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SME tools

Business anti-corruption portal

The portal aims to support small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in avoiding
and fighting corruption and creating a better business environment. Global Advice
Network has developed an internet-based corruption portal co-funded by the Danish
International Development Agency (Danida), which will be broadly applicable for
companies operating in developing countries.

The portal contains a variety of instruments and information, which can be used alone
or in combination. Some tools are new; others are well known procedures and
methods adapted to smaller and medium size businesses. Many corruption fighting
tools have been created with the purpose of fighting corruption in OECD countries
and are targeted at larger companies. The portal combines experience in this field with
new tools for small and medium sized companies operating in developing countries.

CommunityMark, UK

CommunityMark is a national standard that recognises the involvement in the local

community of small and medium sized businesses/organisations and strategic
business units of larger businesses. It provides a simple jargon free model to help
businesses maximise their impact in the community and their business benefit at the
same time. It encourages all businesses to get involved, from 2 to 250 employees and
whether they have an existing community programme or not. SMEs can use the
CommunityMark step by step model, to achieve the CommunityMark Standard and
get the recognition for their contribution to the local community.

Global Reporting Initiative: High 5!

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) launched in November 2004, a handbook, High
5!, created using a multi-stakeholder consultative process convened by the Global
Reporting Initiative (GRI) in response to many requests for a “beginner’s guide”. It
offers a step-by-step guidance and practical how-to advice on using the GRI
Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, so that SMEs can easily and effectively create
sustainability reports that bring value to their businesses and communications

Quality Compas

A project management and evaluation tool.

Risk management toolkit for SMEs, The Institute of Occupational Safety &
Health, UK
Although principally for health and safety professionals, the institute has a free
downloadable risk management toolkit for SMEs. It takes a holistic view of all types
of business risk management and helps users to develop a complete risk management

Small Business Journey toolkit, Business in the Community, UK

BitC has produced an interactive tool to help SMEs add value to their operations.

SME Toolkit

The SME Toolkit is an IFC - World Bank, initiative and offers software, business
forms, training, and more to help small businesses in emerging markets grow and
succeed. The business planning tool could be a good model for anti bribery tool.