Proposed to the Administration's Approach Senate Formula" "LocalControlFunding

of state a major restructuring L0 budget,the Governorproposed fn hisJanuary of education, and countyoffices charterschools, districts, fundingfor school known as the "LocalControlFundingFormula"(LCFF). Program Limit and Categorical would replacethe existingRevenue The LCFF for decadesstructure finance education structure-partof California's funding ratesand supplemental formula,with uniformper-pupil with a streamlined students-studentsfrom low income disadvantaged fundingfor educotionatly andfosteryouth. learners language English [EL], ILl]families,

Approach TheSenate
to the LCFF. o SB69 is the Senate's approach Education committee), of the senate r ltsauthors Liu(chair are: senators subcommittee), budget of the education (ProTem),Block(chair Steinberg Leno caucus), Lara(chair of the Latino chair), caucus Hill (Democratic Hancock, (chair of the Appropriations de Leon (chair Committee), of the Budget andPadilla. Monning, Committee),
Committee Education by the Senate as amended o SB69 was heardand approved o n M a y 1, file" "suspense Committee Appropriations from the Senate The bill was released grant of targetbase the insertion including amendments, May 23,with several that are both students for disadvantaged rates and supplemental amounts than the Governor's. higher LCFF devotes the Senate 54 billionmoreto in 2019-20, At full implementation grants and supplemental both base by increasing the formulathanthe Governor and fosterstudents. learner, English grants for low-income,

proposal? Doesthe senoteagree or disogreewith the Governols LCFF
goolsoftheGovernor'sproposal: agreeswiththefundomentol TheSenateapproach fundingstructure. tronsporent o A moreequitable, streamlined, on r A fundingstructurethat putsgreoterfocusondfinonciolresources dents. d stu ntoge nolly disadva educotio to permonent r A fundingstructurethat provides flexibilityto schooldistricts localneeds. address whilealsoincreasing level, at a moreadequate alldistricts funds the Senate However, andthe students grants for disadvantaged ofthe supplemental boththe percentage terms. in dollar of thatsupplement amount SB69: Specifically, in per-student the Governor obove of 5500 grants an average o Funds targetbase yearoneof imPlementation. provisions that additional to ensure occountability r fncludes important/isco! (Ll,EL, students disadvantaged of educationally generated by numbers funds outcomes. theireducational to improve spent youth) areactually andfoster the highschool to focuson reducing continue o Ensures districts that school
dropout rote, maintain educationaloptionsfor young adults, troining the

of tomorrow. workforce

approachand the between the Senate's Whot ore themojor differences Governo/s?
r Limits Revenue proposal to eliminate the Governo/s SB59 adopts Grants: Base cautious grant."Based on the LAO'S perpupil"base to a uniform andmove grantamounts: base setsthe following the Senate estimates, revenue K-3: o Grades 56,910 4-6:S7,013 o Grades 7-8:57,221 o Grades 9-12: o Grades 58,368 the Governor' of 5500perstudentabove an average represent amounts These

proposal to add a the Governor's Grants:SB59 includes Supplemental disadvantaged grantfor eacheducationally grant"to the base "supplemental to 40%fromthe the percentage but increases fostercare), student(Ll,EL, proposed35%. proposal to add the Governor's Grants: SB69 doesnot include Concentration tensof it hasthe effectof making grantbecause concentration an additional "invisible" districts school in lower-poverty students of disadvantaged thousands dollars thoseconcentration the billdevotes formula.Instead, in the funding both baseand supplemental to increasing (SZ.S billionat full implementation) billionof a S55 SB69 devotes in 201,9-20, S13.7 grants. At full implementation for disadvantaged grants and baseincreases total coston supplemental billion and for supplemental S12billion to the administration's compared students, grants combined. concentration

hoveunder the Senote's districts How muchftexibitity would schoot proposal? proposolvs.theAdministrotion's
wouldenjoy proposal,districts flexibilityovermany Underthe Senate's approach. proposal takesa similar TheAdministration's progroms. cotegorical to spend schooldistricts would require is that the Senate The maindifference and would likethe to school, on tronsportingstudents dollars transportation ,'grade 9 to !2to be spenton in grades for students allocated span"dollars suchas careertechnical and careers, progroms that prepare students for college education. for AdultEducation, streams funding dedicated SB69 continues In addition, Foster Academies, Partnership and Programs, Centers Occupational Regional Secondary and Specialized Education youth Services, Vocational Agricultural ms. Progra

districtoccountobility? relatedto school What are thenew provisions
o SB6 9 inc l udes : and by Ll,EL, fundsgenerated that supplemental that ensure o provisions and not to to thosestudents, foster studentsare usedto improveservices to them.At the sametiffi€,the bill dedicated resources supplontexisting



o o

to students of disadvantaged with highconcentrations allowsschools that benefitthe whole school. investin programs in and entitiesto intervene Authorityfor state and/orcountyeducation acrosssubgroups improvements, support districtsthat do not demonstrate and of the CommonCorestandards toward achievement of students, and goals. other statestandards students, education special learners, for English sizes "subgroup" Smaller re stronger to ensu ethnicities, foster youth, and the state'sdiverse closingefforts within the state oversightof achievement-gap ntability system. accou More robust data collectionsto improve stateand local oversight. learners. More detaileddistrictplansto meet the needsof English

Whatore thenew provisions for fosteryouth?
had Act,whichthe administration o SB69 preserves YouthServices the Foster proposed to rePea'. for the first time in the calculation o Achievement of fosteryouthwill be included numbers (APl). of theiroftensmall Because Index Performance of the Academic and for reporting size populations, theirsubgroup andschool withindistrict purposes issetat 15' accountability are Services of Social o TheDepartment andthe Department of Education r youth are i dentified for needed re data to ensure thot foste required to sha at the locallevel. services

proposal? to the Administrotion's Are thereother changes
. intent to consider legislative the billwill alsoexpress otherchanges, Among to according thataredistributed allocations for otherfunding remedies to intent it will express In addition, formulas. based historically inequitable, the 5-year beyond for ELstudents support provide somelevelof supplemental proposal' timelimitin the Administration's

When would the new formula take effect?


stortingin takeseffectoneyeorloter thon the Governor's, Thesenateproposal moretime to planand makea smooth districts school Thisgives 2014-75. systems' to the newformulaandaccountability transition

proposal? LCFF considerthe Administration's How did the Senate
28 and on February heardthe proposal o Thefull Senate Committee Budget on April 18 and hearings hadtwo additional 1 (education) Subcomrhittee Budget on the and presentation hada discussion the full Senate May 21. In addition, Policy Education Senate proposal on March5 duringthe two-day by PPIC LCFF hashadtwo in-depth Democratic Caucus in LongBeach.TheSenate Conference heardthe bill May 1, Education Committee TheSenate on the issue. discussions on May 20. Committee Appropriations and the Senate

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