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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Become ‘employable’ than

being ‘employed’
Being ‘employed’ is a secured state of ‘today’ with must know this. We have decided to perience, attitude, values and mo-
outsource your area of activity to an tives that can produce significant
an unknown state of ‘tomorrow’. Possessing one’s outside company and unfortunately, performance, adding value to a busi-
we no longer need your services, effec- ness.
own competency and continuously developing tive immediately. (John walks away Employability actually deter-
new competencies makes a person ‘employable’. silently to his cabin) mines a person’s capability to remain
John could be any one of us if we employable for long term. If one
An ‘employable’ always has new opportunities are not ‘employable’. While being em- works on his self-awareness, ability
even during economic recession and tough times ployed is desirable, many professionals
are now realising that it is better to be
to develop new competencies, self re-
liance and skill to market oneself, he
says M R Chandramowly. employable. will become a person with ‘sustain-
able employability’.
Losing a job!

irector: Hi John, please Hence, employability simply is
take a seat. Trust all is ‘Employed’ status is a not a perpetu- not a one time achievement of pos-
well with you. Now, you al state. Low performers carry the risk sessing a degree and working for a
see, I don’t have much of becoming unemployed, when they company. It is about continued need
good news to offer in this fall out of smart sizing exercises like to be flexible by re-honing competen-
performance review. the one happened in John’s organisa- cies and poses something, which you
John: er! Why Sir? What happened? tion. This is true in all business situa- can offer to employers.
My team has done great, I have done tions and not limited to any specific The good news is that an ‘employ-
my best and my last 3 years of perform- sector. able’ always has new opportunities
ance rating is excellent and... If a business falls short of their even during economic recession or at
Director: That’s true. But you EVA target, the ‘compensation’ gets ad- high unemployment rates. However
know that the individual ratings are justed with a linkage to variable pay one need introspect, identify and de-
one and the standard based ratings are which finally linked to performance. velop specific competency and move
different. In the comparative appraisal An ‘Employable’ person is not neces- ahead with confidence.
rating system, I am afraid; your ratings sarily someone who has a job, but has
potential competencies to become a
Holistic clarity of life
may slip down to average.
John: Oh (worried), well then (re- performing employee. Moving with confidence is a basic
positions), please let me know Sir, Employable people will have quali- need to cope with change. Confidence
which are those areas and how I can ties which makes them potentially comes from knowledge, experience
improve? I will certainly try my best. good for employment. A corollary im- and conviction. Conviction emanates
Director: It could be a fair point but plies that ‘Employable’ person who is from strong values system and broad-
things are moving in different direc- ‘employed’ or not ‘employed’ has no er perspective of life. Broader per-
tion Dear John. However, we have fear of losing a job! spective is an aspect such as believ-
these learning capability curves you Employees feel vulnerable at all lev- ing that a job is not the end of the
know; the research proves that as a els with the Scandals such as Enron world.
man gets older his learning capability and WorldCom which shadowed on the It needs a shift from pea mentality
drops. trust on senior management, rightly to abundance mentality, as Stephen
John: It is not true Sir, at least in my practiced Lean Management initia- Covey puts it. It is also dangerous to
case. You know about how I learnt tives or Salary and Job cuts being an- over focus on learning only voca-
those new packages and systems. And nounced more and more. tional skills ignoring avocational tal- continue to lose our discriminative cause of lack of strong skills. A person
it is going fine with me and I can learn It is time to take control and learn to ents. power to judge between life at large with strong values but low skills may
any newer things...... live in change. With the diminishing We read about suicide cases of post and a critical vertical incident of life. survive some times since he can learn
Director: So it is, but that is not the era of predictivity giving way to sur- graduates and highly educated people Our education intensity should not required skills.
point Mr John. How should I tell you? Director: It is a mix of many Mr prises, a situation of ‘business as usu- who either earn huge sums of money make us nerds deprived of possible In the same way a person with
Have you heard of Lee Strasberg? He John. Actually the emerged decision is al’ is becoming unusual. Organisations or have potential to earn even more. winnings, success and joy in the life at strong skills must develop some values
was a famous acting teacher who ones different. We do not need a highly paid are looking for individuals who under- But why don't we hear about suicide large. This bi-focal approach is bedrock or else he will perish. Swami Chin-
said “I can train you for anything ex- manager to run this function. We are stand this concept and thrive on chaos cases of an artist, a musician or yoga of courage. mayananda exclaims ‘You must stand
cept that for which you have no talent.” not meeting our EVA target you know? and challenges. If one wants to become expert whose earning capacity though The Value-Skill matrix is still green for some thing in life or else you will
It makes more sense to re-hone your So, we have to review and reduce man more employable there are good deal of low? in my memory where Prof S K fall for any thing’
core skills in transforming in to a new power. opportunities. Art, Music or Literature broadens Chakaraborthi, Human Value Founda-
competency than trying to improve the John: But, this is an important ac- the vision and purpose of life. Unless tion, IIM Calcutta demonstrated in a (To be concluded in part II)
tivity for the business. I and my team
Sustainable employability this holistic element is present in us workshop about how powerful the
areas in which you have no talent.
John: Then, what is it Sir? Please have proved it time and again. Our best Employability means possessing along with our functional competen- ‘Strong in value’ component compared
tell me which of the skills I need to en- performance and.... ones own competency. Competency is cies, we will not have the dynamism to ‘Strong in skills’. Most of the people The author can be reached at E-mail:
hance. Director: Listen, Mr John. You a combination of skill, knowledge, ex- and courage to face life challenges and lose their jobs in top level is not be-