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Krr isishhna K
Kaa t hamr it
Tav k QaaMa*Ta& TaáJaqvNaMa(
tava kathāmta tapta-jīvanam Bi n du
Fortnightly email mini-magazine from Gopal Jiu Publications
Issue No. 36 3 September 2002 Śrī Annadā Ekādaśī, 11 Hīkeśa, 516 Gaurābda


His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada




From Gopal Jiu: The Beloved Deity of Srila Gour Govinda Swami


His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Garga-sahitā canto 2, chapter 26
Swami Prabhupada In the last two issues of Sri Krishna Kathamrita
Regarding your question of an Bindu we printed two versions of the story of the demon
initiated person falling prey to the Shankhachuda, as given in Srila Rupa Goswami’s
māyā, the answer is that so long Lalita-mādhava and as in Garga-sahitā. In this
we are in this material world there issue we present an account from Garga-sahitā
is always chance of being spoiled relating the events in the spiritual world, before Krishna’s
by māyā, so we must stick with appearance in this world, leading up to Krishna’s pastime
vow to the lotus feet of Krishna. An of killing Shankhachuda. King Bahulasva is inquiring
from Narada Muni.
initiated devotee is given the chance for
becoming free from the entanglement of karma Sri Bahulasva said, “The spiritual sparks that
wheel. Initiated means beginning, not emerged from Aghasura and the other demons
perfection. The spiritual master’s business is to entered Lord Krishna. Why did the spark of
guide him to the perfectional point. But if one light from Sankhachuda enter Sridama? O
does not strictly follow the guidance of a bona intelligent one, O best of those who know
fide spiritual master his initiation does not bear everything, please describe to me this very
any meaning. The initiation performance is an wonderful pastime of Lord Krishnachandra.”
Sri Narada said, “O noble-hearted king,
agreement by the disciples to abide by the order
please hear this story, which describes
of the spiritual master. Therefore, if the spiritual
pastimes that happened in Goloka, and which
master is bona fide and the disciple is serious to
I heard from the mouth of Narayan Rishi:
abide by his order, then the success is sure. If a
“Radha, Sri, Viraja, and Bhu are the four
disciple follows strictly the devotional way of consorts of Lord Krishna in Goloka. Of them,
life, he is no longer a karmi and all his activities, Radha is the most dear to Sri Krishna, the
which may appear to be like ordinary work, or Supreme Personality of Godhead. One day in
it may be activity according to scriptural a secluded forest grove the Lord enjoyed
injunction, are counted as devotional service. pastimes with Viraja, who was as splendid as
And devotional service in all circumstances is ten million moons and very much like Radha.
free from the actions and reactions of karma. I When Radha heard from a friend’s mouth that
hope this will clear the matter. Krishna had enjoyed pastimes with Her rival,
— Letter to: Jaya Gopala — Los Angeles 11 January, 1970. She became filled with jealous anger.
Issue Thirty-six, Page — 2 é[q k* Z<ak QaaMa*Ta ibNdu
“Ascending a chariot made of wonderful to negate My own words and throw them far
jewels, gold, and pearls, and decorated with ten away, but I do not have the power to negate
million flags and golden domes, clutching a stick, and throw away the words of My devotees. O
and accompanied by a billion gopī friends, the beautiful one, don’t lament! Please hear the
Lord’s beloved, Sri Radha, rushed to see Lord blessing I give to You: After many months, when
Krishna. Seeing powerful Sridama guarding the the period of Our separation is over, You will
entrance by Krishna’s order, Radha and Her see Me again. At the time of the varāha-kalpa [a
friends rebuked him with many words. Eager to name for the present era] I will go with You to
enter, Radha and Her friends began to hit Sridama the earth to relieve the earth’s burden and allow
with sticks. Hearing the great commotion the gopīs the devotees to see Me. O Sridama, hear My
were making, Lord Krishna disappeared. words! By a partial expansion of yourself you
“Out of fear of Radha, Viraja transformed will become a demon. During the vaivasvata-
herself into a river that flowed for eighty-million manvantara [another name for the present era]
miles around Gokula. She encircled Goloka as you will fight with Me and die by My hand. Of
an ocean encircles a continent. She was glorious this there is no doubt. By My blessings you will
as if she were decorated with flowers and jewels then attain the form you had before.’”
and decorated with a crown. Looking at the Sri Narada said, “O austere king! Because of
forest there and the river [that Viraja had this curse, Sridama took birth among the yakas
become], and thinking that Lord Krishna had in the home of Sudhana. He was named
gone, Sri Radha went to Her own forest grove. Sankhachuda and he became a follower of
Then Lord Krishna transformed Viraja from a Kuvera. That is why the spark of light from
river back to her form of a girl dressed in glittering Sankhachuda entered the body of Sridama.
garments. Lord Krishna again enjoyed a rāsa “I glorify Sri Krishna, the Supreme
dance with Viraja in the forest by the Viraja river. Personality of Godhead, who is one without a
“Some time passed and then, aware that second, for whom nothing is surprising, who
Radha was suffering in His separation, Lord has the power to assume any form, who is self-
Krishna went with Sridama to Her forest. Radha satisfied, who enjoys transcendental pastimes,
said, ’O Krishna, go where Your love is! Viraja and who stays in His own abode. A person
has become a river. You become a river also! Why who hears these pastimes attains the most pure
would You want to stay with Me in this forest?’ and sacred supreme transcendental abode.”
— Garga Muni. Śrī Garga-sahitā. English translation by Kusakratha
“Hearing these words, Lord Krishna went to Das. Krishna Library. Culver City California. 1990.
Viraja’s forest. Then Krishna’s friend Sridama
spoke angrily to Radha, ’Sri Krishna is the THE STORY OF GOPAL JIU
original Supreme Personality of Godhead. He In the remote village of Gadeigiri, east-central Orissa,
is the master of countless universes. He is the ISKCON has constructed a large temple to glorify
master of Goloka. He has many millions of the village deity named Gopal. The Giri family of
transcendental potencies and can do whatever Gadeigiri village has worshiped Gopal for more than
He likes. He is greater than the greatest. O 250 years and witnessed Gopal’s many unique and
Radha, please don’t criticize Him.’ amazing pastimes. Sri Srimad Gour Govinda Swami
“Radha replied, ’You praise your father and Maharaja was born to a daughter of the Giri family,
criticize Me, your mother. Fool, leave Goloka and from his early childhood rendered various services
and become a demon!’ to Gopal. Throughout his life Gour Govinda Swami
“Sridama said, ’O beautiful one, even though would always go to visit Gopal whenever possible.
Lord Krishna was kind to You, still You were
He left this world while gazing at a photo of Gopal.
angry and jealous. Therefore You will go to the
The last word he spoke was, “Gopal”. On the request
earth and for a hundred years be separated from
of some of our readers we present the following
Sri Krishna, the original Supreme Personality of
account, which is adapted from, “Gopal Jiu: The
Godhead. Of this there is no doubt.’
Beloved Deity of Srila Gour Govinda Swami”.
“Having thus cursed each other, they became
anxious and frightened. At that moment the The village of Gadeigiri is a quiet place much
Lord appeared there. The Supreme Personality like other small villages in India, consisting mostly
of Godhead said, ’O Radha, I have the power of mud huts with thatched roofs. The residents
Sri Krishna-kathamrita Bindu Issue Thirty-six, Page — 3
take their daily bath in the local pond, keep cows, yatra festival. He was also very attached to
and cook over cow dung fires in the same way performing sakīrtan, and was expert in many
their ancestors have done for thousands of years. different styles of kīrtan.
The main sources of livelihood are rice cultivation Gopal Giri had a desire to worship a deity
and the selling of brass utensils. In front of almost of Gopal. Unable to find such a deity, he
every house one will find a shrine for the sacred decided to go to Puri, thinking that if he
tulasī plant, and it is common to hear the sound would render service to Lord Jagannath there,
of the mahā-mantra: “hare k a hare k a k a then somehow Gopal would come to him.
k a hare hare hare rāma hare rāma rāma rāma Arriving in Puri, he stayed in the area known
hare hare” being sung. The residents of Gadeigiri as Kundei Benta Sahi, near Grand road. As
are very devoted to Gopal. The long-standing he was very scholarly, he easily obtained
tradition in the village is that the first fruit or service in the office of the king, where he
flower that appears in any garden must be became the poddar, or cashier for the temple
offered to the Gopal deity, and it is understood of Lord Jagannath. Gopal Giri led a very
that by doing this those trees and shrubs will regulated life. While staying in Puri he would
thus give their fruits and flowers abundantly. daily go to see Lord Jagannath, and at the
The village Gadeigiri is named after its founder, temple he would sit on the bāiś pāhāca, the
Gadai Giri, who migrated from the district of twenty-two steps inside the compound
Midnapur in the seventeenth century. He was a leading up to the main darśana area, and
businessman who regularly came to the area to there he would read Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam. In
sell utensils and bell-metal items. Every year the evening he would take prasādam and go
Gadai Giri would come during the rainy season, home. Every Sunday he would go to the
stay four or five months, and then return to Satalahari Math, a temple near the ocean,
Midnapur. Gadai Giri was a gentle and saintly where he would sit and read Śrīmad-
person. He would rise early each morning and Bhāgavatam and chant harinām. He was very
perform kīrtan. Then after taking some flat rice attached to Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam.
and water he would go out selling brass utensils During the Ratha-yatra festivals in Puri he
door to door. When evening arrived he would would approach devotees and sādhus coming
spend the night in some village and join with from Vrindavan and ask them to bring him
the local people in their daily custom of singing back a deity of Gopal. They would readily
kīrtan and reciting Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam. agree, “Yes, yes. Next time I will bring a Gopal
Appreciating Gadai Giri’s saintly qualities, the deity for you.” But no one ever brought a deity.
local zamindar (feudal landlord) offered to give Sri Srimad Gour Govinda Swami tells this story:
him some nearby land. Gadai Giri received from Gopal Giri was serving in Puri as a
him a large segment of land, including an area government cashier. He was always thinking in
for cultivation. He cleared a small section of the his mind, “If I can get a Gopal deity I’ll offer
jungle and built a house and a small temple worship to Him.” But he thought, “How can I
wherein he established a deity of Dadhi Baman. go to Vrindavan?” He had a strong desire to get
When Lord Jagannath is worshiped without his a deity.
brother Baladeva and sister Subhadra He is At that time this deity of Gopal was in Vrindavan
known as Patita Pavan or Dadhi Baman. Gadai with a sannyāsi vai ava, a renunciate. He was doing
Giri left his brass business and simply engaged madhukari, begging, and he was keeping that deity
himself in bhajan and kīrtan. Many wandering in his jhola, [a cloth tied as a bag]. During the day he
would go out and do madhukari, then in the evening
sādhus and sannyāsis came to join with Gadai
he would cook whatever he had begged and offer it
Giri’s kīrtan. Gradually other people came to
to Gopal. In this was he was leading his life.
stay permanently, and a village developed in One night this Gopal deity told the vai ava,
that place in Gadai Giri’s name. “You take me to Gopal Giri, the son of Gadai
Gadai Giri had only one son, who was Giri.” He wants to offer Me worship. I want to
named Gopal Giri. Gopal Giri was influenced go there. Take me there. But the vai ava thought
by the devotional qualities of his father and that it was only a dream. He did not take it
was very devoted to Lord Jagannath. Every seriously. After a few days Gopal came again in
year he would go to Puri to see the Ratha- a dream and beat him with a cane on his legs. It
Issue Thirty-six, Page — 4 é[q k* Z<ak QaaMa*Ta ibNdu
was such a severe beating that his legs were otherwise it will not be cured.” So Gopal Giri
bleeding. The sannyāsi vai ava woke up and immediately touched him and the injury was gone.
begged apology, “Please forgive me for my Gopal Giri was very happy that Gopal had
offense. I did not take Your order seriously. But fulfilled his desire. He couldn’t go to Vrindavan,
You have beaten me so severely, how can I go but Gopal had come to him. Gopal Giri went to
there with such wounds on my legs?” Gopal the market and purchased rice, dāl, and
said, “When Gopal Giri touches you it will be vegetables. He prepared prasād and gave some
healed, otherwise you cannot be cured. You go to the vai ava. Then he went to the king and
there at once, don’t make any delay.” offered his resignation, saying, “I don’t want to
So he started walking. At that time there was serve any more.” When he returned to his room
no communication system, no train or bus. The he opened his bag and told that vai ava, “You
only way was by walking. It took him two and a can take as much money as you want.”
half months to reach Puri. At this time Gopal The vai ava said, “No, I don’t want any
Giri was staying in a rented house at Kundhei money. I only want to do service for Gopal.
Benta Sahi in Puri. The vai ava reached Puri in Wherever Gopal goes, I will go. I want to go and
the evening and stayed near the Jagannath serve Him. I am not one to sell Gopal. I am a
temple. Early the next morning he inquired, servant. I won’t take any money.”
“Who is Gopal Giri? I want to meet him.” Many Later on, Gopal Giri again went to see the king.
people knew Gopal Giri; he was famous as the The king asked him, “Why did you resign?”
cashier of the Jagannath temple. So he quickly “I have a temple in my village and I had a
found Gopal Giri at his rented house. desire to get a deity of Gopal to worship.”
Gopal Giri had just finished his bath and was The king was very pleased and said, “All
putting on tilak. The vai ava arrived and offered right, your desire is very noble. I have no
his obeisances to Gopal Giri. He then took the objection. But sometimes you must come to Puri
deity from his bag and presented Him to Gopal with your kīrtan party and chant in Jagannath’s
Giri. Gopal Giri was amazed, “What is this? Who temple.
are you, and where has this deity come from?” Gopal Giri also had a deity made of Radha and
The vai ava replied, “You wanted Gopal to installed Her. Their temple was a mud hut. He
worship. So Gopal has come from Vrindavan. I was made all arrangements for Gopal, providing
in Vrindavan carrying this Gopal. He told me to hand agricultural property so that in the future there
Him over to you, and He beat me. He showed Gopal would not be any difficulty for Gopal’s
Giri his legs and said, “If you touch it, it will be cured, maintenance. Gopal Giri was a wealthy person.
His family had landed property and they were
famous for kīrtan. Every day kīrtan was going on.
SRI KRISHNA KATHAMRITA BINDU At last that land has come to me. Now we are
a free bi-monthly service provided by: taking care, constructing a nice temple for Gopal.
Gopal Jiu Publications The king gave Gopal Giri some extra
c/o ISKCON Sri Krishna Balarama Mandir months’ salary and allowed him to go. Gopal
National Highway No. 5, IRC Village
Giri then sent a message to Gadeigiri for a
Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India, 751015
Phone: (0674) 557026 kīrtan group to come to Puri to accompany
Email: Gopal to His new home. When the Gajapati
king heard the kīrtan of the Gadeigiri villagers
For more information about Gopal Jiu Publica-
he became very pleased. It is written in the
tions check out our website:
mādaŀā-pāñji, the history book of the temple
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Society for Krishna Consciousness, Founder-Acarya His Gopal Giri installed the Gopal deity in
Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.
Gadeigiri and requested the renunciate from
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