Market of passenger cars and auto parts and accessories in Romania (July 2012) 1. Domestic demand in Romania 1. 1. Domestic consumption of cars The country has 22.2 million people, and is one of the larger CEE countries in terms of the population. Moreover, the rate of car ownership is one of the lowest in CEE — with 247 cars per 1,000 people The total stock of passenger cars in Romania increased continuously from 1.6 millions in 1992 to 4.3 millions in 2011 of which 25% of cars older than 20 years, 45% of cars older than 15 years, Romania became the average age of cars in Europe, "most" countries. The Romanian car market dropped by 7.4 per cent last year (2011, a number of 110,668 units were sold, including vehicles for personal use and commercial vehicles, which is down from 119,576 units in 2010. Sales of cars dropped by 11 per cent, from 106,328 units sold in 2010 to 94,624 sold last year. In the last four years, the vehicle market dropped by 70 per cent in Romania, due to the economic crisis. In 2011, Romania exported 304,924 vehicles, which is 3.1 per cent less than the previous year, while imports dropped by 3.7 per cent, to 79,761 cars. Top 10 best selling car marques in Romania: 2011 market share, % Dacia 28,337 (29.9% ); Volkswagen 10,043 (10.6%); Skoda 8,260 (8.7%); Renault 7,229 ( 7.6%); Ford 5,547 (5.9%); Opel 4,872 5.1%; Hyundai 3,405 3.6%; Chevrolet 3,027 3.2%, Toyota 2,902 3.1% ; Peugeot 2,425 2.6% Nearly half of the sales were through a car renewal programme* launched by the government.
* Romanian government launched a revised “clunkers” program in February, 2010 in which car owners received a voucher in exchange for each scrapped car, which could be combined with up to three others when buying a new car. By December 2010, this program has induced the sale of 60 000 new cars out of a total of 106,000 cars sold in 2010 (roughly 57 % of sales). Overall, more than 50% of the Romanian vehicle population does not conform to the European emission standards.

Sales of market leader Dacia in 2011: Logan Sedan (15830 units), Logan Duster sports (7252 unit), Sandero hatchback and Logan Multi Convivial( 3000 – 2255 units.) Despite expecting more promising growth in the sector in 2012, as economic improvements begin to filter through to consumers, we believe it is unlikely that Romanian car sales will return to pre-crisis levels by the end of our forecast period in 2016.

413. The aftermarket is estimated to have totalled around € 1 billion in 2010.570 1.2 Other parts and accessories 1.0 6. Consumption of parts and components is expected to increase.000 units.4 billion. as a result of increased car assembly and a growing aftermarket.0 Tyres 294. It is one of the few countries to see consumption grow above 2008 levels again.0 22. Consumption of auto parts and accessories Romania is one of the smaller EU markets for parts and components.3 Vehicle electric 479.0 27. Romania is now the 13th largest market in the EU.2010 Consumption 2010 CAGR % Total 4.0 30.760 1. As a result of the economic crisis.200 1. Unit: USD millions Car (motor vehicles market) Total market size Total local production Total exports Total Imports 2009 1.920 1. Apparent consumption of parts and components by category in million € change 2006 .0 Bodies and parts 593. Consumption equalled 1. 2.0 Materials 68.0 Drivetrain and parts 347.968 3. consumption grew by 18%.0 Trailers and trailer parts 7. consumption grew by just 6%.6 28.328 2. From 2006 to 2008.455.0 6.0 33. as derived from Prodcom data. is calculated at € 4.0 Engines and parts 970.0 14.2 The Association of Car Manufacturers and Importers estimates a slight increase in the Romanian market of new vehicles in 2012 as compared to the previous year.788 2. consumption showed an irregular growth pattern.0 . Total consumption of parts and components in 2010. In 2009.634 2010 2. but it is growing rapidly.040 3. but ahead of Portugal and the Netherlands.980 3.0 23. Total consumption increased by 22% annually between 2006 and 2010.0 Electric equipment parts 199. after Slovakia and Hungary.733 2011 (estimated) 2.252 3. up to 100.0 25.6% of total EU consumption. to increase strongly by 54% in 2010.

587 units.0 21. The Romanian automotive industry employs approximatively 120. the plant in Pitesti was converted into a production base for the Dacia model. According to the Romanian Association of Car Manufacturers. Car industry The automotive industry has been one of the most profitable sectors of the Romanian economy in recent years. 1.0 19. Production 2.0 63.712.000 people is 10 times lower in Romania than in Slovakia and three times lower than in Hungary. The potential for development of the automotive manufacturing industry is higher in Romania than the other countries of Central and Eastern Europe.0 Materials 46. enabled . First established as supplier factory for truck maker Roman. The production of commercial vehicles maintained a high level of 27.0 Tyres 797.0 25.a.0 Trailers and trailer parts 5. Key figures of local production Production of cars increased above expectations and reached a volume of 323.0 58.2010 Production 2010 CAGR % Total 6. 2.0 Bodies and parts 901.0 Other parts and accessories 1.3 Apparent production of parts and components by category in million € change 2006 .000 people (direct employment only).469. the automotive industry contributed EUR 9 billion to Romania's GDP in 2010.5 n.0 19. Around 91 % of Romania’s domestic car production was exported which indicates the importance of external demand.6 Electric equipment parts 155.0 7.0 20. The Romanian auto industry is currently falling into a standard pattern for countries in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) that is a very large domestic production capacity and limited domestic consumption. It is clear that the overall state of the Romanian auto industry is very likely to be dominated by macroeconomic factors in Europe.090.0 Vehicle electric 1. The production of cars per 1. Automotive players Dacia / Renault The liaison between Renault and the Romanian brand Dacia started in the 1960s.0 Engines and parts 654..325 units.0 21.0 Drivetrain and parts 350.

production of the new Ford B-MAX was started.823 workers. utilities and engineering services. These JVs produce for both the domestic market (e.000 companies are active in the production of parts. while the international car manufacturers bring in their brand. are the cheapest cars in Europe. At present. Ford committed itself to source 60% of its future supplies in Romania itself. Today. When purchasing the former Daewoo plants. activities have been upgraded and the plant modernized due to the majority takeover by Renault. Ford said it would invest €675 million (USD 923 million) in the former Daewoo car factory and that it would buy supplies from the Romanian market worth €1 billion (USD 1. 2. 2. infrastructure). the Romanian automotive sector will have to continue to rely on foreign direct investment. Most of these pre-dominantly smaller .000 cars per year.g. For this.000 euro. To become more competitive. for Renault-Dacia) and the overseas markets. global know-how and services. Ford Ford bought the Automobile Craiova plant for USD 57 million.000 cars per year. planning to produce automobiles at a rate of over 300. It is unclear whether Romania ever will have the kinds of industry tiers of suppliers and sub-suppliers that characterize the auto industry in other countries. Since 1999. which is aided by the large amount of locally produced parts and components used by Dacia. Most of the Romanian suppliers work in joint ventures with foreign partners. The Dacia Logan together with its derivate the Sandero hatchback.39 billion). The future shape of Romania’s automotive industry will depend on how much of the chain of value added it can capture.4 through a Renault license. Renault produces by far the largest portion (97%) of passenger cars in Romania. over 3.5 billion in Dacia which has a capacity of 350. or simply host final assembly and a few large suppliers. The French Renault Group invested EUR 1. Production of automotive parts and components The Romanian parts industry has experienced steep growth. the Romanian party providing production facilities. In September 2009. produced by Renault in Pitesti. By 2013 the Craiova factory will have installed production capacities able to produce 350. Approximately 91 % of cars built at the Dacia are exported to 60 markets on four continents. The company currently employs 13.000 units a year by 2010. and in 2012. It has been estimated that almost 60% of the parts used by Dacia is domestically produced and that Dacia co-operates with over 200 Romanian producers. Romanian government authorities must strike an adequate balance between the social needs of the employees in this sector (salary levels) and the conditions required by foreign investors (cost competitiveness. the company began to assemble the light utility vehicle Ford Transit Connect in Craiova. Romania symbolizes the transition to a new dimension of lowbudget cars under 7. Romania has a small but growing automotive cluster with a network of suppliers and components manufacturers. It should be noted that Dacia has its own production lines for engines and gear boxes. which will stimulate the automotive industry.

7 per cent. Production equalled 2. Parts for older vehicles are especially in demand. 1. Romania exported 304. which is 3.5 % in 2010. Michelin (France). and occurred in the context of a 21.634 units). reached € 6. Key figures of exports and imports 3. reaching only 76. an average annual increase of 19% since 2006. Pirelli (Italy) Bearings: Koyo Seiko (Japan). to 79. DCI Wallbridge (US) Chassis: Auto Chassis International (France) Plastic rubber components: Phoenix AG (Germany). Imports of all motor vehicles dropped 22. Romania is a large country.924 vehicles. which is experiencing strong economic growth. while imports dropped by 3. The sales of imported diesel passenger cars experienced another substantial drop of 26%.5 companies are expected to find it difficult to survive in the changing industrial landscape. tanks. Cortubi.078 units. Ina Schaffer (Germany) Seatings: Johnson Controls (US).2% of total EU production. . after Poland and Sweden. This is expected to continue. as calculated from ProdCom data.1 billion in 2010. The Romanian aftermarket for spare parts has seen strong growth and will continue to expand during the coming five years. Development of total consumption and production is pre-dominantly led by OEM trends and foreign direct investment. This will lead to increased disposable incomes and spending on transport and vehicles.761 cars. steel cables: Continental (Germany). as they use old technology and production methods. Honeywell Tires. Recent investments by suppliers Plastics parts. Dacia and Ford have attracted and continue to attract significant investments in the auto components industry. as suppliers seek to locate nearer these assembly facilities.1 per cent less than the previous year. Faurecia. in line with the average decline in the imported car sales. but ahead of Hungary and Austria. (France) Gear boxes: Daimler Chrysler (Germany). valves. The growth of OEM production of vehicles has led to a strong growth in the consumption of parts and components. (Acarom and Europe Auto Parts) Total production of parts and components. pumps: German company Kautex Textron Exhaust systems: Borla. Solvay-Inergy (Belgium) 3. The most important production regions are in the western part of the country. Romania is now the 9th largest producer in the EU.5% decrease in passenger car imports (66. Export and import of vehicles In 2011.

3 billion in 2010. Import of automotive parts and components Total imports of automotive parts and components reached € 2.0 13. Romania is ranked number 15 in Europe. Total EU imports & DC suppliers.0 18. which was much better than the EU average (-0.713 Bodies and parts 605 Engines and parts 644 Drivetrain parts 594 Vehicle electric 211 Electric equipment parts 119 Materials 49 Other parts and access 244 Tyres 234 Trailers and parts AFTERMARKET PRODUCT GROUPS Gaskets 64 Shock absorbers 36 Wipers 16 Air filters 18 Exhausts 67 Oil filters 22 V-belts 24 Batteries 26 4. but grew especially strongly in 2010 (+32%). Import from Thailand represented 1 % of the total component import. but ahead of Denmark and Finland. 17% CAGR). The share of imports sourced in developing countries reached 19% of total imports.1%. 15%).0 22. Imports from other EU countries amounted to 79% of total imports.2. Between 2006 and 2010. much higher than the EU average growth of DC imports of 7%.1 12.0 21.4%.0 10. The leading EU suppliers were Germany (share of 20%.6%.6 .3 12.8%).0 10.7 billion in 2010.0 28. after Hungary and Portugal. Romania had a positive trade balance of € 2. and Spain (6. Import regulations  Shipper may be required to be present for Customs clearance 16.6 3. which was lower than the EU average of 83%. -1%). Imports from developing countries increased by 43% during the period covered.0 7.0 75.6 9. France (18%.0 6.0 1. Imports from EU countries increased by 16% between 2006 and 2010. which was higher than the EU average of 9.0 13. € million imports 010 CAGR Trend DC suppliers 2010 CAGR Trend PARTS AND COMPONENTS Components 2010 CAGR (%) Total 2. The share of EU imports was 1.4 4. having exported 83% more than it imported. Imports fell by 1% during 2008 and 2009. the average annual increase in total imports was 16%.

though slowly. plus any import duty due Documents required: . Temot member. Distributors/wholesalers are the best channels to access the aftermarket. Shippers should included documentation from dealerships and manufacturers specifically certifying that the automobiles have "Euro2" consistent standards.ro . The Romanian distribution chain is still very fragmented. plus the international shipping costs and insurance.part of Unix Auto Hungary.autonet.5 Mechanical parts and accessories for motor vehicles 0 4.2 Bodies.ro .member of Auto Teile Ring . date and place of purchase.http://www. including second-hand imports must be certified as meeting "Euro2" anti. Origin of car from the European Community: 21% For cars with an engine over 1800 cubic cm.Sales invoice clearly showing price paid. duties are 50% IMPORT TARIFF and Tax issue (Auto parts and accessories) Customs Duty: (in 2012) HS No. 8507 8511 8707 8708 Description GSP (%) MFN(%) Electric accumulators 0 2. Marketing Trade channels and partners The Romanian aftermarket offers most opportunities for manufacturers in developing countries including Thailand.http://www.7 Electrical ignition or starting equipment 0 3.ro . It is advisable to conduct indepth research into reliability before entering into a serious business relationship with an agent or importer. for motor vehicles 0 4.7  Subject to Customs duties and value added tax For the import of new cars following taxes are levied for cars with engines smaller than 1800 cubic cm: Origin of car outside the European Community: 10% -30%. This is expected to change. ATR member. • Unix .Original vehicle document showing shipper’s name. engine and chassis number All automobiles.pollution norms. Given the size of the industry. as access to it is easier than to the OEM supply chain. some opportunities are also present for contract manufacturing and outsourcing. and conditions of delivery . The following are distributors and wholesalers of interest: • Autonet .meteor.unixauto. Romania could be served by an agent or importer in Hungary as well.one of the leading Romania distributors.http://www. .Transportation invoice showing cost of transport (if applicable) .part of Meteor Hungary. • Meteor . 5.5 On top of these VAT of 24% has to be paid. VAT is calculated on the value of the goods. containing many small local players.

association of automotive manufacturers of Romania.sprinter-distribution. including manufacturers and dealers. Selecting a suitable trading partner Trade fairs are the most common way to make contact with potential customers and offer the ability to showcase your company.com Trade organisations • APIA . Furthermore. as well as become informed about the competition. • Sprinter Distribution . AUTO PARTS EXHIBITION 2012 to be held on 07-10 Nov 2012.ro . including batteries and lighting parts.http://www.automotive-index.http://www.doingbusiness.specialised in the distribution of electrical products.http://www.winnerparts. Contract manufacturing and outsourcing Romania has a sizeable and strongly growing parts and components industry and. searchable by product type.accesorii-auto.apia. • Cridem / Accessori Auto . Bodywork repair & painting equipment & supplies.ro -offers a list of parts manufacturers on its website. large distributors could be interested in contracting the production of private label products and unbranded automotive parts and components.ro .publishes the Acarom Yearbook with information on the Romanian market. Useful sources for the aftermarket • Acarom .ro/en/top/automotiveindustry/automotive-parts-distibutors directory with companies active in the parts industry. Spares & accessories for car service & repair equipments. that the Romanian automotive industry is one of the key competitors in the EU. can offer opportunities for contract manufacturing in the OEM chain.ro • Acarom .importer/distributor of parts for Italian cars and commercial vehicles. Diagnostic & . • Automotive index . Useful sources for contract manufacturing and outsourcing • ACAROM . • Doing Business http://mcir.importer/distributor of car parts and accessories.acarom.8 • Winner Parts . It is on Workshop equipments for car service & repair.ro .acarom.Romanian Association for Automotive Manufacturers http://www. It should be kept in mind though.ro . Trade fairs AUTO PARTS EXHIBITION 2012 This exhibition dedicated to auto after market services in Romania.http://www. The type of organisation which suits your company best is dependent on your product range and target group. Car-Wash equipments. as such.ro .Romanian Association for Automotive Manufacturers http://www.acarom.Association of Vehicle manufacturers and importers http://www.http://www.

auto-business. Camelia Buda Trade press • INFO APIA . safety products and recycling.hu .apia. Hungary Tel: (361)212 2738 e-mail: thaicommbp@mail. Bucuresti – 011465 (Romania) • Tel: 40-21-2077000//2077022/2025745/2077008 • Fax: 40-21-2077070 Project manager: Ms. Refueling equipments.info bulletin published by APIA. 1025 Budapest. Leasing for car service & repair equipments. • Auto Expert . Automotive fuel & lubricants.datanet.http://www. Automotive parts & accessories. Tuning parts & accessories. Automotive chemicals.autoexpert.ro Thai Trade Center Budapest Harangvirag u. Organiser: ROMEXPO EXHIBITIONS CENTRE 65-67 Marasti Blvd.9 performance equipment & supplies. Tires & automotive batteries.5.ro .http://www..ro • Auto Business .http://www.

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