on a
da||y bas|s. About throo days |ator, landy sa|d ho
had roco|vod tho tapo, and V|chao| was |ndood |n
low York on 1u|y 7, 2002. |o was not |n los
Ango|os whoro 1ohn 3ranca and 1ohn VcC|a|n
roportod ho s|gnod tho w|||. landy to|d mo that ho
had gotton attornoy 3r|an Oxman to ass|st us |n tho
On 1u|y 7th, 2002, V|chao| 1ackson was |n low York
C|ty, not |n los Ango|os at t|vo o'c|ock to s|gn tho
a||ogod w|||. 3ranca and VcC|a|n havo h|ddon trom
tho court a mator|a| tact, that V|chao| 1ackson d|d
not s|gn tho purportod w||| datod 1u|y 7th, 2002 as
thoy c|a|mod ho d|d. Concoa||ng th|s |ntormat|on |s a
traud, and shou|d d|squa||ty thom trom bo|ng tho
oxocutors ot V|chao|'s ostato. 3ranca and VcC|a|n
had a duty to |ntorm tho court that V|chao| 1ackson
was not |n los Ango|os on 1u|y 7th, 2002, but ho was
|nstoad |n low York. 1h|s tact concorn|ng tho
a||ogod w||| has boon concoa|od trom tho pub||c and
tho court. 3ranca and VcC|a|n havo v|o|atod tho|r
dut|os by tost|ty|ng undor pona|ty ot porjury on at
|oast sovontoon occas|ons. 1hoy tost|t|od that tho
purportod w||| ot 1u|y 7th, 2002, was corroct.
1. 1hoy tost|t|od on 1u|y 1st, 2000, tor a pot|t|on
to probato tho w|||.
2. 1u|y 28rd, 2000, app||cat|on tor tam||y
8. 1u|y 20th, 2000, app||cat|on tor proposod book
4. 1u|y 81st, 2000, rosponso and objoct|on to
pot|t|on tor |ottor ot adm|n|strat|on by 1osoph
and Kathor|no 1ackson.
b. 1u|y 81st, 2000, t|rst supp|omont to pot|t|on tor
0. August 8rd, 2000, supp|omont to probato
7. August 8rd, 2000, pot|t|on to mako paymont to
V|chao| laporruquo tor contract w|th V|chao|'s
1ackson Company datod Vay 80th, 2008.
8. 3optombor 17th, 2000, app||cat|on tor ordor
author|z|ng supp|omont agroomont.
0. 3optombor 20th, 2000, app||cat|on to ontor
pub||sh|ng agroomont.
10. 3optombor 20th, 2000, app||cat|on to ontor
morchand|s|ng agroomont.
11. 3optombor 20th, 2000, app||cat|on to ontor
bus|noss agroomont Opus.
12. 3optombor 22nd, 2000, app||cat|on to ontor
bus|noss transact|on 3ravado.
18. 3optombor 28th, 2000, app||cat|on to ontor
bus|noss transact|on.
14. 3optombor 28th, 2000, app||cat|on to ontor
contract w|th Co|umb|a l|cturos.
1b. 3optombor 28th, 2000, app||cat|on to ontor
|nto pub||sh|ng agroomont.
10. 3optombor 28th, 2000 mot|on to ontor book
pub||sh|ng agroomont.
17. 3optombor 20th, 2000, app||cat|on to ontor
agroomont d|g|ta| d|str|but|on ot aud|o.
3ranca and VcC|a|n woro gross|y nog||gont |n tho|r
statomonts to tho court. 1hoy havo concoa|od
|ntormat|on trom tho court that shou|d havo thom
romovod as trustoos. 1hoy havo a|so conductod
thomso|vos |n a traudu|ont and docopt|vo mannor. ln
my op|n|on, thoy shou|d not bo trustod to ovorsoo tho
V|chao| 1ackson Estato. 3oth ot thom shou|d bo
d|squa||t|od and chargos shou|d bo brought aga|nst
thom tor traud. Vy roason|ng |s V|chao| 1ackson
torm|natod 1ohn 3ranca as h|s attornoy on |obruary
8, 2008. ln a wr|tton torm|nat|on |ottor (soo lottor |n
th|s chaptor), V|chao| 1ackson |nstructod 1ohn
3ranca to ros|gn trom a|| pos|t|ons ho had |n
V|chao|'s porsona| and bus|noss ||to. 3ranca ta||od
to to||ow V|chao| 1ackson's |nstruct|ons and
nog|octod to romovo h|mso|t as oxocutor ot V|chao|
1ackson |am||y 1rust.
On |obruary 8rd, 2008, V|chao| |nstructod 3ranca to
turn ovor to h|s now attornoys a|| rocords, t||os, and
papors doa||ng w|th h|s porsona| and bus|noss ||to.
Wh||o 3ranca turnod ovor h|s othor t||os, 3ranca
socrot|y rotusod to turn ovor tho purportod 1u|y 7th,
2002, w||| and Varch 2002 trust. lo w||| was ovor
turnod ovor to V|chao|'s now attornoy. 1h|s was a
tota| v|o|at|on ot 3ranca's t|duc|ary duty as V|chao|'s
|awyors. 3ranca concoa|od tho w|||, and concoa|od
h|s rotusa| to ros|gn as oxocutor. 3ranca's
concoa|mont and ta||uro to ros|gn cont|nuod tor many
yoars dosp|to V|chao|'s numorous domands that
3ranca turn ovor a|| documonts and ros|gn trom a||
pos|t|ons. Conduct ot th|s naturo shou|d not bo
a||owod by tho courts. 1h|s was a tota| v|o|at|on not
on|y to V|chao| 1ackson, but to h|s ch||dron. ln 2008,
V|chao| 1ackson |aunchod an |nvost|gat|on |nto
3ranca's a||ogod ombozz|omont act|v|t|os, rogard|ng
V|chao|'s monoy. 1ho |nvost|gators, tho t|rm ot
lntortor |n low York roportod |n |obruary, Varch,
and a t|na| roport on Apr|| 1bth, 2008, that thoro was
an |mpropor ro|at|onsh|p botwoon 1ommy Votto|a
and 1ohn 3ranca whoroby 3ranca and Votto|a woro
a||ogod|y tunno||ng V|chao|'s monoy to ottshoro
accounts |n tho Car|bboan. 1ho lntortor roport
causod V|chao| 1ackson groat angu|sh and V|chao|
domandod that 3ranca was novor to havo anyth|ng
to do w|th h|m, h|s bus|noss, h|s tam||y, or h|s
porsona| ||to aga|n.
V|chao| torm|natod 1ohn 3ranca bocauso ot h|s
bo||ot that 3ranca had comm|ttod cr|mos aga|nst
h|m. 3ranca novor gavo V|chao| an account|ng ot
whothor th|s roport was truo or ta|so, nor d|d ho
d|sc|oso h|s books and rocords to V|chao|.
V|chao| 1ackson's bo||ot that th|s occurrod was tho
bas|s tor 3ranca's torm|nat|on. 3ranca novor
comp||od w|th V|chao|'s domand that ho mako an
account|ng and ros|gn.
|or many yoars, 1ohn 3ranca ontorod |nto
thousands ot ||cons|ng agroomonts w|th tho pub||c
tor mus|c and songs on boha|t ot V|chao| 1ackson
and tho 3ony/A1v 1rust. V|chao| torm|natod 3ranca
bocauso ho bo||ovod 3ranca was ombozz||ng monoy
trom thoso ||cons|ng arrangomonts. lo|thor 3ranca
nor h|s t|rm has boon aud|tod concorn|ng tho mu|t|-
m||||on do||ar procoods and roco|pts ot thoso
transact|ons. 3ranca cannot mako an |ndopondont
aud|t ot h|mso|t wh||o sorv|ng as oxocutor. Whon
3ranca t||od tho pot|t|on tor probato on 1u|y 1st,
2000, |oss than a wook attor V|chao| passod, ho
ta||od to d|sc|oso h|s pr|or bus|noss ro|at|onsh|p w|th
V|chao| 1ackson rogard|ng ||cons|ng and tho
3ony/A1v 1rust. lt |s not a quost|on ot tho
truthtu|noss or accuracy ot tho |nvost|gators roport or
ovon V|chao| 1ackson's bo||ot. lathor, |t |s a mattor
ot to||ow|ng V|chao|'s |nstruct|ons to ros|gn, turn ovor
a|| documonts, and torm|nato a|| ro|at|onsh|ps.
3ranca rotusod to oboy h|s c||ont V|chao| 1ackson's
|nstruct|ons. 3ranca shou|d now bo mado to to||ow
h|s |nstruct|ons, ros|gn as oxocutor and ho shou|d bo
prosocutod to tho tu||ost oxtont ot tho |aw.
V|chao| 1ackson a|so s|gnod var|ous attornoy
rota|nor agroomonts w|th h|s |aw t|rm trom 1008 to
100b. ln thoso agroomonts 3ranca took t|vo porcont
ot tho procoods ot V|chao| 1ackson's bus|nossos
and portormancos, and thon, w|thout turthor
ont|t|omont, a t|vo porcont ownorsh|p |n V|chao|'s
3ony/A1v Cata|oguo roya|t|os, a|| ot wh|ch woro tho
subjoct mattor ot h|s roprosontat|on.
1hoso contracts tor roprosontat|on not on|y const|tuto
a cont||ct ot |ntorost, but a|so v|o|ato 3ranca's duty
as a |awyor by tak|ng an |ntorost |n tho subjoct mattor
ot tho roprosontat|on w|thout h|s c||ont's
author|zat|on. V|chao| to|d mo, |n 2004 that h|s
3ony/A1v Cata|oguo was va|uod |n oxcoss ot $1
b||||on. A b% |ntorost roprosonts $b0 m||||on. 1horo
was no cont||ct ot |ntorost d|sc|osuro |n tho rota|nor
agroomont. V|chao| d|d not havo |ndopondont
counso| to rov|ow th|s transact|on. 3ranca's
roprosontat|on thoroattor was ta|ntod by tho
cont|nuod cont||cts ot |ntorosts and concoa|mont ot
h|s act|ons that a||owod h|m to cont|nuo tak|ng
advantago ot V|chao|.
ln Apr|| 2000, V|chao| 1ackson pa|d 3ranca $1b
m||||on to got back h|s t|vo porcont |ntorost |n tho
3ony/A1v Cata|oguo. Whon 3ranca t||od h|s pot|t|on
to bo tho oxocutor ot V|chao|'s ostato, ho
convon|ont|y concoa|od th|s mu|t|-m||||on do||ar
transact|on and mator|a| prot|t|ng trom, what l tru|y
bo||ovo to bo, tho sto|on b% |ntorost |n V|chao|'s
bus|noss. 3ranca had a duty to d|sc|oso to tho court
tho naturo, amount, and dota||s boh|nd th|s
transact|on. |o v|o|atod h|s duty as an attornoy to
g|vo tu|| d|sc|osuro to tho court ot V|chao|'s paymont
ot $1b m||||on do||ars to 3ranca |n 2000 to roc|a|m
h|s b% |ntorost |n tho 3ony/A1v cata|oguo |s a tota|
cont||ct ot |ntorost w|th tho Estato ot V|chao|
1ackson. 3ocauso 3ranca |s tho spoc|a|
adm|n|strator and dos|gnatod oxocutor, 3ranca has
not and w||| not sook sanct|ons aga|nst h|mso|t,
thoroby porpotrat|ng an |ntont|ona| traud upon tho
court. And now, ho s|ts at tho °throno ot V|chao|'s
ostato'. What k|nd ot wor|d aro wo ||v|ng |n? l tru|y
too| that th|s |s bo|ng accomp||shod bocauso ot a
corrupt jud|c|a| systom |n los Ango|os County,
Ca||torn|a. l amsuro that V|chao| wou|d not approvo
ot 1ohn 3ranca and 1ohn VcC|a|n bo|ng co-
oxocutors ot h|s ostato. 3arry 3|ogo| was a|so ||stod
as an oxocutor to V|chao|'s w|||. On August 20th,
2008, 3|ogo| ros|gnod as oxocutor ot V|chao|'s w|||.
|o sont h|s |ottor ot ros|gnat|on to 3ranca. 1ohn
3ranca concoa|od that documont unt|| ho t||od tho
1u|y 1st, 2000, probato pot|t|on, and th|s |s |n
v|o|at|on ot V|chao|'s |nstruct|ons to ros|gn a||
pos|t|ons and turn ovor a|| documonts as ho
roquostod h|mto do |n |obruary 2008.
Whon 3ranca t||od tho probato pot|t|on on 1u|y 1st,
2000, ho attachod tho August 20th, 2008, 3|ogo|
|ottor. 3arry 3|ogo| ros|gnod pursuant to tho
torm|nat|on |ottor trom V|chao| s|m||ar to tho |ottor
3ranca roco|vod. |owovor, wh||o 3|ogo| comp||od
w|th V|chao|'s |nstruct|ons and ros|gnod, 3ranca d|d
not. Whon 3ranca t||od h|s probato pot|t|on ho
concoa|od tho tact that 3arry 3|ogo| had to||owod
V|chao|'s |nstruct|ons but ho had not. 3ranca had a
duty to d|sc|oso to tho court and to prosont tho
3|ogo| ros|gnat|on |ottor ot August 20th, 2008.
3ranca's pot|t|on to bo oxocutor v|o|atos V|chao|
1ackson's torm|nat|on |ottor ot |obruary 2008. Whon
V|chao| torm|natod 3ranca on |obruary 8rd, 2008,
and roquostod that ho turn ovor a|| documonts to h|s
now attornoy, 3ranca novor turnod ovor a roportod
1u|y 7th, 2002, w|||. 1h|s |s a comp|oto v|o|at|on and
my truo op|n|on |s that 1ohn 3ranca shou|d bo
romovod trom V|chao| 1ackson's ostato and
|mmod|ato|y bo prosocutod.
On Octobor 21st, 2000, landy 1ackson ca||od a
moot|ng at h|s s|stor 1anot's homo |n tho Contury
C|ty aroa ot los Ango|os. 1h|s moot|ng was to
prosont to ovoryono |nvo|vod (wh|ch was just a tow)
tho ov|donco that wo had uncovorod that provod tho
w||| was traudu|ont. Attond|ng tho moot|ng woro
tam||y mombors Kathor|no, lobb|o, 1ack|o, 1anot,
and landy, t|vo othor probato attornoys, 3r|an
Oxman (who was prosont|ng tho ov|donco), and
myso|t. 1h|s moot|ng |astod approx|mato|y two
hours. 3r|an Oxman d|d a suporb job prosont|ng a||
ot tho ov|donco that wo had uncovorod. |o t|rst
showod us how tho s|gnaturos woro d|ttoront. |o
thon prosontod V|chao|'s hoto| b||| to show that
V|chao| was |n low York trom 1u|y bth, to 1u|y 10th,
2002. |o a|so prosontod ov|donco trom |ntorv|ows
ho had conductod w|th mombors ot V|chao|'s
socur|ty whoro thoy statod that V|chao| d|d not s|gn a
w||| on 1u|y 7th, 2002, wh||o thoy woro |n low York.
Wo a|| conc|udod attor soo|ng add|t|ona| p|ocos ot
ov|donco that tho w||| |s traudu|ont and a tako.
1ohn 3ranca |s a |awyor, ||consod to pract|co |aw |n
tho 3tato ot Ca||torn|a. 1h|s pr|v||ogo subjocts h|mto
tho lu|os ot lrotoss|ona| lospons|b|||ty ot tho 3tato
3ar ot Ca||torn|a. 1horo aro corta|n th|ngs that a
|awyor |s proh|b|tod trom do|ng. Ono ot tho
proh|b|tod act|v|t|os |s a broach ot t|duc|ary duty
wh|ch occurs whon a |awyor usos h|s pos|t|on to
stoa| troma c||ont.
Koop|ng |n m|nd tho torogo|ng, |ot's add anothor tact
tor your cons|dorat|on. 3omot|mo |n |obruary 2008,
V|chao| 1ackson t|rod 1ohn 3ranca. 1ho t|rst
sontonco ot that |ottor statos, °l am torm|nat|ng tho
sorv|cos ot you and your t|rm..' |urthor |n tho |ottor,
V|chao| 1ackson statos, °.you aro commandod to
|mmod|ato|y coaso oxpond|ng ottort ot any k|nd on
my boha|t..' V|chao| cont|nuod, °you aro turthor
domandod to oxocuto any and a|| documonts
roasonab|y roqu|rod ot you.to transtor contro| ovor
any and a|| t||os ot m|no (or any bus|noss ot m|no)..'
Add|t|ona||y, V|chao| 1ackson sa|d, °You aro to
do||vor tho or|g|na| ot a|| such documonts to Vr.
loGrand, |mmod|ato|y..' V|chao| 1ackson mado
tho torogo|ng statomonts to Attornoy 1ohn 3ranca |n
ordor to °havo an |mmod|ato and ordor|y torm|nat|on
ot your sorv|cos..'
low tho vory t|rst th|ng that comos to m|nd |s that |t
V|chao| 1ackson ordorod 3ranca to turn ovor a||
or|g|na| documonts, why d|d 3ranca not turn ovor tho
or|g|na| °last W||| ot V|chao| 1osoph 1ackson,' a|ong
w|th tho V|chao| 1ackson |am||y 1rust, that ho was
roqu|rod and domandod to turn ovor to V|chao|'s
1ho socond th|ng that wo nood to tocus on |s that
1ohn 3ranca, as notod abovo, was a||ogod|y t|rod by
V|chao| 1ackson bocauso ho broachod h|s t|duc|ary
duty to V|chao| by wrongtu||y |nsort|ng h|mso|t |nto
tho documonts and contracts that addrossod
V|chao| 1ackson's pub||sh|ng cata|oguo w|thout
V|chao|'s know|odgo or author|zat|on.
Attor V|chao| bocamo |ntormod ot th|s dosp|cab|o
act by 3ranca, V|chao| t|rod h|m but not botoro
V|chao| had to pay 1ohn 3ranca anothor $1b m||||on
do||ars to rocoup somoth|ng that was a|roady h|s.
And to sott|o potont|a| c|a|ms and |awsu|ts that suro|y
wou|d havo omorgod, |t V|chao| 1ackson was torcod
to suo 1ohn 3ranca to romovo h|m trom thoso
contracts and documonts.
1ho °last W||| and 1ostamont ot V|chao| 1osoph
1ackson' |s a||ogod to havo boon oxocutod on 1u|y
7th, 2002. |owovor, tho ov|donco shows that
V|chao| 1ackson was not ovon |n los Ango|os on
1u|y 7th, 2002, bocauso ho was |n low York C|ty
w|th tho lovorond A| 3harpton protost|ng tho act|ons
and conduct ot 1ommy Votto|a and 3ony locords.
Anothor aspoct ot tho so-ca||od w||| |s tho tact that
nono ot tho w|tnossos havo boon mado known
pub||c|y. low, tho who|o purposo ot hav|ng a
w|tnoss (and |n th|s caso thoro woro throo
w|tnossos), |s to como torward and acknow|odgo
that V|chao| 1ackson was thoro w|th thomat tho t|mo
and on tho day that th|s documont was oxocutod. lot
a s|ng|o ono ot tho w|tnossos has como torth.
What st||| bothors mo |s that on sovora| occas|ons,
V|chao| 1ackson to|d mo that ho novor wantod to do
bus|noss ovor aga|n w|th 1ohn 3ranca, |rank 0|loo,
or 0r. 1ohmo 1ohmo. And now whon l soo 1ohn
3ranca, a man who V|chao| had grown to d|strust,
ro|gn|ng ovor a|| ot V|chao| 1ackson's proporty,
ostato, and bus|noss ho|d|ngs, |t angors mo to tho
h|ghost dogroo. lt |s noth|ng short ot ono ot tho most
dosp|cab|o cr|mos that has ovor happonod |n
Amor|can h|story, that 1ohn 3ranca, a man who l
bo||ovo sto|o trom V|chao| 1ackson and who
broachod h|s dut|os as a |awyor wh||o work|ng tor
V|chao|, |s now s|tt|ng at tho ho|m ot tho omp|ro that
V|chao| 1ackson bu||t.
ln tho d|scuss|ons that l had w|th tho |awyors at 1anot
1ackson's homo, a|| ot whomaro notod spoc|a||sts |n
tho t|o|d ot w|||s, trusts, and ostatos, l |oarnod a tow
th|ngs about what makos a w||| |og|t|mato. Ono ot
tho pr|mary roqu|romonts |s tor at |oast two
w|tnossos to attost to tho compotoncy ot tho porson
mak|ng tho w|||. ln add|t|on thoy aro ab|o to noto
whothor tho porson |s undor duross, or tho v|ct|m ot
traud or unduo |nt|uonco. 1ho w|tnossos can a|so
assuro that tho w||| |s bo|ng oxocutod ot h|s, or hor,
own troo w|||. lt an |ssuo comos up on any ot thoso
mattors, thon tho w|tnossos aro supposod to bo
ava||ab|o tor tho court to dotorm|no |t tho w||| was
troo|y oxocutod and tho porson who mado tho w|||
was not tho v|ct|mot traud or othor m|sdoods. 3ut |n
V|chao| 1ackson's caso, tho w||| that was shown to
tho pub||c om|ts both tho namos and addrossos ot
tho w|tnossos. And thoro |s no |nd|cat|on that tho
w|tnossos havo ovor boon ca||od |nto court undor
oath to tost|ty to tho truth ot tho so-ca||od oxocut|on ot
tho V|chao| 1ackson w|||.
Anothor mattor that bothors mo tromondous|y |s, that
tho judgo |n tho lrobato Court mattor hand||ng tho
Estato ot V|chao| 1ackson, mado a ru||ng that 1oo
1ackson, V|chao|'s tathor, d|d not havo stand|ng to
cha||ongo tho |oga||ty ot tho so-ca||od w|||. low, just
stop and th|nk tor a socond, |ad|os and gont|omon, |t
3arbra 3tro|sand had passod and somoono outs|do
ot hor tam||y prosontod a w||| that |ott hor ont|ro
ostato |n tho hands and undor tho contro| ot
somoono that |s not a mombor ot hor tam||y, and,
|ot's say, 3arbra 3tro|sand's tathor or mothor
pot|t|ons tho lrobato Court to |ntorvono and
cha||ongo tho |oga||ty ot tho w|||, do you th|nk that tho
court wou|d to|| thom that thoy had no stand|ng? lt |s
both |ud|crous and absurd. |ortunato|y, 1oo 1ackson
and h|s attornoy, 3r|an Oxman, aro cha||ong|ng th|s
absurd doc|s|on on appoa| whoro wo hopo that a
pano| ot appo||ato court judgos aro not undor tho
|nt|uonco ot 1ohn 3ranca as tho lrobato Court
judgo, |n my op|n|on, c|oar|y sooms to bo.
1ho pub||c wou|d ||ko to know who thoso w|tnossos
aro and whoro thoy aro |ocatod. |or somo roason,
th|s |s bo|ng kopt a socrot. Wo wou|d ||ko tor thoso
w|tnossos to como torward and adm|t undor oath
that thoy actua||y w|tnossod tho s|gn|ng ot th|s w|||.
Wo obv|ous|y know that |t thoy put tho|r s|gnaturos
down on a |oga| documont that |s bo|ng usod to
dotraud tho Courts ot tho 3tato ot Ca||torn|a th|s
wou|d bo a vory sor|ous cr|mo, pun|shab|o by
|mpr|sonmont. 1ohn 3ranca knows th|s and so doos
1ohn VcC|a|n.
l bo||ovo tho lrobato Court |s a tr|ond and cont|danto
ot 1ohn 3ranca, and thoy aro do|ng a|| |n tho|r powor
to koop a ||d on th|s powdor kog |ssuo. lt tho truth
comos out that ono, two, or a|| throo ot tho w|tnossos
knowthat thoy woro part|c|pat|ng |n a °traud upon tho
court' |n conjunct|on w|th 1ohn 3ranca, 1ohn
VcC|a|n, and AEG, thoy wou|d probab|y bo sook|ng
a way to got |mmun|ty trom prosocut|on |n oxchango
tor tho|r tost|mony wh|ch wou|d |mp||cato tho
roma|n|ng gu||ty part|os |n th|s trag|c hoax.
|or |nstanco, wou|dn't you want to know why thoso
w|tnossos wou|d c|a|m to havo w|tnossod V|chao|
1ackson s|gn a w||| |n los Ango|os? Espoc|a||y whon
tho ov|donco conc|us|vo|y shows that V|chao|
1ackson was |n low York on tho dato and at tho
t|mo 1ohn 3ranca c|a|ms that tho w||| was oxocutod?
3ocond|y, you w||| roca|| that V|chao| 1ackson t|rod
1ohn 3ranca at tho samo t|mo that ho t|rod 3arry
3|ogo|. low 3arry 3|ogo| d|d tho r|ght th|ng and
rotusod to part|c|pato |n th|s traud upon tho court
rogard|ng V|chao| 1ackson's ostato. And |n tho
|ottor that t|rod 1ohn 3ranca, V|chao| 1ackson mado
|t c|oar that 3ranca was not to bo |nvo|vod |n any ot
V|chao|'s bus|noss or porsona| doa||ngs and atta|rs.
1horo |s no way that V|chao| 1ackson wou|d approvo
ot 1ohn 3ranca bo|ng |n tota| contro| ot h|s ostato.
low wh||o tho |oga| cha||ongo ot 1oo 1ackson |n tho
Ca||torn|a Court ot Appoa|s |s cont|nu|ng to p|ay out,
1ohn 3ranca, 1ohn VcC|a|n, and AEG aro dra|n|ng
tho assots ot tho V|chao| 1ackson Estato |n my
op|n|on. l tru|y bo||ovo tho |ongor tho ott|c|a|s |n tho
3tato ot Ca||torn|a and tho Ca||torn|a compononts ot
tho U.3. 0opartmont ot 1ust|co wa|t to tako act|on
aga|nst th|s gang ot th|ovos, tho |ongor |t w||| tako tor
V|chao| 1ackson, h|s ch||dron, and h|s tam||y to got
tho just|co that thoy aro ont|t|od to. lt |s hard tor mo
to bo||ovo as a ||to-|ong c|t|zon ot tho Un|tod 3tatos
that our govornmont wou|d s|t by and a||ow th|s
b|atant, outr|ght thott ot V|chao| 1ackson's ostato to
go w|thout scrut|ny and prosocut|on ot thoso
On a t|na| noto, know|ng V|chao| as l knowh|m, thoro
|s no way ho wou|d havo ovor stood tor h|s t|na| w|||
and tostamont, to havo tho namos ot h|s ch||dron,
m|sspo||od. 1h|s was ono ot tho ma|n |nd|cators,
wh|ch l bo||ovo |s turthor proot that tho w||| |s a tota|
NichaoI Jackaon 1ormination
Lottor to John Branca
Coµy ot 1ho ActuaI FrauduIont
Ovor tho yoars that l havo known V|chao| 1ackson,
thoro havo boon many words that havo boon
assoc|atod w|th h|m: awosomo, |ncrod|b|y ta|ontod,
tantast|c, and °1ho K|ng ot lop', just to namo a tow.
3ut d|d anyono ovor stop to not|co tho hum|||at|on
and tho pa|n ho oxpor|oncod at tho oxponso ot tho
mod|a? ln h|s |ator yoars, tho pa|n that ho to|t was
unboarab|o at t|mos. 1orms ||ko °Wacko 1acko' and
othors toro h|mto p|ocos. l know |t hurt h|mso much
bocauso V|chao| tru|y was moro human than you or l
cou|d ovor bo. |o was not a v|o|ont human bo|ng,
nor was ho a v|nd|ct|vo human bo|ng. |owovor, w|th
a|| ot tho tamo and tortuno ho roco|vod dur|ng h|s
||tot|mo, ho was st||| a humb|o human bo|ng. 3hort|y
attor V|chao| d|od, h|s tathor, 1oo 1ackson sa|d
somoth|ng to tho wor|d that l w||| novor torgot. What
ho sa|d was that, °my son |ovod ovorybody'. 1h|s
was so truo. Evon thoso that wrongod h|m, V|chao|
a|ways torgavo thom. l t|rm|y bo||ovo that V|chao|'s
doath was ono ot tho groatost cr|m|na| |njust|cos
ovor comm|ttod.
1ho on|y th|ng l ovor hopod to accomp||sh by wr|t|ng
th|s book was to t|nd just|co tor V|chao|. |o was not
on|y |ovod, but ho was a|so adorod around tho wor|d
by m||||ons. lot many art|sts havo had tho ab|||ty to
mako poop|o woop just by tho|r moro prosonco.
V|chao| was ono ot thoso.
1ho wor|d has boon robbod ot a groat ta|ont.
V|chao| was moro than a mus|ca| |ogond. |o was
ono ot God's spoc|a| ch||dron. l onco sa|d to h|m,
°thoro's no way you cou|d havo accomp||shod tho
th|ngs you havo accomp||shod, or roach tho ho|ghts
that you havo roachod w|thout tho prosonco ot
A|m|ghty God'. ||s oyos bog|n to wator and ho thon
sott|y sa|d, °l know. l amso gratotu|.'
1ho on|y th|ng wo havo |ott to ho|d onto |s h|s mus|c
and a tow momor|os that l hopo w||| novor tado. ||s
|aughtor and h|s p|aytu|noss w||| a|ways bo |n my
hoart. 3ut tho too| ot h|s prosonco |s somoth|ng l w|||
a|ways |ong tor, and so w||| tho m||||ons ot tans, that
to||owod h|mta|thtu||y throughout h|s ont|ro caroor.
l'|| novor torgot a convorsat|on l had w|th V|chao| |n
V|am|. |o to|d mo that ho wou|d novor a||ow h|s
ch||dron to watch to|ov|s|on bocauso ot tho torr|b|o
th|ngs thoy sa|d about h|m |n tho mod|a. l'|| novor
torgot tho oxpross|on on h|s taco whon ho sa|d,
°1hoy novor ta|k about tho good th|ngs that l'vo
dono.' 3o |ot mo spoak ot thom horo tor tho rocord.
V|chao| was not on|y an |ncrod|b|o songwr|tor, ho
was a|so an |ncrod|b|o voca||st, choroographor and
dancor. V|chao| was a|so a truo human|tar|an. Voro
t|mos than any othor ontorta|nor, ho was |nductod
|nto two|vo |a||s ot |amo. |o won t|ttoon Grammy
Awards, twonty-s|x Amor|can Vus|c Awards,
roco|vod tho l|v|ng logond Award, and |s |n tho
Gu|nnoss 3ook ot Wor|d locords. |or tour
docados, V|chao|'s mus|c transcondod gonorat|ons
and cu|turos around tho wor|d. ln 1002, ho toundod
°|oa| tho Wor|d,' an organ|zat|on that sont m||||ons ot
do||ars around tho wor|d to support ch||dron that woro
v|ct|ms ot d|soaso, povorty, and v|o|onco. |o was
a|so a strong advocato tor tho provont|on and
awaronoss ot |lv/Al03. |o ho|pod draw attont|on
to th|s doad|y d|soaso by pub||c|y stand|ng w|th tho
C||nton Adm|n|strat|on to g|vo moro monoy to |lv
char|t|os and rosoarch programs. lt |s a shamo that
a man who ||tora||y |ovod and gavo so much to tho
wor|d d|od a v|ct|mot grood at tho hands ot a tow.
ln my op|n|on, tho u|t|mato m|stako comm|ttod by
V|chao| was h|s trust|ng tho wrong poop|o |n tho
ontorta|nmont |ndustry. l too| that poop|o such as
1ohn 3ranca, landy lh||||ps, and 0r. 1ohmo 1ohmo
sot out to tako advantago ot V|chao| at a t|mo whon
ho was tho most vu|norab|o. 1hoy tru|y cou|d havo
ho|pod V|chao|, but what l saw d|d not rovoa| that.
V|chao| to|d mo porsona||y that ho d|d not agroo to
do t|tty shows. |o sa|d ho on|y agrood to do ton.
landy lh||||ps ot AEG |ns|sts that V|chao| agrood to
do t|tty. W|th a|| ot tho |awyors at landy lh||||ps
d|sposa|, ho has yot to como torth w|th a s|gnod
contract show|ng that V|chao| agrood to t|tty shows.
|o novor producod such a contract and l tru|y bo||ovo
ho novor w|||.
V|chao| d|d s|gn a contract h|r|ng mo to hand|o h|s
bus|noss atta|rs and to ovorsoo h|s t|nancos tor tho
tour |n london. V|chao| a|ways know, trom our oar|y
yoars togothor, that l wou|d a|ways havo h|s bost
|ntorosts at hoart. 3ut landy lh||||ps and |rank
0|loo d|d not want mo around. 1hoy d|dn't want
anyono around who wou|d d|m|n|sh tho|r |nt|uonco
ovor V|chao|, and any porson that thoy d|d not
contro|. ln my op|n|on, landy lh||||ps wantod to
ma|nta|n troo ro|gn ovor V|chao| so ho wou|d havo
no othor cho|co but to do what thoy wantod h|mto do
w|thout |ntortoronco. 1o try to mako suro that l was
out ot tho p|cturo, l tru|y bo||ovo that landy lh||||ps
manutacturod a h|gh|y pub||c|zod and phony |ottor,
wh|ch l novor roco|vod, c|a|m|ng that V|chao| had
torm|natod my contract. V|chao| to|d mo h|mso|t that
landy lh||||ps had ca||od h|m to h|s ott|co tor a
moot|ng w|thout to|||ng h|m tho naturo ot |t. V|chao|
sa|d whon ho arr|vod, landy lh||||ps to|d h|m that ho
must got r|d ot loonard lowo and that ho was
br|ng|ng |n |rank 0|loo to manago h|m. And
V|chao| sa|d that landy throatonod h|mand to|d h|m
that |t ho rotusod to do so that ho wou|d pu|| tho p|ug
on ovoryth|ng and domand paymont on a|| ot h|s
advancos |mmod|ato|y. l want you to romombor that
tho dosp|cab|o b|nd|ng contract botwoon AEG and
V|chao| gavo landy lh||||ps tho r|ght to do th|s. 3ut
V|chao| st||| rotusod to got r|d ot mo. 3hort|y attor
that |s whon V|chao| s|gnod my agroomont w|th h|m.
lono ot th|s mattors now, l novor had tho chanco to
protoct V|chao| bocauso ho d|od.
Whon l hoard tho nows ot V|chao|'s pass|ng, l cr|od.
l w|shod l had boon |n a pos|t|on to do moro to ho|p
h|m. l w|sh l had boon ab|o to romovo tho groody
and ov|| poop|o trom h|s ||to who d|dn't roa||y caro
about h|s wo||-bo|ng. l w|sh l cou|d havo dono moro.
3ut, l cou|dn't. 1hoy d|dn't want mo, or anyono o|so
that thoy d|d not contro| around V|chao|. l tru|y too|
wo wou|d havo |ntortorod w|th tho|r ov|| p|ans.
1ho u|t|mato d|sp|ay ot |njust|co to V|chao| |s that h|s
|ogacy |s not contro||od by h|s tam||y or h|s ch||dron
as ho wou|d havo |ntondod |t to bo. lnstoad, |t's
go|ng to tho vory poop|o who l bo||ovo usod h|m and
a|so dostroyod h|m. 1ohn 3ranca, tho vory samo
porson who V|chao| porsona||y to|d mo that ho wou|d
novor do bus|noss w|th aga|n, |s contro|||ng
V|chao|'s ont|ro ostato. 1ho bonot|c|ary ot V|chao|'s
||to |nsuranco po||cy |s not h|s mothor and |s not h|s
ch||dron, but |s AEG. |ow can th|s bo? V|chao|'s
ch||dron aro roco|v|ng $20,000 por month oach,
wh||o 1ohn 3ranca and h|s cron|os aro pay|ng
thomso|vos m||||ons ot do||ars. 3ut yot thoy rotuso to
g|vo 1oo 1ackson, V|chao|'s tathor, anyth|ng. l ask
th|s quost|on, wou|d V|chao| havo doc|dod to do th|s,
dopr|v|ng h|s doar|y bo|ovod ch||dron and h|s tam||y?
1ho answor |s s|mp|o. |o d|d not, and ho wou|d not.
1ust ||ko what l bo||ovo to bo a phony torm|nat|on
|ottor that thoy aro say|ng V|chao| s|gnod and sont to
mo, l a|so bo||ovo that tho last W||| and 1ostamont
prosontod to tho court by 1ohn 3ranca and 1ohn
VcC|a|n (convon|ont|y ||st|ng thom as oxocutors tor
h|s ostato) |s a|so traudu|ont and phony. 1ho w|||
g|vos 1ohn 3ranca, V|chao|'s tormor attornoy whom
V|chao| accusod ot ombozz||ng trom h|m, contro| ot
h|s ont|ro ostato.
3hort|y attor V|chao| d|od, tho oxocut|vos at 3ony
Vus|c Entorta|nmont s|gnod a rocord-broak|ng doa|
worth $2b0 m||||on w|th V|chao|'s ostato, |n wh|ch
1ohn 3ranca |s now tho oxocutor. 1ho quost|on l
cannot shako |s why aro thoso poop|o gott|ng away
w|th tho wrongs thoy aro do|ng to V|chao|'s ch||dron
and h|s tam||y? |ow can wo as Amor|cans a||ow
thomto got away w|th th|s?
ln my op|n|on, 1ohn 3ranca, landy lh||||ps, and
AEG had no |ntorost |n ovor try|ng to rostoro V|chao|
1ackson's phys|ca| or t|nanc|a| cond|t|on. l tru|y too|
thoy on|y wantod to str|p tho suporstar ot h|s wor|d|y
possoss|ons wh|ch |nc|udo h|s pr|co|oss mus|c
cata|oguo, and to onjoy and sharo |n tho woa|th that
V|chao|'s namo and h|s brand wou|d suro|y br|ng tor
yoars and yoars to como. 1ho on|y way th|s cou|d
havo ovor boon accomp||shod was that V|chao|
1ackson had to d|o.
Fromme to you, MIke,
l love you, MIchael. You wIll always be In my
heart. May God contInue to be wIth you and
bless you as he dId durIng your stay, here on
Earth. l thank you so much |or all you have
done |or me. l wIll hold on to the memorIes that
you have gIven me |orever.
Coµy ot tho ActuaI NichaoI
Jackaon & AEC Contract
1abIo ot Contonta
What loa||y |apponod to V|chao| 1ackson 1ho K|ng
ot lop
Whon l ||rst Vot V|chao| 1ackson
Whon l ||rst Vot V|chao|
0oub|o 3tandards |n tho lndustry
1r|cky 1act|cs by tho Agonc|os
1ho Ev|| s|do ot tho Entorta|nmont lndustry
1ho loga| 3att|o 3og|ns
1ho l|t|gat|on
3otraya| ot 1ust|co
Voot|ngs w|th V|chao|
loonard lowo
Appo|ntmont lottor trom
V|chao| 1ackson to
landy lh||||ps
1ho loop|o that cou|d havo savod V|chao|
1ho lnvost|gat|on
lov|ow ot V|chao| 1ackson 8 AEG
london Contract
3otwoon V|chao|
1ackson 8 AEG
V|chao| 1ackson 8 AEGContract
0r. Conrad Vurray
lov|owot 1ho |raudu|ont W|||
V|chao| 1ackson
1orm|nat|on lottor to
1ohn 3ranca
Copy ot 1ho Actua| |raudu|ont W|||
Copy ot tho Actua|
V|chao| 1ackson 8 AEG

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