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June 6, 2013

Is Expanding Medicaid Right for Maine? Consider the facts:
• The MaineCare program (Maine’s Medicaid program) has grown by $1 Billion since 2000 alone • MaineCare enrollment has grown 80% in just 13 years, from 164,000 to 340,000 people – 1 out of every 3 Mainers are on MaineCare • MaineCare spending accounts for 25% of state spending, up from 13% just 15 years ago, taking away from investments in educations and infrastructure like roads and bridges • Medicaid expansion would add an estimated 75,000 able-bodied adults to MaineCare – a program that is currently $200 million in the hole • There are 3,100 disabled and elderly on waiting lists for services today, and MaineCare expansion would send state tax dollars to cover able-bodied adults that could be used instead to help those disabled and frail elderly waiting for home and community supports • MaineCare expansion will cost Maine taxpayers as much as $75 million every year starting in just a few years • The federal government says they will pay for some of the expansion, but has serious fiscal challenges that could threaten their ability to follow through on their commitment • If Maine chooses not to expand MaineCare to non-disabled adults, there will be other options for them to get health coverage, including insurance subsidized by the federal government with no cost to Maine