Personal Development File – Stage 1 A copy of this Personal Development File Core Skills Matrix should be submitted by the

assessment deadline of 10th January 2012. A copy must also be entered via ‘Turnitin’ before the hard copy is submitted. The word length is 1,500 words.
The document is a record of your personal and academic development. You will be responsible for entering the information in it, in discussion with your Personal Tutor. The file is intended to: • Provide you with a written record of your academic progress and your acquisition of skills and experience, • Encourage the habit of self-reflection and self-evaluation, by demonstrating how you can reflect upon your academic progress, your skills development, your outside interests and activities, and any part-time employment you undertake. • Assist you in managing your learning and your personal development. This will include identifying career options. • Increase self-confidence in your achievements and skills and thus facilitate more informed decision-making about your future. • Help you to create and maintain an effective curriculum vitae and provide you with solid and qualitative evidence to support future job applications. This will also help to ensure that references written on your behalf are fully informed. Your Personal Tutor is your first point of contact for help or guidance you may need, whether this is on academic or personal matters. You should see your Personal Tutor on a regular basis during each year to discuss your progress and the results of your self-reflections ( See information on the Personal Tutor System in your Student Handbook ) The following matrix enables you to assess your skills and progress across a number of key skill areas identified by the UK government as important for graduate employment. These key skill areas are: 1) Working with others, 2) Communication, 3) Problem Solving, 4) Organisation and Planning, 5) the Application of Numbers, 6) Information Technology, and 7) Improving Your Own Learning and Performance. • Use the material (lecture notes and the core text) from the Learning Strategies module to help you to think about these issues • Use the left-hand boxes to see which issues you should consider • Use the next box to note what skills you already had in this field before you joined the University of Bradford. • Use the next box to assess what you have gained in this area during semester one. • Use the final box to outline what you perceive to be your development needs in this area during the rest of your degree programme This matrix will facilitate future discussions between yourself and your personal tutor about how you can best meet your development needs.


Your personal contributio n to effective group working towards identified targets Previous Evidence Evidence during Semester One 20011/12 Development Needs -2- . whether in a work. voluntary or academic setting 2.Key Skill Working with Others Consider such topics as: 1. Planning towards team or group goals.

Making verbal and other presentations Evidence during Semester One 2011/12 Development Needs -3- .Key Skill Previous Evidence Communication Consider such areas as: 1. Producing written material to be read by others (e.g. essays) 3. Taking part in discussions with tutors and/or fellow students 2.

Key Skill Problem Solving Consider how you: 1. voluntary or academic setting 2. Experience problems in a work. Choose the best method to use Previous Evidence Evidence during Semester One 2011/12 Development Needs -4- . Evaluate possible solutions 4. Determine the nature of the problem 3.

Key Skill Organisation and Planning Consider the following areas: 1. How you determine your short-term and long-term priorities and goals 2. How you manage your work alongside other commitments Previous Evidence Evidence during Semester One 2011/12 Development Needs -5- . How you manage your time 3.

How you present your findings where these involve statistics Previous Evidence Evidence during Semester One 2011/12 Development Needs -6- . How you use any kind of numerical data in your academic. 2. voluntary or work contexts.Key Skill Application of Number Consider the following: 1.

Key Skill Information Technology Consider the following: 1. How you prepare academic material using information technology 2. How you present information using information technology Previous Evidence Evidence during Semester One 2011/12 Development Needs -7- .

Key Skill Improving your own Learning and Performanc e Consider the following: 1. Your use of effective planning techniques 3. How successfully you follow plans in order to meet targets Previous Evidence Evidence during Semester One 2011/12 Development Needs -8- . How you set personal educational targets 2.

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