Scientific Qigong Exploration

From Scientific Qigong Exploration is the first book written in laymans’s terms by Professor Lu Zuyin to introduce modern scientific research on the external qi of qigong to the general public. An accomplished nuclear physicist, Prof. Lu spent ten years conducting scientific qigong experiments since the early 1980′s until he passed away in 1992. This book recounts Prof. Lu’s fascinating personal experience of collaborating with the renowned qigong master Dr. Yan Xin and the ground breaking results never obtained before. There results verify the physical existence of external qi and demonstrate that the human body can affect substances such as water, DNA, and atomic nuclei without physical contact. This book recounts Professor Lu’s Qigong experiments over a 10 year period in China. While interesting, the experiments themselves

the third one. let’s use one experiment as a discussion point. In this experiment Lu tests whether external qi could affect the refraction of a liquid crystal. p. I’ll return to that point in a minute. However. The six people present saw the amazing change. in scientific research.30-31 This is one of many purported examples that are alleged to verify the existence of qi. there is a problem with the science. The methodology is sound and if true. p. reproducibility is a necessary condition to confirm a new phenomenon or to verify a new law. Therefore repeated experimental observations are required.all suffer from the same problems. 79 The author attempts to account for this problem by suggesting the following: ■ ■ Qigong masters cannot repeat an experiment numerous times due to limited mental energy There are few Qigong masters so the sample size is small . the results are interesting: Three qigong practitioners were asked to emit qi at the liquid crystal… The first one emitted qi for ten minutes and there were no changes to the light spots… Five minutes after Guo. However. We all know that. began to emit qi… the light spot at the lower part of the screen was gradually gaining intensity and became much brighter.

…These results verify the physical existence of external qi and demonstrate that the human body can affect substances such as water. the book states at the very beginning that the scientific method and spiritual method are two contradictory ways of understanding the world. the scientific method is flawed due to the fact that it separates the observed from the observer. ■ . while the spiritual method seeks to join them. DNA. It is a good experiment and from a scientific perspective it is certainly one that could. Let’s go back to the above-mentioned liquid crystal experiment. and emotional state so the results may not be identical each time Ironically. over several years. If the mental energy is limited simply conduct a longitudinal study over several years. psychological. in theory. Cannot be replicated due to limited mental energy of a given master Apparently the good doctor does not understand replication. You do not have to repeat the same experiment hundreds of times in one setting. be replicated. Take the same Qigong master under the same conditions and conduct the same experiment repeatedly. 1. and atomic nuclei without physical contact.Qi emission is related to a given master’s physical. Therefore. This is interesting and contradictory when one considers that the author spends the next 300 pages attempting to use the scientific method to verify that qi exists.

If they could not but the master could then that would also suggest something. the liquid crystal test is certainly plausible and testable from a scientific perspective. A small sample size increases this rate beyond 5% while a large sample decreases it. If the editor or late author do not understand that very simple fact then it certainly casts doubt on their fundamental understanding of the scientific method. If a significant percent of these non-experts could. 3. predictability. then qi might be in question. and emotional state Were this a true problem in science then there are quite literally hundreds (if not thousands!) of psychological tests that could not be conducted with anything approaching scientific reliability. For example. What this means is that if the same experiment were repeated 100 times we’d expect 5% of the results to be due to random chance. . Zuyin and Lu are half correct when they state the sample size of true Qigong masters is small. and replicability. psychological. Small sample size so the reliability of the results are in question Levels of significance in research range from less than 1% in medical research to 5% in the social sciences. you would not want to test a new drug on only one person so researchers typically will test it on numerous people. Qi emission is somehow related to a given Qigong master’s physical. Moreover one could easily get a large sample of non-Qigong experts to try and use their qi to influence the liquid crystal. Still.2.

. see if qi can heal something that an antibiotic would normally treat. may have ceased publication as many journals often do.  In fact. Until more research is done on qi my money is on the mostly positive record of medical science. What it does mean is that it could be little-known in the United States. This does not necessarily mean it does not exist. Instead. I’ve learned this much: just because a study is published does not make it true. nor does it mean that it’s not reputable. This is the scientific method and it works pretty darn good. and on occasion conducts research. If you are diagnosed with pneumonia. I cannot find it. helps with. a few bacteria cause about 90% of pneumonias in previously healthy people. the doctor will choose an antibiotic that will kill these bacteria. This is not to be confused with Nature. Most notably the bulk of them were published in The Nature Journal. The latter is of high regard in the international scientific community while the former appears to be unknown. I don’t know about you but the next time I’m ill I plan to stick with medical science. Don’t believe me? Then the next time you are sick or injured do not go to your doctor. it could also be low quality journal. All of the techniques and medicines that your doctor uses were developed through this same flawed scientific method.In the appendix the editor lists eight scientific studies that were published in Chinese science journals. or. In another example. Despite the fact that these were published there are concerns. As someone who teaches. An awful lot of junk gets published and it often is latter refuted by repeated tests.

That in and of itself should also say something. many could be conducted by a high school science class. someone could easily win the Nobel Prize. I’ll leave you with this thought: If any number of the amazing experiments in this book were ever verified by replication. Moreover. -------- .Lastly. like the above liquid crystal experiment.

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