Mood Music On Band Program

Mamaroneck French Guests Learning About Americans

By MADDY 8WEEITNG , parents' conversation at the din: MAMARONECKner table. H e r e Davld chose to a d d a few To learn to know the AmerlMood and rhythmic music can people is the firmly avowed: comments m his own "lanwill be featured at tomorrow's purpose of the visit being made ^u-a-^e • this month by Mr. and M r s . . "David interrupts, too," M i s . concert of the Yonkers Pops Alain Beaudot of Paris to two Mclntyre said, and laughter Band, directed by Albert J . Tori American families in the east- closed the subject. ies. The 8 p.m. program will bej ern area of the United States, Enjoy Baseball Gam© held at Schlobohm Houses on under auspices of the American Typically American experienPalisade Ave. ! Host Porgram for teachers in ces the Beaudots have enjoyed | the free nations of Europe. In addition to the community so far have been dinners with During the two weeks the Pint: and mystery tune contest, family friends of the Mcln tyres I Beaudots have spent with the a li limpet trio composed of Niand a major league baseball iJohn Mclntyre family of 327 game in New York a s guests of cholas Galetta, William GransI Palmer Ter., both guests and other friends. The Beaudots'visit den and Mario DiBlasis will be I hosts have obviously enjoyed a might well be called a cooperaheard. I happy interchange of languages tive project, Mrs. Mclntyre, and experiences in a remarkaIncluded on the program will said, since one family loaned j j bly relaxed atmosphere. be selections from the Broadthem the use of their apartment way musical "Milk and Honey," Mr. Beaudot, who teaches on the next floor of their cooperCaiier's "Overture for Band," | English at a boys' school in ative building, another provided • Kl Capitan" by Sousa; the i Paris, and Mrs. Beaudot, music the baseball game trip, still an' P a r a d e of the Charioteers" j teacher at three Parisian girls': other served as babysitter for fiom Ben Hur; Lecuona's "Jimj schools, had from the outset the Mclntyres on weekends j p e D r u m s " ; "The Elephant's ! academic interests in common when they accompanied the Tango" by Reed and Osser's ! with their hosts since Mr. Mcln- Beaudots to New York, and an'Holiday for Winds." ! tyre teaches French and former- other loaned them a car larger j ly taught English at Mamaro- than the Mclntyre Volkswagen In the event of rain the conneck High School. More than to meet the Beaudots on their cert will be postponed until Fri-! this, though, Mrs. Mclntyre ex- arrival. day nipht. | plains, the couples had already '• become friends through corres- Meeting friends and neighbors The program is sponsored by : pondence which began in April, is a vital factor in the American the Yonkers Recreation Comi an essential feature of the Host Program, inaugurated in mission in cooperation with the j 1962 by Thomas Murphy, a high American Host Program. Tiust Funds of the Music ReLinguists All i school teacher in Garden Grove, cording Industries secured through the cooperation of the Spoken communication be- Calif. The business-sponsored ! Musicians Local 402 A. F . of M. tween the families presented no program in international educa- ] \ problems although to the visitor tion has a primary objective of increasing understanding beMrs. Salvatore Picarella, Mrs. : at the Mclntyre home it ap- tween American and European GOLDEN JUBILARIANS. . . Anthony Kawalchuk, Mrs. Vin- ! peared that the two wives had friends. Though the visitors a r e Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Gernicent Carelli and Anthony Ger- \ hit upon an unusually delightful teachers the professions and ocvivo of 31 Maple St., Dobbs nivivo, all residents of Dobbs j system of speaking only Spanish cupations of their American Ferry, natives of Italy, were themselves while Ferry. The couple was mar- 1 b e t w e e n French and English flew rapidly hosts range the entire economic honored at a surprise party in ried'Aug. 11, 1914 at St. Anand social scale. celebration of their 50th wedthony's Church in Yonkers. from all other quarters. Exclamations of agreement in all ding anniversary at the EmOnly County Hosts They also have five grandchillanguages frequently dren. — Staff Photo by Steve t h r e e bassy Club in Dobbs Ferry. So far as the Mclntyres c a n ' I punctuated each topic under disGonda. Hosts were their children, determine they are the only j : cussion. Westchester family taking part I Asked the inevitable question | in the program. "Hie Beaudots j posed to all first-time visitors to • a r e their second visitors; last' the U.S.. "What do you find year they were hosts to a Germost strikingly different in man teacher. In both instances i ! American family life from that it has proved to be a two-way j of your native country?" street, leading to a broad aven' Mr. Beaudot unhesitatingly re- ue of mutual appreciation. Miss Janice L. Taylor, is the plied: "The children." The days of the visitors are as bride of William M. Cody, son Before elaborating, he empha- free a s they wish and the Beauof Mr. and Mrs. William J. Cody sized that his observation was dots have spent much time in of 112 King Ave. The bride is by no means a judgment but New York, since, Mrs. Beaudot the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. , rather an impression gained says, they are simply "tourPhilip F . Taylor of New Ro- ; from his 13 days in this country. istes," going to the fair, the SI SAN HERLINGER chelle. ! As Mrs. Beaudot smiled in U.N., the top of the Empire The ceremony was held at ; agreement they both looked State Building, on the boat trip Christ Methodist Church of New fondly at the two Mclntyre chil- around Manhattan. walking Rochelle Saturday at 2 p.m., dren, three-year-old Anne-Marie across 42nd Street, seeing with the Rev. Ernest G. Reith and 18-month-old David, who Broadway at night, visiting the officiating. A garden reception were clearly not the subjects of Museum of Modern Art — and at the home of Mr. and Mrs. his following r e m a r k s : everywhere seeing and being Robert Douglas, relatives of "In France, childdren are with Americans. the bride, in Monsey, followed. treated a s children: in America Mr. and Mrs. Fred Herlinger Travel abroad is no novelty to The bride was escorted by her children a r e treated as adults," of 5535 Xetherland Ave., Riverthe young French couple who vifather and had her sister, Miss he said and thus the difference dale, have made known the besit Spain yearly and have made Doris J . Taylor, as maid of might be termed one of parental trothal of their daughter, Susan three trip's t o ' the USSR. Mr. honor. Miss Nancy Bennett was authority. to Joel Braverman, son of Mr. ROSEMARIE LESNICK Beaudot has spent a year, each, bridesmaid. It was admittedly hard, on so and Mrs. Eugene Braverman of William Lynch of Yonkers was short an experience to give a in England and Ireland as ex517 Riverdale Ave. The wedding best m a n and Philip Taylor of specific example. However, he change teacher and earlier stuis planned for August, 1965. died two years in Sweden. He is Larehmont, ushered. said, he has noticed that in Miss Herlinger. a graduate of A graduate of Mamaroneck America children interrupt their the author of "Pussy and Black" an introductory textbook Walton High School in the Bronx, High School, the bride is a secfor French children about to beIs a senior at New York Uniretary in the Department of Ra gin the study of English and a versity. og supplementary workbook for 4th J Mi*. Braverman also attended ™ * I pital. Her husband attended year English students. New York University where he J r ) p a r p p Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Les- Concordia Junior College in A Seeking typical experiences majored in advertising. nick of 86 Landscape Ave., have Bronxville following his gradu- i * - " « i u n x ^^^Act; the Beaudots themselves have ation from Iona Preparatory made known the engagement and been singled out as "typical." School. He is associated with approaching marriage of their Their arrival, scenes of their the Wilmot Branch of the Bank daughter, Rosemarie Anne to stay in Mamaroneck and subseof Westchester. George James Lombardi, son of Dr. Nicholas R. Locascio of quent visit in Elwood City. Pa.', After a wedding trip to Cape Mr. and Mrs. George LombarHatteras. N. C , the couple will Westminster Drive, chairman of a Pittsburgh suburb, will all be di of Copiague, L.I. The couple the department of neuropsychi- seen in a film soon to be availalive in New Rochelle. is being married on Saturday. atry at St. Joseph's Hospital, ble through the U.S. Chamber of The bride-elect is a graduate has been awarded a masters of Commerce for communities inarts degree in romance lan- terested in the program. Being of St. Barnabas High School, guages from Middlebury Col- "movie s t a r s " amuses them Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Yosh Pace and Westchester Business lege iVt.t Langugage School. of "52 Cypress St. return home Schools. She is a secretary for hugely. President of El Centro Histoday on the S.S. New Amster- Hayden Stone and Co. in White Although Mr. Beaudot surpanico de la 1'niversidad de prised himself at not being surdam fi-om an eight week Euro- Plains. Her f i a n c e was graduated Fordham and a member of the prised by the world-familiar pean tour in celebration of their from Thomas Edison High Institute Francais. the Ameri- New York skyline he may well silver wedding anniversary. School in New York City and can Italy-Society of New York have surprises in store when he Mrs. Yosh. the former Bess served with the Army for two and the American Dante Socie- visits Elwood City. In the BeauLatin, is employed by the New- years. He is a printer in Syosty, Dr. Locascio is a past pres- dots' correspondence with their York Telephone Co. in Yonkers set, L.I. ident of the Yonkers Academy host family there they never did as a toll operator and Mr. Yosh of Medicine and is a fellow of learn whether or not there a r e is an electrical inspector for the the Pan-American Medical So- any children in the family. Westchester District of the New cietv. York Board of Fire Underwitei s in New Rochelle.

'C«pt. Cullen Of Marines Takes Bride
Miss Mary Angela Conway, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William A. Conway of Chatham, N.J., Saturday became the bride of Captain William J. Cullen, USMC. of Flushing. N Y . His parents a r e Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Cullen of 19 Merritt Ave., Eastchester. The Rev. Stephen Patch performed the ceremony at St. Patrick's Church in Chatham and a reception followed at the Suburban Hotel, Summit, N.J. Escorted in marriage by her father, the bride had her sister, Mrs. Kenneth Washburn of Forrest Hills, a s matron of honor. Other attendants were the Misses Margaret Conway of Chat• ham, another sister of the bride, and Teresita Hernandez of Brooklyn. Robert Cullen was best man for his brother and serving as ushers were Robert Drake of Eastchester and Michael Kennedy of Pelham. The bride is a graduate of Marylawn of the Oranges. South Oiange. N.J. and attended St. Joseph College, West Hartford, Conn, and the Berkeley Secretarial School. Her husband was graduated from Iona College, .New Rochelle and is stationed with the First Marine Corps district in Garden City, N.Y.

William Cody, Bride To Live In New Rochelle

THE HERBERT J. MAURERS of 77 Cochrane Ave., Hastings - on • Hudson, greeted many friends in the community as well as family members as they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at a reception and cocktail party given by their son-inlaw and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hickey of 65 Dorchester Ave., also in Hastings. Mr. and Mrs. Maurer were married on Aug. 15, 1914

in Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Elmsfoixl and settled in Hastings six years later. Mr. Maurer was village building inspector for 30 years. is a former fire chief, and is the owner of the Maurer and Son Plumbing and Heating Co. They have another daughter, Mrs. John Jewell of Scituate. Mass., and a son. Warren of Hastings, ten grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. —Staff Photo byJohn Sarno.


Countv Women At Hadassah Coast Meeting
Mrs. Saul Katz of White Plains, past president of the j Westchester Region of Hadassah ! and a member of the national ! board, is cochairman of the 50th national convention of Hadassah which opened Sunday at the International Hotel in Los Angeles, Calif. It will end today. More than 2.000 delegates, representing Hadassah's more than 300,000 members in the United States and Puerto Rico, are attending the event at which the organization's programs for MRS. W.-J. CUIXEN the United States and Israel for the coming year will be formulated. A program for training doctors and nurses from new African nations and medical institutions in Israel was announced at the opening session by Dr. Kal- S i d n e y Pariser and Mis, man J. Mann, director general George Weiss, both of Mount of the Hadassah Medical Organ- Vernon, will be honored at the President's Ball of Ryewood ization. The Westchester delegation Country Club Saturday at 6 p.m. is headed by Mrs. Seymour at the clubhouse in Rye. Brauman of Scarsdale. presi- Mrs. Sam Blasenstein of Bronx, dent of the Westchester Region ville is in charge of decorations The Westchester delegation and Norton Booth of New Roare Mrs. Sylvan Berkman and chelle is entertainment chairMrs. Harry Mandel of Dobbs man. Don Henri's orchestra will Ferry: Mrs. William Cohen of play for dancing and will enMount Vernon. Mrs. Lazare tertain. Frank of Yonkers. Mrs. Morris Kertzer of Larehmont and M r s . Bobby King of the Ed Sullivan Show and Don Henri's orchestra Fred* Winner of New Rochelle. will entertain tonight and a golf tournament to benefit the United Jewish Appeal will be held Sundas-. Aug. 30 with Moe Leinwand of Mamaroneck in charge.

Mr. Braverman To Wed Resident Of Riverdale

Lesnicks Tell Of Daughter's


C o m i n g iNuptials ;dioi y at N e w Rocheiie H o s Middlebury

William Blake, . Miss Rashbaum Are Engaged
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Rashbaum of 840 North Broadway have made known the engagement of their daughter, AudreeDale to William Blake, son of Mrs. Robert Carlisle of 22 Foothill Road, Eastchester. The future bride, a graduate of Gorton High School and Westchester Community College, is employed by the American Cancer Society. Her fiance, son of the late George Blake, is a graduate of Tuckahoo High School and Westchester Community College. He now is attending New York University.

Rvcwood Plans Coming Events

Voshes Return Today From European Tour

To Dr. Locascio




The couple has two daughters, Yvonne, a laboratory technician at Geigy, Chemical Co., and Elizabeth, entering her senior year at the High School of Commerce. KEY CURES NEW YORK — If you don't want to take aspirin, here's a very old headache "cure." Heat a key in a fire, then drench it in cold water and place it on your forehead. For nosebleed, another old remedy is to hold a key against the nape of the neck.

Grande - Riolo Betrothal Told

BRIDE and GROOM . . .
Our n « w fall collection ha» a r n v . d . . . so now is i h t lime to select your dress for that special occasion. In crepes, pure silks, lac* a n d chiffons. Short or long lengths.

Announcement has been made of the engagement of Miss Beverly Ann Grande, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Grande of 107 Douglas-Ave., to Joseph Stephen Riolo, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph John Riolo of 59 Mayfair Road. A Feb. 27 wedding is planned. The bride-to-be is a graduate of Sacred Heart High School and is a secretary in the Jello-0 Division of General Foods in White Plains. Her fiance also is a graduate of Sacred Heart High School and recently completed four ! years in the Marines.

MRS. SAUL KATZ MRS. WILLIAM CODY (LeVon Studio) N.Y. BUILDING Since World War II. New York City has put up a s much new office space as Chicago. Los Angeles and San Francisco combined. In 1963 alone, 9.080 buildings costing $900 million were completed.

24 , s ,. 6 9 "
"Ye»1l L v t 0*r P t r s . M i i t . 4 Servlci" 4$ $ 0 . I1VAY, mttr Preoer

When you move to town...or to a new home...
Your Welcome Wagon Hostess will call with a basket, of pifts . . . and friendly greetings from our religious, civic.and business leaders. If you, or others you know, are .moving, be. sure to phone Welcome Wagon.

Splash Party, Luncheon Held By Genesisters
Genesisters. the women's group of Genesis Hebrew Center in Tuckahoo, held a splash party and luncheon at poolside at the home of Mrs. David Brodsky of 71 Mineiva Drive Some 60 women attended, reports Mrs. living Blum, president. Mrs. Heiman Roth was luncheon chairman, and heading other committees were Mrs. William I,evin, Mrs. Claire Mi chel, M r s . Joseph Vogel and Mrs. Abraham Weinstein.

Braille Writing Class To Begin Sept. 3 0


WHITE PLAINS— The Women's Guild of the White Plains Jewish Community I Center will start a beginners course in Braille writing on Sept. 30. Mrs. Sidney Goldstein, a certified Braille teacher, will conduct the classes for the fifth year at the Center, 252 Soundslew Avenue.


Meet, our house guest A utumn Sportswear
Greet Fill with a flair. Sumptuous racial* of impeccable tailoring. American and Continental d a m e s and high-fashion exclusive*. PRE-SEASON


(Juit itff Mnmnronrtk

JtWidrei £Vi£hop

12 Quarropas St., 'White Plain«, N.Y. ^ H 8-299S
Art., nror Colony

'PUSSY AND RLACK', beDavid find the book's illustrations more familiar than the ginners' English textbook written by Alain Beaudot for young students in France is FAMOUS BRAND the subject of discussion at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Mclntyre of 327 Palmer Ter.. Mamaroneck, where the BeauAT DISCOUNT dots have been spending two weeks a s guests from Paris • BERNAT • FLEISHER under the auspices of the and • QUEEN ANNE American Host Foundation. Plus FREE instructions it Seated on the couch, left to right, are Mr. Mclntyre, French teacher at Mamaroneck High School: Mrs. Mclntyre, Mrs. Beaudot, and the YQ 3-1214 V * * ^ £ f , author, Mr. Beaudot. The Mc-

text. — Staff Photo by Steve Conda.

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