Fremantlebiz - Paul's Letter from Australia

18/05/13 8:00 AM


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Fremantlebiz - Paul's Letter from Australia
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Monday, May 13th, 2013

Time Event Rottnest insects in May, 2013

A few insects seen at Rotto in May Our method of observing insects on Rottnest has always been passive. Importantly, no creature is ever harmed. Discovery is invariably a surprise for us, and we try to photograph them without any interference where they are noticed. The first four images shown above fit into that category – there’s some camo hopper types and a waspy looking thingo, all of which were photographed by my wife Jill on the south side of the island. I took the two bottom images of beetles after they wandered into our bungalow last night. They were so twitchy they had to be temporarily placed in a white breakfast cereal bowl while I photographed them, and even then it was pretty difficult. They wouldn’t remain still at all, and longish one had the ability to suddenly flick itself out of the bowl and had to be retrieved a few times. As is usually the case with our island insect observations, we haven’t a clue about scientific names. © MMXIII Paul R. Weaver.
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Fremantlebiz - Paul's Letter from Australia

18/05/13 8:00 AM

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