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Dear readers, GIZ has been in existence for one and a half years now and the integration process is still going on. People with different professional backgrounds and experiences were brought together under one roof and we all have to find our role in the new company. Yet, GIZ can only fulfill its vision to become the leading service provider for sustainable development when we cooperate and act as an entity. To make this a reality, we should be well-informed about the structures, values and different instruments. Besides, GIZ employees should actively identify with the company’s Corporate Principles and bring them into life. This explains why the second issue of the News Ticker focuses on the integration process and the changes it brought to GIZ Viet Nam. Next to this topic in focus, we will provide you with the latest news from GIZ worldwide and GIZ Office Hanoi. Hope you enjoy reading the second edition of the News Ticker! Yours, Editorial Team

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Goodbye and Welcome to the Management Board
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GIZ achieved record result in 2011 In 2011, GIZ’s business volume has exceeded 2 billion EUR (exactly: 2.032 billion EUR, i.e. 2.5 billion USD) for the first time which is a growth by 10% compared to the preceding year. BMZ was still the main client, accounting for three quarter of the business volume. The number of employees has remained almost constant with 17,185 persons by the end of 2011 with 80% working abroad. Additionally, about 1,000 development advisors, 1,050 integrated and returning experts as well as 500 weltwärts volunteers were all in the field for GIZ. More information on the company’s performance in 2011 is available in the Annual Report.
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Tanja Gönner

Christoph Beier

Tom Pätz

Hans-Joachim Preuß

Cornelia Richter

By the end of June, Bernd Eisenblätter has resigned from office as Chairman of the Management Board of GIZ to go into retirement. He worked for GIZ and former GTZ for 19 years and led the company through the merger. GIZ also said goodbye to former Managing

Director and CEO of ex-DED Jürgen Wilhelm, who retired as well. Now, Tanja Gönner (see portrait page 2) presides over the new five-strong Management Board with Vice-Chair Christoph Beier and the Managing Directors Tom Pätz, Hans-Joachim Preuß and Cornelia Richter.
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Yet. we assume a number of different roles: child. she was equipped with a strong network and knew how politics functioned. she explained. Collaboration then leads to growth and improved quality. As an advisor. as a friend we listen although we don’t necessarily have to come up with an answer. parent. We’re enterprising and better together! What can you as a single employee contribute to the productivity of GIZ? What do the terms ‘intrapreneur’ and ‘culture of cooperation’ mean to you? What can you do to boost up the integration process within our company and what role the internal communication is playing in it? The first three editions of the Staff Magazine wir: are dealing with exactly these issues by focusing on the individual’s role in bringing the Corporate Principles of GIZ into practice and on modes of cooperation across GIZ’s different organisational units. in most cases. here is a little foretaste… ‘In the course of our lives. Knowledge can flourish in places where people with different qualifications and different kinds of experience work together. she called upon GIZ staff in her inaugural speech. available in German and English. the 43-year-old brought along with her other experiences she considers useful for her new job. Ms Gönner (Christian Democratic Union) formerly had been a member of the state parliament of BadenWürttemberg where she had also worked as Minister for Social Affairs as well as for Environment. Thus. The internationality was one thing exciting her in her new position as Chair of GIZ’s Management Board. we listen and present a solution. 2 │ August 2012 GIZ Worldwide News Eschborn Dialogue 2012 How can cities help to solve global problems? This question was at the heart of this year’s Eschborn Dialogue hosted by GIZ on 5 . Tanja Gönner has been the new Chair of the Management Board of GIZ. page 5. A five-minute video introduces the structure and key features. science and civil society discussed the topic ‘Driving transformation – the city as a global player’. and so on and so forth. the chairwoman set out three important strategic goals for GIZ: coping with the changes in developing countries and emerging economies. I had to understand companies within very short time.de. From her work as a politician. page 4. the most important contents and functions of GIZ Intranet have been available in English. The changeover to GIZ was a change of ends to her as she stated in an Tanja Gönner giving her inaugural speech interview with the German newspaper Nordwest-Zeitung. frankness and straightness.’ In her inaugural speech (German only). but ‘to advise with professional competence. Got curious? Don’t hesitate to download the staff magazine wir: from DMS. ‘I am making neither party policy nor policy here. Internet or DMS. go to wir: 02/2012.’ (GIZ Intranet. advisor… Some roles are easier to identify than others. Nordwest-Zeitung. ‘The more complex the environment and the stronger the competition. Barbara Frommann Born in the Southern German town Sigmaringen. Teamwork is what makes innovation happen. ‘I wish that you encounter us as the new Management Board with openness and allow us some time to get together as team. consolidating the turnover and profit of GIZ International Services. Nature Protection and Transport.6 June. (GIZ Intranet) GIZ Intranet Now Available in English Since mid-June. About 400 international experts from the fields of politics. Please find more information on GIZ Intranet. Who is the woman that now heads our company? Where does she come from and where does she want to lead GIZ to? Photo: GIZ Intranet. the more important a well functioning internal system of cooperation that allows organisations to respond quickly and flexibly to change. friend.’ To continue. Volksstimme) In Portrait: Tanja Gönner Since July. because this was a point still missing in her vita. responsible and very forthright’ (GIZ interview). manager. go to wir: 03/2012. swp. . Furthermore. Ms Gönner had once described herself as ‘professed country bumpkin’ (German newspaper Volksstimme). From other people she wishes reliability. and entering the German and EU markets. she wants to enhance commissions from the private sector. both of which are vital when competing internationally for the best ideas and concepts.Page 2 Staff News Ticker │ No. she said in an interview published on GIZ Intranet. For now. recognise and consider different interests’. we generally have an idea of how we should go about fulfilling these roles.’ The company’s task was not to give political advice. (GIZ Intranet) Ms Gönner describes herself as ‘reliable. expert. Nevertheless. ‘As a lawyer with focus on insolvency law. business. But what happens when you are asked to take on a role that does not mean anything to you at first?’ To continue.

Junior Project Officer. Mr Neophytou led the Division East Asia and Central Asia at BMZ. Project Officer Wastewater Programme Simon Mößinger. Project Officer MNR Programme Luu Trong Nam. Administrative Officer (Ca Mau) Phan Thanh Tinh. Chief Technical Advisor (Ca Mau) Nguyen Kieu Ngan. Programme Assistant. Administrative Assistant (An Giang) Nguyen Thi Chi Hai. Project Officer Ngo Minh Hang. Administrative Officer (Hanoi) Bac Lieu Project Kai Wiegler. Head of Contracting Section Macro Programme Nguyen Thuy Linh. Technical Advisor Ong Thi Ngan Tien. BMZ Internet) Photos: GIZ Office Hanoi Welcome and Farewell to Staff New Staff GIZ Office Hanoi Michael Klar. Intern. Technical Advisor Dam Nhu Hoa. Junior Project Officer Outside Priority Areas Truong Ngoc Linh. Technical Advisor CCCEP Doan Thi My Hoa. Programme Assistant Bac Lieu Project Lisa Steurer. Project Assistant (An Giang) Tran Thi Kim Ngan. HCD and Volunteer Programmes Mai Thi Kim Loan. he succeeds Henning Plate as the coordinator of the German development activities in Viet Nam. Before. Intern Eco Danang Project Nguyen Thi Phuong Hao. Senior Project Officer. COOPSME Central Viet Nam CIM – Integrated Experts Oliver Krebs. Project Assistant Wind Energy Project Nguyen Thi Thu Phuong. Development Advisor. Interpreter Renewable Energy Project Le Thi Thanh Hoa. Intern Forestry Programme Mai Thu Quy. TFF Do Vu Dieu Linh. Administrative Assistant Vu Thu Huong. Assigned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the Federal Foreign Office (AA). Yiannis Neophytou (German Embassy. Administrative Assistant (An Giang) Benjamin Hodick. Intern Health Programme Shana Fabienne Dörr. PanNature Photo: German Embassy Leaving Staff GIZ Office Hanoi Do Ngung Huong. Intern Pham Thanh Thuy. CSGLG Iwica Ziemann. Project Officer Forestry Programme Nguyen Minh Van. HCD Programme Hoang Thi Cam. Project Officer Health Programme Sebastian Horn. Yiannis Neophytou has been the new Development Counsellor at the German Embassy in Hanoi. Development Advisor Kien Giang Project Trinh Thi Cuc Tien. 2 │ August 2012 GIZ Viet Nam News New Development Counsellor at German Embassy Since 23 July. Intern Biodiversity Project Nguyen Huu Dung. Junior Programme Officer (Macro 3) CCCEP Nguyen Thu Ha. Project Assistant CIM – Integrated Experts Rainer Stachuletz. Interpreter (Ca Mau) Wastewater Programme Elias Weinacht. Banking Academy Viet Nam Farewells at GIZ Office Hanoi . Intern Eco Danang Project Markus Ernst. Project Coordinator Nguyen Thi Phuong Ha.Page 3 Staff News Ticker │ No.

13 communications focal points and full-time staff from programmes/projects followed the invitation of the PR/Coms team at GIZ Office Hanoi to exchange experiences as well as get guidance and orientation. Pacific (2200) to East Asia (2300). Country Director Jochem Lange set out the strategic orientation for GIZ Viet Nam’s communications work. Lively discussions and exchange on experiences and challenges have taken place between the participants. I really learnt a lot through the discussion sessions during the workshop. lead by Immanuel Gebhardt. is also in charge of China and Mongolia and now takes over responsibility for Laos and Cambodia as well. 2 │ August 2012 GIZ Viet Nam News Re-organisation in the Country Department The responsibility for Viet Nam in the Headquarters moves from the division Southeast Asia. we still have not received the new cooperation logo. If you have questions or concerns. General PR/Coms skills and knowledge were illustrated by the moderator and trainer of the workshop.Page 4 Staff News Ticker │ No. The division. please feel free to contact us. The workshop therefore created a broad and solid foundation for GIZ’s future Coms work in Viet Nam. I enjoyed every minute in a big. three focal points shared concrete examples for the use of PR/Coms measures in their programmes/projects. Additionally. Support for Social Protection Project Professional. The active participation and open dialogue were very inspiring. The debate about the tasks and responsibilities of the PR/Coms section. tools and know-how for GIZ’s internal and external communications work. scientific. Hoang Viet Dung. because – as someone says – experience is the most valuable thing you have to offer. I felt deeply the passion of the PR/Coms team for their work which I appreciated. A professional journalist gave practical hints on how to deal with the press while the staff of PR/Coms section introduced structures. Biodiversity Project . Throughout the workshop. The exchange of experiences will enrich the Coms work in Viet Nam. Experience is even more valuable for anyone working in PR/Coms. A supportive culture is the key to promote the diverse portfolio of GIZ in Viet Nam and its Coms work. MNR Coms unit and the focal points was very lively and showed that there are still windows for improvement. (Devision 2300. GIZ Intranet) PR and Communications Workshop A packed agenda has awaited the participants of the three-day PR/ Communications Workshop that took place in Hanoi at the end of June. We hope it will come this month and kindly remind you that no big-scale publications shall be produced until the new logo will be there. We will keep you updated on any new developments concerning the cooperation logo! Photos: GIZ Office Hanoi I was really impressed by the experiences in PR/Coms work that were shared by focal points. Stefan Meyer. Rene Lucchesi is the responsible administrator. I learnt a lot. MNR Programme The new cooperation logo – a never ending story Unfortunately. highly responsible and dynamic team and above all. creative and perfect – that was my impression of the PR/Coms workshop. creative. Richard Jökel continues to be country manager for Viet Nam. Dinh Ngoc Han.

they might get into role conflicts between their superior in line and their CTA expecting certain contributions to the project. The Management of Natural Resources (MNR) group was chosen to be the pilot sector for integrated programming in Viet Nam. we ensure at the preparatory stage of a commission (either for a new technical cooperation measure or for the follow-on phase of an ongoing measure) that GIZ’s instruments are effectively applied and combined. Speaking of development advisors in the original logic. But the coordination is necessary as the instrument mixture is part of the offer in Viet Nam. 2 │ August 2012 Photo: GIZ Office Hanoi Topic in Focus: Integration Chat with the Boss In future. the great advantage of the integration is that their access to resources is much better than before as they can participate in the project’s budget now. they would be joined by the remaining CTAs who can follow the other sessions via Skype. If the instruments continue to blur. We decided to divide the MNR group into three clusters: Forestry. How is the instrument mixture coordinated and brought into agreement with the partner? In this regard. integrated programming can be seen as the practical application of portfolio design at commission level. Twice a year. Are there further construction sites we have to work on? Jens Kallabinski. The programme director and the three cluster coordinators would form the inner circle of the sector’s management that meets twice a month. CIM experts had consciously been placed outside of our projects. Here. If we want to maintain this participative element. their placement is requested by the partner and then examined by the development service.). Thus. and in their bridging function. the new tool ‘integrated programming’ will enhance the integration of GIZ’s instruments into commissions at the preparation phase. this process has to take place very early. and Climate and Coastal Ecosystems. I can understand that this is quite a balancing act. secondly. but it had not yet been determined how they would organise and communicate or how often they would meet. otherwise the partner might refuse the agreement.’ (GIZ O+R) . For development advisors. There were two things I have learnt from this meeting: Firstly. they lose their right to exist. The directives that result from the allocation process (framework planning) are translated into practice during integrated programming.. Nevertheless. Now as they are integrated. CTA of the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park Project. we had to involve the national personnel. With Jens Kallabinski. we have not done our homework yet in my opinion. What is the difference between CIM experts and development advisors in the end? We have said that integrated experts are rather placed at national level and in strategically important institutions whereas development advisors work on provincial and local level. There were the sector coordinator and the CTAs. Integrated programming ‘In the integrated programming process. Another problem area I see is human capacity development. and the assignment of international staff has to be approved by the partner in the implementation agreement additionally.. While the partner institution can benefit from the project’s know-how. The measures are too expensive and it does not appear reasonable to me to conduct the trainings in Germany. we have talked about the experiences and challenges in this process. Yet. we focus on the commission level (. before the instrument mixture is defined in the offer. development advisors and integrated experts as well as selected national staff. all in all some 30 people. Which opportunities and challenges result from the new diversity of instruments? In the past. an MNR meeting would take place with all seconded staff. development advisors and integrated experts. GIZ gains access to the institution. the company has to realise what it wants. The process was very complicated and also controversial because the development advisors and CIM experts. the job specifications are exchangeable. who had not been integrated into projects before. Biodiversity. had to find their position at first. It was kind of a moderated brainstorming. Four times a year. Here. they can produce a win-win situation for both the partner and the project. the process needed to be moderated by a professional external consultant for organisational development. integrated experts are no longer left on their own. CTA of the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park Project We must sharpen our instruments. How did the process continue? The management structure had to be clarified.Page 5 Staff News Ticker │ No. Can you provide us an insight into the process of integrated programming within the MNR sector? It began in November 2011 with a meeting of all seconded staff.

Repeatedly. to offer tailormade solutions to its clients. sound and size. 2 │ August 2012 Photos: GIZ Office Hanoi Topic in Focus: Integration Between Unity and Diversity At 31 May and 1 June. especially regarding the different personnel instruments represented by the present staff groups. Last but not least. GIZ delivers its services in the form of direct contributions with emphasis on capacity development which is our core competence. integrated and returning experts. the merger has been implemented but the integration is still going on. Further instruments are local subsidies and financial contributions (financing). a lot has gone well in Viet Nam which is something to be proud of. Though. the socalled ‘instruments’. It is supposed to strengthen BMZ’s political steering function compared to the implementing organisations. . but about the metaphor of an orchestra that consists of a variety of instruments. There are four types of instruments: personnel placement (assignment of experts). but play together in perfect harmony. development advisors. These are different in form. Instrument mixture – What’s that? The term ‘instrument mixture’ sounds very abstract at first. while Henning Plate. One might wonder what an instrument in GIZ context means? Do we make music now and need instruments to play on? Of course. These are long-term and short-term experts. Legally. the future of the instruments was addressed: Will different contract types be harmonised in order to enhance the feeling of belonging of present staff groups? Will the CIM instrument be less attractive in our partners’ eyes because the experts might have divided loyalties between employer and CTA? (continued on page 7) Walter Koditek. in exceptional cases. GIZ is a company that faces the challenges of international development every day. Country Director Jochem Lange outlined the achievements of GIZ Viet Nam in the integration process at the levels of management. Lively discussions followed afterwards during the Q&A sessions. Each expert category has a different profile so that it can be applied according to the requirements and circumstances of each specific project. there is still the possibility for instruments standing alone. We implement projects in cooperation and in joint responsibility with our partners. Yet. elearning. Personnel placement refers to the different types of experts that work for GIZ and its partner organisations. This is a handy picture to describe the sense of GIZ’s instrument mixture. HCD comprises services provided to further develop competences of employees and leading executives in GIZ’s partner organisations. GIZ provides materials and equipment to its partners. development advisors and integrated experts (CIM) working for GIZ Viet Nam for the first time since the merger. it needs different tools and services. the former Development Counsellor at the German Embassy. The gathering of around 70 staff focused on strategic and operational issues of the integration. Mr Lange emphasised the political background of the merger with BMZ aiming at the full integration of the instruments into commissions. Therefore.Page 6 Staff News Ticker │ No. To learn more about the instruments. dialogue platforms. BMZ aims to integrate the instruments into programmes to achieve the highest impacts through a combination of different services. as well as materials and equipment. By combining these instruments. the International Staff Meeting in Hanoi has brought together seconded staff. Integrated Expert The International Staff Meeting is a super event as it is the first real opportunity to meet colleagues from the other staff groups. financing. GIZ is able to play the right tune in the big orchestra of sustainable development. human capacity development (HCD). click here. sector and programme as well as administration. we do not speak about musical instruments. alumni work and advanced trainings. delivered a deeper insight into the Ministry’s motives behind the reform of technical cooperation. That includes leadership development. I wish it would have taken place last year already.

The results were taken up by members of the Management Committee who reflected them to the plenum on the next day. Now we can focus on contents again rather than on the costs of the merger. ‘to find a form of commission that gives the instruments space to breathe in their original logic. they are in charge of social issues and in case of conflicts with the management.Page 7 Staff News Ticker │ No. as Mr Lange summarised. this was an indication that the previous discussions headed in the right direction and contributed to carrying out the integration instead of highlighting differences.’ In an extensive group work session. Similar to the personnel representation for national staff (National Staff Representative Committee. After the meeting. 2 │ August 2012 Photos: GIZ Office Hanoi Topic in Focus: Integration Between Unity and Diversity (continued) The answers headed in a clear direction: It is politically set to maintain and sharpen the instruments. CTA Social Protection Project The best example for successful integration were the two hours of collective singing and playing music at the end of the first day. To me. not to align them with each other which would eventually mean to abolish them. information and clarification. Moreover. Brigitte Koller-Keller. The development advisors elected Andreas Fischer. Sebastian Horn. . goals that affect the people subjectively and emotionally. The representatives will attend meetings of the Extended Management Committee two or three times a year. Heinrich Graumann and Kerstin Grüner representatives of their interests. All groups saw a need for better information and communication. development advisors and integrated experts. One could see from the intensive discussions after the inputs that there was great need for dialogue. the participants used their experiences from the integration process to consider how they could contribute even more to it and to make recommendations for the management. the groups of development advisors and integrated experts gathered to discuss instrument-specific issues. The challenge was rather. Development Advisor Of importance was the structured exchange on the goals of GIZ in Viet Nam. NSRC) and the one for seconded staff (PVA). a complete alignment of the different staff instruments was unrealistic due to the different legal foundations of contracts for seconded staff.

Page 8 Staff News Ticker │ No. HCD Regarding the people. The dismantle- . since the integration. We keep running up and down between the two floors to prepare rooms for meetings and receptions. logistics assistant staff of GIZ Office Hanoi. Thuy and me decided to swap our working areas every six months. Team Leader of weltwärts (volunteer programme) For me the integration process is still in the beginning. Stefanie Gendera. I hope next year we can harvest the fruit from this. Pham Tien Dung. It will need great effort from us to adapt – not only concerning work. Nguyen Hang Nga Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy Colleagues keep talking about the integration and its current stage in Viet Nam. Each of us takes care of specific areas. this year we still need a lot of time to adapt to the new procedures. Nevertheless. ment of the wall. which used to separate the two former offices in the 6th floor. there have been so many adhoc tasks due to the relocation as some sections moved from the 4th to the 6th floor and vice versa. Mrs Thuy: It is good that I now can walk around in the bigger office in both 4th and 6th floor. I get a lot of support from my colleagues and my boss. Eva Lindenlaub. brought fresh air. Some show their optimism. We have been with the office through thick and thin.. driver or even country director. we really got together and opened up for each other.. Thus. Some activities such as group birthday gatherings for around seven to eight colleagues. The pantry became more and more crowded with office staff during lunchtime. Each and everybody is treated equally regardless what position he or she is holding − logistic assistant. EPW Programme There have been and will be a lot of construction sites in the integration process. Yet. officer. I think that wouldn’t be much different even without the whole merger.. did not happen before. but also with regard to culture. no matter what. I have been involved in a bigger team with group meetings and clear task allocations. Honestly. Bac Lieu Project We have been talking quite a lot about the integration process at national. We are busier with room cleaning. we still get along with our jobs and try to manage our tasks well. which take place every one or two months. some are not yet satisfied. 2 │ August 2012 Topic in Focus: Integration Voices from GIZ Viet Nam All the programmes of the two other former organisations are new to me and interesting to get to know. Even though. I want to mention that I am personally very good integrated in our team. So how about the office level? How has the integration process affected the day-to-day work there? We had a little chat with Nguyen Hang Nga and Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy. Development Advisor. It is interesting but complicated and challenging at the same time. Isn’t this something we should be proud of? How about you? Do you have any story to share with us? Photos: GIZ Office Hanoi Mrs Nga: I used to manage my work on my own. I have my own topic wherein I can work freely and be creative as I like. table setting and dish washing but it brings a lot of fun. it seems to go well. The new colleagues I know so far are very nice and helpful. for team-building events. GIZ Office Hanoi has become more dynamic but this also means more work for us. For us. I would like to meet all the colleagues from there. However.plus. I have been working for GIZ for almost 12 years and Thuy for more than 10 years as well. Since then. Nguyen Thanh Thuy.. Mrs Nga: . sector and programme level. synergy and the whole structure of GIZ Viet Nam.

new stationery Photos: GIZ Office Hanoi Integration workshops of GIZ Office Hanoi Merry Christmas 2011 National Staff Meeting 2011 .Page 9 Staff News Ticker │ No. 2 │ August 2012 Panorama Getting together as GIZ Viet Nam New company.

Page 10 Staff News Ticker │ No. 2 │ August 2012 Panorama International Staff Meeting 2012 Photos: GIZ Office Hanoi PR/ Communications Workshop 2012 .

hopeful impressions Subjects are true-to-life and should be of human interest. In the following. Find more information on the submission of photographs for GIZ including considerations of quality as well as legal and technical requirements here. we should not forget that people might create their own story by seeing the pictures themselves without reading any letter of the accompanied text. we would like to encourage you to participate in the competition. education. For amateurs. political dialogue. 2 │ August 2012 Know-how News Take Part in the GIZ Photo Competition 2012! Our Corporate Principles play an important role in shaping our shared corporate culture. They are intended as a source of orientation and define our longterm objective. Is that not ‘magic’? Taking a picture is like creating artwork. the winner of GIZ Worldwide Photo Competition 2010 We all feel the above saying is so true. we often spend a lot of time on formulating text. while one good photo could leave a much stronger impression. isn’t it? – especially in this busy life. so it is a question of honour to win the prize again! Once again. you still have time to be creative. A picture is worth a thousand words When producing PR materials for GIZ. the Corporate Principles have been chosen to be the topic of this year’s company-wide photo competition.pham@giz. advisory and working situations showing cooperation and development (advice. Think about what role the Corporate Principles play in your day-to-day work. You have questions on how to make your photos speak? Don’t hesitate to give Son a phone call or even a visit. depending on the imagination of each person. not simply people posing Get a moment of interaction. the question is how to describe our work in the most effective way through pictures. How do they inspire you? What will the GIZ of tomorrow look like once these Corporate Principles have become a crucial part of our shared identity? What does living the corporate culture mean to you? GIZ Viet Nam has won the Photo Competition for the last three years in a row. As the deadline for contributions has been postponed to 3 September 2012. Here are some tips that might help your pictures raise their voice: Take action-oriented pictures Show GIZ and its partners on equal terms Observe the gender balance Use positive. a picture tells different stories. How to make a picture speak? Our creativeness. click here. Besides. And of course. the way we work and the values that guide us.de) − a GIZ ‘guru’ from the field of photog- raphy is always willing to answer your questions and give you good tips – works in GIZ Office Hanoi. For these reasons. Let your pictures have their own voice! . etc. when people have limited time to read long articles and tend to search for creative graphics while reading. Photo: Pham Hung Son Diversity of Bac Can City by Pham Hung Son. the rightvalued spot. For more information about the competition.Page 11 Staff News Ticker │ No. patience and care are requested. who bring a camera along in a field trip or shuttle around an important event. Last but not least.) You need a professional photographer? Feel free to contact us – the PR/Coms Section. it is the technique to catch a good-hearted moment. Pham Hung Son (son. emotions. infrastructure. GIZ photographers like us. we would like to provide you some practical tips on how to make your pictures speak.

Hanoi PR/Coms Workshop 26 June.. a motorbike and many restaurants where I can get all kind of Vietnamese food that I already love so much. You are welcome to contribute to the next issue of the News Ticker by sharing your opinions. Hanoi Hospital Trend Expo – Hospital Management Asia 2012 September.nguyen@giz. transferring data to DMS and supporting the News Ticker.de/viet-nam Editorial team: PR/Coms Section Contact person: Nguyen Bao Chau (chau. Hanoi Planning Workshop for the period 2012 – 2015 of Health Programme 2 August. As a newcomer. there is still one question that keeps circling in my head: How can I. I read many GIZ PR materials and somehow became ‘branded’ by GIZ as I truly identified myself with its principles. Hoi An Project Accounting Training 13–14 September. Hanoi Facilitation Training for GIZ Staff 27 August–1 September. Hanoi Introductory Training 10–11 October. I was happy to come here and do what I really like − PR work. I love Hanoi and feel almost like home here. There I learnt that we have to consider carefully and truly appreciate the work of all colleagues regardless the position they are holding because everyone is an important pillar of GIZ and nobody is standing outside. creating and revising different brochures and texts. Hanoi Review Meeting for Health Programme 27–28 June. Hanoi Signing Ceremony: Implementation Agreement of the Project Support for Social Protection 20–24 August. Hanoi GIZ National Staff Meeting 17–18 November. We are looking forward to your contributions! Let’s start practicing with DMS by uploading your stories here! Yours. Viet Nam T +84 4 39 34 49 51 F +84 4 39 34 49 50 I www. experiences and best practices regarding DMS. describes her experiences. Hanoi Germany Day in Viet Nam November. I have been involved in a row of PR activities. I applied for my current job labelled as ‘Junior Advisor for Knowledge Management and Public Relations’ at GIZ Viet Nam. Right after my arrival. After my internship in Berlin. things could look slightly different. Hanoi Towers 49 Hai Ba Trung Street. Hanoi Government Consultation Coming next. junior development advisor for PR/Coms and knowledge management. including taking care of GIZ Viet Nam’s internet and intranet appearance. Editorial Team Imprint GIZ Office Hanoi 6th Floor. Hanoi Facilitation Workshops for GIZ Staff New junior development advisor Tiffany Siegert ‘Xin Chao’ GIZ Viet Nam The integration process has shaped the views of staff on their standing inside this new company named GIZ. as being in a programme for junior development advisors.giz. I have a nice apartment. It appeared to me that GIZ was the logical consequence of making German development cooperation more effective. could provide direct development support via PR work? Since my arrival.de) . Hanoi. I am very happy to work with such a nice team as my colleagues support me in every direction. Photo: private I started working for GIZ from January 2012 – exactly one year after GIZ had come to life. Hanoi Regional TVET Conference October. Bangkok Workshop for GIZ Management Team of East Asia 11–13 September. can we be strong! 6–7 September. Tiffany Siegert.. The upcoming edition of the News Ticker will focus on the use of GIZ’s Document Management System (DMS) as a working platform for GIZ employees. I was an intern for public relations at the GIZ programme office of the International Climate Initiative in Berlin. I like the open spirit and the ways of working of the PR/Coms team as they truly support GIZ’s image externally and internally.Page 12 Staff News Ticker │ No. Only when we work together and support each other. not only in working issues but also in everyday problems. 2 │ August 2012 Story-teller Events 25–27 June. Nevertheless. We will give you insights into the logic and sense of DMS and provide you with a range of practical hints for your everyday work. I attended to the International Staff Meeting (31 May–1 June).

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