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Act4,Theatre for Change is one of Sri
Lanka’s pioneering non-profit organiza-
tions, committed to using theatre and
the arts for social development. Our
aim is to bring about ideological change in individuals and
society at large, to support a sustainable development
process. Working with all parts of society and encompassing
all ethnicities, we organize projects, host workshops and
perform around the island

This is only a beginning
Child abuse is a complex issue. In addition to the contribution
from parents and adults towards preventing it, we consider it a
pressing need to create awareness, empowerment and
developing skills among children, who are directly facing the
problem. Consequently we are trying to create a dialogue
among school children through attractive and productive
Forum Theater Methodology This booklet may not be appro-
priate for professionals but is targeted at A/L students and the
younger generation in order to obtain their active involvement
in preventing the acts of child abuse. This is only a beginning!
+94 777 636 407
25/16, 1st Lane, Gramburg Place,
Dambahena Road, Maharagama, Sri Lanka.
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J©JI.©c Ic
What is abuse
_®. JIJD.ïo® D_D c.c o©c, _®IcJo
Jï^©c c. D©.cID ®... o©c o.Io Jc.
®.cïo DoJIc c.c o© J_ï ®_©.c ©c¯®
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iJz c®o©¯D. i®®I. i® JDcJDc i® J©c
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oIcc. JDoc J¯c¸ ï:©D® ,c¯c¯, ,®¯c¯,
oIcc ¸Joc occ.
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• J¸._ ï_ô® i®D coD.ïDcJ JoJcoD Jc.
J¸._J.IJcIoD oIcc.
JD¸.c® o¯c JD..cJIc
Understand the Risk /
JD¸.c® JJ©¯® occ.
_®. J©JI.cIo ©c:® JD_.Do, ©c:® J¯co¸
JDcc ©ÐDc JDïJ. ©c J©® JJIcD..
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_®. _coo J©JI.©c ï_DcJc i® Jc.¸cc
J.ocJo ﯩ©©¯© JIJoc ©®ðo Jc.Jc. cI
i® _o ïJc i® coD.ï o©c ¸J. ﮩ
J.¸©I o©c JJIo JJc DDJ JDcc ©ÐDc.
c cï. cc JD¸.c® ©_®¸ JD..cJIc ïJcc.
cI iJzJ Doo®o.
Minimize Opportunities /
JDïJ. JD® o© occ
•J®D¯c J©JI.©c ï_Dcc cocJ JDïJ.Do
c¯c¯. c®J þ.Jc cJDJc ©©ïo coJDc
cJo© JDïJ.Do ï_ô®D D¯c ¸coco
JJIcc ©ÐDc. J¸®.©Ic, e.©o©¯DcJo
o.©I ®c_JDI cï. i® Jo©c J¯J iDcJo
JD¸.cI Jc JD_. c® i®D JDc¸.D Dc.
ï¯_o_J_c oDIJ o©cc.
•JcoJ®c ©.ÐJDc ¸cc JDïJ.D_ i® o©c
oIc ï®c© J¸D_ iJz *cJJ JcJJ©
¸®cc ©ÐDc. cJ coo® cD¯c JDïJ.D_
©DJc i®D c__ cI c¯o ®_©:® ©_®¸DJ
JD..cJIc ï3® D¯¸oJ.
•J© c¯J®.® J.ïI ©.I.©:© occ. cc.
JDïJ.D_ J© occ. J® ©.I. ©:© JDcJ
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occ. J.o.©I i®D iJz ©DJ_ JID ©.ï¯_D
J©c.ïIo JDcc ©ÐDc. c cï. iJz c©D_
o¯®©.D, ©.I.©:© ïcJ ©co® _©oJcI
JDcJ JoJcoD J¸ccD J©© cJ_. ®_cc.
• iJz J©^¸o_o JJ.©J©¯ f ©.I. ©:© J.¸I
©_®¸ Doo® i®® ¸©I IJI. J¯ï ®o D¯c
ï®.© ®..c D_ J.¸JI JI.¸. occ. ©.I. ©:©
©_®¸ J¸©.©o cJ. ®_cc.
• iJz *cJJIJ Jc.oJJIJ c®o©¯D. i®®I.
J® DIJï¸ i® occ. J©ð ¸J. ©e_I. c
co J©ðIoc iJz ®Ð *cJIJ, Jc.oJIJ
Jc.ïJ c©: JcJIoD Joc Icc ©ÐDc.
ccï. J¸D©o cJcc. iJz J©ðD_ Doo®
i®D® ¸©cc ï_Dc ®D ®Jo JI.occ.

c o¯c oJ. o©cc. Talk About It
• oïI® ©¸o_JIo J©JI.©c o©®D _Jï.c
o© cI ï_Jc.D JDïJ.Do i® c ©_®¸ J¸._
D¯ccJIcD Jc.oI. ïJ® cDðD c©¯ c¯c¯.
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o¯c®DJ JcJ JDcc ©ÐDc.
• iJz o©©JI JIJo©¯D. i®I. cc
oI.o.©JDI ©_®¸ JDJ®..Io _®. occ.
JDcJ oï® JJIo cI JIJ J.o.©JIc
ï©©o o©®J D©¸o ®D ¸cocc.
• i®D J©JI.©c o©®D _Jï.c o©c JI ,®I
JDcc J¸Io c¯c¯,_ ,®oJ JDcJc c¯c¯,_
,coD o®o c¯c¯., _ ,ïÐ J¸Io,D¯c D¸c
©Dïc J¯J. cD. i® J©._®D. o¯c®D JI.¸c
D.Df©JI.o ®D ®¸.JIc JJ©¯® occ.
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_¯©©.D Jc. zI Jc. JDcJ o.©ð.Do cï.
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JDïJ.Do _®. i®D JDoc JJD _©J¸ï,
®Jc. c¸.J®o _©J¸oc, J.©o©.D J¯JÐ
JDoc c¯® _¸cDo® J¸._ J.IJc D_c i®D
_®. occ ©ÐDc.
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©¸o_IcD oï_ zIoc JJ.©D i® D¯c®
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JDcc ©ÐDc.
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coD.ï DcJ IcÐJDo J¯J o©occ. cI. iJz
®D,þ.J D¯ccJJIo, o©¯D©JIo Jc. JDccJ
©ÐDc. ¸cD®J cJc® JoJco ¸ccD. c® c
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• ©.ï¯J_ zJJ ©DJ ©JD, D.© ©o.oc D_D J®
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cD.©ðI ©_®¸ ®J©c ¸cDJ o©J®
D¯cïDcc o©cc.
• ©.ï¯_ ®.©Jo.©J¸oc D¯cïDcc, oï_J.
D©.c c©I e.c© oI.o.©® D_D JI.®Dcc.
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c¯o ï:® J.o.©JIc® _©o.© o©cc.
J©^¸o_oJDI J.©o©. o©cc. ﮩ
o©¯D©JIoD, D¯ccJJIoD Jc. _©o.© o©®D
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©¸o_JIo ®U c©cc _Jï.c o©cD. c®
• icD Jc. J¯ID J¯c¸J®, Jïc o¯cJ® J©cï
J.Do J©cc® o©cD. c®
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D©JIo c®ô _©J¸ocI _®. occ. i®D¯c®
JDJ ïJc.¸© ïJc.¸©Ic cD¯c JDïJ.D_c,
©¸o_IcJo Jz©. o¯c®D c.IoJDI J¸cc.
®_ ¸¸_. J®c Jcco o©¯ð ©_®¸D iJz
JD..cI JI.® o©_. c JcD oI.J®o DJc.J
i®J JJ© ©JJ _®. _coo J©JI.©c D_oDcc
ïÐJDc Jc. ¸.Io Dc DJc. c©eJ
©©D¯ïJIo JDcD.. cI ®Ð ïï ©©©©®
JDcJDc i® o©c JïDIo. iJz DJc.o®
JJ©¯® occ.
_®. J©JI.©c D_oDcc i®J ooJIo Dcc.
ic, i®D ©ÐDc ^
J©._ï _®. ïc
o.cJ. J©JI.©c
cD.©ð o.©I.coI
The Bureau for the Prevention
of abuse of Children & Women
• J©© ï¸.c® c¯® cD® Ic©J. J©JI.©cIo¸
i®D J.©o©.D ïc ©oD©ðI J¯J ïJ.c
coD.ï¸.Io ©¸o_Ic ©_®¸ o_c ¸cDJ
JDcc. cD¯c c¸ïIo¸ i®D J¯®JI c¯o
_©oJc Jco, J.IJc, oI.o_ IJ J.o©I
ïJ. ï3® Jc.¸ J¸Io.
• J®c¸ ¸J. D¯¸oJ ©©JI J.IJc J¸oo
c_cD. J¸cc ©ÐDc.
National Child Protection Authority
©.Jo _®. ©o©o J.o.©I
_®. JIJD.ïo® ï©o®c _®IcD ï_Dc ïIÐ
J.o.©JI J©JI.©c D_c iDc J.©o©. o©®D
o¯©Dð J.IJcIo.
1929 – One Nine Two Nine
• ©.Jo _®. ©o©o J.o.©JI 1929 o©ðo
_©oJc JcoI ©¯I 24 ©©.® i®D JïDI
ï¯_ï®D ï¸.c®c ïJc coD.ï DcJ
cJDJJo. J® JcoID oJ. o©®D i®D oï_
®¸_o D¯IDcJc c¯c¯.
• i® JcJD_. oI_. cJJc ©c¯® JD_.Do,
coD.ï DcJ J¯c®o® J¸cJco JDoc
JD_.Do, o.DDJ oI.occ ®¯© J¸ oIcc
JoJco ©c oI_. cJc JD_.Do 1929
J®Jcc J¸©.©o cJcc c©..
• c cJ©o JcJDI _®. i®D ®Jc. c¸c.J®o
®o J©cc® _©J¸ocI JDoc J®.Jc.Jo J®
JcoI J®Jcc ©ÐDc.
• i®D Jc. iJz ®JJ©oD ï_Dc J©JI.©c
©_®¸ ©¯®ð_ o©®D _©J¸ï _®. o¯c®DJ
1929 JcoI e.cJ. o©cc ©ÐDc. iDc i®
J.©o©. o©®c o¯©ôJ®c oDIJ o©cD..
• ©cJ _©oJc D_c iDcD J®Jcc i®D
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o©cc, ©c¯® J©.c _®JIoD ©ÐDc. iDc _®.
i® JDcJDc o¯©Dð o.©I ®ðc_Io.
J©._ï _®. ïc o.cJ. J©JI.©c cD.©ð
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J®J_. JJ.©J©¯ ¸¸©©J o©cc. iJz c®, o®
cïJ© oIcc JDoc® c¯c¯.
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_co.Jc _®. J©JI.©c cD.©ðID J© o©Joc
Ic J® D¯cïDccD ï®o.®D J¸ i®D
,J©._ïID ©¯®ð__o, J¯©¯_ J©JJI c_cD.
J¸cD.. JcD ¸¸_. cI iJz ©.ïJ_ ïc o©_I
JJIcJc. J©._ï _®. c. o.cJ. J©JI.©c
cD.©ð o.©I.coID i®D oIcc JJIc ©c:®
©cï JJ.©J©o, ©¯®ð__o, ¸__®o, J® ©cc
J¯©¯_ J©JJID _I_. ¸.ccI JJIcJc. iJz
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oDIJ o©cc iDc ï¸.c® JD_. ¸ccD..
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qð: eæ o:ao: qcoæ:ea aO:oø o:öæ:eææ
qeo Iö, eoD:D oæ:Ðatægg, c:oæ:Ð c:o,
• J® J.IJc D_D J®J©D ï©©¯_ 119 J©._ï
c¸ï J¯®J® JcoI iJz ©c:® ©¯®ð__o
¸¸©©J o©cc ©ÐDc.
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oI.J®o ©.©c Jc.Dc J.IJc D_ cJo©
Dc.©:JJ JJ®cD.. cD. ©_®¸ ¸cDJ Dcc.
JJ.©J©¯ Jï.I_. JI.occ.
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Whom to Call
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