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Canadas finest hour

By Dr. George Hill

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Canadas Finest Hour
by Dr. George Hill

Canadian National Conference Report New Faces - New Places The Elijah Anointing
by Pastor Brad Dewar

Can Your Enemy Become Your Friend?

by Dr. Hazel Hill

Arming Our Families for Spiritual Warfare

by Pastor Ron Swanson

The Digital Church

by David Gagn, R.G.D.

Fire in Grey-Bruce
by Pastor Paul McCulloch

Faith Like a Tiger

by Debbie Jeyaseelan

International Missions Update

by Dr. Hazel Hill

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Victory Bible Colleges

by Pastor Abe Brown

Moose Jaws Miracle Building

by Pastor Terry Murphy

USA Church Report

by Dr. George Hill

The Gate: Church at a Different Speed

by Pastor Scott Bartlett

David & Isabelle Gagn

Spiritual Warfare and Personal Freedom

by Pastor Ann Buroker

Women of Victory
by Dr. Hazel Hill

Joining the Victory Family of Churches

by Pastor Brad Dewar


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The VCI Vision

V i c t o r y C h u r c h e s I n t e r n a t i o n a l w w w. v i c t o r y i n t . o r g


This is the prophetic destiny of Canada.

Canadas finest hour

hen Hazel and I moved from Canada to the USA in 2001, two things happened. Firstly, the Victory Church movement became firmly established in the USA with headquarters in Southern California, and a small but strong nucleus of ten Victory churches across the USA. Secondly, we didnt back out of Canada, we backed off, so that our spiritual sons and daughters would have greater opportunity for growth, expansion and promotion. Our desire and hope is that our Victory people would see the opportunities created by our relocation and rise to the challenge of taking off where we left off. Before Elijah ascended, he was told to anoint Jehu, Hazael and Elisha to complete what he had started. (1Kings 19:15-17). Hazel and I have set in place an army of great leaders in Canada and we believe this is going to be Canadas finest hour. We have taken the lid off of the container and released the potential to set off a chain reaction of a whole new variety, and generation of world changing leaders and ministries. It is not a time to sit back; hold back; look back or draw back. It is time for advancement! General Patton told his men, I dont want to get any messages saying we are holding our position, No! Our motto is, always take the offensive and never dig in. Victory Churches of Canada, we need to claim this motto as our own and let this be our finest hour. Over the last 23 years we have become Canadas fastest growing group of churches and seen God do mighty miracles for us and through us. We have been prepared, pruned, purified and positioned for a major end time revival and a harvesting of souls for the enlargement of Gods Kingdom. From British Columbia to the Maritimes we are strategically positioned for a major nation-wide move of God.

Dr. George Hill, President,

Victory Churches International

Davids greatest desire was to build a temple for the Lord. He wasnt allowed to do it, but he prepared with all of his heart for Solomon, his son, to build it and he did it! For 23 years Hazel and I have prepared and set leaders, churches and strategic ministries in place right across this nation to see Canada established as a praise upon the earth. We are believing to see the vision of the founding fathers of Canada fulfilled. The scripture they wrote on the parliament buildings in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, speaks of Canadas prophetic God given destiny. On one side of the Peace Tower Proverbs 29:18 is inscribed,

Spiritual leaders who would build great Jesus loving,Bible preaching,family building,life-changing churches. Political leaders who would rule in righteousness. Educators who would teach absolute truth based on Gods commandments and Biblical principles. The media being a major channel for the good news of victory through Jesus to go forth, enhancing the spiritual climate of the nation. Great Canadian business people who would channel billions of dollars into spreading the Gospel to all nations. Powerful Canadian Gospel music and literature that would go around the world. On the parliament buildings in Winnipeg, Revelation 22:11 is inscribed.


On the other side of the Peace Tower, Psalm 72:8 is inscribed. This was the prophetic vision of the founding fathers.

This prophetic scripture was inscribed on the parliament buildings before Canada ever had a flag with a maple leaf upon it. I believe it speaks of the major part that Canada will play in these end times in bringing the healing message of Christ and the love of Jesus to the nations of this world. Victory Churches of Canada is called to Canada for a time and purpose such as this. We are ready to go on the offensive, because we have been prepared for a time such as this. When we see the opportunity, we will be strong and very courageous and do it! What we do together will bring enlargement to Gods Kingdom and deliverance and freedom to Gods people. Canada is marked for blessing, positioned for greatness and destined to take the Gospel message around the world. This is Canadas finest hour - come on Victory family; lets do our part in Gods great end time army!


On the third side of the Peace Tower, Psalm 72:1-2 is inscribed,



V i c t o r y C h u r c h e s I n t e r n a t i o n a l w w w. v i c t o r y i n t . o r g

Below is a list of upcoming events for VCI. This information is posted and updated regularly at - click on the Conferences link.

February 27-March 2 Ladies Arise Conference Mississauga, Ontario Guest Speaker: Dr. Hazel Hill Contact: Pastor Carin Pare Tel: 905-567-8522 Email: March 7-8 Antioch Conference Red Deer, Alberta Contact: Pastor Morris Watson Tel: 403-475-1647 Email: March 28-29 Maritimes Mens Conference Contact: Pastor Steve MacLean Tel: 506-859-8528 Email: March 28- 30 Southern & Northern Alberta Womens Conference Canmore, Alberta Guest Speakers: Dr. Hazel Hill & Roisin McBride Contact: Pastor Lucinda Watson Tel: 403-475-1647 Email: or Marcia Smith Tel: 403-286-8337 ext.#203 Email: Mar 31 - April 3 Finishing Edge Victory Sanctuary of Praise Scarborough, Ontario Contact: Pastor William Lee Tel: 416-282-1101 Email: April 25-26 British Columbia Antioch Leadership Retreat Manning, BC Contact: Pastor Trevor Hoffman Tel: 250-487-1300 Email: May 2-4 Saskatchewan Womens Conference Contact: Pastor Vivianne Davis Tel: 306-773-7271

June 3-4 VCI Summit Calgary, Alberta Hosts: Drs. George & Hazel Hill Contact: Marcia Smith Tel: 403-286-8337 June 4-6 VCI National Conference Calgary, Alberta Hosts: Drs. George & Hazel Hill Contact: Pastor Dave Meyers Tel: 403-286-4477 Email: July 7-12 Alberta Youth Boot Camp Contact: Richard Mann Email: August 21-24 Victory World Explosion California Victory Church Newport Beach, CA Tel: 714-964-1377 Email: September 25-27 Saskatchewan Power Conference Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Contact: Pastor Lorne Davis Tel: 306-773-7271 October 3-4 Ontario Power Conference Contact: Pastor Brad Dewar Tel: 306-653-6888 Email: October 9-11 Maritimes Power Conference Guest Speaker: Dr. Hazel Hill Contact: Pastor Steve MacLean Tel: 506-859-8528 Email: October 23-25 USA Power Conference Greeley, Colorado Contact: Pastor Dave Morgan Tel: 970-351-8300 Email: November 7-9 British Columbia Power Conference Penticton, BC Contact: Pastor Trevor Hoffmann Tel: 250-487-1300 Email:


On June 6-8th Drs. George & Hazel Hill joined pastors, leaders and church members from about seventy Victory Churches across Canada for Victory Churches of Canadas Annual Conference. Hosted by the pastors in Calgary, Alberta, the theme of the conference was Homecoming Celebration People, Purpose & Power. The praise and worship exploded with great excitement at the release of many original Victory songs. Timely equipping workshops, great fellowship and dynamic preaching caused the hearts of the conference delegates to once again be stirred with the World Wide Victory vision. In his passionate sermon, Going from Survival, to Revival, to Possessing the Land, Dr. George challenged the delegates to move into an aggressive possessing the land mentality. He encouraged the churches to apply creative strategies to win souls, raise up new leaders, compose songs, write books and plant fresh vibrant churches. He reminded the Victory leaders of one of the tenets of Victory Churches which states, We are committed to increase, as opposed to maintenance. Dr. Hill went on to say, We are not a maintenance movement, but we realize that everything that God gives us we must maintain before He will entrust us with more. Because of our incredibly fast growth, we had to go into a defensive, maintenance mode for a short period of time. Now that we have replenished our strength and fortified our gains, we are ready for another major, united, focussed, passionate, anointed effort to take the Gospel of Christ across Canada and around the world.


Victory CD
As the Victory movement has gone all around the world, so shall its music and songs as it captures the Victory vision, message and spirit. This CD is a great beginning! ~ Dr. George Hill

To Order: 306-773-7271
Victory Family Church Box 638 Swift Current, Saskatchewan Canada S9H 3W4

Victory Live CD : $22

V i c t o r y C h u r c h e s I n t e r n a t i o n a l w w w. v i c t o r y i n t . o r g


JUNE 2001
Pastors Boyd & Sandee Thomas
Fort MacLeod Victory Church Fort MacLeod, AB

Pastors Stewart & Linda Lawson
Kingdom Life Church Langely, BC

Graduates of VBCI, Boyd and Sandee seek to declare Gods dominion, grace, and salvation to the people of this early pioneer community that borders on two of the largest native reserves in Canada.

Pastor Stewart and Linda Lawson have been in full-time ministry since 1983. They bring many years of ministry and church planting experience in India, Sri Lanka and Australia as well as the United States and Canada to this new plant in Langely.

JULY 2001
Pastors Wayne & Evelyn Mazereeuw
Gateway Victory Church Wiarton, ON



Pastors Roy & Astrid Monstur
Halifax Victory Church Halifax, NS

Pastors Joel & Jennifer Chase

Westside Victory Church Kelowna, BC

A Bible college graduate, Wayne helped Dave Matthieu plant the Wiarton church before taking over as senior pastor in Canadas Groundhog Capital.

Pastors Brian & Teena Bourque
Abundant Life Victory Church Truro, NS

Joel is a graduate of VBCI. He and Jennifer were involved in ministry in Lethbridge and in the Westside church before assuming the senior leadership in this thriving BC community.

Roy and Astrid moved from the Mississauga Victory Church under Pastor Gary & Carin. They are graduates of Elim Bible College and bring several years of ministry experience to the church.

MARCH 2002
Pastors Don & Brenda Whelan
Church in Community Calgary, AB

Pastors Carl & Betty Green
Forward Victory Church Essex, ON

The Bourques took on the leadership of the church after ten years of full-time ministry and church planting in the Maritimes. They believe the church today needs to have a deep impact in peoples lives through the Word of God, releasing them to Reach, Teach, and Mobilize!

Don and Brenda were involved in ministry for a number of years, serving in several of the Victory Churches in Calgary before launching this new work targeting a large mobile home park.

Pastors George & Emilie Carothers

Airdrie Victory Fellowship Airdrie, AB

Carl was previously on staff at another church before launching this evangelistic outreach in the Windsor area.

APRIL 2002
Pastors Bernie & Kelly Riopel
The Rock Victory Church Onoway, AB

Pastors Mike & Tamara Morency

City Church Windsor, ON

Founding director of Christ For The Nations Bible Institute in BC for ten years, George and Emilie were involved in the Edmonton Victory Church under Pastor Morris Watson before taking on the leadership of the Airdrie church.

Mike was involved in another church for many years before launching out to start this exciting new inner city outreach.

After Kelly served as childrens pastor with Pastor Ron in the Victory Church on the Rock in west Edmonton they launched a new church in this rural community near where they live.


V i c t o r y C h u r c h e s I n t e r n a t i o n a l w w w. v i c t o r y i n t . o r g

MAY 2002
Pastors Steve & Joanna Smith
Centre of Hope Victory Church Kincardine, ON

Pastors Deon & Melissa Malloy

Young Warriors Of Freedom Owen Sound

Pastors Ray & Donna Block
Dominion Gateway Centre Lethbridge, AB

Graduates of VBCI, Steve and Joanna assumed the leadership of this church which was pioneered by Dave Matthieu in the Owen Sound region.

The Malloys combined a Bible college education with some ministry experience to plant this exciting youth church. They utilize drama, dance, music, and art to reach todays younger crowd.

JULY 2002
Pastors Felipe & Marilyn Yanez
Victory Church In The Park Sherwood Park, AB

JUNE 2002
Pastors Wayne & Rose Boersma
Victory Church of Brooks Brooks, AB

Ray and Donna have been faithful members of the Lethbridge church since its early beginnings, and founding members of CJIL TV . They give pastoral oversight to the church which meets in the Miracle Channel facilities.

Pastors John & Jean Cyr

Campbellton Victory Church Campbellton, NB

Wayne and Rose were original members in the Lethbridge Victory Church, serving as full-time childrens and associate pastors since 1990. They assume the leadership of the Brooks church from Pastor Bill and Audrey Martin.

Felipe and Marilyn moved from Saskatoon where they were actively involved with Saskatoon Victory Church for over 5 years. Their vision is to see Victory Church in the Park be a place where people of many backgrounds and ethnicity come together to seek God.

The Campbellton Victory Church was birthed, first as an Outreach, as Pastors John and Jean Cyr travelled from Moncton to Campbellton doing in-home Bible Studies. It wasnt long before they moved to the area, and Campbellton Victory Church established.

Pastors Len & Juanita Marillier
Victory Church of Cochrane Cochrane, AB

Pastors Wayne & Jeanine Berry
Amherst Victory Church Amherst, NS

Pastors Ben & Gerri Buhler

Christ Full Gospel Fellowship Plum Coulee, MB

Ben was saved in 1980 under Dr. George Hill. Later they moved to Plum Coulee where they have pastored the church since 1990. They are excited to be back with Victory again.

Born in South Africa, Pastor Len and Juanita served as missionaries in Zimbabwe for nine years before moving to Canada where they have been involved in various ministries.

Pastor Wayne and Jeannine joined with Victory Churches two-and-a-half years ago. Pastor Wayne was ordained with VCI at the 2002 Maritime Power Conference and he and Jeannine are associates of Moncton Faith Victory Church.

Victory Churches of Canada Leadership Retreat Report

In January 2003 Victory Churches of Canadas (VCOCI) regional leaders, provincial coordinators, the executive board and their wives met with Drs. George & Hazel Hill for the 3rd annual regional directors retreat in Calgary, Alberta. Dr. George Hill launched the 3-day retreat with a challenging teaching If God is Your Partner, Make Your Plans Big. This teaching was echoed throughout the retreat as ideas and plans for conferences, church growth strategies and the use of television and radio were discussed. With powerful worship and prayer, the leaders sought Gods direction for re-structuring Victory Churches of Canada. The day sessions were filled with reports from the leaders across Canada, training and strategic planning. Watson and Pastor Dave Meyers will be the team leaders for the west (BC, AB, SK and MB). Pastor Brad Dewar and Pastor Paul McCulloch will be the team leaders for the east (ON, QC and the Maritimes). The team leaders will gather the creative ideas and input from the pastors on restructuring Canada. Then, on June 3rd, 2003 at Victory Village, Drs. George and Hazel Hill will meet with as many of the senior pastors and their wives as is possible to release the full potential of this great organization. The resolve of the leadership team is to do it BIG, do it GOOD, and do it TOGETHER. Lets Take Canada for Christ!

One of the key decisions that arose from the retreat was to divide Canada into two major divisions: eastern and western. Pastor Morris

V i c t o r y C h u r c h e s I n t e r n a t i o n a l w w w. v i c t o r y i n t . o r g


The story of Elijahs contest with the prophets of Jezebel on top of Mount Carmel is one of the most dramatic and triumphant in the whole Bible! But it is more than just a story. Jezebel typifies a demonic principality that is set for the destruction of Gods people. This same spirit is still active in the church today. Jesus addressed it in His letter to the church of Thyatira in the book of Revelation. Like Queen Jezebel, this aggressive, manipulative spirit seeks to control leadership, usually from behind-the-scenes. Her name literally means without cohabitation suggesting her unwillingness to share power with anyone. Because this demon works through susceptible individuals within the church, many fail to recognize what is really happening and end up accusing and attacking each other. Its manipulative methods inevitably produce factions and divisions in the church. Eventually it sidelines the gifts and operations of the Holy Spirit, leaving the church spiritually lifeless. Its sheer aggressiveness can cause even the most dedicated pastors to sometimes give in to fear and discouragement. Queen Jezebels children were named Ahaziah, Jehoram, and Athaliah, which could be




by Pastor Brad Dewar

translated respectively: Control, Pride, and Trouble. Where Jezebel is allowed to operate in a local church, it will soon be home to her children: strife and intrigue, lifeless services, sexual and moral compromise and pervasive worldliness. Sound familiar? But Elijah too is more than just a historical figure. Malachi says that, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord. It was predicted of John the Baptist that, He will go before [Jesus] in the spirit and power of Elijahto make ready a people prepared for the Lord. Jesus Himself said that, Elijah is coming first and will restore all things. Elijah is presented as an arch-type of the kind of anointing needed to smash Jezebels grip on Gods people. Where there is a Jezebel spirit at work, God has an Elijah anointing! The spirit of Elijah is a powerful anointing. It was in the context of describing the ministry of John the Baptist and his Elijah anointing that Jesus talked about the violent taking the kingdom of God by force. Its purpose is to expose, defeat, and destroy the spirit of Jezebel amongst Gods people. As Jesus says in Revelation, I will kill her children with death. It is an anointing of fire! A burning passion for the house of God, the work of God, and the presence of God! The spirit of Elijah counters every aspect of Jezebel: repentance instead of rebellion; reconciliation instead of divisiveness; servant leadership versus control and intimidation; and holiness of heart rather than moral compromise. Churches operating under the Elijah anointing will have: 1. A militant intercessory prayer ministry as indicated in James chapter five. 2. A worship climate that encourages the supernatural. Elijahs trademark was fire from heaven!

Praying Gods Word Brings Miracle

In September 1998, I was diagnosed as having lymphoma cancer. That diagnosis was later confirmed by three other doctors. When the doctor gave me three months to live, I told my wife, Well, praise God, now I know that I will receive a miracle within three months. I went on living my life as if nothing was happening. Just after Thanksgiving that year we held our regular prayer meeting with the two other couples. When we arrived, I was surprised to see that everyone was sick. As we praised God the Holy Spirit took over. My friend Jack got up, took Hazel Hills book Praying God's Word, put his hand on my abdomen and prayed the prayer about cancer. The next day, I had an exploratory appointment with my doctor. He asked me to lie down on my abdomen and then he said, Ray I dont know whats happening, I cant find it. So he called another doctor; same result again. He asked me if I wouldnt mind going through a battery of tests to confirm the original diagnosis. I told him I didnt mind proving to him that God healed me. I had exploratory tests done to me, samples taken from my abdomen and a cat scan performed on me; all tests confirmed that there was no trace of cancer in my body. The final diagnosis was also confirmed by two other doctors. By the way, when I phoned my prayer group to tell them the news, I found out that everyone got healed that night. Six out of six. Only God can do that. Glory be to Jesus! Raynald Duff

3. A relentless quest for revival that turns hearts from sin to God. 4. A strife-resistant spirit of reconciliation that brings healing to families and breaks down walls of division. 5. An influence on their city and nation that far outweighs their numbers. As we move closer and closer to the coming of the Lord, God is once again pouring out the Elijah anointing upon the church. Under it we will see the body of Christ break free from every bondage and rise up to reveal God's wisdom to the principalities and powers in heavenly places. When God says, I will send, all we have to do is believe and receive!


V i c t o r y C h u r c h e s I n t e r n a t i o n a l w w w. v i c t o r y i n t . o r g

Sermons on
Audio Tape

Can your become your

enemy friend?

by Dr. Hazel Hill

Tayseer and Moran said yes!

A miracle took place at a special meeting focused on people from the Middle East, hosted by Pastor Kato and Christine, Egyptian believers and members of the California Victory Church. Dr. George Hill was invited to serve communion to a former Jewish Israeli soldier and a former Palestinian, Moslem militant fighter. They both shared testimony of the incredible life changing power of Christ, removing the hatred from both of their hearts and replacing it with the love of Jesus. Dr. George Hill shared about the Apostle Paul who went about killing Christians until he met the resurrected Christ on the Damascus Road. Jesus changed his character and he became the apostle of love. Christ changed his message and he immediately began to

Dr. George Hill

AUDIO TAPE SET 1 (2 tapes) A Better Way to Victory Elijah Back on Track AUDIO TAPE SET 2 (4 tapes) Bible Faith Principals for Success & Miracles AUDIO TAPE SET 3 (2 tapes) Fasting and Prayer Builds a Great House AUDIO TAPE SET 4 (2 tapes) How to Face the Future without Stumbling Trusting Again AUDIO TAPE SET 5 (2 tapes) History Makers

preach Christ as the Son of God. Christ changed his mission in life, to turn Gentiles from darkness to light and from the power of satan unto God. He changed his relationships, where the people he used to seek to destroy became his best friends. Christ also changed his eternal destiny. Can your enemy become your friend? Yes, but only through Jesus. We believe the last move of God will be in the Middle East where millions of Moslems will turn to the one true and living God, Jesus our Saviour. We are praying for it, preparing for it and looking forward to going over to Lebanon and Egypt in the near future to preach the Good News!


totally bloated, the back of her head was gel, her kidneys had completely shut down, and everyone was standing there basically watching her die. Ten minutes after we began praying for her, her kidneys began working, her vitals began stabilizing. The doctors were impressed with her stamina and fight, but werent convinced she would make it. That weekend they took us to the Quiet Room and told us to round up our relatives and friends and have them say goodbye to Haley. But we knew that Gods Word doesnt return to Him void. His Word is life, its health! Haley lived that weekend and the one following and the one following and is here with us today as healthy and perfect as could be. I went back a couple months later to show her off! The doctor who said she would die stood there staring at Haley for five minutes and finally said, Wow, its something to be humbled. Haley is six months old now, is eleven and a half pounds, is full of smiles and giggles and is a carrier of the glory of God. Our precious baby is a miracle, proof that God is faithful and true. Steve, Jo and Haley

Its a Miracle, Baby!

I had my first ultrasound at 20 weeks pregnant. My doctor phoned a few days later and said he was sending me to London, as the ultrasound report showed I hardly had any amniotic fluid. He said, Theres no fluid surrounding the baby and we cant seem to find the kidneys, so either the baby will die inside or be born with many, many complications. We took our God given authority and began speaking directly to our baby, our babys kidneys, and to the situation using the Word of God as our weapon. May 15, 2002, Wednesday at 12:02am, Haley Hosanna Smith was born at 2 pounds and 15 ounces. At 5:30 a.m. Thursday morning a nurse barged into our room and told us we had to come now, because it didnt look like Haley would make it. We marched down the hallway, and right up to her little incubator surrounded with doctors and nurses and we laid our hands on our baby and began to speak in tongues and to speak the Word of God in Jesus Name. We didnt care who was watching this was our daughter, our gift from God! Haley was

10 20
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To Order: Box 65077, North Hill P .O. Calgary, Alberta Canada T2N 4T6 or call: (403) 286-8337 or email:
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V i c t o r y C h u r c h e s I n t e r n a t i o n a l w w w. v i c t o r y i n t . o r g


Ultimately, its not what I say to my children in this area, thats going to make the most impact. Its what I do, as I face crisis situations in my own life. Do I speak the Word boldly in the face of the devils attacks, or do I fall apart when the storms of life come? As I face each new trial, do I recount for my children the victories of the past and assure them that God will take care of us once again? Personally, thats the faith-stand Ive chosen to take! 2. CLEARLY TEACH THE PRINCIPLES OF THE WORD TO YOUR FAMILY YOU SHALL WHET AND SHARPEN THEM, SO AS TO MAKE THEM PENETRATE, and teach and impress them upon the minds and hearts of your children. The goal is not to tell our children Bible stories! A spiritual diet of Biblestories would be fine, if the devil was just a story-book character! But, hes not! Hes a real enemy, with real plans for our childrens destruction. Just knowing the story of Daniel in the lions den isnt going to be enough to enable them to defeat the devil in a crisis situation! Theyve got to understand the principles that Daniel used in the Lions Den that brought Daniels deliverance. If my childrens classmates approach them with drugs or alcohol, as Im sure someday they will, I want my kids to be armed with more Bible than just John 3:16! If a gunman enters my childrens school, I want them to know how to pray more than, Now I lay me down to sleep! Its our job as parents to teach and impress (Kingdom principles) upon the minds and hearts of (our) children, and make them penetrate so our children truly understand the authority that is theirs in Christ Jesus. 3. HELP YOUR CHILDREN DEVELOP THEIR OWN RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD Hear, O Israel:The Lord our God is one Lord: And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might. And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children Thou shalt fear the Lord thy God, and serve him. . .(v. 6-7,13)

As I read through this passage of Scripture, I see three relationshipwords that need to describe our childrens interaction with God: Hear, Love, and Fear. The Hebrew word for hear literally means, to give undivided attention to. If youve watched most young children in church, undivided attention is hardly an apt description. Why? Its because most of whats taking place isnt on their level. Weve got to prepare the Word so its exciting and relevant to a childs life! The second relationship word is love. Children need to be taught from a young age, to love the Lord. Again, thats something theyve got to learn

by Pastor Ron Swanson

Just one generation ago, the top three concerns of our nations schoolteachers were gum chewing, running in the halls, and unfinished homework. Todays list looks quite different with school shootings heading up the list followed by violence and date-rape. So, how do we protect our families against these things, and effectively equip them for spiritual warfare? Id like to suggest three things from Deuteronomy 6:4-9: 1. LIVE THE WORD BEFORE YOUR FAMILY And these words which I am commanding you this day shall be FIRST IN YOUR OWN MIND AND HEART As a parent, the Word must be in my heart and life before I can effectively teach it to my children. The fact is, its impossible for me to transfer to my child, a principle that I do not personally embrace. Thats true concerning Christian morals, but its also true concerning my faith-walk with God!

from you! They need to see mom and dad worshipping the Lord at home, not just at church! They need to see you putting the Lord first place, and thanking Him daily for His abundant blessings! So many things in life are better caught than taught. Love for God is no different! Finally, we come to the word fear. This refers to a reverent respect for God and His Word - making the Word our final authority in life! Dont be deceived! Your children are watching! So, when the Bible says, tithe and attend church faithfully we need to do it joyfully! When Scripture says, dont lie, we cant be found telling little white lies in the home! Without question, a battle is raging for the minds and lives of our children! The battle for our nation begins in our homes, and with our children! Lets make Jesus the Lord of our homes and prepare the next generation of Kingdom Warriors!


V i c t o r y C h u r c h e s I n t e r n a t i o n a l w w w. v i c t o r y i n t . o r g

by Pastor Paul McCulloch


David Gagn,


Your message is important. How you communicate your message to todays sight and sound generation is equally important. Possibly it is time that you consider the use of multimedia to reach your audience. Using multimedia creates excitement and a dynamic relationship between your message and the recipient. Many churches and ministries now have websites; however, without keeping information current and offering something to your visitors, your website will have a short life span and no visitors. It would be like constructing a new Church building, furnishing it, leaving the door wide open but not staffing it or posting a bulletin for any visitors. It is crucial there be someone appointed to maintain and keep the information current. Posting a weekly message for a visitor to read, listen or watch, is an excellent means of getting your message out to the wired world and having repeat visitors. Promote thyself! Use the old fashioned communication tools newsletters, door hangers, postcards, etc. make sure to reinforce your website address and email information on any and all materials. With PowerPoint you can project lyrics of music onto a screen with a computer monitor projector. This allows all the lyrics of songs to be stored electronically and called for use on demand. Simply having a computer and the tools readily available does not ensure that if you build it they will see and hear. Contact a professional to ensure that your message is clearly communicated and that the "multi" aspect the images, the sounds, videos, etc. are creatively and effectively blended together to be informative and entertaining.

In 1991 God called us to plant a church in Owen Sound and two years later to start a school. Last year, we planted three more churches in our region, Gateway (Wiarton), Centre of Hope (Kincardine), and Young Warriors of Freedom (Youth Church, Owen Sound) and released a downtown mission. This year, we could feasibly see two or three more churches planted as well as our High School expanded. The Vision God gave us: To release the restoring fire of God and to establish Holy Spirit led churches with the Spirit of Revival throughout Grey-Bruce Counties and beyond. Behind this vision is the very pulse of who we are. In order to release the restoring fire of God something essential must take place first within our own hearts. As I looked out at our city of Owen Sound and our Grey-Bruce region I began to get faith for the people of our region to come alive. I asked the Lord for His heart for my region and the plan that He wanted implemented to reach them. This is what He showed us. We were to start Fires in neighbouring communities and towns - holding meetings and preaching the Word of the Lord for that area. We would rent facilities and reach out to that community with the Word of God and with signs and wonders following. A F.I.R.E. involves four components:

For example, our Kincardine Fire caught quickly, our Associates, Pastors David and Wendy Mathieu went into that community, and we saw after the first and second meeting that this core of people were looking for the Victory vision. Other Fires catch much more slowly. However, they usually always have a strategic release of key leaders or potential pastors. At present we are in five communities (towns) besides where we have planted churches. Part of what these Fire outreaches do in our region are: 1. Introduces the region to the fullgospel message - that Jesus is still Saviour, Healer, Deliverer, and Baptiser of the Holy Spirit. 2. The Lost get saved! 3. Brings restoration to back-slidden believers without a church family 4. Familiarizes people (believers) in the region with Victory If a Fire is burning strong and there is no responsible leader arising either in that community or the home church then we have found that Fire can be maintained with one or two meetings per month, until an appropriate leader comes forth. This pattern of church planting is done with relative low cost, and minimal people. Once a core, of people, is established then a regular launch procedure is set in motion. We must get outside the limited confines of Sunday service. These principles that I have shared are the foundation stones that we have built upon in our local region. Already our Kincardine church plant (Centre of Hope Victory Church), pastored by Steve and Joanna Smith, which has been going for just over one year, is looking to do a Fire in their area. Babies having babies, its really great! The heart of God is to see, His Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven. I encourage you to get a heart to reach out and target somewhere that needs to see the Kingdom of God.

Fellowship and Pastoral Care

I find that we are literally pastoring and standing with people all over our region.

Dynamic preaching and the release of the supernatural.

Praying for the sick and encouragement of wayward saints to get on track again with God.

Its harvest time and people need the opportunity to be saved. Sometimes the Fire would catch quickly and other times it would not.


V i c t o r y C h u r c h e s I n t e r n a t i o n a l w w w. v i c t o r y i n t . o r g


By Debbie Jeyaseelan

Beautiful lawns, trees of every kind, pretty flowers and red compound walls that outline the entire complex. It looks more like a farmhouse than anything else. This is the new Land and Building Project of the seven year old church in New Delhi which is being led by Pastor Jey and Lizy Jeyaseelan. Jey and Lizy with their three children moved to Delhi in 1993 leaving behind a blossoming ministry in Agra, the city of the Taj Mahal. Jey was born in a little town in the southern part of India. He is one of eight children. The family was extremely poor and literally had nothing. When Jey was sixteen his class teacher called him aside and asked him if he'd like to accept Jesus as his personal Saviour. Mostly out of respect for his teacher Jey said sure. He recalls that as his moment of salvation. He returned home that day with a strong conviction in his heart that the God of the entire universe now lived in his small heart. Slowly he began to believe God for the poor situations at home. He first of all told God that he wanted his entire family saved. Sure enough within seven years all his family members had accepted Jesus as their Lord. Then he told God that he would like some decent education. His family could not support him in any way with so many children to take care of, but God had awesome plans for Jey. God made it possible that Jey could have advanced English education in one of the best Colleges in South India. When it was time to marry Jey told God, Father, I want you to bring me my wife! Soon after a friend of his who was a leading evangelist told Jey about Lizy, a beautiful Indian girl who was the daughter of a powerful pastor of a thousand member church. Jey right away knew in his heart that she was the one God had for him. Lizy proved to be a strong support to Jey and together they worked as a husband-wife ministry team. They both resigned promising jobs and moved with their newborn first son to Agra.

The early years of ministry and family life in Agra were very hard and challenging. The family never had enough money for food or any other basic necessities of life. Many times they faced life-threatening challenges from Hindu fanatics in the city whose main aim was to get them to go back to their hometown and stop any sort of church or gospel work. Twice their house was ransacked by thugs. But eventually the ministry grew into an exuberant church with about two hundred people, a Bible School, and Slum School. Today an associate heads the ministry. We never complained about our needs not being met right away, says Jey. We knew that God was in control and that hed always come through for us for we had tasted and seen it. Jeys faith in God has been tested on numerous occasions, but it has never failed. Today, Pastor Jey has established over ninety-three churches in nineteen states of India as well as several Bible Schools, slum schools, sewing schools, and crusade evangelism in the mountains of Himalayas. He has a great concern for the three million slum dwellers in the city of Delhi alone. His dream is to establish two hundred churches all over India within the next two years as well as a Bible School in every single one of Indias twenty-six states. He and Lizy also have a strong vision to start many more sewing schools, slum schools and orphanages all across the nation. To many Christian leaders he is known as a father figure and God is using him mightily to unite the different Christian denominations and backgrounds. He has arranged many city-wide crusades of more than 100,000 people, bringing healing and salvation to the suffering masses of India. Jeys leadership conferences draw thousands of pastors of various churches and denominations together for a time of impartation of vision, mission and training. Jey says, I believe that the only answer to Indias poverty is Jesus. My deepest desire is to see India come out of poverty and into the manifold plan of God. He adds, I dont think she has even begun to realize the value she has in Gods eyes. For that gentle wind is only mildly blowing now, but I hear the sound of a great and mighty storm of revival that is going to hit this land from the east to the west and the north to the south.

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V i c t o r y C h u r c h e s I n t e r n a t i o n a l w w w. v i c t o r y i n t . o r g



Dr. Hazel Hill,

VCI Missions Director

Lets not hand out fish, but give them a hook and teach them how to fish.
Over the past two decades Victory Churches International Missions department has been active in establishing church planting movements in over 21 nations of the world. In addition to planting churches, VCI Missions has also purchased land and partnered to build churches, Bible colleges, orphanages, and schools in these nations. We will continue to do this, but over the last two years Victory Churches has changed their philosophy regarding the distributions of funds for missions. Rather than providing regular monthly support to our third world nations, we have implemented the strategy of providing financial assistance for projects. Our goal for this new strategy is to assist these nations to develop and implement revenue-generating projects, hence, helping them to help themselves. This change of strategy has caused greater initiative and greater motivation on behalf of the national leaders. From a VCI missions view point it has given us better accountability and appreciation for the funds that have been entrusted to us. The transition was not an easy one but definitely a step that was needed. Victory Churches International works together in relationship with a common purpose. It has always been our desire to partner with the nations and not be their source of supply. The Lord is the source of their supply as well as ours. We all have the same Holy Spirit and the same Word of God; the Word works the same regardless of our nationality, colour or creed. The Bible says in Matthew 28:19-20, ...make disciples of all nations ...teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo I am with you always, even to the end of the age. We are to teach the people, not

make them dependent on us, but on God. We have an expression around Victory, You do what you can do, and we will help you to do what you can not do alone. At the last World Conference we met with all the national leaders and discussed our vision to support projects within their nations. These projects would give employment to their people and supply funds to help meet the need of their local churches and evangelistic outreaches. We gave them a window of 18 months to restructure their present way of doing things. We encouraged them to pray about projects that they would like to start in their nation; projects where Victory Missions would give the initial start up costs. Some of the national leaders immediately grabbed a hold of the vision and presented projects to us even before the conference was over; these have been great projects that have proved very fruitful for them indeed! Bread factories, plantations, beauty salons, fishing projects, sewing schools, and many other projects have sprung up and become a reality. Praise the Lord! The truth is people feel better about themselves when they can provide for their own families. Praise the Lord for all of you who have given to missions. You really do have a great reward coming your way. You have helped thousands of people find a better way of life through your faithful giving. Churches that give to missions and keep a missions focus in their churches are vibrant and alive! They have the favour of the Lord. Proverbs 11:24-25 says, There are those who (generously) scatter abroad and yet increase more: there are those who withhold more than is fitting or what is justly due, but it results only in want. The liberal soul shall be enriched, and he who waters, shall himself be watered. Amplified

300 churches
join Victory
Rev. Bester S. Kampala, a 70 year old native of Malawi, was left in charge of a network of 300 churches throughout Malawi and Mozambique, after the founding missionary retired and moved back to the USA. Feeling that they had been left without a spiritual covering, he and fellow leaders began to pray for God to provide. They faced overwhelming problems training their pastors and looking after the needs of the organization while trying to lead all their churches out of the ignorance and spiritual darkness that pervaded their nation. During a time of fasting and prayer Rev Kampala had a vision. In the vision he saw a white lady coming to help them. The Lord told him, This lady will come and teach you and your pastors. At the same time, back in Canada, Phyllis Labrentz was coming to grips was the death of her husband Norm. Former missionaries to Malawi, the Labrentz were then pastoring the Victory Church in Lac La Biche. They had worked for years in Malawi and still spearheaded an effort to see a Christian secondary school established there. Before his promotion to heaven Pastor Norm felt that the Lord wanted Phyllis to carry on their work there and he laid his hands upon her to pass the mantel of Gods calling to her. As soon as it could be arranged Phyllis and co-worker Hilda Steiner returned to Malawi and set to work laying the groundwork for the school project. When news of their arrival reached Rev Kampala he rejoiced, I went to the house where


V i c t o r y C h u r c h e s I n t e r n a t i o n a l w w w. v i c t o r y i n t . o r g


she and Hilda were living. Now when I looked on Rev Phyllis Labrentz, I knew that God had answered our prayers! It was a divinely ordained partnership. The building would house the school for children, but during the school break times it will be used for Bible College. Together they began to pray for the necessary funds to start construction on the facility. Within a short time Victory was able to provide $5,000 and construction was commenced. We welcome Rev. Kampala and all his pastors and churches to the Victory family!


place to live, the childrens home will offer a family atmosphere, an education and a future. Churches are being planted at such a fast rate in this area that many have purchased refugee tents and turned them into churches. One of our Victory Churches in Goma barely escaped the recent volcanic eruption that left thousands of people homeless as it covered a large portion of the city of Goma.

Pineapple Fields in Burundi generate work and income.


Victory Churches International Missions held its first all Afro Conference in Nairobi, Kenya, August 1-4, 2002. VCIs African national leaders, pastors and church leaders from Burundi, DR Congo, Ghana, Malawi and Rwanda attended the four-day conference. A mission team from Canada and the USA joined the Africans for a wonderful time in the presence of the Lord.

Victory Churches of Burundi was officially welcomed into the Victory family of churches at the 2001 VCI World Conference. Pastor Raphael and Janine Muryango have developed and implemented various outreaches and projects to meet the needs of the people in Burundi. With the assistance of VCI Missions, they have purchased land and planted pineapples as a means of generating work and income for their churches.

Dr. David and Teresita Rivera have helped to establish 10 churches, several medical clinics and a Bible College in El Salvador. They started their very first service in the Training Center of California Victory Church with 43 people in attendance on January 12. David and Teresita will lead a missions group to El Salvador this Spring.

Dr. David & Teresita Rivera.

Pastors Raphael and Janine Muryango and family.

Dr. Justice Joe and Rosevera Arhinful provides apostolic leadership to Victory Churches of Ghana. Using a variety of outreach initiatives, such as a radio program, Victory Churches of Ghana is spreading the Gospel and seeing lifechanging results in Ghana.

D.R. congo
Some of the African National Leaders.

The theme for the conference was Ebenezer...this far the Lord has brought us... (Oh Africa) 1 Samuel 7:12. It was quite evident the message the Holy Spirit desired to communicate to the conference delegates. Speaker after speaker echoed a consistent message challenging the Africans to believe God for their nations. Pastor Paul Juss, the guest speaker from Canada, challenged the delegates with a stirring message titled, There Is Greatness In You. Other speakers also brought the message for the delegates to look beyond their circumstances and obstacles and look to God and not to give up until the enemy gives up. The conference was a wonderful opportunity for the leaders to share their ideas and learn from each other what the Lord is doing in Africa. The national leaders are eager to begin making preparations for the second VCI Afro Conference.

Victory Churches of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (D.R. Congo), under the leadership of Bishop Amisi and Rebecca Uwezo, has planted many churches in this nation. A French Bible College in Butuwen trains new leaders and workers for the harvest. The most recent project for the D.R. Congo is the purchase of land on which the national head office, church, childrens home, Bible College and Christian school will be built this year. With the new childrens home, street children who are the victims of civil wars will finally have a home. But more than a

Dr. Justice Joe & Rosevera Arhinful and family

Pastors Amisi & Rebecaa Uwezo and congregation.

With the assistance of VCI Missions, Victory Churches of Ghana has purchased a van to distribute bread baked in their Quality Victory Bread factory. The purchase of the van enables the factory to reach many different markets within their region. Quality Victory Bread employs


V i c t o r y C h u r c h e s I n t e r n a t i o n a l w w w. v i c t o r y i n t . o r g


members of the church, tithes 10% of its bread to the poor and generates funds for the ministry. Dr. Justice Joes next project is to build a 1000 seat church building for one of his churches.


special need for land and buildings. Increase is the prophetic word over Kisumu! In the capital city of Nairobi, Pastor Jude and Lucy Kiteta oversee a rapidly growing network of churches. Starting in 1996 with their first church plant, they now oversee 13 healthy, growing churches, which are divided into four regions, each with its own overseer. We have also launched childrens home for the poorest of the poor children from the slums. Aged between three and seven, most of these little ones are orphans or from single mothers. Now they are receiving the love, education and decent living conditions that they need to succeed in life! A Victory Bible College was launched two years ago. Named Victory Hills Bible College in honour of Drs. George and Hazel Hill, the college is an integral part of an ambitious leadership training plan to prepare for future growth. Pastor Jude says, The next phase will be growth, for the present churches and into other regions of the country, God has shown us that by the end of this year we are going to witness a great harvest!

Pastor Patty Blais has quickly become one of the most popular guest ministers for women in this city of over a million people. Pastor Pattys Word-based preaching is accompanied by miracles of healing and fruit that remains. A recent Victory Womens Conference saw over 350 women registered. Victory Bible College of Mexico is poised for growth with internet access allowing distance education students to receive their Bachelor Degree in Ministry. Pastor Guardado directs the Victory Orphanage which provides homeless children with spiritual and academic education. As a member of the world-wide VCI family, Victory Churches of Mexico hosts and coordinates many short-term mission teams. There are many wonderful and exciting ministry opportunities for people from the North American Victory churches to get involved in.

Pastor Clinton and Janette Loney.

Pastor Clinton and Janette Loney provide leadership to Victory Churches of Jamaica. This nation was officially welcomed into the Victory family of churches during the 2001 VCI World Conference. Outreach crusades, health clinics and youth dance groups are just a few of the many initiatives Pastor Clinton is using to reach the community in Kingston. Poverty is a concern in this community. Therefore, Pastor Clinton is seeking out various means to educate and employ the people in the community to increase their standard of living.

Nigeria now joins the Victory Family of Nations! Dr. Timothy & Mercy Ifedioranma has come on stream with Victory Churches International through relationship with Dr. George Black from Olive Branch, Mississippi. Dr. Timothy oversees several churches in Nigeria and will be starting a Victory Bible College in the near future.

Jonathan and Patricia Blais are the pastors of the Victory Church of Chihuahua, which has grown to over 250 people. They are

Victory is working on two fronts in the nation of Kenya. In Kisumu, Pastor Vitalis and his team are diligent church planters with a great vision for raising up leaders within the church. Training sessions are

Sunday service at Victory Church of Chihuahua

Dr. Timothy and Mercy Ifedioranma

Bishop Jude and Lucy Kiteta from Kenya.

held weekly for those with a calling to fulltime ministry. Outreach is flowing as all of the churches in the city blitz Kisumu and surrounding towns with the Gospel through conferences, revival meetings, and street ministry. The churches are growing at such a rapid rate that there is a

the apostolic leaders for VCI in Mexico and give direction, release, and oversight to new churches and ministries. They also host the Victory Voice radio ministry, now in its fifth year of weekly broadcasting.
Quality Victory Bread, Ghana


V i c t o r y C h u r c h e s I n t e r n a t i o n a l w w w. v i c t o r y i n t . o r g


Victory Churches of Pakistan was born July 15th 2001. The founders of the Churches are Pastor Peter Jamshed, Pastor Cornilious, and Pastor Gill. All have attended Victory Bible College International, Thailand.

Polands outreach event.

Poland and together with Magda began running weekly Bible studies in our apartment. We discovered an old bomb shelter in the basement and quickly transformed it into a colourful Kids Club for neighbourhood children.
Victory Church of Pakistan

Victory Churches of Pakistan has an awesome vision to fulfill the Great Commission in Pakistan. Even during troubled times, in the midst of radical Islamic militancy, people are being saved, healed, baptized in the Holy Spirit and set free from the influence of ruling spirits in the area. The churches are vibrant and filled with people ready to die for their faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Victory churches of Pakistan, has opened its first Christian school for under privileged children. This project is supported by VCI Missions.

It was a short step to move from our Bible studies to pioneering our first Victory Church in our own living room in 1996. A year and a half later, thanks to the generosity of the Victory Churches in Canada, we were able to purchase our own building in the centre of the city. In the years that followed the church continued to grow and so did our ministry to children in the city. We now operate regular outreaches to several orphanages, schools, and housing developments. We are now preparing a second team to reach out to 13-18 year-olds. Our prayer is for Gods anointing to be released to break through the rough-n-tough exteriors of these teenagers so that the love of God can heal the scars within.


The Thailand ministry has grown to include several Asian countries, representing a major portion of the worlds population. Every aspect of ministry is focused on training effective national leaders and missionaries for these Asian nations. Some phase of church planting has already begun in seven of these nations, but not without enormous challenges. Pray for the right people and the resources needed to mobilize them into this great harvest field.

Pastor Richard and Ning Conte and family.

Pastor Richard Conte was recently appointed the national leader of Victory Churches of the Philippines by Victory Churches of Asias director, Pastor Al Purvis. Pastor Richard oversees several churches in the Philippines and is in the process of planting additional churches in the Philippines.

Just over ten years ago I moved to the city of Jelenia Gora in the southwest corner of
Victory Churches Thailand members and pack.

MISSIONS DIRECTOR Dr. Hazel Hill Email: BURUNDI Pastor Raphael & Janine Muryango Email: D.R. CONGO Pastor Amisi & Rebecca Uwezo Email: EL SALVADOR Pastor David & Teresita Rivera Email: GHANA Pastor Justice Joe Arhinful Email: INDIA Pastor Jey & Lizy Jeyaseelan Email: JAMAICA Pastor Clinton & Janette Loney Email: KENYA Pastor Jude & Lucy Kiteta Email: MOZAMBIQUE Rev. Phyllis Labrentz Email: MALAWI Rev. Phyllis Labrentz Email: MEXICO Pastor Jonathan & Patricia Blais Email: MYANMAR Pastor Ram Than Oak NIGERIA Rev. Dr. Timothy & Mercy Ifedioranma E-mail: NORTHERN IRELAND Pastor David & Vera Pedlow Email: PAKISTAN Pastor Peter & Lubna Jamshed Email: PHILIPPINES Pastor Richard Conte Email: POLAND Pastors Magdalena Broda & Cindy Dyer Email: ROMANIA Pastor Emanoil & Lenuta Caileanu Email: RWANDA Pastor Joseph Kamanza Ongemwanzi Email: THAILAND Pastor Al & Terry Purvis Email:


V i c t o r y C h u r c h e s I n t e r n a t i o n a l w w w. v i c t o r y i n t . o r g


By Pastor

Abe Brown

believe we are standing on the brink of the greatest revival that this world has ever seen. I believe that God is preparing an army that will take His Word and His Glory around the world. It is for this reason that Victory Bible Colleges exist. Our goal is to equip men and women to take their place in Gods great end-time harvest, and to usher in the Second Coming of Christ. The depth of our preparation always determines the height of our destiny.

Indonesia, we truly are reaching all over the world. Our Media Arts Program is designed to give students hands-on training in the fields of television, media, the Internet and graphic design. Our Worship Arts Program is training people in the fields of music, song-writing, prophetic worship leading, and creative drama. Our Biblical Studies and Theology Degree Programs are practically training hungry people in Word and Spirit. Our Distance Learning and Correspondence Programs are literally reaching hundreds all over the world. Dr. George Hills vision, to reach every available person, at every available time, by every available means, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, forms the very heartbeat of VBCI. We take the call to equip the next generation of ministers seriously!

Just recently, my wife and I took a team of students across Canada on a Ministry Tour. It seemed like in one place after another, we saw the fruit of Victory Bible College everywhere we went. There was Truro, N.S., where Pastor Brian Bourque had recently taught one of our courses in his church and spoke of the impact it had upon the lives of his leaders. There was Halifax, N.S., where the pastors in the Halifax area are joining together to offer an extension site of VBCI. There was Pastor William Lee in Scarborough, where Youth Explosion revival meetings were planned for our Team to minister in, remembering the revival impact of our trip to his church last spring. There was Pastor Steve Smith in Kincardine, Ontario, a recent graduate of VBCI who is now pastoring and growing a church that is alive and healthy. As I look across Canada and around the world, there is fruit from VBCI everywhere, and we give God the glory for this! The recent rise in terrorist activities has renewed peoples interest in spiritual things. Around the globe, we are preparing men and women to take up the challenge, become all things to all people, and reach this generation for Christ. With Victory Bible Colleges now in the U.S.A., Thailand, India, Congo, Mexico, Kenya, Poland, and Bible Colleges planned in England, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and

Thus, we believe God has given us a threefold mandate: To help people develop an intimate, personal and fruitful relationship with Jesus. To help people become strong in every area of their lives so they can accomplish whatever God has called them to do, and equip others to fulfill the plan of God for their lives. To train and release people into fulltime ministry, blending solid, biblically based instruction with practical teaching and training. Above all, we desire to produce graduates who walk from the classroom into the local church, grounded in the Word of God, with the love of God in their hearts, and a strong anointing of the Spirit on their lives.


V i c t o r y C h u r c h e s I n t e r n a t i o n a l w w w. v i c t o r y i n t . o r g


Moose Jaws

Miracle Building

building was great, the potential was awesome, it seemed an ideal opportunity, but the price seemed well beyond our reach. We continued to press on believing if it was God, the provision would be there. Early in the negotiations we were told by the foreclosing creditor, we needed $150,000 by the following Wednesday. The threat was they would put the property on the open market, where it would surely sell quickly. That Sunday, before a small congregation of people of modest means, I announced the need. I remember saying and believing with all my heart We dont need to please the owner, the bankers, the lawyers, or the real estate agents. We simply need to please God with our giving, and He will do the rest! That wonderful group of people sacrificed deeply and gave $22,000 that week. God was pleased. The negotiations stumbled along for another eight months and miraculously the property never saw the open market. Our favor from God was such that our final purchase price was a full quarter of a million dollars less that our original offer! The structure of the building is such that there are no posts on the main floor. This means expansion and change in any direction was possible for us and our tenants, an option we have used. When we moved into the building we found the basement filled with top quality (used) building materials, the residue of many previous tenants. If we needed something we would simply search the basement or 12,000 square foot attic, and there it would be! Dr. George Hill is noted to have said opportunity comes dressed in coveralls. To be honest, the running after the vision has been hard work. While there are several empty buildings on Main Street, ours quickly became fully leased. I believe it will stay that way until we need to expand. We love our tenants (seven businesses in all), and I can honestly say they love us as well. One group of tenants said we have never seen such hard working people. What an incredible opportunity for testimony, glory be to God!


Pastor Terry Murphy

Setting our sights too low guarantees we will miss Gods best. The question we need to ask in any given situation is not: whats the best we can do? but rather, what does God want to do through us? Like most church plants, we desired a facility where we could grow and prosper. After unproductively searching in the natural, we began to seek God for His supernatural vision and provision. We soon came to believe He wanted to show off through us, and that is just what He has done! Someone once said, Attempt something so impossible that unless God is in it, its doomed to failure. Finding Gods vision, regardless of whether or not it seems doable, is the first step in doing great exploits for Him. Gods ways and thoughts are above ours; chances are you have been aiming too low. Once we have His specific vision, all we need to do is run! Run with childlike faith, run with wisdom, run with endurance, run until it comes to pass. As we sought Gods heart for a facility, we came to believe He didnt want us isolated on the fringe of the city, but rather to be a visible force at the center of the action. He also didnt want us so in-debt we were bound, but rather financially free to fulfill the rest of His vision for us. God brought to our attention a large building in receivership at the center of the city of Moose Jaw. The building was originally a supermarket, and had been converted into a half-leased mini mall. It was in excellent shape; plenty of paved parking; located on Main Street; 27,000 square feet of prime potential; complete with built in revenue. The

Situated on the Trans Canada Highway, close to Canada Olympic Park and just inside the city of Calgary, Victory Village provides a relaxing and quiet Christian atmosphere with the advantage of the city just minutes away.

Victory Village Facilities

Fully furnished suites with ensuite bathrooms Executive suites with many extras Shared living; Cappuccino Bar/Bookstore Dining room/Kitchen Catering Conference Facilities Meeting Rooms Field area for picnics Monthly accommodations Victory Village is ideal for weddings, retreats, family reunions, conferences, tour groups or overnight stays. Victory Village is located near shopping centers and minutes away from downtown Calgary, en route to Kananaskis, Canmore, Banff.

10623 West Valley Road, SW Calgary, AB T3B 5T2 403-286-8337 Email: VICTORY CANADA
V i c t o r y C h u r c h e s I n t e r n a t i o n a l w w w. v i c t o r y i n t . o r g




Pastors George and Hazel Hill

California Victory Church, Newport Beach, California

Pastors George and Cathy Black

Rejoice Victory Church, Olive Branch, Mississippi

Pastors David and Teresita Rivera

Victory Hispanic Church, Fountain Valley, California

Pastor Kim Vin

Vietnamese Victory Church Fountain Valley, California

Pastors Dave and Pam Morgan

The Victory Churches USA annual Power Conference was held in Hawaii this year. The theme of the conference was, Catching the Wave of Gods Spirit. Pastor Kelsey and Druscilla Lewis hosted the conference with excellence in their brand new facility in Honolulu. This was more than a conference. It was a strategic step of advancement into the next phase of expansion for VCI USA. The planting and amazing growth of the California Victory Church; Bible College, and USA headquarters, as well as the Sunday services being televised on National TV through the Angel television network, was an encouragement to all. The testimonies of growth and blessing upon all the Victory Churches USA brought to everyone a great sense of being right in the center of Gods purpose. We believe that Victory Churches USA is positioned right on top of a large Holy Spirit Wave that is getting ready to break right across this great nation. The last few years have been a time of preparation, transition, purification and positioning for what the Lord is about to do in and from North America. Our time has come! Let us be strong and courageous and do it! Pastor George Hill
President Victory Churches International

Pastors Bill and Patty Lewis

Valley Victory Church Kalispell, Montana

Pastors John and Helen Miller

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warfare: taking care of the soldiers who are fighting the good fight of faith. Does it pay off? Finally - after months of theosophizing, Joe, nineteen year-old, came to talk to me after a service, So this is a church, eh? Ive never been to one of these before. But if all churches are like this, I could maybe see myself getting into church. Craig took me for coffee to inform me: The thing is... I just dont think I could really tell God I love him. I mean Im okay with Him; were cool with each other. I just dont know about saying I love you, thats all. (Craig recently mentioned in passing how much he loved God and how awesome God was and yada, yada, yada). What puts us at a different speed is not so much the light show, the ultra-loud worship or the coffee break after worship. Its not that our primary service is 8:15 p.m. on a Saturday night, or that we recently likened Christ, in His defeat of death, to Bill & Ted (during their Excellent Adventure they also defeated death). What we hope makes us different, above anyone else different, is our answer to these questions: Who is my neighbour? And to what lengths will I go, who will I become, and what will my church become, in order to reach my neighbour?


Pastor Scott Bartlett

A train carrying a rock concert leaves Toronto, traveling westbound. At the same time, a train carrying a social club leaves from Yellowknife traveling southbound. Another train, this time carrying a Christian community, simultaneously leaves Vancouver traveling eastbound. If these trains should converge in a colossal wreck, where would the wreck occur and what would it produce...? That is how we describe our Saturday night service to curious new comers at The Gate in Lethbridge. What exactly is church? What exactly should it look like? And what can we do to help it get there? Tough questions, but questions that we agonized over for years as we prepared to form and continue to form the Gate. First, at the very core of what we believe at the Gate (and really, as Christians), is the idea that church is not the building itself. Church is the Christians, and, arguably, the non-Christians, that drop by the building every now and then to connect with God as a community. Church is the leader who has a slight rock music obsession, and church is the philosophy student who wants to argue existentialism from the Bible. Church is the blue-collar worker who cant decide between a BBQ and a church service, and its the teenager who lives for the one time per week shell have all her friends in the same room. Reduced to its lowest common denominator, church is people who, for all their differences, have a commonality: they are somewhere on a spiritual journey. At the Gate, weve had to think and re-think, disassemble and rebuild, try and fail in order to help people move towards God. There is a strong sense that the look and feel of church needs to be a function of taking people on that journey. Its

removing walls: to get people into God, remove things that keep them out of God. Weve rocked, weve raved, weve laughed, weve prayed. Weve made mistakes and had great successes. It just so happened in our highly social youth counter-culture of music, media and spirituality that we ended up with the trains we did, but their collision was simply an answer to the question: how do we best connect these people to God? A second core value at the Gate is the belief in the spiritual side of life. It may seem silly, but seeker-sensitive churches like us often get accused of focusing on fluff. But the reality is this: people are more open to spiritual things today - and this puts seeker sensitivity on an entirely different level.

The idea of guests being in our midst no longer becomes a limiting factor as to whether we pray for the sick, raise our hands in worship, talk about Gods blessing, or admit we believe in visions and dreams. It simply means we find ourselves explaining everything (over and over and over), and utilizing common vernacular to get the point across. A third core value of the Gate is not just that the church is people, its that the people really matter. When workers feel burnout coming on, they have to know that their value is not in the stuff they give to God, but in knowing who they are in Christ. In a sense, its the practical side of spiritual


V i c t o r y C h u r c h e s I n t e r n a t i o n a l w w w. v i c t o r y i n t . o r g



God in your will

or spiritual (curses, hexes, vexes, charms, demonic dedications, evil covenants) unless dealt with, seem to provide an invisible cage that keeps us repeating negative patterns in our lives that seem impossible to get free from. Psalm 18:19 He also brought me out into a broad place; He delivered me because He delighted in me. Pastor Ann Buroker Do you have a problem with anger? Do you fight fear in every uncharted circumstance in your life? Are you plagued with thoughts of suicide? Does life seem hopeless? Do you judge others all the time or find it difficult to simply believe? What negative forces affect your aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, mom, dad? What hereditary diseases do you see in your family? Are one or more of your relatives fighting depression? Have there been miscarriages or abortions in your family? Chronic financial problems? Do you find it difficult to study and read the Bible on your own? Do you always fall asleep when the preaching at church starts?

Psalm 32:7 You are my hiding place; You shall preserve me from trouble; You shall surround me with songs of deliverance. Psalm 34:4, 19 I sought the Lord, and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all. Psalm 37:40 And the Lord shall help them and deliver them; He shall deliver them from the wicked, and save them, because they trust in Him. Psalm 50:14-15 Offer to God thanksgiving, and pay your vows to the Most High. Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me. Because some problems are so familiar to us, it is often difficult to see them ourselves. It is good to get ministry from a trained team to help you through this aspect of healing. Our church has a trained deliverance team who ministers to those who may need such help. First, we ask everyone to spend time in fasting and prayer. This is a time for the person to recognize and deal with any known sins in their life and to build themselves up spiritually. After they have signed a release form our trained prayer team, well versed in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, will minister to the individual. They ask God to reveal any curses or demonic strongholds and break them through the authority of Jesus name. This is followed by prayer for the infilling of the Holy Spirit, ministry of prophetic words, encouragement, and direction in applying the scriptures to their lives. Once a person knows what they are dealing with and how to stop it, then it becomes the individuals responsibility to pursue the path to freedom and health. If you are interested in establishing such a ministry in your church, we would be happy to assist in any way we can. Being healthy is a great way to live.

When we talk about a will often the atmosphere becomes uncomfortable. Some even consider the topic morbid! Yet its an item that is very important. Not only to you, but also to your spouse, children, grandchildren and your best friends. As God has given you everything you own, you have to use it to the best of your ability. Dont just squander it away. Put it to good use! Not many people realize that if no will has been drawn up, someone unknown to you will decide what to do with your money and possessions. I would like to challenge you today, to check up on your will. Find out where your estate will be going when youre gone. Will it go to your spouse?Your friends?your church?your God?

If you have pursued many routes to get your healing without success, perhaps you really need deliverance. Not every sickness has a demon attached to it, but we know and understand that all sickness comes from the devil. In the story in Luke 13 the woman was healed when Jesus loosed her from a spirit of infirmity. The Greek word SOZO, from which we get the New Testament word saved, means safety, deliverance, healing, preservation and soundness. It is a part of our spiritual inheritance to be delivered from our enemies. Jesus himself rebuked the Pharisees because they did not deliver a child of God whom the devil had bound (see Luke 13:16-17). Deliverance is merely addressing any demonic spirits that may have taken hold of an individual through the family line, lack of knowledge, sin, or traumatic circumstances. II Cor 10:4-5 says that we are not dealing with flesh and blood (people) but with evil spirits. Just like a doctor removes a cancerous growth, a deliverance worker breaks the influence of a demon. Once a person knows what they are dealing with and how to stop it, then it becomes easier to pursue the path to freedom and health. Things we experience, whether physical (abuse, disease, promiscuity); mental (negative words, vows, traumatic events);

Remember, God put you in His will. Why not put Him in your will?
For more information, contact:

Victory Churches International Box 65077, North Hill P .O. Calgary, Alberta Canada T2N 4T6 or call: (403) 286-8337 or email:


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united kingdom
Victory Churches are now spreading throughout the UK from Manchester, Carlisle, Leeds, Trentham, Ilkley, and on into Wales and Northern Ireland. After raising up a great church in Rugely, Pastor Will and Barbie Graham released it to their associate and moved to Manchester, the third largest city in the UK, to head up an apostolic church plant and establish the VCI headquarters for the UK. Reaching the UKs youth is a major emphasis for many of the Victory churches. They have made it a central part of the mandate to establish Christian schools in order to train a new generation in the ways of the Lord. Will and Barbie also oversee the VCI churches in Poland and Romania. Drs. George and Hazel will be joining Will and Barbie for the UK National Conference on July 26-31, 2003.

Women of Victory, (formerly called Gideons army), a ministry to women and children, was founded by Dr. Hazel Hill in 1997. Dr. Hill was moved with compassion when she saw the abuse and suffering of women and children in Third World nations. Desperate to make a difference, she cried out to the Lord and He responded by giving her a vision for a ministry to help women and children. To date, Women of Victory has initiated and supported several projects for women and children around the world as well as raised up and released many women into ministry.

The mandate of Women of Victory is to:

Reach women and children for Jesus Educate women of all ages to improve their quality of life Conduct conferences for women for the purpose of raising up and releasing women into their God-given destinies Build homes and schools for widows and fatherless children Prayerfully consider becoming a monthly supporter of Women of Victory. Monthly partners sending $25/mon or more will receive periodic newsletters and teaching tapes. Send your one-time gift or post-dated checks to the address below:

On SkyAngel Satellite Channel - Angel One 9701 Thursdays 9:30pm PST Saturdays 1:30pm PST

On the Miracle Channel Sundays 6:30pm PST

Women of Victory
Box 65077, North Hill P .O., Calgary, Alberta Canada T2N 4T6 Tel: (403) 286-8337 Fax: (403) 286-8335 Email: THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATION TO THIS VITAL MINISTRY


V i c t o r y C h u r c h e s I n t e r n a t i o n a l w w w. v i c t o r y i n t . o r g



Canadian National Conference
Calgary, Alberta June 4-6, 2003
Visit our website or call 403-286-4477 for more information.

General Degaule said, If you do BIG things you will attract BIG people, do small things and you will attract small people and small people cause you lots of problems.
What BIG Things can we do together in the next five years? 1. An annual Victory Churches CD with all original Victory praise and worship music. A major worship conference will spring out of this. 2. Encourage our local churches to produce their own original music CD. 3. A major apostolic church plant in Vancouver, with a goal to build a strong region in the area within five years. 4. A major apostolic church plant in Quebec, with a goal to build a strong region in the area within five years. 5. Plant twenty new Canadian churches all on the same day Sept. 12, 2004. 6. Plant ten new USA churches all on the same day Sept. 12, 2004. 7. Plant 365 churches around the world all on the same day Mid-September, 2007. 8. Encourage and help support our churches to purchase digital TV equipment and go on local and national television and radio. 9. Encourage and help support our churches to purchase their own facilities. 10.Rebuild Victory Publishing House and publish some best selling books by Victory authors. 11.Establish and support a major youth conference with well-known ministries involved. Appoint a national youth director and provincial youth directors. 12.Start a Victory Bible College in Ontario and Quebec. 13.Annual Canadian and USA magazines released every six months. February for Canada and October for the USA. 14.Establish a Victory Bible College in Lebanon to reach the Middle East. 15.Build a facility for the Victory headquarters in every nation. We are going to do it BIG, do it GOOD and do it TOGETHER. We have a corporate destiny, a corporate purpose that calls for corporate obedience if we are going to experience corporate blessing and victory. What do we see in 2003? Multiplication, Miracles, Music, Multimedia, Middle East, Money, and Mucho-Grande projects. Whatever you see in 2003, there is even more in 2004!

Someone once said that one of the best ways to get somewhere in life is to find someone else who is going the same way and join him. As the vision of Victory Churches International continues to gain momentum both in North America and around the world, an increasing number of churches are seeking to join up. We usually hear more about church splits than church unions, but the merging together of different ministries is actually not that uncommon. Before such a merger can work, both parties must thoroughly understand the implications and the expectations of this kind of relationship. The church must carefully ask itself the following questions: Do we have a true understanding of the need for this kind of relationship? Do we realize our own limitations as a local church and appreciate the need for a greater team effort? Is this knowledge based on a Biblical conviction of the need for apostolic relationship?

1 2 3 4

Are we in agreement with the articles of faith, governmental structures, policies and procedures of Victory Churches? Will any points of difference jeopardize the relationship in the future? Are we willing to make ample opportunity for VCI leaders to share their hearts and impart apostolic vision to both the leadership and the church? Are we willing to trust God to develop relationship, praying and fasting, believing that it can work, putting forth the necessary effort and be patient as God defines it? All these must be honestly, realistically and prayerfully assessed. It will take faith in God as you pray and allow Him to develop the relationship.

Once a church is satisfied that it shares the same vision and the same heart as Victory, then a Fellowship Agreement is drafted. This is a non-voting membership that can last a minimum of 6 months and up to 24 months. It allows an interim period of active participation in which the applicant church can come into harmony with both the spirit and the structure of VCI before entering into full Affiliation. During this probationary period a church should attempt to send representatives to all VCI meetings, including general directors meetings, conferences, and fellowship events. It also gives the church time to make the necessary changes to conform to the constitution and bylaws of VCI. These churches are expected to begin contributing financially to the support of VCI activities in church-planting and missions around the world. Joining a larger group is a great benefit to the church enlarging its fellowship, vision, support and opportunities, and the church in turn can add fresh perspectives and new strengths to the greater family, expanding its vision and scope of ministry. Like a marriage, the nurturing of a strong, healthy, and long-lasting relationship can take a lot of effort, but in the long run the time and effort expended produces rewarding results. II Chronicles 7:14-15
If My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave, and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land. Now My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to prayer offered in this place.



V i c t o r y C h u r c h e s I n t e r n a t i o n a l w w w. v i c t o r y i n t . o r g



History, Purpose,Vision & Doctrine
Drs. George and Hazel Hill are the Founders of Victory Churches International, one of the fastest growing church planting movements in North America and the world, with a 50% growth rate every year for the last 10 years.The Victory movement began in 1979, with the planting of the first church in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. This soon grew to be one of the largest charismatic churches in Canada at that time. The movement has had explosive growth over the last decade, planting another 80 churches in North America and almost 700 around the world, as well as Bible colleges, orphanages, Christian schools, TV & Radio ministries and outreaches to the poor. The longer-term objective of Victory Churches International is to establish at least another 200 churches across North America and another 3000 churches around the world by the year 2010. Drs. George and Hazel Hill are now residing in California where they have planted California Victory Church and are establishing the Victory USA headquarters and Bible College.

We believe at Victory Churches International

1) In one true and living God externally existing and revealed to us as the Father, creator of all living things; the Son, Jesus Christ, God incarnate; and the Holy Spirit. 2) In the deity of Jesus Christ, His virgin birth, death for our sins, bodily resurrection, ascension under God, and imminent return in power and glory. 3) The Holy Scriptures are the inspired and complete revelation of Gods will concerning mans salvation through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. 4) That men are saved solely through faith in Gods grace as displayed in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 5) In water baptism as a public declaration that a believer has died with Christ and risen with Him to walk a life of holiness and love. 6) In the unity of all true believers as members of the universal body of Christ regardless of denominational affiliation. 7) In the celebration of the Lords Supper as a remembrance of Jesus. 8) In the ministry of the Holy Spirit: a. By the inward witness of salvation to the believer. b. By daily guidance and growth of Christ-like character. c. By the baptism of the Holy Spirit, an experience distinct from and following the new birth, evidenced initially by speaking with other tongues, and subsequently by the manifestation of spiritual power in public testimony and service. d. By the manifestation of the supernatural gifts of the Spirit as listed in 1 Cor. 12:8-10. 9) That Jesus Christ is coming again to gather all His saints unto Himself. Those who have not accepted His redemptive work on their behalf will suffer separation from the Godhead eternally. 10)That following His return, Jesus Christ will rule and reign for one thousand years on the earth. After this there will be a new heaven and a new earth.

CANADA Victory Bible Colleges International Calgary, Alberta Dean: Pastor Abram Brown Email: Registrar: Karen Denton Email: Phone: 403-286-8337 ext 208 UNITED STATES Victory Bible Colleges International Orange County, California Dean: David Beaulieu Email: Phone: 714-964-1377 D.R. CONGO Victory Bible College Director: Pastor Amisi Uwezo Rev. Zagabe Mango Email: INDIA Victory Bible College Director: Dr. Jey Jeyaseelan Email: JAMAICA Victory Bible Institute of Jamaica Director: Pastor Clinton Loney Email: Phone: 876-948-0203 KENYA Hills Bible College Director: Pastor Jude Kiteta Email: MEXICO Colegio Biblico Victoria de Mxico Director: Pastor Jonathan Blais Email: THAILAND Victory Bible College, Sriracha, Thailand Director: Pastor Al Purvis Email: Dean: Dean & Sue Hughes Email:

Vision Springs From Purpose:

The basic purpose of our local churches is: Evangelism, discipleship and mobilization. The basic purpose of a National Church Planting Organization is: To raise up and release 5-fold ministry giftings into Holy Spirit directed service. To plant church-planting churches to work together for the purpose of reproducing leaders and churches. To give apostolic oversight and direction to churches planted. The basic purpose of Victory Churches International is: To plant church-planting organizations in as many nations in the world as is possible. To raise up apostolic teams with a key apostolic leader in each nation. To release developed 5-fold ministry giftings into Holy Spirit directed service to the nations. To work together as united nations with a common purpose to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus.

Victory Jungle Bible College Heshey Jabo

UNITED KINGDOM (MANCHESTER) Victory International Bible Training Centre Principal: Brenda Wray Website:


V i c t o r y C h u r c h e s I n t e r n a t i o n a l w w w. v i c t o r y i n t . o r g


When God thinks about you... He dreams great things for your future.
(Jeremiah 29:11)

Certificate of Biblical Studies Associate Degree in Theology Bachelor of Theology Graduate Studies, including Masters and Doctorate Programs in Theology Correspondence Courses Evening Classes available

Turn your dreams into reality.

Victory Bible Colleges International

Box 65077, North Hill P.O., Calgary, Alberta Canada T2N 4T6 Tel: (403) 286-8337 Fax: (403) 286-8335 President & Founders: Drs. George & Hazel Hill