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For the essay portion of this exam, you MAY use an ORIGINALLY CREATED outline to assist your writing. ***ANY USE OF MATERIALS CREATED COLLABORATIVELY OR BY ANOTHER PERSON WILL RESULT IN A GRADE OF ZERO FOR THE ENTIRE FINAL EXAM*** Your outline, if you use one, must be turned in with your essay and you must SIGN THE CERTIFICATION that follows the essay question affirming that your outline is solely the product of your own efforts. You may NOT use your notebook or textbook in writing your essay only your original outline. Essays should be written in PROPER FORMAT (i.e. have introductory paragraphs, and concluding paragraph, and each point of discussion consist of its own properly formatted paragraph. YOU MUST include HEADINGS for each section of your essay dealing with the three major topics presented in the essay question. Your essay is worth 35 POINTS (4 points for introductory paragraph, 4 points for conclusion paragraph, 3 points for general grammar and spelling, and 8 points for each substantive topic/section). Grammar will be graded as follows SO PROOFREAD YOUR ESSAYS! Zero to 3 major grammatical or spelling errors no deduction 4 to 6 major grammatical or spelling errors 1 point deduction 7 to 10 major grammatical or spelling errors 2 point deduction More than 10 major grammatical or spelling errors 3 point deduction

DO NOT ASK RETHORICAL QUESTIONS!!!! Just affirmatively state your positions and arguments. Each and every rhetorical question found in your essay will RESULT IN A ONE POINT DEDUCTION.

During this semester we discussed how the United States and its Allies attempted to create lasting peace after the conclusion of two World Wars (i.e. WWI and WWII). As WWII occurred a mere 20 years after WWI, it is safe to say that measures put in place after WWI to avoid future wars were not successful. For your essay, COMPARE AND CONTRAST the approaches to creating post-war peace via the Treaty of Versailles ending WWI and the approach taken by the victorious Allies after WWII, focusing on three themes: 1. Handling of the militaries of the defeated nations (i.e. Germany after WWI and Germany and Japan after WWII); Facilitating world diplomacy to avoid wars; and, The economic treatment of nations severely damaged by war (including the defeated enemies).

2. 3.

For each theme, you should discuss: What approach was taken by the Treaty of Versailles to address this issue Why that approach was not successful in creating lasting peace (with specific examples of its failure) What different approach was taken by the Allies after WWII to address the same issue Why the new approach is either better or worse (in your opinion).

I _____________________________ certify that I have not collaborated with any parent, student, tutor, or any other person in the completion of this assessment, including but not limited to the creation of any essay outline, the identification of issues to discuss in my essay, or any other collaborative activity which would prevent my exam from being anything other than wholly representative of my own individual work. I understand that any violation of this policy forbidding collaboration will result in a grade of an zero on my exam and any further discipline (up to and including an F for th e semester in American History II) that is deemed appropriate by the Hillel Academy administration pursuant of the Hillel Academy policy regarding academic integrity that is contained in the Hillel Academy handbook. I also understand that this certification is required in order for my exam to be accepted and graded. Failure to submit this signed certification will mean I receive a zero for this exam.

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