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Terms of Reference Psychologist for Assessment in UNICEF Children Center in partnership with Laquila University, Italy Background It has

been over 18 months since the first child center was established in Aceh on the response to earthquake and Tsunami disaster. The fact that the existence of child centers in 21 location (19 in Aceh and 2 in Nias) has been recognized by the community and would have willingness to get the continuation of such facilities in their area. The contribution of child center services during the emergency period was tremendous value to keep children in normal life while struggling for the unpredicted situation in the IDP camp when living under the tents, insufficient foods, lack of potable water, bad sanitation, and poor education and stimulation for growth and development. Child centers have provided services to more that 17,000 children with various activities in terms of protection childrens rights and fulfillment of childrens needs where nothing could be offered at that time by their families and communities because of devastated damage. This kind of approach has not been even found before Tsunami when armed conflict has destroyed people attention and responsibility to promote childrens rights, nor protecting them from terrible effects, when they have been suffered from loosing their parents and, even forced to be involved in the armed fighting. Since the establishment of children center has been a new innovation, a detailed study needs to be conducted on the programs conducted through the children centers especially psychosocial interventions which have been one of the key activities of the center. Purpose Under the supervision of the Child Protection Officer (L3) and CAAC Officer (L2), support the implementation of psychosocial interventions in Aceh ensuring systematic analysis will be conducted to assess the impact of psychosocial work conducted since the inception of children center in Jan 2005. Task Develop and familiarly structured psychological scales and tests such as; - Schedule for Affective Disorders and Schizophrenia for School-Age - Children Present and Lifetime Version (K-SADS-PL) (Kaufman et al., 1996) - Trauma Dose (Neuner et al., 2006) - Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL) (Achenbach, 1991) - Teacher's Report Form (TRF) (Achenbach, 1991) - Self-Report Questionnaire 20 item (SRQ-20) (Harding TW et al., 1983) - Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale, Expanded Version (4.0) (BPRS) (Overall e Gorham, 1962) - PTSD Checklist Civilian Version (PCL-C) (Weathers et al., 1993) and other scales based on the needs of the program. Develop questioners for assessment Conduct in depth psychological assessment in 21 UNICEF Child Center

Interview children and parents with special emphasis on psychosocial programming Gather necessary information from children for the assessment. Supervise the social workers conducting the tests and be a link between the social worker and team leaders

Output Situation analysis on the psychosocial analysis tsunami and conflict on children for program/project planning, management, monitoring and evaluation purposes. Follow-up action on program implementation in the area psychosocial and children affected by armed conflict. Notes of technical cooperation meetings in the areas of psychosocial and lifeskills support for children and adolescents in Child Center. Identification and selection of technical supplies and equipment as required by the project. Qualification Advanced degree in Psychology, Social work from a recognized university with strong academic background 5 year progressive experience in working with children on child protection and psychosocial issues Physical fitness, energy, motivation and drive to work in remote backward areas, with no or minimal facilities Experience in working with multicultural teams and settings. Previous working experience in Aceh province, specially in the community is preferable Good working command and knowledge in English and Bahsa Indonesia, communication in Acehnese will be an additional qualification. Understand cultural, religious and traditional values and practice of Acehnese culture Should possess experience in processing assessments for children with special emphasis on psychosocial programming PPA Activities under PPA 3.11 (see PPA). PBA SM/2005/3038-01 Duration and Duty Station Contract will be for 3 months initially, starting from 1 Nov 2006 until 31 Jan 2007. The consultant will be based in the capital of Aceh, Banda Aceh, and travel to all areas where Child Centres are located. Reporting and supervision

The psychologist will report to the team leader (Psychologist / psychiatrist Laquila University) directly, copy reports to project officer CAAC and assessment team leader (head of assessment team Laquila university. Over all responsibility of the assessment will be under supervision of head of Child Protection unit, team leader, Laquila University and psychosocial focal point in DinSos.